Hero (Images & Trailer) (updated)

thanks to MS Dhoni..

thanks to MS Dhoni…

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  1. at least these posters are terrible!


  2. Bob Cristo Says:

    Can’t say anything about film, But Bande main dum dikhta hai. This guy has intense and Passionate look. Suraj Uday hona chahiye, Hero (Film) bhale hi ast ho jaye.


  3. compared to this the original looks like Sholay..

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  4. o freshnaess. Sooraj and Athiya are going through the motion. And as some one said, Soorja looks like a jootachor. Also, most imprtantly, the basic material is mediocre and outdated.

    This one has the same pitfall as the attempt to remake stale, outdated material like Himmatwala. Evey generation needs its own youth masala.


    • this looks incredibly poor in every sense of the word and other than sucking up to Salman I cannot see how anyone could reasonably find this an impressive trailer.

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      • There is not a single original scene in the trailor. Fight sequence – check, Bike chase – check, romantic song in snow – check, etc etc. For strange reason, this even reminds of Heropanti which is already successful movie.

        Looks like Nikhil Advani just couldn’t reject Salman’s Khan offer and did whatever he could with this remake. Salman should have offered this to a young director who had the passion or spark to make a movie and not to someone as job or responsibility.


  5. MSDhoni Says:

    Utkal its targeting the younger ‘new’ audience. The usp of the original movie when it came was a breakaway from the rut, when Bachchan, Dharmendra &, Khanna etc were the dominant stars in Bollywood. Bollywood is yearning for some fresh romance with eloping couple!

    QSQT was nothing but a breath of fresh air from the usual masala stuff. It also depends on Nikhil Advani how he treats the movie and then songs are important. Happy that Salman let go his ego and moved it away from a clash on 04th with Welcome.


    • First off the original came in ’83. Bachchan was of course dominant but Khanna had left the industry at that point and Dharmendra was hardly dominant at that point (or at any after the mid-70s) though he had a late run in ’87 with a string of hits. QSQT released in ’88.

      Freshness is completely overrated. A good film with a credible pair (for that film) can work at any point. Which is why even at the peak of masala there were a few youth romances that worked in a big way without in any way denting the dominant genres of the time. Much as when Hero released Jeetendra’s South phase was beginning and he did very well with these for a couple of years or so.

      Finally the original (Hero) was also hardly a fresh film in the QSQT sense. I have a weakness for it and it’s held up well enough (though all of Ghai from that period seems dated in one way or the other.. not including something like Karz) but it was still very much in keeping with the times. A masala effort, tonally much like Ghai’s other stuff before and after. Again not like QSQT which was very different at the time and is still I’d say a very fresh film.

      can the film nonetheless run? Sure! Lots of garbage runs all the time.


      • I would as well not call ‘Hero'(1983) as fresh, it was usual all ingredients mix movie by Subhash Ghai. I would rather call Kumar Gaurav’s Love Story (1981) really fresh for its time and even Sunny Deol’s Betaab (1983) compared to Hero.


  6. MSDhoni: Yes. Nut QSQT had Aamir and Juhi. The freshness started from there, the it was reinforced by the trratment of Manssor Khan and the music of Jatin Lalit. We dont know about the music and treatment yet. But Sooraj and Athiya are no Aamir-Juhi.


  7. “But Sooraj and Athiya are no Aamir-Juhi.”

    In ’89 aamir was not even a bit noticeable. Those were Shahenshah days of bollywood. The movie got noticed by the sound track of Anand Milind and esp Papa Kehte hain and Udit Narayan was a new voice. The hero face etc got noticed later. Even then its the climax that took the movie to another level.

    A lover story with tragic end normally scores in hindi cinema.


    • Actually Aamir became big after QSQT. He had a number of films that he signed up after this. His next Tum mere ho did about ok. But the next big one was Dil in 1990. Was the biggest hit that year (Aaj Ka Arjun and Ghayal were also very successful that year but Dil was the biggest). In any case there was no lag on Aamir’s popularity. Shahenshah by the way also released in ’88 and some months before QSQT if memory serves. Tezaab followed late the same year and of course this truly launched Madhuri. Now it’s true that MPK and Salman were even bigger once that film released in the very last week or so of ’89. But Aamir nonetheless was a bona fide heartthrob after QSQT. Also the industry was in flux at that point. A lot was going on. Anil Kapoor had a good run for a few years in this period (Tezaab became Madhuri’s film but Ram Lakhan followed early the next year), then then was Tridev late in the year. And so on.


  8. It makes Heropanti look like some kind of classic. And when I saw the faces, for a moment it looked like a kid romancing Sunil Shetty in wigs! I have to admit that Tiger Shroff looks like 10 times the actor Suraj is trying to be here.


  9. why is sallu murdering the original hero??? the original hero was so fresh with Jackie and Meenakshi had a sparkling chemistry…………and Subhash Ghai was years away from his Kaanchi phase 🙂


  10. The original Hero was a good film. Ghai took some risks there. He was the top director of that time, could have gone for any kind of multi-starrer with the biggest stars around. Instead he cast new faces. Jackie Shroff had played some part of a villain’s sidekick earlier. Ghai’s hero was an anti-hero early on with full beard and looking like a real thug. So, Ghai did not really played it safe.

