Hamari Adhuri Kahani, Dil Dhadakne Do (ongoing), the rest of the box office

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  1. Kareena Kapoor Khan is counted among the top actresses in Bollywood and still holds her position among the newcomers. The diva, who features opposite Salman Khan in the upcoming film Bajrangi Bhaijaan, has quite a few big films lined up. The actress is set to play a successful working wife in R Balki’s next film which will feature Arjun Kapoor as her ‘staying at home’ husband. Not only this, the Tashan actress plays a doctor in Udta Punjab, as reported by Filmfare; and a schizophrenic streetwalker in Raj Kumar Gupta’s next flick.



  2. Rating: 1.5/5 Stars (One and half stars)

    Star Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Vidya Balan, Rajkummar Rao

    Director: Mohit Suri

    What’s Good: It’s a treat to listen to the songs of Hamari Adhuri Kahani in theater. Also some of Shagufta Rafique’s dialogues may find their place in your heart.

    What’s Bad: What could be worse than watching a love story and not feel its sting. It fails to involve you and suck you in on any level. Thanks to the larger than life cinematic liberties taken by Suri, you cannot enjoy this film.

    Loo break: Badly needed!

    Watch or Not?: No! There are better things to do on a weekend than watch a love story that is painfully slow, illogical and has no conclusions whatsoever. Unless you loved Aashiqui 2, this may be your type of film.



  3. All in all the move is a cake kept to bake in an oven, but forgotten to switch on. Was highly disappointed watching this film. Wouldn’t recommend you to go for this one, but rather watch some extinct species take over mankind.



  4. Katti Batti starring Kangana & Imran. Directed by Nikhil Advani https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CHRsjXZUwAAUzrS.jpg:small


  5. At one point Hashmi stiltedly caresses Balan’s chin with a flower, presumably thinking of Mughal-E-Azam.

    It is a film where three fine actors all play idiots.

    Hashmi’s character keeps going off to literally smell the flowers, Rao’s character is a possessive neanderthal, and Vidya’s character is plain dumb — for one thing, she needs to know that yelling “Hari! Hari!” as she runs behind a police jeep will only make the cops drive faster.



  6. Dil Dhadakne Do held up well on the weekdays as it grossed around 55 crore nett in week one. The figure is pretty good for a film which is just only really collecting in a few cities as smaller centres have not taken to the film from day one.

    The film has done very well in Mumbai and Mysore where it set new first week highs for the year. In Mumbai it has grossed nearly 20 crore nett whereas the previous high was Gabbar Is Back at around 19.50 crore nett. In Mysore it has grossed 3.85 crore nett beating Tanu Weds Manu Returns at 3.50 crore nett.

    The second week will determine the the lifetime business of the film and it face competition from two major releases Hamari Adhuri Kahani and Jurassic World. Although these films are not huge openers the screen space is affected.



  7. Tanu Weds Manu Returns has had the third highest third week of all time just edging past Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani as it collected around 19.25 crore nett in week three. The top two are PK and 3 idiots.

    The film has now grossed 134.75 crore nett in three weeks making it the fifteenth highest grosser of all time and still some more business to come over the next few weeks. Tanu Weds Manu Returns has a chance for 150 crore nett though that will be the outer limit.

    If the film was to make the 150 crore nett mark it would become the tenth film to cross 150 crore nett. Both Delhi/UP and East Punjab are almost certain to record the third highest figures ever with Delhi/UP standing close to 40 crore nett and East Punjab at 19 crore nett in two weeks.



    • taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 13m13 minutes ago
      #DilDhadakneDo Fri 10.53 cr, Sat 12.27 cr, Sun 14.25 cr, Mon 5.77 cr, Tue 5.09 cr, Wed 4.48 cr, Thu 3.71 cr. Total: ₹ 56.10 cr. India biz.

      taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 10m10 minutes ago
      #TWMReturns [Week 3] Fri 2.70 cr, Sat 4.18 cr, Sun 5.40 cr, Mon 2.15 cr, Tue 2 cr, Wed 1.88 cr, Thu 1.65 cr. Grand total: ₹ 136.69 cr.


  8. Dear Ranbir,

    I watched you in Roy with a sinking feeling. I had felt the same 18 months ago when your last film Besharam hit the theatres.

    Where is the Ranbir Kapoor that we all hailed as the Next Best Thing? In his place we see this cocky arrogant Rajesh Khanna avatar who seems to suggest he knows it all.

    Sorry to say, you seem to be doing the camera a favour by agreeing to appear in Roy. It’s a very sad thing to see. Because we all looked upon you as the future of Bollywood. We still do. Your confidence before the camera and your understanding of the craft were unparalleled. They probably still are. But for now, self-confidence has now turned into a cocky boredom.

    I saw that dismaying transformation in my favourite actor Rajesh Khanna when from the endearing Anand he went to the hammy and implacable Robert of Anokha Rishta within a decade.

    Your transition from riveting to unyielding has been pretty sudden. What gives, Ranbir? Wrong selection of scripts, perhaps. Even Abhishek Bachchan has been guilty of choosing wrongly. I’ve repeatedly advised him to consult his illustrious father before saying yes to a film. I advise you to do the same. Your dad, the amazing and versatile Rishi Kapoor spawned eras earlier, has gone from Bobby in the 1970s to Hum Kissise Kam Nahin in the 80s to Bol Radha Bol in the 90s to Agneepath in present times, all within 40 years career. He has never shied away from attempting a makeover when it was demanded of him.

    You too have inherited your dad’s yearning to constantly try new characters. But somewhere in a very short span of time that spark which ignited the frames whenever you walked into them has dimmed. As far as I can see, the quality which has gone out of your performances is… vulnerability. No matter how virile or rugged Sanjay Dutt appeared on screen-and I mention Dutt because you’re playing him in Raj Kumar Hirani’s film-he always retained that core of vulnerability which brought him close to the audience and kept him there.

    That quality has disappeared from your performance. Hopefully it’s a temporary absence. Maybe we’ll see you return to the supremely amiable performing form of Wake Up Sid in your forthcoming films. But I must confess I am not too hopeful. Both Anurag Kashyap’s Bombay Velvet and Anurag Basu’s Jagga Jasoos are troubled over-budget delayed projects. You have expressed unhappiness with both projects to your close friends.

    We can only hope that there is a project around the corner which will rekindle the fire of excellence in you that makes you the pioneer of a new movement of actors in Bollywood, a movement that has now been carried forward by Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor, Varun Dhawan and Sushant Singh Rajput.

    Sadly some of these actors are doing better work than you these days.

    So Ranbir Kapoor, do look for the heart that’s gone missing from your remarkable craft.

    And yes, do ask Dad.

    Subhash K Jha



  9. Too much praise and may bloat his head even more. He is going to jump from a De Niro to DiCaprio now !

    and whats with ” …. a movement that has now been carried forward by Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor, Varun Dhawan and Sushant Singh Rajput.”

    Sholay ka dialogue yaad aata hai Thakur ne …… ki fauj banayi hai

    Varun Dhawan may develop some sort of core audience due to likability factor and if he can combine govinda-salman well. Rest all survive on PR to stay in news.

    Once again after 7-8 years in the business – SRK- Aamir-Salman – Akshay – Ajay were pretty much well established.


    • “Once again after 7-8 years in the business – SRK- Aamir-Salman – Akshay – Ajay were pretty much well established.’

      Once again some indulgence in fiction on your part! First off let’s not get carried away with Ranbir. He still has important prestige projects. Don’t think you can do much more to get established! But on your list this was true for Aamir or SRK. Salman by that point was forced to reinvent himself with Dhawan. That process was underway at the time. Because after his initial flush of success he’d had a number of failures and even HAHK didn’t really help him. It was universally judged to be Madhuri’s film at the time and Salman’s lineup didn’t improve even after it. Devgan after Phool or Kaante and Jigar also had a series of failures and more or less looked like an also-ran for several years after this. He had some better moments at times but nothing commercially very noteworthy. A few years into the new millennium he had some average/above average successes in a row one year and then truly got back in the game some years later with Singham. Akshay too despite a Mohra or something half-decent here and there was solidly B grade through most of the 90s. Again he really began the reinvention early in the new millennium and this too took time. Ranbir is in a better position at this point in his career than all of those actors barring Aamir and SRK. Salman didn’t even have a proper prestige film for a long time till HSSH or HDDCS. In between he had success with Dhawan but barring Biwi No 1 these weren’t Govinda-like iconic moments in any sense. But even this well dried up after HDDCS relatively soon. He was again not doing much for years before he had a very successful film in Partner (2007). Then things started looking up with wanted and after Dabanng we know the rest. I’m not predicting anything about Ranbir but he has the projects and it’s a bit hard to believe everything will fail specially since a lot of it is in safe terrain in terms of the multiplexes. Of course anything can happen in the business but he really can’t do better in terms of signing films. He had the very same ‘judgment’ when he got a lot of success. But sometimes strange things happen and you have guys like Jha writing foolish pieces. How could one expect the Dabanng director’s next to be such a disaster? It’s one thing to not expect a success and quite another to get this. Then post GoW it wasn’t too much to expect that Kashyap in a more audience-friendly subject might just stay at the level of that film. Again when one succeeds one becomes a genius and the biggest idiot when one fails. The entire media and then people on the blogosphere follow this sort of superficial narrative. worse still completely fictitious histories are invented about various stars. Finally on guys like Arjun Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, Sushant Singh wake me up when these guys cross Ranbir. I’ll again introduce an old idea here. Certain stars who threaten to become major or top stars can stumble and take a while to recover (we saw this with Abhishek), on the other hand certain other stars are never quite in that position irrespective of anything else. It’s about the ‘symbolic’ here too. The rest one can talk about till the cows come home. All sorts of stars were nominated earlier also. Some think Hashmi is a major force! What happened to Vivek Oberoi? One could go on. A certain kind of star rightly or wrongly is utterly replaceable. Even if he survives he never quite belongs to the major leagues. More importantly never threatens to be in them either. The media or the trade can say whatever. The results are apparent over time. Most of these guys will at best get to Saif’s position, that too if they’re lucky. They’re still spring chickens at the moment. Without some greater symbolic value these younger stars will be easily replaced by the next bunch that comes along. From Hrithik and Abhishek’s generation those are the only two that have really survived. The latter despite his struggles (though which might often be exaggerated.. if one’s going to call it a great 90s for Akshay and Devgan, well Abhishek has plenty of stuff too Yuva onwards.. the rest is about a general narrative.. but one way or the other multistarrers or not he seems to insinuate himself into a number of significant films.. one could do worse when struggling! Ask devgan and akshay! or even Salman! What was his role in KKHH all about?! yes 7-8 years after his debut.. but again note how Saif never really gets ahead of Abhishek irrespective of where each is at any point). Getting back to Ranbir and since he’s also not taking Abhishek’s risks it’s hard to believe that he’d be in that sort of challenging position even. But whether that happens or not that’s not the case today. And those other stars certainly weren’t doing better. I’ve argued about all of this many times but it’s pretty appalling to keep running into folks who simply ‘invent’ stuff on various stars. Maybe the media/trade is dishonest half the time and spreads the same sort of narrative. So what?


