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  1. And so we have our apprehensions even about Ram Lakhan, despite the talented Rohit Shetty as director. If a normal script should score 10 of 10, a Ghai remake must score 15 of 10 at base-level, with execution to match, and Rohit and Karan need to lose lots of sleep over this film to later laugh all the way to the bank-because we must feel the final effort worth our money and time!

    After all, Ghai’s peak-time cinema is epic. And epics happen and cannot be designed!



  2. First Hero and now Katti Batti, director Nikhil Advani has delivered two back-to-back duds in consecutive weeks. In fact, Katti Batti makes Hero appear like a good film.

    It’s a terribly bad film. A rehash of old Bollywood hits, Katti Batti is far from perfection. All the claims of a fresh love-story were false, it doesn’t offer anything. Two lines from Roger’s song sum up the essence of Katti Batti:

    Pyaar karne waalon ki jala de lungi
    Pyaar ki pungi, pyaar ki pungi.

    ( Things look pretty disappointing for the film as of now.)



  3. I read a tweet by Prakash Jaju that SRK isn’t using a corporate for Dilwale, and sold it to Distributors for 130 crores. But that doesn’t make sense to me because the budget of the film including PPA should be around 130 crores. Surely SRK Isn’t intending to make all his profits just from Satellite Rights and Overseas BO, is he? Plus 130 crores would mean it needs to make 260 crores to just break even for distributors..I think


  4. Raj 5: The revnues from satelite rights and overeas BO as prifits is huge! 50 cr from each realistically. Could always be more.


  5. Xhobdo:

    Watch ~ BoroPlus Antiseptic Cream Ad – Feat Amitabh Bachchan , Kangana Ranaut , produced by Raju Hirani

    Just Awesome #ABRocks


  6. KB is a total fraud for anyone going in to see Kangana. She is hardly there in about 50% of the film whereas whatshisname woodface is present in every single frame! Nikhil Advani is directionless, there are more flashbacks in this movie than the expressions on Imran’s face. Ranaut lights up the screen in every shot she is in, but Mr Advani somehow decided that the current hottest heroine in bwood should not get more than half of the proceedings in this film. Absence of a coherent storyline, and reliance on inspirations from a dozen different bwood lovestories just about messes up the few good moments conjured up by Ranaut. That just about sums up the total disappointment this movie is.

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  7. Katti Batti Picks Up In The Evening
    Friday 18 September 2015 23.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Katti Batti picked up in the evening to record fair first day collections in the 5.25 crore nett range. The morning collections suggested a 4 crore nett opening day but just a slow start is expected this evening jump is also the course these type if films. The film is catering to those centres which record best occupancies on Friday evening and Saturday.

    The first day is fair and now it is about how the film follows through on Saturday. The Friday evening figures suggest growth will be there but the question will be how much. If the film does grow big it will mean the film will have a good run.

    The film has done poorly outside the metros but that was always going to be the case as the hero as no draw at the box office. The collections are mainly from Mumbai city, Delhi NCR, Pune and Bangalore.


    • For a change, it seems Imran did not disappoint. Many expected Kangana chutti kardegi Imran ko and that did not happen this time. Thats why critics were so disappointed! How can Imran prove them wrong?


  8. ‘Kangana did not light up the screen even in her last debacle. She seems to be a two film wonder.’ Have you forgotten Gangster, Woh Lamhe, Life ina Metro, Raaz 2, Krrsh 3, Fashion?


    • She is a good actress. But her pull is limited. The hype is too much. For that matter, even Divya Dutta gives credible performances but she is not that lucky.


  9. presence of imran khan is enough to pull down movie inspite of all positivity kangana ranaut brings being the number 1 actress right now

    one wonder even d day was that good because hardly no credit was given by nikhil advani to original book karachi deception


    • Nikhil Advani has no directorial style: I’m always surprised to see his name in the credits because nothing else suggests a particular vision. D-Day, Hero remake, Katti Batti (from the trailers), Salaaam-e-Ishq, Chandni Chowk to China: hard to believe the same chap has made all of these. And in Advani this hardly seems evidence of protean talents, but of some terrible mediocrity. D-Day, though, was very good — I just don’t know who to give credit for it! And, what a song by Shruti Haasan, one of the more moving song videos in years…


  10. Whatever little pleasure there is in Katti Batti comes from watching her. She has great instincts – she’s always a second or two off with whatever she’s doing, she catches you unawares. She affects the most unusual inflections in her line readings. And she’s completely comfortable with her body. It all adds up to a singular screen presence. The way she lights up after coming home and setting eyes on Milkha – you could rub your hands over that look on a cold night. I first kept thinking she deserved better. But without the likes of her, how would we ever make it through these bad movies?


