Dilwale & Bajirao Mastani (ongoing), the rest of the box office

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  1. taran adarsh @taran_adarsh
    People scoffed at Eros/SLB for clashing with Rohit Shetty+SRK+Kajol+Varun+super promotion. But public mandate final #Dilwale #BajiraoMastani


  2. This is quite vulgar but a bit funny. Think this will give airlift a run for its money over that weekend


    • Only some portion are funny, I find this utterly vulgar and distasteful rather than funny. Mastizaade also looks same and both movie are releasing a week or two apart. I think these both will bomb.


  3. Its raining sex comedies and tushar kapoor!!!


    • LOL. both video image are almost same, and same are trailor, also presence of tushaar kapoor in both adds more confusion.

      Bad tailors. All in all, not interested in any of these.

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  4. Some members have gone quiet all of a sudden.
    Someone was inquiring the other day if had started out collecting Dilwale.
    Well,Sat BM expected to be twice Dilwale.
    Hope that answers that question.


    • It’s only a matter of time that BM pulls ahead of D. Meanwhile BOI is humbled as it’s in a state of robotic reporting. No articles or commentary on what’s going on. They’ve been floored big time and exposed…removing one article that was pro D and anti BM pre release…at least indicine had the guts to know and report the concern with D collections on Day 2…unlike BOI…whereas BOI did do it for PRDP on Day 2 itself. Completely exposed.


  5. tonymontana Says:

    Hope it instils some sense in SRK. A bad film is a bad film. The least you can do to not look stupid is go easy on the promotions and not dance around with public in talk shows n interviews and press releases on your film’s songs. SRK has been doing it for practically every film of his Lately and quite frankly its embarrassing to watch him like that


  6. BM – drops by 17% , Dilwale – drops by 22% in Kanpur.
    BM is 50% higher than dilwale.

    Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar 4m4 minutes ago
    Saturday Kanpur #Dilwale 4.40lacs #BajiraoMastani 6.67lacs aproxs

    Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar Dec 25
    Friday Kanpur #Dilwale 6.13lacs #BajiraoMastani 8.04lacs aproxs


  7. It is really final nail in so called Kings, Superstars, Emperors of Bollywood egos that Content is the King in any movie. I hope they come to the ground now and do not give statements like “All the force is with us” ” We are the Ones”, ” We will destroy Opposition”, etc. Sanjay Leela Bhansali got a perfect warrior like revenge. He kept his calm and composure when ridiculed by every one in the industry 7 years ago. His guilt was releasing a movie along side the movie of the then Superstar. Now the same Superstar’s is slayed by Now all those guys mouths are shut. Time will teach anybody a lesson and the media inflated superstars are no exception. A dubbed Telugu movie like Baahubali made 125+ crores without any recognizable Actor, Actress or Director shows audience love the content not the actor, language or region.When Baahubali 2 releases it may over take many of these movies collections with ease if the content is good. If the content is good then actor’s charisma may pull the fans back for 2nd or 3rd time.

    All the websites that were over reporting, Trade Analysts and so called BO experts are keeping their mouth shut now with the exception of a few who are appreciating the genuine winner.

    I sincerely hope that these Superstars will behave in public rather than behave like clowns as their time is slowly passing and new generation takes over. These guys should learn from Dilip Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan how to conduct themselves in Public. Except one or two gaffes, Amir comparatively behaved well in Public than Salman or SRK whose antics are bordering on silly and outright clownish. Salman has the added distinction of court cases that can anytime send him to jail if proved in courts. At least they are lucky and fortunate to have born in such a tolerant country like India where other factors except justice is important to prove some one guilty, to get away with whatever they say and do. (If they were born in other countries where laws are not so lenient and twisted by those who have money, power and lineage, they should have been behind bars or beheaded for their actions and deeds. On a lighter side, Salman went scotfree after his driver less car trampled human and his birthday is being celebrated in TV channels as another 21st Century Buddha’s birthday.In India sab chaltha hai.)

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    • ” I hope they come to the ground now ..”
      This will not happen at least for 3-4 more years, until the 3 hit their mid-50s. Had it not been for BM, even D wud easily have gotten to 175+cr. It takes tremendous guts as well as belief in own product to do what SLB did. Also, SRK is the weakest of the 3 Khans, and a lower bar to compete. Doubtful if SLB wudve clashed with SK or AK. This was a very calculated move and it worked spectacularly only bcoz the competing movie was many times superior in content. The trio of Ranbeer-Deeps-Priya are not greenhorns either, all 3 had good track records and good fan following. Such a combination of good director and bankable stars with excellent content is hard to come by in bwood. So until the competition can significantly elevate its game, the other 2 Khans can literally bulldoze over anyone in holiday releases.

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      • That’s a pretty balanced comment by Nykavi unlike the comment of Jayadev borne out of ‘gazillion years’ of exasperations as he seemed to have clubbed the trio together for no apparent reasons….

        On Ranvir’s case , the mark of a superstar is what he does with the new found success and how is he able to maintain that !
        In the past we have seen many bollywood stars in the last 25 years who have come and challenged the status quo only to be relegated to finding their bearings in the next few outings trying to fit in their new sized boots thereby cutting and harming themselves. I don’t wish to go too much in the past as outcome of those so called ‘challengers’ is well known and established but just recently Ranbir who was all set to push these oldies out of circulation with his blockbuster double take of classy Barfi and massy Yeh Jawaani is back to square one trying to gain foothold to remain in circulation. The guy now has to wait until 2017 with that Hirani movie to be able come back in the reckoning.

        Mind you, when an actor/ star gains mild acceptance there are many superficial temptations/ side-effects for downfall in terms of trying to make hay during sunshine (earning quick moolah), transgressions, arrogance and various vices. so the test for Ranveer starts now.

        Meanwhile lets be a bit more objective than rubbishing Dilwale numbers and it has stood against a very well oiled project in the making for a decade. Just on paper Ranveer has laid 2 years ( 2013 -2015 ) his productive cyle for this movie and lets see if manages to surrender again or cop out due money temptations.
        ( very few have the patience of aamir ). Just with the box office numbers Dilwale is an outright blockbuster overseas and when the final total numbers come in even the best of others are barely reaching totals of these trio who with Salman’s birthday today have officially hit 50.


        • Hrithik, Abhishekh etc came much later but just to put things in perspective in terms of SRK contemporaries , I was crazy fan of Govinda and was the most happy when at one time he was toppling SRK with his Coolie No 1 and Hero No 1…..and look where is now with such a poor career management.

          So let’s be fair with SRK’s staying power here who is a freakin bundle of talent and has so much left in him and his new innings with small movies will be a revelation and back to Kabhi Haan and Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman days.


          • It is not easy to dethrone all the Khans because they have got their own strategies and fan following. All they have to do is choose a good project with a good script. One Baahubali cant change the picture just like one sparrow cant make a summer.
            I doubt whether Baahubali 2 can whip up the same frenzy in northern India unless it is mindblowing.

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  8. Bajirao Mastani Second Saturday Business
    Sunday 27 December 2015 10.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Bajirao Mastani grossed around 10 crore nett on its second Saturday as collections dropped after the holiday. The business of Bajirao Mastani on its first two days of the second weekend is as follows.

    Friday – 12,00,00,000
    Saturday – 10,00,00,000

    TOTAL – 22,00,00,000

    GRAND TOTAL – 1,05,75,00,000

    The second weeeknd of Bajirao Mastani should go to around 34 crore nett.


  9. Dilwale Second Saturday Business
    Sunday 27 December 2015 10.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Dilwale grossed around 6 crore nett on its second Saturday as collections dropped after the holiday. Th business of Dilwale on its first two days of the second weekend is as follows.

    Friday – 7,50,00,000
    Saturday – 6,00,00,000

    TOTAL – 13,50,00,000

    GRAND TOTAL – 1,10,50,00,000

    The second weeeknd of the film should go to around 21 crore nett.


  10. Ok, looking at overall scene created by BM/D clash and analysing their respective daily collections vis-a-vis trend of similar movies from past … here’s my views :

    1. Word of mouth of D is similar or better than all movies of SRK post CDI. Movie is trending similar to #CE, the only difference is initial week of ‘D’ was low and now from 2nd week onwards even if collections are in same range as of SRK past movies, it is not going to change the fate of movie .. simply because none of SRK movie trended that well in last 7-8 years and basically none was liked. This also concludes that in today’s business scenario, superstars are flop proof if release timing is suitable, because just first week business ensures blockbuster, no matter movie is accepted or not. So in nutshell, these superstars and their fans are celebrating their flops (not liked) since 7-8 years .. and if you look back their track records in 90’s till mid 2000 phase, all their flops were of that era only when initial week business was not enough for success.

    2. Bajirao Mastani despite low opening (almost 60% of D) is heading towards almost 60% more business than D. I have not seen the movie, but trend is simply stunning like Aamir movies .. daily collections average for first 9 days is equal to first day business which is incredible and never in recent past. Important point is if we remove first week business of BM, its rest of business will still be 100 crore (Assuming it will finish at 200) which is a Hit business. If i recall, only 3 Idiots, PK and Bajrangi Bhaijaan able to do business in range of 100 Crore post first week. So these three are only REAL hits of three khans combined since 2009 .. rest all are gimmicks of huge initial. Saying all this, JTHJ, Don-2 and Ra-one were financially failed products even if ignore trending.

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  11. SRK can change the heroine and plot to get back. But Kajol’s career is almost over with this film. No big producer will touch her.
    Varun Dhawan will be careful before signing a multi starrer. And Rohit Shetty will bounce back with a vengeance. And SLB can throw more surprises.

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  12. Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar 1h1 hour ago
    Sunday Kanpur #Dilwale 6.06lacs #BajiraoMastani 8.56lacs aproxs

    Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar 18h18 hours ago
    Saturday Kanpur #Dilwale 4.40lacs #BajiraoMastani 6.67lacs aproxs

    Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar Dec 25
    Friday Kanpur #Dilwale 6.13lacs #BajiraoMastani 8.04lacs aproxs


  13. Surat fans bake 400 feet cake for Salman’s 50th birthday

    While superstar Salman Khan is busy celebrating his 50th birthday with near and dear ones at his farmhouse is Panvel, his die-hard fans in Surat have decided to go all out and bake a 400 feet long cake that weighs over 4,000 kilos for the actor. TOI had earlier reported how the enormous cake will be distributed in 200 orphanages in the city; more than 4,000 children will be able to enjoy the cake on Salman’s birthday. Nearly 15,000 Salman fans were likely to attend this celebration. A local baker – Breadliner – has baked the cake. Nitin Patel of Breadliner was quoted saying, “We want to salute the star who doesn’t believe in spoiling country’s atmosphere and send a message to those who are making such attempts. Surat has a tradition of honouring those who think of the country first.” A team from the Limca Book of Records and Guinness Book of World Records will be in the city of Surat to register the new record.


  14. Shekhar KapurVerified account ‏@shekharkapur Dec 26
    What makes @BeingSalmanKhan so popular is that he is a man with a good heart and that comes through on screen #HappyBirthdaySalmanKhan

    Ajay Devgn ‏@UtvStarsAjayD 10h10 hours ago
    Many many happy returns of the day Salman. #HappyBirthdaySalmanKhan @BeingSalmanKhan

    RANI MUKERJI ‏@_rani_mukerji Dec 26
    Wishing a very happy birthday to a mega superstar with golden heart, Salman! #HappyBirthdaySalmanKhan
    Salman Khan is not just an entertainer but an inspiration to many…From acting to humanitarian works, he won hearts of many including me!

    Komal Nahta ‏@komalNaahta Dec 26
    A very happy birthday to the MOST POPULAR & BIGGEST MEGASTAR of B’wood, @BeingSalmanKhan urf Box-Office Hurricane! #HappyBirthdaySalmanKhan

    Taran Adarsh ‏@taran_adaarsh Dec 26
    Happy birthday to megastar @BeingSalmanKhan. Blockbuster machine with millions of fans all over, yet humble being #HappyBirthdaySalmanKhan

    Shahid Kapoor ✔ @shahidkapoor
    Happy birthday @BeingSalmanKhan . We draw inspiration from you bhai. Wishing to see you on screen for another 50 at least

    Bipasha Basu ✔ @bipsluvurself
    Happy Birtnday beingsalmankhan !You make zillions of ppl smile through your work and take care of…

    Karan Johar ✔ @karanjohar
    Happy 50 @BeingSalmanKhan !!! Your stardom and mania is historic and May that force always be with you!!!!!

    Riteish Deshmukh ✔ @Riteishd
    Many 50 yr olds will feel like crap today -me at 18, I feel the same looking at this Birthday Boy – Happy Bday Bhau

    bhagyashree @bhagyashree123
    Wishing u a very Happy birthday with loads of love. @BeingSalmanKhan

    Lata Mangeshkar ✔ @mangeshkarlata
    Namaskar. @BeingSalmanKhan ko 50vi salgirah pe bahut badhaai aur shubhkaamanayein


  15. Bullshit year next. Not a single exciting movie.

    Airlift looks good and might catch Neerja too. No other hindi movie looks good, all blend uninteresting movies with old stars and same nothing to offer new directors.
    Yes, Bahubali still has some steam left.


  16. I think you forgot to read this

    Sunny Leone: 2016 is going to be the year of adult comedies

    Former adult star, Sunny Leone, at a recent press conference, said that 2016 will be a year of adult comedies in Bollywood, with films like Kya Kool Hain Hum 3, Mastizaade and Great Grand Masti, lined up for release. When asked about how Mastizaade is different from the other films of the same genre, that are also lined up for release, Sunny said, “I think that 2016 is going to be the year of adult comedies. We have three films coming back-to-back and I think these movies are going to set a standard of comedy.” The film also stars Vir Das and Tusshar Kapoor and is set to hit theatres on January 29, 2016.



    • I think atleast 2 of them are outright flops, how can audience take 3 same looking and same content movie in a period of one month. Jan to Feb is also not the best period to release movies targeted for youngsters due to exam period.


  17. BOI has now changed the first week numbers and shows just a 11cr difference between the two at the end of Week 1. Unlike the 13-14 they had earlier.
    Dilwale: 95,37,00,000
    Bajirao Mastani: 84,36,00,000


    • I had said that 4 days back, Dilwale was overreported by trade with the expectation that it will bounce back. Correction had to happen.
      Taran reported some numbers for Monday and tuesday that were hard to swallow to show Dilwale is still ahaed, he kept dilwale ahead by couple of lakhs. Or may be that were thenumbers provided to him by Redchillies calculator.

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    • I was saying that all along when first week territorial breakdown comes, dilwale will be little lower and BM little higher. Because separate territories were showing better numbers for BM but trade sites posted overall estimation favoring dilwale.


    • BOI reports that BM has finally overtaken D..


  18. https://www.rt.com/news/327213-corsica-anti-muslim-protest-ban/

    Don’t want to flog a dead horse, but Mr Aamir Khan, what are your views about Tolerant France? And just about every other European country where similar events have happened since your Intolerant India gem.


    • Did he say tolerant France or any tolerant European country?


    • NyKavi you also seem to have fallen in to this trap of being “OVER SENSITIVE” as what does that have to do with Aamir Khan and why should he be reminded about his “Religion” albeit indirectly and the “Generosity” of Hindus in making him what he is??? Are you asking the same questions to your “Chai Wala” PM why he can’t see poor and downtrodden who have to bear the continuous hike in Railway tickets and Farmers suicides on the rise due to drought?? Pulses have risen to a level where even well-off people can’t afford them on a daily basis rather one would have “Paneer” than pulses in his diet!! If Modi is doing any thing however wrong it might be, yet “Bhakts” are so blinded by their zealotry that all these issues don’t exist at all for them.


      • You are equating economy issues with politics. Price inflation has nothing to do with tolerance.
        I just want to keep asking Aamir about the ‘Tolerant’ Utopia he had alluded to. This is not about religion. In fact this whole debate has been but an attempt by a few elites to inject religion into issues and divide everyone. Aamir just happens to be an elite who tried to pile on to this group, thinking that no one would catch his bluff. I actually ‘WAS’ an ardent die-hard admirer of Aamir (this blog is testament to my Aamir-bhakti, just dig through all my comments since the beginning of Satyamshot as well as NG), who is unfortunately learning that his carefully constructed public persona is just a sham.


        • “In fact this whole debate has been but an attempt by a few elites to inject religion into issues and divide everyone.”

          This is a bit like accusing the attackers of Donald Trump of injecting race and religion and ethnicity into the debate! If one goes through a collection of greatest hits in India over the past 18 months it’s exactly the same. On these issues I mean. I’m not getting into Aamir’s statements here or anyone else’s. And if one is saying that things were always this way and the media is just exaggerating things more in this case by covering everything well that would again be a bit like saying that the same was happening in the US before this and Trump’s remarks are just being played up more. Forget everywhere, even in the Republican party leaders of any significance weren’t saying this sort of stuff and certainly with this frequency. Similarly in India I am not unaware of the kinds of stuff that has been said in the past but doing things this ‘nakedly’ (because so openly and in such a concentrated fashion.. one after the other..) has not been the norm. And yet somewhere one can resort to the strategy of many of Trump’s supporters who claim that ‘he’s just saying what many people are feeling anyway’. Well people can feel a lot of ugly things, making them legitimate by constantly talking about them in politics is another matter! In any case my point here isn’t about what one person or the other said in response and what their motivations might or might not have been. It’s about what happened in the first place. We can’t turn away from this ugliness just by pretending it doesn’t exist, or that it’s about a few loonies or that the people responding are cynics who just don’t like the party. Much as I might dislike the Republican party for many reasons but that’s not why I’m criticizing Trump! Such a discourse cannot be let off the hook that easily. What happens though is that when we support a party or a political side or whatever we feel obliged to defend a great deal. And we ought to! We have been ‘responsible’. But even greater responsibility would require completely turning away from the same even if one has been ‘naive’. The problem as always is: our entire sense of ‘values’ can be compromised to support a side. We never do the opposite. And we keep finding alibis not to do this. By either not accepting something is happening and/or by pretending the other side is as bad or worse or that doing so is and strategic move before the opposite side. We even see this with movie stars forget anything more serious than that. everything becomes defensible if it’s about one’s favorite star. We even reach the absurdity where Salman’s running over people is defended using all kinds of absurd legalisms and what not.

          Finally, and with all due respect, this whole talk of ‘elites’ is a bit hard to swallow. It sounds like an ‘Americanism’ imported into Indian contexts. And it’s not very sincere. Even as one defends the very economic and political logic that forms elites, the very elites that one tries to get closer to in terms of one’s life, and all the time, one also turns around and attacks those very elites when one wishes to. But since it is about Indian contexts is anything that the Party has done on any subject seemed like a dramatic departure from the previous govt when it comes to a whole range of policies? or for that matter has there been any serious movement on core platform issues that go back decades for the party? My point here isn’t to necessarily criticize the present govt. But if one wants to say that even if nothing changes very much, even if there is more or less a continuity with the past, one prefers this option (for its cultural politics, its identity politics or whatever), one can certainly do that. But one shouldn’t pretend it’s about anything more substantive than this. All of these things apply to those on the other side of the divide and when they’re in power the same questions can and should be asked of them also.

          Finally this is not an attempt on my part to enter a political debate (so others shouldn’t feel this is a free-for-all political thread). I’m just making larger arguments here. I’m using examples from the present but not really trying to argue more specifically about the same one way or the other.

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          • Whew! Ek garam chai ka cup peekay answer karna padega…


          • Up until the early to mid 2000s, there wasn’t a 24×7 news media in a constant hyperloop such as exists now. All these ‘Intolerant’ statements that seem to you to suddenly appear have been happening since ages, at least since the early 80s. So one can recall vicious rhetorical tapes of Sadhvis and Sadhus that used to circulate back then. Or anti-Brahmanical rhetoric from the likes of Mayawati that denounced and even abused their deities and clergy. Or even rhetoric from the minority clergies. All this was par for the course in North Belt politics. One only had to venture outside the large metros to see-hear such statements. Its not like India was a Tolerant paradise until 2014, and suddenly became an Intolerant firepit. But what has changed is a hyper news media ready to pounce on any such statement now. And equivalent hyper seculars who seem to have woken out of some deep slumber, just because their own favored rulers are not in power.
            For the US on the other hand, whatever Trump has been saying-doing is indeed shocking and over the edge of any accepted political discourse.


          • Yes but in many circles in the US, the very same Trump is appealing to, some of these things were again being said. Not the whole Muslim stuff of course because that wasn’t relevant earlier but otherwise everything else was the same. Just the stuff Reagan was saying in terms of racist stereotypes was pretty remarkable. That wasn’t a 100 years ago. I could give many other examples. So the hard right here didn’t suddenly appear. It was always there. The difference is always the degree to which such discourses are given legitimacy by the ruling party. Bush 43 for example kept all of this under control. Much as Vajpayee did too. This doesn’t mean the loonies weren’t around before but they could often fall under the radar precisely because no taller leader amplified their remarks too much. In Europe their right-wing parties have been saying a lot of stuff forever. But mainstream parties generally avoid that kind of language. If they start endorsing it it’s a different ballgame.

            I’ll say this again but there is an incredible lack of consistency in finding every Right-wing opinion from Palin to Trump objectionable and ‘serious’ but at the very same time having this ‘there’s nothing to see attitude’ when it comes to the same in India. I don’t like any right-wing outfit of this sort anywhere in the world. One can disagree with me but I don’t like some and not others. It’s a bit bizarre however to not even think of a party as right-wing because one supports and yet object to the very same things elsewhere around the world. I’ve said this before in related debates. Is it purely coincidental that one is a majority in one context and a minority in another? I don’t mean that one is being a hypocrite but there’s a certain insecurity one will always have as a minority of any sort if one is living with a right-wing government. and so the prospect of a certain kind of Republican isn’t a happy one whether one is Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Hispanic or Black. the same holds in other contexts with other groups.


          • thecooldude Says:

            Why should Aamir Khan give a rats patootie about France? He is Indian and has every right to talk about India….positive or negative. Man says one ‘intolerant’ comment and suddenly all the good that he has done for his country goes down the toilet!

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          • The difference is that pre-2014, no one cared if these fringe groups said what they said, because there was a ‘secular’ party in power, that was going to be ruling for a 1000 years because the ‘communal’ party had been soundly beaten and rendered irrelevant. The election of Modi was a severe jolt for everyone, and now after coming to their senses, a strategy seems to have evolved. Its not like Yogi Adityanath or others of his ilk have suddenly started to make these statements. They have been doing this for ages, just that the pre-2014 news media (and slumbering seculars) did not seem it worthy to waste their time on an vanquished opponent.

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          • yes but one could say the same for the US. No one cared when similar things were being said. they only do so now when Trump does so. Again with some changes the very same things would hold here. If there were 20 people like Donald Trump who were senators for the Republican Party you’d object greatly and find it ‘shocking’. But when similar folks are in the BJP ranks and say such stuff openly without being criticized by anyone important (or if so in the mildest terms with a wink and a nod) you say these guys were always around. You can’t have it both ways!

            I’ll make a larger point on some of the related stuff. It’s true that the Congress and other left parties have quite often played cynical politics with minority votes. Take the Samajvadi in UP. It is very eager to allow a certain kind of discourse to prevail so that it can scare up enough Muslim votes. It keeps attacking the BJP but it never does enough to actually stop them (where they can) in many cases. It’s like not stopping the intruder at your gate and actually letting him walk up to your front door before you call the police! You appreciate the latter a bit more in that circumstance. Not everyone is as bad as the Samajvadi in this sense but a lot of them play this game. What’s the difference though? No one really believes that the Samajvadi or whoever is actually anti-minority. The cynicism here is not a mystery. But people know the difference. In an ideal world one wouldn’t want either option but since this isn’t an ideal world you either have people who do things instrumentally for vote banks (appalling) and those who do them because they actually believe in a world in which those minorities don’t exist (this is a much more serious problem). A lot of Dems might play hawks, specially in certain parts of the country and try to say certain things about minorities but Trump is presenting a version of the US in which 50s-like you have a White, Christian country with more or less white immigrants! There is a difference.

            And finally I’d again say you’re engaging in some contradictions:

            1)There’s no problem, Modi’s election makes people see problems
            2)Even if there are problems so what? the very same ‘business-as-usual’ was going on before
            3)But actually the Congress (or what happened before) was much worse


            1)Nehru and the Congress were all about appeasing minorities in the name of pluralism
            2)Modi and friends are just restoring balance to the universe (may the Force be with them..)
            3)As for the problems his friends sometimes create well India is too rich and pluralistic and diverse (sound like Nehru?) to be hijacked by anyone

            It’s like if Trump were attacked he turns around and says ‘what a wonderful experiment American democracy has been.. we even have a Black president’! The very positions you are constantly trying to deconstruct with one hand or attack every day are those that you then use as alibis when questioned. The shorthand for this in India could be ‘don’t attack Modi, India is too Nehruvian to be taken down by Modi or anyone else’!


