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  1. Picture House Media Ltd, a leading media and entertainment house based out of Chennai and Hyderabad has initiated Civil and Criminal Proceedings against actress Shruti Hassan.
    Shruti Hassan after entering into a contractual agreement to be the female lead in a bilingual starring Nagarjuna and Karthi directed by Vamsi Paidipalli has reneged on her contractual obligations. She has arbitrarily pulled out of the project citing dates clash as a flimsy excuse. The dates were mutually discussed with her and schedules were planned around her convenience. The said movie has commenced its shoot and first schedule was completed and unexpectedly Shruti conveyed through an email that she wanted to exit the project.
    This unethical and unprofessional act of Shruti Hassan has resulted in Picture House Media Ltd incurring financial as well as reputation loss. Though the financial loss is running into several crores, it is the loss of time and reputation that is significant because the schedules of all other artists who have committed their dates will be disrupted.
    With an intention of ensuring that such unprofessional attitude is not repeated and to protect the interests of its various stakeholders, Picture House Media Ltd has initiated both civil and criminal proceedings against Shruti Hassan and the Honourable Judge has taken cognizance of this civil offence and issued an injunction restraining her from signing any new movie until further orders. For the criminal offence, Police have been instructed to investigate the matter


  2. In an interview to a leading tabloid, the veteran spoke about Ranbir’s decision to move out with girlfriend Katrina Kaif. Said Rishi Kapoor, “My father gave me space when I moved out after marriage and I give Ranbir his space too when he decided to move out and share a home with his girlfriend. In this house, he had one room: how could that be enough for a 33-year-old boy?”
    He adds, “He’s a great son, he listens to me but I don’t interfere in his career because my career is mine and his is his. He doesn’t live with us anymore, which is also a very big setback to Neetu and me. We’re building a new home where there will be a lot of place for him and his family. Till then, life goes on!”
    Rishi Kapoor also revealed about his relationship with Ranbir. Kapoor said that he has never been a friend with Ranbir and that is his biggest drawback and regrets for the same!


  3. Guha on Vajpayee-

    ” …The political career of Atal Behari Vajpayee has had a profound bearing on some crucial turning points in the history of independent India. Of no one else, save Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi, could one say that, for both good and ill, the life of the individual has so closely mirrored the life of the nation. Those other worthies have already had their (multiple) biographers. Mr. Vajpayee awaits his. If a suitable candidate presents himself, I will be happy to introduce him to that loyal bibliophile in Delhi. But he must not be deterred by the mere fact of the subject being out of power.

    For while his book will no longer be bought by government offices, it will still be most keenly read outside them. “-


  4. omrocky786 Says:

    Yeh Kashyap kab tak Bewakoof banata rahega logo ka !!
    Another flop !!


  5. omrocky786 Says:

    I completely agree with Raja Sen on Do aur Do Paanch !!
    Shashi Kapoor is, in many ways, at his most enjoyable — and certainly his most liberated — in Do Aur Do Paanch: he is stunningly free of self-consciousness, full of vim, mainstream in the most mod manner and yet always nuanced enough to show he is playing it all with a giant wink.Directed by Rakesh Kumar, Do Aur Do Paanch is a cartoonish film — complete with animated, PinkPanther-y opening credits — about two rival conmen (Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan) often fighting over the same target.

    The Rahul Dravid of Indian cinema


    • though I am as great a fan of Shashi Kapoor as anyone else and ‘stunningly free of self-consciousness’ might well describe his entire career it’s quite wrong to describe him as the Rahul Dravid of Indian cinema. For one that’s far too reductive as far as Dravid is concerned. Yes the Bachchan-Sachin analogy holds (with some important qualifications) but Dravid is much more the Dharmendra of that era. A true-blue star, a legend but one who was never at true-blue superstar level. Dharmendra has a historic claim in many ways and it is certainly one that Dravid has. That cannot be said of Shashi Kapoor even if he would certainly make my list of most appealing/likeable Indian actors. Differently still there are some great figures who seem are put in the shade only because there are all time seminal figures in the room but not otherwise. Shashi Kapoor though wouldn’t be ‘great’ even without Amitabh Bachchan in the room.

