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  1. Naveen:

    Salman Khan Let Down Most by His Lawyers

    I believe this day will be a fine day to actually shift the contours of the debate: move the needle from Salman Khan, many others drink and drive (though they know they shouldn’t). What happened is unpardonable but there is also a backstory to this for which we as a people are responsible. We treat our film stars as Gods. We believe they cannot fail us. But they are human, for God’s sake. As human as you and I, and fail they will. So while we exult over their achievements we needn’t prey on their shortcomings but today was exactly that. Some silly panellist on a television channel expressed resentment over the support that Salman was getting from the film industry post the verdict. Of course he will. And he should. Why would a Hema Malini not pray for a lesser sentence? And yes it is the same media that has been showing us visuals of Salman and his family and not those of the family of the man who died or the people who were injured. So if the media is bitten by celebrity metaphors, why do you blame the others?

    In the coming days, many pundits will tell us about the intricacies of the law; there will be others who will pontificate on the robustness of our judicial system, while few will spare a thought for the victims. We will then return to life as we know it.

    Today is a verdict on us. And not just on Salman Khan.


    • jayshah Says:

      Deserves to be in jail when found guilty. No sympathy.
      I’m sure a section of the Indian public will sympathise though. And the Bollywood fraternity will put a false front on.
      But drink driving, killing a man. Deserves everything he gets.


      • yeah it’s really hard to sympathize on this one.. and then getting the driver to take the rap in old masala movie style made it worse.


      • gabbar Says:

        In india lot of people get away with worse. Ambani kid recently got away with it. His driver took the blame and is in the jail.


        • That is true but shouldn’t be used to defend a crime.

          If I am caught speeding, I cannot say to the cop, “everyone is doing”.

          Find the violation:


        • The argument is self-contradictory. If you otherwise say it’s wrong that people get away with it and if so many important people are constantly criticized precisely for getting away with it, the argument then cannot be when it’s about someone one likes — let him too get away with it!


          • MSDhoni Says:

            In an ideal world no one should get away with any crime if caught more so if someone loses a life. My grouse and point here is witch hunting and I am going out and speculating he was singularly targeted here (let’s say for unknown reasons) and no such past precedence of such harsh punishment in Indian Judicial system. I have put out recent examples earlier with much severe cases (killing 7 -10 people) of drunk driving with max 2 and 3 years. I am not even taking into consideration the truck drivers who are perpetually drunk 90% of the time (courtesy satayamev jayate) and get away with it by bribing Rs. 500/-

            Even 1 death is a loss but it’s the selectiveness in this which is bothersome and if I read you correctly here you are big proponent of consistency on this blog.

            I am not going to ever tie up this case with Being Human stuff which is totally irrelevant and in my opinion they are two different issues and he has been a do gooder much before all this happened and used to hear his story of bone marrow donation (extremely painful procedure) in early 90s.

            I am chiding Salman here for being so naive in this case and if he decided to fight this case and wanted to prove his innocence he should have been smart about and simple honesty will not get him anywhere esp in India. We all know money is required to even to prove right ‘right’

            There have been hardly any celebrity except Salman and Sanju who are going to jail and it has something to do with their gullibility/ lacking in worldly wisdom or informed judgement.


          • No I don’t think most people in the movie business have been running over people.. nor have most been pals with shady figures.

            As for the rest I’m not sure in what country of the world could it be a defense to say ‘I committed a crime but don’t catch me because some others got away’! So in other words no one in any society could ever be caught for something because it could easily be established that others in similar circumstances got away. It happens in the US. For example college sports stars routinely get away with rape. What does this mean? That ordinary rapists should therefore be let free? Or that the one college athlete who does get punished shouldn’t have to pay the price?

            All of this might ask one to raise larger questions about the system (actually my first one would be different.. this is a country in which people who engineer riots never have to pay the price..! every political party has them.. this is a place where all kinds of political massacres happen and hardly anyone ever pays the price.. so on and so forth) and its essential fairness (an ordinary person with Salman’s crime would have fared far worse in this system in every sense.. do you think ordinary criminals get out of jail at the drop of a hat the way DUtt does? that too in those sorts of terrorism related charges?)but this doesn’t mean that we make it a zoo in the meantime where everyone can go free!

            I am in any case suspicious of certain kinds of abstractions presented in the name of fairness. Why? Because the bar is raised so high that Salman could have done anything in the world and by your logic he would never have to be punished because the same conditions would apply. So you rape someone but hey many rapists get away, you murder someone, many murderers also get away, you can even cause a riot, there are so many others to whom nothing happened.

            Our loved ones could have been walking on that street where Salman was driving while intoxicated.. he didn’t decide to just run over people sleeping on the sidewalk. Many drunk drivers run over pedestrians too. So let’s play out that thought experiment.. would one present such an argument (hey others got away) if anyone one knew were to suffer in such an incident?

            The idea that Salman is some sort of victim here is absurd. And the ‘let’s wait for the ideal world before we arrest Salman’ logic simply doesn’t fly.


      • gabbar Says:

        “When found guilty” and what if there is evidence or whole machinary against you e.g. in case of Modi or Bachchan/Bofors? You can go blue in your face saying you are innocent but they may hate you and plant evidence against you. Though if you are drunk it is plain stupid to drive, especially if you are rich and have driver to drive you. It took bachchan decades to prove his innocence. Even Harivansh was suspicious and asking his son if he did anything wrong. So you see. You are guilty before you are proved innocent. At least in India. Especially if you are rich.


  2. 1.- Madhuri Key Dono Saajan Jail mein !!

    2.- Sanjay Dutt to Salman- Chal merey Bhai !!

    3.Salman – Mujhpey ek Ehsaan Karna kee, mujhpey koi Ehsaan Mat karna !
    Judge- Theek Hai Bhai !!- Guilty !!
    Salman – Arrey sorry Judge sahib , please Reconsider??
    Judge- Ek baar jo mainy faisla dey diya ,fir mein apney aap kee bhee nahin suntaa !!


    • omrocky786 Says:

      Aishwarya rai updates her status – feeling safe
      Homeless men in bandra update their status – feeling safe
      Vivek Oberoi updates his status – Feeling safe
      Black buck in Rajasthan updates his status – Feeling safe.
      Ranbir kapoor updated his status : Time to get married -feeling safe


    • omrocky786 Says:

      From Salman Khan to Salman Doshi. Modi’s India forcing religious conversions?


      • gabbar Says:

        Took me a while to understand what this joke and why conversion. Salman Doshi. Haha. ‘doshi’


        • omrocky786 Says:

          Read Rishi Kapoor’s recent tweets ….. he is going all out against Abhijeet, Ezaz Khan and Co….!!


          • gabbar Says:

            “Bhai is innocent. Bhai roxx.
            It’s not sunk in for me yet. A movie that began with a hit and ran for thirteen years has finally come to an end and I can’t believe how that climax played out.
            First of all, Bhai was not driving the car. He said so. He also said he is a virgin. I mean come on.
            Second, he was not drunk. His blood just turned into alcohol. Or as it was explained by a forensic expert “Sharaab aur khoon main apni marzi se peeta hoon…dabake” (Wanted, 2009)
            Dabake dabangg dabangg dabangg….
            Third, his driver was driving his car. He said so himself. I mean isn’t that obvious? Driver…driving…car. And if it wasn’t him, and I am not disputing what the court said because I fully respect the law, it could have been any one else.
            Raina’s nephew. Kambli’s friend. Hindu patriarchy. Maoists. Media saazish. Sab mile hue hai. Amit Shah.
            I don’t know. But definitely not Bhai.”


    • omrocky786 Says:

      Aishwarya Rai sitting with Abhishek in deep thinking mode- “Flop hai toh kya hua , Jail toh Nahee jaayegaa”

      Meanwhile Alia Bhatt still trying to figure out – when Salman does not own any farms why does he need the Bail !!!


  3. AamirsFan Says:

    His reckless past finally caught up to him. I highly highly doubt he will serve the full 5 years in jail…probably will be reduced somehow. But…wow…hopefully this will bring some closure for the family members and the lives he affected. On the other hand, Sallu is at the peak of his career and pretty sure he is done now. I am kind of torn with this verdict…part of me feels it is a bit excessive because Salman has proven to be a good, clean citizen post that accident…but part of me says justice needs to be served…especially for the family members who lost their loved ones due to him.


    • A good clean citizen who asked his driver to confess for his crimes???


      • AamirsFan Says:

        True he did not want to face his deserved punishment…but I am talking about the “Being Human” foundation..also countless other acts of kindness and charity giving. Is he the worst human ever? No. He may have been a brat..but now he will face his punishment. The thing for him is, is he truly humbled by this. or is he going to continue to act like a brat..he also has a history of anger problems.


        • oldgold Says:

          The being human was started after this accident. I think he knew this will play a part in people judging him.


  4. He has been granted interim bail till friday.


  5. A very provocative tweet by Abhijeet.

    While the Bollywood fraternity is tweeting in support of Salman Khan but being fair in their support by saying that they respect the judiciary system of the country, there are certain celebs who find it to be very unfair. Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya tweeted, “Kutta rd pe soyega kutte ki maut marega, roads garib ke baap ki nahi hai I ws homles an year nvr slept on rd Come out fraternity, support @BeingSalmanKhan boldly not hypocriticly Roads footpath r not meant 4 sleeping, not driver’s or alcohol’s fault. Mumbai ke road Aur footpath pe sone ka shauk hai ?? Y not at your village no vehicles to kill u.. Suicide is crime so is sleeping on footpath..80% homeles film ppl strugld achievd stardom but never slept on footpath” However, Abhijeet is not the only one to have reacted against the verdict. Farah Khan Ali also tweeted her views and drew analogies between people sleeping on the footpath and people crossing the railway tracks. She wrote, “The govt should be responsible for housing ppl.If no 1was sleeping on d road in any other country Salman wuld not have driven over anybody. It’s like penalising a train driver because someone decided to cross the tracks and got killed in the bargain.” [sic]


    • Disgusting comments..

      And the logic doesn’t even hold.. if you’re driving drunk you could as easily run down a pedestrian. It happens all the time.


    • AamirsFan Says:

      Just pure idiotic tweets. These guys need to read a book or something and get educated fast.


    • jayshah Says:

      LOL and being drunk has nothing to do with it? These idiots are just as bad.
      How many of those train drivers are drunk?


      • jayshah Says:

        It was not intentional…that’s one thing in favour of Salman. One hopes at least that is the case. So its an accident.
        However, being drunk puts him firmly in the firing line. That is 100% a no no in this case. In many countries, being that drunk he’d lose his licence and be fined and possibly jailed anyway.
        Then framing his driver is a cowards act and actually killing someone.

        Support for him is misplaced. I hope his films flop big time but I doubt it. Fans will come out and support him and I am sure Bollywood will stand by him. And that is fine.

        There was a footballer who came out of jail recently in UK and wanted to go back to football after being found guility of rape. He has not found a football club, because every time a football club gets close to him…the fans of that football club boycott/petition and sponsors leave. Rightly so.

        Everyone deserves a second chance for sure, but I think you’ve got to earn it by doing the right thing. And top of that list is admitting the crime you have commited, and seeking forgiveness. Then the road to rehab starts. And over time people will forgive. Salman has not started this journey at all. He is still busy appealing. Unless his story is true. But then the law of the land governs the outcome.

        Be a man Salman and man up I say.