      • Salman not only entered the fray with a huge MPK but had 6-7 smash hits one after the other in Baaghi, Sanam Bewafa, Patthar Ke Phool, Kurban and Love etc. Yes the media spotlight shifted quickly from him & Aamir because SRK nearly changed the rules of the game with his thrilling negative portrayals and then being part of the changing youth mindset and new India…. something which he was portraying well thru a Raju Ban Gaya and Yes Boss etc.

        Salman has been a unique case where he lost a good 5/6 years where it was more heart than mind. It is a bit far fetched but Salman damaged himself professionally after HDCCS where he could not see anything beyond Aish. He went head-over-heels / gaga on and a lot of time these things tip a person over the edge…the wackiness increased but reality struck when he realized in real life very rarely romantic stories have a happy ending…. (lucky guy that he is, srk had an exception here too!)

        I am not talking about Ranbir’s survival which being part of a filmy family is not going anywhere and due to simple fact that too many movies get made in bollywood and very few stars in circulation. Its about being the driving force / changing the narrative. He will definitely have odd success here and there but there is a huge question mark on him being consistent now.


        • MSDhoni Says:

          On Abhi , with NRI / romance cinema on the decline since 2000, he was much better placed than even a Hrithik to take advantage of the rooted action-masala cinema. He had a good voice and his build could make it look realistic bashing guys but somehow he was never interested in forming lasting relationship with the movers and shakers of the industry.

          On the risky taking part, he should have taken a cue from his seniors. Aamir was following a very smart policy of timing his releases whenever he did something out of the box. He had Lagaan coming right after DCH within a month or two. Fanaa too was lined up as a back up right after RDB (a risky product on paper). Recently D3 was delayed endlessly to minimize the gap with PK. This prevents a media narrative of failure in case things don’t pan out as planned.


          • part of the problem was that he was never interested in that sort of cinema. Much as after his great ’04-’07 period he walked away from the obvious formulaic success route in many ways. And certainly didn’t mix it up despite failures.


      • Looks like Subhash Jha is forgetting the major turning point in Besharam. It was the script which was loved by Rishi Kapoor who agreed to co-star first time with his son based on that script and even convinced Neetu Kapoor to join the film. Another is Bombay Velvet with Anurag Kashyap but it was a gamble anyday whereas Besharam wasn’t. It was supposed to be sureshot commercial hit as they weren’t attempting anything path breaking or risky. One can’t blame Ranbir for signing Bombay Velvet, such risky films become bonafide classics in their careers if pulled across successfully.


        • Ranbir should reply to his letter that after Barfi I asked my Dad about my next and he asked me to sign Besharam 🙂


      • ‘Akshay too despite a Mohra or something half-decent here and there was solidly B grade through most of the 90s. Again he really began the reinvention early in the new millennium and this too took time. ‘

        The anxieties of Amitabh fans.Amir khan never got past 14cr barring one bad film in 90s.


  10. omrocky786 Says:


  11. http://www.mid-day.com/articles/rock-garden-creator-nek-chand-passes-away-in-chandigarh/16286161

    Chandigarh’s famous Rock Garden creator Nek Chand died here at the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) here on Friday, his family members said.

    He was 90 years old and was suffering from diabetes, hypertension and cancer. He was hospitalised for the past few days.

    Nek Chand was the most-exhibited Indian artist ever with his creations being part of leading cities like Paris, London, New York, Washington DC, and Berlin, and numerous books in different languages being written about him. He had been offered the honorary citizenship in various countries.

    He was a road inspector in a construction project in Chandigarh in the 1950s and 60s. At that time this city, popularly called ‘City Beautiful’ was being designed by French architect Le Corbusier.

    Nek Chand developed the art of creating figures from waste material discarded by people and secretly set up his laboratory in a forested area in north Chandigarh to help his creations get into shape.


  12. sanjana Says:

    Hamari Adhuri Kahani has had a low start but will remain ahead of the Hollywood release Jurassic World. The fate of Hamari Adhuri Kahani will depend on Saturday and Sunday but at least it has come out ahead of the Hollywood release as it is a major Hindi film and to be beaten by Hollywood release which is not too hot in India would be a downer.

    The collections in the bigger multiplexes showing the English version of jurassic World are better than Hamari Adhuri Kahani but most of India has seen better figures for Hamari Adhuri Kahani.

    The mass belts are much better with Hamari Adhuri Kahani set to record double the numbers of Jurassic World. The first day collections of Hamari Adhuri Kahani are looking to be around 5 crore nett whch should be enough to edge past Jurassic World.



  13. Like

  14. omrocky786 Says:

    Decoding Shakespeare: Vishal Bhardwaj on Haider at NYIFF

    [JS]: I have to ask you about the mother-son relationship in Hamlet.
    [VB]: I think that the ‘oedipus complex’ is a very essential part of Hamlet and it is not very obvious in the play. It’s so much beneath the surface. Because many times I wondered whether it is the interpretation of the critics or am I not reading it right? I don’t know because it’s not there on the surface or in your face. It is very subtle – if you want to make an interpretation of it, you can. So you have to tell me. Do you think that it is very obvious in the play?

    [JS]: It’s a very good question and one that I can answer. Sigmund Freud in the late 1890s was struggling with a personal crisis. And his father died. And in a brilliant way of trying to understand and cure and heal himself, he stumbled upon what we now call the Oedipal Complex. But it did not come from reading Sophocles’ play. It came from reading Hamlet. He read Hamlet and he suddenly understood that this was the moment that he had solved the problem of Hamlet, and he called it the Oedipal Complex. But his writings make it clear that it was simply his self-understanding, and this understanding completely transformed the ways in which hamlet was staged, so that by the time Laurence Olivier played it in his famous film, he was steeped in a tradition of seeing the Oedipal Complex at the heart of the character. Even before then, on the American stage – John Barrymore did Hamlet in 1920 and it was very much like the oedipal story that you tell. I should add that Freud based his theory on the idea that Shakespeare wrote this play immediately after the death of his father. Freud read a book which stated that fact. Fifteen years later, the author of that book came out with another book and he said that I got the date wrong – Shakespeare’s father was still alive when he wrote ‘Hamlet’. Freud was so attached to his Oedipal theory that he decided that Shakespeare did not write the play. Somebody else must have. Because only someone who had undergone an Oedipal crisis could have written ‘Hamlet’ –and if Shakespeare hadn’t, then he’s not the author. Freud went to his grave thinking the Earl of Oxford wrote Shakespeare’s plays. But we are now almost a century into a tradition of seeing that aspect of Hamlet’s relationship to his mother that is really central to your story.

    [VB]: So then tell me, after Freud discovered this complex through reading Hamlet, did the vision of the scholars, towards Hamlet, change?
    [JS]: Yes, absolutely.


  15. On to the debate above (I am a bit late catching up). I would agree with Satyam on the fact that Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan did not really get going in the 90’s. Devgan joined the big league really quite late on with the Golmaal series and the Shetty films. Akshay Kumar was struggling really until Jaanwar saved his day.

    However, comparing Salman’s career in that decade to Abhishek’s is like comparing apples with oranges. I am a big admirer of Abhishek and I really believe he deserves much more credit than he gets. But, folks, Salman delivered around 17-18 successful movies during that decade (and I am not including deals like KKHH here). Abhishek has around a dozen of successful movies in around 15 years of career (and I include D2, D3 and HNY in here where he was in minor or supporting roles). In his leanest phase 2000-2008, Salman still had 8 successful movies there (not including Baghban).

    We are talking about actors operating at completely different levels here in terms of BO. During the different phases of his career, Salman has some historic hits while the biggest Abhishek solo is still at around the 45cr mark with Guru. But in terms of talent and acting ability, Abhishek has obtained less success than he deserves. Salman on the other hand, has over-achieved. Yet, Salman is a much better actor than many people think. His comic timing is very good even if with less Dhawan movies, people don’t talk about it too much these days.

    If anything, Abhishek’s current position reminds me of Akshay Kumar’s pre-Jaanwar position. He needs All Is Well to click at the BO or he faces career prospects like John Abraham, i.e. if he can’t open movies on his own, multi-starrers or side-kick roles are going to be the future for him.

    Whenever I watch Guru or DMD, I think it’s a pity the guy has to hang his hopes on Hera Pheri 3 or Housefull 3 to survive. I was watching that bit-role on HNY and I felt John Abraham would refuse that kind of deal and it’s a tragedy that Abhishek is happy doing that.


    • Just to clarify the last part, John Abraham was offered Sonu Sood’s part not Abhishek’s. Double role John would have been a sad new year…


