Images from Brothers (updated)

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  1. had never even heard of this one..


    • This is the remake of Warrior (Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton) which I had really liked especially for the Hardy performance. And the film has “masala” (with a solid emotional core) for the remake to be a very strong hit with decent trending. the sad bit is that they have taken Siddharth Malhotra for the Hardy role. Then again we saw him trying to a Shehenshah in a scene in Ek Villain, so we should be happier that atleast another Bachchan isn’t being massacred here.

      Incidentally Karan Malhotra is not completely talentless and that was clear even in the Agneepath remake. I just hope he does try out something slightly more original now.


    • Yes, because it doesn’t star Junior B.


    • There are lots of things that will be revealed when time comes. Till then let’s play Kabaddi. (pun intended)


  2. Wow…Akshay is on a roll. After OMG, S26, Holiday, Baby and now Brothers and later Airlift. This is one list of supreme films.
    My most awaited film.


    • I challenge Jayshah and Sandhya Iyer- Wait for one year and Akshay will beat Aamir film to film with more classics to his name. Sounds almost like someone telling yesterday that Bangladesh could beat England…isn’t it?


      • If Akshay fans were waiting for quality films from him all these years they certainly fooled us..!


        • sanjana Says:

          Their sudden love for quality films is quite inexplicable!
          Next they may go for ISI mark for all akshay films.


          • Sanjana, a lot changed in Akshay’s life in last few years as far as picking right script was concerned. In 2010s he was being offered insane money for films like Tashan, Chandni Chowk, Kambakkth Ishq etc.
            now he has become a producer himself with production house like Grazing Goat and creative people like Ashvini Yardi around him. Esp the latter as her creative involvement with Akki has worked wonders for him. It all started with OMG.
            Good thing is that Akki has not left his forte. He still has a Housefull3 for every Airlift and a Gabbar for every Baby. This range is now lacking in other Stars. Aamir of TZP looks a decade old news. He is not the same risk taker he once was and the same can be found in his choices recently. Only other person doing this is Ranbir Kapoor now.
            My problem with people like Jayshah had been his arrogance in dismissing movies of other stars even though they were good. He starts with his biased fake predictions and spins it off with BO commentary. His sudden U TURN from trending theory to big initials (even Satyam is ironically using it to call Tashan a landmark movie despite knowing that from 70cr initial to 90 cr final is sheer collapse) needs to be exposed. He is the Bhanwari Devi of SatyamShot.


          • Correction – Talaash not Tashan in the the line on Satyam.


        • They certainly are smart to do that, aren’t they? 😀


  3. The posters shows there’s two sides of brothers … one is in the cage and the other bro is outside with Jackie .. shows in the film Jackie and sid will be on side and akshay on other side alone .. got to say really creative poster after long time.


  4. sanjana Says:

    Akshay is like yesteryears Jeetendra. Doing umpteen films per year. While Jeetu was much more successful.

    Bollywood needs akshay to give some oxygen once in 2 months. Otherwise we have films which may make cinema halls close forever and turn into malls.

    An akshay film per month, keeps the film industry alive and kicking.


  5. I do think that with S26, Holiday, Baby and OMG, Akshay Kumar has been coming up with quite good movies during the last couple of years. Some of these movies probably deserved even better at the BO but they were hurt by the kind of stuff Kumar was coming up with during the previous years. So at some point, he may start reaping the benefits of the much better quality of his last few movies.

    On paper, Main Gabbar and Airlift sound more promising than Brothers. and Singh is Bling. The original tamil movie, Ramanaa was quite good.


    • But it’s also the case that in thriller formats or anything with less ‘masala’ if you will there’s more of a ceiling. But certainly these films could have been very significantly higher on the initials had Akshay been in peak box office shape. And incidentally here we see what a feat it was to get Talaash to that 70 crore initial or whatever. This is normally not the sort of film people patronize and even here they didn’t like it much (as the trending indicated). It was too dark a film in more ways than one and certainly on the wrong side of ‘New India’. But Aamir took it as far as he did. even with other very big stars the film probably wouldn’t have made more than 60% of what it did.


      • Isn’t Baby a bigger grosser than Talaash and a better trending movie as well? with Kareena and Rani as heroines and 3 Idiots as last film, this was commendable for Talaash but not unsurpassable as shown by Akshay Kumar’s Baby.


  6. Brothers

    Within contexts–This should work. Apt casting
    Infact will be akshays biggest hit (after rowdy rathore) & siddharth anands biggest hit till now

    Kjo surely knows how to ‘design’ products
    Should have some interesting masala action moments

    And is this the agneepath director-Who gave some nice hand to hand combat moments of hr-dutt in agneepath …?