    Here the hero looks like some college kid who has just come out of a gym.

    The original Hero isn’t the best love story around but it was a pretty good movie for its time. The lead pair especially were very good at their debut.

    The new version seems like a real let-down.


  11. Poor copy.. Flop


  12. AamirsFan Says:

    athiya shetty already better dialogue delivery than her father.


  13. Amitabh is careful and hasn’t said anything about Sooraj Pancholi but spoke only about Shetty’s daughter.


    Amitabh Bachchan ‏@SrBachchan
    T 1931 – … so many letters to describe dear friend Sunil Shetty’s daughter .. Athiya .. love & blessings


  14. Parineeti Chopra ‏@ParineetiChopra Aug 6
    OH MY GODDD!!! Salman Khan in glasses, singing the most beautiful love song and smiling that naughty smile is LIFE!!!!! I have fainted..


  15. The ONLY thing good about this Is not the nepotism afflicted starcast

    But Salmans rendition of

    Dil hai yeh sochta
    Phir bhi nahi pataa
    Kis haq se kahun bataa

    Ke Main Hoon Hero Tera …..

    Ps: one of the most effective star renditions of the title track recently ..bachchan sr is much better though in this


    • assuming Salman is even singing that song! I’m only half-joking. With technology these days pretty much anyone could sing that song and probably sound exactly the same!


  16. Not bad at all !

    [added to post]


  17. Agree here –

    Karan Johar ‏@karanjohar 5h5 hours ago
    Star alert!! @soorajpancholi9 @theathiyashetty #hero @nickadvani…burn the dance floor with http://bit.ly/DanceKeLegend @amarbutala


    • Man you are a fan of even the films that Salman produces!!! Not just the ones he acts in!! Never come across a fan like you..at least online — I mean EXCLUDING the fanaticism in the south for southern stars..

      I have been and will be a big fan of Amitabh but have NEVER promoted or thumbs-upped SARASWATI CREATIONS or AB CORP or Aaradhya Bachchan’s dress on a Saturday evening..

      Anyway to each his or her own..just surprised is all..maybe age has to do something with it??


  18. Singh Is Bliing | Official Trailer | Akshay Kumar | 2nd October
    [added to post]


  19. Jackie Shroff may not be a good example for imitation, but if sooraj could do half as well in this movie a new star is on the horizon.

    Salman Khan ‏@BeingSalmanKhan 13h13 hours ago
    Watch mere heroes, @soorajpancholi9 and @theathiyashetty ki mind blowing chemistry in #KhoyaKhoya http://bit.ly/KhoyaKhoya-Hero


  20. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/hindi/bollywood/news/Salman-Khan-No-matter-what-position-you-are-in-you-can-be-wiped-out-any-time/articleshow/48871376.cms

    “With the amount of attention that they are getting, be it at public appearances or otherwise, even before the release of the film, they are already stars, right? These days you do not have to wait for your film to hit the theatres to become a star?

    Salman: We’ve seen some films that haven’t done well, but the actors became stars. Then there are other films which were successful, but did nothing to the actors’ careers. So it is a very dicey situation. The film has to do well and both the main actors have to do well. There are lots of examples. Rocky did not do that well, but Sanjay Dutt became a huge star. The film did an average business, but it wasn’t like Betaab or Maine Pyar Kiya. Like Ram Teri Ganga Maili did really well, but it didn’t work for Rajiv Kapoor’s career. It’s complicated, you don’t know what the future holds. I thought Kumar Gaurav was the biggest star and everyone thought so too, but four years later, there was no work. I still feel that he looks the same as he looked in Love Story. I have told these people, learn from these examples – no matter where you are and in what position, you can be wiped out any time.”


  21. Q. Can Hero open well due to Salman Khan factor and be as big as the 1984 Jackie Shroff film?
    Ans. The film should open well as the Salman Khan song has become a hit but its very unlikely to become as big as the 1983 film simply because that was directed by one Hindi cinema’s best ever directors Subhash Ghai and this is directed by a director with a very bad track record so has to surpass his previous works by leaps and bounds. The film has good chances to work as hype has been created and its a ready made blockbuster story but almost impossible to be as big as the 1983 film.



  22. Kabir Khan ‏@kabirkhankk 18h18 hours ago
    Really happy to see my ETT AD @Soorajpancholi9 & the lovely @theathiyashetty sizzle on screen… Loved #Hero 😊
    Embedded image permalink

    Karan Johar ‏@karanjohar Sep 6
    #HERO releases on the 11th of September!! Go make it your weekend blast!! @amarbutala @BeingSalmanKhan

    mukesh chhabra CSA ‏@CastingChhabra 8h8 hours ago
    #Hero has action, performances, music and all the ingredients of making a film worth going to the theatres for.jayooo full on siteeeeee maro

    Bollywood Arena ‏@BollyArena 53m53 minutes ago
    Check out #Hero Box Office Prediction


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