Irrfan & AIB Destroy B’Wood Party Songs…Forever

[Agyaat, you made my day.  “Kyunki, yeh gaana hai / censors will let it go” — Qalandar]



13 Responses to “Irrfan & AIB Destroy B’Wood Party Songs…Forever”

  1. AamirsFan Says:

    this is so good. wasn’t a huge fan of the recent roast that they did but this is on par with the sketches Key & Peele do and what Dave Chappelle used to do on his ‘chappelle show’. its quality stuff.

    ‘christie…haan hello..accha ek baat bata…woh jo inception ki end mein…woh dream hai ya real hai?….rakh diya saale ne’ lol this part had me cracking up.

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    • This is actually pretty close to Key & Peele’s own skit from a season ago:


      • AamirsFan Says:

        lol i’m sure the inspiration was there for them…the beats and some lyrics are eerily similar.


        • What I liked about this skit was that it not only poked fun at the “party song” but also at the actor poking fun — Irrfan’s character comes off as a pretentious prick, not to mention that the references to 100 crores certainly don’t redound to the audience’s credit…


          • zeroblogs Says:

            Yeah, sort of the same spirit in which they made the mock promotional video about self-improvement with Alia Bhatt. Liked that one too for this reason – it mocked the excessive/petty ridicule directed at her simultaneously even as it mocked the utter disinterest people (from various quarters) have for anything remotely intellectual (and IIRC it was even sharper).


          • zeroblogs Says:

            But yeah, like Abzee, not a fan of AIB otherwise.


  2. Watched bits
    Found it quite mediocre and barring few lines/lyrics, is quite flat really…

    Infact even the ‘original’ aib roast involving kjo, ranveer was miles ahead
    Even something kashyap did with qutiyapa (or something like that) was better

    Jus bcos irrfan khan shows up won’t get it a rating higher than it actually is…


  3. abzee2kin Says:

    This was hilarious. Not a big fan of the AIB otherwise. Irrfan’s deadpan style of humour is waiting to be exploited.


  4. THey are poking fun at Abhishek Bachchan and all his songs here.


  5. I don’t think so. Seems like directed at Akshay from the article below.

    It seems non recognition in bollywood even after the worldwide acclaim is getting to Irfan somewhat…..I have been a big fan of his since the Banegi Apni Baat days where he played a cool dad to that stud ..forgetting his name… He really stood out with his dialogue delivery and deadpan humor there. But off late either age has caught up with him or his face bloated due to lack of sleep & constant jet setting. Couple of years here and there and one is going see him sound like another Naseeruddin Shah.

    There was good potential to stand out with this video but he comes short and may be the direction, editing is poor and never makes the intended impact except may be the last line.

    Meanwhile the good sport Akki has this to say –

    Akshay Kumar Is Upset Because Of Irrfan Khan’s AIB Party Song Video And Its Mockery Of Honey Singh

    “Everyone is loving and appreciating the video but there’s someone in Bollywood who is unhappy. Bollywood’s Khiladi Kumar AKA Akshay Kumar is busy promoting his upcoming film, Brothers, and in a recent press meet, Akshay showed his displeasure for the video. Akshay clearly said that making fun of others isn’t his thing. Akshay added “I don’t come from the background where we make fun of each other. I come from a different school. But it’s their look out. They do best what they want to. They have all the right as it’s a free country and everyone is independent to give their opinion.”


    • MSDHONI This article refutes the claim of Akshay Kumar getting upset rather he says it’s in good humour.

      Irrfan Khan’s spoof on party songs is in good humour: Akshay KumarMumbai: Actor Akshay Kumar says he enjoyed the spoof Irrfan Khan did on one of his songs – “Party All Night” (Boss)- in the All India Bakchod (AIB) video.
      Irrfan, known for his intense performances, recently showed his quirky side in “Every Bollywood Party Song” video for the standup comedy group AIB.
      Irrfan, known for his intense performances, recently showed his quirky side in “Every Bollywood Party Song” video for the standup comedy group AIB.
      In the video, Irrfan is seen explaining why he does not do party songs. Reacting to the video, Akshay said, “It was in good humour and I enjoyed the song. It was very funny. That is ok as even Irrfan was making fun of him. He did one song with me only in ‘Thank You’.”
      Akshay spoke about the same on the sidelines of a game launch event of film ‘Brothers’. The game ‘Brothers: Clash of Fighters’ has Akshay and Siddharth Malhotra in the animation mode.

      For the rest follow the link-


  6. Who are some people trying to impress ?
    Even on anonymous blogs ??

    Get real folks

    Stop this fakery

    From Monday to Sunday
    Main toh daily peeta hoon
    Sabko pata hai daaru pe hi toh jeeta hoon
    Peg banaaun kabhi naap ke nahi
    Apni peeyun kisi ke baap ki nahi

    This sounds an offshoot of the ‘alcoholic’ akshay song

    Though it’s not a patch on the legendary ‘4bottlevodka’ ….


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