Images from Tamasha (updated)

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28 Responses to “Images from Tamasha (updated)”

  1. Ranbir might try to release this first. He can’t afford anymore failure at this point and Jagga Jasoos is constantly being reshot and delayed.


  2. Yeah, ranbirs better off sticking to Deepika as of now rather than katrina (or both together..)

    Even if he has to pay the ultimate price & sleep with her for that

    After all his ‘career’ is at stake


  3. Looks like a pic from YJHD or BAH. Should have a big opening but I haven’t really liked anything Imtiaz Ali has made, nor has a single film of his trended well. And I’m so tired of this Ranbir-Deepika-Katrina love triangle for promotions and publicity. The Masti Sequel and/or Hera Pheri 3 might release at the same time as this film. Also, Jagga Jasoos is looking like another Bombay Velvet but that film has Katrina who has a knack for picking not-Flop films. And his film with KJO is clashing either with an Ajay Devgn Masala movie or Salman’s next. Honestly none of his future films seem like in an ideal position to be a big grosser.


    • I do have a weakness for Rockstar uneven though it is as a film.


    • Katrina hasnt had an outright flop for dont know since when. But this year she is going to have it finally in Phantom. She had amazing run since yuvraaj. Though there were some underperformers in TMK,JTHJ.


  4. I love Jab We Met, Socha Na Tha, Highway and Cocktail ( written by him). ( Havent seen Love Aaj Kal) . But my outright favourite is ‘Rockstar’, though I consider it criminal the way Imtiaz has shortchanged the potential of the film. It could have been a classic, if he had jsut tried to do justice to each of the rahhman songs.


    • agreed on the last bit.. not for the videos as much as the film overall.. it became rather messy in the second half.. nonetheless it had some genuine moments.


  5. Satyam: I did not mean picturization of songs. What I meant was that the songs hinted at a narratuve trajectory and chracter development which if folowed and explored would have to more coherent and meaningful film.


  6. Also saw that AR Rahman is doing the music for this and not Pritam. It’s been a long long time since Rahman came up with a hit Hindi Soundtrack and an even longer time since he came up with a hit Romantic Soundtrack…


  7. “It’s been a long long time since Rahman came up with a hit Hindi Soundtrack and an even longer time since he came up with a hit Romantic Soundtrack.” Very true. And I am hopeful. If he can do it for tamil ‘ OK Kanmani’ why not for Hinfdi “Tamasha’? Fingers crossed.


  8. I like Katrina but in real life – i wanted to see Ranbir/DP together – they have a crackling chemistry just like rishi/neetu


  9. Tamasha’s New Still Out – Ranbir, Deepika Pose Outside A Store In Corsica

    [added to post]


  10. It looks like that scene from Yaadon ki baarat with Zeenat Aman and Vijay Arora singing O Meri Soni.


    • Do you really think so ?

      I feel the image is a clear representation of Ranbir’s very active libido and what he is been up for most of his adult life.


  11. Incidentally the Pinkvilla has this link with this still titled –
    ‘Check out wanderlusts Ranbir-Deepika!’

    A comment there says “in real life, its the exact opposite i.e Deepika is chasing Ranbir lol”

    On Deepika, the way she played nasty with Bachchans….God help the person she is going to end up with ultimately! Seems to be a split personality or what is commonly referred in the real world as ‘use and throw’.

    Recently she tried to entangle SRK with that ‘Challenge Accepted’ tweet ( Dilwale vs BM ) , but common sense prevailed and she quickly deleted the tweet as srk is not exactly known for civility and would have been after her case.


    • Thats ok but Deepika is SMOULDERING here

      After saving srks SAGGING career in CE
      deepika is in top form

      Dressing in her clothes from schooldays..

      Will advise ranbir to MILK Deepikas presence here in more ways than one
      To enhance his FLACCID career…


  12. Bob Cristo Says:

    “On Deepika, the way she played nasty with Bachchans”

    “SRK is not exactly known for civility and would have been after her case”

    So you think Bachchan’s are saint ? I work with a news channal since 14 years and know many Print Journalist also (Entertainment and Genral Beat) and belive me they say Bachchans are one of the most selfish and Self centered along with SRK. They are powerful people so many in film industry and otherwise say good thing in public but in their heart the don’t respect either Bachchans or SRK. Salman and Dharmender are 2 of the most respected stars in Bollywood. Why single out Deepika ? Ye bhi to ha sakta hain ki Big B ne Piku ke dauran kuch aisa kiya hoga jisse Deepika ne Insulted feel kiya hoga. Someday ago i saw Abhishek’s Statement on Amitabh-Deepika Controversy. He said “We are from Cultured family. We have been taught to respect the elders” Family ke elders ki respect karna aur baat hai. Dusre elders agar kuch galat karain to unki Izzat kyon kare bhai ?


  13. Deepika is radiant and interestingly looking VERY HAPPY while shooting this flick…
    ranbir needs to grab this (film) with both hands ….


  14. Rousing, aint it?


  15. Re: “Why always the same story?”

    This, along with Phantom’s “A story you wish were true”, shows that 2015 has been a great year for unintentionally hilarious taglines on movie posters.


  16. ^Like this poster actually –why was this poster not used here ?
    Is it censored here ?

    Btw deepikas NANGA naach & debaucheries continue unabated —

    “Ranbir Kapoor can’t get married till I allow him,” declares Deepika Padukone


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