The Revenant trailers (updated)

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14 Responses to “The Revenant trailers (updated)”

  1. That looks pretty fucking amazing.


  2. Riveting. What specificity in terms of atmospherics in the preview!! Indian movie trailers should take a leaf out of these guys.

    And I LOVE actors who don’t take their gifted-looks for granted; who are willing to at least try to divorce that part of their personality from their career-graph. LEO is the top guy there. Tom Hardy was always mixing it up. Byut the one I am absolutely in awe of these past years is Jake Gyllenhal. What a performer he has turned into!! He was superb in PRISONERS. And he is mind-blowingly fantastic in NIGHTCRAWLER.

    NIGHTCRAWLER should fetch him at least a nomination.


  3. tonymontana Says:

    Leo might be a tad predictable as an actor, but his intensity and understanding of every role he sinks his teeth into is an inspiration.

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    • I never would have thought after Titanic Leos career would pan out the way it has. His resume is significant and he is just 40.


  4. wow.. looking frwdto this.. he is a great actor..again and again with a great director..


  5. New trailer. It’s incredible how a filmmaker can take something that otherwise sounds pretty straightforward and well-worn and turn it into something as spectacular as this:

    [added to post]

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    • An intense, disturbing trailer — truly superb. Apart from the film itself, it’s a great example of what a good trailer can do: it tells you everything essential about the film, yet leaves you wanting more…


    • Pretty straightforward and well-worn, not. A man left to die in the wild after being grievously mauled by a bear, survives and makes it, days on days struggling to survive in extremely brutal climes. Then making it home to exact his revenge on his betrayers. And this is a true story to boot. Irrespective of whether this happened or not, the premise is a goldmine for a movie that moves on thrills and suspense. AI’s R trailer is just this.


      • I’m not knocking the specificities of the premise here. I just meant wilderness survival tales are not exactly new to American cinema, but rarely do they feel as alive and robust as Inarritu makes things here, on the evidence of these striking trailers.

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        • Hmm. I wasn’t looking at this as an ‘American’ film but an AI one. I’ve never felt that his sensibility as a story teller is ‘completely American’. He has always been a foreign filmmaker making some movies in H’wood.


  6. thecooldude Says:

    And the Oscar for Best Actor goes to !!


  7. It somewhat troubles me when i see people turn up just to be seen as “hey I’m a Leo fan” or “I know more than others”

    C’mon guys n girls there’s more to life than that. Isn’t it ?

    How many of u ACTUALLY know inarritu?

    Ok lemme simplify

    This is an URGE–that Our ‘art’ transcends time?-

    But lemme tell u as a fact if u believe me —this is nothing but an illusion
    This has no impact on the cosmic reality of time if u understand what I’m sayin…

    Ps: haven’t bothered to see this trailer ..


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