    • Didn’t intend a Salman-Abhishek debate, that was more about Devgan and Akshay. But I do think the terms of the debate keep changing. Take Salman, in his initial phase he had MPK, Baaghi, Sanam Bewafa, Kurbaan, Saajan in a row. The last was a multistarrer with Dutt at his peak and also where he got more attention (he had the Saajan/Sadak double that year. Kurbaan was just an average film, Baaghi more than this largely because of the MPK afterglow. Sanam Bewafa entirely centered around the fathers though of course Salman got it an initial. Then he had in a row failures like Love, Suryavanshi, Pathar ke Phool, Nischay, Chandramukhi, dil tera ashiq, jagruti. That’s quite a string. Then he had HAHK which was a Madhuri show. Nonetheless he was in it. After this AAA, Sangdil Sanam, neither worked. Then KA was a big one with SRK. But then again in a string veergati, majhdhaar, Khamoshi. nothing worked. Veergati might have been ok at some really low end of the scale. Then Jeet did well with Sunny. Then he starts his Dhawan phase with Judwaa which was ok as was Deewane Mastaane, but again even here there are some failures. It’s fair to say that by 1998 he’d left his worst phase behind and was having just about decent box office shows like Pyar kiya to darn kya and jab pear kisise hota hai. But he also had failures like jaanam samjha karo and dishpan duniya ka and a couple of others. By 1999 he was again looking good in a commercial and prestige sense with Biwi No 1, HDDCH, HSSH. However the latter underperformed after a good initial, Hello Brother was a big flop, the other two of course succeeded, specially Biwi No 1. This gets us into the new millennium. Note how just about every success, even the average/above average kind of film in the 90s after HAHK is a multistarrer. But then after that hurrah at the end of the decade he again fades rather rapidly. Partly because Dhawan is clearly past his peak. And really he has a number of films that don’t do much with a couple of decent grossers here and there. I’d say between 2001 and 2007 (Partner) Salman’s career is pretty much write-off and really no one was even talking about him. But equally between 1995 and 1998 he was again not much in the game. Had some modest successes but at the peak of the Yashraj phase no one gave him much attention. By 1998 or so he picked it up again with films that mattered but this was rather brief. With some overstatement it can easily be stated that after his initial phase Salman truly matters as a star after Dabanng. And actually this is his strongest phase ever in absolute terms. Aamir was doing much better in the 90s, after his poor track record post QSQT (though he still had a big one in Dil and a fairly decent one in DHKMT) he started reinventing himself with HHRPK (after a lean period) and then had a rather good ratio. However this being the Yahsraj age even a total blockbuster like RH didn’t matter too much. But he kept at it. However he too needed the reinvention of Lagaan. The point I’m trying to make is that Aamir kept getting his hits throughout the 90s and they were solid or more. He even had the cult Rangeela. Towards the end of the decade he was acclaimed for certain choices as well. Still he needed Lagaan. Salman really was no even comparable. Admittedly he always had a following but that following doesn’t matter if you don’t get the right films and/or the right results. And Salman unlike Abhishek wasn’t doing a whole lot of risky films either. All of this doesn’t mean that Abhishek has no problems. I’ve talked about these many times. I never set the bar low whether I like the star or not. But over time people forget the lean spots. The idea that Salman has been a superstar since MPK is appallingly, grossly inaccurate. This is the view peddled in the media since Dabanng. SRK no matter what else one might say about him was constantly producing a certain kind of iconic film, a certain kind of grosser with some regularity. Yes his record has been exaggerated in other ways (I’ve pointed out this too in the past) but he was never Salman. Aamir wasn’t Salman either. And so the point isn’t about Abhishek but a framing which is honest and accurate. You go through the films of all these stars and fairly miserable results emerge. If Salman’s career looks like that in the 90s imagine what Akshay’s and Devgan’s is over the same period. The period between Guru in Jan 2007 and the present is 8.5 years. But till DMD Abhishek was getting prestige solo projects. Salman wasn’t attracting those films let alone Akshay or Devgan. In a way Abhishek’s stardom collapsed after Raavan. The clock was reset with this film. I’ve always said this. And it didn’t help to follow it up with KHJJS or Game and so on. Since then he’s been trying to appear in high profile multistarrer comedies and get back in the business that way. BB was a plus, D3 was a total loss, HNY something in the middle (he seems to have gained a lot from his part here judging from the media responses as well as the audience ones.. though I’m not happy that he did this sort of thing I also don’t believe John or anyone would have been given this chance..). But yes it’s crunch time now with All is well. I’ve said this even earlier. He either needs a whopper somewhere or a strong of very successful films not just as a solo lead or something but also films with a shelf life. The thing is even if Hera Pheri and Houseful were solos they wouldn’t matter much in the long run. Specially given Abhishek’s very different narrative just a few years ago. Even if I don’t accept the media narrative on him I can obviously see what’s going on. But that doesn’t mean that one should give everyone else a pass for their own histories. To be honest if Abhishek’s back in the game in a big way at some point the same narratives will say ‘oh he was always a good actor’ and ‘he always had successes even in lean years’ or ‘he was a part of those multistarrer successes’ and so on. What I will also add is that given how much trouble he’s been in appearing in these high profile multistarrers isn’t the worst thing in the world. Why? Though I don’t like these choices at all it’s not as if being Saif somehow gets you in the game in a big way. Because when you’re down on your luck you’re not going to get the prestige solos, the obvious commercial solos and so on. It’s easy to laugh at multistarrers but most struggling stars don’t even get this. No film with John gets launched this way if he’s the biggest show in it. But Hera Pheri has Abhishek and one has to think the multistarrers have helped somewhere. In Houseful you have Akshay but not here. Saif made it a principle to just do solos irrespective of where he was but he’s isn’t in any better shape. But again in terms of what Abhishek needs now I don’t disagree at all. You ultimately have to do it on your own and the more time that passes, the more ambiguities that arise (you stop being as cool, you appear in hits where credit is shared..) the more you need a breakout moment. Either a total blockbuster or at least a Piku kind of deal at a much higher level (a commercial/critical success). In this sense he’s still lucky to have All is well. With limited choices one could do worse.


      • Completely agree Satyam..Abhi needs to get some solo lead roles soon..he is playing to safe to get any kind of stardom..As you mentioned these multi starrers are helping him much..he shld have got more solo lead roles right after ‘Bol Bachchan’ where he had decent screen time and perfect comic timing..When I see Many of of the recent films with Arun, Ranveer as lead, I feel sorry why Abhi is left out…I would rather prefer a movie like ‘Brothers’ with Akshya rather than comedies. He needs to some mass movies…I hope Rohan Sippy/Abhi come up soon…Disappointing to see his choices…he claims Karan Johar as one of his close friends, but does not seem to consider Abhi for any of his projects..(Abhi would have been good fit for ‘Brothers’ )..ABCL shld produce some South remakes under Prabhu Deva or AR Murugadoss for Abhi NOW


        • “..he claims Karan Johar as one of his close friends, but does not seem to consider Abhi for any of his projects..(Abhi would have been good fit for ‘Brothers’ ).”

          Don’t agree, I think Jackie Shroff is better choice 🙂


        • To be honest I’m glad he isn’t in brothers. On the rest, about being close friends and so on that’s just talk. Anyway we all agree on the final point here. Let’s see if all is well (!) or not with his next film..


  16. omrocky786 Says:

    Digital Vs TV: Raghav Bahl Debates Arnab Goswami
    Raghav Bahl ‏@Raghav_Bahl
    I kept on telling Arnab it is Static vs Mobile, and not TV vs Web; but when does he listen!!


  17. AamirsFan Says:

    follow-up to a article Satyam posted yesterday…this one will be huge.

    Box Office: ‘Jurassic World’ Crushes Friday for Record $155M-Plus U.S. Debut



    • jayshah Says:

      Just back from watching Jurassic World. It’s a blockbuster film. Not as good as Jurassic Park but still a very fun film and pretty good special effects. I really liked it…It’s got the cheesy popcorn feel mixed with a couple of epic battles. Irfan should get a mention…the guy is landing some big commercial exposure after life of pi and this.


      • good to hear.. leaving for a screening in 30 mins..


      • loved the movie. Honestly don’t think they could have made a better sequel than this. Easily superior to the previous two.


        • http://www.boxofficemojo.com/news/?id=4067&p=.htm

          It’s made a huge start in America. I am surprised that Universal did not expect this as the gap between the last film in the franchise and this one was huge. This should ease past $400mm in domestic market. It’s a big film and judging by the exit polls and ratings I’d say for this kind of film it’s doing well. Set for a good run for sure.


          • Indeed.. in fact before reading about some of the advance on this film I too didn’t think it would set any records. Partly because it’s been a while as you said and then the third film in the series was a somewhat minor affair. But I guess I wasn’t following it closely enough, this was really meant to be a kind of reboot. I don’t know if it will be possible to do another one after this though. Much as I liked it and much as I think they couldn’t have done anymore with a sequel it’s also hard to see another one being spun out here. Unlike with Batman or something it’s hard to do that much more with this sort of franchise. They’ve even explored the mutant angle here! The audience was clapping at the end yesterday and I didn’t mind joining them! Might even check it out a second time. didn’t think I would yesterday and I still might not but I could.

            Will also add here that it’s way better than Avengers. I haven’t seen the new one but didn’t find the first one anything special either. But it did 620m or so in the US. Jurassic World is way better. Will be interesting to follow the trending here for sure.


          • I think there is something about dinosaurs that adds more weight to the audiences or potential than a Godzilla or Marvel film. For a start kids love them and they are seaped deep into the history of the world. This film taps into the family audience and won’t be surprised if it takes off in a huge way. The mutant angle is as far as this can go and I think the strategy with this kind of film is to reboot it every 20 years or so. It’s not Avatar or a trilogy type film. Where I watched it I sensed most people were gripped.


          • also a rather humorous film at points..


          • jayshah Says:

            Yes agree it was intentionally funny at points.


  18. Bob Cristo Says:

    Finally watched DDD. Here are some thoughts

    1- As a mature Human Relation story, It is a notch higher then ZMND but in entertainment quota and Visual appeal Lower then ZMND.

    2- Divorce discussion scene is one of better scene i have seen in bollywood.

    3- whoever saying film is cliched is wrong. Most of the film’s in bollywood have same basic premise it is the screen play and Treatment that is different. In which film you saw a women is admitting that she is on Contraceptive pills. I can quote many such scene.

    4 – The film will age well.

    5- Yes pace was slow but it was the need of the story.

    6 – Some dilouges are simplelly superb like “That was butter knife and this is better knife”

    7- On the contrary of some i didn’t find Pluto Mehra’s voice irritating. It was neither good nor bad.

    8 – Jab maine pehli baar song suggest that Ranveer and Anushka should work more together. They have a crackling chemistery between them.

    9 – As an actor Farhan is growing with every film.

    10 – Last but not the least it is Anil Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra’s film. Esp Priyanka What a carrear this girl has show me on actress of this generation who has done so many diffrent role. I am not talking about Hit and Flop it is just Variety of role. Every type of Role. Romantic, action, Comedy, Serious. Internation Album. American Serial

    Dil Dhadakne do
    Saat khoon Maaf
    Don Part 1
    Whats your Raashi


  19. Bob Cristo Says:

    “SRK no matter what else one might say about him was constantly producing a certain kind of iconic film, a certain kind of grosser with some regularity”

    In India “Aaj suraj Pashchim se nikla”


    • The sun rises from the West every day actually given the narratives that are fed on various stars and movies and what not in the Indian media..

      I’ve never said anything different on SRK. The question is:what’s the claim being made? if people say absurdly exaggerated things about him they have to be corrected. That doesn’t mean one doesn’t see the obvious. The same for anything else. To suggest Salman has been a superstar for 25 years is worse than ridiculous. This doesn’t mean he wasn’t always a cut above Devgan or Akshay in the 90s. It’s always about contexts.


  20. Bob Cristo Says:

    Then do u agree that in the last 3 decade from 1980-2015 SRK is the only actor who is among the Top (Not No 1) in the longest time. He never saw a dip in fortune. Even his worse days from 2010 till 2012 he is among top 3 ?


    • Arre, baccha samajhke godi mein liya toh kaan mein mutti karne laga??


    • Then do u agree that in the last 3 decade from 1980-2015 SRK is the only actor who is among the Top (Not No 1) in the longest time.

      what a quote,srk was in his nappies from 1980,amitabh was like a ragging bull, 1993-2008 srk and he had a dip 2005,paheli and swadesh….before 1998 he was among the other stars neck to neck….he is brilliant superstar and now declining superstar..

      every actor has this theory ,up and then down….thats it for srk , its down hill ….


    • Srk was not in top 5 prior to chennai express. Akshay,ajay and Ranbeer had closed top5 along with obvious Salman and aamir. But people just have short memory and keeps changing every release. Srk had seen similar dip in 99-01 as well. His fall was always small and with king tag people forget easily.


