Jazbaa trailers (updated)

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  1. Aishwarya looks out of form. Irrfan is playing a similar role in Talvar and the two releasing at about the same time doesn’t look good.


    • the trailer is fine for the terrain or this is more or less what I expected with Sanjay Gupta tackling a ‘foreign’ script.


      • Yeah, I didn’t care for the trailer at all, but anyone who is surprised at how bad this supposedly is isn’t familiar with Sanjay Gupta’s, um, oeuvre. Apart from the fact that everyone needs a paycheck, no reason for Irrfan Khan to have taken the role on…

        I think Ash looks very good here.


  2. trailer looks a little better than i’d expected.


  3. Trailers better than I expected

    After all the weight gain fiasco, ash is still looking great

    A slap by ash to all the FATSHAMING brigade
    Are only modelesque/anorexic females gud enuf !!??

    This film is not likely to be any great shakes and will not do v well at the box office

    But ash even now can be effectively attractive
    As for those who cry about her ‘acting skills’ they are somewhat frustrated people and the same who criticise hrithik

    She’s MUCH better than abhishrek even at this stage !!!

    As for irrfan
    He’s a great actor but lately he is getting delusional
    In piku he got to hobnob with deepika and now he’s trying his luck and trying to be an amitabh !’
    There’s a difference between playing pan singh (where he was brilliant) to trying to act a megastar,,,,
    Don’t forget your place mate (and stay away from ash!)


    • “Don’t forget your place mate (and stay away from ash!)”
      Mujhe aab pata chala why you hate Abhishek so very much. Duh…this whole time….


  4. Ash couldnt have chosen a better film to expose the shortcomings in her acting. The dialogues instead of edgy are downright corny.


    • My thoughts exactly. For Ash’s sake I hope the movie succeeds, but boy is she underwhelming as an actor.


    • I dont think she is bad atall, more than anything it is poor direction. No one seems to be acting well here. Everyone is loud and shouting, why subtlety is missing in-spite of presence of actors like Shabana azmin, irfaan khan. Trailer is badly editing too. Tacky green sets look fake and reminds me of many disastrous movies.


  5. “boy is she underwhelming as an actor.”…

    Pardon this generalisation, shalini,
    But with due respect, girls/women like u have always poured unnecessary vitriol onto poor ash all her career
    The same reactions towards the likes of poor katrina …(somehow there’s less negativity towards deepika but that’s a different issue!)

    Cinema is a visual complex medium and ‘acting’ forms only ONE part of a performers appeal

    And name the actresses who ‘act’ better than ash And who can also pull off a ‘crazy Kia re’ or the supermodel look and still retain reasonable sanity in real life
    And not come across like a vidya balan or a konkona trying an ‘item number’

    And how many ‘actresses’ can pull off such convincing kiss sequences (like the one in dhoom2?)


  6. No one can blame aishwarya here, she is not aamir khan, she is director’s actor. it is sanjay gupta’s movie, i was expecting kahaani kind of deal here. But, you can expect sanjay gupta to direct kahaani. Its loud, on-the-face style and cinematography, everything is very much like sanjay gupta’s movie. He is just trying ot create spectacle here, but it is rooted story of thriller/drama, not a fantasy. His best was kaante, his recent movies are getting over the top. Shootoout at wadal trailer was very bad, but it did surprising business. There is audience who love such cinema. He caters to them, and he knows his audience, but i am unsure if same audience will turn up for female centric film. Though, i am sure it will meet bad reviews.


  7. What a pathetic performance from Aishwarya! She always was a pretty but bad actress and here she’s worse. She is giving Kajol a run for money in a screeching contest.

    Looking at this performance, hamming-wise, Shah Rukh’s performance in RAAM JAANE looks like a master-class.

    Madhuri took her to the cleaners in DEVDAS and here it seems like Irrfan will completely FILL the frames WHOEVER be the co-star — and with Aishwarya, it will be a cake-walk.

    In DEVDAS, Madhuri was a painting; and Aishwarya was merely a portrait — and the difference between these 2, is that of the sky and Earth.

    The ONLY movie in which she shone a bit was in RAINCOAT. She was actually quite ok there..

    Have to say about Irrfan though..seems to be in a FULLY enjoyable, masala mode..


    • why can’t see take the dialogues to her maa-in-law or even paa and ask, “how should I deliver it?” Or this is the way i am going to deliver and they can work on her, no? I mean….at least she could have asked Irrfan, how to deliver them. Apart from the screaming scenes, I liked the way she said “maa lad rahi hai”. That was not bad at all. Just the screaming gets on the nerves and I suppose those are the ‘difficult’ roles in BW


      • On first viewing i closed my eyes, those looked cringeworthy. On second viewing, I didnt mind those scenes. Actually, that’s what is bollywood masala cinema. These scenes are always acted ott. So it should work in the film.


      • Have you guys never seen a Sanjay Gupta film? Melodramatic, OTT.
        Criticizing Ash for her performance is typical. Every film she has its the same thing. She’s given many strong performances but every film is the same comments.

        Ask Big B and Jaya for advice? Who did Big B ask for advice in Black where many talked of him going OTT.
        Point is Ash is giving the type of performance that fits Guptas type of movie.


  8. tonymontana Says:

    Ash’s performances seem to be going from bad to worse to unintentionally funny.

