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  1. rishi kapoor @chintskap · 2h 2 hours ago
    Tinguji goes next generation Lambuji-Tradition continues with Abhishek Bachchan.


  2. Now that you have started a thread on Image from All Is Well, please start image threads for other bog-standard films like Welcome To Karachi, Dharam Sankat Me, Kuch Kuch Locha Hai as well. 😀

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  3. Bob Cristo Says:

    Everytime i see AB’s baby i think how unlucky he is ? He has everything to be a big star but alas he missed the bus. Will give my take on him someday.


    • Becoming a big star is not the luckiest thing. Good personal life, good health and contentment are the things that are more important than becoming a big star. In that respect he is more lucky than his father. Once the stardom is over, the big star becomes a star searching for past glory and feeling disappointed.

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  4. Rishi Kapoor, Abhishek Bachchan to recreate the Rishi-Amitabh dance magic from the 1970s

    By Subhash K. Jha, Apr 16, 2015 – 12:38 hrs IST

    It’s going to be one helluva jive jugalbandi. For Umesh Shukla’s All Is Well, which brings together Rishi Kapoor and Abhishek Bachchan for the first time as father and son, director Umesh Shukla and choreographer Ahmed Khan have conceived an epic song and dance, where the duo would be dancing to the most beloved songs from the past.

    Says a source, “Rishi would recreate his own hit number from blockbusters like Bobby, Khel Khel Mein, Naseeb and Hum Kisise Kam Nahin. Abhishek would be dancing to his father’s iconic numbers from films like Kaalia, Silsila and Yaraana.”

    The selection of songs is still on. Sources say there are way too many Rishi and Bachchan numbers that created history. “To select a mere handful for Rishi Kapoor and Abhishek Bachchan to jive to is to dive into an ocean to look for a few pearls. Umesh and Ahmed are at it,” says the source in the know.

    Confirming the historic dance number, Ahmed Khan says, “We are planning something really big with Chintuji and Abhishek. It would be the kind of dance number which would pay a tribute to the chartbusters of the 1970s and 80s filmed on Chintuji and Bachchan Saab. We are in the process of selecting the songs.”

    As for the dance movements, Rishi would have no problems doing a Rishi. But for Abhishek to dance like his father would be a tough call.

    Here’s one item number that we all can’t wait to see.


    • charan raj Says:

      Recreating dance magic of 70’s or 80’s is not a big deal. The script should be good and if it’s like that, then everything goes well be it dance of 70’s. Rishi Kapoor being selective while choosing scripts, one can have a hope here regarding good story. This one seems to be a comedy and if it’s so, Abishek may take it to another level as he is one actor at present who has best comic timing.


  5. Abhishek Bachchan: While Chintu uncle is spontaneous, my dad is a believer in rehearsals

    Abhishek Bachchan is bright, charming, well- behaved but naughty. And while he is his father, the one and only Amitabh Bachchan’s biggest fan, he has grown up watching and admiring Rishi Kapoor. In a brief conversation with him, while shooting Bhushan Kumar’s family entertainer All Is Well at Filmcity, in which he is playing Rishi Kapoor’s son, we spoke to him about the experience of working with the legend Rishi Kapoor who he has grown up watching and how different he is as an actor viz a viz his father. Excerpts:
    Since your childhood, you have seen your father work with Rishi Kapoor so many times. How does it feel for you to now work with him yourself? It’s superb. You have to still remind yourself and wake up as it’s like a dream. Chintu uncle has been one of my favourites since I was a kid. For me, it was always dad and Chintu uncle. I interacted with him a fair amount during Ajooba that was being made by Shashi uncle (Shashi Kapoor). I have always been a huge fan of his so wherever he would be shooting with dad, I would show up on the set and sit with him. He would have so many stories to tell and was great fun to be with. And then, as an actor it was a dream to work with him and I first got the chance in Delhi 6 but when Umesh Shukla told me that he wanted to approach Chintu uncle for All Is Well, I was very excited as this film is only about the two of us throughout. It’s a film about repartee, about relationships and it’s a father-son film. It’s been too much fun working with him.