      On Do aur Do Paanch I have always loved this film but it didn’t do too well at the time (certainly by Bachchan’s lofty standards). Tonally it was ahead of its times. It was hard to get a film to really succeed in those days without a serious admixture of drama. It would have done massively well in a later age.


      • omrocky786 Says:

        Agree on Dharmendra Paa jee , On Shashi Kapoor I feel that because he kind of took an early retirement did not get the acknowledgements that he deserved.
        Do aur Do Paanch used to be one of my fav. movies growing up, specially the Rap Song.
        Aside- you should really watch the Ranveer Singh’s video @ the India Today Conclave- his was a fine tribute to Big B and others like Subhash Ghai, Sunny Deol, ARR,Aamir Khan etc.


        • will check it out.. thanks… Shashi had a long innings though.. he eventually got too overweight in the 80s to continue much longer..


        • I watched the TOI segment and I cannot understand one thing. The prudish crowd (of TOI) doesn’t nod, clap and is most hypocrite (we-don’t-know-what-bollywood-is types) so then why invite actors and ask them to do ‘stupid’ presentation which toi does every single year. The interview with katrina was also quite bewkoofo-wala. I was mortified (though I don’t really care much for katrina and her stupid accent).
          Rahi baat ranveer ki. He just went on “do you remember this song…do you remember this song” pretty much the whole time, though I think dancing with one hand and all was something. He is huge bollywood fan, we must give him that and even had anil kapoor inaugrate his dad’s two wheeler store or something but he won’t ever acknowledge the fact that he is distantly related to anil’s wife’s family (bw is sindi heavy just as hw is jewish heavy) or that his dad partly sponsored his entry into hindi cinema. His power point presentation was stupid after a while….


  6. the police officer involved in the Sureshbhai Patel episode has been indicted.


  7. NEW DELHI: This is one “kabootarbaazi” that has the Gujarat police, Coast Guard, forest department, forensic experts and now even the Union home ministry, scratching their heads. A pigeon lost at sea was spotted sipping water from a bowl at the under-construction Essar jetty at Salaya shore in Devbumi Dwarka, Gujarat, in the afternoon of March 20. The bird would have gone unnoticed but for its refusal to take flight when the Essar security guard tried to shoo him away. As the bewildered guard got hold of the daring bird, he spotted a chip tied to one of its claws and a ring with the number ‘28733’ on the other claw. What is more, the bird had writings in Urdu/Arabic across its wings.

    All hell broke loose thereafter. According to an intelligence report sent to the Centre by SP of Devbhumi Dwarka on March 24, the guard rushed with the ‘intruder’ bird and reported the matter to his superior. The ‘winged suspect’ was ‘detained’ for a day but his owner was nowhere to be found. Fearing that arrival of the “tagged” pigeon could pose a security threat, the Essar security personnel decided to alert Coast Guard officials at Vadinar and hand them the bird “for further investigation”.

    The Coast Guard, which leaves nothing to chance after a sea-borne infiltration in 2008 culminated in India’s worst terror attack, spent a day wondering what to do with the “tagged and marked” intruder that its officers couldn’t even interrogate. On March 23, the pigeon was remanded to police custody after the Coast Guard officials contacted the Vadinar Marine police station and asked it to join the multi-agency probe into its antecedents. The officer in charge of the Vadinar marine police station made a station diary entry No 12/2015 at 1215 hours on March 23 and opted for a “strip search” of the suspect. The forensic officer was called in and made to take out the ring and chip from the pigeon’s feet. These items were sent to Forensic Science Laboratory, Gandhinagar for a closer examination.

    The chip was found to have the writings ‘Benjing Dual’ inscribed on it. This was googled by the agencies who found that ‘Benzing Dual’ is a sensor chip used for racing pigeons. Further, the Urdu/Arabic writings in blue on the pigeon’s wings was interpreted as “Rasul-ul-Allah’ (messenger of Allah).