      • srk dips were nothing like other actors,he was just excellent in every aspects.

        post 2008 his films and boxoffice have been also excellent but for one thing and that is salman & amir have stepped up 2 levels above srk,as far as king tag is concerned its multiple “king tag” whicever you take it…srk is no more in that position and he knows it..as i said every actor has their ups and downs but as far as srk is concerned he is still superior but amir and sallu are way above him now….

        all khans are getting or approaching middle -age ( 50 ) that is scary and once you pass tis age its all different kind of ball-game…surely out there another superstar waiting in the wings take us to 2016 and after…


        • The era of superstars will be over by then. The heroines will takeover.


          • Wish that were true but that’s not likely happen. Once upon a time there were such films made in many of the world’s industries including Hollywood. Now it’s true that many of those films often had women in certain conventional roles (though this wasn’t necessarily true for Hollywood in the 20s, 30s or even 40s) but they were central and for want of a better word ‘novelistic’ parts. After this women often had significant roles but they weren’t as well-defined for the most part. In more contemporary times however we have women as simply consumption items in a film and hence much more objectified than ever before. Again these are global trends. One could argue that men have also become consumption objects in the same way and here one must I suppose celebrate men stripping at the drop of a hat and not just women (in many ways male bodies today get more attention in Hindi cinema than female ones.. this isn’t true in Hollywood at all.. clearly it says something about the homoerotic repressed of Indian culture.. from those old masala films were men would sacrifice women for each other in a love triangle — the reverse never happened — to today where mostly ‘males’ have the most jealous and passionate fights in the blogosphere on other male stars — not female ones! — there is perhaps a ‘reason’ for all this..) but on the other hand to the extent that there are meaningful central parts these are much more likely to be written for men. And once in a while a woman doing something similar does’t change this paradigm. Of course this isn’t new anyway because at the height of masala cinema in the 70s a wonderful middle cinema with women in important roles also prospered. In any case we’re moving towards a culture of greater consumption globally, not less. And so it’s unlikely we’ll see any sea change anytime soon.


        • I think there’s been enough back and forth on SRK and who was on top and who wasn’t. After a while these discussions become pointless.


  21. Hamari Adhuri Kahani had a poor first day grossing in the 4.75 crore nett region. The film did better in mass centres while the metros were very low as Jurassic Park was first choice and Dil Dhadakne Do continued to do well in metros.

    The film has had better collections than Jurassic World in the Hindi film markets but when the South India collections come in for Jurassic World bit films will be similar and if South strong then Hollywood film may even edge past.

    Hamari Adhuri Kahani had best business in the Gujarat Saurashtra belt. The opening is also better than the other recent Emraan Hashmi starrers but that’s not important as opening is still low and the growth has to big on Saturday.



  22. Bollywood’s self-appointed resident wag Arjun Kapoor let out a few stinging salvos at Ranbir Kapoor for his recent flops namely Roy and Bombay Velvet at the recently-concluded IIFA in Kuala Lampur.

    Ranbir’s father Rishi Kapoor took the satirical slight in his stride with a stinging retort saying, “I don’t know what exactly Arjun said. But whatever it was, it’s all right yaar. It is okay to run down anyone for a few laughs on this industry.”

    Continued the concerned father, “Ranbir is going through that phase in his career when he is facing flak for his choice of films, and rightly so. He has made some mistakes. Ranbir will emerge a stronger wiser and a more learned actor after his suicidal career decisions.”

    Seeing the lighter side of Arjun’s barbs at IIFA, Rishi says, “Chill, yaar. All of us actors have to go through lean phases. It’s part and parcel of the process of growing as an actor.”

    Vikramjit Singh, the director of Roy who is Ranbir’s childhood friend dismissed Arjun Kapoor’s comment on Roy (that it should have been titled ‘Destroy’). “There is nothing to be said. It’s all in jest and good humour. I accept. My film should have been called ‘Destroy’ rather than Roy. But I much preferred the Bombay Velvet ‘rosie-roti’ joke.”



    • This turd-bag Arjun Kapoor doesn’t even have the talent to take on Kamaal R Khan. So he should buzz off.


  23. Bob Cristo Says:

    No..No..Don’t worry about me. This baccha will take care of himself. Do something about other Baccha (AB Jr) B/C of whom stardom The Greatest..Biggest actor of universe is keep on working in that age when others keep themself busy to play with grandchildren. And also keep talking how in bollywood there were, are or will alwapys be one actor and that is Amitabh. All other actor are footnote of Bollywood. Now Happy.


    • You didn’t even get the joke. Never mind.

      It is amazing how when one states facts, one suddenly becomes Abhishek Bachchan’s fan! So does that mean facts are on the side of Abhishek? You obviously jump here on and off otherwise you wouldn’t have made this statement knowing very well that I care two hoots about Abhishek or Aishwarya’s career. My only opinion always has been that he is definitely a better actor than the gym-rats masquerading as actors. And that he deserves more than he is getting when hacks like Arjun Kapoor get called ‘actors.’ And hopefully, I won’t get an answer from you that directors like RGV and Ratnam worked with Abhishek and repeated him just as a fluke!

      But strange how you twist facts. And as I said, because folks like you do not want a true discussion and are always agenda-driven, it is easy to miss the points. Not that I need to defend
      Satyam or anybody else but I don’t remember a SINGLE comment where he has denied the ‘iconicity’ of SRK in the post-liberalization area. But hey, this comes as a ‘shock’ for you because you want to pick and choose. So you want to play this game as though some blog-regulars here have always wanted to ‘push’ down SRK’s importance! Nobody has done that – even though they might NOT be his fans like me! You see, we believe that history is there for everyone who wants to see with open eyes. The discussion has always only been an analysis about Amitabh’s reign and SRK’s reign and which title really meant power – the ‘one man industry’ or the self-proclaimed ‘king.’ I am actually not even interested in this – though the answer is an obvious reference to history. Just look at the acting chops, and you will get an answer.

      And when you make ageist statements like AB needs to sit home and take care of his grand-kids’ nappies, or that he is working to put food on the table for Abhishek and his kids, it reveals more about your conditioning than anybody else’s. You either live in a universe where you think you are a youth-fountain that won’t come even within 50 miles’ radius of old-age or you truly believe in practices that define what people are meant to do at what age — which I think, you would want to apply in your case too!! Now internet anonymity does give you the privilege of spouting out anything without the fear or necessity of retort, but one should try not to abuse that privilege indefinitely. Apparently — you might or might not be a fan, that’s not the issue here — the fact that AB STILL, at age 72, has directors wanting to work with him and writing roles for him that are NOT in AK Hangal mode is not an accomplishment. I think because in your world-view, there were many actors who accomplished that before in Hindi filmdom!!

      About the last part, hey you did get that surprisingly right!


      • No one has ever denied anything obvious about SRK now or at any other point. But when people make idiotic statements comparing him to Bachchan or other such things arguments come up. On the other hand I’m arguing about Salman too. I’ve always held the perhaps naive view that there’s a realm of ‘facts’ and another of opinion. But you have ‘children’ making all sorts of claims and then getting disappointed that someone doesn’t like their favorite ‘action figures’ as much!


        • MSDhoni Says:

          ” But you have ‘children’ making all sorts of claims and then getting disappointed that someone doesn’t like their favorite ‘action figures’ as much!”

          Lol! That’s a real funny way of putting it !!

          But that’s aggrandization of the highest order! There is simply a bit of aficionado there, a desire for social interaction with others and be part of the low intensity level conversation and prevent being elevated to the level of fandom dictated by its complexities.


          • being a fan is fine. One needn’t ‘argue’ one’s preferences. But there is a realm of fantasy that one can quite often enter. One is free to do so but it leads to a silly discussion when a number of people have their own fantasies and communicate in this way. Again to be clear this isn’t about what one likes or dislikes nor should there be any compulsion to defend one’s choices. But arguing on imaginary things is another matter. As I illustrated with the Salman example the other day or with the SRK example over the years. Again no one has to be aware of every single film but if one makes sweeping statements and proceeds as if these were facts one cannot be blamed for getting challenged on these claims. Now you might say ‘let’s keep it casual’ but that doesn’t quite follow. I could say Ronaldo is a much greater footballer than Messi. if challenged I could say ‘let me be a fan, allow me to indulge in my pleasure’ etc etc. Then another person might come along who says that Ronaldo reminds him of Pele. Yet another might say that ‘Messi is great but he plays on a fantastic team, let him play on the Bosnian side, then we’ll see’. These are the sorts of things that are often said about actors and movies. Hopefully being a fan doesn’t mean one ought to be brain-dead as well! But that’s just a hope..


          • “being a fan is fine. One needn’t ‘argue’ one’s preferences. But there is a realm of fantasy that one can quite often enter.”
            Agree. Both you and Rajen entered such fantasy when I commented (not a negative comment) on Bigb interview!!!!


          • The real fantasy is you thinking I could ever respond seriously to a comment of yours!


        • Yes It’s pretty much known here, you don’t wish to give any allowances and want to have this ‘comparison’ debate in absolute terms. But somewhere along the line you must give credit to the fact that these things are subjective and open to interpretations. There’s so much grey to each story – nothing is so black and white anymore esp today when one rarely comes across truly objective debates and most of it governed by a particular set of political beliefs or principles. Not saying you do it but this is the rule of thumb entering blogs/twitter/social media.

          That is why I believe for stars, movies have now become a bit like the elections, where one tries to grab the defectors to gain maximum output. For whatever reasons currently there is some sort of fanatical undercurrent running in bollywood and it may vary with color, cast, creed, religion or just simple political alliances but it’s a very marked now. So you now have the regular fan base which will always show up for their star, but biggest gainers are usually the ones with maximum crossover audience in the form of ‘independents’ who are non- aligned. And then this is where PR machinery get more active to project their hero with ‘timely’ media stories.

          Coming back to the topic, all it started with my saying Ranbir and few of his contemporaries are hardly newcomers / novices now since they have already spent close to 6/7 years in the industry. Just by your own comment above , there seems to be a whole lot of ‘up and down’ volume on Salman in the 90s itself and others in his group have a bit of story to tell but look at Ranbir and gang wherein we are not even able to define their characters properly yet except for the fact- a lot of them playing musical chairs with their lovers/ partners and that’s about it .


          • Actually I don’t want to have absolute debates on anything. However certain kinds if framing should be rejected in absolute terms! To get back to my example there are very many European fans of Ronaldo who think he’s greater than Messi. This cannot then become an occasion for some abused sort of relativism. Because the claim is patently self- evidently false. Similarly I can make all kinds of claims for Devgan but any that seeks to put him above Salman would also be as false. Have you converted to the absolute with this example?! So this whole grey area argument simply doesn’t wash. This is not all that complicated ! But yeah people who want to say salman=Bachchan suddenly become fans of the unknowable but then when it’s salman versus Devgan or whoever suddenly they know absolutely what’s going on. I therefore have some reason to question the sincerity of such a claim leaving aside its utterly misguided nature.

