CBR Trashes Fantastic Four

Excerpt: “The bad buzz around 20th Century Fox‘s “Fantastic Four” reboot has been brewing for months. Red flags included rumors of reshoots, negative fan reaction to what appeared to be significant deviation from the source material, and director Josh Trank‘s abrupt departure from his enviable “Star Wars” gig. Of course, reshoots don’t always spell doom (consider “World War Z”), and Trank says he chose to walk away from “Star Wars” to avoid being obligated to a second franchise. So, perhaps these news items have no bearing on the finished “Fantastic Four.” Regardless, it’s shocking a superhero movie can be this boring.




7 Responses to “CBR Trashes Fantastic Four”

  1. Man that just cannot be Reed Richards…


  2. Hollywood feeling pinch of new story ideas??? 143 sequels of existing movies in works!!!! May be its capitalizing on franchise but not all movies n sequels dar were lapped up by audiences!! Fantastic four sequel provide glaring example http://www.denofgeek.com/movies/movie-sequels/35837/143-movie-sequels-currently-in-the-works


  3. This film has really tanked at the box office. Hope it gives the studios some pause before making endless superhero flicks…


    • Unfortunately it’s the exception to the rule. Not to mention 9 times out of ten when this kind of thing happens as it did here it’s when Marvel isn’t producing the movie.


      • Yeah — and it’s kind of galling that at least some news reports suggest that Fox rushed into making this because they otherwise risked the rights lapsing back to Marvel!


        • Yeah that was the story with the now yawn-inducing Spider-Man franchise as well although now it sounds like Fox is folding Marvel into the re-reboot.

          I bored myself half to sleep writing that sentence.


  4. The overgrown kid or the pseudointellectual (but guilty pleasure seeking guy at heart) is the patron of these superhero flicks!
    Origin stories are a good idea but the problem is that the above cohort is not much interested with trying to rationalise. He has already suspended belief and is not interested in all the Mumbo jumbo and pseudoscience being peddled here. All his peas sized brain is seeking out is some exhilaration or adrenaline.
    He or she has already been milked dry by this overrepresented genre,,,
    Besides, for all the Mumbo jumbo and pseudoscience is better served by the emergence of the Nolan -like ‘thinking’ directors have had a further dent …thus leaving these flicks somewhat stranded


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