Brothers trailers (updated)

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  1. Naveen:

    Dhamaaka 🙂


  2. this looks to be a big bore (though I didn’t mind the original).


  3. I loved Warrior and this trailer is very promising. I wish it had a different director though; if the odious Agneepath is any indication, I don’t think Karan Malhotra has the capability to successfully remake a film like Warrior.


    • Akshay Kumar: Brothers is way better than Warrior!

      Khiladi Kumar seems to be super confident about the success of his upcoming action entertainer
      Seldom do we hear that a remake is better than the original. But Akshay Kumar thinks that his latest action flick along side Sidharth Malhotra and Jacqueline Fernandez is better than the original.

      We all know that Karan Johar’s Brothers is an official remake of Hollywood flick Warrior starring Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton. While the fans are going berserk over the Brothers trailer, Khiladi Kumar has went on to make a rather bold statement. During the trailer launch, when Akshay was asked if he had seen Warrior, Akshay quipped,” Yes, I have seen the original film….and our film is way better than the original.”

      Coming from a man like Akshay, who doesn’t mince his words, it is certainly the biggest compliment for Brothers. We will have to wait for August 14, 2015 to see if there is any substance in Akshay’s claim or is he just being overconfident about Brothers success. Will Brothers actually manage to beat the class of Hollywood flick Warrior? I wonder what Warrior’s director Gavin O’Connor has to say to Akshay’s comments.


    • will be interesting to see what kinds of numbers Akshay can put up here. He’s had a low ceiling on his last number of successes (not counting sequels and the like). With this subject it’s fair to say that the family demographic won’t be interested! But he does have a big weekend.

      As for the director you’re right but it’s hard to say how much freedom the director is allowed. Of course Johar’s around on this one too but because the burden of history is far less here (as there was with Agneepath) it might well be that he’s given the director more latitude.


      • I am a huge huge fan of Agneepath. It must be my most favorite movie ever…. Hence I was hugely skeptical to watch the remake.

        But IMO Karan did a good job of steering clear of the original and brought his own version of the movie. It didn’t insult the original movie and didn’t even try to outdo that movie. Infact it didn’t even remind me of the original which was the best thing Karan achieved in the movie. So if I will see this movie, it might be only because of Karan. I mean malhotra not Johar.


        • I’m not a huge fan of the original either though I admire it at certain levels. On the other point you’re making though this too is problematic. A remake must be a reading of the original in some meaningful way. If it simply borrows the plot-line loosely and does little else it fails in another way. Agneepath itself is a ‘remake’ of Deewar. It’s a serious attempt though I won’t repeat everything I’ve said about this in the past. Now with the new Don and though I found it completely inert (the sequel was somewhat better) at least there was a point here — to assert SRK-the-star as the only one who could take on that Bachchan burden. And the timing was not accidental. This ‘claim’ came about precisely at the time that SRK felt besieged in certain ways (Hrithik had arrived, Bachchan had been very resurgent, Aamir had reinvented himself, Abhishek had had a very successful period). And so whether one liked the film or not one could see what the point was (even if as a pure remake it was a disaster). What Johar did with Agneepath is that he avoided this ‘danger’. But if you’re doing this you might as well not remake the film. Because Agneepath has no meaning without the figure of Bachchan (I’d even argue that an entire history of Bachchan is implicated here.. this too was at the time the ultimate reinvention attempt.. and not surprisingly it went back to Deewar). So to repeat the point simply going your own way and avoiding any serious comparison with the original also does not constitute a successful remake.


  4. LOL.

    Firstly, Akshay is teaching way too many Physics classes from Gabbar to Brothers now — only to destroy all the laws of Physics.

    This looks like a horrific run-of-the-mill-movie, even putting to shame the fickleness of the original project.

    I only hope the director here doesn’t destroy the original as he did with AGNEEPATH, mainly by thinking that making Hritik a cry-baby throughout in Agneepath he would match Amitabh’s inner-angst display!!

    I don’t see anything here apart from the reliable Akshay and Jaggu. And finally this Malhotra chap – the actor – gets a chance to display what he is ONLY good at.act through the vada-pavs. Man he is wooden, very wooden.

    Also good to see Rana here after a long time having wasted ALL his talent in cringe-worthy south/Telgu masala movies. [Must have paid him well though]. Don’t think he is doing anything worthwhile here too but nonetheless, good to see him.