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    • That means she is not wasted in this movie. She is not getting enough screen presence like in Queen and TWMR. Why she should be in every frame if the screenplay does not require her to do so? Even Bachchan was not in every frame in many of his outings.


      • Bachchan did extended appearances in some strongly scripted movies (eg Andha Kanoon, Jurmana, etc). In comparison KB was too stretched, too cliched, with many other script weaknesses. She nevertheless raises the level with her presence. Pity that Advani did not realize how much more he needed her to make this movie better.
        The audience is cheated, bcoz this as sold as another Kangana-centric film. But it turned out to be an Imran tearfest. The guy does try a lot, and to a certain extent gets many scenes right, but there is a shelf-limit of how much more rona-dhona of Imran one can bear. There are entire stretches where there is only Imran with no Kangana, and one just wonders if she will even return.


        • He is a very limited actor. What I am arguing against is preconceived notions. Imran’s film will be bad and if it fails it is because of him and if it succeeds inspite of him. He loses either way.


  11. I watched Shamitabh and it was really quite entertaining. Both Bachchan and Dhanush performed well. There were some funny situations which made me smile. More than words, the expressions were priceless.


  12. Imran is mediocre. Saying he is limited is quite simply putting things very lightly.

    Advani has now made a career out of boring movies. I feel KHNH was ghost directed by Johar. D-Day isn’t engaging enough and overrated at best. Watched it again and found loopholes galore and it wasn’t engaging. And it barely did anything at the BO. The rest of his career is made up of duds and there are some really expensive duds in there.


  13. Her audition for the role was her first — ever — and Joshua Safran, the show’s creator, wasn’t sure what character Ms. Chopra intended to read for when she arrived wearing a designer dress and carrying a designer handbag. “She walked in the room, and it was like the molecules shifted in that way that superstars have,” he recalled. “I was very confused because I didn’t know who she was, but we all sat up straighter.”

    (“Ah, I love that, when it happens at hello,” she said, giggling at the anecdote. “I make sure my walk is a good entrance. My heels and my hair.”)


  14. $64K Q: Why did Aamir cry?


  15. The PRETENDERS–katti batti3

    Contd from my comments here–

    Anyhow, SEL are the only ones who have redeemed themselves somewhat

    Fizool hai,
    tere bin mile jo mujhko zindagi
    Mujhe faasle naa dena tu kabhi
    Tere ishq ka hi ab to
    bas nighaahon pe
    Chadha rahe nasha raat bhar…

    Contd —
    To the uninitiated, there’s only a subtle difference between a patented market leader label and a skillful imitator.
    But to the TRAINED eye, the difference is HUGE —
    akin to night n day,..

    Just like there are many wannabes here n elsewhere.,,
    But u know when the real thing hits u…


  16. There is this Epic channel where they are telecasting Tagore’s stories. Old world charm.


  17. A good read and this works more than the movie for me when watching Bollywood fare.


    “When you work with people who are successful, you realise that it’s not just luck and hard work. Their attitude towards life and work is what that makes them such big actors and directors,” says Rohit.

    ‘According to Rohit, Singham (2011) “was the biggest risk” of his life. “At that time, people thought I had lost it. My comedy films were doing well, but I was making an action film. I told Ajay (Devgn), ‘If we turn the story around for the Hindi audience, it will work, so let’s make a raw action film.’ Ajay agreed. For four months, we worked day and night, and we released the film. Now, like Golmaal, it has again become a big brand,” he says.