            On Ranbir now how do you know everyone accepts your characterization on him? But let’s take it as true. What were people saying about salman after 7 or 8 years? The mpk guy who did a dozen other love stories the last 7 of which didn’t work? Have some introspection. Again all of this isn’t subjective. We know we hat films he did.

            I am not even a ranbir fan. But to repeat myself some things belong to the realm of the factual.


        • ” What were people saying about salman after 7 or 8 years? The mpk guy who did a dozen other love stories the last 7 of which didn’t work? Have some introspection. Again all of this isn’t subjective. We know we hat films he did.”

          Simply take your comment below-


          Just after reading the first few lines of that comment will show Salman hit it out of the park within coming into this industry. He was already regarded as one of bollywood’s ‘blue bloods’ and could deliver if required in the right setting. I am saying if ‘required to do so’ simply due to his frivolous non serious attitude towards work.

          Even during those so called lean phases, he may not be right at the top but still scoring home runs at regular intervals and a force to reckon. Now that’s not happening to any youngsters lately and in commercial terms even a Ranbir has nothing more than a YJHD and Barfi to talk about in 7 long years.


          • quite amusing how you seem to be getting the exact opposite message of what I intended in that comment, despite my going film by film. I’d suggest you revisit my comment. By the way you didn’t need to prove my ‘fantasy’ point right away!


  24. bob,
    amitabh was from 1973-1990 ,greatest actor

    sharukh was from 1993-2008 ,great actor

    salman,akki and amir and in mix srk….2008-present

    next superstar from 1016-future ..” in the making “


  25. bob,
    sorry I meant was from 2016-future


  26. NY Times:

    Review: ‘Hamari Adhuri Kahani’ Tours a Bad Marriage and the Jungle
    By ANDY WEBSTERJUNE 12, 2015

    For a romance, marriage — especially arranged marriage — does not get a good name in Mohit Suri’s florid melodrama “Hamari Adhuri Kahani” (“Our Incomplete Story”). The movie may suffer from a surfeit of excesses, but it does have arresting, if overwrought, things to say about domestic abuse in India.

    Hari (Rajkumar Rao) is undergoing psychiatric treatment because of his addled state and persistent obsession with his wife, who left him over 20 years ago. From the present day, the film then flashes back to the story of his wife, Vasudha (Vidya Balan), and her one true love (it’s not Hari). Vasudha, who is raising a son by herself, works as a hotel florist. When she sets out to rescue a dashing hotel magnate, Aarav (Emraan Hashmi), from what appears to be a fire, the two enter into a passionate flirtation that takes them to the glittering high-rise landscape of Dubai; a luxurious resort in Abu Dhabi; and an opulent residence in Shimla, India.

    Her husband, who has been mysteriously absent for five years and is the father of her son, returns, brooding and violently livid at Vasudha’s romance. We discover that Vasudha’s father compelled her to marry Hari, who later forced her to have his name tattooed on her arm. (Mr. Rao’s disturbing portrait of Hari is the most resonant in the movie.) Hari appears to have been brainwashed by an unidentified terrorist group in a land-mine-laden jungle and is arrested by the police. Events then grow muddled: Aarav has divorce papers drawn up for Vasudha; Vasudha waffles, flip-flopping between sympathy and revulsion toward Hari; to please Vasudha, Aarav heads to the perilous jungle to find evidence to clear Hari’s name. Vasudha and Aarav reunite, but not as you might expect.

    “A true love story has no end,” Aarav says to his assistant. This one does, but by that point — despite its laudable warnings about brutally controlling husbands — it has shed much credibility.


  27. So, the Rachel Dolezal controversy is completely surreal!


  28. Arnold Schwarzenegger is Genisys / Genesis

    James Cameron gives seal of approval to Terminator Genisys John Connor twist


    Good to see Arnie & loved his look.

    True stardom


  29. Liked the genisys poster in the guardian/ Cameron link above the most. (Btw the full first look of raees is also interesting!)

    In this era of midget khans, prosthetic superheroes & adult fanboys of ‘dinosaurs’ it’s refreshing to see a human action hero

    The former governor of the state of California is slumped in a black leather armchair after a hard day terminating in a tropically humid New Orleans. On his face is a layer of putty-like prosthetic makeup, luminous mint in colour and presumably for green-screen masking, a semicircular metallic attachment glued around it, suggesting that the T-800 may have lost another electronic eyeball today.

    Long the sanest Republican politician in the country, Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in the saddle as America’s action hero. About to turn 67, he is in excellent shape, as you would expect, though he looks knackered after his exertions in the heat. “There are different stages of deterioration for the T-800,” he says, pointing at his face. “Stage one is scratches, stage two is worse. This is stage five, and there’s a stage six after this, so I will definitely be taking a beating or two.” His accent is heavy, but his English is excellent, with a very Germanic meticulousness regarding grammar and syntax.

    Tired as he is, Schwarzenegger is nonetheless in characteristically tireless form….


  30. In the latest trend of neutered ‘heroes’, won’t be a surprise if this flops bigtime
    But who cares ?

    When plot details for Terminator Genisys were first revealed last year, fans weren’t best pleased at the idea that Arnold Schwarznegger’s Terminator had been turned into a benign”father-figure”, watching over Emilia Clarke’s Sarah Connor, and took to Twitter to express their outrage.

    In April this year, a trailer for the movie unveiled a huge plot twist, revealing that Jason Clarke’s character John Connor was a Terminator himself, and one of the movie’s key antagonists. Again, the new details left fans divided; some claimed that it could take the franchise in an exciting new direction, while others felt the decision to tell all in the trailer reeked of desperation, and was a sure sign of a flop.

    Elsewhere, in an exclusive quote not revealed in the video, Cameron spoke about the new twist.
    “The idea of taking John Connor and flipping him into the bad guy and showing basically a synthesis of a human being and an artificial intelligence, that character is really fun to watch,” he said.

    “It’s also really fun to explore what the emotional repercussions of that would be with Sarah, John, the Terminator, and Kyle Reese, because they all have relationships with John Connor that have been rewritten as a result of what happens in this film.”

    Ps: another ace poster

    Something clicked for me–time for some ‘action’.. 🙂


  31. Jurassic World opening should also be counted towards Chris Pratt career graph. After a long time, Hollywood has given an all round superstar like Harrison Ford or Tom Cruise used to be. He is getting big, very big.


  32. Hamari Adhuri Kahani has fallen flat on Saturday with film mot showing any growth on Saturday and even chances of the collections being 5-10% less than Friday. The film needed to show a big jump but it is falling from a mediocre Friday.

    Meanwhile Jurassic World has gone into overdrive on Saturday with collections likely to be around the 7 crore nett mark. The film is nowhere near a Fast & Furious 7 or The Avengers – Age Of Ultron but still will mage to record a good four day weekend total of around 23-24 crore nett.

    Dil Dhadakne Do has also recorded a huge jump on its second Saturday with the film likeley to be 50-60% higher than Friday on Saturday.



  33. Bob Cristo Says:

    Sorry I wanted to say from 1990-2015..If in 25 year SRK has 3-4 lean years it is still dam good record. It is just like Sachin Tendulkar. During this period of time there were/are Lara’s, Ponting’s, Dravid’s, Sehwag’s. Kallis’s and Sangkara’s of the world but still we say Sachin is the most consistent batsmen of this ERA. Sachin didn’t played Record breaking innings as far as Test cricket (Which is real cricket)is concerned. No Triple century or Breathtaking Double century like Sehwag played in galle and Melbourne, No over 500 run in a 3 Test match series, No match turing innings like Laxman plyed in Kolkata or Dravid in Adieled test. It is same for SRK he is not to first to Break 100, 150, 200, 250 or 300 cr barriear but still good solid hits on consistent basis.


    • Sachin is known for his versatality, he possess all kind of shots to perfection in his kitty. SRK is not versatile. That’s why Srk is not sachin of bollywood …yes he can be called Rahul dravid of bollywood for his consistency.


    • You are wrong, sachin is first to break 200 in odi. Srk never did any path-breaking cinema or gave any record-holder. SRK could never give any highest grossing of his time. He came close with OSO though after an year and still couldn’t surpass D2. Bad luck with RNBDJ, Ghajini crossed D2 before rab ne could. Thus, he could never give any real ATBB. Yes, he gave highest grossing flop and record loss maker of his time in RA ONE. Something to be proud of as a Srkian. Sorry srk 😦 But, whatever the difficult time, i will remain your loyal and honest fan.


  34. Gujju version of DDD.


  35. Bob Cristo Says:

    Agree..Don’t comapre Dravid with SRK. Dravid is too good and Flawless on and off the field.


  36. Like

  37. HAK seems to be the first major set back for Mohit Suri. Will probably not even cross 30cr.

    BOI’s narrative on DDD has been very kind lately. They are talking about the possibility of it crossing the 80cr mark and holding on until Bajrangi Bhaijaan arrives. It’s a bit surprising because going by their own figures, anyone can see that the film will find it extremely difficult to even reach the 75cr mark. Another movie that bites the dust in what seems to quite an underwhelming year at the ticket counters.


    • Ashiqui 2 clicked almost like TWMR. Ek Villain reached 100 crores. Maybe the youthfulness worked.

      Yes, DDD reaching 80 crores seems to be distant. At the most it may do 70 crores.


  38. kangana is unstoppable – katti-batti trailer: [post created]


  39. Finally saw DDD in theatre and liked it way more than I thought I would.Zoya is a very talented director. Not a new story but very likeably told. For the first half hour I found the writing grating as if everything was written in English and translated. Felt they should have just made the movie in Englsih.
    And, the dog was beginning to get on the nerves. But, then Zoya’s storytelling takes over and the writing begins to jar less and the dog thankfully takes a back seat.
    I came away feeling Priyanka is the most accomplished and sophisticated female actress in mainstream BW today. I hope she continues to flourished. Anil Kapoor is excellent as well. Ranveer is very competent but still can’t like him. Anushka and Farhan are good in their rather brief roles.
    Special mention of BG music.
    Overall, a fairly satisfying experience.


  40. satyam you own this blog so you the one should be watching the movie first and give reviews,only joking


    • these days I find it hard to even do pieces on films I’ve seen. Piku for example (though I still entertain hopes of writing something on it).


      • please do write somrthing about this wonderful masterpiece ( piku ).

        not a bachan fan but this film & black showed us what a talented actor he is.


  41. sanjana Says:

    Tigers, lions, a hippopotamus and several other zoo animals escaped from the zoo in Georgia’s capital after heavy flooding destroyed their enclosures, prompting authorities to warn residents in Tbilisi to say indoors Sunday. At least eight people have been killed in the disaster, including three zoo workers, while 10 people are missing.

    An escaped hippo was cornered in one of the city’s main squares and subdued with a tranquilizer gun, the zoo said. Some other animals also have been seized, but it remained unclear how many are on the loose. Bears and wolves are also among the animals who fled from their enclosures amid the flooding from heavy rains and high winds.

    It wasn’t immediately clear if the eight people were killed from the flooding or animal attacks. The zoo said one of the dead was Guliko Chitadze, a zookeeper who lost an arm in an attack by a tiger last month.