    Sanjay Gupta with the exception of a copied Kaante is Apoorva Lakhia from another mother


  9. One actrees who surprise me is shabana azmi. I know her because of her record at national awards, i havent seen any of those films. But, whatever i saw in my lifetime i am really very disappointed as i see her with lots of expectations. She has been throughout other than makdee.


  10. Aishwarya looks really out of form here. And with her yelling and hamming, one would get the impression that she is coming straight from Bhansali’s HDDCS set.

    The trailer looks poor. Gupta hasn’t delivered anything of note since Kaante, His best remains Aatish which was largely inspired from John Woo’s masterpiece ‘A Better Tomorrow’.


  11. I Just read some comments on other public forums and twitter. Many right away rejcted, on flip side It is being liked immensely too. Nothing surprising though, if someone likes mass masala cinema, it may work for him. I think a movie fails if its target audience rejects it like high end plexes rejected Bombay velvet. I would never understand what is target audience of Shootout at wadala. But, it exists. And looking at diametrically opposite very positive reaction at social media, we are incapable to right away reject or pick something.
    Can anyone explain who liked ZNMD ? and why?


  12. AamirsFan Says:

    hate to pour it on but gonna have to agree on Ash’s acting…she is struggling through her lines. the film itself seems too ‘plastic-y’. agree with an jo that irrfan’s character seems to be in full masala mode and that should be the only exciting thing in this movie.

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  13. Irrfan is having the great time with great heroines. Would like to see him with real star actresses like Rani and Kareena.


    • Ash with works with some greats in her career unlike Kareena who sticks with the Khans. I’m sure Ash can hold her own.
      People are so obnoxious when it comes to Ash. As if BW is filled with Meryl Streeps.


  14. Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar 2h2 hours ago
    This is FAB !!!! KRK Ka #Jazbaa =>
    Embedded image permalink



  15. I’m supporting this film only for ash aunty…

    [added to post]


  16. Is this song supposed to be Ash’s version of Afghan Jalebi? Wearing all Black, in a foreign location, no dancing just walking around and giving killer looks? Sorry but Katrina does it better.


  17. Irfan Khan seems to fixed a deal with Bachchan’s. First he bailed out Senior Bachchan in Piku and here he seems to be doing the same thing for Ash. I expect him doing a movie with Abhi baby in near future.


  18. You know when All is well bombed at BO. Someone said AB Jr should ask AB Sr and Aishwarya before choosing script as ther are senior to AB Jr. But look at AB Sr and Aish’s Filmography and see thier script sense. Even in Jazba. Aish first song is Tanisque Ad..2nd song is Fitness video Ad. They are the song of a ‘Hard Hitting’ film.


    • it would be funny if amitabh at his age can demand a script,but at his peak he never sign the film without reading the script,thats why he was very sucessfull,pre zanzeer he was able to take any side roles but post zanzeer he just changed and with right script writers and directors he still read the script…


  19. Re: Aaj raat ka scene hai: Badshah evidently only has 1 1/2 tune to play with: the first few lines of this are simply a slowed down version of long stretches of his track from “Khoobsurat”.

    Sanjay Gupta, who actually directed some pretty good music videos in Musafir, seems to have stagnated there; the only thing that prevents me from saying this is a wretched video is the fact that most others are doing no better. ..and this one at least has cuts of Ash looking for someone while the video continues around her, itself a bit of a throwback to days when one might expect a song to “remind” one of the film it is in (e.g. the half-hearted attempt in Khakee’s “Aisa Jadoo Daala Re”).

    I know, I know, one must console oneself with crumbs…


  20. an apex line this–

    Mohabbat thi isliye jaane diya..
    zid hoti toh baahon mein hoti…


  21. like this song –‘jaane tere shehar’
    irrfan is in form here

    and also in the dialogue–
    Teri amma ne jiske bare me nahi bataya
    mai tera wo baap hoon 🙂

    btw ash is looking wow mommy


  22. Will be a miracle if the film turns out half decent. Ash could have chosen any other director; why Sanjay Gupta? I just do not see Ash in an action-oriented, avenge drama.


  23. Such vain talk ! If the article is quoted accurately, it comes across very supercilious and the comments below this article more or less affirm that.

    “Did not join social media out of respect for hubby and FIL, says Aishwarya”

    “….She said, “I’ve no point to prove that I’m at the forefront in terms of having the latest bag, sporting the latest hairstyle or being the first person on Facebook. I saw Facebook flying all over the place. Also, very often people employ agencies to keep those accounts running and it is not really the artist that is conencting. I preferred to watch it from afar even though it is not a no from my side.”
    She added, “Twitter is a wonderful tool to set facts right. However, it became a barometer of popularity. I didn’t feel the need to get onto the rat race. But this does not come from insecurity because I never had that in terms of the number of followers or well wishers I could also possibly project. That is incredibly vain. I already had that coming in various surveys and the millions of hits I was getting on Google. It was all there. So why get on to Twitter to prove that? People were putting up their yawns, sneezes, food pictures, and pictures of the sky when they were driving out to work…I know it was all to notch up the numbers.”



  24. Karan Johar movie is now officially doomed…..Lots of pretentious people heading that cast.


  25. She’s been called a nonactor, fake, plastic and recently fatshamed..

    But nothing of this matters

    Like the jazbaa soundtrack & Irrfan one liners

    But aishwarya here in bandeya exhibits a mellower restrained & implosive persona
    But the inherent stardom just SPILLS out…


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