          • thecooldude Says:

            Even if it’s political, Aamir has every right to say whatever he wants to say regarding his country. Others have the right to say what they want regarding Aamir’s statement but burning effigy, asking him to move to Pakistan…what kind of BS is this? Also, you brought up France but did Aamir ever say that every other country in the world is tolerant BUT India?


          • “..Also, you brought up France but did Aamir ever say that every other country in the world is tolerant BUT India?..”

            He said that Kiran wants to move out of India bcoz of all this intolerance. So all I asked was “to which friendly utopian country wud u like to move to Dude??”. And I started this discussion today by pointing to this news from France, the most Leftist country in the western world (can there by anyone more liberal than the French?). No one wants to admit that he purposely hitched his wagon to this gravy train of “intolerance”, which had just then reaped rewards in Bihar. But all he did was open a can of worms.


          • “Its not like Yogi Adityanath or others of his ilk have suddenly started to make these statements. They have been doing this for ages, just that the pre-2014 news media (and slumbering seculars) did not seem it worthy to waste their time on an vanquished opponent.He said that Kiran wants to move out of India bcoz of all this intolerance. So all I asked was “to which friendly utopian country wud u like to move to Dude??”. And I started this discussion today by pointing to this news from France, the most Leftist country in the western world (can there by anyone more liberal than the French?). No one wants to admit that he purposely hitched his wagon to this gravy train of “intolerance”, which had just then reaped rewards in Bihar. But all he did was open a can of worms.”

            But problem is that now BJP is in power and it’s ruling the entire Nation, not just Hindus. So earlier it wasn’t as threatening when Sadhvi Prachi, Adityanath and ilk were delivering hate speeches and spewing venom against one specific community, but today the scenario is completely changed as being the party in power, it can’t let these unbridled morons keep making vicious comments as it sends certain signals to the community, which is being targeted by these idiots, about their vulnerability as these people are no longer belong to fringe groups but now the “Ruler”. And even Governors are making political statements that India is a Hindu Nation and those opposed to this idea can relocate to Pakistan and Bangladesh!! So it’s not one single statement or slip of the tongue kind of situation, but become the new “Norm”. I am totally against the appeasement politics of Congress and others, but can these events be justified in the name of “Balancing thing out”.

            And what purpose did Aamir have while hitching his wagon to the gravy train of intolerance?? Are you not implicating him by this insinuation as if he was cosy with Congress and had very close relations with Gandhis and latching on to this bandwagon of “Intolerance”, he was “tutored and coached” by them to vitiate the “Tolerant atmosphere”!! At least i can vouch for Aamir’s integrity when it comes to India!! And one very naive question if you were so big a fan of Aamir, how could you desert him when he needs your sympathy as he had not committed any sin or unpardonable offense. Would you do the same to your child or loved ones for just 1 mistake and leave them in the lurch?? This is my last cent on this issue as we are going in circle .


        • “I just want to keep asking Aamir about the ‘Tolerant’ Utopia he had alluded to.”
          That’s why i’d keep asking from Modi supporters about “Achchhe Din, Sushasan, development” which Modi assured while taking oath as well while he was canvassing for BJP during 2014 elections. I just see him continuing with the same formula of liberalisation and privatisation without any major shift from previous governments! This is the same BJP which didn’t allow parliament to function for more than 3 years during UPA-II regime and was totally against introduction of “AADHAR” and now reaping benefits of “Aadhar” and fighting for the all-pervasive role of Aadhar in the courts of the land!! Aamir’s one statement without talking the whole context it was given under, has made him a “Villain” only and only because of bigoted sense of patriotism of people who are accusing him of “‘treason” and hurling the wildest kind of abuses and accusation on him for just a single statement putting aside his 28 years of illustrious contribution is “Saddening and sickening” in equal degree as even if one concedes he was wrong while making that statement,does he deserve the vile and odious remarks and why does that 1 statement suddenly make him a villain from hero while Modi visiting Pakistan despite no tangible change in situation doesn’t raise an eyebrow making Modi into a “Statesman” which he certainly is not at present!!

          Aamir is no “GOD” as he is prone to committing mistakes as all of us do, but this “Hate campaign” has unmasked this whole liberal and tolerant veil in its stark form where a person is reminded of his religious identity just to showcase how “Tolerant Nation” we are to “MAKE” Muslims actors “Superstars” as if out of “generosity”!! When these kinds of questions raise their head, there is certain “Turmoil” behind this rhetoric to evade the genuine issue!!


          • People prefer hypocrites, opportunists and turncoats who change their statements and fly kites. These turncoats wont take a second to change loyalties at the first opportunity.


          • Look at the euphoria India’s Biggest “Humanitarian” Salman’s 50th Birthday created on all news channels and social networking sites as if India was celebrating “Being Human Day”!! And look at lenience showered upon Salman when it comes to forgiving and forgetting Salman’s past record with just single statement that he is pure golden-hearted and his remarks and acts were just childish and him being let-off without any serious implications in all the cases under this impression!! It shows our double standards as a society where we have 2 diametrically opposite measures to deem acts right or wrong through our “Tinted ideological glasses”.


          • I definitely do not condone SK and his shenanigans. The law obviously did not prevail, and these bootlickers have nothing better to do than be in Sallu’s good books.


          • A very pertinent post with regard to “Intolerance”

            ‘If Criticism Is Not Civil, It Becomes Hooliganism’, Take Aamir Khan’s Case For Example

            By Aditya Chaturvedi:

            Protesting in front of Aamir Khan’s house, calling him a traitor, launching a nationwide smear campaign against him, hurling invectives on social media, suggesting that he goes to Saudi Arabia, filing FIRs and vowing to boycott his films in the future, etc., are some of the reactions from the public that we saw after Aamir Khan’s comments at the Goenka Awards on 23rd November, 2015.

            What did Aamir Khan say at those awards that warranted such a response? He expressed his point of view that there is rising intolerance in India, something that scares his wife Kiran Rao, who once expressed concern and wanted to leave the country. Seeing the reactions to Aamir’s expression of speech has saddened me.

            I believe that these reactions are totally puerile, unwarranted, uncalled for and are an infringement of a person’s constitutionally enshrined democratic right of free expression. These intimidatory tactics are classic fascist stratagems that aim to cow down anyone who doesn’t tow the line and aims to instill a psychological fear in their mind.

            It seems to me that the masses have this obsession with a form of -aggressive nationalism that rouses their sentiments, the moment someone speaks against the nation or their concept of nationality.

            People should understand the fine demarcation between Patriotism and Nationalism.

            According to Edward Abbey, Patriotism is to protect the country against the Government when the Government is wrong.

            Whereas, Nationalism, especially right-wing nationalism is a cult. A cult of extremism, violence, immense pride in one’s culture, tradition, language etc., and scorning at all others as being unworthy, vile, polluted and barbaric.

            An extreme manifestation of chauvinism is Nationalism.
            Nationalism has always had fascist connotations. And nationalism always emanates conflicts, wars and violence, as we have seen from the First and Second World Wars.

            protests against aamir khan

            We all saw how the Hindu Mahasabha protested outside Aamir Khan’s house post his statements. Those with such sectarian sentiments should understand that they should curtail their sanctimonious chest thumping jingoism that just makes them run amok like a bull in a China shop at the mere mention that someone wishes to leave the country.

            I had personally criticised Aamir Khan for his statement when I first heard of it, which in my reckoning reeked of hypocrisy, self-righteousness and was a gimmick. Personally, I don’t believe the entire environment in India is intolerant, but the reactions to his statement worry me.

            I had all the right reasons to castigate him and so does everyone else, after all we all have a right to free speech, with which comes a window of criticism and questioning. But criticism of any individual, however scathing, has to be in the bounds of civility, else it ceases to be constructive criticism or even a searing vitriol and turns into unabated hooliganism by politically/ ideologically motivated hoodlums and miscreants.

            There are some points which I would like to bring to the notice of those who unceremoniously reacted to Aamir Khan and continue to do so, with their statements to boycott his movies:

            1) What Aamir Khan said, keeping aside the veracity of his statement or his possible motivations, was totally legitimate and was no criminal offence.

            A citizen of India has all the rights of freedom of expression and other fellow compatriots too have all the rights to fulminate, rhetort and pen rejoinders. But hysterically protesting against him and filing FIRs are totally unwarranted.

            2) Any person living in India is not compelled, in any way to subscribe to a particular brand of nationalism or even be an ardent patriot. It’s insanity to even presume such an absurd thought and protest against someone for not being a ‘Nationalist’ or a ‘Patriot’.

            As long as a person abides by constitutional principles, the law of the land and hasn’t been booked in the past for a misdemeanour, financial impropriety or a heinous criminal offense, it is no one’s concern what ‘ism’ (ideology) a person follows. Whether he loves his country or mocks/derides/lampoons the nation are all fine unless he is in cahoots with some agencies or syndicates that are against the interests of the citizenry and the nation at large.

            3) Migration and seeking greener pastures has been going on since the inception of human civilization. It’s a phenomenon that is perhaps as old as the evolution of the homo sapiens. Migration has contributed a lot to our educational and scientific developments, aesthetic and artistic attainments, culinary refinements and confluence of philosophical/ cultural streams leading to a composite, syncretic, plural and heterodox crucible or melting pot of cultures.

            So being xenophobic about Aamir Khan’s statement about ‘leaving the country’ is tantamount to bring infantile, philistine and intellectually asinine.

            4) When Indians have sailed to placid harbours overseas for centuries, and the vibrant Indian diaspora is across all the continents from Kuala Lumpur to Vancouver and from Seoul to Rio De Janeiro, why froth at the mouth when someone has purportedly expressed his wish to migrate, be it for whatever reasons.

            Some of the biggest sponsors of RSS/ BJP are overseas Indians and PM Modi’s most loyal followers are NRIs/ PIOs.

            What I want to express through this article is that it is completely baseless for us to ‘protest’ on the streets or hurl abuses against someone for expressing their opinion. Our dissent is and should be personal, it is not something we can force on other people. Now whether Aamir Khan wants to leave the country or not is his personal choice, we shouldn’t compel him to do it because it is ‘our choice’.



          • I am off course opposed to violent protests or these ghar gheraos. But voicing online opinion cannot be muzzled. You keep equating my peaceful opinion as violent protest, which is totally unfair.

            “Migration and seeking greener pastures has been going on since the inception of human civilization…”
            This is the one statement that rankles. This statement applies to the vast majority of the Indian diaspora who left purely for economic reasons. They left to escape poverty, lack of opportunity and resources. But it is simply disingenuous to apply this argument for Mr Aamir Khan who makes more in one day that most well-paid Indians can dream of making. And it is this very sentiment expressed by him that pisses an average person off.


          • “This statement applies to the vast majority of the Indian diaspora who left purely for economic reasons. They left to escape poverty, lack of opportunity and resources. But it is simply disingenuous to apply this argument for Mr Aamir Khan who makes more in one day that most well-paid Indians can dream of making. And it is this very sentiment expressed by him that pisses an average person off.”
            What Aamir Khan is making or earning is beside the point as money is not the criterion in this issue as by this yardstick Tatas, Birlas, Ambanis, Godrez, Narayanmurthis et al would lose right to voice their own views!!( And Aamir, SRK, Salman or AB Senior have toiled for years to reach where they are and they have earned their positions on account of hard work, perseverance, patience and fortune) These are prominent personalaties who are “icons” in their respective fields and it reeks of conceitedness and arrogance to dismiss their concerns just by terming them either anti-BJP or the elite!! It doesn’t augur well for a democracy when it begins to turn into mobocracy and muzzle dissenting voices to come atop! These are ominous signs for any democracy as majoritarianism ought not to be taken as right and fair!! And talking about muzzling online voices is another alibi to justify online character assassination and lynching of anybody under the garb of anonymous identities as one could easily see this happening day in and day out on social networking sites without any evidence!! You and me are just an exception to this malaise inflicting online behavioural patterns.


  19. MUGHAL – E –AZAM also has played a significant role in BAJIRAO MASTANI
    Absolutely. MUGHAL–E–AZAM is my Geeta, it’s everything in cinema to me. K Asif is my ultimate guru in filmmaking. I have grown up watching MUGHAL–E–AZAM and it has being my wish, prayer to give a tribute to that masterpiece by entering in his zone. The influence is everywhere in the film even in the music, the song mohe rang do laal is inspired from Mohe panghat pe nand lal chhed gayo re from MUGHAL–E–AZAM. The movie even after 55 years stands tall and is able to display those emotions which hold relevance in today’s times. MUGHAL–E–AZAM cannot be made again. When people point out such influences I get overwhelmed. I am a filmmaker who is inspired by the greatness of K Asif, V Shantaram – NAVRANG, JHANAK JHANAK PAYAL BAJE, PINJRA, films of Raj Kapoor. I can never make a film like them. BAJIRAO MASTANI is just an attempt, an amalgamated tribute to the cinema I have learnt from such greats.



    • Typical SLB hyperbole.
      Am sure at some level he has been inspired by MEA as it is the most recognized BW historical.
      BM for the most part was far more engaging for me than MEA.

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  20. Saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens yesterday at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon. What a film! Watching it was a near-religous experience. We keep talking of filming Mahabharat, while they are creating new Mahabharats from ground-zero right before our eyes. ( And we pat ourselves on the back for ‘ Bahubali’!)


  21. Bajirao Mastani is finally ahead of Dilwale. Pre-release I don’t think anyone saw this coming. What a turnaround for SLB from 2007. He must really be feeling on top of the world.

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  22. No one saw it coming? I ahve been shoting it from rooftop after the release of the first trailer and the two songs of Dilwale. I said it again in my coment undr this thread ( The earlier .longer one.)
    I knew, post-Ramleela, Bhansali is a filmmaker in a different league.

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  23. Utkal Says:
    December 22, 2015 at 7:02 AM
    Why the hell will Bajirao make less than Dilwale?



  24. Bajirao Mastani Has Second Best Second Weekend Of 2015
    Monday 28 December 2015 11.00 IST

    Bajirao Mastani had a very good second weekend with business close to 34 crore nett. The drop in the second weekend is only around 25%. The business of Bajirao Mastani in its second weekend is as follows.

    Friday – 12,00,00,000
    Saturday – 10,00,00,000
    Sunday – 11,75,00,000

    TOTAL – 33,75,00,000

    The total of the film is around 118.25 crore nett in ten days. The second weekend is the second highest of the year after Bajrangi Bhaijaan.


  25. Dilwale Second Weekend Business
    Monday 28 December 2015 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Dilwale grossed 20 crore nett plus in its second weekend. The drop is 68% which is a normal drop but not in this case as it was a holiday weekend and also the first week was not a typical release due to clash so less business done. The business of Dilwale in its second weekend is as follows.

    Friday – 7,50,00,000
    Saturday – 6,00,00,000
    Sunday – 7,25,00,000

    TOTAL – 20,25,00,000

    The drop for Bajirao Mastani was just 25% so in comparison its a big drop for Dilwale. The business of the film in ten days is 115.75 crore nett.


  26. Dilwale will probably end at around the 130cr mark. While BM looks sure to go past 150cr and even much higher than that. Not too many would have expected that.

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  27. Before the thread turns into another political debate, i would just like to point out something I have just taken note of. When you look at sites like BOI, BH and Koimoi all of them haven’t yet to openly declare that BM has finally surpassed D.

    Credit to BOI who have at least put up the numbers and they are there to see. They earlier put a piece and attributed Dilwale’s under-performance to politics.

    As for BH and Koimoi, there is complete black-out on Dilwale’s week-end numbers. They’ve simply put BM’s numbers and have kept tight-lipped about BM turning the table on Dilwale.

    They are probably both still waiting for the Red Chillies numbers, that are going to show another story with Dilwale out-performing BM by a couple of lakhs over the week-end and Dilwale still comfortably leading the race overall.

    That’s the reality of Indian BO reporting.


  28. ‘Star Wars: Force Awakens’ Crosses $1 Billion Worldwide, Topping Christmas Weekend

    by Brad Brevet

    December 27, 2015

    With the largest second weekend of all-time, Star Wars: The Force Awakens has now grossed more than $544 million domestically and another $546 million internationally, totaling over $1 billion in worldwide ticket sales in just twelve days. Along with five other new wide releases, it also sits atop the second largest weekend of all-time with the top twelve films grossing over $285 million as Daddy’s Home defied expectations, cruising to an easy second place finish with an estimated $38.8 million. Otherwise, expectations were mostly met when it comes to fellow newcomers in Joy, Concussion and Point Break while The Hateful Eight performed quite well in its limited, 100 theater debut.

    Topping the weekend for a second straight weekend with an estimated $153.5 million, Star Wars is now the second highest grossing domestic release of 2015 with $544.5 million and the 15th highest grossing worldwide release of all-time. It’s also now the record holder for the largest second weekend of all-time, besting Jurassic World’s previous record by a massive $46.9 million. In fact, the records are piling up so quickly it’s becoming ridiculous as it is now the fastest movie to cross $100, $150, $200, $300, $350, $400, $450 and $500 million as well as holds the largest three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten day gross. For even more of the over 35 records it now holds click here.

    Force Awakens has topped the two largest weekends of all-time and next weekend the only added competition is the expansion of Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight. Avatar’s domestic box office record of $760.5 million is very much in sight as Force Awakens is currently only $215.9 million shy of that number and has only been in domestic theaters for ten days. The question right now doesn’t necessarily seem to be a matter of “if”, but “when” followed by “How much?” A 3.5 times multiplier based on its opening weekend alone projects a $867.8 million domestic run… could it possibly go higher? A drop of 50% next weekend would still be enough to claim the largest third weekend of all-time as the stars seemed to be properly aligned for continued Star Wars box office glory.

    Looking at the Christmas weekend’s new wide releases we first come to the impressive performance of Paramount’s Daddy’s Home. Reuniting Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, the well-timed, PG-13 rated comedy scored an estimated $38.8 million and a second place finish. This was well above expectations and an improvement over the $35.5 million Ferrell and Wahlberg’s The Other Guys opened with back in 2010.

    In third was Joy, the latest film from David O. Russell and his troupe of actors led by Jennifer Lawrence alongside Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro. The film matched expectations with an estimated $17.5 million, but with middling reviews it doesn’t seem like this will match the success of Russell’s most recent efforts. This was also the first film from Russell that went wide in its opening weekend since Three Kings in 1999. His last three films all opened in limited release, riding a wave of positive reviews and award nominations to solid box office returns with both American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook finishing well above $100 million. Depending on second weekend returns, Joy will probably finish around $50-60 million.

    Also finishing as expected, the Will Smith drama Concussion tallied $11 million for the weekend along with an “A” CinemaScore. Smith did score a Golden Globe nomination for his performance, but to give this one much of a chance moving forward he’s going to have to hear his name announced as an Oscar nominee come January 14, otherwise the legs on this one are likely to tire soon.

    Expanding wide this weekend, Adam McKay’s The Big Short brought in an estimated $10.5 million from 1,585 theaters, topping the Warner Bros. Point Break remake. Opening day audiences awarded Point Break a very generous “B” CinemaScore to go along with an estimated $10.2 million for the three day weekend. Expect this one to sink like a stone over the coming weeks.

    We finally come to Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight, which brought in an estimated $4.5 million from just 100 theaters for an impressive $45,366 per theater average. This is a strong opening for the three-plus hour Western epic, which will expand into over 1,800 theaters nationwide on December 31 in a slightly condensed, two hour and 47 minute version.

    In limited release, Fox Searchlight’s The Revenant kicked things off in four theaters with an impressive $471,000 for a $117,750 per theater average. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy, the film is directed by the Oscar-winning director of Birdman, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, and has generated considerable buzz for both its actors and director as well as cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki. The film is set to expand to over 2,700 theaters on January 8.



    • saw it Friday and was a bit underwhelmed considering all the hype. still think ‘sith’ was by far the best one among the newer ones. also creed remains the best sequel for me this year. now awaiting the revenant…have a feel i won’t be disappointed with this one.


      • Didn’t catch Creed when it released in India (haven’t caught a movie in over three months due to a knee injury)… but I would be hard pressed to believe that any sequel/reboot/remake can top what George Miller achieved with Mad Max: Fury Road. That film gave new meaning to “upping the ante”.


      • I enjoyed it a lot. On the other hand it’s an ambiguous achievement inasmuch as it’s a collection of the original franchise’s ‘greatest hits’. This in very many ways. The prequels were not as much fun as this one but this one on the other hand isn’t necessarily things forward. It’s basically giving you what you already love about the franchise, a kind of rearranging of the parts. Don’t mean to sound uncharitable here. It’s all been put together extremely well and given that these are the ‘terms’. Nonetheless one would have liked the film to be somewhat more ambitious.


  29. Just too long a wait, but hopefully Neeraj Pandey and Sushant have done justice to this living legend !!

    Sushant S Rajput ‏@itsSSR 5h5 hours ago
    #dhoniTheUntoldStory will release on 2nd September 2016. Can’t wait;-)). #neerajpandey @foxstarhindi


  30. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 3h3 hours ago
    #Dilwale doesn’t witness major spurt in biz, despite holidays. [Week 2] Fri 8.11 cr, Sat 6 cr, Sun 7.12 cr. Total: ₹ 123.88 cr. India biz.

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 5h5 hours ago
    #BajiraoMastani continues EXCELLENT trending in Weekend 2: Fri 12.25 cr, Sat 10.30 cr, Sun 11.75 cr. Total: ₹ 120.45 cr. India biz.

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 8h8 hours ago
    #Dilwale is FANTASTIC Overseas. 10-day total [till Sun]: approx $ 16.75 million [₹ 110.83 cr]. UAE+GCC alone contributed $ 6.3 million. WOW!


    • So he is still shamelessly putting D ahead of BM!


    • BM performs much better than dilwale in weekdays and second weekend in australia and set to overtake dilwale in Australia aswell. It has done this fabulous thing on 30% less screens. Waiting on usa/canada numbers now.
      Even in uk, dilwale first weekend was 4 times of bm but in the second weekend it is just 30% less.
      Still, uae and uk will go with dilwale, us/canada and australia with bm.


  31. Confirmed! Karan Johar to launch Shah Rukh’s son Aryan!



  32. Woww, what a commentary .. so BOI is seriously putting whole blame game of Dilwale debacle on Intolerance … I mean seriously ??????? I can take clash one of reason … but intolerance ???????

    The first week of Dilwale has affected by this intolerence thing going on with Shahrukh Khan in India. Its difficult to put a number on it but the circuit ratios make little sense and its unlikely that a major commercial release has seen such ratios where the circuits with a smaller mass audience are out performing while the core Hindi markets are under performing by a distance.

    The film has scored very well in West Bengal, Nizam / Andhra, Mysore and Tamil Nadu / Kerala. In all these circuits it will emerge among the top five highest grossing films ever. All these circuits are where there is more of a class audience rather than mass for Hindi films. Probably because mass prefers the regional cinema in these places and language also an issue in some of these circuits.

    The other markets which are core Hindi markets have under performed by big margins. While the above circuits are among the biggest ever for week one, many of the other circuits are not even in top twenty for their respective first weeks. A West Bengal and Nizam being similar to East Punjab, a CI is being less than Tamil Nadu / Kerala, these sort of things just don’t happen with this genre.

    Basically the audience in mass pockets has kept away and Dilwale suffered as the intolerence thing was fresh at time of release. Its not that film would have been a blockbuster if the problem was not there but it would have done more business for sure.. The first week territorial breakdown of Dilwale is as follows.



    • Yakuza: I’m surprised YOU’RE surprised! BOI has all the credibility of Pravda, except the Soviet Communists would have envied BOI’s single-minded devotion to the cause…

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      • SRK himself spread this one, the others are just following. Barkha Dutt had a town hall with Priyanka Chopra the other day and someone asked a question about intolerance and talked about how SRK’s film had been affected because of this.

        I actually think SRK has faced intolerance for much longer. What other reason could there be for his not being able to match up to Aamir and then Salman for all these years?! LOL!

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      • @Qalandar – I’m surprised YOU’RE surprised! BOI has all the credibility of Pravda, except the Soviet Communists would have envied BOI’s single-minded devotion to the cause…”

        It’s easy to be cynical of these things but the old saying there is no smoke without fire somewhat does apply here and various incidents were reported in media and some on social media on the domestic market like the one mentioned below.


