Images from Singh is Bliing (updated)

thanks to Xhobdo..

thanks to Apex…


9 Responses to “Images from Singh is Bliing (updated)”

  1. Looks perfect….as good as Amitabh & Deepika in Piku 🙂


    • Deepika never looked so HOT…Amy is looking like a Chingaari here. 🙂

      Akshay can never be like BigB, though many call him an industry the way they used to call BigB.


  2. Singh is Bling Movie Trivia:

    1) Kareena was signed for this movie. Salman offered Bajrangi Bhaijaan, she dropped out of this movie and took that offer. Then Kriti Sanon was signed for this movie and she started learing kick boxing and action training. On the other hand, Alia Bhatt having date problems to match Rohit Shetty’s Dilwale schedule opposite Varun Dhawan. They offered Diwale to Kriti Sanon and Kriti backed out of SIB and took up Dilwale. Then ‘I’ released and they offered SIB to Amy Jackson.

    2) Singh is Bling title is suggested by Karan Johar. IMO, Horrible title!


  3. I think this is least of the expected movie by Akshay Kumar, but can surprise. The low expectation can actually work in the film’s favor.
    Baby – 95 Cr
    Gabbar – 85 Cr

    Total – Rs 180 Cr so far in 2015

    Industry is expecting Rs 400 cr in 2015 and Akki is on course with
    Brothers and Singh is Blingg


  4. ‘Industry is expecting Rs 400 cr in 2015 and Akki is on course with
    Brothers and Singh is Blingg.’ With what kind of input costs ( print + publicity) ?


    • With a 60Cr per film, cost is about 240 cr. 20% of this cost will get recovered from satellite sales and other 10% via merchandise. So 75 Cr nett is needed to recover the cost. All his movies are doing above this mark.
      Expecting Brothers to be his biggest Hit and take the count to higher numbers.


  5. “Amy is looking like a Chingaari here. “– haha can’t disagree there

    Btw to be frank, besides some ‘age’ issues, there’s always something PERVERSE about the ‘pose’ here & the way they r ‘sitting’

    But who carez— I liked something about this –unsure what 🙂


  6. Seems hilarious and right up Akshay’s alley…..looking forward.
    Thank goodness Amy Jackson is off that Prateik Babbar boat !
    Fits in perfectly here.

    Releasing on national holiday 2nd Oct is again a huge plus.

    Amazing to note how Akki and Salman keep coming up with decent outings at such regular intervals though Akki to be fair has outdone everyone this year with 4 back to back big movies.


  7. similar to sing is king…looks good


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