Gabbar is Back trailers (updated)

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38 Responses to “Gabbar is Back trailers (updated)”

  1. Looks like an easy HIT similar to other Khan films.


  2. The bar that Akshay Kimar has set with films like OMG, Holiday, S26 and Baby will be tested here.


  3. thecooldude Says:

    What a load of crap! The gimmick here is using the name and lines of the most famous villian in Hindi Cinema….otherwise this is a Prabhu Deva Movie!


    • AamirsFan Says:

      yeah “same ole same ole” as they say. Even with Akki at his “best” this movie rakes in 120cr at most. Looks dated to me to be honest. Akki is certainly the busiest actor in the industry by far.


      • thecooldude Says:

        Akshay should be busy to be relevant. If he goes Aamir or SRK’s way of doing 1 movie a year and if that movie is Gabbar, he will hit bottom really fast.


  4. AamirsFan Says:


    Which Gabbar played it best?

    1. Amitabh’s Gabbar, “Babban”
    2. Amjad’s Gabbar in Ramgarh Ke Sholay
    3. Akki’s Gabbar


  5. I am impressed and will watch this movie as i love movies in this genre. Now with quality movies included in the mix Akshay is really mixing it up well and dare I say this way he is going to leave all competition behind.
    Must salute Akshay for his work ethics and this is a lesson for younger lot who are unable to produce movies at regular intervals. Can you believe Ranbir last release was Besharam a good 2 years back. Same with HR. Abhi is a lost case anyway.

    Wish had a slightly older heroine. Even then for movie starved person like me its FDFS.
    This movie may not gross very big as relatively serious corruption genre usually do less than expectedunless mixed with comedy and action. However the movie has good story and emotional content. So 150cr seems to be on.


  6. Yes, the action and trailer editing gives a fell of same old masala.
    But the difference here lies in treatment.


    1. Krish is a two-time filmfare award winner in South and is known for handling social issues and emotions in movies very well.

    2. Akshay is tailormade for masala films and his range of emotions is wider than his counterparts. Be it action, comedy, emotion he does it with ease.

    3. The story is by AR Murugadoss who makes good action thrillers and both the tamil and telugu versions were superhits. Dialogues by Rajat Aroraa of OUATIM, Kick, The Dirty Picture fame.

    4. Kareena has a special appearance and a song also. She will be playing Akshay’s wife. Shruti Hassan is looking beautiful. Chitrangada in an item song. Rest of the cast is also stellar. eg Sunil Grover (Guththi), Jaideep Ahlawat (Commando), Suman Talwar.

    5. Honey Singh and Manj (RDB) have given a song each for Gabbar is Back. Chirantan Bhatt (1920 Evil Returns) is giving the music.

    6. Masses last time came out in big number to see a superstar was when PK released. Baby and other recent hits have been supported by plexes only. So single screens will be awaiting Gabbar.


  7. My must watch 20 movies – English+ Hindi April onwards

    Detective Byomkesh Bakshi- Apr 3
    Furious 7- Apr 3
    Avengers: Age of Ultron- May 1
    Gabbar is Back- May 1
    Insidious 3- Jun 5
    Jurassic World- June 12
    Bajrangi Bhaijaan- Jul 17
    Mission Impossible – Jul 31
    Fantastic Four- Aug 7
    Brothers- Aug 14
    Steve Jobs- Oct 9
    MS DHONI Biopic- Oct 22
    Spectre- Nov 6
    Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo- Nov 13
    The Hateful Eight- Nov 13
    The Hunger Games Part 2- Nov 20
    The Martian- Nov 25
    Jagga Jasoos- Nov 27
    Star Wars- Dec 13
    Dilwale- Dec 25


  8. AamirsFan Says:

    The guy singing has a very Atif Aslam vibe going on…actually sounds exactly like him. But the song and the theme of the movie do not go together…we have a “bad ass” thug singing and dancing in the rain…OK! The song itself as a stand-alone is pretty good though.

    It seems all these movies have a basic template of how to present an action masala movie:

    1. south remake
    2. Romantic song
    3. Item track number (male or female)
    4. nonsensical action scenes
    5. lame one-liners by the hero

    This genre has become dull and boring and is on life support.


