Aamir, Abhishek at FICCI Frames


11 Responses to “Aamir, Abhishek at FICCI Frames”

  1. Abhi really comes across as effective speaker at such events. somehow it seems to be a right extension to his main career.


    • What did he say?


      • Pl do watch it. Worth it. Was self- deprecating, even funny. Looks at his current fat version in mirror and wonders if he will ever be popular again– or words to that effect. Even the transcript is there at ndtv website.


        • Ok LS. thanks.


        • i dont think he is doing the right thing by wasting 2 years in a project like dangal – he needs to do a mature love-story


          • I agree. Wasting two years on one project seems a bit too much at 50. Is the film and role going o be worth the weight and potential long term damage to body? He has to lose as much as possible while playing the wrestler at age 27; will apparently try to do it through jan to March 2016, then shoot for that portion in a month. Gaining 22 kg through a year, then trying to lose it through some months…paagal hai..


  2. He has touched upon almost all recent things beginning from AIB to beef ban to minority safety, corruption, NDA government, his prep for Dangal, 3 Khans longevity, love jehad and much more. Very interesting take on with utmost sincerity and clarity.


  3. Aamir’s interview in which he speaks a fair bit on Dangal and his role as well why he can’t do more than 1 movie at a time –



  4. Aamir khan apology to Kamal. Too late.


    • Aamir may have apologised on stage publicly to Kamal, but Kamal himself had said that Aamir did not need to apologise since the latter had actually spoken up at the time of Vishwaroopam release. This info has come from Subhash K Jha’s blog , skjbollywoodnews.com:

      However Kamal Haasan speaking exclusively to this writer clarifies that Aamir had in fact spoken up during the time of the crisis.

      Reveals Kamal, “Mr.Aamir Khan did put in his word during that crisis. I even reminded him about it in a private conversation and said that an apology was not necessary.”

      However Aamir being Aamiir insisted he had let Kamal down.

      Says Kamal, “He insisted an apology was in order, and that he should have come out more strongly in my support.”


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