Drishyam trailers (updated)

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  1. The trailor

    [added to post]

    I must admit they have done a nice job in the trailor. Good enough to arouse interest..


  2. Interesting movie.


  3. winner…..winner…..winner…..having watched the original starring mohanlal just y’day – i can safely say that ajay/tabu/nishikant have a superb film on hands


  4. MSDhoni Says:

    Looking forward to this for Ajay who is extremely powerful when it comes to underplay. With so much exuberance around in the alternate universe of bollywood, he seems rock solid with his own things. Bravo !


    • Umm am not sure what I am missing here but Ajay being ‘rock solid with his own things’ hardly is the description that fits him! Firstly, he abandoned meaningful cinema way back. Much like Nasser — not that he can be mentioned in the same line as Naseer — he abandoned the Nihalanis way back. He has just followed the herd with atrocities like SON OF SARDAAR in the name of masala. He has been a second-hand Salman and Akshay and once he discovered more moolah coming out from the south-remake tripe, he hopped onto the bandwagon and hasn’t looked back since. Can you tell me when was the last meaningful–or even a moderately ‘arty’ movie –starring Ajay came out? The only leeway he can be given is he lent himself to Prakash Jha and the irony is, Prakash too went way more commercial after APAHARAN!! [OMKARA was in 2006!] He is pretty much is the same bucket as Salman and Akshay. In fact, he is following them!

      Coming to his acting, he is pretty much a uni-dimensional actor forever hanging in the shadows of a serious Sunil Dutt. He is good in some intense roles as in Zakhm but I really cannot take him beyond that. Even in this version, it’s been so long he has been stuck with ‘mannerism’ like the constant slant of his neck representing a ‘serious’ laziness. You can spot his reaction to a scene and an actor coming from way, way afar. He sucks big time at comedy and Aamir took him to the cleaners in ISHQ.
      Lest I am accused of being harsh or biased, let me reiterate that I am NOT calling him a bad actor. I am calling him only a limited actor who shines in certain types of roles.

      As Krishh pointed out in the other thread, there is ABSOLUTELY no way he can attain even a tenth of what Mohanlal achieved. The big M was simply outstanding! And it was such an effortless display like he did in the ’80s. As he said, just those simple moments like sipping a cup of coffee and stealing a glance from behind the newspaper to tying his lungi, he just lets you in so naturally into those everday mundane things. In fact, I am even uncertain what Kamal can achieve in this role!! Over the years, away from his Balachander period, Kamal has also ‘acquired’ too much in terms of emotional display that doesn’t help in bringing ‘naturalness’ to such kind of roles. Upping or even coming close to Mohanlal will really be tough.

      The only ‘decent’ thing going on here for me is that it is helmed by Nishikant. But hey, he too employed John Abraham as the substitute for Surya!!! Go figure..


  5. MSDhoni Says:

    Agree to a lot what you say here but I don’t grudge him the Son of Sardaars and Singhams since being Prakash Jha’s blue eyed boy can only get you to a certain threshold. Beyond that in practical world money forms a large part of our decision making and even if he makes a mockery of himself in few of those movies at least he keeps himself in business and remains relevant. I wouldn’t want him to end up a frustrated Nana or Naseer.

    Actually my hindi movie experience is more defined by the off screen persona and his cool attitude and fame certainly has not gotten to his head. He’s still one of the grounded actors around in Bollywood and this is certainly one reason why he becomes even more appealing in these roles. Plus after Bachchan he is the only to have done some justice to gangsta persona on screen.


  6. MSDhoni Says:


    An Jo here is an engaging interview from Devgn and lot of it is ‘on the money’. Few noteworthy excerpts and indirect reply to Kashyap types:

    “So they make niche films in the name of cinema that do business of `10-20 crores. If they are made in `4-5 crores, it’s okay, but I can’t do a kind of film that is made in `4-5 crores. To do a 4 crore film, we have our entire life left when I can do films just for creative satisfaction.”

    ” So yes, the audiences have changed and grown, but you can’t now go completely on the other side and say here now, this is our intellectual masturbation. The audience still wants a big film experience with a good script and the right sensibilities. But entertainment is very important. Without that, a film cannot do big business. ”

    A lot can be quoted here but one can get the drift whats going on in the minds of senior actors !!


  7. MSDhoni Says:

    Here is something srk-kajol fans can take home too:

    “Rohit Shetty is close to you and has been able to do the impossible of bringing one of the most loved onscreen pairs of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol together. Do you have a point of view on this?

    I am very happy as she is doing a big film. She liked the script very much and she is not someone who will do a film for the heck of it.”


  8. omrocky786 Says:

    Really liked the Trailer ….


  9. The late Shailendra, the late Shakeel Badayunu and so many lyricists of the 50s and 60s would have winced at these lyrics.


  10. Drishyam did 50 Cr+ business in Kerala. Papanasam reaching 100 Cr+, also got critically acclaimed, more elevation and more exposure because of Kamal. Jeethu Joseph wants to work more in Tamil.

    Will Drihyam hindi be a hit? Anticipation high?


  11. Actor Ajay Devgn who is playing the protagonist in the Hindi remake of the blockbuster movie Drishyam has said that he doesn’t take Kamal Hassan and Mohanlal as his competition competition.When asked if it was difficult to step in the shoes of these South Indian cinema legends, Ajay said, “I don’t take Kamal Haasan & Mohanlal as my competition. They are marvelous actors and have won awards for their works.” “They have been versatile actors for 30-35 years. Comparison with them isn’t fair.”

    Devgan ji respect


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