        Faridoon Shahryar ‏@iFaridoon Dec 26
        A woman is abused n threatened with rape for lodging a police complaint against goons forcibly stopping #Dilwale http://www.coastaldigest.com/index.php/news/82363-sangh-parivar-activists-threaten-to-rape-and-murder-hindu-woman


        Now these may be stray incidents and I doubt physically any harm has been done to make a huge dent to the collections. But fortunately or unfortunately what is at play here is the some sort of partial boycott by the silent majority in terms of buttoned up / closed mouthed boycott. And rightly so as these 2Rs celebrities have no freakin right to misuse the platform given to them for agenda driven cacophony. Fact is Aamir did a big poo poo close to Dilwale release and inspite of these SMJ and social awakening movies and shaking hands with Modi, there is no denying there is a hidden right wing hatred/ agenda and he was once again caught with his pants down first with that Narmada Dam project and now this.

        He has a living example in form of an icon Amitabh Bachchan, who very recently did not cut any slack to arnab goswami during that Piku interview. Arnab used his all tactics by first putting him on a high pedestal by praising him to the sky & how much of an influence he had on the people and to make a difference to the nation and his duties to the nation … blah blah and then towards the end when he could not get anything controversial out of him his tone turned cynical and he started to chide him but Big B just remained unmoved and kept giving diplomatic answers ( special commendation on how he handled questions on Salman’s lower court verdict during that time).


        • Now this may be purely coincidental but apart from the clash Bajirao Mastani content has also timely hit some of the pent up anger / raw nerve which going by the tweet below seems like a Gadar…sque outlet for many.


          Akshaye Rathi ‏@akshayerathi Dec 21
          Go to a single screen cinema & watch the reaction to the scene in which Bajirao charges alone towards an army! Goosebumps! #BajiraoMastani


          Now I follow tweets of both these gentlemen and find them highly objective and non partisan and cut across all lines but this whole clash / incident has brought out some of the issues on surface.


          • “@So agendas are ok as long as they praise the govt (any govt) but not otherwise?”

            Agendas are never okay and I doubt Salman Khan or Salim Khan have been worshiping Modi either. What they have done is not considered him a pariah / political outcast…..and yes Salman did face backlash during Jai Ho from the opposing community and evidences are there.

            On prasing govt my thought process is closer to shekhar gupta when he tweeted against Kher’s bhakti sometime back –

            Shekhar GuptaVerified account
            ?@ShekharGupta Shekhar Gupta Retweeted Anupam Kher
            U have a powerful voice & intervene effectively in public debate. Marches justified against establishment not for it


            on the other point everyone is free to make their voices heard but India as rightly pointed by Bachchan in that Arnab interview remains largely uneducated/immature with a very complexed coding and any sort of utterance has to be weighed to have the desired impact otherwise it becomes a tool in the hands of unruly which then cause further damage.

            Rest you have fair points and though I don’t wish to repeat what I said a few days back about herd mentality the fact is number of people who are offended by a star’s statements and therefore decide to boycott a movie can suddenly multiply many folds and catch on.


          • don’t want this thread to become a political debate but Salman’s statements are well-known, his father’s are even stronger in their support. I could quote the relevant examples but you’re not especially persuadable when it comes to Salman!

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        • “And rightly so as these 2Rs celebrities have no freakin right to misuse the platform given to them for agenda driven cacophony.”

          So Salman (or his father) should not be praising Modi? Or Devgan ought not to be campaigning for the BJP in Bihar? Or Anupam Kher should not be saying he’s happy to be called a Modi chamcha. I could multiply these examples but that’s what you mean right?

          So agendas are ok as long as they praise the govt (any govt) but not otherwise? I’m not just addressing this to you but making a larger polemical point.

          “Now these may be stray incidents and I doubt physically any harm has been done to make a huge dent to the collections. ”

          the discussion ends here! As for this imaginary silent majority that boycotted the film I must say you have quite a belief in ghosts. So there’s no evidence of any such majority doing anything. Not sure how one verifies this. But beyond this it sounds a bit like that ghost driver who ran over those sidewalk dwellers and framed Salman. And on that subject I can sympathize with you. Didn’t this same silent majority boycott Jai Ho? Must have been this since that film too didn’t get much of an opening.

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          • this whole ‘people boycotted the film theory’ unites a number of camps:

            1)the fans who can explain a failure but not quite a low initial. Since they also want to assert their star is huge.

            2)those who don’t like what SRK (or Aamir) said and who secretly want this theory to be true and believe therefore that there is some ‘audience’ punishment for those who argue against the govt.

            3)those who are total right-wing partisans who want this to be the case as a warning sign for others.

            4)those fans of Salman who are always sympathetic to SRK and vice versa as a ‘generational’ thing and wish to explain away the failure in the most generous terms. Aamir somehow never gains admission to this club but that’s another debate. Sometimes there is even the suggestion that Aamir made things worse for SRK (hey he doesn’t have a release at the moment but SRK does!). This works in other ways too.

            5)finally a much smaller group perhaps that sees evidence in this of a right-wing plot and wishes to show solidarity with SRK or Aamir or whoever and hence will support this theory.

            My own view on this? There might be some negligible effect on the margins. The number of people who are offended by any star’s statements and therefore decide to boycott a movie they are genuinely interested in is I’m afraid minuscule or negligible! People are not that principled! Even if they were this would be something shameful. Why? Because no one was bothered about Salman’s antics at any stage. He was treated as a hero even when he got convicted. If someone is more bothered about whether a star (sincerely or cynically) argues against a govt then there are more serious problems with that audience anyway or even that country! Thankfully I don’t believe that to be the case. The folks who do are I would suggest selling India short.

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          • As already said by me, the effect of this intolerance thing was around 4 to 5 cr. while it is hard to put a tangible number of number of people who didnt even went to the theatre because of the statement, I doubt it would have made any dent to the overall number. The only thing that worked against the movie is content. If the content was strong it would have still done 200 cr surely as seen by number BM is putting.


          • Again, the commentary from BOI is not incorrect. All they are saying is the intolerance thing did affect the core hindi belt. And that’s a fact as the bulk of business lost was in the CP, CI and Rajasthan circuits. And these circuits are not huge contributors in overall scheme of things but would have put a number of additional 4 to 5 cr if not for the theatre closures. So I don’t see anything objectionable here in BOI commentary. They are not indicating that the amount lost is huge as they are referring to the core HIndi market in their commentary.


          • I’m skeptical about the Hindi belt somehow being more ‘intolerant’ in these matters than elsewhere in the country. I’m also skeptical of putting a precise figure on the business lost but yes even accepting 4-5 crores that’s not significant in terms of the film’s fate in any sense, including the initial.


          • I don’t mean intolerance in an intangible sense such as public outlook. There were lot of shows lost in the CP CI belt and Rajasthan due to theatre closure on Friday and Saturday. That will be around 4 to 5 cr. and yes it was a negligible amount. If the content was good it would have done lot better


          • It is BM that affected D not intolerance. Some Salman Khan fan is trying to put the whole blame on Aamir without rhyme or reason. Fishing in troubled waters. He must be feeling angry that even PRDP could not defeat PK numbers. Now instigating SRK fans. Good politics. Or bad politics?

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        • Bringing Amitabh in this debate is self-defeating as Amitabh has begun to excercise restraint on his political affiliations lately as one could easily recall his cosy relations with Amar Singh and Mulayam Singh.His campaigning for SP and dancing during Samajwadi Party’s election rallies is not a thing of distant past and before this, he had very close relations with Gandhis as well. So it took many gaffes before learning the “Diplomacy and Tact” you are referring to in case of Amitabh Bachchan of today!!

          ” And rightly so as these 2Rs celebrities have no freakin right to misuse the platform given to them for agenda driven cacophony. Fact is Aamir did a big poo poo close to Dilwale release and inspite of these SMJ and social awakening movies and shaking hands with Modi, there is no denying there is a hidden right wing hatred/ agenda and he was once again caught with his pants down first with that Narmada Dam project and now this.”

          But Salman had each and every right to run over sleeping people, killing black bucks and abusing, “both physically and mentally”, his girlfriends and fighting with his directors and co-stars and throwing tantrums during the shooting(Reaching locations on his whims and fancies), ruining many careers!! All these and many more “Highly Ethical” standards are hard to live up to for someone like Aamir Khan as his fans would rather prefer to “keep him caught with his pants down with incidents such as intolerance and NBA” than found him like flying kites with “Prospective PM” for his own benefit and tweeting at midnight,being fully inebriated, in defence of a terrorist Yakub Memon and then deleting them and being shielded by his father for such highly insensitive remarks. Don’t make Salman a saint at the cost of other 2 Khans as his notorious past is too big to be forgotten under this “BEING HUMAN BRANDING”.

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          • As an aside, there is this curious sentiment afoot that seems to demand apolitical stances of celebrities, as if it is our birthright to have our celebrity free of the taint of any politics (even though we are free to be as political as we wish to be). What is characterized as a “misuse” of the “platform” that is “given” to them is nothing of the sort: they are popular, for reasons more or less irrational but deeply powerful, and are free to do whatever they want with that status (that status in turn is routinely lost, often for no less irrational reasons). Much of the time is the WE in the audience who insist on asking a celeb what his or her views are on x or y matter — if the answer doesn’t comport with our views we begin whining that the celebrity “had no right”. He or she has no fewer rights than any other Indian citizen (the fact that we don’t give a damn about what other citizens might have to say about x or y issue says something about us, not about the celebrity!).

            Turning to Aamir, SRK, and Salman, of these three only one has tweeted in favor of a convicted terrorist, and that too a terrorist convicted of an attack on his own city; the other two commented (in Aamir’s case it was clearly a response to a question posed by a journalist, I don’t remember the context of SRK’s remarks) on the general climate in the country. The fact that these comments are considered unforgivably offensive, whereas the first one is barely mentioned, speaks volumes. And it is obvious that had Aamir and SRK said what they did if the UPA were in power, the same people whining now would have agreed enthusiastically with them (conversely, can you imagine the firestorm if Aamir or SRK had tweeted what Salman did about Yakub Memon?) — note that the point is NOT about Left/Right here, it is that, even from the perspective of the Right, all principle is being subordinated to the goal of “let’s not make our guys in power look bad”; we are familiar with this from other contexts (e.g. the self-muzzling of CPI(M) members lest “their” government in West Bengal look bad) but let’s be clear on what it is: partisanship, not principle. And to pretend that the objection to what Aamir or SRK have said proceeds from some non-partisan principle is untenable (I have greater respect for those who frankly argue on ideological grounds that India SHOULD be less tolerant of cow-killers; x or y groups, etc. — at least those folks aren’t trying to muddy the waters).

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          • Myselfaamir I know I have offended Aamir fans and seriously I don’t have an issue with your rant on Salman here. All sorts of stories circulate and for all you know they may be true.

            On the ‘right to run over people’ let me quote the judge who presided over the case and included this in his order –

            Public opinion plays no part in law: HC
            Justice AR Joshi, while dictating his order, pointed out that the case had received extensive media coverage, and public opinion seemed to be heavily against the actor.
            “Public opinion or perception is mainly gathered on the basis of information and news played by other institutions. When something is said repeatedly, it assumes the status of truth and the general public at large is convinced of it,” he said, adding however, that in the court of law, the burden of proof had to be met.

            “The court is expected to be impervious to pressure from the public. It is with good reason that the law of evidence has no place for general public opinion while deciding a case,” he said, adding, “Perception of truth has to be proved before the court of law. Established principles of evidence must be adhered to, along with the cardinal principles of jurisprudence, and the burden can’t be forgotten. Strong suspicion cannot be used to prove a person guilty.”

            – Inputs by Sailee Dhayalkar
            See more at: http://www.mid-day.com/articles/saving-salman-factors-that-led-to-actors-acquittal-in-hit-and-run-case/16760180#sthash.KT6H1wf0.dpuf


  33. Another Fun fact –
    Just as i had informed about BM leading since last sunday.
    Srk’s dirty tactics of thursday 20$ previews fetched him $200k but couldnt take it far.
    And now BM is leading by a good margin ,and set to lead by 1-1.5 mn by the end of run.

    15 10 Bajirao Mastani Eros $1,331,388 -23.7% 304 – $4,380 $4,300,678
    20 9 Dilwale UTV $915,795 -52.3% 227 -41
    $4,034 $3,962,523



    • That means BM didnt just covered the margin, but made a gain of $600k over dilwale in last 7 days, giving a good lead over $300k.
      This way, BM will finish around 6-6.5mn and dilwale 4.75-5mn 😦
      I pity on Srkians who were demanding collections from dayton and timbuktu 😦


    • And there is chance BM numbers will go higher. These numbers are from just 235 screens reported sofar as per Mojo. Though, mojo reporting all screens.

      United States of America
      Rank Movie Weekend Weekend Gross ($) Screens Total Gross ($) Total Gross (INR)
      15 Bajirao Mastani 2 1,072,443 212 3,569,241 23.63 crores
      20 Dilwale 2 668,552 203 3,091,517 20.46 crores

      11 Bajirao Mastani 2 234,133 23 706,624 4.67 crores
      12 Dilwale 2 227,526 24 851,288 5.63 crores



      • D has thrashed BM overseas by a big margin. The overall figure it will reach is 23 mn. The underperformance is in US but even there it might be SRK,s biggest gross if I am not mistaken.


        • In the US BM is significantly ahead of Dilwale and one assumes this gap will increase in the next week or two. Don’t know about the rest of the world. I doubt it’s going to thrash BM anywhere. see this link…It’s overtaken Dilwale in other international markets too:


          Now as for the US gross D has just about equaled OSO (2007) in absolute terms (on that note even JTHJ did about 3m). It’s way behind CE’s 5.3m which is SRK’s biggest US grosser. On a related note Aamir remains the US champ. PK did more than 10m, 3I did 6.5m, D3 did more than 8m. Salman’s Bajrangi did about the same as D3. PRDP did 4.3m (MNIK had 4.1m). All other Salman films are much behind these. But SRK has really fallen behind even in one of his strongest and most important overseas territories. I doubt it’s dramatically different elsewhere in the world (when both India and the US are now more or less aligned). But getting back to Dilwale there’s really no consolation prize for SRK this time in any sense. and the whole overseas thing is now mythology as well. SRK remains a big draw but not the biggest and in general a lot of Hindi films now do very well overseas. It’s not like the 90s or something. When BM starts overtaking D in international markets as well the landscape really has changed dramatically.


          • D will end up doing 23 mn. Yes SRK is no longer the biggest overseas star but 23 mn for a movie low on content is quite good. BM will do around 12 mn I think.


          • not sure how it can be at 50% when in the US, one of the largest territories, it’s ahead significantly, in many other territories it’s overtaken the film in week 2. Because of a greater initial I can understand it being overall ahead by the end internationally but by that much? Sounds odd.


          • on another note JTHJ was also a relatively sluggish opener, given the banner, the starcast and so on. Even accounting for competition. The same was true for both Dons. RNBDJ itself was a good starter but not an especially strong one. MNIK was again weak. The point I keep making is that SRK has several films since OSO that haven’t opened to their potential. It’s not like Aamir where he has either the biggest absolute openings or the biggest openings relative to genre or like Salman where anything with him opens very big (Jai Ho being the one exception). SRK has had big openings since OSO (2007) 3 times. Ra One, HNY, CE. The others I mentioned were simply not at that level even if in each case people played all sorts of games to explain the result from Lakshmi Puja to competition to whatever (not sure what happened with Don2 where a sequel to a remake and releasing without competition on Christmas was still sluggish). A strong initial is obvious and vice versa. Ra One might have fizzled out completely but it opened strongly. The same for HNY which at least for a few days was strong and had that big opening day as well. CE had a very big week similarly. the point again is D though a surprising result (I would never have expected a gross this low in even the worst case scenario, at least not with a Shetty film) is not a mysterious event either. There is a chain of evidence that stretches back 8 or 9 years. The problem is that fans or partisans always find ways to explain away disappointing results and when the films are successes they equally find ways to explain away all other factors contributing to that success (circus-like films, gimmicks, important co-stars etc). It’s hard to accept these realities but over time certain patterns emerge. No one’s saying SRK isn’t a big star or that he cannot put up some big numbers in the right setup. But that doesn’t argue against anything I’ve been saying. And why do I keep making this point? Because as always I am arguing against various mythologies and/or positions that seem to be in a war with the facts. Why isn’t Aamir asserted as easily ahead of SRK without any questions asked when he has a history of unmatched consistency stretching back to Lagaan, when he has the biggest commercial grossers, when he has the biggest and most number of prestige hits as well, when he now is even ahead in the overseas circuits for quite some time? What’s the debate even about? Similarly I’ve never been a Salman fan but there’s nothing to deny when he’s doing everything that he has been since Dabanng. whether one wants to put him ahead of Aamir is much more debatable. I’d still put Aamir ahead overall but I can certainly see the case for keeping them at the same level, in some contexts I might even see the case for keeping Salman a bit ahead. If you want to say Salman’s been this way for 25 years then you’ll get a whole different argument from me because I remember his near-extinction years quite well! But the larger point is that you have to change your mind when the facts change. If SRK tomorrow has Salman-like or Aamir-like results I’ll change my mind again. Whether I like a star or not, the facts ought to be independent of all this. The same ought to apply to others as well. Sadly it doesn’t which is why I keep arguing. If you say Salman is not doing as much as PK because of poor choices and that with Bajrangi he will then don’t come up with other explanations when this doesn’t happen. Don’t say that PRDP will do what Bajrangi did and then say ‘poor content’ when it doesn’t. Don’t say the same for Dilwale either. ‘Content’ is always part of the deal. It’s not as if other stars are flopping with Hirani or with Bajrangi or with good commercial films that are hits. Aren’t we just seeing this play out with BM? A film with the right content and without an A-list star and in a difficult genre has brought down a SRK/Shetty combo in the most commercial of genres. So this stuff is just spin. My only point is, it’s not very good spin. So yeah people can keep waiting for the SRK big film that releases unopposed and does as much as PK or Bajrangi or 3I or Ghajini or whatever. I’ll just say this — the wait is getting awfully long!

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          • Primarily gulf and UK are way ahead. The initial was also much better in all territories.


          • LOL, don’t get Raqhav into it. He’s currently working on the Albuquerque numbers!

            I’d still be surprised if it’s double the BM gross by the end but let’s see. In the US by the way BM had started outpacing D just by the Sun of the first weekend if I’m not mistaken.


          • On a lighter note, check out territories which raghav is not reporting on!!! But all said and done no one is going to remember D fondly from box office terms.


          • UK:

            Any srk,saalu or amir khan films will do well as highly populated pakistani communities,uk is not a good indicator of these 3 khans films,bajirao is bigger test here and surprisely its also doing well..

            I would be surprised in the last 15 years if any srk films have flopped here in uk…answer is none , even paheli did well in uk


  34. Why don’t you put uae numbers here? Overseas dilwale is leading by a huge margin.


    • You can do that, i dont appreciate BO numbers from the land of Underworld don. Undoubtedly, Srk is dethroned everywhere, but he is undisputed king of Underworld Land with ladies having no say or choice or simple right to drive.
      You go ahead, Buddy. I am not interested.


    • This is the same scenario as Amitabhs silsila.
      In India the flopped but did tremendous business overseas,

      The reality is srk films in india has been declining since 2008,
      In uk srk films are guaranteed 100% profits even if the film is bad,here wom is very minor when it comes to khan films.

      I do not think even Amitabh had that power here in uk what srk and other like saalu and amir holds..

      srk is so strong that he cannot be dethroned for the next 5 years unless he makes some silly films,only in uk he is still powerhouse…its silly I think,no content flavour at all..


  35. this is now confirmed…deadline is reporting that tom hardy and kenneth branagh are part of an ensemble cast.

    Christopher Nolan set to direct Dunkirk evacuation drama

    The director Christopher Nolan has been linked to a new movie about the 1940 operation to rescue hundreds of thousands of Allied troops from the beaches around Dunkirk.

    French newspaper La Voix Du Nord has said that it was Nolan of whom Patrice Vergriete, the mayor of Dunkirk, was speaking earlier in the year, when he announced “the filming of an American blockbuster” in June 2016 by a “world-famous director”.

    Meanwhile film website The Playlist claims Nolan and his screenwriter brother Jonathan have been scouting locations in France.

    Operation Dynamo, which saw the rescue of some 330,000 Allied troops in many small boats dispatched from England, was described by Winston Churchill as “a miracle of deliverance”.

    It would be Nolan’s first film explicitly based on real-life events, and only his second period feature (following 2006’s The Prestige).

    A release date for his next film, following successful space drama Interstellar, has already been set for 21 July 2017.



  36. Watch Padmini and Vyjayantimala dance together as no one can.


  37. Black and white Magic Lata, Vyjayantimala, Shailebdra, SJ.


  38. Bajirao Mastani Second Monday Business
    Tuesday 29 December 2015 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Bajirao Mastani grossed 5-5,25 crore nett apprx on its second Monday. The business of Bajirao Mastani in the first four days of its second weekend is as follows.

    Friday – 12,00,00,000
    Saturday – 10,00,00,000
    Sunday – 11,75,00,000
    Monday – 5,25,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 39,00,00,000

    The film is heading for a second week total of around 52 crore nett which would be the second highest first week of 2015. The total of the film is around 123.25 crore nett in eleven days. The lifetime business of the film is looking to be around 160 crore nett though as it is sustaining pretty well it could take advantage of the New Year period and go a little higher.


  39. Dilwale Second Monday Business
    Tuesday 29 December 2015 11,30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Dilwale grossed 2.75-3 crore nett apprx on its second Monday. The business of Dilwale in the first four days of its second weekend is as follows.

    Friday – 7,50,00,000
    Saturday – 6,00,00,000
    Sunday – 7,25,00,000
    Monday – 3,00,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 23,25,00,000

    The second weekend is heading for a 30 crore nett total which will be the fourth highest second week of the year. The total after eleven days is 118.50 crore nett. The lifetime business of the film is looking around 135 crore nett.


    • after the first weekend my sense certainly was that it would find it hard to go beyond 130.


      • Incredibly, Taran still has Dilwale ahead of BM even after Monday. The guy is doing his all to lose the credibility left.


        • He is quoting producer numbers. He is not inventing anything. The producer numbers are around 6percent ahead of BOI hence BM will overtake D by next weekend in those numbers. It’s not a big amount as any variation less than 10 percent always possible. Eventually BM will go ahead in all numbers.


  40. courtesy: Pinkvilla

    SLB – Talking fondly about Salman, SLB said, “Right now, the friendship is OFF (laughing).” He continued, “Salman is very, very dear to me. I have never said a word against him, nor will I ever say it. He stood by me always. His contribution to Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam in terms of ideas….he has a brilliant mind in his own way. So out of the 10 ideas, 8 are brilliant and 2 are absolutely ridiculous. But some great stuff he has brought to me on the table and he has always been very good to me. Even when there was an accident in Black, Salman flew all the way from Goa to be by my side. I love Salman as an actor. Today it does not matter to him whether I am making films with him or no. He is cult. He stands in a film and it does 300 crores. He will always remain very special and I am dying to do a film with him.”

    He added, “The onus is on him, it all depends on him. But he is the brother-friend that I will always cherish.”


    Interestingly the comment below from srk seems one of the reason
    the indie directors do not target him or ridicule his choices as somewhere he connects with them behind the scenes with his priorities/ intentions of using films as means to make money first.

    “Continues Shah Rukh, “Lot of directors, like Zoya (Akhtar), Farhan (Akhtar), Imtiaz, Anurag Kashyap, Anurag Basu… they come over and we just chat. We are friends and sometimes we just want to know what we are thinking, not with me in these projects necessarily. So Imtiaz and me have done this exercise many times. We both feel that one day we will come together for a film, and if that happens, it will be very nice. I would love to work with Imtiaz.”

    EXCLUSIVE: I would love to work with Imtiaz (Ali), I’m really fond of him – Shah Rukh Khan



  41. tonymontana Says:

    Taking inflation into account, Dilwale’s BO performance is worse than Ra. One


  42. I think on intolerance issue people are missing the point. It is not about being pro or anti present government though the Modi government is a favorite whipping boy for all liberals and communals.
    People are genuinely irked with SRK and Aamir for those ill advised and dishonest intolerance claims. If they had guts and were against Modi govt, they should have said that
    The Modi govt is intolerant or is allowing intolerance to fester. Instead they said some wishy washy things about present climate of intolerance in India. And, if Kiran Raireally thought about moving out, she is a moron or if AAMIR is using her name to bolster his claims, he is a coward. That INDIA is one of the most tolerant of all nations where there is such diversity and in face of repeatedly facing annoying and vicious acts from a neighbour ing country of Muslim faith needs no proof.
    Does one need to point out that the three male stars dominating the film industry are all of Muslim faith.
    The reason People are annoyed with SRK and Aamir with very good reason is that they are enjoying the fruits of being in a very tolerant nation while carping about it and trying to play a victim.
    By the way, INDIA doesn’t regard Muslims as a nuisance that has to be tolerated. We don’t tolerate Muslims. We love them and treat them just any other Indian citizens and it is their right. It is troublesome that people who have been recipients of such love and warmth and who are reaping the fruits of India’s secularism say these things.
    About international BO,SRK remains a force amongst Muslim pockets be it -UAE/Pakistan/ South Asian community inUK or Malaysia.
    Else, he has lost the edge.
    Quite a few AAMIR and Salman fans are closet SRK fans/apologists and it has been clear for a while. Often it is on a communal
    Basis.sometimes it is a generational thing.