    You have done films with both your father and now with Rishiji. How different was the experience? It’s completely different as they are very different actors. Their approaches are very unique to themselves. You don’t just become an Amitabh Bachchan or Rishi Kapoor just like that. Chintu uncle is very spontaneous as a performer. He is very unpredictable as he will always surprise you by doing something so different and refreshing. He is very clear as an actor. Even as a human being he is very clear. It’s so nice to meet someone like that as we all strive to be like that, to know ourselves so well, know our mind so well and be definitive about your decisions. I admire the amount of clarity of thought that he has. He is not afraid to voice his opinion. If you can persuade him otherwise, he is willing to try it and be gracious enough to accept it. Legends do that, they have the ability to adapt and not stand on ego. Pa with me, obviously with him being a father, I am presuming that it is difficult for him to switch off as a father, so you want to be protective, you want to guide and you’d want to help. With Chintu uncle the relationship is different as by the grace of God, he treats me as a co-star. He has seen me born, seen me as a kid, seen me as a young actor and now we are working together but he treats me like a buddy. He likes and encourages that. He is not someone who likes to stand up in ceremony and say, I am your senior who has worked with your father and so you must treat me in a particular way. There is an air of informality with him. With my father, although I am very casual with him, there is a line that I would never cross. With Pa, when he is acting with me, the parental instinct kicks off and I presume he is looking out more for me in the shot than for himself. Also, while Chintu uncle is very spontaneous, my father is someone who has taught me that the more rehearsals you do, the better your performances are going to get. I remember we were doing a scene in Bunty Aur Babli, a scene where we are both getting drunk in a bar just before the Kajra Re song. My father just encouraged me to rehearse and rehearse and carry on rehearsing. My dad believes in rehearsing. He has the amazing ability to work out the most minutest details in his performance. Being an admirer of his work, being his son and having done many films with him, I can tell you when you see him perform and even when he blinks, he has thought of it and, he has planned it. He is that finite a performer. There is not one movement that he has not planned and not done for a reason. That’s how detailed an actor he is.

    So are you more spontaneous or practised? I am a spontaneous actor trying to be detailed. I am more like my mother as a performer. My mother is someone who will hear a scene, go through it and just see what comes out naturally. Her performances and approach are far more instinctual. My father would want to sit down and work out every nuance. They are completely different styles of acting and they are both immensely difficult to master. And they both have done that brilliantly. That is also true of Chintu uncle. So, I would say that I am an attempting spontaneous actor wanting to be very detailed and am somewhere between both my parents.

    It’s legendary to be scolded by a Rishi Kapoor on set. Has he ever scolded you? No he hasn’t. He does not play the uncle angle with me. Also, at some level maybe I am doing something right so he doesn’t need to scold me, but I would love for him to scold me and correct me. How wonderful it would be to be taught and corrected by Chintu uncle.


    • “And then, as an actor it was a dream to work with him and I first got the chance in Delhi 6 but when Umesh Shukla told me that he wanted to approach Chintu uncle for All Is Well, I was very excited as this film is only about the two of us throughout. It’s a film about repartee, about relationships and it’s a father-son film. ”

      this is fantastic.. I’ve wanted to see them share a lot of screen space since those brief moments in D6..


  6. You have worked with Amitabh Bachchan in so many films and now you are working with Abhishek in All Is Well. What’s the difference?

    Abhishek is such a bachcha and such a kid at heart and so genuine. He is a wonderful actor. He is so playful and so lively on the set. Amitji was a reserved kind of actor. He is a reserved man, while Abhishek is a joyful kid. He wouldn’t talk much on the set and would always mind his own work. He was always apne kaam se kaam. Abhishek is the exact opposite of his father. I am happy that he is getting his worth right now and is getting the films he is getting and he is enjoying it. He is a hard-working and work-loving actor and that I like very much, as there are very few actors who are passionate. Abhishek ko acting ka shauk hai.
    Our job is only about passion, it’s a kind of junoon. And he has that about him. So working with him is like revisiting the Bachchan family.

    Do they both have anything in common?

    The height, the talent. But Abhishek has his own way. Unlike his father, he is not a stylised actor. In fact, I don’t think this generation has any stylised actors. They have all become very natural and spontaneous and Abhishek is also one of them.

