Shaandaar trailers (updated)

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19 Responses to “Shaandaar trailers (updated)”

  1. thecooldude Says:

    Blown away….completely unexpected than what I would have imagined!!!!


  2. abzee2kin Says:

    There’s always a certain artificiality about Shahid Kapur which puts me off… like he seems to be outside his performance and also be impressed by it at the same time. Only in his Bhardwaj turns was he absent of that, and he suddenly seemed so much a better actor. Wish he strived for that even otherwise.

    Not sure this pairing works either.


    • arturo_belano Says:

      Not sure why this artificiality is a bad thing, especially in a film like this or that Raj Kumar Santoshi one, which are self-aware about their own absurdity. I mean it’s a movie he is acting on.


      • abzee2kin Says:

        Yes but, and since you bring up Rajkumar Santoshi, compare Shahid’s turn in PPNH to Ranbir in APKGK and you see a certain earnestness in the latter that lacks in the former. The self-aware aspect of the humour is alright, but the cockiness in the performance, for lack of a better word, is not.


  3. Alia continues to be in the zone and whatever works here is only due to the patakha guddi dame. Among the actresses , I can’t recall any other simpleton with so much connect for no rhyme or reason. Kajol definitely fell in this category at her peak and to Divya Bharti too had this hold for a period of time.


  4. Movies on Indian marriages are always fun watch and work one way or the other in various forms, long before DDLJ right up to Queen.


  5. Alia Bhatt trained hard for a bikini shoot in ‘Shaandaar’
    March 18, 2015 aditi.chandra07 1581 reads 6 comments

    She last donned a two-piece in her debut movie ‘Student of the Year’, and Alia Bhatt will sport one again for her forthcoming movie ‘Shaandaar’. Buzz is that, the actress trained hard to have a perfect body for the bikini sequence.
    According to Times of India, Vikas Bahl did not want her to flaunt any puppy fat and thus Alia took to the gym and after three months presented herself as a ‘little boy’ to the director. It was then that he asked her to get to some curves and the actress trained under celebrity trainer Yasmin Karachiwala.
    Yasmin said, “Alia came to me last July and told me that she wanted to looking sizzling in a bikini for Shandaar. She was skinny but dedicated, refusing to eat anything but what had been recommended. And in three months she had the perfect body for the UK shoot, going from super-thin to gymnast body-thin.”
    “She’s young, hyperactive and always ready to try something new. There are days when I have to throw her out of the gym and tell her to cheat on her diet,” she added.
    ‘Shaandaar’ will see Alia romancing Shahid Kapoor. The two stars will play insomniacs in the film, which is touted to be India’s first destination wedding movie. It will hit the screens on September 4.


    • Re: “Vikas Bahl did not want her to flaunt any puppy fat and thus Alia took to the gym and after three months presented herself as a ‘little boy’ to the director.”

      This is just…wrong. Hard to imagine anything less sexy.


  6. This is what happens (to Anurag Kashyap & Co. ) when you go near Karan Johar 🙂


  7. From the director of Queen. This should work hopefully. The trailer looks good and fresh and different. Songs will do the trick.


  8. Liked the promo .. looks very fresh and feel good kind of .. chart-buster songs can ensure good BO results.


  9. AamirsFan Says:

    lets see how dharma productions ruins this one…


  10. Based on this trailer there is nothing that I like, and much that I dislike : heroine named after her real name ( Alia), confrontations with real-life father, heroine in bikini in the first trailer itself, filmy throighout wothout any touch of ordinariness. So, the second trailer better bring on something different and surprise, or I am giving this a pass.


  11. This trailer is a big disappointment from the director of Queen. It isn’t just that the dialogs and writing dumb (although they are that) and the film seems wretchedly unfunny (although it is that); it’s also a bit dated, like the kind of film Johar might have made a few years ago.

    PS — Kashyap must have some nerve co-producing this film, given all the gyaan he’s given everyone else about selling out.


    • These movies prove Kashyap & Co. never had any principled stand on film making and these phonies just wanted to gain entry to bollywood and were tapping into some of the anger of non conforming,antithetical audience to gain headlines.

      He lived his early years accusing KJo being head of bollywood mutual masturbating club but got into bed with him at the first given opportunity. He made a mockery of his dream project casting a ‘hile la du lela’ KJo and the audience never took the movie seriously after that. After blurting so many hate messages and headlines this is what he came up with and compromised in such a big way by casting a bollywood buffoon holding a cigarette and acting all mafia. I dread to think what this loud mouth would be like if BV had worked ‘even’ partially.

      The guy also effectively killed his brother Abhinav’s career too by entangling Salman the wrong way and underestimating his bollywood history. Look at the jump to Kabir Khan’s career and seems a like classic case of one benefiting the other with their respective expertise. Why couldn’t both survive? Insecure people put others down to raise themselves up and he seems to be a classic example of that….

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      • AamirsFan Says:

        pretty scathing and honest comment. agree with you 100%.


        • Think we need to understand this is a Vikas Behl movie, not a Anurag kashyap or Motwane movie. Even from Queen it was clear that Vikas Behl is more box office friendly and has a better sensibility in that regard. Phantom movies is just the movie house which also has AK and VM as part of it. I am not a fan of AK, I think he has made one rocking movie to date in Black Friday, one good movie in Dev D and the rest are all movies which are watchable but can never do anything at the box office and havent. For some reason there is a set of fans who consider him a cult film maker but thats their opinion. VM on the other hand has made 1 very good Udaan and one pathetic Lootera. Vikas behl has the best standing in the trade amongst the three and I am sure this will be a good movie and will do very well in the BO. Even in Queen , the early wedding portions were shot very nicely and if this whole movie is set in a wedding , am sure Vikas behl has a great script in hand.


  12. This worked for me. Liked the pairing and there is a freshness in here which makes it watchable. The music sounds awesome.


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