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    • What INDIA doesn’t and shouldn’t tolerate is the tendency of some Muslim’s to use their religion as a weapon.


      • But at the same time Khans supremacy ought not to be termed as charity or philanthropy from majority as well!! And all of them have throughout their career played mostly Hindu characters and worshipped and even idolised, which is totally against the tenets of their own religion, yet this very fact is conveniently forgotten. But majority’s “Generosity” in “Making them” where they are today is constantly evoked!!
        Without watching the whole video, you are falling prey to “cherry picking” just one statement out of context as he neither said that Indian society is “intolerant” nor played any victim card. He stated what he felt and he may be right or wrong in his opinions, but to render his statement with an ulterior motive or had an axe to grind with present government, is not only farce but chimerical as well.


        • Where are you from Amirfan


        • “And all of them have throughout their career played mostly Hindu characters and worshipped and even idolised, which is totally against the tenets of their own religion, yet this very fact is conveniently forgotten. ”

          even accepting this at face value (which I don’t because I don’t see the reason to insert religion into everything.. beyond this religion ought not to be defined so narrowly where every little thing starts going against the ‘tenets’ or what have you..) who was really forcing these guys to do so?

          In commercial cinema there is always a desire to create characters who are closest to the country’s majority identities. It’s in a way going after the low hanging fruit of identity. And this happens for example in Hollywood in similar ways but in other parts of the world too. So yes most actors play Hindu characters most of the time. On the other hand some of Bachchan’s most iconic characters were Muslims and Christians (maybe he was going against the ‘tenets’ of his religion in not entering the temple in Deewar! I don’t know.. but again it’s not a line I wish to take).

          On the rest I’ve commented on all this stuff before and don’t want to rake up the entire debate again.


          • I did have to make this comment just to remind folks here that “Majority’s tolerant attitude” behind these “Muslim superstars” status is another myth as nobody is putting a gun on majority to watch movies starring Muslims as it is just coincidental that 3 Khans are biggest stars at this point of time and their present status is due to the fact that they are better than their competitors. To attribute their stardom to “Majority’s tolerance” is another hogwash!!


          • I agree there. Made the same point sometime back.


        • Yes, I will agree that when one watches the whole Aamir video, he hardly seems like he is playing the victim card (Rajen to the extent you mean Aamir as well as SRK, I would disagree that the former played the religion card with respect to these comments); if anything it is the reverse: in a sense Aamir got so carried away and was so secure in his Mr. Bharat image that he said what he did. I genuinely believe that Aamir would not have said what he did had he suspected the furore it would cause (not because he is insincere, but because he strikes me as a cautious chap by nature). The irony is that the Right-wingers who attacked him did so as “yet another ungrateful Muslim”, when it is apparent that Aamir’s self-image isn’t that at all. SRK’s case is different, while I agree that he shouldn’t have been attacked as viciously as he was for his comments, I have always found him to cynically use the Muslim card (and this because he loves to play the victim and this is the best card at hand for him) — i.e. unlike Aamir I suspect SRK’s “intervention” was calculated, and not un-welcome to him (it afforded him a great opportunity to become a liberal darling and all his media buddies showed up to engage in some chest-beating), whereas Aamir had barely any defenders.

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        • People don’t care enough about star’s religion that they have become big stars. If these stars comment about intolerance and leaving India( which they have means), what will common Muslim do? When religion was not a factor in so many years, why bring it now? Have they been victimized? Merely passing blanket statement is wrong IMO. They can have political view but I want more nuance to it than simply saying there is increasingly intolerance. It is more laughable in case of Ammir when he says 2-3 weeks earlier things are looking good in country.

          As Rajesh pointed, how many authors have returned awards after Bihar election. Having stayed in India about a month this intolerance is just a keyword thrown by media and politicians. There is still so much poverty where people don’t have food and roof and we talk about intolerance. And I am talking only about Bangalore and Delhi. Didn’t get time to visit my ancestral village.

          In spite of swach Bharat effort there is too much garbage on roads.

          Ps – I do agree that fringe needs to be put in place. They were vocal before and probably become more vocal now.


          • great to see you here again after a while Munna..


          • There are good things and bad things. One may see good things and feel happy. One may see bad things and feel unhappy. But one cant dismiss other point of views summarily. Both Aamir and his detractors should see both sides of the coin.


          • If it is not for his religion, he would not have been called jehadi, terrorist and other names. If he is a hindu, at the most he would have been called adarsh liberal, sickular and Khangress slave.


          • Bravo,Munna.


          • “People don’t care enough about star’s religion that they have become big stars. If these stars comment about intolerance and leaving India( which they have means), what will common Muslim do? When religion was not a factor in so many years, why bring it now? Have they been victimized? Merely passing blanket statement is wrong IMO. They can have political view but I want more nuance to it than simply saying there is increasingly intolerance. It is more laughable in case of Aamir when he says 2-3 weeks earlier things are looking good in country.”

            Munna, Aamir didn’t talk about religion at all or not even implied one specific community, but him being Muslim made that statement appear as if he was talking about “the specific community” and if religion was never the factor or has never been the factor, then why we keep referring to “Muslim superstars” as symbol of our credentials of a secular country as “ACTORS, ARTISTE AND PLAYERS” ought not to be divided based on their religion, ethnicity, cast, gender or region. But look at the current discourse where a single statement, even if wrong, has made them irredeemable sinners, traitors and infidels, were it not for their “RELIGION”!! Let me state very categorically that Indian Muslims have to keep proving their “Nationalism and Patriotism” as a single misstep could jeopardise their entire career and hard-earned prestige and goodwill as has happened with SRK and Aamir!!

            With regard to Aamir’s interview on NDTV, it was shot probably in the beginning of September as he had left for Ludhiana on 15th September and had to cancel shooting due to injury and returned to Mumbai in the 2nd week of November. He stayed at Ludhiana until the injury, “Walk the Talk” was aired on 11th November but it had already been shot in late August or early September. Despite repeated attempts by Shekhar Gupta to speak on current government’s performance, he kept saying that for the last 9 or 10 months he was not well aware of what has been happening during this period. He nowhere endorsed or opposed the government. In the meantime between this interview and his 23 November interview at Ramnath Goenka Awards, “Beef incident” and “Bihar elections” had taken place, which might have changed his earlier outlook and views. And he didn’t pass a blanket statement as he was there at the stage for about 35 minutes after making this statement in front of union ministers and MPs from BJP, yet nobody did make an attempt to grill him about his views.Tavleen Singh and Sudhir Chaudhary posed some uneasy questions which he didn’t evade and replied and also disagreed with Tavleen Singh’s remarks.

            And with BJP in power, Adityanaths,Prachis, Sakshis are no longer fringe elements where they are left unbridled to keep making inflammatory speeches one after the other and its party President is giving a statement during Bihar election that if BJP lose in the state, there would be “fireworks” in Pakistan!! These statements do polarise communities, so let’s not pretend as if they were “Faux pas” and uttered unintentionally as they were well-strategised to garner one community’s vote bank in mind.

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          • If some members of parliament can be called fringe elements, why not a 2 rupee actor like Aamir Khan get the same indulgence? It is a fallacy to say that filmstars are role models and influence public. In that case, all Bachchan fans would have flocked to SP. All Salman’s fans will be running over pavement dwellers. All SRK fans will be as confused as him.
            When Aamir supported Anna movement, I was not with him though I am a fan of him. My political views are completely my own not influenced by him. I prefer Rahul to Aamir. I admire him for his films not because he is a muslim.

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      • I don’t think there was any particular anger against SRK for talking about intolerance; he rightly broached the subject of FTII, and any self-respecting person ought to feel worried by the Modi govt’s philistine contempt for the arts. I believe the writers’ protest was one 100 percent genuine. No one is implying that India as a country is intolerant; the grouse was clearly with the government and its affiliated elements who were suddenly feeling emboldened to do as they liked. Institutions are being compromised, rigidly centralised and politicised as never before, even as I type this.
        Aamir and SRK couldn’t have earned more respect in my eyes for speaking up.
        I don’t believe SRK said anything inappropriate, and honestly, the media stood by him. Aamir too could have got away, if it hadn’t been for that loose statement about leaving the country. That certainly hurt people, not least because Aamir through his films and shows like Satyamev Jayate cultivated a definite son-of-the soil image. Even the BJP seemed stunned with his diatribe, because in their eyes, they had done nothing to Aamir. The BJP has not been best chums with SRK, who is seen as closer to Congress, and hence they took his comments with a hint of predictability.
        Aamir went overboard, but given his history of saying ‘anything that comes to his mind,’ I doubt he will change.


        • “Institutions are being compromised, rigidly centralised and politicised as never before, even as I type this.”

          Again I’ve addressed some of the points you’ve made in the rest of the comment elsewhere and won’t repeat myself. But this statement is I think debatable. I am no friend of the Right but this disease really began with Indira. The whole cult of personality, the authoritarian elements, the introduction of gangsterism into politics, and so on. unfortunately this model is precisely being repeated on the other side. Or at least that’s the attempt. The right might use Emergency cynically as a slogan but there is a serious point to be made about all this. Ideologically I’d oppose many things in the present but I can’t honestly say that centralization and some of the other stuff you;re referring to began yesterday. In fact consider this from another angle The Congress with just 44 seats in the Lok Sabha and with no real power in this House is basically able to prevent all kinds of legislation simply by using the Rajya Sabha in certain ways. Now the BJP also stalled parliament for years, I’m familiar with all of that. All I’m saying is that if it’s becoming that sort of excessive state the debates both in the media and elsewhere wouldn’t be as loud as they are. nonetheless one must be vigilant. It shouldn’t get to that point before one starts protesting. Of course I do agree with everything that’s happening at more institutional levels or below the radar in states or areas the media does not cover. I’m the last person to be sanguine about this. But I think we sometimes lose the drift of an otherwise valid criticism when we insist on such singular claims.


          • But do you remember anytime in history where such abysmal choices were made for governors, chiefs, educational heads? Can a worse choice than Pehlaj Nihalani be made? Can you find anyone less qualified than a Gajendra Chauhan for FTII? I mean, ideology and centralisation is one thing, but complete compromise on merit? Most artists, writers are left or left of centre – almost all over the world. So maybe the BJP is hard pressed to find enough people, but even within their limited talent pool, all they could come up with is this? Why not Shatrughan Sinha, but no, there is politics, and then there is politics within BJP. Within the areas I am knowledgeable about, I don’t see merit being so shamelessly compromised either with censor board or FTII in the previous regimes, including Vajpayee’s, who had the decency not to stoop down below Vinod Khanna for the FTII post.


          • I agree completely with this point. It’s one thing to appoint people for ideological reasons and quite another to appoint those who are clearly untrained or incompetent for the job not to mention the loony things they say. It’s a bit like attacking the Ivy Leagues for being left-oriented in the US (which they of course are) and then using people from Christian universities like Bob Jones to ‘even things out’. So I don’t dispute this point at all. I was just talking about the centralization argument. If The Congress wanted to they could have appointed such incompetents too, they didn’t for all sorts of reasons but they had the power to do so. And that really is the nub of the problem. Much as dismissing governors for all kinds of flimsy reasons or using them as party operatives (more or less) was again a Congress tradition. of course there’s hypocrisy on the other side when they constantly invoke these examples but then do exactly the same things. But this could be said across the board.


        • Aamir has hurt himself irrevocably with his careless remark on leaving the country. Other than that mystifying statement ( which he attributed to his wife– and I wish he hadn’t dragged poor Kiran into the controversy)– there was nothing condemnable in Aamir’s interview with Indian Express on November 23. In fact just about ten days prior to that, Aamir spoke extensively to Shekhar Gupta, for NDTV’s Walk the Talk. It is there on the net. He actually agreed with Gupta — that Modi should be given a chance, should not be vilified. Now that was an uncontroversial interview — so nobody bothers about Aamir’s words then on BJP and the present government, very positive. In the Express interview Aamir was asked about the intolerance issue and he gave his opinion that yes, there is increasing intolerance — same as SRK who said so specifically to Rajdeep S ( and then denied, talked about being misquoted…). Now what’s the big deal in what these guys said. They simply repeated what other Indians had declared — that tolerant India was getting dangerously intolerant , in pockets perhaps, but not a good sign.And Aamir spoke about a sense of despondency…where is the big sin in that ? Economically the country is all set for development, but discussions on online social media have made me seriously despondent , since over a year.

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          • Well said LS — although, in today’s media age, nothing is “irrevocab[le]” 🙂 Like Satyam, I don’t believe most viewers care about this sort of thing, but yes I do feel sorry for him the way he has been savaged. whatever one makes of his comment the reaction is completely out of proportion.


        • You have to look into 10 yrs of Sonia govt to see who became governors and univ chancellors 🙂 … Pahlaj Nihkani is issue of outrage, rightly so but when Sonia made Pratibha patil as President of India, rejecting Kalam 2nd term nomination I ddn’t see anu outrage in Adarsh liberals echo system. Pls enlighyen on Pratibha’s credentials amd all those governors??

          Hypocrisy at its best… One hates Modi so have audacity to say it. I dislike Congress and I say it openly


          • by the same token why were you complaining about the Congress on issues ranging from this to compromises on Kashmir when the party you’re supporting is doing identical things and now you suddenly don’t have a problem?! That logic cuts both ways.

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    • “Does one need to point out that the three male stars dominating the film industry are all of Muslim faith.”

      with all due respect…this is an absurd comment. This is equivalent of saying Obama is president so racism against blacks is over in the US! OK sahab, how is that working out? The sooner we tackle the issue head on instead of denying it over and over…we will never get anywhere close to progress.

      The fact is, I do agree with other commenters that intolerance/racism has always existed everywhere and has a bigger voice nowadays. India being “most tolerant of all nations” is just utopian kind of thinking.


      • As an aside, I believe that a lot of countries have a lot to learn from India when it comes to respecting difference (I hate the word “tolerance” although we all use it because it is so prevalent); and I say that based on a more theoretical perspective as well as my personal experience and observation… BUT in the political sphere we see that a lot of the folks making a big hue and cry about the country’s tolerance are in fact doing their best to destroy the very “tolerance” they claim redounds to India’s credit. They can’t have it both ways: if we are proud of India’s track record then we should strive to improve upon it and safeguard what is best about it; surely I cannot be more exercised about a few celebrities saying things than I am about violent fanatics running around and vitiating the atmosphere. Not that I should be speaking for anyone, but I suspect Rajen wouldn’t disagree, and is probably irritated at the cynical and insincere use of this issue by the likes of SRK…

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        • agree on all counts…


        • fair enough…I concur with your point on India trying to be equal when it comes to all religions. Also the bar shouldn’t be set with the ‘neighboring country’ (aka Pakistan), the bar should be much higher than that and again I agree with your comment on citizens should be striving to improve and safeguard what is already good about the society. In Pakistan there is very little progress as far as equal rights for other religions or ‘tolerance’…it will take generations to turn things around. But Pakistan shouldn’t be the bar here for India.


          • Agree Aamirsfan that Pakistan shouldn’t be the bar; and note the insincerity here, in that when we talk about the economy we compare India to China, or when we speak proudly of democracy the frame of reference is the West, so the bar cannot be lowered suddenly where accommodation of difference and diversity is concerned (“hey at least we are better than Pakistan”)…

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          • But, where is intolerance now. No marathon TV debates on rising intolerance, no award wapsi, absolutely nothing. Being a common man I never saw it in my daily life when about a couple of months back, India was burning due to intolerance. I also don’t see it today when Indian seems to become tolerant, though, nobody knows what has changed during these two months.


    • Well said Rajen. If Aamir or SRK hate Modi fair enough be honest and say that. Why are they generalizing it and trying to give India a bad name. India is the most tolerant country in the world. And these stars who kept quiet during 26/11 or Mumbai blasts, or during repeated attacks across the border have suddenly discovered intolerance. SRK ppl by now hav seen through his game, but Aamir was a shocker. The reactions to him on social media were unprecedented. More than anything people were hurt with his completely irresponsible comments and like a coward using Kiran as a shield. He lost lot of the goodwill he earned. And take it from me if he continues to be arrogant and defends the indefensible, the damage would be irreparable.


      • ” And these stars who kept quiet during 26/11 or Mumbai blasts, or during repeated attacks across the border have suddenly discovered intolerance.”

        What’s the connection though? Unless one wants to equate what Hindutva groups say and so with what terrorists and gangsters do, some of them not even Indian! It’s like saying no one should criticize Donald Trump if they kept quite during 9/11! But notice how there’s an easy rejoinder here. Why did SRK or Aamir stay quiet when Gujarat 2002 happened? I’d mentioned other things too including Delhi ’84 but obviously they were far too young then and certainly not stars. If it’s only about attacking Modi surely they could have done it then as well? Of course no one brings this up. Much as when writers are criticized for not speaking up earlier the examples offered are those of Delhi ’84 or the Emergency. Fair examples except that it’s odd to skip an event far more recent than that!

        I’d finally say this as a general matter. I have little patience with this classic ‘desi’ obsession with the country not getting a bad name. Sometimes a country deserves a bad name! But more than this there are certain things that ought to trouble everyone’s conscience that have nothing to do with ‘image’. That’s a very superficial concern.

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        • Re: “What’s the connection though? Unless one wants to equate what Hindutva groups say and so with what terrorists and gangsters do, some of them not even Indian! It’s like saying no one should criticize Donald Trump if they kept quite during 9/11!”

          Precisely. This is a never-ending chain, a way to muzzle people more than anything else. By the same token, Anupam Kher would not have a right to speak about the plight of Kashmiri Pandits if he didn’t speak about Rohingya refugees or displaced Bodos and so on. The very notion smacks of bad faith.

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        • **Why did SRK or Aamir stay quiet when Gujarat 2002 happened? I’d mentioned other things too including Delhi ’84 but obviously they were far too young then and certainly not stars. If it’s only about attacking Modi surely they could have done it then as well?**

          Of course Aamir has attacked Modi before. Check this one out.


          And this by Aamir Khan who went to EK THA DRIVER’s house to ‘support’ him. If Aamir can support Salman waxing eloquent about ‘law taking its own course’, why couldn’t he have said the same about Modi in 2005?

          Did Aamir even read the letter before signing it? Adjectives are bandied about in the letter against a CM – NOTORIOUS, ARCHITECT OF POGROM/GENOCIDE — and that favorite analogy of the champions of’ secularism’: HITLER. [This is a DAMN serious letter and the words/adjectives used are MIGHTILY heavy. When one uses those words, there is NO going back.]

          What changed now after Modi became a PM? Why would you talk in fairer terms about Modi NOW? What has changed between 2005 and 2014 except for the fact that Modi is now PM? Have all his ‘sins’ — sorry, pogroms — been washed off now that he is PM? Why not stick to the stand taken in 2005? If Modi was Hitler’s alter-ego in 2002, that’s what he should be now, isn’t it? Why go meet him in PMO — even though it might be for a social cause? How can one even sit across a person who is a ‘GENOCIDE’ master? Respect for the post? So a CM’s post is not respectable enough? Why not write op-eds lamenting HOW a mass-murderer has been voted to the highest office in a country? Why not use the same adjectives as before? Anyhow the country is increasingly becoming intolerant. What has Aamir got to lose? He can only prove his statement right and migrate.

          I am not writing this to either support Modi or to attack Aamir. I am just bringing this to the fore to point out the inconsistencies in Aamir’s utterances. And when you project inconsistencies on public podiums, you are BOUND to be pulled up. And that is the crux that is hurting those folks — including the ‘Internet Hindus’– who are getting hurt with this ‘intolerance’ bandwagon: NOT that Aamir or his wife don’t have any right to voice their opinions.


          • I wasn’t defending amir one way or the other, making a more general point. I will say though that it’s sad commentary on a country when what Aamir or SRK says gets more attention that thousands of farmer suicides every year. Or lots of other far more important problems. What these guys said or not is not the beginning and end of Indian problems! Not is it the beginning and end of the debate even on the very subject they’re touching upon.


          • An Jo — what would you have Aamir or SRK do, after Modi has been elected? Should they remain publicly anti- Modi? Don’t they need to just get on with their career and life? What’s wrong if Aamir held out a hand of friendship / support despite his earlier public stand against him. Haven’t journos like MJAkbar gone back on their words, jumped ship, joined the BJP, spoken up for Modi 2014 in spite of criticizing him post 2002? Haven’t many other Indians allowed bygones to be bygones, accepted the inevitable reality of the present?

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          • Contradictions. Modi givernment ruling in J and K with Mufti who along with his daughter ranted against India. Now they are supporting each other. And frequent visits to Pakistan and exchange of gifts inspite of its past record. Is It diplomacy or contradiction? After the Visa insult, did not Modi invite American President and going to America? In society, we have to live together and we have to extend hands, shake hands. One gesture will not become permanent in these ever changing circumstances.

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          • To the eternal-defenders of Aamir Khan [including the regular defenders no-matter-what] who they think can do NO mistake and who think it is a sin to even question his ‘inconsistent utterances'[it appears nobody takes words here seriously – genocide, pogroms are just nouns to be bandied about; I hope you realize that I am not ‘FOAMING’ at the mouth and calling Aamir unpatriotic or whatever (Patriotism is really an over-rated concept anyway); I am using the words inconsistent]: I have a basic question when you quote ridiculous examples of Modi’s govt having illicit affair with PDP and all the political maneuvering. Is Aamir Khan a politician?

            And I did not leave America when Modi was refused a visa BECAUSE it is unimportant. I am not a Modi ‘bhakt’ as folks are wont to put it. America is their country. They can do whatever they want. They can kick me out tomorrow. I have to go back. There’s that.

            And I hope you are NOT serious when you talk of comparing middle-class people leaving their livelihood-earning country to Aamir Khan writing an op-ed or better yet SIGNING a letter again with Banerjee and his ilk pleading to the country not to allow Modi to come to power.

            Regarding India getting a bad name, we have far better stories unfortunately that will take care of this — like 1/3 of the world’s poor reside in India? Or the rape epidemic? Or the fact that a minister says that the only option left for him is to urinate so that farmers get water in their fields? Really, Aamir or anybody feeling threatened or ‘despondent’ is merely a drop in the ocean of problems India is facing.


          • An Jo, I think Sanjana’s point is more about armchair hyper-nationalism. One can of course be a patriotic Indian even if one has since become a US citizen. There’s nothing odd about this. One can retain a feeling for one’s native country and also have a certain loyalty towards one’d adopted country (to not complicate things further one should only adopt countries that one’s mother country is not likely to go at war with!). All of this is I think fine. However if one becomes the sort of nationalist who starts pronouncing judgment on any and everyone else, if one is this in the most jingoistic sense of the word then certain questions can fairly be raised. I certainly wouldn’t put you in this group or for that matter many others but there are some like that. Beyond a reasonable degree if you’re that kind of nationalist I think there’s some hypocrisy in one’s position. First off most people visiting blogs are not taxi drivers forced to make a living here (but then they’re not hyper-nationalists of this sort either). But even for those who are less economically privileged and forced to go outside India for these reasons that’s perfectly fine but then if one has that degree of hyper-nationalism one should perhaps stay at ‘home’ and suffer! Not being harsh. What I mean is that travel (much less immigration) should complicate one’s nationalistic certainties. One’s views on various things in general ought to be questioned. What’s the point of ‘experience’ if one refuses to learn anything? If one however is going to remain the same, refuse to alter one’s thinking, and keep confirming a certain zealotry in these nationalistic matters, then certain consequences follow? And one can be fairly accused of hypocrisy. There is a certain nationalism version that is like the nostalgia associated with SRK’s peak cinema. A certain diaspora engaged in a fantasy of Indian life through his films, the political equivalent of that is a certain completely entrenched immigrant engaging in fantasies of Indian past greatness through jingoistic politics even as one never has to pay the price for the same (barring writing checks!). So again it’s a question of degree. Otherwise one can certainly be nationalistic and one can retain a certain loyalty to more than one country. But it’s all about how far one wishes to push this. Finally and leaving aside questions of degree if one is going to be judgmental about everything and everyone else then one should be willing to face certain questions oneself. Again expanding on Sanjana’s point as I read it. This isn’t about anyone specific.