    City mayor David Narmania told journalists that eight people were known to have died and 10 others were missing.


    Story for a Hollywood movie?


  42. Doubling the original weekend estimate proffered by Universal Jurassic World is now coming in at a reported $204.6M ($204,596,380) for its opening weekend, the 2nd biggest of all time, taking an Express Pass by this May’s Avengers: Age of Ultron ($191.2M) and almost catching Marvel’s The Avengers ($207.4).

    World, which nicely also doubled as a confirmation that Chris Pratt is an A-list lead, pulled in a healthy $47.8K per theater in 4,274 venues. That number just makes it the best top weekend theater average over The Avengers’ $47.7K average.

    Not only is Jurassic World the biggest opening weekend that Universal has ever had (the next closest film is Furious 7 with $147.1M) it’s the biggest that co-financier Legendary has ever had, which includes the Dark Knight films.

    Jurassic World outperformed even the most optimistic of forecasts for the last four days, surprising nearly everyone. Its $82.8M Friday was the third best Friday opening on record, with only Age of Ultron ($84.4M) and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 ($91M) still ahead of it.



    • AamirsFan Says:

      this new guy at boxofficemojo sucks..Ray Subers’ analysis was always extensive and a lot more informative. but anyway, I’ve read on deadline.com that by Sunday night the movie might top $207 mill and thus become the highest opener all-time. Quite an acheivement for the franchise and all involved…especially Chris Pratt…who suddenly as climbed all the way to the top.


      • what’s the highest at the moment?


        • AamirsFan Says:

          the avengers at 207 back in 2012…i think it has legs to get to $500 mill also…Inside Out is the only ‘threat’ next week and then Ted 2 comes out on 26th of June…so it has some space to make a lot of money.


  43. $204 million… WOW, unbelievable!


    • jayshah Says:

      Spectacular numbers really given the pre-release estimates. It’s clearly sprung a bit of a surprise and rather than clearing $400mm, $500mm looks likely at this pace.


  44. P.K Talli Says:

    giteshpandya @ DM FAV RT ? 7 hours ago
    RTretweeted by PrincePrithvi
    #JurassicWorld surges to 2nd best opening wknd of all-time w/ jaw-dropping $204.6M. Only 2012 #Avengers bigger w/ $207.4M.


  45. Bob Cristo Says:

    I came away feeling Priyanka is the most accomplished and sophisticated female actress in mainstream BW today. I hope she continues to flourished.

    Said same thin earlier. Just see her th diffrent role she done. Hit or flop. No issue.


  46. How this album of Govinda went unnoticed ?? I am surprised .. liked this song ..


  47. Tany Weds Manu Returns Is Number 13 In All Time List
    Monday 15 June 2015 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Tanu Weds Manu Returns has become the 13th highest nett grosser of all time after its fourth weekend with collections around the 140.5 crore nett mark. It grossed around 5.5 crore nett in its fourth weekend.

    The film crossed the nett business of films like Singham Returns and Bang Bang over the weekend and will soon cross Dabangg (2010 ) and then have a chance to hit 150 crore nett and be amongst the top ten nett grossers of all time.

    The film is the biggest grosser of the year all over apart from the circuits of East India as Piku leads in West Bengal while Gabbar Is Back leads in Bihar, Assam and Orissa.


    • Dil Dhadakne Do Second Weekend Business
      Monday 15 June 2015 11.00 IST
      Box Office India Trade Network

      Dil Dhadakne Do grossed 10 crore nett approx over the weekend. The fall is around 72% over the first weekend which is a par drop for a film collecting over 30 crore nett in the first weekend. The approx second weekend collections were as follows.

      Friday – 2,25,00,000
      Saturday – 3,50,00,000
      Sunday – 4,25,00,000

      TOTAL – 10,00,00,000

      The film has grossed around 65 crore nett in ten days and the target will be the business of Baby of 81 crore nett plus to become the third highest grosser of the year.


      • the performance is nowhere close to ZNMD. In absolute terms it’s going to fall by 10 crores or so behind that film. Clearly found an audience at some level but not enough to give the film overall success. The total in isolation is respectable but low by any reasonable benchmark.

        Rajen has unexpectedly liked the film.. this might give the film some stability at the lower end..


        • In my feed – more people have liked it and some disliked it. If there was no competition it would have run at lower level but I think ABCD2 will take away all business.


      • taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 6h6 hours ago
        #DilDhadakneDo [Week 2] Fri 2.27 cr, Sat 3.53 cr, Sun 4.27 cr. Total: ₹ 66.17 cr. India biz.


    • Hamari Adhuri Kahani Has Poor Weekend
      Monday 15 June 2015 11.00 IST
      Box Office India Trade Network

      Hamari Adhuri Kahani had a poor weekend grossing around 16 crore nett as the film did not really pick over the weekend. It was second best on Saturday and Sunday against Jurassic World which did pick up. The collections were also lower than Dil Dhadakne Do in the metros on Saturday and Sunday.

      The film did a little better in the Gujarat / Saurashtra belt but that hardly makes any difference. Even a Tax Free status in Madhya Pradesh made little difference in CI circuit.

      The Hollywood release Jurassic World picked up on Saturday to go over 20 crore nett for the Fri-Sat period which makes it the sixth highest opener of Hollywood in India over the first three full days of release.


    • taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 5h5 hours ago
      #TanuWedsManuReturns is UNSTOPPABLE. [Week 4] Fri 1.09 cr, Sat 1.75 cr, Sun 2.26 cr. Grand total: ₹ 141.79 cr. India biz. ATBB.


    • Yes he has to put food on the table for Abhishek and his future generations.


      • I’m pretty sure that Aishwarya’s multi-crore endorsements with LÓreal, Kalyan Jewellers et al are more than enough to put food on the table. 😉


      • He doesn’t have to work to put food on table, everyone knows that. The bachchan family invested several million dollar in a software company recently. However one can feel inferiority complex with lack of success if one is sibling, son or even a relative of a super sucessful person. And then what to talk of wife…It can cause self-esteem. These days even shweta nanda is seen with gauri/Kjo, so fame rub off…after all being from rich and famous family is very ‘hard’. I have known families like that. The good thing is one doesn’t seem too much negativity and bitterness in Abhi and may that remain so


  48. FC Postmortem | Zoya Akhtar & Reema Kagti on Dil Dhadakne Do


  49. Tarsem Singh’s next…and like always, it looks intriguing (I am a huge fan of The Fall)-


  50. The big Hollywood release last week was Jurassic World and well, the film has certainly managed to pull off a good first weekend. The film started off low on Thursday with a collection of 60 lacs but picked up immensely later. It collected 4.75 crores on Friday, 7 crores on Saturday and 8.20 crores on Sunday. The first weekend business of the film was 19.95 crores. Jurassic World now stands with a total collection of 20.55 crores nett in India.



  51. Koimoi site is crashing on my computer nowadays. What maybe the reason?


  52. MSDhoni Says:

    But look at the potential Sanjana –

    Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar 19h19 hours ago
    #JurassicWorld 1st global weekend BO is roughly 1.5 times + all our Hindi Films combined Domestic Annual BO !!!


  53. thecooldude Says:

    JW has dethroned Avengers at US domestic box office….final number is 209M



    • Thrilled !


    • AamirsFan Says:

      now this confirms that Avengers 2 $191 million opening was a bit disappointing. Guardians of the Galaxy really took some steam away from the Avengers IMO. I don’t think Ant-Man will be successful at all.


    • AamirsFan Says:

      JW is really a universal hit (no pun intended)…

      breaks record for highest overseas opening also…

      10th UPDATE, Monday 9:20 AM: Universal has made it official: Jurassic World has broken the North American, international and global records for an opening weekend. The final domestic number is $208.8M, which passes 2012’s Marvel’s The Avengers which ended its first frame with $207.4M. The dino dandy ended Sunday with a global total of $524.1M after a record $315.3M start internationally. That total edges 2011’s Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 which wrapped Frame 1 with $314M.



    • thecooldude Says:

      This might give some hope to Terminator sequel about people being nostalgic about the 90s. The trailers have been underwhelming to say the least.


  54. Disappointing trailer, I was expecting a far more promising film here (the trailer reveals the troubled history of film’s making) –


  55. Cops say the plot was hatched after the mastermind watched Bollywood movie Special 26 on television last month and decided to scam his uncle. The accused fooled the victim into giving them Rs 1.65 crore, expensive watches and jewellery that was hidden at his residence by one of his friends to keep it out of reach of genuine I-T officials.

    The police said Malad-based builder Ramjibhai Shah had stashed the cash and valuables at his friend Jayantibhai Sarvaiya’s residence at sector 8 in Charkop, to prevent I-T officials from confiscating it.
    – See more at: http://www.mid-day.com/articles/mumbai-crime-inspired-by-movie-nephew-fakes-i-t-raid-on-uncle/16293169#sthash.IGgbYNKk.dpuf


  56. Test results did show up the presence of nickel, a heavy metal, in raw carrot and coriander, and MSG in rice and wheat. However, the food safety authority of India has no scientific database by which one can gauge whether the presence of such substances in these raw materials is above permissible levels. – See more at: http://www.mid-day.com/articles/metal-in-fruits-and-vegetables-how-much-is-too-much/16294165#sthash.CHlr179V.dpuf


  57. Farhan Akhtar is credited as a special appearance, so his main purpose is to be charming, which he delivers in spades. Sunny’s one misstep is to argue women’s rights with another man, while the woman in question is sitting right there. If you really care about women’s rights, then let their voices be heard instead of speaking for them. This is really a flaw in the script though, written in to position Sunny as the good guy against chauvinist Manav, rather than an actual flaw in the character.



    • Agree. Farhan’s bombastic style is more clunkey than even Pluto’s.

      Meanwhile this review by Dawn is refreshingly different and does justice to the characters and movie.


  58. Hamari Adhuri Kahani has got a poor response at the box office and the writer of the film, Mahesh Bhatt, has blamed film critics for its failure. In an interview with NDTV, Bhatt said that the people from Bharat have loved the film while people from India haven’t. He further said that he did not have any problem with the people who did not like the film and that he just wanted them to understand that in one India, there are many ‘Indias’. The Arth director added that the filmmakers must be given the freedom to make films for as many ‘Indias’ that they think existed.



  59. Found on Rangan’s blog: this wonderful analysis of Luck by Chance. It really is one of the most lovingly made and richly detailed detailed contemporary Hindi films IMO.



    • When the film initially came out I didn’t much like it. Haven’t revisited it since but this is a wonderful piece (the kind of reading I really enjoy and it puts the film in a very different light for me) . Thanks for referencing it here..

      my initial thoughts on it:

      “I guess I am going to offer a bit of a dissent on the film. Overall the film is engaging enough for the most part but the narrative is nonetheless lethargic at various points and especially towards the end I felt it was simply ‘carrying on’. But to go beyond this I found it a bit of a ‘pointless’ film.