  18. Likened to Akira Kurosawa’s classic whodunit ‘Rashomon’ and sharply stylish crime shows CSI and Law & Order , Meghna Gulzar’s ‘Talvar’ premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) 2015 before fans queuing outside its sold-out 1,300 seat screening. The effort to get into TIFF’s Ryerson Theatre show was worth it as ‘Talvar’ -based on the sensational double murders of Aarushi and Hemraj -left critics shocked, intrigued and overwhelmed.

    The film stars Irrfan Khan, Konkana Sen Sharma, Neeraj Kabi and Tabu. It comes at a time when the Sheena Bora murder case is making headlines in India just as the Aarushi-Hemraj case had. Indeed, the similarity in the way investigations have proceeded in the two cases is so startling, it’s almost eerie.

    Discussing ‘Talvar’, where Khan as CBI detective Ashwin Kumar unwraps layers of confusion and collusion covering two killings, Hollywood publication Screen’s David D’Arcy predicted, “This tale of crime and corruption should shake things up in India when it releases domestically on October 2.” D’Arcy also complimented co-producer Vishal Bharad waj for his controlled screenplay creating “this darkly satirical picture…which brings personality to a painfully serious story.” D’Arcy called ‘Talvar’ “an epic look at two gruesome killings…made worse by a series of wild miscarriages of justice.” ‘Talvar’s ironic view of the people, principles and procedures deciding justice here, D’Arcy notes, left a sharp sting.

    Writing in Variety , Joe Leydon emphasised how unsettling ‘Talvar’ is, praising the film’s “star power and smart plotting” for shocking viewers unfamiliar with the real workings of Indian law, where hazy narco-tests, bitter office politics and heavy personal biases can decide innocence and guilt. Discussing how Khan lends suave international star power to Talvar’s “satisfyingly brisk flow”, Leydon expects ‘Talvar’ will create controversy in India with its “potent depiction of police ineptitude, media excess, bureaucratic infighting – and a possible miscarriage of justice.” Irrfan Khan, in turn, has described ‘Talvar’ as one of his career’s most important films, which “tackles such a strong subject in such a smart way.”
    In Quint, Indira Kannan said ‘Talvar’, which got ‘a rousing reception’ at TIFF, emotionally disturbed viewers with its brutally honest portrayals, including scenes of incompetent ‘policemen who crack jokes to the bereaved family’, walking over evidence while taking selfies at a crime scene, replacing investigation with personal judgements, moulded by a media squeezing sensation from tragedy.

    Kannan also quoted Canadian viewers who knew nothing of the Aarushi case before ‘Talvar’ but felt intrigued enough to research the baffling case now. Shot in what Kannan called “a newsy, documentary feel”, ‘Talvar’ hit an emotional bull’s-eye as well. In an interview, Meghna Gulzar said she was encouraged that a foreign audience felt moved enough to question an Indian investigation after watching a film that made them “cringe at the right places.”

    One of the most moved viewers was Toronto Star editor Shree Paradkar – who is also the aunt of the murdered Aarushi Talvar. Calling the film “unflinching with graphic details without being gratuitous,” Paradkar wrote of how well Konkana and Neeraj portayed characters based on Nupur and Rajesh Talvar and how, despite the powerful film threatening to pierce her professional cocoon, she didn’t cry – until ‘Talvar’ presents its third take on who could have killed Aarushi, if not her parents or their domestic help.

    The startling presentation of that possibility, showing a man against whom blood-stained evidence was dismissed as a typographical error, finally “overwhelmed” Paradkar. And left many others questioning a case which remains, as Talvar shows, one of India’s most brutal and bewildering mysteries.



  19. Noticed that there are no box office figures on katti batti here for the past two three day, why?


    • Katti Batti Has Very Poor Weekend Trend
      Monday 21 September 2015 11.30 IST
      Box Office India Trade Network

      Katti Batti had a low weekend and more importantly the film had no trend. The film collected around 5.25 crore nett on all three days of the weekend. The opening day was fair as evenings picked up but Saturday and Sunday also remained at those same levels. This is very rare for urban films as its hard to remember one which did not improve collections on Saturday by at least 10%. The weekend total is 15.75 crore nett

      This sort of film should have gone near 20 crore nett for the weeknd from the start it got. The best business has come in the Delhi NCR belt with Delhi /UP hitting 3.75 crore nett and East Punjab grossing 2.10 crore nett. Mumbai was a poor 4.50 crore nett.