    The Devbhumi Dwarka SP also informed the home ministry that the opinion of the forest officials was sought about the possible intentions of the pigeon. Their feedback was that such pigeons are mostly found in northern India and used for racing in foreign countries. The forest officials opined that the pigeon in question may have slipped out of captivity while on a ship in the deep sea and flown to the shores in search of drinking water.

    Incidentally, the case does not rest there. As Gujarat has duly informed the Union home ministry, the findings so far are “primary information we have and further investigation is going on”.

    Unfortunately, the pigeon could not be contacted for its version!


  8. Hunterr sounds a good flick –some1 check it out
    And radhika apte seems promising–Neva seen her movie tho

    It’s good to soak in the atmosphere and the local music

    L’amore esiste


  9. After the #shamedinsydney episode– katrina waxed in london !! tags/Katrina-kaif/katrina-kaif-s-sisters-and-brother-attended-launch-madame-tussauds
    Ps: ‘satyam’ y did u block that Italian track –y this ‘racism’…


    • All the perfumes of Arabia cannot bring happiness for a while. It will take time.
      Hearty congrats to Saina.


  10. AamirsFan Says:

    Wow, just watched the scientology documentary on HBO, “Going Clear”. and what a load of crock that so called ‘religion’ is. Eye opening documentary for me and some revealing details about John Travolta and Tom Cruise. I wish Tom wasn’t so crazy. lol.

    A damning view of Scientology in HBO’s ‘Going Clear’

    “Near the end of the new documentary “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief,” longtime members who decided to leave the church struggle with their emotions. “Maybe,” muses one, “my entire life has been a lie.”

    The guilt, disillusionment, shame, and pain is etched on their faces. To a person, they are incredulous that they once believed in the more offbeat aspects of the religion — including the idea that prehistoric spirits inhabited their bodies. And several speak of a kind of willful suppression of their better judgment to avoid the possibility that, at best, they wasted their time and, at worst, committed terrible transgressions against others, including their own family members, in the name of their beliefs.”


  11. A. I watch very few Bollywood movies. But I loved ‘3 Idiots’, which was a big success in Hong Kong. I became Aamir Khan’s fan overnight. I am planning to shoot ‘Kungfu Yoga’ in India this year. – See more at:


  12. Amitabh Bachchan becomes the king of followers on social networking sites-


    Amitabh Bachchan becomes the king of followers on social networking sites

    Amitabh Bachchan took to twitter to share the numbers of his followers- which happens to be 14 million on twitter, 20 million on FB and 3 million on his Blog.

    Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan‘s popularity is incomparable, be it in the Indian film industry, overseas or on the social networking sites. No other actor can beat him.
    He has been an active user on Twitter, Facebook and on his blog. From sharing his personal photos to his thoughts, his professional life, wishing his fans on their birthdays and replying to their questions, he has always held a special place in the hearts of his fans.
    Big B took to twitter to share the numbers of his followers- which happens to be 14 million on twitter, 20 million on FB and 3 million on his Blog.
    Amitabh Bachchan tweeted:
    T 1817 -OKAAAYYY ! 14 million on twitter !! 20 million on FB … 3 million on Blog .. 40 MILLION here I COME !!!! BADDDOOOOMMBA !!!!
    — Amitabh Bachchan (@SrBachchan) March 30, 2015

    An actor who has dedicated most of his life to the Indian cinema is being rewarded in the form of his followers. He has not just delivered blockbusters like Anand, Zanjeer, Deewaar, Sholay, Amar Akbar Anthony and many more, but has also lent his voice to songs like Pidlee (Shamitabh), Chali Chali Phir Chali (Baghban), Khaike Paan Banaraswala and more.

    Big B has beaten the likes of Shah Rukh Khan (who recently got 12 million fans), Aamir Khan (11.9million), Salman Khan (11.2 million) and Priyanka Chopra (9.3million).