      The characters of the story operate on three tracks. There are Farhan and Konkona, their friends and so on, more or less the ordinary characters of the work. The film is best when it deals with them. Because at such points it is really a little film with good dialogue and earned moments and so forth.

      But then there are the extremely problematic ‘Bollywood’ representations. For starters let me note that Zoya Akhtar also falls in many ways in the OSO trap by resorting to a lampooning of the industry that often uses cues from the past (dacoits holding up a car, Farhan on a horse.. etc.. when was the last time we saw such scenes in a ‘Hindi’ film?). Note that when she goes the other way she is usually not referring to film situations but ’stars’. In other words the Bollywood setup of the present is never the target of humor the way the older paradigm is. Now in fairness to Zoya Akhtar, ‘lampooning’ is perhaps too strong a word. Certainly she too reveals the ‘catch 22′ of the ‘modern’ reception of masala cinema where on the one hand it really ‘addicts’ the viewer and on the other the ‘upscale’ viewer literally treats it as an ‘addiction’ that has to be somehow explained away. Hence it is always ‘masala’ that must be parodied.. this of course reveals the ‘inescapability’ of this cinema.

      The ‘Bollywood’ characters fall into two categories. There are the stars (Rishi, Dimple etc) playing fictitious characters and then there are other stars playing themselves (here again all the ‘dated’ stars play other characters while all the contemporary ones play themselves). Of this group there is a genuine character like Dimple but more often there are caricatures like Rishi Kapoor. At some point the director tries to convert them into proper characters but the ‘caricature’ is never quite washed away.

      The contemporary stars appear in self-parodying representations though even here there are inconsistencies. Karan Johar and SRK for example are quite ‘normal’. Hrithik of course because of his role is the best illustration of the self-parodying formula and I would agree that his role works (even if I think this is for reasons less than flattering to the star.. in other words there is not much that separates this ostensible parody from his ’straight’ representations in earlier films).

      Lastly there is also one character, the ‘Choudhry’ who promises a break to Konkona for years and then finally dumps here, who is a fictitious film personality but also played by an anonymous actor. I personally found him to be one of the film’s better characters, perhaps one of the few in the film!

      so there is the strangeness of seeing movie stars that we must stop believing are such in the course of the film (and these then carry echoes of other figures) and those who are literally ‘themselves’.

      What all of this leads to in my view is a very confused potpourri. The ’strugglers’ of the film are in essence in playing with a movie target as is the audience. There isn’t a clearly defined film industry here in any sense that can stand as this great other to the world of the ‘ordinary characters’. I think Zoya should have either had ‘non-stars’ representing the Bollywood panoply or done exactly the opposite. What happens with her ‘mix and match’ approach is that many scenes (and this really becomes the overall problem of the film) work on their own but cannot really add up to anything more.

      Nonetheless the film does because of these scenes (that draw the viewer in for all sorts of reasons) remain engaging and perhaps even a bit affecting towards the end. The director’s feminist turn, which comes in rather suddenly, becomes mystifying but is still helped by Konkona’s performance. Ultimately she holds the film together far more than Farhan. The latter isn’t especially wanting but he cannot quite give the film its anchor. Konkona struggled mightily against the haphazard narrative and succeeds to some degree.

      The kindest thing one could say about this work is that it betrays the freshman effort it is. Zoya Akhtar does not seem without talent. I am curious to see what she does after this. But this film itself is to my mind far more about missed opportunities than about realized ones.”


      • and here I’m going to make a polemical point as well. Specially with Utkal in mind. It’s not enough to say one hasn’t liked a film and stick with that opinion forever. This is why I’ve put up my initial thoughts on the movie once more. I still stand by those points but the reading Ami references suddenly reconfigures the film for me. It is now obvious to me that at least at some levels it had a richness that I missed completely. Here it doesn’t matter how many critics thought how well or not of the film. Positive or not they didn’t come up with this sort of reading. And when one looks at something like the latter all one asks for is a certain internal coherence. One can argue with the piece or not but what majorities thought of the film in terms of the critics or the audience is hardly relevant. Now I know many critics liked this but my point isn’t about whether they did or did not. I could still cling to my initial impressions and say ‘great read but I still didn’t like it’. But then one isn’t really open to the reading and more importantly one isn’t open to changing one’s mind. This is the sort of piece and reading one should be interested in. Anything that truly provokes one in some sense. The rest, critical majorities or audience majorities or whatever, don’t mean much more than the obvious. Quite apart from the historical fact that such majorities quite often end up on the losing side of things.


        • As I watch Indian TV serials, mainly hindi ones, I know Alyy Khan who acted in some serials. Most noteworthy among them was a serial called Liptick, a noir type on Zee long back along with another serial Kitty Party which was written by Shobhaa de. A stylish actor.


  60. Faridoon Shahryar ‏@iFaridoon 30m30 minutes ago
    Here’s the pic that confirms #Dilwale to release on Dec 18 this year
    Embedded image permalink


  61. Faridoon Shahryar ‏@iFaridoon 28m28 minutes ago
    Wid #Dilwale n #BajiraoMastani scheduled 2 release on Dec 18 this year..its gonna b @iamsrk n Sanjay Bhansali clash again…V V Interesting!

    Could not post the pics but must say srk-kajol look pretty fresh in the publicity stills being circulated.

    It seems this release date is trending.

    #Dilwale18Dec Just started trending


    • This one looks like it is going to leverage every ounce of the DDLJ nostalgia especially given it will be 20 years anniversary this year for DDLJ


  62. [post created]

    Exclusive movie still of Dilwale.


  63. “Now I know many critics liked this but my point isn’t about whether they did or did not. I could still cling to my initial impressions and say ‘great read but I still didn’t like it’. But then one isn’t really open to the reading and more importantly one isn’t open to changing one’s mind. This is the sort of piece and reading one should be interested in.”
    The sheer amount of contradictions here are simply mind boggling.
    The only world wherein this makes any sense is on ones own blog…


  64. https://satyamshot.wordpress.com/2015/06/04/dil-dhadakne-do-the-rest-of-the-box-office/#comment-305379

    Good to know Krish. I haven’t been able to catch this this due to personal reasons but will catch this at the EARLIEST opportune time. A Halley’s Comet like this with critics and public in the same bed endorsing is a big, big deal-breaker for me – and this is a summer flick for Pete’s sake.

    Must say am quite surprised at the cold reception this one has received on this blog. Except aural and yourself nobody seems to consider 98% on RT worthwhile – especially with critics and the mango man providing the same statistic!!!!


    • Yeah do check this out specially in the big screen. I haven’t had such a stunning experience of watching stunning adrenaline raising action ever…I will rate it as the best action movie ever made. Till I saw this, I used to regard T2 as the best action movie ever. This is notches above it. Also I wont be surprised if Charlize Theron gets an Oscar nomination. It must be the most physical performance a female actor has ever given. Incidentally BR who never writes about English movies, has this to say about it.


      Satyam, You should also catch this one. Would be great to hear your views.


      • This is a fantastic film. Easily one of the most kinetic Hollywood films ever made. Visually super as well. And all the ‘mayhem’ is ‘choreographed’ with great skill. And this is from someone who isn’t a fan of the original franchise.


  65. After working with Varun Dhawan, Sriram Raghavan all set to sign Anil Kapoor and Deepika Padukone in his next film which will be based on Novel- THE ACCIDENTAL APPRENTICE.

    After directing few edge of the seat thrillers like Johnny Gaddar and Ek Haseena The, Sriram Raghavan is all set to adopt the basic concept of the novel – The Accidental Apprentice which has a lot of twists and turn in the plot. The film will explore the dirty office politics in a very bold and stylish manner.

    The story of the film revolved around a 20 Year Old Girl and A CEO of a multi national company. While Sriram is already in advanced talks with Deepika to play the 20 year old girl, the director is keen to sign Anil Kapoor to reprise the role of a CEO.



  66. omrocky786 Says:

    There is very little really at stake in Dil Dhadakne Do. Nobody’s life is ever in any real danger except in the ridiculous final sequence. Even though the Mehras are facing bankruptcy, it’s not as if they’re starving to death; the only tangible effect seems to be that Kabir will have to give up his beloved private plane. Our characters are trapped in gilded cages, but the only thing they’ll lose if they follow their heart is the lifestyle they are accustomed to. “You have a heart and a brain,” Kabir’s lover Farah (Sharma) tells him at one point, when he’s complaining about his dad berating him about having nothing of his own. “Follow your heart and your brain will find a way.”

    As the plot gets more and more convoluted, as tensions begin to run high and the endless scheming begins to get ridiculous, even the characters start to notice this, and begin asking the big questions. “Don’t you have anything better to do?” one character berates her gossip-mongering mother and her friends. “Can’t you guys get jobs?” (Mommy’s response is hilarious, especially because she seems genuinely baffled: “But who’d offer us jobs?”) At another point, Kabir calls his mother out for not leaving her husband simply because she didn’t have anywhere else to go.


  67. omrocky786 Says:

    Why it is high time we stopped blaming Zoya Akhtar for making films about rich people’s angst
    So while in ‘Zindagi…’ the stunning vistas and backdrops mostly serve a therapeutic purpose for the characters, in ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’ they provide an ironic contrast to the proceedings. Perhaps, this is what explains the faint animosity and prejudice against Akhtar as a filmmaker: the role that she assigns to the backdrops in the story. The vistas of Spain had a more overt role in resolving the conflicts of characters and it didn’t help Akhtar’s case that there was little else used to solve dilemmas in that film. Now, obviously, hoping to solve one’s problems by allowing the sensuousness of exotic scenery to waft over oneself is a bit of a stretch. When looked at from this perspective, the derision against Akhtar is at least understandable. The panorama of the Mediterranean, far from imbuing any of the characters with any sort of joie de vivre, simply exists as a silent spectacle, occasionally mocking their misery. The film draws a lot of its darkly comic appeal- that is sadly overlooked- from the insertion of the characters in such ravishing landscapes. And, well, into such haute couture and coiffure.

    There is another reason why Zoya Akhtar alone invites such a charge. I don’t recall Yash Chopra, Aditya Chopra or Karan Johar, equally famous, if not more, for depicting well-heeled Punjabis apparently at ease in foreign lands, ever having such statements thrown at them as accusations. It has to do with Akhtar’s characters. They wear their external trappings very lightly. They are at ease with their affluence and unapologetic about it. There is nothing to suggest that such an absence of guilt implies a disdain for those not as privileged as themselves. There is none of the disingenuous humility often expressed through excessive religiosity and conservatism that is evident in other Hindi films about noble-hearted rich people. In contrast, the hypocrisy and shocking conservatism of such an apparently sophisticated set is brought to light as such in ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’.


  68. Q. There are films releasing in Far East and now PK in China but are they actually making money as the amount of screens is huge and marketing costs must be big for that sort of release?

