The Hateful Eight trailers (updated)

thanks to Aamirsfan…

thanks to Rocky…


9 Responses to “The Hateful Eight trailers (updated)”

  1. Does not look good… maybe the movie will be better.


  2. [added to post]

    I’m getting a very obvious ‘Reservoir Dogs’ vibe here….


  3. Tarantino’s a master, when it comes to writing dialogue, but the thought of a film revolving around one isolated setting worries me. IF Tarantino delivers something similar to Reservoir Dogs, with flashbacks piecing the story together, while the main cast sits in the current setting (i.e. the warehouse in Reservoir Dogs), then I’ll have more positive feelings for The Hateful Eight.

    But if I’m using this piece of news as a sign of things to come, then it looks like we’re headed for an extended version of the tavern scene in Inglorious Basterds. Maybe I’m alone on this, but I’m not looking forward to an hour+ of a dialogue heavy film, with the main characters playing mind games to catch the culprit, because it sounds like the type of film that’ll bore me to tears.


  4. tonymontana Says:

    This one’s much better


  5. tonymontana Says:

    Here’s another:

    Still early for a critics’ consensus, but 95% on RT from 20 reviews. Seems another winner


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