      The trend means that Monday will be tough and that normal 50% Monday drop looks impossible considering Sunday is similar to Friday. It was the 18th best weekend of the year


    • Katti Batti Crashes Out On Monday
      Tuesday 22 September 2015 11.00 IST
      Box Office India Trade Network

      Katti Batti crashed out on Monday which was likely to happen considering the weekend trend. The film dropped around 65% from day one. The first four days of the first week for Katti Batti are as follows.

      Friday – 5,25,00,000
      Saturday – 5,25,00,000
      Sunday – 5,25,00,000
      Monday 1,85,00,000 apprx

      TOTAL – 17,60,00,000

      The first week will be around 22 crore nett and it will be a struggle for the film to hit 25 crore nett.


      • :

        Yeah i wish to thank the public
        For vindicating my views again
        This time on kattibatti
        The kissathons, aamirs editing, aamirs public crying, selcetive box office reporting didnt help

        It’s not me but the whole blogging community is calling me the
        number 1 critic, reviewer and commentator( on anything under the sun) 🙂


  20. Vijay:

    They saw what no one else could. Watch the trailer for The Big Short, starring Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, Karen Gillan, and Steve Carell.


    • Aamirsfan:

      a pretty star-studded cast! i think adam mckay may be out of his element though…haven’t read the book but I know the subject matter is pretty important and adam mckay might not be able to provide full justice. i am a adam mckay fan and love the will ferrell/mckay comedies….but this needed ‘serious’ director.


  21. Breaking News

    Marathi film “Court” selected as India’s official entry to the Oscars next year: PTI

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  22. Good news for the US poor.


    WASHINGTON: India has agreed to supply to the United States generic cancer drugs at a time there is outrage in America about the predatory practices by the US pharma industry, one of whose leaders is getting hammered for increasing the price of life-saving drugs by as much as 5000 per cent overnight.

    Martin Shkreli, CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, is being dubbed the ”poster child for price gouging in the pharma industry” and BBC has asked if he is the ”the most hated man in America” after he bumped up the price of Daraprim, a drug used to treat a parasitic diseases, from an already high $13.50 to $750. Daily Beast called him an ”asshole.”

    Although Turing has walked back from the price rise in the face of public anger, his actions have drawn attention to the strategy adopted by Big Pharma to buy out older drugs that are nearing patent loss and hike their price massively, with the argument that the money is needed to fund new research.

    On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton stepped up to the plate, offering proposals to control drug prices, even as her challenger Bernie Sanders and others have called for eliminating corporate restrictions on generics. Such a move will help both American patients and Indian drug manufacturers, who have constrained by Big Pharma with the familiar argument that it needs to recoup money spent on research, and generic makers profit from the work of Big Pharma.

    The full details of the US-India agreement was not disclosed, but Indian officials confirmed that New Delhi had agreed to supply an ”off-patent” cancer drug. Such a move could be a template for the supply of life-saving pharmaceuticals to a US system that is overpriced and overburdened, causing untold suffering to millions of poor and middleclass Americans.

    The Pharma lobby is the biggest contributor of money to the US political systems and it is widely believed that many lawmakers are beholden to it in lieu of campaign contributions.

    India is the second largest exporter of drugs to the United States. In 2014, India held 13% share of the total 64,170 imported lines of pharmaceuticals, according to a US fact sheet. The United States spends close to $3 trillion – some 17% of its GDP – on healthcare, an expense that far exceeds even military spending.

    The two countries also agreed to a raft of measures, including creating and growing a cadre of field epidemiologists in India to prevent, detect, and respond to infectious disease threats. The US also pledged to engage with India on traditional medicine, health information systems, and agreed to launch a new collaboration on mental health.


  23. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/hindi/bollywood/news/Exclusive-Amol-Palekar-hated-Court-says-Rahul-Rawail/articleshow/49085310.cms

    Coming back to your resignation, Suparn Sen, secretary general of Film Federation of India (FFI) has said that your claims are “ridiculous”. Comment.
    First of all, Suparn Sen has not been a part of any of the deliberations in any which way so he absolutely has no right to comment. I am surprised and shocked at his statement. Moreover, this is a problem between Amol and me and I don’t think anyone else needs to get involved in this.

