Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation trailers (updated)

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12 Responses to “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation trailers (updated)”

  1. I’m going to see this as I imagine many people will but with some weariness. The last one, thanks entirely to Brad Bird (whose Tomorrowland l’m really looking forward to) breathed some oxygen into the franchise but it’s a bit sad that a star who once worked with nearly every major postwar American filmmaker now relies on this kind of thing to stay relevant.


    • Though in the age of the superhero movie’s near complete dominance, this shift makes a lot of sense. This series is as close to a Marvel role as it gets for Cruise.


  2. I think over the last ten years,Cruise’s biggest claim to fame is that he played HR’s role in HW version of Bang Bang 😄


  3. OBITUARIES of Cruises career are older than many careers.

    OBLIVION for eg was meant to signify his descent into ‘oblivion’-
    Though I liked it

    Then liked cruise in EDGE OF TOMORROW —
    Revisiting my thoughts on it

    there’s a certain SELF-DOUBT & RETICENCE
    A certain VULNERABILITY that
    HAS crept into cruise

    But the star-turn from top gun, cocktail, color of money, vanilla sky, eyes wide shut
    Is still hanging in there

    DRAWING in the last reserves of his FADING stardom
    The last of the TRUE superstar

    In perhaps his LAST Mission impossible take
    ETHAN HUNT is back…


  4. He brings out an original sci-fi like Edge of Tomorrow, Oblivion year after year but even his good films fail as US media have highlighted him as a Scientology wacko who jumps on sofas at Oprah’s..
    Guess the MI films are what will keep him in demand.


  5. AamirsFan Says:

    whoa the official trailer is very well done. Just hope that’s not all there is to the film because those scenes are amazing..especially the airplane door scene. I think the last film definitely put a shot of adrenaline back into the franchise..this one seems just as exciting.


    • yeah looks like a lot of fun. On your other point they always reveal the best parts in the trailers anyway. These days the movie simply ‘confirms’ what one has already seen in the trailer. It functions like the ultimate extended trailer. If you like what you see you get more of it and/or you get the completion of those sequences!


  6. RajRoshan Says:

    The coolest trailer of the year


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