Katti-Batti trailers (updated)

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  1. Beginning of woman power as star attraction. Not as bimbo but on the strength of sheer talent.


    • Is it remake or inspired by ‘500 days of summer’?????


      • That’s the first thing that struck me “500 Days of Summer”.

        But it seem’s this one is inpired from it, and Kangana in typical bollywood style is in double role!


  2. kangana is a superstar material going at lightening speed towards dizzy heights……….she looks ravishing in this promo and acts well – she will save imran’s sagging career for sure…


  3. After censorship issues becoming overwhelming in India, filmmakers are probably imposing self-censorship to ensure that their films don’t get stuck in needless issues with the Central Board of Film Certification. Accordingly, director Nikhil Advani has changed the name of his upcoming film that stars Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut. According to reports, Nikhil has been quoted as saying that, “The earlier title Saali Kutiya was way too gimmicky. It was not necessary at all. The film is about the highs and lows of a relationship and what really transpires in their lives and how it all gets resolved. There is no point of getting such thing just for the buzz. I loved it but I also agreed on why we should drop it. Katti Batti sums up the idea of the film in the same way! What life is, what love is, what their relationship is is best summed up in this title.”


  4. Titling a movie Saali Kutiya would be ‘A la mode’ if Anurag Kashyaps were still in circulation. But recent failure of BV has lead a lot of filmmakers to think rational so Katti Batti it is. Looking at the trailer, this seems like an interesting choice for Imran as a comeback vehicle as Kangana will chew him up in current form.

    Another interesting movie coming up is Balki’s movie with Arjun Kapoor and Kareena where Arjun K is playing ‘stay at home’ partner.
    I am happy for men here and Indian filmmakers are giving the Indian women ideas on taking on the bread winning role rather than sit and watch saas bahu dailies on tv. The socioeconomics of parenting in India should change too and stay-at-home fathers must become a reality in Indian setting too.


  5. tonymontana Says:

    Women empowerment doesn’t mean showing a lead actress who believes in shallow live-in relationships.

    After the self-righteous and immoral Tanu Weds Manu Returns, IMO I don’t think we should celebrate characters like these in films. Sends across a very wrong message to the youngsters.

    I’m sorry. Im old school in this regard.


    • This isn’t even women empowerment; it is disguised misogyny. There are SO many better, more realistic ways to create an empowered, Indian, female character (for example Piku, who struggled to balance her career with her filial duties) but the fact that filmmakers keep choosing this far-fetched depiction of ‘modern girls’ as selfish, impulsive lunatics (or Saali Kutiya) shows exactly what their opinion of women is. Even in TWMR there was a laughably contrived scene where Tanu storms into Datto’s wedding and insults her and it was there only to provide the audience with the cheap thrill of seeing a psuedo-feminist woman being insulted and put in her place.

      And I don’t think Tanu was celebrated in the least in TWMR, and it’s clear that the heroine of Katti Batti is going to be equally vilified (just in the trailer alone, various people call her chaalu, selfish and commitment-phobic). It’s more like let’s create the most (unrealistically) repulsive female character so that we have an excuse to be cruelly slut-shaming.


      • tonymontana Says:

        Dont you think other pseudo-feminists still got a kick out of watching Tanu behave like she did? and no matter what anyone said she still had the last laugh. maybe the tides have changed from Cocktail to this one.

        what we need to set as an example in movies is a modern, independent-thinking woman who believes in relationships.


        • tonymontana Says:

          that too long-term, lifelong ones


          • I consider myself a feminist, and I found Tanu to be a completely idiotic and unrealistic character. I also don’t think she got the last laugh. Datto silenced her effectively and she had nothing to say in response. She also completely humiliated herself at the wedding to win her husband back and it wasn’t even like he called off the wedding with Datto himself.

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          • yeah ami – that was a stupid end – datto had earned her right to be the bride but tanu and manu were scripted to act so iditotically that it was bizarre – only kangana’s acting saved the whole farce


    • Empowerment IMO is ability to choose without social oversight; Your actions could still be good or bad for yourself. And you should own the responsibility of actions.