    • AamirsFan Says:

      Big B’s doesn’t need this type of publicity because he has already had his imprint on Indian cinematic history and Indian history overall. This social media stuff is just so fake to me personally. I’m not saying AB does this…but many celebs, especially in Hollywood, buy their ‘followers’. Most numbers are inflated but if it were a true thing to gauge the popularity…bachchan would still most likely come out on top.


  13. Box Office 2015 1st Quarter Analysis : Where Has All The Audience Gone?

    Thirty-three films, at least 13 of which had decent face-value, have released in the first quarter and the result is clear: Badlapur and Dum Laga Ke Haisha will recover costs, with DLKH going into a slim profit, NH10 enjoyed critical appreciation and hype, and might recover its investment with help from non-theatrical avenues, while Baby, which earned the most (Rs 96 crore), stands to lose a reported Rs 20 crore because of its high budget (Rs 80 crore). The major losers are Tevar, Dolly Ki Doli, Hawaizaada, Shamitabh and Roy.


  14. Long time ago, homi adajania made the masterful ‘cocktail’
    Since then all the only thing she did was finding deepikas fanny (that turned out to be a damp squib). Now all he makes celebratory clips for deepika ..

    By the way–deepikas clip is getting ripped apart by many females surprisingly for eg some of the comments below this clip lol

    Jennifer Quinones
    Have sex out marriage? That’s the stupiest thing, if you get married RESPECT your husbad and your body, everything talk about our choices, but what about the CORRECT choices web made? What about SELF RESPECT?

    +Jennifer Quiñones That ugly bitch Deepika is a slut..Not every woman thinks like you..Hats off

    nusrat masud
    1 hour ago
    at least someone said against this stupid video…… appreciate u girl…… this stupid video is all about sex sex sex -_- where is self respect man!! …… woman’s voice is not about nudity ….. worst video ever that made about women’s empowerment


    • oldgold Says:

      I thought Deepika was an intelligent woman but turned out to be very superficial. Now she might blame it on the script, but she had the choice, her choice whether to spread this obviously wrong message.


  15. A rebuttal spoof —


  16. This ones for the guyz

    Warning–it’s crude and crass but takes deepika to task …
    Enjoy … 🙂


    • Just like ‘cleavage gate’ before fanny, this is up before piku!
      But she is getting ripped apart by lots of women ironically —

      Deepika Padukone is Bollywood’s emerging feminista. Months after taking on a leading newspaper for publishing her inappropriate image with grace and dignity, Deepika revealed that she had battled clinical depression.

      The numbers say another unqualified success; the substance says it heralds the arrival of Ariel Levy’s Female Chauvinist Pig in India. The book critiqued the raunch culture of America where women were objectified and encouraged to objectify each other.

      Happily skirting the real issues, this shiny and slick video talks about ‘my choice’. So, apparently, all you need to do to bring down patriarchy and bridge the gender gap is to make a choice.

      Elite in its appeal and featuring 100 women, most of whom are elite and privileged, it aims to tackle issues about People Like Us. Only, it doesn’t.

      Instead of talking about rape, female foeticide, domestic violence, harassment at workplace, pay gap, the intrusive male gaze or a million other issues that a woman has to deal with everyday, the video chose to talk about topics which are plain bizarre.

      Aesthetically perfect but shallow at core, the video has been made by Homi Adjania for Vogue’s Empower campaign. Here are a few thoughts so atrocious from the clip that it made us — nay, forced us – to write it all down…

      To be a size zero or a size 15, they don’t have a size of my spirit and never will…

      Anorexia is a disease, a health issue that many women – young and old – fall victim to because of the myth of ‘attractive’ female body type perpetuated by glossy magazines like, wait a minute, Vogue. Or does it have to do with the fact that many women featured in the video do adhere to size zero?

      And make no mistake, your soul has got nothing to do with this. That’s just a smart line dreamt up by a slick advertising wiz in a shiny office. It sounds good and means exactly nothing.

      To marry or not to marry, to have sex before marriage, to have sex outside of marriage, to not have sex, my choice…

      What this video is suggesting is called adultery and that’s not acceptable for any gender. Imagine a male version of the same video, and now imagine the names you would be calling those men. Cheat is one of the less colourful ones.