    Ans. Mostly its more of an exercise to expand the market, the costs involved are high but PK will make money, not a huge amount but around $3-3.5 million will come back to the makers after theater shares and print and marketing costs in China.

    Q. Will Piku cross the 80 crore nett mark?

    Ans. Unlikely as it fell badly last week outside West Bengal as another urban film Dil Dhadakne Do released which has same target audience..



    • LOL on the PK response. I’m just a little (!) skeptical that BOI are up to speed on marketing and distribution costs in China..!


    • ” ..but PK will make money, not a huge amount but around $3-3.5 million ”

      That $3.5 million will be gone in Aamir’s and producer/director’s plane tickets, living expense in China. Finally all Aamir is left with is that chinese gown on his body and Anushka ‘khamba’! 🙂


  69. http://www.koimoi.com/box-office/will-zoya-akhtars-dil-dhadakne-do-beat-znmds-lifetime-collections/

    The film is currently in its second week and has collected 69.13 crores at the domestic box office till now. Interestingly, Dil Dhadakne Do has been performing much better than Zoya’s last film Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara.


    • this piece is utter nonsense. DDD has not been performing better than ZNMD. if you adjust for inflation and so on. The piece admits it’s not going to catch the ZNMD total, it accepts the Singham competition (though I’d say the demographics for the two probably did not overlap very much). The rest of the stuff that’s being said here is plain silly and self-contradictory.


  70. AamirsFan Says:

    Pixars has a history of beating out big budget movies (in 2013 Monsters University beat WWZ and Man Of Steel, in 2008 Wall-E beat Wanted, in 2007 Ratatouille beat Die Hard reboot) but this time seems like the first time they won’t open number 1…

    Box office: Will ‘Inside Out’ be the first Pixar film to not open on top?

    “Early tracking suggests the Pete Docter-directed animated film will debut in the robust $60-million range. But that would still put it behind the $90-million estimates for Universal Pictures’ latest “Jurassic” installment.”



    • AamirsFan Says:

      I think Disney does not ‘need’ Pixar anymore. At one point in time…all Disney was surviving off of was Pixar made movies. Now Disney has struck gold with Marvel and invested in making better animated movies without Pixar (i.e, Wreck it Ralph, Big Hero 6, and of course Frozen). Looks like now Pixar is the one that really ‘needs’ Disney to survive.


  71. There goes my childhood – never knew even HAWA HAWA was a copy.


  72. nice song


  73. Abhishek Bachchan may have been ignoring trolls on social media targetting him and his films. However, a tweeter had to face the ire of a doting father when he wrote something about Aaradhya Bachchan. In a tweet that was removed later, the troll had reportedly criticised Abhishek’s three-year-old daughter Aaradhya. That is when Abhishek replied with a sarcastic tweet. “@Mayankaryan084 you feeling better about yourself now??? Good! Glad to have been of service. Now go back to the hole you crawled out of,” he tweeted. This did not stop the tweeter who replied with another tweet that read, “@juniorbachchan yes I feel like top of the world. Best thing I did in my life to stop watching your movie. Thank you sir.”

    This was followed by a series of tweets from Abhishek admonishing the tweeter in question. He wrote, “@Mayankaryan084 to stop? That means you used to watch them. Thanks for the money.” His next tweet read, “@Mayankaryan084 don’t like my movies? That’s cool. Will work harder to make movies you like. Bringing my daughter into it is NOT cool.”

    This lead to an apology coming from the said troll as he replied, “@juniorbachchan it won’t happen again sir.”



    • Abusing on twitter is getting really beyond limits. All these unknown faces keep attacking celebs without any sense. If he don’t like Abhishek bachchan, just don’t watch his movies. What’s the point to go to twitter and say that to him and then target his family? Totally pointless.


  74. Like

    • …and you will have Satyam vouching that Amitabh never uses a hair wig even today. Nothing wrong in using hair wig either…


      • I did mention this topic that he does wear a wig but non of them beleived me…yes he does wear either a wig or hair piece…..


  75. Like

  76. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/china-box-office-jurassic-world-802660

    Jurassic World took in $100.1 million in its first five days in the world’s second-biggest film market, according to data from Universal.

    Hollywood is having a powerful run in China this year, with Furious 7, Avengers: Age of Ultron and now Jurassic World earning enormous sums in their opening weeks.
    However, the annual “blackout” period is due to begin June 19, when Hollywood movies have to give way to Chinese films, and that usually runs until the end of July.

    Ahead of the blackout comes The Divergent Series: Insurgent, then the focus is on domestic fare until later in July when Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, Minions and Inside Out are expected, and Fantastic Four in August.

    Among the big Chinese movies due to open in coming weeks are Hollywood Adventures and the latest installment in the Tiny Times franchise.

    The Jurassic Park story seems to chime with audiences in China, especially in formats like Imax. The 3D rerelease of Jurassic Park in 2013 took $57 million, which was more than in North America. Figures from industry data group Entgroup revealed that Jurassic World had 344,103 showings and 15.73 million admissions.
    The dinosaurs knocked Warner Bros.’ and New Line’s San Andreas into second place in the week to June 14, although it had a creditable week, taking $29.56 million. San Andreas had 229,121 screenings and 4.89 million admissions, according to Entgroup.
    One of the things driving the popularity of the movie in China is the popularity of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who came to Beijing to promote San Andreas and is loved for his role in Furious 7.
    Also holding its own last week was Stand By Me Doraemon in third place, the first Japanese movie to show in China in nearly three years as tensions between the two Asian giants start to ease.
    The chubby cat robot with a magical pocket added $8.31 million for a gross of $83.05 million after 18 days, Entgroup figures show.
    Bollywood tentpole PK took another $2 million to bring its China cume to $18.77 million after 24 days, making it the most successful Indian film in China.

    The success of Doraemon and PK shows growing sophistication in the Chinese market and offers hope to non-Hollywood movies that they also can make money in China.

    In fifth place, Disney’s superhero blockbuster Avengers: Age of Ultron added $1.53 million to its tally for a cume of $240.11 million.
    Behind that came Disney’s Tomorrowland, which took another $900,000 for a cume of $19.24 million after 20 days.
    That was followed by Who Am I 2015, directed by Song Yinxi, which took $550,000 in its opening weekend, and Sun Hao’s romantic comedy Zai Jian Wo Men De Shi Nian, with $480,000 in its opening weekend.

    In ninth place was Monsters, which took another $290,000 for a gross of $740,000, and rounding out the top 10 in China was Happy Little Submarine Magic Box of Time, which took another $270,000 for a gross of $5.38 milllion.


  77. It’s the nature of the movie business that a $54 million box office week for one film can be judged disappointing while a $5 million take for another film that same week can be greeted with jubilation.

    It’s all about expectations.

    Avengers: Age of Ultron followed the same pattern in China last week that it has set in most of the rest of the world: after a massive, $156 million opening week that had the industry gushing, it wobbled in its second week, dropping a hefty 65 percent and swiftly dashing hopes of any new Chinese box office records.

    At the same time, the Bollywood blockbuster PK rolled into Chinese multiplexes with the rather modest hope that in a few weeks it might beat the $3.17 million gross Dhoom 3 tallied there in 2014, and thus become the new record holder among Indian films released in China.

    PK‘s producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra said of the film, “I am confident that the film’s blend of entertainment, emotion and underlying social message will resonate with audiences in China and elsewhere in the world. I am also pleased that PK will build on the success of 3 Idiots and expand the China market for Indian films in the future.”



  78. Alexander Hamilton, who has been featured on the $10 bill since 1929, is making way for a woman.

    US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew is to officially announce Thursday that a redesign of the $10 will feature the first woman on the nation’s paper money in more than a century. The plan is to decide which woman sometime this summer.

    The bill will have new security features to make it harder to counterfeit and will go into circulation in 2020, the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote.

    Lew is asking the public for suggestions on who should be chosen for the bill, as well as what symbols of democracy it should feature. Ideas can be submitted by visiting thenew10.treasury.gov website.

    Various groups have been campaigning to get a woman honored on the nation’s paper currency, which has been an all-male domain for more than a century. The last woman featured on US paper money was Martha Washington, who was on a dollar silver certificate from 1891 to 1896. The only other woman ever featured on US paper money was Pocahontas, from 1865 to 1869. Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea are on dollar coins.

    Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-New Hampshire, who is sponsoring legislation to put a woman on the $20 bill, praised Lew for moving forward with a decision to use the $10 bill, which is the next denomination of currency scheduled to be redesigned.

    “While it may not be the twenty dollar bill, make no mistake, this is a historic announcement,” Shaheen said in a statement. “Young girls across this country will soon be able to see an inspiring woman on the ten dollar bill.”

    A grass roots group, Women on 20s, had been pushing to get a woman’s portrait on the $20, which currently features Andrew Jackson. They had conducted an online poll that gathered over 600,000 votes. African-American abolitionist Harriett Tubman was the top choice in that poll.

    Lew said that Hamilton, the nation’s first treasury secretary, would still be honored in some way. He said one possibility being considered would keep Hamilton’s portrait on some of the redesigned $10 bills. Lew said no final decision had been made yet.



  79. ABCD2 is all set for a big opening. Excellent advance in West and South


  80. Khap offers 51 buffaloes for beheading Vinod Kapri

    Miss Tanakpur Hazir Ho has been making headlines for its unique storyline. According to a report on IANS, the film has courted yet another controversy as director Vinod Kapri sought police protection on Wednesday (June 16, 2015) after receiving death threats from a Khap panchayat in Uttar Pradesh. The Khap panchayat is said to have announced that they will give 51 buffaloes to anyone who beheads director Vinod Kapri, the report stated. Further to the report, a panchayat of Ahalwat Khap in village Bhainsi of district Muzaffarnagar described the film as an insult to villages and Khap panchayats. People participating in the meeting suggested ways to teach a lesson to the director so that no one could dare to project a negative image of Khap panchayat and village culture in future. Raju Ahalawat, president of Bhartiya Kisan Union’s Muzaffarnagar district, was quoted in the report as saying, “Khap members were angry over maligning the image of panchayats and villages, therefore gave suggestions including reward of 51 buffaloes on director’s head.”



  81. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 4h4 hours ago
    #DilDhadakneDo [Week 2] Fri 2.27 cr, Sat 3.53 cr, Sun 4.27 cr, Mon 1.51 cr, Tue 1.45 cr, Wed 1.30 cr. Total: ₹ 70.43 cr. India biz.

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 6h6 hours ago
    #TanuWedsManuReturns [Week 4] Fri 1.09 cr, Sat 1.75 cr, Sun 2.26 cr, Mon 85 lacs, Tue 85 lacs, Wed 80 lacs. Grand total: ₹ 144.29 cr. ATBB.

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 8h8 hours ago
    #HamariAdhuriKahani Fri 5.04 cr, Sat 5.15 cr, Sun 6.30 cr, Mon 3.03 cr, Tue 2.95 cr, Wed 2.57 cr. Total: ₹ 25.04 cr. India biz.


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