SULTAN – First Look


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  1. Gnarly !!

    Simply Smashing and if the lingo is adapted correctly, we are looking at a new inning and this one is going to last another 10-12 years at the helm !

    Entering Aamir domain / home turf !!

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  2. ali abbas zafar ‏@aliabbaszafar 7m7 minutes ago
    To know everything about #sultan please follow the official Twitter handle @SultanTheMovie

    VISHAL DADLANI ‏@VishalDadlani 5h5 hours ago
    Ka-BOOM! #Sultan @aliabbaszafar @BeingSalmanKhan #BreakTheInternet

    btw sultan is trending on the top

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  3. Very good first look. This is complete departure for Salman Khan in terms of the look of the character. Will steal some thunder from Dangal which will be anyways better film than Sultan.


  4. A very interesting and intriguing 1st look, much better than Dangal and the look suits Salman to the T. But i don’t think it’s going to take some sheen off Dangal as both are 2 diametrically opposite stories where Dangal is not a “PURE” biopic , more of a family drama and women empowerment and emancipation tale with Mahavir Phogat being the central character. On the other hand Sultan is a biopic based on the life of wrestler Sultan Ali Khan where focus would be on personal journey of the wrestler and fighting his inner demons. At the same time Aamir’s way of movie making is also radically different from Salman school of film making. So i don’t see Sultan making a dent in Dangal’s prospects as former having the advantage of releasing first. Only good content would enable them to succeed as both are big budget projects, hope that both of them would turn out to be fantastic experience for cine lovers.


  5. No wonder Aamir threw a hissyfit with this one! All these years, he was secure with the fact that Sallu has been unable to break his BO records of past few years. He would keep referring to Sallu as the numero uno, albeit tounge in cheek, knowing fully well that the records are all his. But now with BB almost catching PK, and Aamir venturing into Sallu territory with the wrestler/bodybuilder look, the last thing he would’ve wanted is for an open challenge from Sallu himself. Ultimately, his insecurities became uncontrollable, and he landed himself into Sallu’s bad books with those party fights. Aamir is going to have a miserable year until both these films release.


    • NyKavi an absolute ROFL moment when someone like you believes in such gossip-mongers whose only work is to confabulate the kind of s..t which is evident through such articles almost making it to almost all entertainment sites without confirming the veracity of this “junk” as news of fight between 2 of the country’s biggest stars would increase the traffic and hits on their sites!! Ethics be damned for circulation and hits, but what i’m bewildered at that seasoned person like you could believe in such juvenile piece of writing!! Salman himself told the reporters after fitness launch of Tata Sky event after being asked about Aamir’s putting on so much of weight, he replied that his own trainer was with Aamir and Aamir’s dedication would make him pull off reducing his weight and that was almost 10 days after this rumour of rift between Salman and Aamir. If Aamir were to throw such hissyfits, he wouldn’t have reached where he is now or would not have acted in Dhobi Ghat or Talaash, but his is a unique standing as people might come in to watch a Salman starer but without Salman, nobody cares whether movie is produced by Salman Khan banner, but people throng theaters if a movie is produced by Aamir without acting in it, be it JTYJN, DB or Peepli Live! and they opened big without any star in them and that became possible only because he is secure about his own product without bothering about what others are doing. That’s why he had the courage to release first 2 films of his production house against bigger opposition and more populist themes, Lagaan released with Gadar and TZP with Welcome and results are there for everyone to see!! So don’t buy such comical stuff!!


    • AamirsFan Says:

      there is seriously nothing here that is concrete fact…just a lot of hearsay. trust me…no one is entering anyone’s ‘home turf’ here…sallu is incapable of doing that type of movie much less having that type of a performance…then you look at the director and the production company; what you really see is that this film is just going to be an entertainer like the rest of his films and nothing more.

      like ‘myselfaamir’ states above…dangal and sultan will be two different movies and i think there is room for both movies. without sounding like im biased (but i guess that’s impossible with my username lol)…the story of dangal seems a lot more exciting than sultan.