    • This guy is called Arijit Singh and he is no ordinary man in India now buddy 🙂
      Most of the chartbusters of recent times are sung by him.
      His voice has more depth than Aatif Aslam in my opinion. Loved his songs of Aashiqui 2, Ek Villain, Har Kisi ko… And plenty more.


    • WAISE you are bang on the template for masala films. From Sholay to Gabbar it fits to the T for every good masala film.


    • thecooldude Says:

      Ghajni successfully avoided 3 and 5..


      • I think there was a song by Asin that was used as Item song, but yes not like Pritam Pyaare, which was used effectively in Rowdy Rathore by Prabhudeva. Have always believed that item songs enhance a masala genre if used effectively. Ghajini surely lacked that advantage, hence hardly get rated as top masala movie in the likes of Dabangg, Chennai Express or Rowdy Rathore. It was a highest grossing film but distributors made marginal profits, qualifying it to be a hit but given the gross it was termed as bigger hit at that time. rab me was more profitable for distributors.


        • thecooldude Says:

          First, an item song usually involves another actor who is not part of the regular cast. Second, I don’t know where you are getting your box office numbers from but there is not a masla movie that has come out with like Ghajini in terms of box office. Be it Dabbang, CE, or RR. I am not surprised though coming from someone who declared PK a ‘flop’ on the first day. Ghajini beat the biggest grosser of it’s time (RNBJ) by almost 20 CR. It’s 2nd week was a few CR short of Singh is King’s first week number (which were pretty big when the movie came out). I brought SIK because it came out in 2008 like Ghajini but you chose to brought up RR which came out in freakin 2012!


          • I have already clarified that I called PK a flop the way Jayshah calls a non Aamir movie a flop without even watching its promo. So that prank was on him, but looks that apart from him you too fell for it 🙂


          • I don’t agree with your definition of item song. Sheila ki Jawaani is an example that goes against your definition but was an item song.
            Second Ghajini was sold at a price which was exorbitant than what it could finally chew. Hence my previous comment.


          • You probably don’t know that amir khan apologised for pk.He is a retired lead actor now.


          • ghajini second week is 25cr.sik first week is 43 cr.Dont know where you are getting your numbers.


  9. oldgold Says:

    Teri meri kahani – nice song.
    Akshay looks good. Better than AK SRK Salman (or his driver, I’m confused who is who).


  10. Management lessons from Gabbar Singh …

    Gabbar was a MANAGEMENT GURU as is reflected in some of the timeless management lessons he delivered thru the movie Sholay

    1. Jo darr gaya samjho mar gaya – Courage and enterprise are important factors for laying the successful foundation of a growth oriented business

    2. Kitne admi the – Its important to know the competition and its size ..he understood that even a small team can make a difference

    3. Arey o sambha kitna inam rakhe hai sarkar hum par – Promoting one’s own brand is very important and to be reiterated always

    4. 6 goli, aur aadmi 3 – Create an illusion where his insurbodinates had a chance of survival but kills them in the next scene …
    moral – perform or perish

    5. Le ab goli kha – Sometimes in the interest of the organisation u have to take hard and unpopular decisions …. So sometimes a leader has to ‘fire’ some employees

    6. Jab tak tere pair chalenge uski saans chalegi – Classic carrot and stick approach …tere pair ruke toh yeh bandook chalegi !!

    7 . Yeh ramgadh waale apni betiyon ko kaunsi chakki ka aata khilate hai re – Market research is important to understand value propositions !!

    8. Yeh hath mujhey dedey thakur – Identify elements of threats in the market and take measures to minimise them

    9. Holi kab hai, kab hai Holi – Conduct advance mapping of key events within the industry and devise penetration strategy to have a competitive edge over your rivals

    10. “Suwer ke bacheyyyy !” – Verbal warning for non performance !


  11. Aao Raja- the song is pretty average and has a cheap feeling to it due to lady singer’s voice. However Chitrangada just got the moves right. She is damn Hot.


  12. Praise where it is due. Baby was a wonderful watch. Though it had an Argo hangover, it still worked fine for me. I dont remember when I last liked an Akshay movie as much as this one.


  13. omrocky786 Says:


    • AamirsFan Says:

      so far, only thing this movie has done is to remind me that I haven’t watched Sholay in a really long time…so will be watching it this weekend!!