    Who did you enjoy working with more?

    I started working with Amitabh Bachchan when he was not the Amitabh Bachchan that he became. So I could say that Amitabh Bachchan was a work in progress in becoming Amitabh Bachchan and we are all part of that foundation.

    Were you competing with Mr Bachchan?

    The best thing about our relationship was that I was never pitted against him. I was always his younger brother, so there was only love and affection between us. There was never any competition for a girl and we were not partners in crime. We always had a common agenda that we got lost in our childhood and then we met again when we became adults, be it in Naseeb or Amar Akbar Anthony or even in Coolie. Kabhie Kabhie was more a reality check and we played different generations.

    Did you find a change in Mr Bachchan from the time he was not the Amitabh Bachchan to when he became the Amitabh Bachchan?

    No. Amitabh Bachchan was always very correct, very good and very grounded. Never a wrong moment. Amitabh Bachchan was never crass, he was always class. Always. He was the best class that you can work with and now, so is his son.

    Did you and Mr Bachchan ever have a crush on the same actress?

    Sorry to say that but we were going to work in a film called Mehrunnisa that was about two old people, who had been best friends, but had not met for 40 years and were fighting for the same girl. I truly have a wish list. I do wish that Sudhir Mishra should someday still make that film.

    more here…


  7. Filmfare:

    The Plot
    Here, an entire family is on the run being chased by goons. It’s a dysfunctional family; everyone has their own set of issues with each other. The journey becomes a tool for them to confront each other and their conflicts. They squabble with each other and through the course they understand each other’s point of views. It’s a journey of fun, realisation, values and confusion where happiness eventually prevails.


  8. Gosh ! where has Asin disappeared? She was pretty decent actress and very photogenic. Really liked her in all the movies she featured in Bollywood. After ‘Ready’ thought she is going to develop in Hema Malini mold with that chirpy voice.

    It seems some kind of domestic troubles as there were few nasty media reports with Neil Mukesh who was publicly bad mouthing her….


    • yeah surprising she wasn’t able to get more out of Ghajini. Also did Bol Bachchan but nothing much came of this either.


    • Did she get involved with Neil Mukesh…then god bless her., Bother Neil Nitin and Nitin Mukesh are self absored egoist and psychos. Remeber in one of the interviews, papa mukesh was telling what kind of daughterinlaw he wants and if any girl reads or knows that…not sure if she is going to maary in this self onsessed family.


  9. This film looks like a good comedy. As for Asin, she is not familiar with bollywood ways. She was a bit aloof. Did not provide masala to be filmy gossip. Same with ileana and also Genelia.


  10. Nice snaps….Was awaiting to see some shots of this movie…Abhi looks very sharp and cool…I really hope this turns to be atleast a average crosser at BO… Abhi should feature in more ‘solo’ starrers


    • “Abhi should feature in more ‘solo’ starrers”

      Yes, he will – if this one succeeds!


      • the solo thing has never been as simplistic as people have made it out to be. You can always get solos if that’s what you insist on. You just don’t get many worthwhile ones when you’re in a hole. Saif has been doing solos throughout, other stars in the past have done B grade solos (Salman for example) when they’ve not been in the running. But such a solo doesn’t necessarily get you ahead. The multistarrer can mean loss of prestige and certainly tag one as ‘supporting’ or whatever. On the other hand one can also be in high profile projects and on a good day get enough attention. Not that this is ideal and I certainly wouldn’t have recommended this course. But the point is that the solo while definitionally fine doesn’t always get you out of the doldrums. Devgan was mostly doing solos in the 90s and beyond. It hardly mattered for the longest time. Because if you don’t get credible projects those solos are very unlikely to get you out of the ditch. Again not supporting the multistarrers, just saying that it isn’t as obvious a choice as it seems. When you’re down there’s no free ride either way.


        • Satyam- what is your gut feel about AIW and what do you honestly think its going to do for AB?