    Will watch it for free if I get a chance..


    • “making Hritik a cry-baby throughout in Agneepath he would match Amitabh’s inner-angst display!!” So true, though I haven’t watched the movie. This would be miscasting coup of sorts to cast Hrithik in such iconic role and think that he might somehow deliver!
      Off topic. Did you watch bullet raja? I watched it yesterday and boy I was in for a surprise! Incidentally the same calcutta home featured in Piku is also featured in the movie. I had avoided seeing this movie the same way I avoided BV based on WOM. Do watch or let me know your thoughts.


    • You seem like a big fan of AKshay Kumar.


  5. I just cannot watch people hitting each other on face; real or fake.


  6. ” This would be miscasting coup of sorts to cast Hrithik in such iconic role ”
    Forget hrithik, anybody else (including all khans & bachchan himself !) won’t be able to match bachchans iconic role in AP at the time

    But inspite of this ‘miscasting’ hrithik took a detour and salvaged the film . KJOs emotional project — was to rescue the original AP, a commercial flop (let’s face it and not be in denial)
    Into a BONAFIDE box office hit

    And mind u–it wasn’t a typical kjo romcom or manipulative family drama but a DARK VIOLENT version
    Reaching those numbers was truly an achievement for the new AP

    The same in ZNMD–
    HR was uncomfortable throughout, was miscast
    And FORCED to share screen space with virtual commercial nobodys

    But sometimes one has to SHRINK ones persona for the overall good.
    One could see that ‘vanity’ & ‘star presence’ slowly MINGLE and DISSOLVING with the crowd

    That’s the right stardom–one that can ECLIPSE ITSELF when needed


    • Apex, you’ve said a lot of extremely foolish things in the past but this comment will constitute one of your gold standards. Just the contradictions in every other sentence will make it so..!


  7. Akshay Kumar is the bigegst superstar since 1992.


  8. Anyways, one thing I would like to credit Akshay is he’s trying to improve movie quality by bits and pieces. Last few years have been good films even though not big hits – Special 26, Holiday, Baby, and upcoming Brothers and Airlift.


  9. thecooldude Says:

    Wake me up when Akshay delivers his first 200 CR…or even his first 150 before we start putting him in same sentence with the Khans!


    • AamirsFan Says:

      akki’s acting really has become one dimensional ever since Patiala House. I rank him a notch above Sallu and couple notches below SRK and Aamir as far as acting goes. And as for box office…he has fallen way behind. Even in this movie, I agree with Satyam (though I don’t think he was talking about Akki’s acting) that its a bore, especially Akshay’s acting.


  10. miserable song and video.. most importantly Kareena is all wrong here.


  11. Mera Naam Mary

    My hatred for Kareena is legendary
    But when it comes to the ‘truth’ I dont even spare myself !

    I’m feeling uncomfortable admitting it
    But Kareena is looking good here (&somewhat seductive!)

    This does NOT reach the ‘heights’ of chikni chameli but
    This director sure has a knack for filming item songs

    As for Sid Malhotra —
    His time will come
    Somewhere somehow
    even for a film Or just a scene–
    he has something in him

    Mera naam mary hai
    Mary sau takka teri hai

    Ps: I’m just wondering how did this happen
    How did I find Kareena somewhat good here? Any ideas….


  12. Comtd from above–
    In ‘mera Naam Marie’
    Has Kareena improved ?
    Or have my standards dropped?


  13. Apex: (Ps: I’m just wondering how did this happen
    How did I find Kareena somewhat good here? Any ideas….)

    main hosh mein tha to phir us pe mar gaya kaise
    yeh zeher mere lahoo mein utar gaya kaise


  14. I think many (christian) folks are not happy in them using ‘Mary’ name as item girl image. I don’t remember if it was ever used in this context ever earlier.


    • yes it’s one of those stereotypical names which also carries the ‘Anglo-Indian’ stigma. Like ‘Julie’! But yeah these names were used a lot for bargirls once.


  15. Sapna Jahan is a beautiful song..


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  17. Yup good sequence this,,,
    And Sid Malhotra is doing better than expected here..

    Ps: tho I’m finding increasingly the battle against the taste buds more difficult than training…


  18. brothers will be avg. grosser.. might not cross 70 crs too.


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