      In fact, this video riled a man enough that he uploaded a riposte — a male version of this. You can scroll down to see it.

      To come home when I want. Don’t be upset if I come home at 4am, don’t be fooled if I come home at 6pm…

      If a mainstream actor was saying this on video, there would be a dharna outside his house by now. This is not women’s empowerment, this is gender stereotyping of the worst kind. It appears as if the team got hold of the worst male stereotypes and decided women need to do all of this as well.

      To have your baby or not, my choice…

      Really, it is surprising somebody put a pen to the paper and wrote that. Having a baby is as much a woman’s choice as a man’s. Unless you are hiring a donor.

      Deepika unclasping her bra is not empowerment. A size zero woman isn’t either. Your pain cannot be my pleasure. The bindi on my forehead is an ornament with a deep significance. I am the universe and so are you.

      The aim of feminism is to ensure men and women are equal. That’s the world I want. Not the one where my empowerment comes at the cost of your pain.


  17. sanjana Says:

    Today is All Fools Day and let us take all news appearing today with a pinch of salt!


    • sanjana Says:

      2 news items.

      One is that SRK will cast his son Aryan in Boyhood remake.

      Another news item is that of Salman playing a dwarf in anand Rai’s film which is shelved for leaking out details!


  18. This is 1 insane trailer!!!


  19. @ ‘satyam’– y this step motherly treatment of ‘meaningful’ films like hunters just bcos the budget is < half a crore
    It's already done nearly 8-10 cr only domestically !!
    A bigger hit & near the lifetime earnings of megastarrer shamitabh

    The women of hunterr

    Once a hunter, always a hunter….


  20. Two successive Rajni flops could well mean that Tamil cinema might come to a grinding halt, affecting the careers of other big-ticket actors, banners and filmmakers, says N Sathiya Moorthy.


    Rajnikanth was a sure-fire success for so long that three years after Baba (2002) flopped, he was still the ‘superstar’ of Tamil cinema.

    Chandramukhi released in 2005 and was marketed as a ‘superstar movie’ — and made it big.

    It’s another matter that the ‘superstar’ shared the credit in the film with actors of yesteryear Prabhu and Jothika, whose stellar performances in the climax scene possibly carried the day.

    Some industrywallahs feel that Rajnikanth should have called it a day after his massively successful, big-budget, multi-lingual project, Robot.

    The SMS jokes on his superstardom that went viral after the film’s release — and that pop up even today — reflected the mood of the present-day film-goer.

    Not every film-maker or banner has been able to repeat the successful production values and marketing technique of Robot. But the high production and ticketing costs means there are fewer repeat viewers, who form the base of a superstar’s popularity.

    Fans cheer their star, but cannot afford to view his movies in the cinema halls more than a few times. This means that the ‘silver jubilee’ (or 175 days of continuous run) of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s is a thing of the past

    With high-charging multiplexes with fewer seats replacing the traditionally low-ticket, high-capacity cinema halls, the first weekend box office collection alone seems to decide the collection prospects of any film and/or actor.


    • Good that foolish Rajni is flop now.

      Have been his fan but when he goes in for a Hero role at 60 – he looks stupid.

      Tamil film industry is regressive.


      • Good that foolish Rajni is flop now.

        Have been his fan but when he goes in for a Hero role at 60 – he looks stupid.

        Tamil film industry is regressive.

        quote on quote,

        60 is nothing as long as public accepts it,thats why hollywood is far ahead of bollywood,charles bronson,clint eastwood has done it,age is no concern as long “paying public” enjoys it..every now & then you will have one flop along,no one is perfect..

        recently i do not know how i missed it but flicking one of the channels i came across ” blood work” although it started okay but in the middle of the film it got lost and slowed down…the worse film of clint eastwood…after wating the film i sat down reviewed the film box-office and turned out to be a flop,no woner i missed it…every actor in their career its going to be “ups and down” ..


