Filmy Aces Exclusive Interview with Vindu Dara Singh



Filmy Aces is honored to interview the son of late Wrestler and Actor Dara Singh, Vindu Dara Singh!

Filmy Aces: How long have you been in entertainment and acting? Please tell us a little bit about your previous experience in Cinema and screenwriting? Where did the journey start and what has been your experience so far?

Vindu: I have been active in this profession since the last 21 years now and have even done films as a child so you could say 43 years due to my father being involved in it so very passionately. His hard work and energy to make a mark for himself in the film fraternity is what helped me realise that this is what I want to do in life and now we are working on a script that will be about his life .

Filmy Aces: How do you define the role of an actor?

Vindu: In my opinion a person should be able to perform and experiment in every genre of cinema. If you can make a person smile or cry or laugh only with your eyes, gesture or smile, I think its worth all the effort and hard work that goes into making a successful actor.

Filmy Aces: Please tell us about some of the movies you’ve worked on so far to date? And what have you enjoyed about them? Incl short films or TV?

Vindu: I have enjoyed doing every movie. Whatever role, big or small has been done with the same energy and enthusiasm. Films and TV are both responsible in making me popular. Through TV you can reach a wider audience and with films you can keep experimenting because a movie is made in 40-90days. So there is more scope for each role being different and interesting. Karan, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, Son of Sardar and Kambhakt Ishq are close to my heart while Bigg Boss3 is a landmark in my career.

Filmy Aces: What is your dream role in cinema? If you could enact one role from any movie in Cinema History, what part would you love to play?

Vindu: I would like to pick any movie of my father or Mr. Bachchan. They have both done some incredible work. I even would love to play Amrish Puri jis Mogambo role as I feel I do better in negative roles.

Filmy Aces: Who are some of your favorite actresses of all time and why?

Vindu: Hema Malini and Mumtaz as they have always been extremely elegant and graceful. Madhuri Dixit because she has done all kinds of roles with a lot of conviction and is an incredible dancer.

Filmy Aces: Who are some of you favorite actors of all time and why?

Vindu: Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra as I would idolise them in my childhood. All the big stars are brilliant performers and have proved themselves time and again.

Filmy Aces: What are some of your favorite films of all time?

Vindu: SHOLAY is a film i can watch again and again.

Filmy Aces: Who is the one director you have the most respect for?

Vindu: Raj Kumar Hirani would be my choice as PK is exceptional.

Filmy Aces: What has been your acting experience so far? How different is it from the world of cinema?

Vindu: My acting experience has been good. I have seen my share of ups and downs but they have always made me humble or stronger. I am hoping that in the coming years it just gets bigger and better and that I get the platform to showcase and explore my capabilities.


Filmy Aces: What would you like to achieve in cinema over the next 10 years? What is your overall career objective?

Vindu: To do great movies and television projects with the best people in our industry and keep improving as a performer. I want people to appreciate my choices and remember me as a good actor.

Filmy Aces: Do you watch movies from other parts of the world aside from Bollywood Cinema like Hollywood, Hong Kong, Korean, Australia and New Zealand Cinema? Which ones are your favorites and why?

Vindu: I watch a lot of World Cinema but it would be tough to pick favorites as each movie is treated differently and beautifully. However no doubt in the fact that international cinema has brilliant special effects and they are fantastic at making horror films though I mostly watch films nominated for the Oscars.

Filmy Aces: Who is the dream director you;d like to work with one day?

Vindu: Rohit Shetty would be right up there.

Filmy Aces: Your father played some landmark roles in movies and you have grown up in Bollywood your entire life. What have been some of the more memorable moments of being the son of Dara Singh?

Vindu: Every moment spent with my father has been amazing. He was so humble, gentle and always a great friend. I would feel blessed if I can be anywhere close to his greatness.

Filmy Aces: You’ve worked on some pretty big movies so far, what was the experience like of working on: PARTNER,MAINE PYAAR KYUN KIYA ,TEAM: THE FORCE, KAMBHAKT ISHQ, HOUSEFULL, HOUSEFULL 2, JOKER, HIMMATWALA?

Vindu: All movies have been great. I am happy to have worked with good banners and good actors. I hope it continues and I keep getting better opportunities.

Filmy Aces: Who are some of your favorite actors from the newcomers in Bollywood cinema?

Vindu: Varun Dhawan, Sidartha Malhotrara seem to be here for the long haul in the men and Alia Bhatt who has been doing different movies and has been doing them really well.

Filmy Aces: If you could play any role of your dads from Bollywood Cinema, which one role would you play?

Vindu: I have played a few like that of Hanuman ji and Dhayanu Bhagat but would love to do Raja Azad Singh of Mard.

Filmy Aces: Who is your favorite director from the current crop of new directors?

Vindu: Neeraj Pandey is fantastic though a lot of them like Vikas Bahl are Fab too..

Filmy Aces: Which movies have left the biggest impression on your life so far from Bollywood Cinema?

Vindu: HAATHI MERA SAATHI is a film in my childhood that left a lasting impression and dads film Jagga too.

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Vindu, thank you for your time. The honor has been all mine. I look forward to chatting with you again in the future about your next set of releases.

Prashant H.Hari


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