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  1. Enjoyed the trailer though Katrina looks completely out of place. But this looks to be a pretty solid thriller even if it carries bit of a ‘D Day” (a film I quite enjoyed) hangover. Incidentally I quite enjoyed the Hussain Zaidi book the film is supposedly based on.


    • found it rather poor. Katrina is certainly miserable here in terms of her lines and so on but even otherwise this is more about superpower envy (!). Doubt this will even be as good as Baby (a film that I enjoyed but found overrated). Kabir Khan has curiously though done a 180 here from his Bajrangi message!

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    • Comparison with the classic HIT film this year – BABY is inevitable. The genre is similar thought this has loud action whereas Baby was more realistic and incomparable Akshay Kumar


  2. “A story you wish were true” is almost comical, especially following comments about America getting OBL “in his own backyard” — “superpower envy” is the right term Satyam. This is also yet another evidence of a peculiarly Saif kind of envy: he tries to replicate the work of the more successful Bollywood stars by “out-Hollywooding” them (the relationship of this film to Ek Tha Tiger is that of Cocktail to the usual Bollywood romantic film).


  3. The trailer is not bad. Looks interesting. In the wake of Yakub Memon’s verdict, this will be topical.


  4. This is such a blah trailer. And when is Saif retiring from acting? He has the same problem that of Ranbir Kappor – can’t get out of playing himself in every film. He is always “Saif”. I was really impressed by Kabir Khan’s use of Katrina in action sequences and all in Ek tha Tiger but here she seems so out of place.


  5. Didn’t find it intriguing enough. I will keep it for a DVD watch. It looks anaemic compared to Baby and D-Day,


  6. AamirsFan Says:

    i remember reading an article on here saying how different BB and Phantom were going to be..and it has certainly turned out to be true. this is a totally different ‘take’ on pak/indian relations than BB. the subject is just not that enticing anymore.


  7. “the subject is just not that enticing anymore.”
    Gr8 job by Kabir khan, saif…
    The responses to these tow films will be interesting indeed
    Watch the space


    • AamirsFan Says:

      do you have a problem with me being a pakistani or something??? what is going on with you dude? all these innuendos that you leave are very annoying. kindly stop stalking me man. i aint that kind of dude.


  8. AamirsFan Says:

    as they say…that escalated quickly….i like how kabir is trying to be rational about it…he maintained his cool throughout.


  9. Very messy trailer.. both Saif and Katrina not looking good here. If you have the trailer saying “From the makers of Kick” then show full on political movie with serious undertones, it becomes comical something like Tropic Thunder especially with a dialogue like ‘Ghar mein ghuske maarenge’


  10. Thrillers of the genre needs to that relentless pace and keep the viewers on the edge of the seat. This is where Baby, in particular, worked. Whilst being no classic, it kept the viewer engrossed from the very beginning until the very end. It introduces the issue in the very first scene and from then on the pace never drops.

    I felt Kabir Khan’s movies are a bit pedestrian and while it would work in other genres, it doesn’t work here.

    When you look at the trailer, there is going to be some long build up before the best things kick in. And if you spend half of the movie in the build up and the pace picks up late, then the viewer becomes bored.

    Another problem is the genre itself. The last time a movie grossed well in the genre, we have to go way back to 2003 when The Hero’s 25cr gross was quite decent for that time. It was the 3rd highest grosser of the year but was still an under-performer compared to Gadar or Border. Rohit Shetty’s Zameen based on the same theme that year grossed 9cr.

    Good flicks in the genre haven’t performed too well. D-Day sank without a trace. Agent Vinod underperformed massively. Baby’s 90cr this year looks low compared to BB.


    • Agreed, I too enjoyed Hero. But on the lines of military thriller, the film I have enjoyed the most is “16 December”. I think it was a better film than a Baby.


      • Can’t compare 16 Dec with Baby. Both had different stories. I liked both even though BABY had more path breaking narrative


  11. Offside Says:

    Don’t ever understand why Katrina should be cast here!
    Saif’s on a decline.

    When lines like ‘Cricket khelna band kar…’, ‘Ghar pe ghus kar…’
    make it to a trailer of this genre… things don’t bode well.
    Will struggle to open in double digits first day.


  12. Saif Ali Khan: Everyone knows who is behind 26/11 terror attacks
    PTI | August 11, 2015, 19.12 pm IST

    Mumbai: Against the backdrop of JuD chief and Mumbai attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed seeking a ban on the release of ‘Phantom’, Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan on Tuesday said the film is based on facts and everybody knows who is responsible for 26/11 terror attacks.

    Alleging that the film, set on post-26/11 attacks and global terrorism, contains “filthy propaganda” against Pakistan, Saeed had last week filed a plea in a Lahore court, through his advocate A K Dogar, pleading that the Saif-starrer film, which is scheduled to release on August 28, has “venom against Pakistan and Jamaat-ud-Dawa.”

    Reacting to it, Saif told reporters here that, “The film is based on facts and everybody knows what happened during 26/11 and everybody knows who is responsible for the same. We all know that terrorists are hiding in Pakistan, so why shouldn’t we accept it? Why should we just make films on fictitious events?

    “We know what the reality is. Is this a secret? Why can’t we say this in open? Aren’t there people who are dead for Indians but residing in Pakistan. You all know that right?” Saif said.

