Abhishek in Sanjay Gupta’s Ek Tha Gangster?


After his disastrous attempt at family drama in his last release All Is Well, Abhishek Bachchan will reportedly team up with Sanjay Gupta for an intense role in a gangster flick titled Ek Tha Gangster.

Gupta, who recently wrapped up shooting for Jazbaa with Abhishek’s wife Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, will be showcasing Abhishek in a never-seen-before intense avatar, it seems. AB Jr has given his nod to the role and a little birdie claims that the film, which will be a typical Sanjay Gupta fare with action and thrills, might go on floors early next year.

Jazbaa, which is based on Korean flick Seven Days, is slated to release on October 9.


12 Responses to “Abhishek in Sanjay Gupta’s Ek Tha Gangster?”

  1. He’d talked about doing an ‘intense’ role after AIW so this story is probably correct. There was also talk months ago about a film with Sanjay Gupta.


  2. good combination,hope it works well for him this time


  3. Ranbir Kapoor – Jabse Bhai ki GF ko apni GF banaya hai, Career ki lag gayi hai

    Abhishek – Soch maine toh SHAADI ki hai😄😄


  4. Lol, I guess this joke can include Vivek Oberoi too.


  5. Really man he should just hang it up. Can’t believe this will revive his career (iwhat little he had to begin with).

    In my mind there are couple of ways he can do so:

    1) He needs someone like Mani or a top billing director like Karan Johar or Rohit Shetty to direct him in a solo
    2) He needs to completely revamp his looks (yes 6-packs etc.) such that it would just create an excitement and get people to come see him (esp since he has always down played that). This would be akin to an Item number… Just the novelty factor would get people talking about it and actually curious to see him.

    But we all know that neither of these 2 are going to happen. In All honesty his elitist attitude of not even considering a mega transformation of his physic is mind boggling. Granted he’s definitely better than before but clearly not enough. And thus he is going to be no more than a mediocre supporting actor. Seriously these pathetic newcomers (seriously Sooraj and Athiya… Are you f’ing kidding me) are opening better than him. Forget even Ranbir/Ranveer/Arjun/Varun or heck he’s even behind Reitesh and John at this point.

    Us fans just have to come to grips and accept the fact that his career is OVER.


  6. One more disaster on its way. Abhishek and Gangster? Errrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! No man not at any cast. He is good at comedy and some other lighter roles but these kind of roles are never his cup of tea. This whole family should jointly
    focus on production and that too for big budget movies rather than Paa type ones. Plus they should cast big stars in those and should choose side/smaller roles for themselves instead of leading roles. Then and only then their vehicle can move forward otherwise it seems to be a gone case.


  7. I actually think he should go for an intense kind of role. The last time that I liked a performance from him was in DMD and it was an intense kind of deal. So, maybe a solo in the intense kind will make people take him seriously again.

    Sanjay Gupta is hardly the safest bet. SAW barely collected 54cr net and was overrun by Aashiqui 2. Gupta has hardly done anything significant as a director during the last 12-13 years. But the gangster genre is something he seems to specialise in. And I would prefer to see Abhishek in such a project rather in insignificant supporting roles.

    That said, there have been various rumours of different Abhishek Bachan solos popping up often during the last few years but most of them haven’t materialised.


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