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          • Thanks Satyam. I was referring more to those twitter comments than what SS bloggers have written. None of them called Aamir a jehadi or terrorist.
            As for quoting political contradictions, I dont find them ridiculous. I expected Anupam Kher will see to it all pandits go back to Kashmir and get their properties. I never expected Mufti and Modi praising each other and forgetting all about pandits.
            Obama got a red carpet welcome and all is forgiven and forgotten. Pakistan is showing two faces. One, keeping the slow burning acts of cross border terrorism alive and Sharif sending and receiving gifts.
            As for NRIs, it is beyond me why those with so much national fervour dont return and serve the country instead of attending Thanksgiving and Christmas parties.
            We, Aamir fans are definitely angry at Aamir and we hope he will be careful in future.


          • During independent struggle, many Indians left their studies and jobs and joined the struggle and even went to jails.
            Now the NRIs who are very concerned and enraged about some two rupee filmstars, can leave their comforts, come to India and serve the country which is facing many problems like farmers suicides, unemployment, natural calamities, uneven development and myriad other problems. And show to the world what India can achieve with hardwork and dedication.


          • What is this arm-chair criticism anyway? [I know Satyam you call it hyper-nationalism. And I surely agree with you on that and appreciate the distinction you are making.] By that notion every journalist is an arm-chair critic. This constant barrage of asking NRIs to leave and come back and buy brooms and start cleaning for SWACCHA BHARAT is really disingenuous. And this is being asked in an economically post-liberalized world! Migration for economic causes was happening even before Aamir or Modi came about. Does only sleeping in Dalits’ less-than-humble abodes prove one’s patriotism? Even agreeing to the fact – though it doesn’t make sense at all – that I can as well be questioned and pulled up for my ‘contributions’ before I question anybody’s utterances, it is my private domain. I do not wish to say what but I do contribute to India in my own way [and no, not by merely writing checks!]. But forget me. I am too insignificant a person. One just has to open up rediff.com and one comes across multitude of examples where NRIs have ACTUALLY re-located back giving up ‘plush jobs and life-style’ – this phrase of-course continues to be more and more oxy-moronic in today’s America – to work in their home-country and wherever applicable, light a bulb.

            And how is this not akin to asking a cricket-enthusiast to get on the ground and play if one starts questioning certain play-tactics of Tendulkar or Akram? My fundamental assessment remains just the basic one – Aamir Khan jumped onto the bandwagon of award-waapsi [critics please note I have NEVER uttered a word against the ‘original’ award-wapsi folks] thinking he would just add his own derivative-vocabulary with no sense of facts or statistics latching on to this bandwagon and nobody would question it thanks to his ‘history’ of attachment to social causes. Now this might just be a ‘tactical’ move by Aamir which boomeranged on him and not a strategy per se but boomerang it did. Or it can just be plain mis-speak. And as many ‘fans’ of his who claim to have been offended by his wife’s observation that she felt it safer to leave the country, there is NOTHING offensive about that. That is what any family member or any sane person would say when one is convinced that society-at-large is no longer conducive to having a contrarian opinion. No big deal. The question is WHAT made a person as privileged as the actor that insecure? Going by that statement, if it is true that even Aamir and his family with 10 well-oiled body-guards surrounding them [oh by the way now AAMIR KHAN is a ‘soft’ target] at every minute of the day feel insecure, the Muslim in Behrampada must be shaking in his shoes! Rattling off a blanket statement on a public podium and expecting that a highly influential public figure be not questioned for logic or inaccuracies is quite rich.

            Copying Voltaire, I defend Aamir’s or any Thomas, Dilnaz, or Hari’s right to say what they think but it is my fundamental right to question that is a given. I am not taking anything personally but hell yes I attend Christmas & Thanksgiving parties without tasting turkey and so yes, I do come under that umbrella.


          • Again this is not directed at you An Jo but I have a deep suspicion about this entire framing when it comes to Aamir (or SRK). This has nothing to do whether one agrees or disagrees with them, whether their statements are sincere or cynical. Let me provide a counterexample. The BJP, the Hindutva brigade and everyone who was sympathetic to either was complaining for years about the Congress. Not just the last two UPA govts but basically the entire history of post-Independence India. Nehru to Sonia, everyone’s a problem. They complained about the Constitution and about everything else under the sun. They disagreed in fact with the entire present form of the Indian nation-state (in terms of all its Constitutional arrangements). And they have continued doing so much more vocally after the 2014 victory. What if the response to all this was ‘if you don’t like India find some other country, live in Sri Lanka, how many better countries than India are there in the world…etc etc’? Many of their arguments were cynical too much as they’re still cynical. Even as they repeat the politics of the Congress in many critical areas they keep arguing against it as well. But in any case why wasn’t this a valid question for them? Why does this framing come about only when it’s Aamir or to a lesser extent Hindu liberals? This is akin to those BJP supporters who discovered the virtues of democracy only after their party was voted into power but had no appreciation of the same when the same democracy kept Congress in power for so long and kept even the dynasty in power and even kept a ‘foreigner’ like Sonia Gandhi in power! If the people of the country were democratically preferring that option why were so many ranting and raving about it? You can’t use different arguments at different ends of the spectrum.

            The problem with this whole debate is this: let’s assume Aamir was being cynical. He can be criticized for this fairly. But why does this larger frame suddenly come in? I’m not saying you’re doing this but this has been in the ether and often explicitly so. Why is this such a metaphysical problem? Maybe he wasn’t sincere. But what’s the crisis all about? why is everyone obsessing with what he said? Why is it that one is more bothered about this problem compared to countless other more important ones?

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          • An Jo you are terming Aamir’s remark ”inconsistent”, yet do overlook at the ”convenient inconsistencies” of Modi and BJP since coming to the office. Modi attended Mulayam’s grand nephew both tilak and wedding ceremonies despite his ”choke a block” schedule with whom he didn’t share cordial or even formal relations while he was CM of Gujarat. And this even when SP was at the forefront in censuring Modi for 2002 Gujarat riots and Mulayam Singh called him ”Mass murderer” during 2014 Loksabha campaigning, yet this sudden bonhomie between them is ”Vey consistent” and not an eye sore for you as Modi is ”Mr. consistent”. Alliance with PDP has already been talked about and ”Uniform civil code” and abolition of article 370 was another promise in BJP manifesto in case they got majority, yet i haven’t heard anything in both the promises. Corruption is another issue where they have been competing with Congress! Be it ”Vyapam in MP” which is unprecedented in India’s history with ”35 official deaths” accepted by the state government in this scam or mining scam in Karnataka where Sushma Swaraj had very close relations with culprits in the scam ”Reddy brothers”! Yet nothing happened in both these cases despite BJP being the ”Party with a difference”! And both Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Sushma Swaraj are ”making hay while Sun shines”, so let’s be a real realistic with respect to BJP’s ”INCONSISTENT TRACK RECORD” while terming Aamir as inconsistent!


        • Maybe not these events. But why has suddenly Aamir discovered intolerance? Hypocrisy at its best. But I’m happy his real face has been exposed after this. Btw, don’t understand your logic, why should India be given a bad name globally? Just becoz Mrs Aamir Khan doesn’t feel safe and wants to leave the country?


          • I didn’t say it should be given a bad name. But there are certain things that happen in a country where if that country earns a bad name it is justified. If the US gets a bad name for the police doing things to blacks and then getting away with it and if someone then says don’t talk about it because it gives the country a bad name I’d find that ridiculous. Similarly it’s not about Aamir here. All I’m saying is that one should focus on the problem not on the country’s image! Or if one wants to fix the image fix the problem!

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      • @Dino — You say that if Aamir ‘continues to be arrogant and defends the indefensible…’ Sorry, I don’t see him as being arrogant, just honest. In any case here is a view from a Kashmiri Pandit lady , a compendium of India happenings, 2014- 2015.


        No way are Aamir or SRK defaming India. If expressing anguish about your country’s warts is defamation, anti- national — then many of us are so. Look at Americans, honest enough to admit their country’s faults, some speaking of leaving the US, if Donald Trump becomes president. It’s when you love your country that you speak despairingly about its downward spiral.

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        • and even in the US…same thing happens if one admits and points out all the faults of the US and its government one gets called anti American..hell even a guy like Chomsky gets called un-American. I can’t tell what Aamir’s real motivation was when he pointed out what he did in that interview but to me Aamir has always seemed genuine not only because of his words but because of his actions which affirm his words.

          Any way, I did see that entire Al-Jazeera interview…it was quite interesting and the host was getting absolutely killed on twitter because people thought he was Pakistani. But he is of Indian origin. here is the interview where this lady was on the guest panel. she got the most claps…admittedly it was a very liberal/progressive crowd though.


  43. Another beautiful comment by sandyi (after that Kajol ‘expose’) lol


  44. Can iconic pairs re-create their magic after a gap?

    While Dilwale, all things considered, has done modest, possibly break-even-in-the-final-analysis business, a lot of the hype around it-both promotional and post- release-deals with the return of the iconic pair of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. The pair has even been credited with a lot of the success of the film, notwithstanding SRK’s star-power, Kajol’s loyal fans, Rohit Shetty’s masala mix of cars, stars and maar, and the high draw of Varun Dhawan.

    An enthusiastic section of the media has set this film as the pair’s first release in 14 years (read Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham…), whereas the actual gap was a bit more than five years (My Name Is Khan came in 2010), and the gap between Kabhi… and … Khan was much more-nine years!

    So, by that logic, My Name Is Khan should have been a blockbuster, which it was not, at least in India. Overseas, every SRK film has either made money or been a complete blockbuster. But at home, it actually flopped, despite the controversies generated around it.



    • My Name is Khan was flop in India and now Dilwale, this article confirms it.
      Srkians…Lets cry together 😦


  45. Public opinion matters irrespective of court judgments. Public forms their own judgments and the public can show its anger in various ways. In Salman’s case, public sniggers. In Aamir’s case, public is outraged. In SRK’s case public is confused. Of course there are two sides and two arguments.
    And in politicians case too public makes their own judgments.


    • makes its own judgments. Voting patterns, changes. Yesterday I was watching Kejriwal on NDTV and his hindi is beautiful You should talk to people in their language and about their issues. Inspite of some of his partymen leaving him, he is still popular with the public. Whatever allegations are thrown at him, they dont stick to him. And politicians have more power than filmstars. Imagine if a filmstar says what Kejriwal said about opposition.


  46. Great news for ISIS aspirants.
    ISIS Ruling Aims To Settle Who Can Have Sex With Female Slaves
    Rule book is available to download on ndtv on link below, it will encourage many.
    It describes in detail, who has right over slaves, how and when to use them for sexual intercourse. Great piece of knowledge and contribution to society.



  47. Read all the above comments. All i can say is that Dilwale was not good. It might have lost 10% due to controversies/competetion but even if it was released solo, it would have done 170. Its simple as that. Movie is not good. Regarding overseas collection. Guys Christmas is the best holiday period all over the world. People spend time with families/relatives/vacation/entertainment/NoSchools. Even average content movies do well during this period and good movies do blockbuter business. BM was not great but it was good movie. You can see that in the box office results. People tastes have changed, they are looking for good content movies or something different movie.
    These top stars just have to pick good scripts, the box office receipts will follow. Look at AK, he is making good movies and releasing during Xmas to get the maximum results/profit. I dont find much difference between top 3 stars. If they get the right movie, they can get 300+. And for other stars they can get 200+ for the right movie. Competition is very tough these days. I think solo releases will slowly go away.


    • I think the makers of Dilwale were just lazy in thinking that SRK/Kajol jodi would bring in a huge audience. Plus the uneven love story/action was just too much to bare for the audience. I think if there was more comedy instead of forced fake romantic scenes…the film might’ve carried a bit further. I agree it is quite clear now that Dilwale has been a disappointment at the BO…the excuses of clashes, protests and intolerance are all used up…it was just a stale product.


  48. Bajirao Mastani 10 day overseas box office collection: Ranveer’s film overtakes Dilwale in 2nd weekend

    Ranveer Singh’s “Bajirao Mastani” has continued to do well at the overseas box office in the second week. It has overtaken Shah Rukh Khan’s “Dilwale” in international markets.
    “Bajirao Mastani” collected $1,463,697 from 304 screens at the US box office in its opening weekend. Though there was no new release this weekend, the movie was withdrawn from 88 cinema halls in its second week. But the film has done fantastic in 212 screens.

    The period drama has earned $1,072,443 from 212 screens at the US box office in its second weekend. Its 10-day US total stands at $3,569,241 (Rs 23.63 crore). In the second weekend, its per-screen average ($5,058) has improved considerably, when compared to its opening weekend average of $4,814. It has beaten the record of “Dilwale”, which has collected $3,091,517 (Rs 20.46 crore) in 10 days.
    In the second weekend, the Sanjay Leela Bhansali-directed film has collected US$234,133 from 23 screens at the Canada box office. Its 10-day total collection stands at US$706,624 (Rs 4.67 crore). It has topped the Canada business chart for Indian movies, beating “Dilwale”, which has grossed US$227,526 from 24 screens in the country in its second weekend.

    “Bajirao Mastani” has collected A$232,555 from 27 screens at the Australian box office in its second weekend, taking its total to A$739,419 (Rs 3.55 crore). It has topped the chart, pushing “Dilwale” to the second place. The movie has grossed €37,744 from 20 theatres in Germany, and its 10-day total stands at €45,902 (Rs 33.32 lakh).

    The Ranveer Singh-starrer has collected £190,693 from 84 screens the UK, NZ$46,933 from 14 screens in New Zealand and MYR33,866 from four screens in Malaysia in its second weekend. Its 10-day total collections stand at £762,328 (Rs 7.52 crore), NZ$153,708 (Rs 69.54 lakh) and MYR56,822 (Rs 8.73 lakh), respectively, in these countries. However, it has failed to beat “Dilwale” in these counties.

    “Bajirao Mastani” has collected approximately $1,881,902 from 394 cinema halls in seven international markets in its second weekend. “Dilwale” has grossed $1,765,560 from 430 screens in six foreign countries. The Ranveer Singh-starrer has clearly beaten the Shah Rukh Khan-starrer in the second week.
    “Bajirao Mastani” has collected a total of $10.2 million (R 67.74 crore) at the overseas box office in 11 days (including its second Monday collection). This, after trade analyst Taran Adarsh tweeted: “#BajiraoMastani Overseas total – till 28 Dec – $ 10.2 million [₹ 67.74 cr]. Still going strong. SUPER! (sic)”



  49. Both movies jumped by 5% in Kanpur on tuesday, it is good news that both remains stable till wednesday.
    Thursday and friday will witness some jump, and can keep screens for the weekend to collect strong numbers. This is the last chance to collect, after that both will see sharp fall especially dilwale, it might just finish its run one week after this weekend.

    Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar 6m6 minutes ago
    Tuesday Kanpur #Dilwale 2.42lacs #BajiraoMastani 3.33lacs aproxs


  50. And now BOI gets into Tax rates of different states affecting DW!!



    • Let me ask a simple question-
      If people feel there is intolerance to certain faith in India- it is intolerant compared to where else in world –
      Pakistan? Saudi Arabia?
      Their household?
      Give me an example of a country where minorities actually enjoy the same rights, same protection,same acceptance – not only in constitution but in reality? Even when certain sections of that minority are constantly playing the religion card or in some cases being downright split in their faithfulness.


      • Rajen, as you know I’ve put up a number of comments on all of this in the recent past but one of the important points you made yesterday is that in a way the whole problem is with the word ‘intolerance’. I put up a comment on this as well sometime back but this is too abstract a concept and in a way allows everyone on every side to get away. Those who want to criticize the govt use this word and those who want to defend it then merely have to argue in some very general sense. Again your point was the right one. If you really feel strongly about something, whether you’re right or wrong, do so openly. Because that way no one will be confused (or pretend to be confused) about your statements. Whether they find them fair or unfair they will know what you’re saying. It’s true that in India the more specific you become (irrespective of the ruling party) the greater the consequences are for you. You don’t really want to have powerful politicians on your wrong side even if you’re otherwise an influential public figure yourself. But then those are the stakes. If you don’t like the risks associated with saying stuff you shouldn’t say it. Of course it’s not just about irritating those in the govt. It is precisely the public figure who has a large network of other influential public figures and one then tries not to alienate these folks too much either. So you keep things vague once more. Now one might ask why this strategy of vagueness and obscurantism even works? Since everyone knows that the target is the present govt what’s the obfuscation all about? Leaving aside the ‘negotiation’ I referred to (including in that older comment) what’s the greater advantage of doing all of this? Not just the movie stars but many others as well. There are relatively few people who’ve taken the govt head-on. Most have been clinging to the ‘intolerance’ notion. Why? Because I think a certain symbolic fiction is preserved this way.

        The US example again. If I keep saying everyday that intolerance is rising in the US because of the comments Trump or whoever is making on the Republican side that would be in a way false. Because intolerance is not rising. However for all kinds of reasons Trump is feeding into a certain reserve of resentment and saying things openly. These are ugly things and it makes a difference whether one says them openly or not but still it’s not as if the whole country is suddenly under Trump’s sway. But furthermore if I made this argument the defenders could say that x, y, z Republicans were saying similar things 2 years or 3 years or 6 years ago, all the time when Obama was president. So intolerance couldn’t have begun yesterday and secondly why didn’t Obama do anything to stop it? My own response would here simply be to attack the Republicans and certainly their worst representatives for saying this sort of stuff or for indulging in these dog whistles for much longer. It would not be to say that intolerance is on the rise in the US. If a thing is not called by its proper name this is what happens. And so again I agree with you. If you want to attack Modi or the BJP go ahead. Don’t invent a term like ‘intolerance’. Even if I understand the strategy behind it I think it’s problematic. Incidentally this is also where I find a term like ‘riots’ problematic. This too can often be a catch-all where all kinds of violence can be excused as emerging in the same spontaneous way. Engineered riots let alone pogroms can then also be obscured. Again it’s a term that becomes a ‘negotiation’ among various sides.

        Getting back to the Trump example however there’s something else that important to stress. There were cross-sections of people who probably believed this stuff and so on but no important public figure was saying these things. Just to reference the recent past George Bush 43 wasn’t saying any of this stuff, nor people associated with him, nor those in his party. There were probably some kooks here and there who did but they were negligible. Now however it’s become mainstream. Here I disagree with Munna’s point (and many others too who say as much). if the fringe is empowered in this way it does not remain mainstream. When Trump gets 40% of the Republican vote in most polls, whether he wins or not, he’s made the conversation mainstream. Clearly enough people who support him don’t have a problem with all the stuff he’s been saying on all kinds of issues. 40% of the Republican Party is not a fringe. Similarly in India yes the RSS and other such groups always believed in such stuff, wrote about it, talked about it but they had no real power. The consequences are graver when such people have real influence in a govt. It’s like europe. Yes extreme right wing parties have been around for years and saying certain things. But consider what would happen if Le Pen in France or the BNP in Britain actually won. Or if there was a govt extremely sympathetic to their views. They wouldn’t be the fringe anymore. And a lot of times when this sort of thing happens the majority of the country is still not necessarily on their side. But the ‘fringe’ starts dominating the discourse nonetheless.

        Finally I’d say on the subject of minorities. It’s absolutely true that India has an extremely important, even singular history in this regard. It has really been the Amar Akbar Anthony universe. But again everytime one asserts this history of pluralism and diversity one is really relying on a Nehruvian paradigm or something akin to it. This is explicitly NOT the Hindutva paradigm in any sense whatsoever. They might pussyfoot around it, not say it openly for strategic reasons on TV or whatever, but that Desai framework is not theirs. Precisely because they are not interested in that sort of diversity. They want a mirror image of Pakistan. To the extent that they’re not successful it is due to the resilience of precisely that Nehruvian model and of course a longer history of India. On the one hand this has always been Hindutva’s Achilles’ Heel. If they are right why aren’t most Hindus with them?! If they are right (unintended pun!) why have they been historical losers? I’d even argue that this is happening in some ways even as we speak. Yes at an institutional level all kinds of stuff is happening (mostly the packing of these places with people who shouldn’t be allowed to become dog-catchers let alone scholars!) but on some truly important structural questions what has really changed? From Kashmir to Pakistan to the uniform civil code to what not. But all this not by choice. It’s again because that Nehruvian model simply won’t be defeated very easily. And this because the vast majority of the country, including many who voted for this govt, are simply not in agreement with that vision of India. They’re basically liberal on social issues but hawkish on national security ones. They might be looking for adjustments in Nehru’s political framework, they might want to walk away from his economic setup, they might want greater assertiveness in foreign affairs but they are not with the program of Hindutva otherwise (by the way there’s a small irony here that the RSS and so on are in many cases much more economically aligned with Nehru than Modi!). And so the idea that they can’t get over this hump can be used by us (you and me) as a positive, not by those very folks. If I’m trying to blow up a bridge and if I’m unsuccessful I can’t say ‘don’t blame me, the bridge is strong enough to resist attempts like mine’!

        But what happens is that when they’re unsuccessful they blame all kinds of plots or conspiracies. Since they cannot accept hat their theory of the case might just be wrong. The Indian version of this is to blame a sinister alliance of liberals, lefties, minorities!

        And here I’d end with a final point. Often it’s difficult for me to thread this needle because I end up disagreeing with just about everyone on all sides. It’s true that minorities often play a certain cynical political game. The politics of victimization is rather useful not just in India but everywhere in the world. However the majority if you will hardly has its hands clean. They do the same on the other side, feeding those archives or resentment and what not in different ways. Often the debates are structured in such a way that it seems like the majority is ‘deciding’ what the terms of this Amar Akbar Anthony India might be (even referring to the liberal folks out there). On the other side there’s another contingent that more or less says ‘whatever the minority does is right, we must as good liberals support that cause’. I’m not even getting into the Right-wing side on this because that’s self-evident. The second liberal position is a patronizing one and part of the problem. It too prevents certain honest questions from being raised. On the other side however one might say that everyone is equal but one continues to frame things in ways that suggest (consciously or not) that someone a liberal country is the majority’s gift to the minority. No! You can have an ‘anything goes as long as it’s the majority’ kind of country. It’s called Pakistan! It’s not just the minorities who suffer in such an equation (though they are of course the first casualties). It’s also the majority itself. It just becomes an uglier kind of polity. Of course at a practical level even this doesn’t last long as other minorities are created. So once you take care of all the Hindus and Christians you go after ‘Muhajirs’ and ‘Balochis’ and what not. Now many well-meaning liberals in India who might be hawkish on national security issues aren’t really arguing for this kind of majoritarianism. But they also don’t realize the inherent contradiction in their position. It’s even a fantasy in some ways. You either have the Amar Akbar Anthony country with adjustments (I’d support many of them). In a Western sense you have the US or whatever. Or you have majoritarian rule with all it consequences. There’s really nothing in between. And we have plenty of examples of both in the world. Yes there is a certain pandering to minority groups in one instance, all the problems associated with this but I think this is a better historical tradeoff than the alternative.

        And again this needle is always difficult to thread. Because (and even though it might not seem like it) I disagree with liberals quite a bit as well even if I’m overall of course on their side. I think we need responses that question these tired old frameworks and to this extent one has to take the risk of disagreeing with everyone! And of course people then portray you in certain ways. When I’m talking to you you of course know where I’m coming from but this isn’t true in many other cases. But that risk must be taken. All of this has been a long way of saying this is why I wouldn’t have used SRK’s choices, wouldn’t have subscribed to the ‘intolerance’ label!

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      • The reason why majority Indians watch Indian movies is to relate themselves to the characters and have entertainment.99% movies will have Hindu characters as people relate to them. People are not watching movies for generosity. They are watching it for fun.If Hindu oriented movies are released in Hollywood, there will be no takers for them. Similarly movies that are released with other religious themes will not be that much successful as Hindu oriented themes in India. Indian loved SRK, Salman, and Amir because they were better than their contemporaries and lived in their Hindu character roles. But the problem with some Celebrities is if some one says he is wrong in his opinion then they say it is intolerance due to their faith. Example was Mohammad Azharuddin. When he was made Captain of India cricket team then he said he was a proud Indian. When he got shame to himself and the Nation due to match fixing, he said that he is hounded because he is a Muslim. The innocent poor Muslim does not have that liberty to say that. But these celebrities conveniently use the religion card to defend themselves and shame others and the Nation when they are in trouble.In India the pity is secular, leftist and brainwashed media always toes their line and ignore the reality.

        On a serious note the reason why Bollywood movies appear fake and nonsensical is in Hindu dominated story line they inject some qawali or a song which is alien to a Hindu household for the protagonists. That may be secular agenda of bollywood but I think it is nothing but pampering some.If you are so interested in qwalIts then release a private album instead of making Hindu character Hero and Heroine sing a qawali. It is like Harrison Ford Saying “Hey Ram” or “Holy Buddha” instead of “Holy Christ” in Raiders of the Lost Ark when attacked.You do not need to wear bones around your neck to show that you are a non vegetarian.You don’t need to show in movies that you are secular. Instead one should practice it.
        On the flip side in Muslim character dominated movies such as Noorie you didn’t see Farook Shiek and Ponam Dhillon singing Ram Bhajans to show that protagonists are secular. Nor we saw Protagonists singing Hindu background themes in Taj Mahal.

