Images from Phantom (updated)

thanks to Xhobdo..


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  1. Interesting posters.. just 1 month promotion? Too less IMO.


    • think they’re doing a half-hearted job here. Kabir Khan has Salman and Bajrangi. He’s already planning something else with Salman. He’s not exactly depending on this one. A good film can always work of course but they’ve not given it much attention at any point.


      • Apparently theme and politically, this film is the complet opposite of Bajrangi. I think that’s why he pushed it to release after BB, so BB’s overseas collections wouldn’t be affected. This one is going to get banned in Pakistan and maybe even the Middle East so Kabir Khan probably wanted to make sure that BB finishes the majority of its overseas Run before releasing the trailer.


  2. Looking forward to Phantom
    Kabir khan @ home turf
    Katrina at her ‘talented’ best

    And a possible career-saving effort from Saif Ali Khan

    After the Brilliant ‘Happy ending’-that I loved

    All the best saif…


  3. omrocky786 Says:

    Second Poster-
    [added to post]


  4. Will enjoy this Kabir khan flick (more than bajrangi …)
    Though there’s ‘inspiration’ form homefront etc

    Still, this Phantom seems a worthy successor to
    Kabir khans best film till now imo
    No not bajrangi
    Ek tha tiger


    • I think New York is far better than ETT. The latter was a completely flat film. Having said that I don’t expect much from Phantom and I’d be stunned if it were a better film than Bajrangi.


      • I am actually expecting Phantom to be better than Bajrangi not the least because the film is apparently based on Hussain Zaidi’s (the guy who wrote Black Friday) “Mumbai Avengers” which I found a very gripping read. Also I checked out an interview of Kabir Khan where he hinted that Phantom is his least “compromised” (which is to say “compromised” by the presence of a big star) film since New York.


  5. unfortunately a kabir khan + saif combo won’t do that what kabir + sallu is doing in BB…………..that is where sallu’s star-power wins……….kabir will stand grounded after the mediocre response to Phantom


    • obviously that can’t happen but Phantom isn’t in the same format either. ETT was like that perhaps but it fizzled out very dramatically after a massive week 1. So Salman gets you that initial but the weakness of a film shows eventually. Saif though has weirdly been attached to this ‘national security’ theme (Agent Vinod) when as far as I can tell this is never a huge winner even for the biggest stars. What ultimately gets you the numbers is the universal, populist theme. Bajrangi being a case in point.


  6. saif ali khan on his own in his current box office state will find it difficult to take phantom to even 50-60 crwhores (forget 100)
    i know that now
    anything above that is abonus courtesy kabir khan & katrina

    but who cares?

    NY was good but in ETT, kabir khan found a rare confluence of salmans massy appeal marrried it to a certain ‘sensibility;

    liked the ‘tone’ kabir khan employed there
    and he seems to be an ‘international espionage’ specialist

    i dont care bout box office for films i ENJOY

    on a related note, saifs last film was a big bomb

    but i enjoyed it and found that raj dk film brilliant
    Happy ending…which was one of the best films of its genre from bollywood…


  7. 60cr seems to be Saif’s range. Maybe Katrina’s presence will bail him out. Still think Baby was one of the better films of the genre and even that barely managed to collect around 90cr. And having watched NY and ETT, I am not confident Kabir Khan can deliver something as gripping or edge of the seat as Baby.


  8. Sanjana: Good music? Baahubali, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, PK…which on has good music? Even the music of TWMR or Piku is at best average. All this talk by trade-pundits of good music being necessary yto hit films is not borne by facts.


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