        • AamirsFan Says:

          Also the hit and run part is even more cowardice. He had a easy choice to go straight to the police or wait for the police after the accident…but the dude ran away and made it much much worse. You are absolutely right…it is time to just own up to your mistake…like I said above…be humbled and ask for forgiveness. This is the quickest and easiest way to gain sympathy from the public and hell…it is the healthiest way to cope with your own demons. This is still a shocking news to read..kind of refreshing…every other celebrity news I’ve ever read who committed a serious crime usually gets off the hook and nobody cares. They might also make Salman an ‘example’ here…


          • jayshah Says:

            I doubt he is getting made an example off. If he was…in 2002 this case would have been hot shot to the top…in his prime years he would have been in jail and he would get the maximum sentence of 10 years.
            Instead, he’s had 13 years out, earnt millions and getting 5 years at the fag end of his career. Given a choice, I know which one I’d rather take!


          • AamirsFan Says:

            He may have been in his actual prime years..but these were clearly his ‘filmy’ prime years. He is the top dog and now jailed (after bail runs out). It’s huge and sends the right message…no matter how big you are..if you commit a will be punished.

            speaking strictly on film news…I haven’t watched a Salman Khan film since Dabangg 2 in a theater and only watched Dabangg and Wanted prior to that…so I won’t really miss him on screen that much….but this will no doubt hurt the industry money wise. This is not like Sanjay Dutt sentenced to jail and people barely care. Producers will care about this more than anything…don’t think you can replace him.


        • jayshah Says:

          A car is also easier to manage and slow down than a bloody train! What a douche that tweeter was. How can they ever be similar things.
          And the calls to put homeless people in homes and not on the streets…sigh…that has nothing to do with Salman’s stupidity. Too right, if they weren’t on the road they would not have been run over. Then why not ban all people from the road, then no one will ever be run over?


      • This makes me want to re-visit that wonderful Jolly LLB!! There is a similar dialogue in that one too, like what Abhijeet tweeted.


    • insensitive comments. Irrespective of merits of the case, people died on pavement.


  6. oldgold Says:

    Even before the ink dried after writing this post he has received bail, interim bail and didn’t even step into jail.
    It took 13 years for the verdict to come and less than 3 hours to set him free.
    Salim’s urdu blog didn’t go in vain.


  7. MSDhoni Says:

    Fact Checks:

    Mumbai: Alistair Pereira’s case, 7 died, 8 were injured. This was total reckless

    Alistair Anthony Pereira, the scion of a family of realtors, drove his Toyota Corolla. Seven people died and eight were injured. Pereira was sentenced to six months in jail by a local court

    Mr. Pereira was initially sentenced to six months in jail by a Mumbai court the same Mumbai court has given Salman 5 years today.

    Pereira ‘s case provoked much criticism and when a lot of noise made the Bombay High Court had to intervene and enhanced the jail term to three years, convicting Mr. Pereira of unintentional killing.

    Mr. Pereira appealed against this order in the Supreme Court and was given bail in 2007.

    Later due to noise the Supreme Court had to cancel his bail and agreed with the Bombay High Court, Alistair Anthony Pereira will have to go to jail for three years

    Sanjeev Nanda – this guy actually dragged policemen under his car for a good 1 or 2 kms,

    Sanjeev Nanda – the grandson of Admiral SM Nanda, was sentenced to 2 years’ imprisonment by a trial court almost 10 years after Nanda ran his BMW over six people, including three Delhi Police officers who manned the checkpoint at Lodhi Road intersection, the site of the accident, on January 10, 1999.

    What is to be noted – Two constables and two others died on the spot, and another policeman and a bystander succumbed in hospital. The 1999 trial acquitted him.

    Due to media outrage a re-trial was forced in 2008 and he was found guilty of killing the six people. The Supreme Court in 2012 reduced his prison sentence to the two years he had spent in prison, added a substantial penalty, and sentenced him to do community service for two years.


  8. MSDhoni Says:

    93, star Puru Raaj Kumar, drunk driving, killed 3, seriously injured 2, crippled 1. No conviction n no trial n no headlines.


  9. MSDhoni Says:

    Salman’s overconfidence in trusting the Indian Legal System has set him in unless there is someone behind who has been pushing this case.

    Salman will have to pay for his naiveness and being a do-good·er.
    This is how modern world operates !

    This whole episode will make him a even better person. All prayers with him and his family during this difficult period.


  10. MSDhoni Says:

    Has the son of India’s richest man killed two persons?

    ven though the social media is talking openly about who was behind the wheels in the accident on Mumbai’s Peddar Road involving a Reliance-registered luxury sports car, an Aston Martin Rapide (MH-01-BK99) worth Rs 4 crore, and two other cars (an Audi and a Hyundai Elantra), it seems the Mumbai police is trying its best to protect the identity of the real culprit. Despite a palpable gag on mainstream Indian media, a number of Mumbai-based newspapers, including the tabloid Mumbai Mirror, have already pointed out that it was Akash Ambani, son of the richest industrialist in the country, Mukesh Ambani, who was on the driver’s seat when the accident, took place at 1:30 am in the early hours of 8 December.

    Unsubstantiated reports on social media immediately after the Peddar Road incident had hinted at two people losing their lives in the Aston Martin hit-and-run case, but these links and posts were either removed from the websites or led to dead links soon after the news spread, albeit in trickles. Millennium Post also tried contacting senior officers in Mumbai police, but the efforts of our reporters were met with an eerie silence on the other side, with most of the telephone calls remaining unanswered.


  11. omrocky786 Says:

    Did not know this –
    Just like with Karan Arjun, Shah Rukh tried to get me out of the film but when we did it, I told him we are now going to play brothers for not one but two births, so let’s be like brothers. Ask me for anything


  12. MSDhoni Says:

    Bravo! Its so heartening to see Arnav fighting for Salman on his channel and he is right when he says police are lying and they fabricated his blood samples and it took the police 6 years to put a new case to say he was drunk ? To make this case of this proportion. Someone has been pushing this case from day 1 and, no it is not law of the land but someone with vested interest and hope Salman is clever enough to get to the bottom of this.

    Btw on an aside someone should put up that link of Arnav 2 days back where he was taking on all politicians for letting Dawood slip off….. never seen such direct questioning before!

    Bottom-line is if it were in US, one would not bother much for such convictions as law of the land is same and applied correctly from top to bottom. Just recently even a small ‘graand masti’ of closing few lanes to cause traffic delays to constituents against Gov Christie has led his top aides indicted and this bridge-gate stuff will make him doubtful to even seek presidential elections.

    But applying law as per your whims and fancies is such a shame for a nation! Well if India can put him in jail – good, then I want justice for all the “criminals” sitting in parliament / corporate houses … yes there are many!

    This is why SRK is truly blessed with his aggression and keeps these vultures in place playing the victim card perfectly. When they were on his case, it wasn’t easy to put people like Amar Singh with all his political- business mighty nexus in place but look at the job he did that Amar Singh comes and apologies to him on public platform.

    This is what Salman has to learn. In fact give this case to SRK to handle from hereon!!!


    • It is not job of Arnab to prove police is fabricating the evidence. Defense lawyers should do it. If he has more information or he can be lawyer, let him go ahead and fight in high court not on TV.


      • LOL, true! And of course it’s not as if Arnab is some paragon of ethics in these matters! He’s simply taking the side that best suits his TRPs.


    • Pradip Says:

      I don’t know MSDhoni, if that’s a blatant lie or defiancey to understand Arnav’s articulate point. Arnav never fought or supported salman. Matter of fact he argued, shouted completely opposite what you have reported here.
      A fabricated story or quote takes away any seriousness or depth from your arguments.


      • hadn’t seen that Arnab episode but I was initially surprised he’d fully supported Salman.. I just checked and he’s done 3 full hrs on this. Probably took every side at some point or the other!


  13. MSDhoni Says:

    I think this is what he will do and he needs to hire reputed lawyers to get to the bottom of this case. I am also of the opinion where in the case was so weak that he did not succumb to the police and witnesses who may have tried to extract money out of him. There is lot of blackmailing for such cases and he should have been smart about it.

    In the end my last word on this verdict is nicely put by Ravish Kumar from NDTV and I agree to his open letter where he nicely says:

    “ You have the option to appeal in a higher court, and you must make use of it, but do it only if you think you are innocent. Arguments in court don’t mitigate your mistake. Listen to your inner voice. If you come back with an honest heart, you’ll find me waiting for the new Salman at the ticket counter, just as I stood in queue in 1989.”


    • We can not read people’s mind. We can only speculate.

      Even the Colorado movie shooter entered “not guilty” plea.

      ps – Can you do something like this?
      (Ravish Kumar is Senior Executive Editor, NDTV India)

      Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts and opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of NDTV and NDTV does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.


    • I’m a great fan of Ravish, unfortunately he’s wrong on some of his facts here. Wanted for instance released after Ghajini not before.

      on your other points though…

      Just because people get away with a great deal in India doesn’t mean Salman should get away too. And those making such arguments only do so selectively.. when it’s about their favorite stars or politicians or whoever. Why should anyone be punished for anything following that logic? There are always those who get away with much more!

      Secondly if a person is doing ‘good’ things otherwise that might be commendable but that doesn’t mean you can kill people out of recklessness one day and give to charity the next day!

      Now I myself thing these things take far too long in India. I said this with the Dutt sentencing as well. I personally have a great deal of discomfort with the original crime and the penalty being so far removed in time. But it’s not as if someone like Salman doesn’t take full advantage of precisely these weaknesses in the system to delay things as much as possible.

      Ultimately there should be some sort of moral compass in these matters. This is not corruption or something. A man has died. Yes people get away with in India with things that are a 100 times worse.. one should find such a system depressing. However this doesn’t mean that Salman should be let off scot-free because of this. Is there any limit to defending a favorite star?!


  14. MSDhoni Says:

    Re fabricating evidence if you go through the full court case you will see all that was put up by the defense. But in India there is no jury system to take a objective view to the case but just one judge decides to take it or leave it.

    System is designed for corruption !


  15. omrocky786 Says:


    • gabbar Says:

      They both were utterly stupid. One was young, drug-addict and extremely gullible. Other was drunk and therefore couldn’t think. Not that one should condone either of their acts though people on this blogs were extremely sympathetic to Munnabhai vs Bhai.


      • I’m still more sympathetic to Dutt because I don’t think he personally went and did anything or was involved in such a plot.


        • jayshah Says:

          Agree the Dutt and Salman scenario is very different. I understand the sympathy for Dutt. For Salman, this was pure stupidity and he deserves everything he gets.


          • on a different note Barcelona (and Messi) came through yesterday! Hopefully they have a comfortable enough margin here to get through even if they lose the second game.


          • jayshah Says:

            Let’s just say Messi further enhanced his reputation yesterday as the best player in the world. His second goal, Mayweather would have been proud of that knockdown! Astonishing goal really, watch it in slow motion and it is quite sick how he managed to move the ball from the left to the right all in one step. Magic feet.
            This Barcelona side, right now is on the verge of challenging Guardiola’s side of 2011. Still in with a decent chance of the treble and the top 3 are tearing teams apart.


          • “His second goal, Mayweather would have been proud of that knockdown! ”

            yes incredible one..


          • jayshah Says:


            Read this one of the most respected spanish pundits. On the money.
            Its crazy what Messi continues to do. Whether he plays as a striker or false striker, on the right of a 3, or as a #10 behind the striker he still scores as many goals. He is now positioned between midfield and strikers basically getting more touches on the ball and influencing the creativity of Barcelona. Ronaldo is basically now a striker. Yesterday’s performance, he was hardly in the game for 77mins. But then in those 3 mins, the stadium erupted and the commentators went nuts. The match itself was one of the best I’ve seen in a long time.