    • High ticket cost is not the problem. Its the regressiveness of films which youth has rejected. In TN max tkt price is rs 120 even now in top multiplexes.


    • Abortion is illegal in the United States. So is having a stillbirth – not officially, perhaps, but thanks to a case in Indiana, we’re halfway there. On Monday, Purvi Patel, a 33 year old woman who says that she had a miscarriage, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for neglect of a dependent and feticide. She is the first woman in the United States to ever be sentenced for such a crime.


      • This writer needs to get a knowledge check done! Abortion is NOT illegal anywhere in the US! The supreme court made it legal 4 decades ago. By imposing stringent conditions on the patient and the practitioner, some Repub states have made it very difficult to get an abortion. Indiana being one of them, and unfortunately for Purvi, she was in a backward Red state. But a woman can just drive to any Democrat ‘blue’ states to get it done legally.


  21. ” But a woman can just drive to any Democrat ‘blue’ states to get it done legally”– hmm…that’s indepth info
    Sonam couldn’t beat deepika either in films or in terms of ‘legs’..
    Now seems she has taken a different ‘route’,..

    Ps: I’m a bit fed up of all this ‘baring’


  22. omrocky786 Says:

    Watched Ugly and Shamitabh.
    Ugly was such a bore with Ronit Roy still in Udaan Mode, too may cinematic liberties ( If a Rakesh Roshan or Indra Kumar would have done that then the Kashyap Bhakts would be all over Twiiter Backchoding about it), Lekin Kashyap toh Gaaad hai ( IMO Gaa#du hai )!!

    Shamitabh- I saw it expecting it to be as boring as Umrao Jaan ( Abhishek one), but I really liked it especially the first half. Big B was in full form and had classic one liners “Khali hai, mere liye reserve hai”, “tere wazan sey jyada wajnee hai meri awaaz”, The whole childhood of Dhanush was superb,
    The second half was a bit slow but overall was a satisfying experience.( Strictly on a DVD though )
    The Thappad movie episode was not convincing at all . The songs sounded much better as a part of the movie.
    Balki did not have Bachchan hog the limelight, Dhanush had an equal role and was quite good. ( He even got to “Thappad “the big B)


    • Shamitabh didn’t do it for me at all. Ugly had some problems but still liked it a lot more than Shamitabh.


      • omrocky786 Says:

        I had read your thoughts, plus Q and my relatives were not too impressed with it, that is why I saw it worth very low expectations.
        But Big B’s entry line and his first scene at the cemetery alone were worth the price of the DVD. I do agree that watching it at home helped a lot, as I watched the first half one day and the second half the next day


  23. omrocky786 Says:

    Yuva –


  24. Bollywood Hungama has given 2 stars to Detective Byomkesh Bakshy! and put the blame solely on Dibakar Banerjee’s writing and direction for lacklustre endeavour-


  25. omrocky786 Says:

    Serious songs- A look at Gulzar’s unexpected tryst with the item number

    I remember the first time I saw Omkara. It was a July afternoon in 2006. Despite an unusually rowdy crowd at PVR Priya, and the fact that we were in the front row, craning our necks to make sense of the giant figures looming over us, I thoroughly enjoyed the film. Later that evening, raving about it to a friend, I mentioned something about the unusually direct nature of Beedi’s lyrics. My friend agreed, but said she hoped I knew that “Namak” was the real deal. “Namak ishq ka,” she said. “The salt of love. On her tongue.” I shook my head, puzzled. She looked at me pityingly. “Nigal gai main. She swallowed. Get it?”

    The song that changed everything – for Gulzar, at least – was the big hit from Shaad Ali’s Bunty Aur Babli (2005). Even today, “Kajra Re” is a dance-floor favourite, performed as enthusiastically by men in drag as it is by women. The bar dance in the film had Aishwarya Rai making a guest appearance (a Bollywood item song trope that goes back to Cuckoo and Helen), dancing with Bachchan Sr and Jr. The singer was Alisha Chinoy, whose music videos as a pop artist a decade ago had been quasi-items in themselves.


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