A Passage to Shimla (Caravan)


“Over the years, the town’s position in films has shifted from the peripheries of the narrative to closer to the backbone of the story. In 1982, when Kamal Haasan won his first National Film Award, this rising star of Tamil cinema featured in the hit film Simla Special, in which Shimla appears again through the eyes of a tourist. But though films such as Ajay Devgan’s 2000 Raju Chacha and the 2005 release Black meted out heavier doses of the hill station, compared to its stock appearances in the 2009 hit Three Idiots and the Shimla girl Preity Zinta’s 2000 debut Kya Kehna, most never delved into the history behind the visual gloss of its colonial relics.”


2 Responses to “A Passage to Shimla (Caravan)”

  1. oldgold Says:

    In the black and white film Love In Simla there is this song where the song is shot running through the streets and one gets to see Simla especially after 1:48



    sIMLA mgR msv


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