        Finally India is not an Utopian country but it is certainly better than all other countries to coexist.I guess these celebrities must live abroad for some time and then they will know how they are body searched along with their families, how their phones, emails, praying places and every movement of theirs is thoroughly scanned and searched. Then they will come back to India swimming across the oceans.


        • Though I don’t agree with most of what you’re saying and I actually think you’re wrong on the facts in many cases (for instance defining India as a Hindu country in the terms you are is precisely a Hindutva argument that is completely removed from any factual aspect of Indian history) I’ll leave that aside for a moment. I’ll leave you with a mental puzzle — if everything you’re saying is true the peak career of Amitabh Bachchan is impossible to explain! Or for that matter Manmohan Desai and so on. How are people entertained by films the very premises of which they completely disagree with? My point in any case is not to launch into a political debate here but ask this basic logical question.


          • Come on, Satyam, I never mentioned about India is a Hindu country.India was a Hindu Country and now India is a Hindu majority country. What’s wring with that? That is a fact and remains a fact. This is the problem with liberal mindset. If you say something about any minority faults it is Hindutva, Communal and all that rubbish. If you say something about any Hindu then it is Secular, Modern and Progressive. I mentioned about stupid liberal, secular Bollywood mindset which under the guise of free speech says whatever they want and when people are outraged and question them, they talk of leaving the country and raise their faith. Did I say anything wrong about songs in movies which are utter rubbish and not related to protagonists?

            When Congress governments were harassing Amitabh Bachhan about Income tax related issues, did he ever mention that he is hounded because he is a Hindu and Sonia is a christian? Nor did Dilip Kumar talk of leaving the country or shelter under his faith when he was hounded about the award that he received from Pakistan.

            Also, more or less all corrupt politicians in India are Hindu and Indians definitely show their outrage towards them and want them imprisoned for their guilt even though they are Hindu. It is not question of faith or religion, but wrong doing.Irrespective of anyone’s faith, wrongdoing can not be condoned for the sake of offending someone or to get their support. Such an at can be termed as butt licking.

            I feel butt licking and boot licking is norm in Bollywood as it is rotten. Not in real and practical India. We have to call a spade a spade.


          • “Come on, Satyam, I never mentioned about India is a Hindu country.India was a Hindu Country and now India is a Hindu majority country. ”

            Because the word ‘Hindu’ did not have any meaning for most of Indian history comparable to the meaning it has had since the British invented a term like ‘Hinduism’ (Hindutva itself is premised on this history of colonial renaming and reinvention but that’s another debate). Of course in more ancient types the word was sometimes used to describe a geographical reality by the Greeks or the Persians and so on. The reference was to the Indus not to religious configurations. Similarly within the lands of what one might call India or the subcontinent (with three nations) or whatever such an umbrella term (‘Hindu’) would have made little sense to anyone for thousands of years of Indian history. the whole point here is that one cannot assume these labels mean the same things at different points in time. Not just ‘Hindu’ but any other label as well. Of course in some cases the labels did not even exist in any coherent way. If the point is that people practiced a set of beliefs that were very similar to what people practice today that’s fine but how they conceived of those beliefs and how they understood them with respect to other beliefs is a much more complicated question. For example a Vaishanvite might not have necessarily thought that he (or she) and a Shaivite had ‘being Hindu’ in common. This is something that is hard for us to understand because we are all colonized in this sense. There’s no way of reversing the needle on these things. We think the world is full of religions that are all ‘isms’ (Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism.. eat) but this is a colonial worldview and modeled on a Biblical notion of religion. Which in turn is fine for precisely those religions but doesn’t work as well for others. different modes of faith in transcendent reality or something beyond the human cannot be equated with the word ‘religion’. But if you look at the world from the perspective of say christianity or Islam everyone who worships in a certain way is ‘the same’. So Shaivite and Vaishnavite might be the same from that perspective. It’s just a matter of choosing one god over the other. However from the opposite side of the former that is all there is in the world. Different gods, people follow their own, even the Biblical religions have theirs. But this other view is no longer accessible to us as a matter of popular perception, at least among global ‘educated’ classes. We consider the colonial view to be the natural one. This is why Hindutva is an utter betrayal of this extraordinarily rich tradition. It represents the utter impoverishment of the same. I don’t say this as a political matter (that’s a different debate). I am never in favor of reducing a traditions richness and make it monomaniacal. Why is the Ramayana privileged over other important texts of the tradition? No one did this for the vast majority of Indian history? Why is Ram privileged? No one did this either. It was always a regional thing with different gods being important in different places. It still is that way in many parts of India though it’s increasingly under threat as this cramped Hindutva imposition of Ram on everything else continues unabated. But the same applies elsewhere too. The ‘Islamisms’ of today have very little to do if anything with the vast expanse of Islamic history. Again I could multiple the instances here too. All of this isn’t an academic debate. There are real world consequences when these histories are misunderstood and/or misrepresented.


        • The fact that BJP only got 35% of the vote proves that India IS NOT a Brahmanical Hindu country. There are millions of ‘other’ Hindus who do not want to define themselves as Brahmanical Hindus. It will take many many generations of goodwill accumulation by the upper castes to even start to convince the OBC and SC/ST about their inherent ‘Hinduness’. And if they want to hold the flock together, the upper castes will need to heed to a fast-growing liberal voice amongst themselves, that is quickly discarding dogma and embracing various atheist/liberal practices. Personally, the quicker this happens, the better for all. Liberal voices from every divided slice of Indian society need to grow, accumulate and unite under some sort of political formation, so that they can beat/defeat all the hardcore conservatives of all stripes/colors. At present, the umbrella of ‘Development’ is trying to gather such voices. However, Development is not the fiefdom of only one party. Development minded liberal-bent voices of all political persuasions need to unite.
          Easier said than done, but we are going to certainly experience that event in the future.


  51. Sme good comments by nykavi, raghav, jayadev, rajen..


  52. is this is the first time since SRK became a star that he has lost a head to head battle?
    Could Ranveer Singh be considered a ‘King’Slayer post BM? I expect him to become even more popular after YRF’s befikre


  53. I think he lost once and that was when his Asoka released against Indian for Diwali 2001.

    That said, BM’s success has been very surprising. I really thought Dilwale was going to crush it.


  54. Well, neither BM is if you look at what works these days and the last time that a historical really worked. Which makes the current results even more surprising.


  55. And also Lagaan showed during the year of Asoka that a good period film can really work.

    But I also believe that when it comes to the current results, that hopefully it is because people have started liking better movies and won’t be accepting any kind of crap dished to them. Because having watched Dilwale, I can vouch that had it been a decent movie, with SRK’s star power and everything, it would have won it easily. But the movie is so fake, plastic and poor that people turned towards the alternative which at least is a much better movie.

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    • to be honest I don’t really buy the whole ‘maybe better movies will now work’ thing. First off I think Dilwale is probably being treated unfairly. In the sense that it might be a poorer film than other Shetty efforts but it’s not as if this director was otherwise making masterpieces. But it’s not just about Shetty, it’s about the kinds of films that open to big numbers or do well enough most of the time. Dilwale might be worse than others but that’s not a difference in kind. Leaving this aside it’s always about what the audience likes on an average day, not the exceptional one. Any film can work in any age as long as its really well-made at certain levels, is entertaining in some basic way, and doesn’t push any ideological buttons too hard (i.e. in terms of questioning its audience). but depending on the ‘temper’ of the age such a film will be one kind of success versus another. This is why I keep going back to the 70s. Because the representative films of that period were much more interesting and intelligent than anything that has been made since. Whether at the purely commercial end of the equation or in terms of middle cinema or anything else. Today we define ‘better films’ as mostly those that follow a certain Hollywood or global model. there’s nothing particularly Indian about many of these films. They’re just the Indian versions of a film festival model. This happens even at the best of times. So the battle scenes in BM (based on the trailers I’ve seen) look like various Hollywood efforts from those depicting the Crusades to something like 300. There is a certain ‘schema’ if you will that’s not very original. Which is different from borrowing from elsewhere and completely Indianizing it. Still Bhansali ultimately has his own signature. For better or worse. But most of these other films that are defined by multiplex audiences as good or better are really ‘foreign’ efforts in disguise. The reason this makes a difference is that certain more important questions are automatically obscured when you make that choice. Why? If you think that Bombay and Mexico City and LA and Beijing and so on are all similar global cities with similar issues you can make films in all of these languages set in those cities respectively that are essentially the same film. In festival super-bazaars around the world there is a template for this which automatically implies a set of ideological choices. The director making such a film in Bombay or Beijing then falls in line with those ideological choices by sticking to that format. But also that director or his audience might in any case represent a class that is already aligned with those global (even in the colonial sense of the word) concerns. As an aside the intolerance debate (whatever its merits or demerits otherwise in light of the present govt) is also an example of the same logic. There are lots of other far more important questions that no one really cares to ask. Why aren’t there commercial films dealing with farmer suicides or the general plight of farmers? This happened in the 70s. Why is no one interested anymore? These are all ideological choices. In every aspect of ‘New Indian’ life from the media to the movies and elsewhere there is a certain class of people that’s been empowered and that is really completely aligned with that ‘Western’ set of contexts and wishes to forget about those aspects of India that aren’t. So you either wish them away or you pretend those are ‘regressive’ ‘Old Indian’ problems. This mindset is manifested in the movies as well and of course those movies cater to multiplex audiences for the most part. These are then defined as ‘better’. And they might be better in some absolute sense. But they’re so because what’s happening at the masala end of the spectrum might be truly terrible and not for any more significant reason. But these films might be ‘miserable’ precisely to the degree that they’re ‘better’. If BM is the best the industry can do things are pretty bad! And so it’s again about what the audiences will accept on an average day, not on exceptional ones. It’s about what the most iconic films of an age are. Why did Sholay become so big? Why not some other film? In another age why was HAHK so big? Why not something else? Why was Mother India so huge? One could go on. and this isn’t about preferring one kind of ideological questioning to another. It’s about the depth of the questioning itself.


  56. What Bajirao Mastaani has achieved is truly remarkable

    SLB extracted sweet revenge for the sawaariya fiasco
    And what a well earned one has it been

    As for srk, he’s not done badly here. Infact he played a v v well calculated move and was all set to repeat his killing feats
    But srk was stopped by an immaculate combo of factors (will take long to enumerate them)
    For the FIRST time ever in his long and illustrious career, srk has been beaten in a face off …

    The blindness and partisanship of some SRK fans is such that the likes of Master who were posting once every few minutes have literally DISAPPEARED !! C’mon folks y this SETBACK? the better movie won move on –but no, they was made of different stuff

    Srk is nowhere from boer but this is a WATERSHED moment in SRKs career –& infact signals the beginning of the end of his superstardom –& in a way also for aamir and Salman (though they will he around with biggies for another 5 years or so)
    Am proud of ranveer singhs perfomance here

    Have been itching to repeat this

    Aandhi roke toh hum toofan,
    toofan roke toh AAG ka dariya …

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    • This is not first time srk is defeted. He lost earlier to sunny deol’s indian in 2001.
      As for opening, mission kashmir and bade mitan chotte miyan opened better than mohabbatein and kkhh respectively, but due to appreciation latter movies ended up doing much better.
      Now his movies opened better but as BM has got appreciation, it is doing much better.
      Also in 90s, koyla opened one week after ziddi and turned out to be disaster while ziddi was a smash hit. Chahat opened one week after khiladiyon ka khiladi and was disaster, khiladiyon ka khiladi was runaway hit. These clashes were like that of CE and Outim2.
      Aitraaz was a hit inspite of much stronger opposition in veer zaara.
      Son of sardaar was more successful than jthj.

      It is just media hype that he is king. He is now just a superstar among a galaxy of superstars who can guarantee huge opening with support of hype, pr , promotion and cheap tactics.

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    • I agree apex. SRK will be around for a while but he will not be the force that he used to be. He will be like also ran but not the true champ.

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      • and why the fuck should srk remain a true champ all his life. He officially crossed 50 this year and reached the expiry date to Indian cinema standard much before. In 2006 during Don promotions he told Prabhu Chawla in Seedhi Baat for at least 2 years no one should release a movie 2 weeks before and after my release otherwise they will face the music. It was during Jaaneman time. Inspite of sub standard product in Don and OSO he just decimated the competition.

        We are in 2016 today a good 8 years later and all you are left with ” he will not be the force he used to be ”

        so you think Ranvir it is ??? Here is an official srk hater

        PRAKASH JAJU ‏@Prakashjaaju Dec 27
        Ab #BajiraoMastani ke baad yadi @RanveerOfficial hawaa main udne lage & ulti seedhi price maangne lage toh yeh uski bahut badi galti hogi.

        PRAKASH JAJU ‏@Prakashjaaju Dec 27 View translation
        #BajiraoMastani ke chalne main 70% haath Sanjay Leela (& technicians) ka, 10% @RanveerOfficial ka, 10% pc ka & 10% @deepikapadukone ka hai.


        • http://www.koimoi.com/box-office/dilwale-grosses-300-crores-worldwide/

          “The musical rom-com flick ‘Dilwale‘ has grossed 300 crores worldwide. The film has grossed 191 crores (132.75 crores) in India and USD 16.75 million which is 110 crores from the overseas market. ‘Dilwale‘ now stands with the total collection of 301 crores worldwide.”

          Yesterday twitter was abuzz with #Dilwale300crWorldwide

          Even we translate that to 220 cr net earnings and give half of that for exhibitors rental cost / air conditioning / maintenance there is a good 110 cr left right there. Add 50 cr tv/ video rights + 20 cr music rights and 10 cr from other avenues and it gets to 190 cr.

          Among the expenses 20 cr other actor fees + 20 cr stunts + 20 cr other production cost and publicity leaves 130 cr “take home” in hand to be split between SRK and Rohit Shetty.

          Just do the maths and tell me what will Ranvir or other will opt if given a chance to do that. A 4-8 cr actor fees for two years of Bhansali plau or take home 100cr as a stop gap measure if Fan release date got messed up and no Salman and Aamir for Christmas release.


          • moral of the story? it’s actually better to underperform.. preferably fail altogether.. the more this happens the more money you can make. when the films actually do well the actors are elect impoverished. But this is still a better fate than ghosts driving cars, running over people and implicating you in the bargain.

            On the rest koimoi might be somewhat late in submitting their application for new year gifts..

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          • There is no moral to the story. Its attributed to the the times we live in and change of priorities with time.

            Further a stark reminded – Life isn’t black and white. It’s a million gray areas.


          • times are changing so fast soon one will be able to make a lot of money just by announcing a film and never actually making it..

            some call this a scam, some call this derivatives trading, I suppose one could call also call it Bollywood accounting (at least as propagated by the trade/media and inhaled by ‘fans’ of various sorts).

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          • “@some call this a scam, some call this derivatives trading, I suppose one could call also call it Bollywood accounting (at least as propagated by the trade/media and inhaled by ‘fans’ of various sorts).”

            Now c’mon these figures are right there and its your own prerogative if you wish to accept them with a hate filter. All I would suggest it is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.

            On the rest this is nothing and if interested I will highly recommend you have a dekkho of geniusely done – The Big Short …… the crime Americans / Wall Street / New Yorkers like you perpetrate on the human mankind !


        • MSDhoni, hope you didn’t become a Salman fan on the rebound..

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        • Are you angry with yourself, SRK or with everyone who finds fault with SRK. Chill guy. If you don’t want him to be a champ, then ask him to be chimp. Your choice. I have no problem.


          • jayadev,
            there are some here that will take an offence if you find faults with srk,they think its srk who has made bollywood and not other way round…


  57. Extreme SUBMISSION & obsession Is a regular hallmark of bhansalis works & his principal characters
    Was about to write more on BM but was stopped in my tracks by this

    The best writeup on BM I’ve come across….
    Nearly meets my approval but wanted some tweaks here also lol
    Let’s see –may try to read this in entirety first (which is not easy)…


  58. Can anyone Confirm if these 2 songs are there in Indian version ?
    USA release is missing two songs and movie length is 2:30 hours, but i had heard it was 2:38 minutes when it was schedule to get certified by sensor board ?

    Fitoor sounds so good, why is it missing ? 😦


  59. When America denied visa to Modi repeatedly, why all of you NRI’s who are foaming at the mouth at aamir khan’s remarks, leave America to protest? You still chose America. And most of you are not american citizens by birth. Are you boyctoing american films, american dollars or other things?
    You chose a soft target like aamir khan who cant retaliate against a hard object like America.

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    • Bullshit comment, naa sirr naa per


    • When America denied visa to Modi repeatedly, why all of you NRI’s who are foaming at the mouth at aamir khan’s remarks, leave America to protest? You still chose America. And most of you are not american citizens by birth. Are you boyctoing american films, american dollars or other things?

      Bravo! you’ve cut to the chase with this comment of yours…

      And of course, Aamir is a soft target. Whether I agree with him completely or not is a different matter…

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    • “.. why all of you NRI’s who are foaming at the mouth at aamir khan’s remarks, leave America to protest?…”

      Because unlike Aamir/Kiran who want to leave the country which gave them everything, we DO NOT want to leave the country which gave us everything!!
      If we find problems in the US democratic setup, we confront them through legal means, in a legal process through legal rights that have been ordained to each of us. The exact same legal democratic setup exists in India as well, and can be used by anyone with any grouse towards the state. The solution lies in facing and fighting, not in running away.
      I hope you get the subtle difference.


      • This is quite an extreme response, again with respect to Aamir’s comments. At no point did Aamir suggest that he wished to leave India. According to Aamir’s own comment, Kiran Rao suggested that they both leave owing to the current environment in a moment of distress. It’s important to note the difference. Would you like to live in a country where the discourse is dominated by the likes of Donald Trump? If there were too many Donald Trumps around me, I would certainly feel like moving!

        Second, the democratic setup in India isn’t the same as in the West. The judicial setup is a mess as anyone knows and there is no way one can hope to enjoy the same human rights that are so valuable in the West. Europe’s even better than the rest of the world in this regard. It’s not the same situation in India. Justice can be diverted, misguided and delayed to the point that it becomes useless.

        And correct me if I’m wrong, you did leave the country of your birth for economic reasons. How’s it convenient for you to judge someone who’s just thought about leaving (and has not actually left the country and doesn’t intend to either)?


        • You are right to say that justice in India is delayed or denied. But you also need to add the caveat that this is the case only with the vast majority of people who lack resources (money) to get that justice delivered. A Sallu can go scotfree for a crime because as pointed out by his father, he spent 25crs on his case. But any avg Indian citizen without those means would defn do jail time. So it is disingenuous when a man such as Aamir worth more than 1000crs having all the means in the world to avail of security and justice tries to put himself in the boots of a common man. It would be perfectly understandable If it were any average citizen of average or lesser means thinking of leaving India. Faced with poverty and lack of resources (mainly due to a still existing feudal and rigid caste system in the 60s) my family left many decades ago. But would we have left if we had the resources available to live good lives in India? Never. I have made this point several times already, and this has nothing to do with religion. Please understand that even to this day, there are millions of Hindus who are suppressed by caste system rigidity.


          • So it is disingenuous when a man such as Aamir worth more than 1000crs having all the means in the world to avail of security and justice tries to put himself in the boots of a common man.

            But even his 1000 crores personal worth wasn’t apparently enough to save him from calls to leave his own country. Worse still, he was reminded (by many) of his place in a society where the majority belongs to a different religion. He was insulted, humiliated and asked to leave for voicing his opinion! His opinion could have been wrong but the response to his opinion was much much worse!

            How’s that for the travails of being a privileged Muslim celebrity in India?

            Please understand that even to this day, there are millions of Hindus who are suppressed by caste system rigidity.

            I’m definitely on board with that…but this is precisely why it’s so baffling to see issues like intolerance, beef bans etc taking up precious time and space in a country like India. There are far too many important things to sort out than waste time on trivial pursuits, to put it mildly.


          • I am totally against all those calls, insults, humiliations, ghar gheraos etc. That was extreme, all one needed was a frank and forthright discussion to understand what his motive was. IMHO, it was a frivolous statement on his part, made with the explicit purpose of piling on to this Intolerance brouhaha. Perhaps he got carried away in the midst of his liberal admirers, and just ad-libbed, maybe even invented this statement by Kiran. Clearly, he just did not expect those brickbats, otherwise he is too calculated to make such errors. Unfortunately, all those reactions became shriller when he refused to recant, and further issued a statement calling everyone that protested as an intolerant bigot! Either he fully believes what he stated about Intolerance, or he is just too egotistical to admit his mistake. It just casts new unforgiving light on his persona.


          • The vile reactions were extreme, but perhaps expected in a country where the average people live stressed out frustrated lives. Perennial have-nots could not tolerate such frivolous statements from these have-it-alls. I have repeated this several times before, this is not about religion, it is entirely about privilege and the attempt to somehow downplay the effect of such privilege. If a man making 6cr/day from shooting ads thinks that India is Intolerant, he ought to get his head checked pronto. I can bet you the reaction would have been the same had it been any other similarly privileged person of any other religion saying this.


  60. Well said Sanjana. The ironical thing is Aamir continuously gets called a hypocrite. In this world we are all hypocrites to a greater or lesser degree. We live in a connected globalised world ; no man is an island, independent to live a life free of connections to all that he/ she abhors. And so the charade goes on. I am not blindly supporting Aamir on this issue. I truly believe that on this occasion he is more sinned against than sinning. He has never worn his religion on his sleeve, never spoken against Hinduism ( and don’t bring in PK, a film produced by an atheist Hindu ( Hirani) along with VV Chopra ( a maverick of sorts, married thrice , twice to Hindus, once to a Muslim, still pining for his dead first wife Renu Saluja,friendly enough with the second, the Muslim)…these guys are NOT religious fundamentalists. The outcry against Aamir and SRK is beyond reason, more to do with the mood in Indian society. And sadly, the urban educated are as much culprits as the less educated villager — who may actually have more humanity.

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  61. Negligible 3% jump for BM, status quo for dilwale in kanpur

    Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar 7h7 hours ago
    Wednesday Kanpur #Dilwale 2.41lacs #BajiraoMastani 3.42lacs aproxs

    Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar 24h24 hours ago
    Tuesday Kanpur #Dilwale 2.42lacs #BajiraoMastani 3.33lacs aproxs


  62. I watched BM because I love historicals.Loved the film. Was not really interested in a Rohit Shetty film starring SRK & Kajol trying hard to sell nostalgia — but wished to watch DilwLe just to make a point against boycott brigade. But sadly, no one in my circle was interested enough to accompany me. Bad word of mouth has kept away even regular Bolly fans.


  63. coolguy3318 Says:

    Hi guys!! I don’t watch too many movies these days, specially the new ones. But follow the BO a little. So does anyone think 400 cr nett in India is possible in near future, say in couple of years? And if yes, then which movie and/or star can get there first??


    • 400 crores should be possible but to do that the film would have to:

      1) Open in a festive week
      2) Have a top-draw star as the lead (Aamir or Salman)
      3) Must have dollops of comedy along with a social message
      4) Should be controversy free

      I don’t follow the box office too much but this Dilwale/Bajirao Mastani clash has proved one thing: if the content is strong enough (what defines strong enough can be debated separately) then who’s clashing with whom doesn’t matter. In other words, now directors can risk taking on top stars during the most lucrative weeks for business (Diwali, Eid, Christmas) provided they are sure of their own product.

      For a change, the star system myth has been shattered. There’s growing evidence that stars matter less than the actual content (Baahubali anyone?), which is a good thing!

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  64. Mani Ratnam to direct Aditya Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor in OK Kanmani remake for Karan Johar with ARR music.


  65. Looking back, the year 2015 was one in which meticulously crafted and passionately made films ruled the roost, establishing Southern cinema as a massive global phenomena.

    Further, this 12-month-long period saw quite a few established as well as upcoming filmmakers give solid proof of their storytelling abilities much to the delight of numerous movie buffs.



  66. There are quite a few issues that relate to the intolerance debate. I’ll try to summarise my own POV in a relatively free-flowing (random) list.

    Before starting I’d like to explicitly mention that Aamir remains the most respectable, intelligent and sincere Bollywood personality I’ve come to admire. His body of work, his voice on Satyamev Jayate can’t be brushed aside – and precisely because of that he deserves a sincere response. Not some raving rant about how he can take his belongings and move to a different corner of the world.

    Anyway, here goes:

    1) Aamir Khan is evasive in his comment: When Aamir says that there is growing intolerance in the country in the last “7 or 8” months he needs to back it up via specific examples. Was the situation different during the UPA regime? Did he or Kiran Rao feel more secure under a non-BJP government and if so, why? Having said that, he has an absolute right to express his opinion.