      • so they are trrying to encash :

        mahendra singh phogat vs sultan ali khan and two of unfittest actor to flay(one hope sushil kumar has trained well)

        nothing on rustam -e – hind( dara singh) or rushtam-e-zamana(gama)

        (Bruce Lee was an avid follower of Gama’s training routine. Lee read articles about Gama and how he employed his exercises to build his legendary strength for wrestling, and Lee quickly incorporated them into his own routine. Some of the training routines he got was: “The Cat Stretch or Hindu Push-ups” – a version of Push up based on Yoga, “The Squat” – which is called “Baithak” in India, its simply known as “deep-knee bend)


        • You seem to have “HATE” filled in your veins against Khans and Muslims, under that hatred you are not even able to write the name of Mahavir Singh Phogat!! Don’t be so myopic where you just can’t see the “REALITY” as it’s detrimental for you as TRUTH will always prevail however hard you might try to make it seem untrue. And how did you come to know about their being unfittest and making some ludicrous statements about them encashing WHAT?? Phogat and Sultan are not Milkha Singh or Dhyanchand or for that matter not even known outside wrestling domain and here you are talking about cashing in on their popularity. Bizarre ideas you invent 🙂 I hope “All is well” with you.


        • Dude, you should change your name from surila to karela 🙂


          • poking won’t help with name …elevating yourself will though

            carry on … i am whatever i am

            karela has huge medicinal advantage and seems i am curing you


  6. Salman tears into Aamir reducing him to tears!


    Professional decisions have decided to play folly in their 20-year-old friendship. Buzz has it that Salman and Aamir have had a face-off at a party about a month back, when the two close friends realised that their upcoming projects – Dangal and Sultan – are based on wrestling, and even their storylines have a few similarities. With Sultan releasing a few months before Dangal, Mr Perfectionist is neck-deep in worry over his film’s fate at the box office, or so it seems.
    ALSO READ: Salman Khan and Aamir Khan friends no more?
    This party took an ugly turn when Aamir questioned Salman’s choice of films in the past. As for Salman, from his current vantage point, the Bajrangi Bhaijaan actor said that at least he gave his directors and writers their due credit, unlike Aamir. If reports are to be believed, Salman had marched out of Aamir’s home fuming.
    It took one spat to throw their amar prem out of the window, if reports are to be believed. It’s the same actors, who a few months ago, had lauded each other’s work on social media, in front of the entire world.

    Ps: Aamirs PR machinery seems to be trying damage control but is uneasy just like their favorite star with this sultan comparison …

    Good comment by NYkavi


  7. [edited]

    gama was ghulam mohammed ( the great gama) or you see timeline like the great khali hasn’t appeared from no where and just try to find who was rushtam-e-hind and who gave the title


    • You haven’t answered even 1 question i raised but just terming me an idiot or declaring someone fixated by the user name is stupidity of the highest order as your user name is Surila but that doesn’t make you Rafi, Kishore Kumar or Lata mangeshkar, does that?? But by your blabbering you appear to be very very ” BESURA”. Don’t hurl some wild allegations without any factual backing just for the sake of it as i might be a Khan fanatic but not a hater or jealous fan like you who seems to have developed some neurotic disorder where one thinks himself as “SUPREME”, but illusion can’t be truth, so introspect and then begin replying to my factual question.


    • Surila, mind your language and if you can’t keep things civil don’t participate in discussions.


      • Satyam, its more than civility here. Every thread is being hijacked.. if you see the original comments, its about the movie Sultan and then this guys comes in and hijacks and make it into same old religious/political discussion. It doesn’t matter what the movie, what the subject of discussion, its the same points all over in every movie thread. Its sickening to read in a movie blog!


  8. defending your proxies won’t help especially if somebody want to be personal and weak and can’t resort to debate is problem…

    boss i am civil and but some of your chunnu munnu are busy doing phychotic analysis…

    fanatic, hate filled , karela is civility and idiot is uncivil as i told try to learn and silence to put you people with word


  9. Proxies being used by Satyam is another ROFL comment as he alone is capable of replying “rationally” to all members put together!!