    “If a wanted terrorist can go to the court of law in any country, I feel it’s ridiculous. This is a sign of a really great nation that they entertain complaint by a terrorist,” the 44-year-old actor quipped.

    Directed by Kabir Khan, ‘Phantom’ is about post-26/11 attacks in Mumbai and global terrorism. The screenplay of the film has been written in co-ordination with author Hussain Zaidi, and is an adaptation of his book ‘Mumbai Avengers’. Saif said people should see the film before passing any judgement. “Nobody is against Pakistan or their religion, but this is a different subject and Kabir has treated it in a nice way. I feel that the people should see the film before passing judgement,” he said.

    “The film ‘Phantom’ is half-fiction and half-fact. I am very proud of the film. This is a very honest film and take on the subject. We are not sensationalising terrorism in the film,” he said.

    Saif said they are not interested in slamming Pakistan. Also see: Finally it’s here: The first look of Katrina Kaif, Saif Ali Khan in Kabir Khan’s Phantom “A lot of us who have families dating back to pre-Independence and pre-Partition would have families in Pakistan, especially Muslims. My family would also not like to do any film that bashes any community… nobody is interested in bashing Pakistan,” he said.

    “We have worked on these subjects earlier and we would like to give realistic point of view. Even if you try and portray things correctly… with Pakistan the thing is that they will even ban it. They will not even look at it even if there are some good and bad guys… there is some terrorist organisation and some Prime Minister who wants peace. They are not interested. This is my experience,” he said.

    While Saif was shooting for “Phantom”, he had an inkling that the film would be banned in Pakistan. “When I was shooting for “Phantom”, I knew that Pakistan will ban the film without even watching it. I have made “Agent Vinod” and Kabir Khan (director) has made “Ek Tha Tiger” which were banned in Pakistan. So I am not surprised with the ban in Pakistan,” he said. The people involved in making “Phantom” are Indian Muslims, he said. “One important fact is all the people involved in making the film are Indian Muslims and I think we have a point of view and “Phantom” is a very patriotic film. It is one of the most heroic films I have ever been offered,” he said.

    In the past, Saif did films like “Agent Vinod” and “Kurbaan” which had terrorism as a subject. “I am attracted to such scripts (“Agent Vinod”, Phantom”). I was happy that Sajid offered me the film. A great producer and a great director team has really made me realise my dream,” he said.

    The upcoming political thriller film is set to release on August 28.


    • Re.- “If a wanted terrorist can go to the court of law in any country, I feel it’s ridiculous. This is a sign of a really great nation that they entertain complaint by a terrorist,” the 44-year-old actor quipped.

      Bravo Saif Ali Khan ..maza aa gaya !!
      Adarsh Liberals will go berserk !!


  13. Some good stuff by saif

    And a cool ‘jump’ by katrina
    Liked her action in ETT

    This has an ETT vibe–will watch it

    Na humaara hua na tumhara huaa
    Ishq ka ye sitam na gawara hua ….


  14. Interesting panel here on Barkha;s show… Saif/Kabir Khan for Phantom, then Hussain Zaidi, the Pakistani novelist Mohammed Hanif, the guy from Indian ocean and of course the usual political spokesmen:


  15. Lets see what the free speech & freedom of expression borage here n elsewhere respond to this
    Will they openly supoort Kabir n saif or remain strategically silent ?

    “I hope my country will protect me” – Kabir Khan fears for his life

    Post the Pakistan court’s decision to ban Kabir Khan’s Phantom on the basis of 26/11 mastermind Hafiz Saeed’s allegation against the film that it contains “filthy propaganda” against him and his political outfit, the film’s director fears for his life.

    A source close to Kabir Khan says, “These are not good enemies to have. People who can slaughter scores of people in terror attacks wouldn’t think twice about harming someone who they believe to be harming their interests. We are concerned about Kabir’s welfare. And we wish our government would provide him security.”

    Kabir Khan says more than him his wife Mini Mathur is worried. “Thanks to Hafiz Saeed, the world press has descended on me. I just hope my life is not under threat. My wife is genuinely nervous. I hope my country will protect me.”

    In the meanwhile, Sajid Nadiadwala the producer of Phantom has expressed concern over the safety of the entire cast and crew of Phantom.

    “It is just a film. A political thriller, no doubt provocative but at the end of the day, fictional. The political angle is part of the script. We don’t claim to follow the political ideology of the characters in the film,” says Nadiadwala.

    Filmmakers making political films have always been vulnerable to attacks. Whether it’s the Greek director Costa-Gavras or the Iranian Majid Majidi directors dealing with political issues are under constant threat.

    Most recently gay activist-filmmaker Pervez Sharma was openly threatened for his documentary on Mecca.—Kabir-Khan-fears-for-his-life


    • Katrina has literally taken things in her hands here (action wise!) and saif is doing a good ‘supporting’ role …
      Some gritty insurgency action here
      Kabir khans experience of documentaries helps …

      Tu sitaaron mein zameeno mein tuhi to maula har tarfa
      Maarke maine zameeron ko maana bas ek taraf hai qaaba


  16. Saif-Katrina’s Phantom to Akshay’s Baby: How Bollywood has dealt with terrorism on screen

    Phantom and its subject of global terrorism, however, is not a new one in Bollywood. While the film gears up for its release on August 28, we take a look at the other films which have dealt with the theme of terrorism in the past.


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