Fantastic Four trailer


2 Responses to “Fantastic Four trailer”

  1. It’s precisely because of such superhero excess with multiple releases every year for a number of years now that I haven’t checked out Daredevil on netflix. It’s got good reviews, the user reviews have been even stronger but just the thought of touching a Marvel anytime soon makes me queasy! Ok I’m exaggerating things a bit but I’m saying this as someone who loved checking out all this stuff. Before it really got to be too much. Not to mention the fact that 90% of the movies were downright mediocre and really incredibly wasted opportunities. And that includes the earlier movies on Fantastic Four (the second one was somewhat better). Hollywood has mishandled the A-graders but this still hasn’t stopped from going all over the place. So now we’re getting Ant-Man!


    • Yeah. In a way it’s almost unfair to some of the movies themselves, it’s the frequency, the inundation that’s the problem for me more than the individual films, for the most part. Something like Guardians is perfectly enjoyable in and of itself but it’s unfortunately a part of this onslaught that’s become tiresome. Marvel is white hot right now, outdoing just about every established studio in we’re in for it for a stretch. It says something that even the most profitable non-superhero movie around in a while is the new Furious movie, which is, in nearly every sense, a superhero series.


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