          • I really hope he gets another shot at the World Cup..


          • I don’t consider Dutt’s case to be different from Salman as Sanjay has had a knack of getting himself in to trouble time and again. Dutt got a lot of chances to redeem himself but he wasted them in almost every instance, so to project him some sort of saint or sorted guy is misplaced in my view.


  16. omrocky786 Says:

    The story of a bodyguard who died alone, saying it was Salman behind the wheel
    It was Patil who lodged an FIR against Khan, and in his statement to the earlier court which heard the case, said he had warned the actor to drive slowly since he was in an inebriated condition. However, Khan did not heed the warning, Patil had said.

    Patil was reportedly under enormous pressure to change his statement against the actor and even went missing during the course of the trial. He had reportedly gone into hiding in order to avoid Khan’s lawyers and also alleged harassment from within the police force


  17. Don’t know the details but who the heck was driving if it wasn’t Salman & where’s the human & where was he/she for many years?

    Perhaps these are not clear but what’s a fact is —
    A human was killed
    And few maimed
    A chinkara was killed
    Vivek Oberois career was killed and

    And what about somy Ali, bijlani, ash, katrina’s…..
    I want answers !


  18. AamirsFan Says:


  19. I like this news anchor
    She’s quite innocent & nice
    What’s her name…


  20. If Sanjay Dutt is able to take his punishment gracefully, why not Salman Khan who is getting lesser punishment which will be ultimately reduced to 1 year or 6 months?

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  21. I think it is the right time to amend the constitution exempting filmstars, politicians, industrialists, sportspersons, famous people from punishment. And even if the celebrities are convicted, they should get immediate bails and continue to get bails.

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  22. few thousand crores are riding on sallu and yesterday – stock market crashed by 3% 🙂 coincidence???


    • I think some FIIs sold some stocks in large quantity. Not connected that much to SK. Only 2 company’s shares plunged and one of them recovered at the end of the day.



    Superstar Salman Khan was granted bail on Wednesday, barely three hours after he was convicted in the 2002 hit-and-run case. Before nightfall, he was back at Galaxy Apartments.

    So how did the superstar return home the same day he was convicted of culpable homicide and sentenced to five years in jail? Legal experts say there were two factors responsible — Khan seems to have gone to court prepared with a course of action in case he was convicted; and, as soon as he was convicted, he hired the best he could find, Harish Salve, who has been described as the most expensive lawyer in India.

    While most convicts do not file appeals until they have received a copy of the conviction order and prepared their grounds for appeal, Salve filed one based on the operative parts of the order that had been released to his client.

    Arguing in the high court, he said: “We have not received the copy of the order. We have attached the operative part.”

    Salve also said the grounds in the appeal were speculative grounds since they do not have the order, and therefore sought interim relief till Friday.


  24. mUst say I’m amazed by MS Dhoni’s characterization of Arnab G’s show yesterday. I caught up with it later (everything!) and Pradip has already pointed this out but throughout he mauled Salman and refused to even consider the idea that less than 5 years would have been more appropriate sentencing.


    • MSDhoni Says:

      Yes I regret the comment on Arnab’s show. It was a tweet I had received while I was commenting here so I took it on face value and relayed. I too checked the program later in the night on repeat watch and he wasn’t defending him and was as his usual harsh self but on the balanced side.

      What I knew before is that he has had very good relations with Salman and his family going by his interview in the past and Salman’s fascination for him for being upfront. If I remember correctly he did mention to Arbaaz for knowing his family for the longest time when he had him on the panel after the semi final loss in world cup this year.

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      • Pradip Says:

        “Good relation” theory doesn’t hold and it is inconsequential. Previously also he took him to the task when he danced at UP’s ill timed saifai extravaganza.


  25. Actor Aamir Khan visited colleague Salman Khan at home this morning, the latest in a series of celebrities who have flocked to the Khan residence in Mumbai’s Galaxy Apartments to offer their sympathies to the actor who was convicted of culpable homicide not amounting to murder yesterday. Aamir co-starred with Salman in 1994 comedy Andaz Apna Apna and is a close friend of the family.



  26. oldgold Says:

    LOL Never thought there were people appreciating that uncouth Arnab. His Noisy hour is unbearable. He lets those talk who support his views and shouts down the ones not having his views or the ones he has called for the sole purposes of attacking.
    They can’t get in a word.
    His questions are formed in a way as to say this is the truth now say what you want.
    Once he was made fun off by Jon Stewart comparing him to some chgannel in US with a similar format of a shouting match instead of a civilised intelligent debate.
    For that one has to go to debates anchored by Ravish of NDTV


    • Ravish Kumar is the best I’ve ever seen. At least among all the cable news shows I’ve followed between India and the US.
      Arnab Goswami is definitely talented and charismatic in his role. Unfortunately he’s also a total demagogue. And there’s one like him in most countries these days.


  27. Pradip Says:

    when does pointing out fact or non fact tantamount to appreciation?
    was it beared singularly or continuously to find out it’s unbearable quality or just had a dream or hearsay?


  28. I think Arnab is very sharp and capable of putting balancing act when he wants to for e.g his “frankly speaking” show..otherwise he seems to be just following the script.
    Perhaps in his show he is made to act like a total demagogue but as an individual I would hesitate to label him like that.
    Agree completely with observation regarding Ravish kumar.


    • Arnab plays to a certain upwardly mobile urban constituency, ‘New India’ if you will. All of his views from the hawkish national security ones to bash-all-politicians (often Congress with a vengeance) to the socially liberal stuff plays exactly to the politics of this crowd.

      On the demagogue bit I’m not sure if it matters what he thinks otherwise. We only see him on TV and that’s the role he most often plays. Including on the Salman issue. And as Ravish Kumar shows you can be as effective in every sense by asking probing questions, relying on sarcasm, and also being self-deprecating at the same time. Which is why he’s won so many awards. Arnab Goswami on the other hand is about running a circus. I quite enjoy the circus myself! That’s another matter. But he’s absolutely demagogic on everything from national security to Bose to Salman Khan to what not.




    They also glossed over the fact that Salman was apparently willing for his driver Ashok Singh to take the fall for him and shoulder a jail term on his behalf, just as Pran did for ‘Robert Seth’ in Amar Akbar Anthony (perhaps Hindi films may not be removed from reality after all). Ashok Singh’s claim that it was he who was driving the SUV when the hit-and-run took place was not only dismissed by the court as ‘improbable,’ he might be tried for perjury as well.

    If the guilty verdict doesn’t serve as a reality check for those inhabiting the lofty heights of Bollywood’s ivory towers, then this should – the large-heartedness that his friends are serving up on Twitter did not prevent ‘Bhai’ from apparently offering up an employee as sacrifice to the altar of his own freedom, his own continued state of not-being-in-jailness. The compass of Being Human may not always point you in the right direction.


  30. Salman Khan won’t go to jail, Bombay HC suspends his sentence


  31. Key Highlights

    Bombay HC asks Salman Khan to file a fresh bail bond

    12:43 PM

    Don’t put him in jail just because he is a super star: Defence lawyer to court

    12:28 PM

    Bombay high court admits actor Salman Khan’s appeal against conviction.

    11:32 AM

    Salman Khan’s lawyer Amit Desai begins arguments in court

    11:16 AM

    Defence lawyer Amit Desai arrives in court for Salman’s bail hearing

    10:50 AM

    Public prosecutor Sandeep Shinde reaches HC for Salman Khan’s hearing

    10:09 AM

    Salman Khan’s bail plea listed at number 2 in Bombay high court

    08:57 AM

    Amit Desai to lead Salman’s defence team

    08:57 AM


  32. he might be able to really stretch out the appeals process.. potentially, and unless a Court stops the process somewhere, this could be dragged out for several more years. Of course in India and as we’ve seen from the examples of Dutt and Jayalalitha, stretching out things doesn’t necessarily mean that one can get away with it permanently.

    On another note very many in the film industry (including Waheeda Rehman) visited him as did Raj Thackeray.


    • I think as we go higher in justice system, they tend to look at cases differently and are more lenient. For example a CEO is more interested in strategy, policy kind of thing but if you ask him/her about working to resolve a customer issue, it will be insignificant and look differently than lower level managers.


    • the comments not loading at my end.. in any case those who defended him saying he was being needlessly punished and was being made to suffer should see all of this too. First off it takes 13 years to get a conviction. But then the moment this happens another court gives him lots of leeway to now be able to delay stuff. I’m not taking any pleasure in Salman’s woes but this whole warped worldview where everything is forgiven when it’s a star in question (much as it’s with sports figures in the US.. for the most part) is already disturbing. But to go on to argue that Salman is some sort of victim is offensive.


      • on a related note I will say that this whole recent event has perversely worked for Salman’s branding. His core fans will continue to believe that this is another example of ‘New India’ taking revenge on a more rooted guy like him. Meanwhile his next release will open probably much bigger because there seems to be large scale sympathy among the audiences (even those who cannot defend the crime pretend it’s about the penalty being too harsh and so on). Assuming of course he can delay things once more for a while. Obviously if he has to go to jail for 5 years anytime soon it will be a huge blow to him one way or the other. But if the sentence is reduced at some point, say halved or whatever, well that sort of break is often normal for Aamir! Not saying it’s fun going to jail but depending on the term it isn’t necessarily career-threatening. Again 5 years is a lot. Specially at his age.

        As always these things, whether in politics or public life elsewhere, reflect ‘us’. These are symptoms of society. Ultimately most people don’t really mind it when a star runs over a ‘nobody’. It’s true. let’s admit it. Life is cheap in India anyway. No one cares about sidewalk dwellers anyway! Or indeed people even a whole lot better off than this. and again this isn’t about liking Salman or not. I really don’t mix the screen image with this kind of stuff. Aamir has had a model life as far as the law is concerned. If he did something like this and the rest of the circumstances were also the same (delaying things for 13 years on all kinds of bull explanations including producing a driver at the 11th hour who claimed he was driving!) I’d still say the same thing. While I don’t at all expect stars to be good people in some naive sense of the word there are some limits to this logic. That’s fine in the ordinary course of things not for more serious issues.


        • added a couple of older posts on Salman in the reruns section.


          • High Court or Supreme Court will scrap that 304 section of Culpable Homicide from the case and all is left of 2 years max punishment of negligent driving. Even another person who ran over 6 people got max of 2 years and nothing else, Salman with all this delays and they’ll increase monetary compensation and reduce it 1 year in jail at the most.

            But hey wait, picture abhi baaki hai mere dost.. Black buck case is closing soon and he’ll get something from there too.

            I think he’s reaching 50 yrs.. and his next 5 years are the farewell of his career(at least as shirtless hero) and if he dodges this jailterm for 5 years and get jailed around 2 years at 55, then its perfect timing. Not good time to go to jail at this time. That’s what the aim looks like.


          • jayshah Says:

            I guess Indians are fortunate that they can pick and choose when to serve their jail term around their work commitments.


  33. MSDhoni Says:

    He is definitely not a victim but a naïve and immature person who still does not know how things work in India even after being born and brought up there. You cannot play it straight in that kind of setting and that’s the bottom line.

    The minute I read Harish Salve will be handling Salman case; I knew he is going to be in safe hands for at least few years if not fully acquitted later years. Salve is known in legal circles for thinking on his feet and he showed that on Wed itself in getting Salman bail in no time. I mean from Ambani to Tata to Hindujas employ him so what makes you think you can get away with small time lawyers just because you have faith in the Indian judicial system.