    Just because he’s a muslim does not give anyone the right to ask him to pack his bags and leave. He’s not like Asaduddin Owaisi or Bukhari who – it can be argued – deserve contemptuous dismissals. He’s an intellectual, and by all counts, a liberal Muslim. The least he deserves is a debate where he is engaged in a respectful manner. The Hindu majority, if I allow myself to be scathing, can’t afford to brush aside liberal voices under the garb of pseudo-nationalism. If this is their idea of ‘tolerance’ then Aamir is absolutely right when he says that the response to his comments proves his point!

    Where I do disagree with Aamir is in his casual dismissal of ISIS. He calls them non-muslims when the evidence strongly suggests otherwise. And if I were party to a debate with Aamir, I would also point out video evidence of Asaduddin Owaisi spouting communal hatred… in fact, urging the Muslim youth to boycott Salman Khan’s films because he attended Narendra Modi’s swearing-in ceremony! Intolerance cuts both ways, but all this needs to be put before Aamir in a civilised manner. Let me repeat: this is the least he deserves!

    2) Anupam Kher’s twitter rant deserves contempt: When Anupam Kher reminds Aamir how India is the country that made him a superstar, he’s implicitly calling out Aamir’s religion. The hidden message is this: Be grateful, you Muslim, for what you can get in this Hindu-dominated country…it’s more or less along the same lines. But let’s turn this logic around. Shouldn’t Anupam Kher be grateful to all the Muslims who have watched his movies? Shouldn’t he be grateful to Mahesh Bhatt (whose mother is a Muslim) who gave him the break that made him what he is today? Does Anupam Kher have the guts to return/disown the patronage that he might have received from the Muslim minority?

    Leaving logic aside, the tone of his rebuttal to Aamir has been communal to the core. Isn’t that disgraceful behaviour by itself? Why aren’t the people throwing stones at Aamir talking about Anupam Kher’s disturbing comments? Or does anything deserve a free pass as long as it’s camouflaged under a nationalistic garb?

    3) People need to chill out: As it has been correctly pointed out by many people right here, Beef bans, intolerance debates, article 377, Babri Masjid etc are not at all important or even relevant for that matter. These are debates that belong to a bygone era. Stop getting worked up about silly things; they are not part of your identity, especially in this day and age. The internet already has a very high Noise to Signal ratio, please don’t contribute more noise. Moreover, when looking at any issue, don’t look at it from an ideological POV, use logic and reasoning to arrive at any conclusion. Be more receptive to opposing point of views, especially if they come from credible sources. Be more ‘tolerant’ for Ram/Krishna/Allah/Jesus’s sake!

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    • Saket, this is a very fine, lucid, measured comment, and all these qualities are sorely called for in these times.


    • On the ISIS point, and generally on terrorism, I disagree with Aamir, and any number of other Indians (eg Advani or other BJP leaders when speaking of Hindu extremists, or tons of Muslims when speaking of Muslim extremists) when they say “terrorism has no religion”. I understand the logic (“hey don’t blame me I ain’t that way”!) but the consequence is to indulge in bland twaddle, because while terrorism isn’t the property of any one way of thinking, the ideological component of terrorism needs to be taken seriously. If we don’t understand what the likes of ISIS are about, or what the Sanathan Sanstha or Abhinav Bharat are about, or (looking at more “mainstream” political formations) what the Nazis, RSS, Jamaat, Shiv Sena were/are about, then there is no hope to counter them. Second, it is simply dishonest: I can quarrel with ISIS’ interpretation of Islam, but it’s ridiculous to say they have nothing to do with it when they themselves insist on acting in the name of Islam. That doesn’t “settle” anything, but it is not nothing, and must be accounted for.

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      • while terrorism isn’t the property of any one way of thinking, the ideological component of terrorism needs to be taken seriously. If we don’t understand what the likes of ISIS are about, or what the Sanathan Sanstha or Abhinav Bharat are about, or (looking at more “mainstream” political formations) what the Nazis, RSS, Jamaat, Shiv Sena were/are about, then there is no hope to counter them. Second, it is simply dishonest: I can quarrel with ISIS’ interpretation of Islam, but it’s ridiculous to say they have nothing to do with it when they themselves insist on acting in the name of Islam.

        Brilliant! Couldn’t have said it any better. And to be honest, don’t think I am capable of putting my point across better than you, Qalandar.


      • AamirsFan Says:

        missed this comment earlier…I second what saket has said but I have couple minor respectful disputes.

        With the negative atmosphere towards Muslims around the world being so high…I think this is why Muslims jump to a knee-jerk reaction now saying “this has nothing to do with our religion.” Especially Muslims who aren’t as devout and are “common” Muslims. Hell even non-Muslims like Ben Affleck had to defend Islam from the likes of Sam Harris and Bill Maher, which again, I think was a knee-jerk reaction by Affleck, similarly to Aamir Khans reaction.

        Also, all we hear mostly in today’s media is “Islamic terrorists” when we sure as hell know there are Christain, Jewish and Hindu terrorists that exist…yet they are never called terrorists or even affiliated by their religion. So here I will disagree with Aamir in that terrorism *can* be affiliated with a religion but I agree with him and others that religion isn’t the direct *cause* of terrorism.

        I’d like to add that my thinking has evolved on this topic due to listening to some progressive open minded Muslim scholars and also a month back Satyam had made a similar comment on this same issue that made sense like yours does now. If we had more individuals like you guys and less individuals like Sam Harris and Bill Maher then we’d be in a better place as far as learning how to deal with this topic.


    • So why do you think Kiran Rao suggested that they should move? Isn’t it implicitly invoking Aamir’s religion. Your point would have been okay had Aamir stopped at intolerance (that anybody irrespective of religion can have political view). If you look at interview he intervened the interviewer and went on to explain his point.

      Have you heard a Hindu/Sikh/Christian suggesting leaving India because of intolerance of Hindus?

      And precisely this has been been disappointment with Aamir’s comment.


      • So why do you think Kiran Rao suggested that they should move? Isn’t it implicitly invoking Aamir’s religion.

        I’m not sure I follow your line of thought. If Kiran, who is a Hindu, suggests to Aamir (who’s a Muslim) that they move, how does this bring a religious element into the debate?

        Aamir went on to say specifically that Kiran Rao worries for her child’s upbringing and the general environment surrounding her. How does this constitute a communal argument? Is it the same as Anupam Kher’s disturbing response?

        Have you heard a Hindu/Sikh/Christian suggesting leaving India because of intolerance of Hindus?

        There are no celebrity Hindus/Sikhs or Christians who’ve made such comments but how can you wager a guess that there is no one who’s never thought along the same lines? There may be people who might think in the same way but they might not get coverage because they are not celebrities.

        Moreover, if a liberal person like Aamir has a perception that’s negative (he’s not some hardliner who can be dismissed easily!) then it’s imperative that it be addressed properly. The Hindu majority can’t just sit in a comfort chair and dismiss concerns that arise from liberals and point to some hidden agenda. My stance is this: if it comes from someone like Aamir, it deserves proper attention…and not an attack on his personality. Everyone and their grandma knows his heart is in the right place. If you’ve seen him in one episode of Satyamev Jayate you know he’s no ordinary celebrity.

        Also, a few not-so-big celebrities (Raju Hirani) have openly supported Aamir. Why are people so hung up on Aamir’s comments only?

        And precisely this has been been disappointment with Aamir’s comment

        I can understand disappointment. I can’t fathom cries for his deportation! I also can’t understand boycott of snapdeal or other products he endorses. That’s just rubbish and an immature way of handling a celebrity who has given the country so much over the years. Is this acceptable in modern India? I’m afraid the response to Aamir’s comments raises more questions about our society than anything else!

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        • And just to be clear, I also don’t endorse calls for banning Dilwale…I’m no SRK fan (!) but it’s clear that he too is a liberal Muslim. If he too has spoken about growing intolerance then I wouldn’t dismiss his concerns casually.

          There is probably reason to doubt SRK’s sincerity and he is also guilty of playing the victim card in the past, but I would still listen to any concerns that he has.

          If the society at large can’t handle mild concerns coming from liberals then what kind of message is being sent out? Is there no space for a dissenting voice? Is there no room for introspection?

          More precisely, by shutting down liberal voices the message that is being sent out is that everything’s hunky dory. And for “sensitive” Hindus out there, there’s no difference between Aamir Khan and Asaduddin Owaisi!

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        • “..If Kiran, who is a Hindu,….Aamir went on to say specifically that Kiran Rao worries for her child’s upbringing and the general environment surrounding her. How does this constitute a communal argument?”
          Because the child does not follow the religion of the mother. I believe it was made abundantly clear by Aamir that his kids will follow his religion, irrespective of the religion of his wives. So ergo, Kiran thinks that her child’s religion is detrimental to his upbringing in India.


          • Last year a Pakistani website published an interview that they claimed to be Aamir’s — but the latter openly denied it.

            As far as I know there was ONE interview of Aamir( purportedly) that appeared on the net, given to some sort of a religious organisation or Pakistani paper perhaps, maybe some five years back( before his genetic surrogate child Azad Rao Khan was born, late in 2011). I google searched and found it in a typically irreverent mocking piece, titled ‘ Midget: ‘My wives may be Hindu….’


            Now this is the piece that is being passed all over social media, painting the man out to be some sort of a religious fundamentalist he does not seem to be. Having followed Aamir a fair bit through proper responsible media, through the years, I have actually seen a different image — of a liberal Muslim who has rarely if ever talked openly about his religion. And as a commenter at this filmyshilmy site above (one khanabadosh )reveals, Aamir has talked in a fairly secular manner, in some earlier published interviews. His first child was to be named Vivan but Reena finally chose Junaid ( which means arrow); his second,the girl, was named Ira, after the goddess Saraswati. And his child with Kiran has a Rao tagged to his name. Now is this actor really a mullah in disguise — or just your regular urban Indian in a mixed marriage ( OK two in his case), just getting on with life as possible? And Kiran seems too independent-minded to allow her husband to dictate terms.in photos and media she comes across as somebody very attached to her hard won child ( born surrogately after some miscarriages suffered).

            In fact given his earlier carefully worded secular interviews, I doubt the veracity of this interview — as commenter khanabadosh does in this filmyshilmy reproduced piece it seems to be.

            In an interview to Mans World ( a monthly magazine I used to read occasionally, a sort of leisure – lifestyle monthly), Aamir’s poet- adman friend Prasoon Joshi had referred to Aamir as a ‘true atheist’. And yet he was seen accompanying his mother to Haj , a couple of years later.

            Maybe he discovered religion again, ha ha.

            Whatever — I don’t see him as an anti-Hindu anti-national. Just a regular Indian bloke who needs to take care of his PR if he is to survive India’s aggressive social media.


        • How do you believe that Aamir wants his kids to follow islam? Maybe Kiran and Reema were not assertive enough or too much in love.
          Sunil dutt who married Nargis gave hindu names.
          It maybe due to patriarchal tendencies.
          Pataudi and Sharmila. Sharmila converted.
          Amrita and Saif kids have muslim names.

          I feel sad that it is always wives who have to give up.


    • **Aamir Khan is evasive in his comment: When Aamir says that there is growing intolerance in the country in the last “7 or 8” months he needs to back it up via specific examples. Was the situation different during the UPA regime? Did he or Kiran Rao feel more secure under a non-BJP government and if so, why? Having said that, he has an absolute right to express his opinion.**

      And there, right there IS THE CRUX OF THE ARGUMENT I have been making. While I appreciate Satyam’s broader frame-work argument, I would REALLY appreciate a specific response to this. But yes, ALL this is lost in the Aamir Khan fanaticism that is on display on this blog and elsewhere.

      Never did I think I would be alive to witness a day when Aamir Khan fans would behave exactly like Salman and SRK fans. But yes, I have lived, and I have seen this day.

      I learnt a lesson to stay away from SRK and Salman fans. Now I learnt a lesson to stay away from Aamir Khan’s fans too. [And this, when I AM an Aamir fan].

      I will stay away. Have learnt my lesson.


      • We may have differences but I will always remain fan of your writings and tongue in cheek comments. Munna is such a calm soul and sometimes his coolness gives way to mild anger.


      • Same here. I stopped watching SRK movies long back . It’s Aamir’s turn now. Haven’t seen such intolerant fans, trying to defend the indefensible. Better still Aamir should move to Saudi or Pak to experience tolerance and ensure great upbringing for his child😀


  67. the Home Ministry has granted Adnan Sami Indian citizenship. His application had been rejected a few years ago by the UPA. Waiting to hear a response from the Sena on this!


  68. Loved Saket’s response above. Some much needed sanity to the debate. And Anupam Kher is a hypocrite in many ways, besides what Saket wrote. Kher had no problems with SRK’s intolerance rant, happily greeted Salman after his recent acquittal — but he has a problem with a law – abiding upright citizen like Aamir? Kher is a great actor — but recently he has come off rather small and petty. I understand his concern for the KPs, but I would say that journalist Rahul Pandita has expressed his feelings far better on the issue. Do search and read his write up in Fountain Ink, a Chennai literary magazine ( quite Granta-like), available on the web. Long and lovely article- interview, based on his book.

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    • Why such intolerance for Anupam Kher’s comments? Atleast Mr Kher doesn’t want to run away from Indis but stay and contribute in improving it. Unlike coward Khan who wants to run away with his millions😀


      • Do you suffer from poor comprehension skill as your comments imply that! Intolerance is not against Anupam Kher’s comments but at his ”selective and convenient outrage” with regard to Aamir’s statement and shielding SRK despite him expressing the similar ”intolerance increment” in an interview and breathing a ”huge sigh of relief” in exoneration of Salman in hit and run case and terming it the victory of justice! So don’t make Anupam Kher the paragon of virtue which he himself would find ”embarrassing”!

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  69. Glad to see Saket back with a bang. I still remember his cricket arguments with Satyam.


  70. 1) “He’s an intellectual, and by all counts, a liberal Muslim. “– I will argue that Aamir is more than that. He is also conscientious & definitely not a person of dubious national identity (unlike some others).– which is why his utterances created more stir and were teased more finely

    2) there’s nothing wrong in reminding people from time to time that “thoughtless actions” can have “consequences” and if not anything especially helps people in avoiding the “let’s take them for granted” syndrome which afflicts some socieities (sometimes mistakenly labelled as “democracies”-where convenient)

    3) the same people (like LS & “sanjana”) who are defending Aamirs right to speak are going after those like kher –and dissecting his intentions/malintentions. Well, is kher not free to speak just like aamir or x y z is??

    4) the other exhibit A of the modis operandi of some is
    trying to club ISIS with other organisations is simply IRRESPONSIBLE & infact disastrous. It’s like comparing water lagging to mild drainage problem to flooding & mentioning them in the same sentence as a TSUNAMI. The lack of NUANCE & Utter disregard to the DEGREE of disorder is unacceptable.
    When pushed in a debate, there’s this attempt to MUDDY THE WATERS, then PROSTITUTING the terms of debate, throwing MUCK in and running AMOK with the perspective….

    A stage comes when one has to stop SKIRTING around non issues like Aamirs domestic discussions with his second wife & address the ELEPHANT in the room …

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  71. Bajirao Mastaani among best film of 2015, Dilwale among worst by Anupama Chopra


  72. NyKavi:Perennial have-nots could not tolerate such frivolous statements from these have-it-alls.

    If a man making 6cr/day from shooting ads thinks that India is Intolerant, he ought to get his head checked pronto.

    Then it’s a case of absolving celebrities from having any responsibility whatsoever! This will only encourage celebrities to mind their own business or worse, side with the prevailing opinion. We have to question societal norms in this scenario as well.

    As long as Aamir displays social responsibility in Satyamev Jayate he’s fine, although I do believe some people have issues with his participation there as well. Apparently he’s too sanctimonious and preachy for some people! With celebrities like Aamir, and especially like Aamir, you just can’t please everyone.

    As soon as he expresses his concerns about the prevailing atmosphere, he’s attacked from all ends. Isn’t it apparent that Aamir has a history of speaking up for causes he believes in? He might be misguided, he might have an extreme apprehension about the current political environment but for whatever reason he’s not supposed to express it?

    Let me say this emphatically: the people who’ve attacked Aamir viciously have a lot to answer. They are the ones who are real threats to individual freedom. Be very wary of living in a society that suppresses freedom of expression. Tomorrow the same mob will attack you for any frivolous reason. Unless one is comfortable living in a Taliban-style code of conduct, this represents a disturbing trend towards growing intolerance. There, I’ve said it too!

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    • Why is it that post Bihar, all of a sudden there is no more Intolerance in India? No editorials, no award waapsi? Did the Bihar victory set everything straight?
      And once again, my ad nauseum response to your observation of growing intolerance:
      Where was the Tolerance when Tasleema Nasreen was vilified? Or when Rushdie was banned? Or when Kerala mid day meals were banned.. or when North Easterners are racially attacked in Delhi (which has been happening for ages)..or when South Indians are referred to as ‘Kaalia’ by Northerners, etc etc etc. Dude, I am a Sindhi and have heard crass jokes all my life in person and in film. Or even vilified about being a muhajir in India, and even being worse than snakes. And this from other Hindus. So please don’t tell me that all of a sudden since May 2014, there has been growing intolerance. India is a maddeningly diverse country where each group finds a way to belittle another weaker group. It has always been a jungle, where you eat what you kill. Perhaps you have lived as part of a majority in a part of India where other groups may not have vilified your language, caste, creed, skin color, religion, etc. But to many people this always existed.


      • Why is it that post Bihar, all of a sudden there is no more Intolerance in India? No editorials, no award waapsi? Did the Bihar victory set everything straight?

        Are you suggesting that Aamir planned his comments to coincide with the Bihar elections? Did he similarly plan his actions when he shared the stage with Anna Hazare, which actually helped the BJP? Did he also plan his support for Narmada Bachao to coincide with any state elections?

        I’ve so far not spoken about intolerance in the wider context at all. That is a separate debate.

        Where was the Tolerance when Tasleema Nasreen was vilified? Or when Rushdie was banned? Or when Kerala mid day meals were banned.. or when North Easterners are racially attacked in Delhi (which has been happening for ages)..or when South Indians are referred to as ‘Kaalia’ by Northerners, etc etc etc

        And this is why liberals with opposing views should be engaged in a meaningful debate. Why is it so difficult for the world to understand that liberals = good people and extremists = bad people? What is there to be gained by attacking a liberal voice, his/her character, if the said person only talks about one side of the coin? Why not give them the benefit of doubt? Why not try to engage them in a constructive discussion and try to ‘educate’ them, from your side?

        You yourself have questioned Aamir’s motives. Is that how a meaningful discussion takes place?


      • I didn’t want to take part in this entire debate yet again but I’ll just make this one point here. When people complain of intolerance the response is ‘there is no intolerance, you’re inventing stuff, you’re just creating hysteria’. When people don’t complain there’s a similar response ‘what happened now? where did the intolerance go?’! It’s not about Bihar in my view (though when you have a ruling party president saying ‘if we lose there will be fireworks in Pakistan’ it’s a bit odd to blame anyone else for anything (not sure where there were fireworks or not but the PM then went and hugged his counterpart in Pakistan.. go figure..!). If there are other incidents I’m sure they’ll be raised again. Let’s look at it another way. After Delhi some of these things still continued, i.e. the statements and so on. After Bihar at least so far people seem to be a bit more careful. it’s not as if someone s being killed for eating beef or someone is saying ‘ramzaade/haramzaade’ etc and no one’s picking up on it! Even if those protesting didn’t wish to the media would jump at such a juicy story! Maybe the govt or those closely associated with it are being a bit more careful. Of course I expect all of this to begin again as the Assam elections get closer and specially when it’s about UP (the Samjavadi have shown then can descend into the mud and play there as well as the BJP!). And it will probably be brought up again.

        Ultimately and with all due respect to everyone Aamir is just an alibi. This just isn’t one of the top 100 subjects facing the nation! And on this very subject of irresponsible statements and what not the idea that whatever he said and for whatever motivation is somehow more offensive than truly disgusting stuff that’s come out of the mouths of MPs and so on is impossible to accept! Sure one sometimes dismisses the latter as well but then one quickly moves on. With Aamir on the other there’s been this incredible obsessiveness. Day after day one keeps returning to it. Why? It seems to me one cannot avoid an answer to this question. The idea that one is objecting because a star is doing it and so on is quite frankly not an explanation that I buy. Or more precisely I accept the criticism. But it is just impossible to believe that one can talk about this day after day. One has not talked about all the other statements that ruling party members (or their ideological cohorts have made) put together. So you could stack up all those comments on one side and the response has been ‘oh it’s the fringe, let’s move on’. But Aamir talks about wanting to leave the country and suddenly the very fabric of the nation is threatened. I think it’s become a right-wing campaign against Aamir at this point. It’s just being kept alive. They couldn’t do as much in any case because Aamir (sincerely or not) walked into a trap with that statement. And he’s being pounded for it every since. Meanwhile when people in extremely powerful positions say these things the answer is ‘there’s nothing to see here, the media is making a big deal’. I just cannot take the Aamir criticism seriously when there is this attitude on the other end. Now all of this isn’t directed at you Nykavi, I’m making a larger point, and yet it seems to me that in this entire debate Aamir has become the ‘sweet spot’ for many folks. Everything else can be summarily dealt with but this is the one issue one can remain stuck on. If a Hispanic actor said he wishes to leave the country following Trump’s statements (and Trump isn’t even in power) one could criticize him for overreacting but in what universe could one find his statements more problematic than Trump’s. Again it’s not enough to say one is criticizing both if one is then spending a disproportionate amount of time just on Aamir and not on the rest.

        LOL, I’ve said more than I intended to. Not for the first time!

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        • Kyunki Junoon wohi hai. Pehle pyaar tha, ab sirf baukhlahat uski bewafai se. Magar junoon ki shiddat nahi badli.


        • Of course I expect all of this to begin again as the Assam elections get closer and specially when it’s about UP

          I fully expect the Babri Masjid/Ram Mandir issue to be raked up during the run up to UP elections! Somehow this too be will be defended by the usual suspects.


  73. NyKavi:IMHO, it was a frivolous statement on his part, made with the explicit purpose of piling on to this Intolerance brouhaha. Perhaps he got carried away in the midst of his liberal admirers, and just ad-libbed, maybe even invented this statement by Kiran. Clearly, he just did not expect those brickbats, otherwise he is too calculated to make such errors.

    A lot of assumptions being made there. Aamir got carried away, passed the buck on to Kiran Rao, he’s too shrewd etc.

    Why not consider for a moment that he was being his genuine self? He was asked a question on a forum where he started off by saying that honest journalism is the need of the hour in these times. Clearly, he was alluding to the media’s role in covering events on a forum that awards journalistic excellence.

    He could have stopped right there and the message would have still been the same. The fact that he was asked questions, specific questions and he gave, what looked to me, honest answers does not make him an opportunist.

    If I were to put myself in his shoes (leaving aside the privilege part of the argument) and let’s say I was living in Australia at the exact time when there was an upsurge in attacks on Indians. If I read in the newspapers about racial attacks on a regular basis, would I not be concerned by that? My apprehensions could be extreme but would I lose the right to talk about it? How would I feel if after expressing my concerns I was attacked by the Australian majority and asked to leave the country? You see the context?

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    • It was he himself who suggested to leave the country!! In response people asked him to go ahead and find that perfect utopia where tolerance exists.
      But lets put it another way. Martin Luther King never talked about leaving America, rather he fought the good fight and strived to gain rights for African-Americans. Aamir Khan is a shining example of minority success in India. If he felt there was genuine rise in intolerance, he ought to have done a new SMJ episode. But he spoke of leaving the country! And this is what rubbed people the wrong way. You are complaining about the reaction to his comments, but not questioning the logic of his comments.


      • Martin Luther King never talked about leaving America, rather he fought the good fight and strived to gain rights for African-Americans.

        I presume Martin Luther King also acted in films, entertained the public along with his civil rights activities!

        It’s quite amazing really — Aamir’s not a civil rights activist. He’s not even a political leader; just a celebrity with apparent pangs of conscience. He’s not striving to be Mahatma Gandhi. To even suggest that he should become one is farcical.

        Second, he did not suggest that he wished to leave India. His wife did! While narrating this incident, watch his reactions carefully — he’s pretty much horrified that such a suggestion was made by her!

        If people get rubbed by this much then it’s their problem. If people can’t digest a damning statement that’s contrary to their own vision, you guessed it, it’s their problem. Certainly not Aamir’s, who has a long history of lending his voice to social causes.