  14. Akshay Kumar: Crime can be removed only if the punishment is severe and enforced strictly

    Akshay Kumar’s upcoming action drama Gabbar Is Back is a remake of the original Tamil film Ramanaa directed by superhit director AR Murugadoss.

    The film is about a common man who decides to abolish corruption in society. In our country where we believe that corruption is inevitable, rape is no longer rare and laws are easily broken, excerpts from a conversation with the super disciplined Akshay Kumar on his formula of making society crime free – ‘Make strict laws with severe punishment, strong enforcement and public display of the effect of breaking it.’

    Read complete interview at –


    • Re: “…excerpts from a conversation with the super disciplined Akshay Kumar on his formula of making society crime free – ‘Make strict laws with severe punishment, strong enforcement and public display of the effect of breaking it.’…”

      Sounds like Saudi Arabia to me. The imbecility of so many in the so-called educated classes is such that I bet his statement will have many takers.


      • For crimes like rape, a strict law is definitely needed. Most of these statements are not something I agree to but I think most of our frustration has led us to think that this is the only way.


        • Naveen I see your point about frustration but in most cases the laws are attic enough — failures are at other points (bringing a case; police misconduct and poor training; securing convictions;etc)…


  15. It’s all in the head: Akshay Kumar on his salt-and-pepper avatar
    Age is just a number: Akshay Kumar clearly believes in the adage. At a time when most actors make efforts to look young, Akshay has been seen sporting a grey beard at several occasions — on and off screen. But he is totally nonchalant about people’s perceptions, and says, “It’s all in the head.” Ahead of his next big release, Gabbar is Back on May 1, Akshay Kumar opens up about his salt-and-pepper look, his ‘writer’ wife, working with new directors, and more.

    Every year, you manage at least three releases. How do you handle the pressure?
    I don’t plan it that way; it just happens. From the beginning of my career, I have been able to manage this. Also, I don’t know anything else in life, but my work.

    While releasing films around festivals has become a priority for most actors nowadays, your films never vie for the same. Is it a conscious decision?
    Every year, other actors get hold of the popular release dates. So nothing is left for me (smiles). But I am not complaining. We do whatever seems best for our movies.

    Also, of late, you have made several appearances, on and off screen, sporting a grey beard. Stars usually don’t do that.
    I have never understood what the big deal is – whether your beard is grey or black. In fact, an A-list actor recently told me, “Akki, please don’t keep your beard grey because when you do that, people can automatically guess my age, too, since we are almost of the same age.” Age is defined by your mindset and not by the colour of your hair.

    I have just finished shooting for an action-based film with Sidharth (Malhotra). In fact, when we were shooting the action sequences, not even for a moment did I feel that I am older than him. It’s all in your head and how you maintain your fitness level.

    Your wife, Twinkle Khanna has been dabbling in writing, and her pieces usually have a hint of humour. Did you know she had a sense of humour?
    I knew Tina could write, but I am pleasantly surprised to see that she has a great sense of humour. I am proud that when she decided to do interior designing, she became the best. And now, she is doing so well as a writer. I’m happy for her. It proves that once she focuses on something, she achieves it.

    Why do you choose to work with new directors so often?
    I have worked with 16 or 17 new directors so far. The biggest plus point of working with them is that they always bring something fresh to the table. I love working with new people because unlike experienced ones, an opportunity to direct a film is make-or-break situation for them, so their level of dedication is unmatched. Someone gave me a chance when I started out; so if I come across a deserving person, why shouldn’t I do the same?

    Are you signing different films of late on purpose?
    I am tilting towards ‘real’ cinema. I am enjoying taking up such films that have a sense of realism in them. So, be it my next film (produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali) or Airlift, they all have a strong connect with reality. For instance, the interval scene in my next film will give people the goosebumps, but it happened for real. The best thing about such films and roles is that no one can question you or point fingers at you since everything is taken from the real world.

    You have spent over 25 years in the industry. Does the release of a new film still give you the jitters?
    They do, but only till Sunday because by Monday, the verdict about whether the film is doing well or not is out. So by Monday, you are either rejoicing or you let it pass, go to the next film and try even harder.

    In your new film, you have worked with Kareena Kapoor Khan again after a long time.
    Yes. She isn’t playing a big role, but she has an important part. She plays my wife. She was kind enough to take it up.


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