    ‘7 things you should know about the man who bailed Salman Khan out”

    “Harish Salve, who has been trending really well online for the last few hours, is no ordinary legal counsel. Salman got bail, only when the lawyer argued that he had not been given a copy of the conviction order by the sessions court. That’s how the man’s shrewd brain works!”


  34. MSDhoni Says:

    In fact I blame Salim Khan his father more here because this where age and experience should have taught him the steps in such situations. You should be matured enough to understand vagaries of life. Looking at the past for such high profile cases, it’s always the father in each and every case whether it is Nanda, Pereira or even Mukesh Ambani who acted swiftly and nipped the case in the bud. Worked with police, lawyers, politicians, media gag, remove internet site and what not. Just a year or two back I watched Salim Khan with amazement where he was calmly saying I have full faith in Indian judiciary and let the law takes its course.

    How the fcuk can you trust a single judge D.W Deshpande decide your son’s fate. It is a known fact that most of the upwardly mobile the benefiting types from so called new India hate your son and his guts & standing with masses. What prevents them from showing their bias and prejudices esp now since in bollywood lingo “unth pahad ke niche aaya hai.’ This is the time for them to nail you. Either you accept to get nailed and don’t fight otherwise play ball intelligently.

    Those quoting Jolly LLB here, a movie I too enjoyed should not fail to notice how easy it is for a Indian lawyer to create a witness (Harsh Chaya) for public prosecutor (Arshad) and twist the case on the whim and fancies of Boman’s character. How can you trust the cops not to fabricate evidence against you, play around with blood sample and how the fcuk can you not think these guys will be politically motivated and threaten witness. When was the last time witness actually came to court and kept on with it. On top of that he was going through that Aish crap during those 2002 years, where it was openly reported her dad went to Bal Thackrey for Shiv Sena assistance for protecting our so called Indian Goddess. People are going to use and throw you so why mess with such people. Poor Oberoi kid was another recipient of her largesse in this regard.

    Bottom-line is whether you win or lose – for the biased lot you will always be accused of tampering with legal process, delaying, forestalling etc which everyone is saying now even when you are convicted in an unprecedented harsh manner. If this is how people are out to get you why not use the system to fcuck the same people.

    Honesty in India???? Forget about it. You would be crushed like that IPS officer and run over by a truck in broad daylight and no one will talk about it after a day. No outrage on blogs, twitter, and facebook there …?? There is no honesty even within the administrative fraternity itself and why are the IPS / IAS officer not fighting for their brethren killed in such brutal manner ???

    Try doing that to a NYPD or an American police officer …they will fcuk even the govt if need be to get to the culprits!!! That is law and order.


  35. There is one bit of interesting cultural detail that’s come out of all this and indicates the extent to which such narratives are written retroactively. the entire media went on about how Salman was Bollywood’s biggest superstar or the nation’s largest and so on. But they also really blurred his entire history into his current standing. So people were jumping around from MPK to Dabanng, Ravish Kumar quite inaccurately said that Ghajini too followed Dabanng (it was exactly the opposite), it was really as if Salman had been the reigning star for two decades or more. Suddenly that whole SRK ‘Baadshah’ moment seems ancient. it has for a while now but this was the latest confirmation of the same. Once when his narrative was dominant it was all about comparing himself to Bachchan and what not. Today forget that comparison even the Salman analogy seems a stretch. The other day someone from Pakistan wrote a piece for NDTV and this reporter just mentioned two stars, Bachchan and Salman! About how the former was huge in Pakistan, about how his injury was huge there too and how he’s as big there today as ever before and so on. The next subject was Salman! And this when SRK has always had a huge standing in Pakistan. The point is that when these narratives change all of history is also rewritten. I remember people used to scoff at me when I would bring up the Rajendra Kumar analogy. But when times change and stars don’t remain as relevant suddenly a different narrative when that star was worshipped also starts seeming absurd.


    • To be fair to the media (I know it’s hard) but from what I have seen they have been talking about Salman Khan’s BO post Wanted. They talk about MPK and then skip 20 years to Dabangg. And I have no doubt that if Srk was in this legal condition that Salman is in right now that the Baadhshah, King Khan tags would come back.


    • omrocky786 Says:

      That is a great point, SRK has lost the media narrative, even IPL is not that big a crowd puller anymore….But he has Rohit Shetty film which can put him back in news.
      Salman should face the consequences but honestly speaking he is doing what any of us would do in case of an accident and having loads of money. He is being Ayn Rand’s human.
      The sad part is the undistributed money with the courts. I understand that Salman cannot help the victims, but actors like Aamir, Rishi K, Hritik etc. should help the victims.
      One of the Victims said on Barkha’s show- ” Humeny koi matlab nahee, humen toh bas muawzaaa chahiye “.


  36. I am a lawyer and I am familiar with how the prosecution works. When there is evidence or any witness that may weaken the prosecution’s case, of course they would either try to ignore them or then simply keep those records in their drawers. It’s up to the defence lawyers to raise those issues in court. So, what happens then is that the trial judge is likely to come to the conclusion that the investigation is incomplete and biased, and with all those loopholes exposed there, the prosecution’s stand becomes more vulnerable.

    Exactly what happened today. I am not familiar with the Indian legal system. My practice is based on the English Legal System. But skim-reading through media reports early on, I could see the suspension of the sentence coming.

    The defence was always going to pounce on the fact that Kamaal Khan was never interrogated. It would have been the defence’s main argument in any legal system.


    • MSDhoni Says:

      Yes Rahul read the same somewhere and this will deeply impact the case –

      “By 1108 AM, the learned judge, Justice Thipsay, had begun to hear arguments from both sides. The judge has raised a pertinent point around Pakistani singer Kamaal Khan, and his complete absence from this case’s proceedings. While the court’s observations impacts the Mumbai police investigation, & prosecution’s case, it also refocuses attention on this key witness’s absence from the case so far.”

      A sharp lawyer will find a lot of loopholes in the prosecution case. Further he can turn the witnesses hostile too. There is no doubt at the Sessions court the whole machinery was used with the sole purpose of really screwing Salman. We now know most victims were interested in compensation first and Salman with that generous nature would have taken good care of them for life. I mean this is what he has been doing since he turned a big star. We saw a glimpse of that when that Bandra cardiologist came on Satyamev Jayate on one of the episode and talked about salman financing so many surgeries quietly.

      What surprises me here that the police moved so efficiently unlike the norm in India and there seemed to be some purpose of getting him one way or the other. I won’t be surprised if underhand tactics were used to threaten the witnesses to assist their case. I feel most of the witnesses would rather have Salman’s largess than act as righteous individuals who wanted the culprit Salman – supposedly one of their own who is famous for generosity and assisting the same people. Things don’t add up.

      It is a known fact cops and judges are easily bought and sold in India. In my city the biggest kothis and palatial houses belong to Judges and we all know what official salaries are in India. Compare that to the cost of living and housing nothing adds up.

      So this is where I was chiding Salman. You have been a Bandra resident all your life. The accident happened in ‘your’ area. So what kind of moronic relations you have with the local cops / corporators , MLA , MP that you cannot snug it under the carpet and throw some money and get over with unless of course there were vested interests like a XYZ at that time driving the wheels of fortune.


  37. ‘I Am a Hit-and-Run Survivor’: Bollywood Director’s Post Goes Viral

    All India | Edited by Adrija Bose | Updated: May 08, 2015 17:08 IST

    Actor Salman Khan’s five-year sentence has been suspended by the Bombay High Court, which means he will not go to jail for now. On Wednesday, the 49-year-old superstar was found guilty of killing a man by driving his SUV over him in a hit-and-run in 2002. He has appealed against that verdict.

    On Facebook last night, Bollywood writer-director Charudutt Acharya, 45, has shared his story of surviving a hit-and-run accident not far from the bakery where Mr Khan’s car ploughed into a group of homeless men.

    Mr Acharya’s post has gone viral with 8,000 shares on Facebook in 16 hours, and he takes a strong stand about Mr Khan’s decision to abandon those he hit.

    But first, Mr Acharya who directed Sonali Cable and scripted Dum Maaro Dum starring Abhishek Bachchan and Bipasha Basu shares his story.

    This was in 1998, writes Mr Acharya, “A young woman from Pali Hill (incidentally, the daughter of a film industry bigwig) rammed her car full speed into the auto that I was travelling. The auto turned turtle. My left leg was an unrecognisable mess. The auto driver, miraculously scratch-less, extricated me from the vehicle. The young lady and her friend, who had got out of the car, saw the mess, sat back in the car and took off.”

    A stranger drove him to hospital, Mr Acharya says, and though the woman driver was later identified and she visited him at home, “She was never convicted. I did not have medical or life insurance. I got some basic compensation from the car and auto rickshaw insurance companies. So that was that. I had three more surgeries over the next few years. I have never walked straight since. I live with this partial permanent disability, making do with a walking stick.”

    About Mr Khan, he says, “This case is really not about drunken driving. It’s about shameless, cowardly running. A macho star running from the ghosts of victims of a ‘single-screen’ class that subsidizes his stardom, and a spineless film industry running to absurdly defend the star who subsidises their Rs. 100-crore clubs.”

    Liked by 1 person

    • “This case is really not about drunken driving. It’s about shameless, cowardly running. A macho star running from the ghosts of victims of a ‘single-screen’ class that subsidizes his stardom, and a spineless film industry running to absurdly defend the star who subsidises their Rs. 100-crore clubs.”

      This is it. Sallu running away from the scene undoes all that macho image and a “being human (ha!)” stuff he has created………..


      • MSDhoni Says:

        Idea it is not so easy and there are two facet/ angle to this. Firstly in India a celebrity wherever he is cannot even stand for more than 5 minutes before getting mobbed and run over by people around whether it is out of love or hatred.

        Secondly I don’t know where you are from but there is a golden rule in India when it comes to any road accident. No matter where the fault lies and in case of an accident a cycle wala gets hammered if he hits a pedestrian, a motorbike wala gets beaten up if he hits a cyclist, and car driver by biker and truck driver by a motorist and so on. The chain is simple whoever owned a bigger vehicle has to face the brunt.

        Salman when he took stand a month or so back had maintained he did not run away and he stayed there for 15 minutes and when a bigger crowd assembled and before things turned ugly his neighbor whom he calls commander told him to leave the spot.

        The problem here is trusting the cops and now after reading those points from TOI link posted below I get a feeling he was doomed the minute the police got hold of the accident news.

        It seems the system started to work backwards in his case and they did a lot of cherry picking on the evidences and witness and I now feel the new defense lawyers may shred this prosecution case to pieces.

        Please read the link below from TOI link where Salman’s lawyer are picking holes in the case. Deshpande here seems suspect i judgement. It will be interesting if the prosecution witnesses turn hostile and come out and say police coerced them into saying things. And then if kamal khan is brought back and talks about fourth person in the car then this case will take a major twist. His statement made in 2002 has no meaning which he can retract and say he was torched by cops into saying those things and probably that is why he never entered India again.

        Liked by 1 person

      • MSDhoni Says:

        Further my last comment on this issue here is your favorite Aamir’s dialogues ‘yeh zara taza wala’ (JJWS) . This news is on various TV channel just today. We are using terms like ‘hit and run’ like the westerners but who is going to teach the society against barbarism.

        Delhi road rage: DTC driver beaten to death, no one comes to rescue

        “The victim Ashok Kumar, a resident of Jhajjar in Haryana, was attacked allegedly by the biker following the accident at around 9.30 AM on Sunday.

        The Delhi government announced a compensation of Rs 5 lakh to Kumar’s family.

        According to police, no passenger of the bus or any passerby came forward to save Kumar as he was allegedly attacked by the biker”.