    • I agree completely, every word.


  6. Wow munna –he speaks less but when he does, he makes more sense than the unending essays of some …


  7. There seems a rush amongst non happening actors to milk Kanganas dream run…

    After the fun teaser, here’s presenting the full song from ‘Katti Batti’ – ‘Lip to Lip De Kissiyan’. The song is peppy and fun to watch. Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut feature in this ‘Adventures of Kissyman’ and the song has written ‘fun’ all over it. Sometimes in a comic strip, sometimes in balcony and sometimes on the moon…the two doesn’t leave any space to kiss!
    This is Bollywood’s first ever motion song and Nikhil Adani has done a fabulous job. Sung by Ritu Pathak and Nikhil D’Souza, the song has been composed by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. The lyrics have been penned by Kumaar.
    ‘Katti Batti’ releases on September 28. And now enjoy the song:
    [added to post]


  8. Katti Batti will do exceptionally well at the BO. The only thing is it won’t pick Imran’s career up much. He’s a bit more in real life than he can ever be on screen!


  9. Sau Ansoo

    I heard this strain somewhere for five seconds,
    Reminded me of SEL, thought they are no longer that active
    Just checked –I was right —
    Shankar Mahadevan, Ehsaan Noorani and Loy Mendonsa are back

    After ‘selling their soul’ sometimes to ‘keep up’ with the BASTARDISED musical scene, Shankar ehsaan loy create this.

    Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not exceptional by SEL standards

    But I like how they’ve evoked the DEF LEPPARD WHITESNAKE vibe here

    With Kangana at the top of her game –she’s near legendary already
    It makes two performers I really respect
    (This Imran chap is incidental here!)

    And at the vocals is a singer that I consider ONE OF THE BEST EVER
    Shankar Mahadevan
    His mastery over his craft couples with the VOICE
    a distinctive full timbre reminiscent of kishore kumar
    Here he gives a masterclass

    Jaane waala jaane nahi
    Jaane se uske jaan gayi
    Aate jaate phir wo dikhe
    Palkon ne chhaane mod kayi…



  10. Dil ka musaafir baat na maane
    Mud mud dekhe raste puraane
    Zidd chhodta hi nahin..

    For the first time, I liked a FEMALE lead role as spoof…for myself!

    Kangana seems up to the task..


  11. The ‘pretenders’–katti batti 1

    The other day someone mentioned that nikhil advani has a wide ‘range’ and crosses genres
    Well, this is admirable but ONLY if associated with a certain minimum ability and calibre…
    In Katti Batti, Advani is totally at sea
    All the tropes, all the accompaniments are there
    But the requisite talent and class is missing

    Irrfan Khan has to be the WORST leading actor currently in circulation. TOTALLY devoid of charisma, style, timing –
    A listless piece of wood
    But even he is not repulsive (& less irritant than someother famous starsons with famous surnames!) because atleast imran is trying hard and is a nice guy offscreen (that shows onscreen)
    But cinema is not watched to see just good nice people

    The ONLY salvaging factor is SEL
    whose music is let down by the inane film
    That makes it another one such situation after kill dil

    Now coming to Kangana
    She’s not bad but she’s nowhere near her TWMR standard
    Her role is quite short compared to the deadwood Imran
    And seems she was requested (read forced or pressurised) to do this by Salman (this is well documented) maybe as a favor to advani (who did salmas hero remake)
    And she was also seemingly pressurised by aamir as a desperate effort to help imrans sagging career
    Why the FCUK did aamir cry after watching this piece of shit?


  12. The pretenders –katti batti–contd from above

    My extremely negative reaction may come as a big surprise to some -like it did to my coviewer(s)

    I actually fell asleep (on someone’s shoulder) midway –only to now woken up,,,

    One doesn’t have to go far… I consider even the likes if Sid Anand better than this crap.
    Let’s not even talk about the INFINITELY better examples like saif flicks like SN…

    And talking Bollywood, we are nowhere near SEMINAL gems (yes I’ve chosen words carefully) like Happy ending


    Deepika in cocktail was MUCH MUCH better than Kangana here


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