          • LOL, I should refrain from gut feelings. I’ve been wrong so many times before! Nonetheless it’s too late to leave the table this late in the game. Might as well double down (or quintuple down by this point!). As I said just now have a good sense about everything here. To be honest with a more in-form star this would be considered an absolutely certain winner. Given the director’s previous film and everything else here. On what it does for Abhishek depends not just on whether it succeeds but what kind of success it is. It could be an absolute grosser and take everyone by surprise. It good gross well not stupendously but also be a critical favorite. Either one of those scenarios would be fine. Of course there has to be a minimal gross here when films are making a 100 left right and center in all sorts of genres. Shukla has just made one film and though it worked very well it’s still not a whole lot to go by (versus if he had made 2-3 films). So I can’t be more specific than this except to say once more I am overall bullish on this.


          • Well Satyam your gut feel has been spot on more often than not 😉 Really hope this one knocks it out of the park and AB gets back in the race.

            On a side note, also read that he has signed a Sanjay Gupta film (solo starrer I think). With Sanjay it’s a complete hit or a miss. Hope that was a wise decision.



          • not sure about that one.. doesn’t seem to be any confirmation on it.


          • There was Shukla’s first movie before OMG – Dhoondte Reh Jaaoge with Sonu Sood as the lead. It was guilty pleasure and entertaining if you watch it on TV.


          • the name seems to ring a bell.. didn’t know it was a TV film.


          • Not a TV film, it actually did well theatrically. I mean, its good watch during its satellite re-runs.


      • not sure if he’ll give up the multistarrers totally. Once you have solo successes no one questions you for the multistarrers. In any case your equation keeps improving even with the latter. Those franchises are a good way of generating big initial and getting to a sizable gross even in the worst case scenario. The other reason this might be the case is that I don’t think Abhishek is interested in doing solo versions of BB or HNY or whatever (though he probably wouldn’t refuse Shetty) or for that matter obvious multiplex genres. I’d guess he’s still interested in something more meaningful within a larger commercial space. But unlike before he might offset it more regularly with an obvious winner or something. And use that capital for All is well or whatever else follows. Not that completely commercial solos cannot follow but I’d be surprised if that was all he restricted himself to. Certainly as a fan I hope that’s not the case. I’ve never been interested in his succeeding at any cost. The older prestige model of his is still I believe the right one for him but of course he has to be smarter about it if he gets that chance again.


      • The potential for All is Well is to do a super-PK because it’s going to be much more accessible for a larger audience. Whether Shukla is in OMG form or not remains to be seen (that film beyond its obvious success seems to have had an afterlife), also it’s hard to tell what the initial will be like over the first weekend, then there’s the competition factor every single week, especially problematic for a genre that depends on trending. They seem to be pulling out some of the stops to get in the right musical numbers and so on. But ultimately this will have to be a film that strikes a chord. I have a good sense, a lot seems to be in place in terms of the script and casting and so on (the Abhishek-Rishi focal point is a great idea) here but the trailers will give one a much better sense of things. And again there are a number of ‘x’ factors.


  11. The first three snaps seems to be from the sets of Golmaal
    I hope this movie turns out to be good…not sure of its BO prospects though.


  12. The last time Rishi Kapoor featured in a road movie, it was in Hum Dono (co-starring Nana Patekar) and the movie was alright.

    It was about 2 step brothers and I felt that the interaction was very good. In fact, Rishi Kapoor was the scene stealer at times with his excellent comic timing.

    Bollywood hasn’t delivered too many good road movies. However, I felt that Hum Dono was quite an enjoyable ride for a movie of that time.


  13. Finally good thing about AIW is that its coming right after all multistarrer success for Abhishek moreso after HNY where he was largely appreciated. They should start promotions its less than 2 months for release. Not sure what’s happening. If promoted and marketed well, it should get family audiences at least.


  14. Abhishek looks great in these stills. He has the height, deep voice and ruggedly good looks- all attractive, masculine traits that are very rare amongst Bollywood’s short, artificially groomed heroes- but he never capitalized on them the way his father did.


  15. Maybe Indian audience dont mind short heroes as most of them are short or medium height. Charisma wins over manliness. Before Bachchan, unmanly Rajesh Khanna won superstardom with just his smile. He overtook Dharmendra, the he man,.in stardom and popularity.