    Who r the heroines here…

    We need kriti Sanon here
    The MOST promising newcomer

    I found this agneepath grotesque when I watched it but when one looks at it now, it was the most effective amitabh remake actually …

    Dutt actually owned the role of Kaancha cheena …..
    And HR actually did reasonably in creating an alternate character / different arc of an iconic screen entity


  7. First look of HARAAMKHOR starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Shweta Tripathi Directed by Shlok Sharma

    Thanks 🙂


  8. Looking 4ward to brothers
    Like both leads —is it too much to expect real males for ‘lead hero’ roles (& not pansies and non-males!?)
    Who is the heroine here tho…


  9. BROTHERS Trailer Countdown – 2 Days to Go!


  10. If Khans Can Offer Better Roles For Female Leads, Why Can’t Akshay Kumar?

    Arindam Kar, a Koimoi reader, had written an Open Letter to Akshay Kumar a couple of months ago. Well, this time he has a special request for Akki! Take a look:

    I saw in News Websites that in some parts of the country Tanu Weds Manu Returns made more money than Gabbar and the worldwide collection of Piku is much higher than Baby.

    Akshay Kumar is one of those rare actors in the world, who can do action movies, comedy movies, thriller movies, art House movies with equal perfection. He didn’t have any Godfather in this industry which favours star kids.

    Another good thing, which I would like to highlight is, that Subha Hone Na De song is still the most viewed Bollywood song on Youtube. While songs like Baby Doll, Chittiyan Kalaiyan and Nagada Sang Dhol, is steadily increasing their view count.

    Last time when I wrote this open letter, a lot of die hard Akshay Kumar fans said in the comments section that he always takes the right decision. Considering Baby didn’t make 100 crores and Tanu Weds Manu Returns is making more money than Gabbar, is the proof that Akshay Kumar’s fan following has decreased .

    Piku‘s worldwide collection is much Higher than Baby. History of Bollywood has proved that every memorable Bollywood blockbuster movie had good screen time for the heroines. Super Hit Bollywood movies had equal importance for the lead actress. Nowadays, Akshay Kumar movies don’t have any substantial roles for the lead actresses due to which popular actresses don’t work with him and he has to settle with new actresses who are looking for their big break in Bollywood.

    Once these actresses become popular, Shah Rukh, Hrithik and Ranbir movies are better choice than Akshay Kumar’s movies. Even Ranveer Singh gets to work with Anushka Sharma, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone. Akshay Kumar’s movies need some better part for the actress: as Anushka Sharma had in PK, Katrina Kaif had in Ek Tha Tiger, Deepika Padukone had in Chennai Express. If The Khans can offer better roles for their heroines why can’t Akshay?

    Why will top actresses do a fifteen minute role of Taapsee Pannu in Baby, if they can do better roles in Don 2, Piku , Ram Leela and Bajrangi Bhaiijaan. I do hope Airlift has better part for Nimrat Kaur. If this brings any sense, then listen to this – “Raanjhanaa‘s worldwide collection was higher than Holiday.”

    I am requesting Akshay Kumar: Please increase the screen time of your lead actress. The role of the heroine must be equally important in the movie as the role of the hero.

    We know both Happy New Year and Special 26 were heist movies; one was realistic and other was commercial. But Deepika was very much part of the team as well as romantic interest of Shah Rukh Khan: In Special Chabbis, Divya Dutta is the only female member of the team. Most of the movie focused on Manoj Bajpayee and Anupam Kher. If Kajal Agarwal’s role would have been longer than Anupam Kher and Manoj Bajpayee then it would have benefited the movie in terms of Box Office collection.

    Come on, everybody wants to watch the heroines more than Anupam Kher. Even in Kick and Bodyguard the actresses got enough importance compared to Boss. Oh My God didn’t have any scope for any actress but the Telugu remake Gopala Gopala gave some importance to Shriya Saran’s role. Badlapur was a crime thriller but still the director gave equal screen time to the actresses.

    Akshay’s supporters might say Shah Rukh, Salman and Hrithik’s latest movies were not that good, but their movies make 100 crores in three days. Ek Tha Tiger, Happy New Year, Chennai Express, Singham Returns, Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani, all got much bigger opening than Gabbar, as they know how to market their movies.

    Promotion on Comedy Nights with Kapil, giving Interviews to news channels, visiting reality shows, taking selfies with people in shopping malls is not a guarantee that the movie will become a commercial success.

    If Akshay continues making wrong choice of movies, then he will face much embarrassment in future when Kangana and R. Madhavan’s movie will make more money than his movie, example Tanu Weds Manu Returns. He thinks, it’s cool to do Chandni Chowk to China, Kambakht Ishq, The Shaukeens, Housefull, Boss type movies, as I can see from his interviews.

    I agree that Dabangg, Ek Tha Tiger, HNY and Bang Bang were not great movies; but these movies were much better than The Shaukeens, Khiladi 786, Boss, Joker, Tees Maar Khan, Chandni Chowk To China.

    Akshay Kumar’s Facebook page and Twitter account shows that he still has huge fan following. I know Singh Is Bling and Housefull 3 won’t be as good as Rowdy Rathore and Herapheri, but still I pray that they don’t become another Action Jackson and Humshakals.


  11. This looks very interesting! Apart from Akshay and Hrithik, none of the current crop of reigning actors have the right physicality for an action hero, so it will be interesting to see if Sidharth Malhothra proves a worthy successor. It’s a pity that Vidyut Jamwal didn’t make it as he was very promising IMO.


  12. man these new images are a joke!


  13. Some dynamic stills there –liked these

    “Apart from Akshay and Hrithik, none of the current crop of reigning actors have the right physicality for an action hero, “—
    Good point there …

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  14. The new image is EPIC.


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