    Lastly, you said that Amol Palekar’s behaviour was “obnoxious”. What actually did go wrong?
    There’s a lot of manipulation that happened inside that room. Turning votes, incorrect counting of votes, declaring false number of votes are few of them. I demanded for a re- poll. I asked Amol to show me the votes, let me see them but he refused. I clearly told him that I don’t trust him at all. I pushed and pushed for re-counting and what shocked me was that the voting count of three films were wrong.

    What also surprised me was that Amol Palekar despised ‘Court’. He hated the film.

    One is not supposed to bring anyone with them inside the jury room and during the selection process. But Amol Palekar brought along his associate which is not permitted. His associate was trying to influence all the jury members which is absolutely against the ethics.

    Rawail is known for directing films like Love Story, Betaab, Anjaam and Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya.


  24. REWIND – Ajay / Akshay Combo Smashes Aamir / Salman Combo
    Thursday 24 September 2015 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    There are set be many clashes going forward as makers eye those three major festive periods for release and they generate plenty of excitement to see who emerges the winner. Clashes are nothing new and have been happening for the last fifty years and one such clash happened on 4th November 1994. It was the Diwali clash of 1994.

    The interesting aspect of the clash was that there were double heroes on both sides as the Ajay Devgn and Akshay Kumar starrer Suhaag clashed with the Aamir Khan and Salman Khan starrer Andaz Apna Apna. It turned out to be pretty one sided as the Ajay Devgn and Akshay Kumar starrer ran out an easy winner.

    The star power was different then compared to today as Salman Khan and Aamir Khan are among the top three stars today but at the time Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn were the bigger stars with Akshay Kumar getting amongst the top five with Mohra and Main Khiladi Tu Anari. Ajay Devgn was also a better better bet than Aamir Khan and Salman Khan. Andaz Apna Apna had the plus of Rajkumar Santoshi who was coming off films like Ghayal and Damini but in terms of initial that was not going to help much and even the content did not either as the film failed completely outside the metros.

    The opening day collections were 56 lakhs nett for Suhaag and 31 lakhs nett for Andaz Apna Apna. In all circuits apart from Mysore, Suhaag took a better opening. In Mysore Andaz Apna Apna had the edge with 1.44 lakhs as against 1.12 lakhs. The final result was little different as Suhaag went on to do a pretty good all India distributor share of 3.25 crore while Andaz Apna Apna could only muster up 1.50 crore.


  25. Aankhen 2: Anees Bazmee ropes in both Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan with Anil Kapoor?

    Known for comic capers including No Entry, Welcome, Singh Is Kinng, Ready and Welcome Back, Anees Bazmee is currently working on the script of Aankhen 2.

    While the 2002 super hit Aankhen starred Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal, Arjun Rampal along with Amitabh Bachchan in pivotal roles, the sequel will be a fresh story and none of them except Amitabh Bachchan will be a part of it.

    Confirming the reports, talking to Catch Anees Bazmee said:

    “Yes, I am working on the script of Aankhen 2. It is impossible to make the without Bachchan Sir, so he will be a part of the film. I have signed Anil Kapoor as well. Whenever Anil Kapoor and I have worked together, we have come up with a special character and I am hoping for the same with Aankhen 2. I have not signed anyone except Anil Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan for the film.”
    Talking about the script, he said:

    “It was not possible to retain the entire cast of Aankhen as the story had a linear end. In the sequel, Bachchan Sir’s character will make another plan for which he will rope in a few blind thieves. Wait for the film!”
    According to sources, Bazmee narrated the basic premise of the film to Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, Anil Kapoor and all three of them green signaled the idea. The director will make an official announcement very soon.

    The source further added:

    “John Abraham is a major contender to play a pivotal role in Aankhen 2. Bazmee has verbally spoken to him about the film and is currently working on a character for him. Abraham will play a blind man in the film.”


  26. Sooraj Barjatya’s ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ has made the biggest music deal till date in the industry of Bollywood.


