Avengers 2: Age of Ultron (image & trailers) (updated)

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10 Responses to “Avengers 2: Age of Ultron (image & trailers) (updated)”

  1. thecooldude Says:

    let me bring the box office discussion here as well: there goes the opening weekend record from The Avengers. This one is heading for 225 M.


    • AamirsFan Says:

      if youtube viewership is any indication…16.2 mill viewers (and still counting) in less than 24 hours…this will be huuuuuuge. not even the most popular music videos get this much viewership in this little amount of time.


  2. AamirsFan Says:

    lol…they released the teaser before Batman vs Superman and it’s releasing AFTER (in may of 2015 compared to march of 2015). Marvel/Disney is a step ahead of DC Comics/WB right now. As far as the box office goes, this one will definitely have potential to break “The Avengers” record for opening weekend.


    • AamirsFan Says:

      oops my bad…Batman vs. Superman is releasing in March of 2016 and not 2015….soooo nevermind. lol. but the overall point is still that Marvel/Disney are a step ahead of DC comics/WB.


  3. RajRoshan Says:

    Trailer was bit meh imo


  4. Only super hero sequel that has been better than the first one is SpiderMan2. This will not scale the heights of Avengers one…that was novelty.


    • Can’t the Avengers and others like it just go away? Enough already. I wouldn’t watch if I was paid to do it.


      • yes there’s been a complete overdose. I used to watch all this stuff in the theaters and now I find it hard to get there for even some of the bigger stuff. Most of it is not very good either, a lot of it downright poor, even the better stuff is largely about missed opportunities. The earlier Avengers was just passable. Iron Man is still engaging mostly because of the lead. And some franchises were truly wasted. Fantastic Four deserved far better as did Thor.


  5. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    Sorry Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences , I do not buy it – not the film , not the performance.

    Among all the Oscar- worthies that I saw, I was most disappointed with Whiplash. This is one film that I actually disliked – not just didn’t like it, I actually disliked it. That happens to me when I don’t buy the basic premise and sensibility of the film and find them to be false.

    For someone who loves music and especially jazz music, I found that the film got it all wrong. Music is not what this is about. Jazz is not what this is about. It confuses music with competitive sports. Where is the true spirit of jazz? Where is the spirit of collaboration, of improvisation, of exporation…all things that make jazz what it is? Music, or any art form, is about joy. It is not about fear, or tension…things that the teacher Fletcher ( played by J.K.Simmons) was trying to infuse in his students. It is all so negative, so destructive; and the film is trying to glorify that!

    Even the attitude of the student Andrew ( played by Miles Teller) ….is all wrong. In a dinnertime conversation at home his father, talking about Charlie Parker, says, “ A man who died at 34, his body full of heroin, is not my idea of success.” Andrew says, “But we are talking of him 50 years after his death. I would rather be him rather than a man who lives up to 90 and is forgotten a year after his death.” As I said Andrew got it all wrong. Charlie Parker was Charlie Parker not because he wanted to be remembered 50 years after his death. Charlie was Charlie because he wanted to make great music, to express something that was within him. Andrew was not going to become Charlie by practicing 2o hours a day till his fingers bled. The way Andrew is depicted in the film we see the ambition but not the love, we see the desperation, but not the joy. We never see Andrew listening to a variety of music, talking about music, thinking about music. It is only practicing and more practicing, like a zombie.

    As far as Teller is concerned, he was just a plain bully and power freak. He is the kind of guy if he was a primary school teacher, he would be meting out corporal punishment, as well mental torture, the kind that makes young students commit suicide. I see nothing to applaud in that. The sequence in which he was forcing Andrew and another student to take turns at the drums till one of them got ‘his kind of pace’ was not funny. You might breed prize athletes that way but not great artists. And when someone comes on to stage bleeding like that you take him to a doctor and not worry about winning a goddamn competition.

    Even JK Simmon’s performance, though good enough , was rather one-dimensional compared to say the textured one by Ed Norton in Birdman. And I have stopped being impressed by an expletives-spewing ass-kicker as an inspiring leader a long time back.

    As for the joy of making great jazz, here is Jo Jones, the iconic drummer who is supposed to have thrown the cymbals at Charlie Parker almost decapitating him ( the story is only partially true.). Did you see a fraction of this joy while Andrew was playing?


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