Chennaiyin win ISL 2


5 Responses to “Chennaiyin win ISL 2”

  1. Really exciting second half. All the goals in this half but the last 15 min were especially great with 3 goals between the 88th and 91st min. Chennaiyin started off very poorly in the first half of the regular season and really turned it around after that. Last year they were the best team but lost in the semis, partly because of a key injury. Abhishek though has done well with both his teams. Won the first year with Jaipur and now this. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, a nice development for the city of Chennai given everything they’ve been through recently and are still going through.


  2. Yes Satyam…What nice timing for Chennai, after the city had to face a devastating floods a week ago..Something to cheer about..So happy for Abhi..What a way to end this year..Last year it was Kabaddi and this year Football..Way to go GURU bhai!!


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