      • MSDhoni Says:

        Idea , here is another link with details. We are in 2015 where face book, twitter and social media are all active and we are supposedly much more socially conscious.
        Delhi Bus Driver Dies After Being Beaten Up By a Group Following an Accident


  38. One of the more perplexing moments on Season Four of Koffee with Karan was when Salman Khan made an appearance – his first on the show – and declared, “I am a virgin.” He added that he was going to save himself for the one he gets married to. Host Karan Johar stood in for everyone who’s read about the star’s sexual exploits – his eyes popped. But Khan maintained a grave demeanour, as if he’d just announced he was retiring from acting. After all, what performance could top this? Sneakily, Johar let us know that Khan may not have been entirely truthful. Earlier, he’d asked Khan about his relationships. The actor replied, “I’ve never had a girlfriend.” Johar smirked. A little later, he asked Khan how he handled ex-girlfriends when he bumped into them. Khan, apparently, had forgotten he had none. He began, “Some I ignore totally…” And we laughed.


  39. sanjana Says:

    Lots of debates on electronic media.


    • and these are excellent paragraphs:

      “Bollywood may be progressive on some identity issues. But now it erases the reality of India, literally and visually. No wonder it is a dying art form with a bleak future in India’s cultural imagination.

      But this attitude is part of a larger disconnect. There are always elites. There is always inequality. There is always deep moral callousness. You do not have to be a Marxist to acknowledge that ruling classes often consolidate their hold on power by disguising these realities, obscuring them in a cloud of internalised ideology. But two things are necessary to the success of that operation. First is the importance of form. The rule of law, its deep structures, helps the privileged. But it is important to their success that they do not appear to do so in daily operations. The second is taming the irrationalities of the social world, by at least keeping the fantasy of a norm alive. We may not alter social structures to accommodate the equality we espouse. But the only arguments we use are arguments from regrettable necessity. It is necessary and a matter of some regret that the world should be structured such that some have more than others.”


      • On the first paragraph here one might find it odd that Bollywood is being called a dying art form when it seems so triumphant in a global sense at the current moment. But that dynamic is really about consumption. The piece talks about ‘cultural imagination’ which is a rather different matter.


  40. He maybe having a split personality. One is human and the other is human. His alleged battering of women. None of the women went to the police. He never forgave one actor.
    He is generous in his own way.
    Even we are in two minds when we judge him. And also Sanjay dutt.
    We dont care when some small fry is in the dock.


  41. From what I remember, his line of defence has always been based on the fact that he wasn’t driving. He has been claiming that from day 1, right after the accident. I remember reading that back then. It’s another matter that I didn’t really believe in it. But, in criminal law, the onus is usually on the prosecution to prove beyond reasonable doubt.

    So, the claims that after 13 years he has suddenly pulled a scape-goat out from the bag are ill-founded. I think his defence raised that point again yesterday that back in 2002, his driver had admitted being the one who was driving but this statement has been overlooked by the prosecution.

    At the end of the day, you are finding people who are fully supportive Salman no-matter-what while being completely indifferent to the fact that a life has been lost. And on the other hand, there are loads of people who are already condemning Salman as a bloody murderer while ignoring any presumption of innocence.

    It is typical bollywood kind of stuff. The reactions on both sides are way over the top and premature. Let’s wait and see. Right now, there are several dark zones in both the prosecution’s and the defence’s versions. New things will come into light during the next few months and let’s pass judgement then and let’s just hope justice is served then.


  42. oldgold Says:

    It seems you are celebrating Salman and his ‘success’ by dedicating the sidebar to him with auteur’s corner reruns etc


    • Ha! No some of the stuff seemed relevant to his current ups and downs. To be honest, and I’ve often said this before, but I have always been wary of the ‘bhai’ tag being attached to him. It isn’t attached to Aamir or SRK. With Salman, given the films he’s done for a number of years now, plus his bad boy image, the outsider sense (he’s always been an other to the New Indian dispensation.. he’s not like either SRK or Aamir in this sense), the gangster shadow that hangs with that tag not to mention the religious coding, I find both problematic. But he wallows in it because of course it works for him. In a larger sense though Salman’s recent career (one of the more unexpected turns by any stretch) also illustrates a larger point. Right at the heart of this New Indian compact Salman does so well. There is always space to subvert what is but one must be willing to see it. Of course masala in this latter day manifestation is quite harmless because for the most part it is completely ‘neutralized’. It loses its political charge and simply functions as ‘effect’. However with Salman the fact that he doesn’t belong to New India in the true sense gives his roles a bit more of an edge than would otherwise be the case. Not surprisingly Akshay Kumar the other guy who’s prospered with a lot of stuff that might be considered part of the same paradigm (even if Akshay foolishly missed his chances.. he could have been in Salman’s position) is also not part of the New Indian compact in more ways than one.


  43. Salman Khan’s suspended sentence shows the extent of stars’ VIP treatment

    ‘Salman was driving’: What Kamaal Khan told Mumbai police in the 2002 hit-and-run case

    Fandom is one thing, ‘doubt, is one thing, but the unanimous support Salman is getting on this is surprising infact shocking

    But it’s uncanny when the court case let’s Salman have 13 years of his prime (whilst ignoring a life has been taken and few maimed!)
    And surprisingly the bail takes few hours –why this sudden efficiency

    Yes I’m conflicted a bit since I like Salman as a person & as a star!

    But when it comes to the ‘truth’
    I don’t even listen to myself !!


  44. Sarvanash Says:

    I’m not too familiar with the legal system and especially the Indian system so questions for those who know.

    Does it normally take this long for a case to be tried? I would imagine a high profile case would be worked on very carefully and expedited so the system doesn’t seem so slow. If it does take this long, what would happen if someone from another country commits the same crime? Are they stuck in India for over a decade waiting for the case to conclude? How can the prime suspect in a murder case be allowed to travel out of the country for work (in Salman’s case to shoot movies)?

    If Salman Khan wasn’t driving would he be still on the hook for the hit and run? As the employer is he responsible for stopping his driver from driving away from the scene of a crime?

    What would be the punishment for a crime such as this for a not so high profile case?

    It’s shocking that all these celebrities and actors are showing such public support, especially someone like Aamir Khan who portrays himself to be a champion of change in Indian society. I think he even did an episode on drunk driving and might have cried to on his show.

    I think this fraternity mentality needs to be broken up somehow, it’s almost like they consider themselves to not be a part of society. They defend each other from any allegations from outside of the industry.


  45. The Karnataka high court on Monday pronounced its verdict in the former Tamil Nadu chief minister, J Jayalalithaa’s disproportionate assets case, and she has been acquitted of all charges, trouncing the trial court judge John Michael Cunha’s September 27 judgment that sentenced her to four years imprisonment and a fine of Rs 100 crore.

    Needless to say, the acquittal has come as a rude shock to all the opposition parties, especially the Dravida Munetra Kazhagam.

    What kind of political realignment will this acquittal bring about in Tamil Nadu?

    One of the leading political analysts in Tamil Nadu, Gnani Shankaran, image, left, speaks to Shobha Warrier/

    The last time when I spoke to you after Jayalalithaa was put in jail, you had said that it was an open and shut case. Did the acquittal come as a shock to you?

    Yes, it is shocking. I am yet to go through the judgment, so I do not know how this judge rejected the earlier judgment. It is going to be a very important study for all the legal students to understand on what grounds Justice Kumaraswamy came to the conclusion that the previous judgment was wrong.

    I can understand if he had reduced the punishment, but he pronounced them not guilty.

    In the acquittal of Jayalalithaa and others, it is said that the prosecution has not proven the charges beyond doubt. That is the only basis on which we can accept this.

    TV channels say that it took him less than 20 seconds to pronounce the verdict…

    Even if the judgment is more than 100 pages, they read out only the final order in the court room; that is, the last paragraph as the operative part and then say that the whole judgment is taken as read. That is the procedure. There is nothing unusual in what happened in the court room.

    It is said that the prosecution could not prove the conspiracy theory and that was why all were acquitted. Do you feel so?

    Four people were living in the same house. They have the same address. All four of them have companies with the same address. Top top it all, they are partners in the same company.

    This itself proves the conspiracy theory!

    Do you see this acquittal as Jayalalithaa’s victory?

    It may be a personal victory for her because she will have a political career now. But it is not a victory for the people of India; that will only happen when corrupt politicians are punished.

    Can anyone say that there was no corruption in this country before 1996 and none now, in 2015? If corrupt politicians can escape in the court of law, where is the victory for the people of this country?

    In what way will this verdict affect the opposition Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam and other parties politically?

    Politically, it is a setback for the DMK because now they can’t attack Jayalalithaa by calling her corrupt. But corrupt politicians must be rejoicing that they too, can escape in the court.

    There are cases such as the 2G pending — that case is comparatively weaker than Jayalalithaa’s. The case against her was much stronger, and now that she has been acquitted, the accused in the 2G case must think they can walk free too.

    How much will this verdict help Jayalalithaa politically?

    The point is, in Tamil Nadu, people are not worried about corruption. Corruption is not an issue at all here because when the DMK was called corrupt, people elected them. Even when Jayalalithaa was called corrupt, people elected her.

    Jayalalithaa will present herself as a victim and say that false cases were foisted against her and she has come out vindicating her stand.

    Do you expect her to dissolve the assembly and call for a snap poll this year itself?

    I expect her to become chief minister and then announce the dissolution of the assembly in a month or two.

    In the last few months, Tamil Nadu was suffering from administrative paralysis. Do you see high activity once she comes back to power?

    The state has been functioning as usual. Jayalalithaa was ruling by proxy, and as usual, corruption was going on everywhere. Yes, there was no governance happening; only corruption. When corruption stops, we can say there is no governance.

    When Jayalalithaa was arrested, many were talking about a political realignment. With her acquittal, what kind of changes do you see in the political front here?

    The AIADMK and the Bharatiya Janata Party are likely to come together. That is the only major alignment I expect now. Other parties may strike alliances among themselves.

    What kind of power will she have at the Centre with her 11 members of Parliament, especially when the Land Ordinance Bill goes to the Rajya Sabha?

    She will strike a deal with the BJP and the latter will benefit from this, as they will have the AIADMK’s full support in Parliament.

    What kind of impact will this verdict have on Indian politics?

    It will send positive signals to all corrupt politicians in the country. This is a bad omen for the entire country.

    Shobha Warrier / in Chennai



    Maherbaan! Kaderdaan! aaiye dekhiye:

    “Nyay ya Nautanki”

    (Subtitles: Law or flaw)

    It’s Friday and it’s time watch the tamasha, played out to every news channel (& not theatres), that would have given, had it been screened, Kashyap’s Salman hit, Dabaang, a good run for its money.


    Here we have a macho man who drives under the influence of alcohol, with break neck speed, at an unearthly hour, loses control of his SUV, rams into bakery’s shutter, kills a man sleeping on the pavement and badly injures few others.
    Immidiately, flees from the site, leaving the injured, howling, under his thick, alloy, car’s wheel.

    Good Samaritian, indeed!


    He is, however, a man that has a big heart, does charity, all the time. So, let this nice man go scot free, for an,

    “Bacha-loog tali bajao!”


    The prime witness to the “accident”, Salman’s security policeman, had adviced him to drive slow and helped the victims, after the crash.

    He told the court:

    “The incident took place because the car was in speed and the accused, in a drunken state, could not control the car while taking the turn”

    Despite enormous pressure to change his statement, he decided to stick to his guns, unwilling to budge from his stance.

    He mysteriously loses his job of a policeman, and, paradoxically, is kept in jail with hardened criminals where he was reportedly ill-treated and tortured.