  10. Ali Abbas Zafar says DANGAL & SULTAN are different films; Aamir Khan and Salman Khan can heave a sigh of relief

    A lot has been written and said about Salman Khan’s SULTAN and Aamir Khan’s DANGAL being similar in terms of plot and both being based on wrestling. Not only this, even their respective characters hail from Haryana, they are rustic and the two stars will be seen speaking Haryanvi in their movies. Besides, both Aamir and Salman are seen sporting similar type of look – short hairdo – for their respective films.

    Reportedly, the two actors had a huge brawl in a party organized by Aamir Khan. While Aamir took a dig at Salman’s career choices and accused him that Salman didn’t work hard as his fans readily accepted whatever he threw at them, Salman in turn went on to call Aamir as ‘fake’.

    However, our close sources have it that both the films are way different from each other. While DANGAL is more to do with Aamir Khan’s character’s (Mahavir Phogat) two daughters, in SULTAN, Salman Khan depicts the life of a struggling wrestler. While DANGAL is based on a true incident, SULTAN is a fictional story.

    When we contacted the director of SULTAN Ali Abbas Zafar, even he clarified, “DANGAL and SULTAN are two very different films with two different stories. I think because of wrestling people are comparing it but they shouldn’t be compared.”

    Though DANGAL went on floors in September and SULTAN shoot will begin by mid-November, Salman Khan starrer SULTAN is set to hit the screens before Aamir Khan’s DANGAL (which is scheduled for Christmas 2016 release).

    If we go by Ali’s words, then we believe there is no point in fighting or clashing with each other. Hope after hearing this both Aamir and Salman will be relieved with it now.


  11. In all this Dangal – Sultan talk, few people be they social or filmy media bother about a couple of small but significant points — Dangal has been planned and prepped since about a year, talked about in the media; Aamir in his slow steady thorough manner has been trying to get the look of a retired 55 year old wrestler – father; he does NOT need to look like a muscled hero — which is what Sultan Salman looks like. And all the filmi websites go around comparing these two diametrically different characters. Salman fans/ social media commenters are of course happy to play along, propping up the popular favourite.

    Another small matter that struck a few Aamir fans ; Sultan’s producer YRF came out with Sulan’s first poster a couple of months ago, announcing the ‘wrestling’ film to be released during Eid 2016 — even as Aamir was busy getting overweight for his Dangal role ( also apparently jeopardising his health). The film’s ‘daughters’ too were being trained — four newcomers, to play the two daughters; in Aamir’s own home, diet, training, the works. The man is thorough if nothing else.

    And then here comes this sudden Sultan poster, announcing a wrestling film set in Haryana to be released 5 months before Dangal.

    Nobody in social or film media seems to think it a sneaky and unethical act. I am 100 % positive that if Aamir had announced a Sultan while Salman was prepping for a Dangal — Aamir would have been torn apart for being sneaky. But no, not a peep from Salman’s online army or the filmi media.

    Even when Raees poster was brought out a full year before release, on the eve of a Salman film/ promo release, I had felt that it was unethical.

    I suppose it is dumb of me to expect any ethics in the film industry. And it is foolhardy of Aamir to spend two years on a film, from conception to release. At least in an industry where popular heroes release three films a year.

    Dangal has been smartly shortchanged. Sultan will of course do well like Dabang or any other Salman blockbuster. And the media will continue to write its tales speaking up for popular favourites , dismissing a lone player like Aamir — whose online fan army can never match the other two Khans. After PK, the right wing hates him anyway( never mind that PK team is almost wholly Hindu). Looks like Aamir’s film career has reached its sunset point.


  12. Sultan Official ‏@SultanTheMovie 2h2 hours ago
    Meet Sultan’s Leading Lady! #SultanLeadingLady


  13. Wtf !!! I damn simply cannot believe it ! The Salman effect runs through the veins almost instantly !

    Just in a sec all my negativity towards Anushka and you won’t believe even that stud Virat Kohli has vanished.

    But happy bhaijaan has taken a full-time heroine rather than makeshift arrangements like Daisy Shah and Jacqueline Fernandez thereby bringing proper commercial trappings to the fore.


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