    “As Salman and Sooraj are coming together after many years, a lot is riding on this film. While it’s common for the music rights of a star’s movie to be sold for a high price, ` 17 crore is a huge sum even by industry standards,” confirmed a spokesperson.
    This time yet again, Sooraj Barjatya’s ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ has made the biggest music deal till date in the industry of Bollywood.
    The first trailer of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo will be unveiled on October 1.


  27. Wth is going on??

    The biggest bollywood bonanza beckons in less than 45 days and not even a single post on the movie ? …or did I miss it ?

    Why don’t we start with this first look so we can all congregate and dish our thoughts on this history in the making.

    The trailer is expected to hit the screens on Oct 1 and music will be released prior to that.

    Salman Khan ‏@BeingSalmanKhan Aug 25
    Logon this is the logo of PRDP, matlab Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. Coming this Diwali

    Bajrangi Bhaijaan has acted as the shot in the arm to PRDP hype and the only issues acting against this event at the momen :

    1)Fox poor track record ( read panauti )
    2) Law of averages w.r.t Salman


  28. This is what I was talking about earlier. This is a direct clash/comparison.


    “Both Aamir and Salman Khan are set feature as wrestlers in their next film, slated to release next year. While there were reports that Sultan posed a threat to Dangal story-wise, makers of both the films have refuted that. There are similarities and differences between the two films.
    Here are 10 things you need to know about both the films.
    1. Both Dangal and Sultan are on the lines of wrestling……”

    One can draw clear distinctions here –

    Head vs. Heart: Which Is Smarter?


  29. Some internet copy and paste. Link prefers Salman’s approach

    “Which wins: the heart or the head?

    That is your decision – you have free will (a whole other post!) but I urge you to follow your heart. As your true self, your spiritual core, your heart is connected to something much bigger. It is energy, it flows and knows where you’re meant to go, even if it doesn’t lay out the steps (as the head will beg it to do). The head, in it’s more logical, step-by-step approach, is not aware of the bigger picture and panics when it cannot see the process or map laid out ahead of it. It doesn’t know what your soul is here to do, what you’re meant to learn. The head is fearful, and often convinces you to stay where it knows how to be in control. It works hard to convince you to listen to and follow it, rather than your heart.

    Wouldn’t you prefer to trust in something which knows the bigger life path for you, then relying on a very limited understanding of your path? This is not an easy thing to master, yet, it is at the core of being able to follow your intuition.

    Remember, intuition is not meant to be logical. It simply gives you gentle nudges in a particular direction and your job is to trust that something bigger is at play. In following this, you will end up where you need to be and only in looking back and you see your way forward. For this to happen, you must be centred in your heart, not your head.

    What do you think? Do you end up relying on your head, because it leads you somewhere safe or ‘reliable’ or are you able to leap out from your heart?

    – See more at: http://www.thelittlesage.com/how-to-listen-to-your-intuition-heart-versus-head/#sthash.OA5NZxGV.dpuf


  30. And the list goes on and the newest addition to it is the recent release, Kis Kisko Pyar Karoon, where Kapil Sharma is a modern reincarnation of the Hawa Mahal king who blows one kiss and three women at different floors of the same building get aroused. How filthy can that get? Is sleeping with three women a comedy? Is this all we deserve in the name of entertainment? From underwear to cleavage, the film targets all private areas with alacrity. And it tries to encash a hero’s tragedy of how “thoda thoda kar ke bahut zyada ho jata hai”.


  31. How did you bag Calendar Girls?
    The best part here was to meet Mr. Bhandarkar. See, when you go to a Yash Raj or a Dharma, you don’t get to meet the Heads. You meet those in charge of auditions and then get a call if you do well. In case of Madhur though, he is personally there to shortlist his actors. He likes to meet all the girls because he doesn’t just go by the call of others. As a matter of fact, he never does any audition either. When I met him, he said that he wanted to read the personality of his actors. If he likes a chat, he would extend it or would ask her to leave.



    So, there are no assistants and Madhur personally spends time with these models and then if he likes their personalities offers them the movie and without a screen test. No wonder everyone calling this movie as Madhur’s fun time movie.


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