    Just in case if you are confused, as I was, I am taking of the witness and not the convict.

    He, later, was found on the streets of Mumbai, as a beggar and eventually dies of TB, unattended, unsung.


    Kute ki tarah wafadar rahega
    To phir kute ki hi to maut marega.

    But our man, Sal-man,however, strongly believes in welfare of the poor and downtrodden.


    “charity begins at home ”

    “Bacha-loog tali bajao!”


    Here is man who had the money and muscle power, to make an innocent man, his fall guy. To make him take on himself, that he was behind the wheels and acquit Salmanbhai.

    He had the callosity to make someone else languish in the jail for his own crime.

    For he staunch supports:

    “Being human”
    With brand value of 170 crores…ONLY

    “Bacah-loog tali bajao!”


    And “law is same for everyone”

    Please don’t make mockery of this, time-tested, age old adage, by giving 5 LONG yrs of imprisonment, and penalise just because he is a celebrity. As others, not so famous would have definitely got away, with much less.

    Moreover, as, our man, Sal-man, has helped so many others with his generous largesse.
    Just think how many would be denied of his magnanimous generosity in these five long years!

    My heart goes for a philanthropic, kind hearted, man, I think:

    “A fine, should be fine, for this fine man.”

    “Bacha-loog tali bajao!”


    Though, it took 13 good years to convict our man, Sal-man, in a fairly open-and-shut case


    it took just few hours to get interim bail, and, another few more, to suspend the sentence.

    The alacrity of Bombay high court is exemplary.
    No delay would have been acceptable to perfect altruist.

    Who says our courts suffer from:

    “justice delayed is justice denied”.

    “Bacha-loog tali bajao!

    Aur bacha-loog batao kya dekha:

    Law or flaw?”

    “Abe, hindi me bol”

    “OK, nyay ya nautanki?”




  47. MSDhoni Says:

    A pretty well written piece covering a lot of angles and a valid defense of Salman.

    “It was not a coincidence. The outrage was being engineered. The sudden concern for everything that is bad with the Indian judicial system also, was deliberate and timed for a particular purpose. Media’s conduct in all this was highly objectionable and condemnable to say the least.

    Media chose to selectively inform, misinform, mislead and criticize baselessly. They arranged debates on wrong premises and tried putting words in people’s mouths. Some media houses ran twitter hash tags that were sure to invoke strong ‘for & against’ views. It was actually an exercise in unnecessary maligning of the man as the ‘against’ brigade was bound to go ballistic.

    They used Salman’s name and popularity to gain TRPs & eyeballs and then dished out the spun, warped reports and opinions to this increased viewership and readership, to denigrate him further. They had been at it for years and this verdict provided an opportunity to take it to a new level.”

    From the footage and pics coming out , I see a lot of firmness and resolve in Salman’s eyes post this verdict and what he is up against.
    He needs to up the ante and hope he remains strong to survive this present onslaught……..

    …….wahi hota hai jo manzure khuda hota hai – the lovely Shailendra Singh in Rafoochakkar


  48. Jai Ho !!!

    “The court was dictating its verdict on Khan’s appeal against his conviction in the case in May.

    “… This court has come to the conclusion that the prosection has failed to bring material on record to establish beyond reasonable doubt that the appellant (Salman Khan) was driving and was under the influence of alcohol, also, whether the accident occurred due to bursting (of tyre) prior to the incident or tyre burst after the incident,” Justice Joshi remarked.

    Patil’s changing statements made him a “wholly unreliable witness”, the court said.
    Justice Joshi further said: “…Unnatural on part of conduct of Patil to say so many things that he has not said in the FIR, there has been a material improvement on drunkeness and asking Salman to drive slowly….it is more strange from this witness.”

    “The court also criticised the police for “withholding actor-singer Kamaal Khan from coming to the witness box.”
    “Necessary adverse inference needs to be drawn,” Justice Joshi said, adding that non-examination of an eyewitness is detrimental to the case.”


    • Patil’s sordid tale exposes the state of affairs in our country. It’s shocking to find that none other than his own department deserted him for no fault of his. He paid the biggest price for speaking the truth and sticking to it. Few possess the courage that Ravindra did and he was punished for it. Salman Khan may or may not be responsible for this end of his but the system definitely is. The system which promises to protect us but ironically could not protect its own. Can we trust such a system? ..It’s a rhetorical question.


    • yes now justice has been served MSDhoni.. unlike that earlier disgusting court that convicted him.. get Dawood first, then we’ll talk about Salman.. right?

      I think Dutt got a raw deal!

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      • Reminds me of Kareena’s Talaash accidents. 3 folks in the car – Kamaal was sitting back, so not important. Bodyguard don’t know driving and now Salman didn’t drive the car. Its Kareena from Talaash or similar bhoot; if not that then definitely the SUV. At least the Toyota Land Cruiser should have gotten the jail term for 5 years!


          • Don’t know what the final verdict will be , but these are the same points I had raised and this has nothing to do with Dawood Ibrahim and other ABCDs. Salman was made to suffer due to the zealots out there in the Mumbai police who found an opportunity to nail him during that turbulent Aish-Vivek phase. This is too little and too late for Salman and a case of justice delayed / justice denied.

            The court clearly says which defense tried to argue in front of those monomaniacs that singer Kamaal Khan, who was also in Salman Khan’s car that night, should have been examined. Salman’s lawyers have argued that it was driver Ashok Singh, and not the actor who was driving that night.

            Here further –

            “As far as the deposition of Ashok Singh, the family driver of Salim Khan, is concerned, it was as per rules and laid down procedures of criminal law, the court said.

            “The name of Ashok Singh has come on record and that he was a driver in the employment of Salim Khan, the father of appellant-accused….besides, PW-27 (Inspector Kishan Shengal) has said that he had interrogated Ashok Singh and his statement was not recorded,” the judge said.

            The judge drew adverse inference against the police for “withholding actor-singer Kamaal Khan from coming to the witness box.”

            “Necessary adverse inference needs to be drawn,” Justice Joshi said, adding that non-examination of an eye-witness is detrimental to the case of the prosecution unless he is not available or won over.

            “The process (of summoning Kamaal) was issued at his old Mumbai address that he gave when his statement under 161 Cr.PC (before a Magistrate) was to be recorded in 2002 – and not the address that he provided to the Magistrate’s Court in 2008 — when he sought permission to go abroad.

            “(His) corroboration could have been obtained on the issue of driving and drunkenness,” the judge said, adding that his (Kamaal’s) examination could have brought to light the issue of fourth person in the car, driver Ashok Singh. “Only an apparant futile attempt was made to bring him,” Justice Joshi remarked.


            So perhaps you all know what really happened and now what even judiciary says is wrong. Come out of your small world of arrogance.


          • aren’t you contradicting yourself.. you start off by saying this was your opinion last time as well. Then you clearly did not agree with the judiciary. But at the end you call me arrogant for not following the judiciary. Tomorrow if he’s put behind bars you’ll be hammering the judiciary once more. Gimme a break!


          • Like

          • Satyam – No I am not contradicting myself but pointing out the flaws last time around which were not even considered as the whole case was treated with a single track mind of convicting him… if these types of cases had never come to courts before in India.

            With whatever basic understanding of the law we have there is one thing clear we all know as standards of evidence followed in the court of law to validate a criminal conviction –

            Evidence that is beyond reasonable doubt. Generally, the prosecutor bears the burden of proof and is required to prove their version of events to this standard.

            This apparently was not done which the Higher courts are now looking.


          • it’s an old game in India which politicians for example play all the time — when you don’t like a result talk about a ‘higher’ court.


          • Now that’s another story and one can draw out their own inferences from these trials. Sonia Gandhi is facing one now in The National Herald case where she is going to knock the higher courts…recently Jayalalitha, Amit Shah all benefited…..

            All I would say there is nothing beating the jury system where more than one opinion is considered and more than one hypothesis is going to be looked at before a final decision is seen.


          • for me it’s not about higher and lower courts as much. Of course there is a judicial process of appeal for everyone but in a country like India it’s easy to make the courts relatively powerless by abusing the system (not just the legal one) in all sorts of ways. In short one cannot only depend on a court’s pronouncements anywhere in the world but specially in countries where institutions might be more compromised. You have politicians getting clean chits all the time from courts and not facing anything even for some of the worst crimes. Doesn’t mean they’re innocent. The court can only rule on what is presented to it.


    • AamirsFan Says:

      this seems kind of inappropriate…fandom shouldn’t make anyone this deliriously happy…especially when innocent lives were lost.


  49. Prem Ratan Clean Chit Payo!! Jai Ho!

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    • Tolerant India.


    • LOL


      • Sir Ravindra Jadeja ‏@SirJadeja Dec 7
        India’s Most Powerful Family To Appear In Court For Corruption. India’s Most Anti-Corruption Crusader Kejriwal Is Silent. #NationalHerald



        • Because he knows those who took them to quote are just pressurising them to tow the line in parliament Nothing will happen to them.
          In addition those who took them to court are equally corrupt led by a clean chit payo PM.
          Why to say anything and legitimise this game that these two corrupt parties play with each other.


    • @ oldgold: Prem Ratan Clean Chit Payo!! Jai Ho!

      Lekin victims ke family ab bhi dhan na payo!!


      • Who cares. Politicians and bollywood actors who fly kite with the right people while father writes urdu blogs is all that matters.
        Footpath people are tuchhh insaan


  50. Anupam Kher ‏@AnupamPkher 1h1 hour ago
    So happy that @BeingSalmanKhan is acquitted of all charges. Truth Prevails. Even if it takes 13 long years.:)

    * The appeal is allowed. The trial court’s verdict is quashed and set aside. Salman is acquitted of all charges.

    * This court has come to conclusion that the prosecution has failed to bring material on record to establish beyond reasonable doubt that the appellant (Salman Khan) was driving and under the influence of alcohol, also, whether the accident occurred due to bursting (of tyre) prior to the incident or tyre burst after the incident …”

    * There are various shortcomings by the prosecution like not recording evidence of necessary and important witnesses and omissions and contradictions in the evidence of injured witnesses, which definitely create a doubt about the involvement of Salman for offences for which he has been charged.


  51. “The decision of the trial court is set aside. Salman Khan is acquitted of all charges,” the court said in an order that it started reading out three days ago.

    “On the basis of evidences produced by the prosecution, (Salman Khan) cannot be convicted, no matter how differently the common man thinks,” the judge explained.

    Here are 10 main observations made by the judge:

    The burden is on the prosecution to establish the guilt of the accused and this needs to be done beyond reasonable doubt.

    The investigation was conducted in a faulty manner with many loose ends and as such benefit of this had to be given in favour of the accused.

    On the main aspects as to driving and drunkenness, the prosecution has not brought any material evidence which spells out the offence of the accused.

    The trial court erred in accepting bills (of Rain Bar and Restaurant where Salman had gone before the incident) without a ‘panchnama’ or record of observation by at least five people. The way evidence was collected suggests fabrication.

    Singer Kamal Khan, who was present in car with Salman Khan, should have been questioned.

    Salman Khan’s bodyguard Ravindra Patil, key prosecution witness, not ‘wholly reliable’.

    There are various shortcomings by the prosecution like not recording evidence of necessary and important witnesses and omissions and contradictions in the evidence of injured witnesses, which definitely create a doubt about the involvement of Salman for offences for which he has been charged. On the basis of such evidence, Salman cannot be convicted.

    It is the duty of the court to analyse the evidence submitted to it and to see that the offence is proved beyond reasonable doubt.
    The appreciation of evidence done by the trial court while convicting the appellant was not proper and legal, as per the principles of criminal jurisprudence.

