MS Subbulakshmi, India’s Most Misunderstood Musician (Caravan Cover Story)


COURTESY MATRKA / ™ KRISHNA On the day of Meera’s release, fans thronged theatres to see and listen to the young Subbulakshmi in the lead role.

“The world of Carnatic music, and its nerve centre, Chennai, is an intense, and intensely insular, world. Its norms of adherence, practice and evaluation are unforgiving. Through conversations, informal criticism, even hints, learned musicians and seniors, working in tandem with informed listeners, bestow various degrees of so-called classical value upon musicians. These value judgements become harsher as the popularity of a musician rises. Some of these musicians have publicly offered MS gestures of admiration, even adulation. Many use her performance techniques to enhance their own. But serious critical and technical appreciation has been rare. MS’s contemporaries, and even her juniors, have received weightier musical approval.

This was as true at the crest of her fame as it is now, over a decade after her death—and in this, her centenary year. Quintessential Carnatic connoisseurs and musicians differentiate between the real rasika, or aesthete, and the janata, who attend concerts to hear merely melodious music. The only praise that the hardcore section of this small universe bestows upon MS with honesty is that she had the most beautiful and pitch-perfect voice, and immaculate presentation skills. But let me make this clear: musicians don’t consider that combination a compliment. It usually means that there is nothing in the music to really write home about. I gather, from those close to her, that MS herself used to get quite upset when people only admired her voice—or worse, went on and on about the exquisite sari she was wearing.”

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One Response to “MS Subbulakshmi, India’s Most Misunderstood Musician (Caravan Cover Story)”

  1. Interesting piece. She had superstar quality. Mere talent is not enough. One needs packaging too. All our bollywood and non bollywood superstars, political stars, cricket stars and other stars are marketed and sold by themselves, their PRs and their fans. But then they have been great achievers too.


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