Jurassic World trailers (updated)

thanks to Aamirsfan..


20 Responses to “Jurassic World trailers (updated)”

  1. Aamirsfan:

    The comments on youtube and other sites suggest the CGI is disappointing. Got to admit, the original did ‘look’ better.


  2. thecooldude Says:

    JP Great
    JP 2 Average
    JP 3 Awful

    This one is not giving the JP vibe either. Why would you want to create a new dinosaur when there are so many that have not been shown. Don’t make JW out to be a monster movie. Make it about the dinos.


  3. “she is an highly intelligent animal.
    she will kill anything that moves.”

    lool, contradiction there!


  4. Why no Irrfan Khan in the promo? He plays the CEO and owner of Jurassic World in the movie. At least there got to be a glimpse.


  5. Nice!


  6. After a long time a good movie.. can’t wait for this one.


  7. Jurassic park had villain Wayne, greedy, steeling eggs and it reeled you in. Jurrasic world, I feel doesn’t have a proper villain. The original still is classic and better.


  8. Just back from Jurassic World. Am so happy to see Irrfan Khan in a good and prominent role. Loved his honest performance. Movie is nonstop ride though the basic story idea is pretty weak but it was kept simple and VFX were clean. Only issue is not many edge of the seat thrill as previous films. Overall good watch but nothing extraordinary.


    • I kinda was disappointed in his acting except for the one scene (posted above). The movie is all heroine…she is the hero of the movie. If you compare with the original , this one doesn’t hold up to the gold standards. If you haven’t watched any of the movies in the series, this one is entertaining.


  9. Irrfan Khan plays the prominent role of Simon Masrani, the owner of the park. Though he acts well he is a misfit in the role. His weak voice and his not-so-strong personality does not befit the character he is portraying. Nor, with his features, does he bring any intrigue value to the character.



    • Its funny to read that. I wonder how many reviewers would bother to comment on supporting roles ‘apt’ casting in movies like Jurassic, Spiderman, etc. Just coz there is Irrfan, they gotta comment something.


  10. http://io9.com/jurassic-world-director-talks-about-that-infamous-runni-1710722223
    Jurassic World Director Talks About That Infamous Running-In-Heels Scene


  11. sanjana Says:

    Got the tickets but had to wait for the seats. Waited for more than an hour. With kids. Kids slept due to exhaustion. Paid more for 3D and tried to keep the kids awake. Paisa vasool krna hai.Irrfan had quite a substantial role but was not impressive. Film was OK. Nothing extraordinary. Not scary.
    My friend’s review of the experience.


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