    This is not a case where the prosecution has successfully established its charges. The entire evidence of the prosecution was circumstantial in nature.

    Story First Published: December 10, 2015 13:41 IST


  52. tonymontana Says:

    Pasting a forwarded message which was liked and shared a lot on social media. These are just views, but strong ones.


    To Hell with Tolerance

    I am confused as a Hindu who wants to stay secular and each day this confusion increases……Yes I am born as a Hindu in India, went to a Christian school ….celebrated Diwali at home but Christmas in school with equal fervor .Visit to a cathedral or hearing bible verses never instilled any fear that my religion is at stake …because as a hindu I am supposed to be secular and accept all religions.

    In India its fashionable to be a secular Hindu….
    But I really wonder aloud today, what would have been the reaction in media and our so called intellectuals if a school run by a Hindu trust or organization had opened a school among Christianity dominated area and had sung verses from Gita or Mahabharata!!! All hell would have broken loose for sure.

    14 years of education in a Christian run school did not make me a Christian ..i am still a Hindu but I have one more reason in my life to be happy when its Christmas …

    As a Hindu if I can handle 33 crores of gods and deity ,I can definitely handle few more gods and still be a Hindu…I don’t fear ..I am a Hindu …I imbibe ..i don’t run away ….but what am I supposed to do when I see my Muslim and Christian friends refusing prasad /or rejecting getting a tilak done on their forehead…how many of Muslims and Christians have visited ..Vaishno devi or Tirupati…

    Now …just ask how many Hindus have visited Ajmer Sharif or Deva shareef or Swarna mandir or cathedral .Is so called secularism has to be only a Hindu’s responsibility !

    If India has to be secular then state should not interfere with religion …but then why should my tax money has to go for Haj subsidy ..Is that not a special favour to one religion .This is my question …but as a hindu am still confused….if just one haj subsidy allows my Muslim brothers and sister to be happy then am happy to still let them do it .I would love to hear stories of their trip ….am happy to say “Eid Mubarak”…I don’t fear because I am Hindu .
    Why my so called intellectuals never blamed successive governments for allowing such communalism …why they never returned their awards ….

    Why St.Stephens in Delhi is allowed to give preference only to Christian candidates while hiring ……They exist on a piece of land which belongs to INDIA and not to Hindus,Christians or Muslims …then preference to anybody on the basis of religion is communalism and not secularism.

    Why authors and scientists and people like Dibakar bannerjee never protested against St Stefens ?

    Currently am residing in a country which claims with pride that we are a Christian nation and the world media doesn’t target it at all .Britain easily refuses permission to create a mosque higher than St.Pauls cathedral…A mosque which will be built by their own citizens living and working in this country ,,,but BBC doesn’t run a documentary on the plight of Muslims being tortured and not given equal rights in Britain !! They don’t get a lecture from Obama to embrace secularism as yet !!

    However ,!!A nation with 80% of its populations as Hindus has taken more than 60 years to built a temple for their deity.As a Hindu I would still support a temple there …. …I don’t boast my religion …..and I Don’t believe that I am the best…I believe that all are equal for I am a Hindu.

    If my son has to marry a Christian girl tomorrow ..I will not ask the girl to convert…I have no such concept ..but my son will have to convert to christianity just to marry the girl of her dreams ….is that not communalism which is openly being practiced by minorities in India ….!! If inter-cast marriages are supported then why not inter-religion ……let there be true secularism in India …..and not this blurred version of secularism,created by pseudo –intellectuals !!

    I have no award to be given back …no talent to make a documentary or debate the issue on a TV channel.But my belief that God is one and all religions should be respected gets shaken everyday in my Mind….As a Hindu …am I being taught to stay oppressed in India ? Is that secularism??

    I am a woman ,a hindu woman ,who wants to teach her son to respect all religions …and want to tell him that if you light a candle in a church, bow your head in a Mosque , do seva in a Gurudwara…. You will not cease to be hindu …….for you are a Hindu and always will be a hindu .You will never learn to fear .
    Yes I am…… confused …..but I still don’t fear for I am a Hindu .I will not eat Beef but will not support a ban on it !! but please don’t mock my religious feeling by doing a Beef –Party just to mock me !! atleast that much I can expect .

    If you want to return your award then return it and say that you ‘ll accept it back only when beef –ban is removed ,haj subsidy is stopped ,polygamy among Muslims to be declared illegal,no special reservations for any minority in their institutions ….,triple Talaq to be stopped and not compulsion of change of religion in inter –religion marriages !!


  53. MS Dhoni – 1 down, 1 more to go. When is the black buck case judgement? Compared to this accident, black buck case is easier and not many proof’s against Salman. I’m sure he’ll be acquitted on that as well.


  54. Salman Khan: Scotch aa gayi?
    Driver: Yes
    SK: Chicken, Water, Soda?
    D: Yes..
    SK: Then what’s left?
    Driver: Just-ice
    SK: LOL..


  55. Narendra Modi – Which Year?
    Salman Khan- 2002 and you?
    Modi – Same..Hahahahaha


  56. Good day for Salman. And David Headley.


  57. Like

  58. Best comment is by Anupam Kher, this coming after trolling Aamir Khan for his intolerant comments. Lol.


    Anupam Kher @AnupamPKher
    So happy that @BeingSalmanKhan is acquitted of all charges. Truth Prevails. Even if it takes 13 long years 🙂


  59. Like

    • Intolerence at pek in india. Indian Oil Corporation marketing manager arrested for alleged links with ISIS
      He was recruiting people from ISIS into india and ioc.


      • Ok. I will now stop filling up petrol in protest against this intolerance. But I won’t return my Luna. Intolerance at its peak: not even allowed to peacefully work for IS**


      • Good. Arrest these goons but please stop lynching/stoning innocent.


      • People have got to be clear about who is being called intolerant and why. This silliness of bringing it up for unrelated issues goes to show the extent one is trying to bury the subject and playing political games.


        • **People have got to be clear about who is being called intolerant and why. **

          Completely agree. Hope this also extends to the usage of ‘words’ like pogroms, genocide, ghettoism, etc, etc., and WHY.
          This is not playing games. This exposes HOW everybody is eager to jump onto the bandwagon without even bothering to examine the ‘weighty’ meanings words carry.


          • >Hope this also extends to the usage of ‘words’ like pogroms, genocide, ghettoism, etc, etc., and WHY.

            OK lets call it ‘killing a lot of people’. Hope this meets with your approval.
            Why? If you know whether hen came first or the egg – you have your answer.


      • But why are you bringing this up in a Salman related topic?
        Is there a connection? Is it because the intolerant people had adopted Salman Khan which let him off the hook easily while Sanjay Dutt went all the way to jail?

        Is it because he doesn’t feel insecure 😉


        • Oldgold:
          Your reply pretty much sums up what I wish to say. Your statement substituting Modi’s supposed ‘pogrom’ or ‘genocide’ inadvertently endorsed what I wanted to say. One has to be very careful when using adjectives and words. So you are quite ok with substituting ‘genocide’ as endorsed on this site by ‘forward-thinking’ liberals with ‘killing.’! How is that possible? Genocide or pogram against minorities is quite a freaking serious topic when compared to the random school-shootings in the US! You have got to stick to terms like ‘genocide’ and ‘pograms’ or names like ‘Mussolinii’ or ‘Hitler.’ Please don’t lighten the words. Modi CANNOT be a killer of minorities. HeHAS TO be a genocidal machine as per Nussbaum and all those wonderful scholars following APA regulations when it comes to referencing. Please stick to that. Do not cut any corners.
          Folks like Aamir just jumped onto the fully-paid or vetted cruise-tour of ‘liberals’ when they jumped on to the bandwagon of those ‘award-waapsi’ meet-up party. And that’s what pained Aamir’s fans like us. Because we thought he is at least capable of using that cerebellum folding God has gifted him with. He just decided to join the Mardi-Gras bead-party of ‘liberals.’ Really? For someone who is supposed to be an expert solver of the Rubik Cube, it is quite flabbergasting that one doesn’t have a sense of time-line.
          I have never believed Aamir to be ‘fake.’ He is quite genuine. But he has the tendency to jump the gun and rest his privileged ass on causes that he has HARDLY researched. We have experience it first-hand during NBA.
          All I wished was for Aamir and his SJ team to have rehearsed – oh how I wished his ‘reherarsed’ nature were true in this case.

          Anyway, that ‘middle-class’ that voted Modi to power based on his administrative acumen is quite a selfish one as Satyam puts it – so do trust the ‘selfishness’ of the middle-class. Once Modi fails to run the trains on time or force the post-men/women to deliver money-orders to the right address, this self-absorbed Indian middle-class will boot him out. And then we can rest quite peacefully on equal distribution of weed courtesy the secular Rahul Gandhi.


          • >Once Modi fails to run the trains on time or force the post-men/women to deliver money-orders to the right address, this self-absorbed Indian middle-class will boot him out.

            Can’t wait.


          • Kiya ghuma ke diya AJ yaar…wah…hats off to you. Bus bade hoge I will write like you!


          • May I add my bit? I am an Aamir fan, but I can also think straight when it matters.And I do believe that this time he has been net-lynched quite unfairlly. Earlier, I did not condone his poor joke about his family retainer’s dog ( which was really named Sharukh), even though it was in retort to constant teasing from the snarky SRK-KJo pair of buddies. SRK is an intelligent tease, Aamir an idealist and an idiot — and I still prefer the latter. I also feel sorry for the likes of Vivek Oberoi who is a good actor, good guy with bad people skills.

            Back to Aamir — yes, he was an idiot to have revealed a family conversation; wonder how poor Kiran feels about all this….but such talk is not surprising. Since the past few months some urban Indians have been feeling distinctly uneasy; I know at least two families that are thinking of relocating for a few years. One does not want her child to study in a society where the government in power steers the path its own ideological way. Maybe Kiran had some such or similar concern? Aamir certainly did not hint at religion being the basis for his wife’s concern. But that is how the Internet Janta interpreted his statement. Aamir spoke of a feeling of despondency and yes I was despondent. And I am glad my kids are grown up now, grew up in a free-thinking society. And Indian society was even fairly liberal in the seventies. A girl appeared in my school , one Saturday, wearing hot pants, but she was not admonished or sent home. People just gave her a second look and carried on. Inter – religious marriages took place without talk of love jihad. I grew up in a more liberal India. This India…a family gets shamed out of a theatre….and we are supposed to be a tolerant society. In earlier years, not everyone bothered to stand up for the national anthem in a film theatre. At a serious function, sporting event or the like, yes; not at a phillum show.


          • LS, sure leave and relocate india, for many reason. What with Nirbhaya like cases happening and in news every other day, corruption, poverty, lack of proper distribution of resources and I can go on and on. But intolerance?! I can say this with lot of confidence that a sardarji or a man in beard/skull-cap will feel safer in India than anywhere else on earth! All this Aamir vent..after all their kids go into ambani school or international school or boarding schools where even the playground is airconditioned. Which day these rich kids are in touch with garibi or issues of common man? Only in india their kids can grow safely and grow up and under DUI run over a slum person sleeping on footpath and get away with it. Had he been in more “tolerant” place he would be behind bar long time ago. So after having all the homes in dubai/london/us, they are nicely living in India only. Just need to stop hypocracy.


