Images from Jazbaa (updated)

thanks to Xhobdo..

thanks to Xhobdo…


19 Responses to “Images from Jazbaa (updated)”

  1. omrocky786 Says:

    JeyBaat !!!!


  2. omrocky786 Says:

    CANNES FILM FESTIVAL – An interview with the Queen of Bollywood


    • Extremely, extremely irritating fake accent. Just puts one — me — off. You can spot from miles the fakery. Never been an actress too – survived playing variants of Miss World ever-since her entry. She did try something called acting in RAINCOAT and was kinda successful there. Looks? Of course, it’s there and both I and Abhishek is something we always agree upon.

      That way, Deepika gets the flak for her so-called ‘ghatan’ accent. But I do admire the fact that she doesn’t try to fake an accent and appear Manhattan-reared.


      • oldgold Says:

        What’s a ‘ghatan’ accent?

        Agree. It’s pretty blood curdling to listen to interviews of anyone anyway. They keep ranting and speaking pointlessly when asked a simple question. The worst is when they begin to get philosophical. Of course it’s also the same drab questions that these people ask.


      • agreed, she’s worse than ever. she comes across as quite obnoxious. i wonder what she’s like at home


        • I don’t understand why Indian actresses get so much criticism for altering their accent abroad. A film star like Aishwarya is a major international brand and like it or not, an Indian accent does not carry the same glamorous, exotic connotations that an Italian or French accent does. Heck, even in India our Indian accents are looked down upon as is the case with Deepika.

          You can certainly criticise and question why we have such a euro-centric worldview but you can’t really blame our actresses for faking accents or whitening their skin, not when our own movies so constantly glamorise everything western as ideal. Celebrities are ultimately a reflection of what we find desirable and aspirational.


          • The problem I have with these ‘internationally’ recognized film-stars – male or female – resorting to a phony, fake accent which is neither American nor Icelandic is that they continue to be phony even AFTER attaining global recognition. If this is the case of Mrs. Rai, what would be the case for folks tasting success abroad for the first time? By this time, Mrs. Rai is in a position where she could bloody-well talk Hindi and the interviewer could get a translator for her. And yet she resorts to this so-called, exotic-sounding accent! You don’t have to be Apu, but you don’t have to smother your original-bearings to such an extent that you sound freaking alien to your own country-men and women! And Kangana is another example where she has tried such ludicrous things – and has also admitted – that it did her no good. To folks like Aish – sorry Jaya Bachchan I don’t know ‘Aish’-warya from child-hood – it would be better if they get the American accent right or just do away with the ‘ish’ accent. It sounds phony, ugly – period. You are not working in a call-center where you have to please a red-neck from Waco, TX so please get over it. If Salma Hayek in Hollywood can get away being honest to her accent, Mrs. Rai can very well do without the tongue-twisting.

            And the thing is, when I – yes I am no celebrity I understand but am just presenting a perspective – started talking here 12 years back, for a few months, I too tried this stuff and failed miserably. Then I just started talking the way I know, but only made sure to speak a bit slowly and enunciate on the words a little. And voila, they started responding while some of them were still confounded that my ‘normal’ English didn’t at all sound like the ‘ultra-normal’ Apu’s accent!

            I do understand Amy you are talking of the greater frame-work of Indians being enchanted with getting approval everything Euro or American, but that is a result of colonial legacy that’s all. But if folks like Aishwarya cannot break this glass ceiling, I wonder who can..


          • i wasn’t referring to her accent – it’s her attitude I find kinda annoying here. I just find her incredibly fake off-screen.


          • “you can’t really blame our actresses for faking accents or whitening their skin..” REALLY AMI!!!!
            Have you heard Frieda Pinto, An Jo? She went all out in comparision to Aish. It must be incredibly hard to be Frieda off camera and keep speaking in british accent.


          • “And Kangana is another example where she has tried such ludicrous things” In Kangana’s case she didn’t know any english at all and therefore she could take an accent (of say her English teacher, whoever taught her English). VidhuVinodChopra, Anupama Kher and Kangana, all three learnt English in their adulthood. Respect.
            I have seen many indian americans with fake put on accents (and makes me feel sorry for them) and then many indian americans who have worked SO hard on their american accents that they speak like a ‘native’ american. The best thing is to be yourself. The best compliment I receive from my children that I don’t have an accent (if you learn more than 2 languages before age 5, they say you will be accent free. not sure how true this is). The best spoken English in Hindi Cinema, my favorites, has to be Naseer (who was student of English Lit) and Bigb (whose father was English lit prof).


  3. chipguy Says:

    Have to agree, she was extremely annoying- couldn’t watch more than a couple of minutes of the blathering.


  4. Here’s the first look of Irrfan Khan from Jazbaa[ added to post]


  5. Everything is green. Striking!


  6. charan raj Says:

    Bachchans seem to have hired Irfan Khan to revive their sinking careers.First he gave a lifeline to Sr.Bachchan in the form of a hit in Piku and now looking to do same favours to Bachchan Bahu in Jazba.Good strategy i must say!


  7. Is Aishwarya supposed to be running?!

    Looks ordinary.


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