Filmy Aces Exclusive Interview with Pooja Bedi



Filmy Aces is honored to have scored an interview with the amazing Pooja Bedi!

Filmy Aces: How long have you been in entertainment and acting? Please tell us a little bit about your previous experience in Cinema and screenwriting? Where did the journey start and what has been your experience so far?

Pooja: I was a class topper at the Lawrence school Sanawar, signed the book of honour was in the debating team, swimming team, hockey team, basketball, theatre group… my ambition was to be on Wall Street…it was a quirk of fate that I toppled into the world of Bollywood in 1989.

Filmy Aces: How do you define the role of an actress?

Pooja: An actress is someone who embodies the character she is playing without bringing in her own personality. It’s your personal take on the character, without it being about you.

Filmy Aces: Please tell us about some of the movies you’ve worked on so far to date? And what have you enjoyed about them? Incl short films or TV?

Pooja: Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander with Aamir Khan is by the far the most successful film I’ve done and the Song Pehla Nasha with my red dress flying ala Marilyn Monroe is a visual no one will ever let me forget. In addition I’ve done films like Phir Teri Kahaani Yaad Aayee with Mahesh Bhatt,LOOTERE with Dharmesh Darshan, Ive done some south films most recent being Shakti starring NTR junior. I’ve done loads of work for TV hosted Bigg Boss Season 2 Saturday episodes, Participated as a celebrity contestant in Maa exchange, Fear Factor, Jodee Kamaal Ki, Jhalak Dikhlaja 1, Nach baliye 3, Bigg Boss 5, Hosted a talk show called Not just Page 3 on Zoom, hosted a show called Just Pooja on Zoom…. covered the Kumbh Mela for BBC… etc etc.

Filmy Aces: What is your dream role in cinema? If you could enact one role from any movie in Cinema History, what part would you love to play?

Pooja: I don’t think I’m a fantastic actress. I was great at being sexy and had a reasonable amount of talent. I’m in awe of actresses who effortless morph from character to character. I think I’d be great at comedy. … and i’d love to play Carrie Bradshaw role in Sex and the city if they ever did an Indian version.

Filmy Aces: Who are some of your favorite actresses of all time and why?

Pooja: I love Angelina Jolie. She’s a full package. Talented, adventurous, big heart, good soul, uninhibited and unbelievably sexy!! I love the way Meryl Streep, Jodie Foster, Meg Ryan and Cameron Diaz essay their roles. In India i think Kangana Ranaut and Priyanka Chopra are doing a superb job.

Filmy Aces: Who are some of you favorite actors of all time and why?

Pooja: Aamir Khan for the incredible integrity he brings to all his characters and films. Hrithikis a Greek God that has the complete package when it comes to dance, talent , body and looks. Amitabh is one of the most seasoned actors who has spanned a vast number of films and is also fantastic on TV too.Internationally I was Mel Gibsons hugest fan, now it’s Jason Statham, Harrison Ford, George Clooney, Sir Anthony Hopkins, .. and on a quirky note, king Julian in Madagascar

Filmy Aces: What are some of your favorite films of all time


Filmy Aces: Who is the one director you have the most respect for?

Pooja: James Cameron and Steven Spielberg have amazing stories, amazing scale, amazing story telling…. a treat every time.

Filmy Aces: What would you like to achieve in cinema over the next 10 years? What is your overall career objective?

Pooja: I want to do a comedy film. My overall career objective is to straddle cinema, TV, internet, social media, theatre…. and I must say I’ve done it all!!!

Filmy Aces: Do you watch movies from other parts of the world aside from Hollywood Cinema like Bollywood, Hong Kong, Korean, Australia and New Zealand Cinema? Which ones are your favorites and why?

Pooja: I’ve really enjoyed films like Tsotsi and French films. They are complex, intriguing and very interesting.


Filmy Aces: Who is the dream director you;d like to work with one day?

Pooja: I would love to work with a great script. Farhan Akhtar has a great sense of “now”.

Filmy Aces: Since the old days, what’s the journey been like so far as a mother?

Pooja: Well, my daughter is 17 now… so I’ve been through the every phase including that of being a hands on single parent. It’s challenging but utterly rewarding. I’ve given them enormous amounts of grounding and freedom . I believe it’s better to feel and express, rather than feel and suppress, so I encourage debate, expression and even venting if need be. At least I know where their head is at. They are amazing, loving, caring, strong, balanced, intelligent kids. I am so proud of Aalia and Omar.


Filmy Aces: Please tell us a little bit more about your show EFF & BEDI? What has been the response like so far?

Pooja: It’s a Youtube show produced by Qyuki (Shekhar Kapur,A.R Rahman and Samir Bangara) featuring me and my daughter Aalia in candid conversations. It aims to be a peep into our lives, our world, and our interpersonal dynamics. It’s fun, engaging and at times hilarious… and for most viewers satiates their voyeuristic curiosity about celebrities and their kids and celebrity parenting….

The response has been phenomenal… in just two months we crossed over half a million views… were trending at a point and also being acknowledged in all sections of digital media as a fabulous concept.

Filmy Aces: Any plans to act with the whole family together (Yourself, Dad, Omar and your daughter)?

Pooja: We all participated in my brother Adam bedi’s film for the 48 hour film project three years ago. It was fun!!

Pooja, it has been a fantastic honor to interview you. I have been an ardent fan of yours for a long time since JO JEETA WOHI SIKANDER and LOOTERE came out. Glad to see you still striving for excellence and success and not giving up. You’re an inspiration!

You can LIKE Pooja on Facebook: HERE, follow her on Twitter: HERE and check out her YouTube channel: HERE

Look forward to chatting closer to your next release.

Prashant H. Hari


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