          • An Jo what kind of research do you want from Aamir on “Intolerant” issue?? It’s perception that people form based on their understanding of things which go on to shape their thinking and personality. So Aamir said what he felt and in front of all the ministers, yet nobody had the galls to ask him any question on this regard why he felt that and incidents which might have been the cause behind his change of mind or if he was tutored, would have been exposed in front of every one!! I’m not saying what he said was right yet one can’t dismiss all his contributions in the past for voicing his opinion terming him anti-national and traitor.

            Second, i was present at Jantar Mantar on 14th April 2006 when Aamir came to support not only “Rehabilitation of displaced due to Sardar Sarovar dam but he first went to talk to people sitting on Dharna affected by Bhopal Gas tragedy and he spent 30 minutes with them and then he proceeded towards NBA camp opposite the road-side. He spent about 30 minutes talking to displaced women, children and men with out any mediator as he sat among them listening to their problems. And you can check all his interview post this where he didn’t utter a single word against the construction of dam but talked about the displacement brought about by its erection for which all the states need to rehabilitate their own people as it was their duty and responsibility to take care of this vital aspect. And again for your knowledge, SSD is spread across 3 states Gujarat, MP and Rajasthan, so people from all the 3 states had to bear the brunt of displacement, not only Gujarat, yet his comments were twisted and distorted to brand him “Anti Gujarati and anti Dam” which were entirely false and fabricated which ensued in “Fanaa’s unofficial ban in Gujarat”. And that was all political where entire BJP branded him anti-dam and pro-NBA which was baseless and untrue. Aamir also shared staged with Anna Hazare on Lokpal Bill, yet nobody termed him anti national or politically motivated even from the establishment (UPA regime) , but today he is politically motivated, anti Modi, traitor and what not!! If this is not hypocrisy and intolerance, then let me know what is??

            Liked by 1 person

          • “Once Modi fails to run the trains on time or force the post-men/women to deliver money-orders to the right address, this self-absorbed Indian middle-class will boot him out.”
            With regards to this, i’d like to inform you about this “CHAI WALA” policies don’t suggest that he is any different from the past regimes in terms of “Aam Aadmi’s issues”. Railway is the live example of it where his minister keeps increasing the prices in different catagories which affect masses directly as earlier a person returning a general ticket was charged Rs.10 per ticket but suddenly our esteemed Railway Minister has tripled it to Rs. 30, which is absurd as Railway is the cheapest mean which is affordable to masses and poor and passenger ticket rates for very short routes to much longer routes ranges from 5 to 35 and after this new rule how much poor will have to suffer as well-off don’t usually travel in passenger trains and even if, they are least concerned with this steep hike. On the other hand, with the introduction of dynamic tatkal fares and Suvidha Trains, the prices in these categories have gone astronomically high and that too at the cost of same no. of berths which have been divided now in to Tatkal and dynamic tatkal. I’d would give an example of the route in which i travel very frequently- A Sleeper ticket cost Rs. 220 and Tatkal 375, 3rd AC Rs. 600. Now after the implementation of dynamic tatkal, the cost has gone up to 4 times in the last batch of tickets remaining in this category. As last 4 tickets left in sleeper class reach Rs. 900 which is 1.5 times that of general AC ticket and in 3rd AC it costs Rs. 2400 which is more than the price of 1st AC!! Besides this they have also introduced Suvidha Trains which are entirely based on dynamic pricing and leave no scope for commoners to travel in these trains. I’ve not seen any tangible improvement in safety and security measures for the general and sleeper classes as TTs, GRP & RPF continue to flex their muscle on people travelling in these classes. FDI can’t be the “Panacea” for all the domestic issues as most of them require indigenous approach and understanding to solve them. I’m neither pro-Modi nor for that matter pro any political party as i find all of them on the same page in terms of “deluding, misleading and fake promises” which is very common across all of them barring none!!


  60. sonia singh ‏@soniandtv 10h10 hours ago
    When Salman Khan told me ‘ Only a Dabang judge will set me free ‘



    “It is only the court of man that has denied us justice today. We may get justice in the court of the almighty someday, and we shall witness it,” says Sushilabai (70), grieving mother of the dismissed late police constable Ravindra Patil, who was the former bodyguard of actor Salman Khan.
    Speaking to mid-day from their Mahindale, Sakri Road residence in Dhule, Virendra Patil (48), elder brother of Ravindra, who works as a hawaldar with the State Reserve Police Force, Dhule, said, “I came home for lunch on Thursday, and was shocked at the verdict after watching the news on TV. Our mother, who was glued to television, could not control her tears and I switched off the TV immediately and moaned the luck of the poor whom justice gives the go-by.”
    Sushilabai added, “Nyay fakta shrimantana miltho, garib lokana nyay milat nahi, (Justice is only for the rich and the poor never get justice). Had my son (Ravindra) not been on duty that night and had the accident not happened, he would have been alive today. The accident claimed two lives — the worker (Nurullah) and my son, and both families have been deprived of justice today.”

    “Though he (Ravindra) died of tuberculosis, he was fit and fine till the case and his health started going on a downward spiral after the Salman Khan incident and during the case. My mother believed it was Salman Khan and the stress of the case that led him to become heavily dependent on alcohol, thereafter leading to deterioration of my brother’s health, and subsequently his death,” said Virendra.

    He recalled that his brother was stressed out because of the case, that he kept changing his mobile phone numbers. At times, even his family could not get in touch with him for months. “Ravindra feared for his life even when he was admitted to Dhule civil hospital under the local doctor’s care. We were shocked to learn that he had pulmonary tuberculosis and he finally died a lonely death at the municipal tuberculosis hospital in Sewri,” said Virendra.

    “My son is a martyr for me, he was not a hypocrite. He stood by his statement till the end and the entire country heard it,” said Sushilabai. Interestingly, Kailash Patil, Ravindra’s second elder brother is also a police constable attached to the Mumbai police; he had deposed in the Sessions court during the trial.


    • ” Had my son (Ravindra) not been on duty that night and had the accident not happened, he would have been alive today. The accident claimed two lives — the worker (Nurullah) and my son, and both families have been deprived of justice today.”

      This is nice story to put out but its far from truth. He died from TB and it wouldn’t have mattered if he was the witness or not, once you get acute TB, there is no escape. How is Ravindra Patil denied justice?


      • But he did not call any of them desh drohis and other names. He expressed what he did not like in a film irrespective of who starred in them. He knows where to draw the l;ines while others go overboard.


  62. People Say Salman Has Walked Away; What about the tension..and the 25 crores he spent: Salim Khan

    “Everybody is happy. Every person who is close to Salman emotionally, is happy. I am happy and relieved,” Salim Khan shared. He also added that people were oblivious to the ordeal that his son faced because of the case. “People are saying he has just walked away. He has been in the jail for few days. He has spent over Rs 20-25 crores (on the case). Besides this, what about the tension that he and everyone went through all this time?” Salim Khan said.


  63. Di — so you feel that in any other country, Aamir would be behind bars for revealing a wish to relocate. Hmm…that’s a thought, not valid, but worth pondering. And all those Indians with similar thoughts had better not reveal anything. Of course Aamir was a fool to have said what he did on a public stage. Fool, yes, villian and deshdrohi/ gaddar/ traitor — NO. And he is always being termed a hypocrite, quite often wrongly. But at least he is not a bigger hypocrite than Mr. Anupam Kher who spoke recently quite volubly; said that Aamir is always giving unsolicited opinions. No Mr. Kher, Aamir gives his opinions when asked. You are the twitterer jumping in with opinions at every opportunity. And you also say that you are unafraid to take panga with stars like Aamir , Amitabh the lot….but you do take care to be on the right side of SRK and Salman, two very active stars with three films a year releasing at regular intervals, the richest and most powerful in Bollywood. Witness your latest tweet in support of the now free Salman or SRK’s intolerance rant ( which he later denied).

    We are all hypocrites to a greater or lesser degree.


    • Bad days for good people and good days for bad people. Hope karma catches up with bad people.


    • “But at least he is not a bigger hypocrite than Mr. Anupam Kher who spoke recently quite volubly; said that Aamir is always giving unsolicited opinions.No Mr. Kher, Aamir gives his opinions when asked.”

      I don’t want to support Anupam Kher here but he’s not completely wrong. Aamir is known to give his opinion all through his career. For example, he said that Mahesh Bhatt called him and said during Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahin shooting that Aamir is not happy with the way Anupam is portraying the character(pooja’s dad) and it needs to be changed. This is just 1 example when he gave his opinion without asking. Many more example from RGV’s Rangeela to everything else. Samething about giving comments to movies like Devdas, Black, Swades, so on.


      • Posting again what should have been here.

        But he did not call any of them desh drohis and other names. He expressed what he did not like in a film irrespective of who starred in them. He knows where to draw the l;ines while others go overboard. Did not other actors also said so many things?


        • say so many things.
          SRK backtracked many times and so was Salman. Salman’s father fought for him and he made friends who mattered and who will be there to protect.


      • Master when Aamir is asked, he gives his views and they are his own views and choices, not legally binding! Anupam Kher brought issue of DHKMN with out any context as then Aamir was the beginner and Aamir of today is totally different from the Aamir he is referring to. Second, RGV in his later interviews conceded that Aamir’s doubts and suggestions were right and helped Rangeela to a great extent. And on Devdas, he was asked and he replied what he felt and that was naivety on his part as candour is hardly a virtue and less so in Hindi film industry! And going by the kind of films he has done and directors and co-actors he has worked with are testimony to his sound judgement, Detractors could keep record of his errors 😉 .


    • “Had he been in more “tolerant” place he would be behind bar long time ago”
      LS, I was referring to DUI case. Anyhow, with great power comes great responsibilities. You cannot be in a powerful position and make statements that can cause disruptions, misunderstanding, dwesha in the hearts of people. One can preach a message of peace and bhai-chara. One would expect that from a celeb or people in power. We don’t like Shiv-sena making irresponsible statements, do we? We don’t want Aamir/SRK doing that either. They can talk anything they want in a party but not in public forum of debate because they sure are celebs with power but are not informed individuals. Salim Khan said as much for Salman when he took to twitter and made “statements”. He said Salman was ignorant and no one should pay attention to what he is saying. However since you ARE a celeb, people are not going to ignore you. So be like bigb. Choose words carefully!


  64. Atleast Aamir’s name is not linked to that Dawood Ibrahim with whom many of our top stars hobnobbed and danced,
    And why Anupam Kher was frothing at the mouth calling aamir names? People have selective memories.


    • The only instance where I found fault with him is his friendship with Salman Khan. He could have kept away from Salman too just like he kept away from SRK. Hope Aamir learnt his lessons.


  65. Only Salman knows whether he did it! And only he can live with it.

    The questionable part is – how abruptly and swiftly the HC Judge cleared him of any wrongs. Also, what’s shocking is the majority public think he’s guilty. Their instinctive verdict almost dismissive of HC’s.



    Pichai is talking about intolerance in certain sections of america which is spreading fast and furious. What Anupam Kher and company will tweet now?


  67. A balanced piece here by Baradwaj Rangan in The Hindu.

    “The trial is also about us”

    “The Salman Khan trial is about our social media selves, how we decide someone is guilty, as though we have all the facts, and as though those facts establish guilt beyond reasonable doubt. It’s about who can come up with the wittiest cracks about a very relieved man retuning home to his very worried family. The Salman Khan trial, then, is at least a little about schadenfreude. You have all this money, all these women, all this fame. Now let’s see you in a ratty little courtroom. Let’s see you sweat, as you realise your fate lies in the hands of a man who’s one of us. It’s about the perverse satisfaction of seeing someone so larger-than-life being cut down to size, a seventy-mm personality shrunk to the dimensions of a television screen, sharing airtime with commoners he has nothing in common with……”


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