Bachchan in Sujoy Ghosh’s Kerala


We at Box Office India were the first to tell you how Amitabh Bachchan had asked Sujoy Ghosh to direct a film which would have him and Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the lead. Now, not many directors are graced by a request like that and the overwhelmed director soon started working on the screenplay. Now we hear that his writers are giving it the finishing touches while he is making a trip to Kerala. The film, a thriller, is set in Kerala and is also titled Kerala.

A source close to the director reveals, “Soon, there will be reading sessions between Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Amitabh Bachchan, and after that, there will be workshops too. The shoot will mostly commence a few months from now.”


18 Responses to “Bachchan in Sujoy Ghosh’s Kerala”

  1. I was always interested in this project but with this title and setting even more so!


  2. charan raj Says:

    They should rope in Kangana or Deepika for this just to remain relevant at boxoffice.


    • “They should rope in Kangana or Deepika for this just to remain relevant at boxoffice.” haters will always hate him


    • No actually no. No need of Deepika or any ‘A-list’ actors. Sujoy is just working with Bachchan so that he can convert the tons of black money he has into white money. The film with Amitabh as one of the leads will obviously flop. Since Amitabh is an irrelevant, 72 year old actor who is still acting instead of changing his grand-kids’ huggies, what better way to convert black to white?


      • charan raj Says:

        Lol!!! Some gentlemen seem to be offended with my comment and I have been included in the list of haters. Dear friends, please develop guts to call a spade, a spade. Bachchan can’t deliver a hit at his own and that’s a universal fact and try to digest it. What I have said in the above comment isn’t anything against any soul.


        • haters are in all colours, your hate seems to be pure black & white,

          we are not denying that amitabh has given flops and also his flops over shadowed his superhits & the age of 73 one should and never ever can carry a film on his own shoulders,he is not competing with srk,salman or amir,why do people dont get this into thick heads that amitabh is an actor and i wished he had compitition from jeetendra or shatru or mithun,apsos te ye hai ke they all are all are not wanted, nobody wants them where as amitabh is still popular and still wanted with top producers & directors..maybe he still has charisma..

          does not make any difference wheather amitabhs film are hits or flops,he will be still popular and he will act until he dies,nightmares to amitabh haters..


  3. amitabh film goes flop: blame amitabh for it.

    amitabh film goes hit : credit goes to co-stars.

    here we go,

    zanzeer is hit : because jaya bhadiri & pran were there.
    deewar is hit : because shashi kapoor & neetu singh were there.
    sholay is hit : because dharmendra & amjad khan were there>
    zammer is flop: because amitabh was there.
    Don is a hit : because helen & zeenat aman were there.

    back in the 20th century

    baaghbaan is hit : because hema malini & salman khan were there
    khakhee is hit : because akki and ashwaryrai was there.
    black is hit : because rani mukerjee & prem chopra were there
    baabul was flop;amitabh was there,he is to be blamed
    ek lavya was flop: amitabh was there,he is to be blamed..

    when the film is hit ,credit goes to amitabhs co-star
    when the is flop,amitabh is to blame,

    I do not know how this work out…is Amitabh jinx?…


    • charan raj Says:

      You seem to be another typical Amitabh Fanatic. No need to remind me about his hits or flops. I myself know everything and please don’t waste time. As you have presumed that myself being a BACHCHAN HATER, OK… no problem, not a big deal whether you’r a fan or hater. All producers invest money for earning money as they are business men and want to earn more money. Here it becomes very much important for a film to be a hit. I just commented in that perspective that they should rope in a lead actress opposite Bachchan to boast the business of the film. I don’t think I have said anything against anybody or any religion for which I am being cornered. Amitabh was a big draw at boxoffice once but not at present and if you’r a loyal fan, you also should know it and endorse it publically. Now the point of him still working is also not a big issue as you’r projecting.


      • Amitabh was a big draw at boxoffice once but not at present and if you’r a loyal fan, you also should know it and endorse it publically. Now the point of him still working is also not a big issue as you’r projecting.

        Amitabh does not need anyone ,try to understand and he is 73,he is just an actor and not try to prove anything,its you who are proclaiming to sign some one huge to boost his films,

        charan raj,
        being a loyan fan is another thing but try to abuse and insult will not be tolorated,haters like you have come & gone while amitabh is still there and proved doubters wrong.

        charan raj,
        lets end this topic here as explaining to you is like talking to brick wall..


        • charan raj Says:

          Who is insulting and who is abusing? Come on man grow up! Don’t blow the little issue out of proportion just to defend your false ego. If you have any problem in understanding simple English, the please stop taking part in debates. Don’t let your inefficiency to become burden on others. Your inability to understand simple things is making life of others miserable. So, my Sun core request to you is just grow up!!!


  4. I agree that with Charan, that to stay relevant they need another star with Amitabh. He cannot win the boxoffice on the movie alone.


    • ..then you end up fighting with that relevant star for the ‘credit’ of the film(piku?)


    • Prasad, nobody is arguing that. It would be ridiculous to expect Amitabh to be a draw in today’s ‘young’ India.

      With guys/gals like Raj and bob Cristo name-sake, a very simple question that none of them wants to answer is WHY do guys like Ghosh or Kashyap or Hirani now want to work with Bachchan? If you measure Bachchan by the monetary parameters set forth by folks like Cristo mainly, nobody would want to work with Amitabh! He is commercially a doom for them right? Why then does he keep getting these offers? If he is incapable of bringing in 5 guys into a theater, why then do these directors give their right arm to work with him? To have him in their films? Do they have money to burn?

      I understand all the ‘compromises’ that one has to make when the bulk of your audience is under 25 and you have a senior actor as your draw. So I am not at all arguing that bringing in a younger actor/actress might help with getting the what’s app let’s f!@# generation to the theater. But these guys go on and on about ridiculous theories from Amitabh working hard to ensure Abhishek doesn’t come on the streets to X or Y or Z..

      Since they don’t have an answer here, I proposed those theories of black money! Maybe that conspiracy theory will be a ‘logical’ one in their view.

      Anyway I will stop this argument now. I actually don’t get into such debates but when one starts such absurd theories sometimes one has to respond..


    • actually charan & prasad have not seen phenomenon of Big B,even his flops have not mattered because everone knows what bachan is all about.I am 37 now but not seen a star like bachan and i aint bachan fan nor my family.He is one star do not need another star to make a film sucess @ the boxoffice.I tend to agree with master and anjo and some nice points from vijay.


      • charan raj Says:

        Mohan, one can only laugh at your comment..It’s like saying “MY NAME IS KHAN AND I’M NOT A TERRORIST”. On one side you project Bachchan as all time best actor/star and on the other side, you aren’t a BACHCHAN fan. This is really laughworthy.


        • charan,
          I think you need either anti-bachan flag or some 12 tablets dose of paracetomol…do you start abusing eveyone who does not agree with you…I think 12 tablets will do me so we can see the end of you…get real…not everyone is bachan fan so that does not mean they start disliking him….

          we have to stop this topic here before anyone gets banned…surely i like this blog and lots of people blogging here talk some sense but yours is just anti-bachan fanatic hooblers…


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