    • I think height plays a large role in the physical impressiveness and presence of a person. Even outside of the superficial entertainment industry, height is very influential. It has been shown that a significant majority of Fortune 500 CEOs are taller than 6 feet, for example, and that it does have an affect on earning power. It is a definite factor in Abhishek’s favor that he hasn’t really been able to benefit from.


      • but this is also because the cinema of the age isn’t the most natural fit for his physicality. This would however have been the case had he been in the 70s or in contemporary Tamil cinema. When the epic tradition fades you no longer have a need for larger than life figures (which in turn then require certain kinds of physicality). You either have plastic masala where a variety of stars can work because it all remains at the level of surface or you have other genres removed from the latter universe. When Abhishek does a Dostana he might have the talent for it but that’s hardly the best use of his physicality. When he does Yuva it is. Once upon a time there would be more films like Yuva, today there are more like Dostana. Once again masala in Bombay, really masala-comedy has no true epic registers.

        On the larger point too one could say something similar. To the extent that cinema has often in the past favored a certain kind of physicality this too is because of cinema either being a stand-in for a mythic mode or at least being a medium of transcendence where stars could not simply be ‘mundane’. Still there are very many exceptions to the contrary. Romantic heroes of the past and so forth. In this sense I’d not automatically say that height is the same as physical impressiveness (to borrow your terms). It’s about who has the height. Abhishek definitely does have an imposing persona, the kind that cannot be missed (ironically a lot of the negative reaction to him testify to this in different ways..) but the game has to be a fair one. But it’s also true that he’s not been sensitive enough to doing films that make the most of his gifts. Other stars often do this. And while they are often advantaged by the dominant cinema of the age he could do more in terms of thinking along these lines. But it’s a Catch-22. Because there isn’t a great audience for serious brooding drama or even very serious masala except on the exceptional day. And no career can be built on exceptions. All is well might become a very successful but this is still not ideal terrain for Abhishek. Much as his father was very imposing in a Hrishikesh Mukherjee film too but to truly get the most out of that persona you had to create the angry young man. Connected to this I’ve long had the theory that Abhishek represents too much of the ‘real’ for this age. Or a star who cannot simply be consumed in the ordinary ways. To this degree Abhishek’s journey since Raavan and certainly beginning with BB has involved making the audience forget that dark, brooding self. Hence this excess of comedy, over the top stuff and so forth. I’d actually be happy if All is Well just had him in relatively serious mode. even a BM-like deal would be fine. He does deadpan well. Abhishek’s greatest strengths are also his great weaknesses vis-a-vis the age or vice versa. But he could nonetheless make something out of this state of affairs. In life things always seem obvious one way till they’re not and then everyone thinks they’re equally obvious in the other direction! But for this to happen the star also has to be shrewder and more imaginative.

        Getting to the height point one more time I’d be wary of suggesting a natural connection between height and physical impressiveness.


  16. IS all the best is also a road movie ?
    If so, this is a POOR MANS PIKU

    rishi being the poor mans Amitabh (a role he’s been paying for the
    past decade though in the last few years it doesn’t seem to be ‘poor mans’ anymore!)

    Abhishrek plays the BANKRUPT mans (not just poor mans) irrfan khan (could one have imagined this fate pre release d6 or raavan?)

    And ASIN playing the BANKRUPT woman’s (not just poor woman’s) cheapika padukone


  17. Amit kumar pandey Says:

    ape x you analogy between piku n AIW is hilarious.. guess you took couple of extra shots than usual. ..


  18. Thanx chulbul pandey
    I don’t need ‘shots’ for this…

    Ps. Unique-idea trying to be the “pappi” (of TWMR fame) of this blog like many others (but failing)


  19. Hmmm, Asin is looking fine actually –to be precise she has gained weight (in certain areas)& she can ‘act’

    Ps: on a related note, haven’t seen her film –only a few seconds-. Don’t know of she is getting any films ..but the heroine to watch out for —
    Who Looks poised to carry forward the legacy of katrina-deepika —

    Kirti Sanon


  20. Xhobdo:

    Awesome poster 🙂


  21. For some reason, I always thought that All is Well is produced or co-produced by Abhishek Bachchan. I don’t see his name anywhere on the poster.



    Superb Song ABRocks


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