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      • OMG so it was an image of ”Martin Luther King Junior” you saw in ”Aamir Khan” and his not living up to this ”Exalted position” has perturbed you ”inconsolably”! My consolations are with you as ”Aamir Khan” has let you down, but it had to happen one day or the other as his ”diminutive stature” could not carry this ”Gigantic burden” any longer 😉

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        • If I’ve understood NyKavi’s response correctly, his advice is the following:

          1) Aamir Khan should strive to become like Martin Luther King (explicit)

          2) Meanwhile the people who attack Aamir can strive to be more like Nathuram Godse! Maybe even surpass him. (implicit)

          Truly bizarre!

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    • @ Saket — thank you once again for your well- reasoned comment. Finally some sense in this whole unnecessary debate. The sad fallout of this whole unnecessary brouhaha is that few will dare speak out on a public stage, speak in a manner that is individual and genuine, even if the truth hurts a bit. Platitudes are what gets you support on social media, otherwise you can expect to be lynched most unfairly as has been done to Aamir Khan through this last month and half, since November 23, when Aamir dared to say something slightly out of conventional and expected.

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  74. LS looking at some of your anxiousness, I think Aamir is going to do just fine. His resolve and steely nerves were visible in his statement which he issued after the controversy and the beautiful Tagore poem ‘where the mind is without fear…” . These guys are superstars not for any other reasons but pure spellbinding performances and magnetism on screen and not these minor aberrations and do not depend on psuedo / contrived blog types.

    Besides the lyricist had his reason when he wrote these lines for Indians –

    Kuchh toh log kahenge, logo kaa kam hain kehna
    Chhodo bekar kee bato me kahee bit naa jayey raina

    Kuchh rit jagat kee aisi hai, har ek subah kee sham huyi
    Too kaun hai, tera nam hain kya, sita bhi yaha badanam huyi
    Fir kyo sansar kee bato se bhig gaye tere naina

    I would put up the video of that song to make that point but for the time being enjoy the flavor of the season where freakin whole award show revolves around one man !

    Few glimpses here –

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  75. On that comment on times we live in here is a glimpse of the time pass on social media and the world we live in –

    RANI MUKERJI ‏@_rani_mukerji 9h9 hours ago
    WTH! #HappyBirthdayKRK is trending worldwide. Are you guys serious? Who all are trending it? Does it mean even @kamaalrkhan has fans? 😞

    Pahlaj Nihalani ‏@NihalaniPahlaj 7h7 hours ago
    Sach ka Diye Jao Saath. Tum Jiyo Hazaron Saal. #HappyBirthdayKRK. @kamaalrkhan

    KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan 7h7 hours ago
    Hahaha Thanks Ji @priyagupta999 #HappyBirthdayKRK…am giving you 5* for breaking all twitter trending records today!!! 😜😜😜

    @kamaalrkhan happy birthday bhaijaan. May you continue to entertain us throughout this year and be Kinder to our films 😉 good luck.
    KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan 5h5 hours ago
    KRK Retweeted Abhishek Bachchan
    Hahahahahahaha!Thank you Bhai Jaan n I will try. @juniorbachchan

    KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan 9h9 hours ago
    I think whole Bollywood is following me. Main Tweet Karta Nahi Hoon Ki Aag Ki Tarah Sabko Pata Chal Jataa Hai. Kamaal hai Yaar.

    KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan 11h11 hours ago
    Thank you Taran Ji. @taran_adarsh Happy happy birthday @kamaalrkhan ji. Stay healthy. Stay happy. Stay blessed

    KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan 11h11 hours ago
    Shukriyaa Bhai Jaan. @akshayerathi Happy birthday to India’s no 1 movie critic – The fearless jenab @kamaalrkhan

    KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan 31 Dec 2015
    With great @iamsrk at his home. via #Camera360#


  76. @ MS Dhoni — I get this feeling that Aamir’s careless statement may have put a brake on this his probable last lap of a good career lasting 25 years. Hope I am proved wrong. But the hatred on Twitter is seen to believed. The anger against Aamir is more than the same against SRK. On Twitter the usual suspects are celebrating Dilwale’s moderate success as a win for the nationalists and declaring that Dangal will face worse. Troll talk maybe, but some of these twitterati are doctors and supposedly educated people. Ah well. India is much bigger than this stupid created controversy.

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    • Picture acchi hogi yo chalegi. IMO Internet aware junta is small (they are vociferous and passionate though ). I think Aamir may have lost marginal goodwill but shouldn’t affect a well made movie. Say a D3 will fade faster. But PK will run irrespective of protests.

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      • I echo your views Munna as this whole ”intolerance comment” affecting the fate of Dil Wale is implausible and sans any rationality. Dil Wale took an opening the way it was presumed and had a good weekend keeping clash with BM in mind, but it didn’t make an impact in audience heart resulting in negative word of mouth and clash with BM made matter worse for Dil Wale as BM proved to be better movie with positive word of mouth. So even if we take the highest figure of around 10 to 15 Crore loss due to SRK’s ”intolerant remarks”, its box-office verdict would remain the same. So ”intolerant remarks” making a dent in the final box office figures of Dil Wale is highly exaggerated and an excuse to its dismal box-office performance.

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  77. Saw 4 more films though The Room still remains the best for me from Hollywood, and really loved Brooklyn too as i had mentioned in previous post.

    Joy – 8/10
    In media and critics, Overall response for this film is nowhere close to Silver Lining Playbooks or American Hustle. But, with Jennifer Lawrence in charge, you can expect a heartfelt ride. Her journey as entrepreneur with all the obstacles in business world and more of his own family is captivating and inspiring at the same time. There is something special touch she has in films directed by David O’ Russell.
    Watch it again – I can, given a free ticket

    The Danish Girl – 6.5/10
    It has really slow pace which works in favor of the film, but story doesn’t has much to say. Marvelous performances especially from Lead actor ‘Eddie’, who can be certain of some awards.
    Watch it again – No, still a good film

    The Hateful Eight- 7/10
    Pretty enjoyable and familiar terrain of Tarantino, i would still prefer The Django Unchained over this. I still didn’t mind it for the entertainment it offers.
    Watch it Again – Some moments and cinematography real deserve a revisit.

    The Big Short- 8.5/10
    It is about how some expert financial market analysis face the real and earn bog moolah, during the course of their journey they know how morally wrong it is to earn from financial institutions
    Watch it Again – I can, if i find time and have some good company

    with this I have seen all big and critically acclaimed movies of 2015 except
    Masaan(will be watching today),
    Titli (Not sure if i can sit through this, trailer looks so disturbing),
    The Revenant (watching Next Weekend),
    Anomalisa (watching This Sunday in Newyork),

    And with this i am done with 2015.

    Happy New Year to All


  78. The ground situation in India has changed. Indian educated youth might not be very religious but they are certainly very nationalistic and proud Indians. Being well travelled they have seen what actual racism and intolerance is all about. Thus, they can see through Aamir’s petty politically motivated comments. The anger on Twitter refuses to die down. Remember all against him are not Modi fans, a lot of my friends are AAP volunteers and people despite their party priorities have condemned the comments. Aamir’s arrogance and ego will cost him. In fact, the negativity against Aamir quite easily surpasses SRK now.


    • Dino, now stop behaving like some fuck lord of the moon who control people’s destiny. Aamir faced much bigger issues during Fanaa ( 2005 ) and even then he never compromised and here we are in 2016….11 years later and subsequent results are there for all and he has been capitulated to even bigger stardom. So time is the best healer / teacher. Its cliched but we Indians are very emotional lot and forgive and forget very easily. Among the top five ( i am including akshay and ajay too ) he is the only one far above monetary / peripheral considerations and it is this unique quality in his product which has become his usp which audience admire.

      Dilwale moderate success is partially due to weak content. I have already laid out some of the reasons why such a rushed product was presented to public and everything has a reason and coding.

      On the rest, no one knows what the political ‘hawa’ be down the lane and the tide may have turned around and the same internet crowd may be lynching/mobbing Modi / BJP since the inherent need to criticize is always there and there are more social networking platforms so venting frustrations has become a lot more easier. Modi wave gave BJP 31 seats out of 40 in Bihar and just a year later Delhi which is home to sanghi politics / trading community and Bihar showed them the exit door. This despite the money / muscle power and vitiating the atmosphere by his accomplice Amit Shah so all this is transitional.


      • Small correction — Fanaa was released in May 2006. Late in March or early April, Aamir got into trouble when he suddenly sat down with a Narmada Bachao Andolan group. His impulsive action landed him in hot water, but social media was then less widely in use unlike today. So the damage is perhaps more.


      • So now it has been proved. There is no difference between Aamir and SRK fans. Both can fall to any level to defend their stars. And Dilwale weak content, Bull shit. It’s much better than what SRK has done in last 5 years. Plus Rohit+ Varun Dhawan.


        • @ Dino — am not sure whose fan you are; perhaps SRK’s? Dunno. But please understand that some of us are speaking up for Aamir this time, because the man is being lynched unfairly on a social media driven by right wing forces ( my opinion). Ok, I am a fan of Aamir ; I am supporting him on this issue because I truly believe that he has been wronged. His one silly statement in a whole big sensible interview has been used against him to paint him into some sort of a deshdrohi he is NOT. Soon after the interview broke on Nov 23rd, the one dodgy line was picked up to create a monster out of a gauche moophat moment from a man generally known to speak sensibly on national issues.

          I did not support Aamir when he wrote that stupid dog joke on his blog. There are plenty of level- headed people out here , and we support or don’t on merit, not inflamed passions.And no, I personally have no problems with SRK — but I cannot understand the Star Wars between fans of the two Khans, especially on places like Twitter and sites like Pinkvilla.

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          • AamirsFan Says:

            again good comment LS. I’m really not understanding this deep rooted disappointment with Aamir. while I’ve appreciated all the comments I think the points by everyone has been made and some will just continue to be disappointed because of their own misconceptions about him.

            The dude made one comment (good or bad depending on ones opinion)…but look at his prior good deeds and his behavior. He has built enough good credit and should allowed some leeway.

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    • AamirsFan Says:

      if “this” is going to “cost” him then it will be hindi cinema’s loss. but i doubt it will really hurt him that much in the long run…if the guy will continue to be involved in solid movies…people will show up. also I’m pretty sure he will do some kind of interview between now and Dangal release…so you know the issue will come up again and I’ll be interested into how he handles it…

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  79. Being nationalistic is not the prerogative of a select group. And nationalistic should not translate to jingoism. Nationalism should not be an excuse for selective target practice. Twitter is in any case an absolutely graceless place.

    Dilwale has suffered to an extent thanks to these ‘nationalists’ . Here is how it happened in Mangalore:

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    • There are lots of jingoists on the prowl calling themselves nationalists. True patriots see the larger picture and are tolerant while jingoists bring bad name to the word patriotism.
      Education and travel made these jingoists arrogant and the anonymity of twitter gives these cowards a mask.
      The world is already suffering from climate changes and these make the matters worse adding their own pollution. One day our earth may not be there but these important things dont bother them. Only Aamir Khan and his films not doing well makes them happy. How petty!

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    • It is so sad and disgusting. Once I lived in Mangalore and I feel sorry that Mangalore has turned out like this. Congress party is opportunistic and they care for votes more than anything.


  80. The commentary on box-office verdict of Dil Wale by Indicine makes a lot of sense and reveals the ”bitter truth” behind the leniency adopted by trade on big star’s film verdict-

    Q. Though Bajirao Mastani might have won the clash domestically. Still Dilwale is far more profitable than Bajirao. Don’t you think verdict of Dilwale will be same as Bajirao Mastani?

    A. Verdicts are confusing these days, not just for the people who follow collections and verdicts, but even for us.. because there are so many factors involved. In today’s times, there is tremendous pressure on websites like us and even trade analysts to be more lenient. Verdicts are no longer strict. Trade analysts like Komal Nahta (Film Information, ETC) used to be very strict when it came to verdicts before, but now even they follow official collections and verdicts. One of the reasons for this is to create perception that a film starring a big actor hasn’t failed and two, there is pressure from fans – which has only increased because of social media.

    In olden times, verdicts used to given purely on the basis of recovery of domestic distributors. If that’s the case, Dilwale is a FLOP in India. There are no two ways about this. Shah Rukh Khan sold territories for a high price to distributors and some of them haven’t even recovered half of their investment. Rajasthan distributor, who paid 8.5 crore for the film, will lose about 4.5 crore of his investment. The verdict simply does not matter. The trade knows the truth and that is, Dilwale has failed in the domestic market. The same applies to even a film like Jai Ho.

    For Shah Rukh Khan, the producer, Dilwale is a hugely profitable film. The overseas share could be as high as 65 crore plus and that along with satellite rights, he would have recovered his investment. Recovery from domestic, music and everything else are his profits – which all combined could be close to Rs 100 crore. But these profits come at a cost of local distributors suffering huge losses. In other words, Dilwale would have been profitable for Shah Rukh Khan even if it collected 10 crore in India or didn’t release at all.

    Since Dilwale has done blockbuster business in the overseas markets, it’s final overall verdict would be Above Average or Semi Hit in the best case.

    On the other hand, since you ask about Bajirao Mastani, the film is a profitable venture for everyone involved. No one will lose money. The simple reason for this is, Bajirao Mastani has over-performed both in overseas and domestic markets. It has exceeded expectations wherever it has released. Dilwale has only performed well overseas.


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  81. ….and what makes one thinks that distributors are going to sit back and take such losses continuously and not go out of business…..for them its huge money and they don’t have printing machine at home.
    The basic fact is film business like other businesses has evolved and it is no more a distinctive producer / distributors / exhibitors biz in the strict sense and most of the business done on commission / profit sharing basis among select known people well versed with business esp where the heavyweights are involved where minimum returns are guaranteed.

    Its only where the corporate structure is involved they ‘lagao shendy’ like Fox for Bombay Velvet recently. And even here there is some sort of hanky panky going on and there were murmurs Siddharth Roy Kapur made Disney/ UTV pay top money for Tamasha , only to have a back hand deal of getting some kick back from Sajid Nadiadwala.

    “How Bollywood economy has changed over the past decade

    Toss a zinger at UTV Motion Pictures’ suave CEO Siddharth Roy Kapoor, one of the poster boys of the ‘corporates’ in Bollywood: “How much money did you lose on the high-profile turkey of the season, Akshay Kumar-starrer Tees Maar Khan (TMK)?” The studio executive calmly says, “Lose money? I made money on that movie.” Reacting to the doubt-ridden look, he adds, “At the time of its release, don’t forget, TMK was the third-biggest opening after Dabbang and 3 Idiots.” Corporate humbug, is the first thought that crosses the mind. But Kapoor reels out figures to support his claim. In short, the co-produced movie cost UTV Rs 70 crore, including the Rs 55-crore acquisition price and Rs 15-crore marketing spend, but the revenues from the various licensing deals and box office added up to Rs 81 crore. With a wicked smile, Kapoor adds: “Failure to live up to audience expectations or being dissed by critics doesn’t mean we don’t make money on movies that supposedly don’t do well at the box office.”

    To an outsider, Kapoor’s confidence from a cropper like TMK, may come as a shock, but for industry denizens its routine. “It’s part of The Game,” laughs Kamal Jain, Group CFO, Eros International, India. What may have failed to ignite the box office, or wowed the critics and got the fans excited can still be salvaged in the balance sheet.”

    Courtesy : The Economic Times


  82. The Budget Of Bajirao Mastani Is More Than Dilwale So Has It Actually Made More Money Than Dilwale As It Is Being Reported?
    Thursday 31 December 2015 11.30 IST

    Q. The budget of Bajirao Mastani is more than Dilwale so has it actually made more money than Dilwale as it is being reported?

    Ans. The budget is only lower as Shahrukh Khan is producer so figures going around do not include his remuneration. The recovery of Dilwale is also higher as it has much higher returns through Satellite and Overseas. The recovery will go close to 200 crore while Bajirao Mastani will be 30-35 crore less but that was on the cards as Shahrukh Khan is a superstar. The win is that it has stood up to Dilwale and emerged stronger in India. Recovery for such a huge budget for Bajirao Mastani against a film like Dilwale is a big achievement.
    M. Agha

    Q. Which film has more footfalls out of the Diwali releases Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and Happy New Year?

    Ans. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo as it put a big number in single screens despite having higher ticket rates at the main multiplex chains over its first weekend.
    Alok Khanna

    Q. The awards season has started but why are they so fake as earlier deserving films like Ardh Satya or Arth and deserving actors like Nasserudin Shah used to get awards but today every film and non actor gets an award?

    Ans. Those awards were behind closed doors so at that time awards were given to work which was hardly watched and you can do that today also but the people giving awards also want a financial return and for that you need big stars. Even today in terms of commerce they are not getting it right as ratings of these shows are not strong. The audience watches for the performances and comedy but have no trust in the awards. Last year you had Shahid Kapoor winning awards with Haider which is laughable for the audience when PK was there. Its another matter that Aamir Khan does not accept but not everyone knows that. The awards that provides best entertainment and the ones which the audience finds are making correct judgement will eventually get the best ratings. The days you mentioned are over, you still see films that no one knows about getting awards and in time this can also stop. You can’t make something for a mass medium like television and then cater to a small minority.
    P. Banerjee

    Q. Can Airlift be that big grosser for Akshay Kumar as big 26 Jan holiday and it has great response to its trailer on social media?

    Ans. Baby also had that holiday last year and could not do much. The film’s only plus seems Akshay Kumar and in today’s time even the biggest stars need support be it from production values, content or music. The makers also seem a weird lot as the promos shout from the makers of Baby and D Day, Baby is possibly acceptable but D Day was a huge dud in theatres and then more importantly on television so why do things which harm more rather than help. It could even be that the film loses the opening clash to Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3 as that film has a targeted audience and its very unlikely that Akshay Kumar fans are going to come out for Airlift in numbers initially making it depend in word of mouth..
    V. Sood



  83. The Force Awakens dropped 39.8% last weekend and has since crossed $625 million in record time. That 39.8% drop, however, takes into account the massive $57 million in Thursday night previews from opening weekend, take those Thursday numbers out of that opening weekend total and last weekend’s drop was only 21.9%, suggesting a drop this weekend around 30% is very likely for another weekend north of $100 million. That’s more than enough to top Avatar’s current record for the largest third weekend of only $68.4 million, but more importantly will open up the extreme possibility the film will best Avatar’s all-time domestic record of $760 million.



    • AamirsFan Says:

      post ’03…all but two movies (American Sniper and Avatar) have been sequels that were the top grossing movie of the year. America loves sequels…but not remakes.

      Going forward…all we’re seeing is sequels left and right..at some point there will be that crash that Speilberg was talking about a couple years ago. I think the most surprising franchise that came back from the dead was the Furious franchise…now it is bigger than ever. Mission Impossible also made a surprising comeback. Lets see how the new Bourne movie will fare with Matt Damon back.


  84. Singer Adnan Sami, Newly Indian, Tweets ‘Jai Hind’ With Tricolour

    MUMBAI: There is no intolerance in India, said Pakistan-born singer Adnan Sami after becoming an Indian citizen today.

    Mr Sami also sang his famous song – ‘Teri oonchi shaan hai maula…Mujhko bhi to lift kara de’ – after he received a citizenship certificate from Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju in Delhi.

    Asked about concerns expressed by actors Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan about alleged growing intolerance in India, the 46-year-old singer said everyone was entitled to his or her own opinion and their remarks were perhaps based on their own experience.

    “Had there been intolerance, I would not have taken Indian citizenship. I have never experienced intolerance,” he said.

    He then tweeted ‘Jai Hind’ along with the Indian tricolor.
    A New Beginning… A New Feeling… A New Belonging… A New Love Affair… A New Country… JAI HIND!!! pic.twitter.com/3wxoJFSJEf

    – Adnan Sami (@AdnanSamiLive) January 1, 2016
    Home Ministry officials said Mr Sami was granted Indian citizenship following his request to the Centre to legalise his status in the country on humanitarian grounds.

    The singer had first arrived in India on March 13, 2001 on a visitor’s visa with the validity of one year which was issued by the Indian High Commission in Islamabad. It was extended several times.

    His Pakistani passport expired in May this year and was not renewed by Islamabad which led him to seek Indian citizenship.

    This year the singer had a major hit with his song ‘Bhar Do Jholi Meri’ in Salman Khan-starrer Bajrangi Bhaijaan.


    • The new patriot on the block. When he is granted citizenship which he so badly wanted, what else would he sing?

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      • Ha ha. Now twitterati are using Adnan Sami to troll Aamir afresh. No opportunity passed by…😊

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      • lol, true. But the RSS now loves him!

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      • Why so much hatred against your own country? A Pakistani rejected by his own country has found shelter in Mumbai and granted citizenship of India. And he is rightly so proud of it. Aamir fans please be tolerant towards others and their views.


      • Point is not what he says but the fact that he was granted Indian citizenship.
        The greatest sign of tolerance is that we tolerate misguided deluded fools who consider themselves liberals.
        Unlike being of Muslim faith, being a misguided liberal disease and they have to be ‘tolerated’!


    • AamirsFan Says:

      jholi bhargayi. lol. 🙂

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  85. “There is no intolerance in India, said Pakistan-born singer Adnan Sami after becoming an Indian citizen today.”
    Thats a TIGHT slap for some …

    “When he is granted citizenship which he so badly wanted, what else would he sing?”–why this much of negativity & inherent DEEPSEATED hatred towards the country u presumably live in? U should move out …

    Congrats to Adnan swami… People like him are welcome in any country in the world be it USA, Europe, india..

    The IRONY is how those protesting against ‘intolerance’ and showing just that (albeit in a slight subtler way) and the way they are ganging against and attacking poor nykavi, dino, Ann shows it..

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  86. tonymontana Says:

    It is BOI’s commentary on awards which is laughable. so films which are actually deserving and reflect true quality are not deserving and the biggest grossers should be rewarded. Note the way this site disses the quality of something like Ardh Satya saying it wasn’t successful. It’s shameful to say the least.

    Honestly, I don’t have much respect for the misogynist, cheap, dirty minded single screen audience. These are the people hooting at salman Khan and worship him despite his assholery. These are the same people who hoot and whistle at skimpily clad women and even shag at women actresses in B grade sex films. Off theatre they go home to beat wives and have unprotected sex with prostitutes, leer at women and offend them in one way or the other. And such films watched by people like these make money. So let’s just award such films instead of Haider, right

    #craplogic. Long live BOI!

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  87. My Nominations and Winners from Bollywood for 2015

    1. Bajirao Mastani
    4. Talvar
    5. Masan

    1.Bajirao Mastani: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
    2.Talvar: Meghna Gulzar
    3. Piku: Shoojit Sircar
    4. Badlapur: Sriram Raghvan
    5. Masaan: Neeraj Ghaywan

    1. Talvar: Vishal Bharadwaj
    2. Piku: Juhi Chaturvedi
    3. Bajrangi Bhaijaan: Vijayendra Prasad, Kabir Khan, Parveez Shaikh, Asad Hussain
    4. Masaan: Varun Grover
    5. Badlapur: Arijit Biswas, Sriram Raghavan (adopted)

    1. Bajirao Mastani: Raveer Singh
    2. Tamasha: Ranbir Kapoor
    3. Bajrangi Bhaijaan: Salman Khan
    4. Piku: Irrfan Khan
    5. Maanjhi – The Mountain Man: Nawazuddin Siddiqui

    1. Tanu Weds Manu Returns: Kangana Renaut
    2. Piku: Deepika Padukone
    3. Tamasha: Deepika Padukone
    4. Masaan: Richa Chadha
    5. Dum Laga Ke Haisha: Bhumi Pednekar

    1. Badlapur: Nawazuddin Siddiqui
    2. Talvar: Irrfan Khan
    3. Talvar: Neeraj Kavi
    4. Masaan: Sanjay Mishra
    5. Dil Dhadkne Do: Anil Kapoor

    1. Bajirao Mastani: Priyanka Chopra
    2. Badlapur: Radhika Apte
    3. Badlapur: Huma Qureshi
    4. Dil Dhadkne Do: Shefali Chhaya
    5. Prem Ratan Dhan Pao: Swara Bhaskar

    1. Bajirao Mastani: Sudeep Chatterjee
    2. Piku: Kamlajeet Negi
    3. Bajrangi Bhaijaan: Aseem Mishra
    4. Masaan: Avinash Arun
    5. Roy: Himman Dhamija

    1. Tamasha: AR Rahman
    2. Bajirao Mastani: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
    3. Bombay Velvet: Amit Trivedi
    4. Piku: Anupam Roy
    4. Tanu Weds Manu Returns: Krsna

    1. Bajirao Mastani: Aayat: AM Turaz
    2. Tamasha: Wat Wat Wat: Irshad Kamil
    3. Masaan: Tu Kisi Rail Se: Varun Grover (based on a poem by Dushyant Kumar)
    4. Talvar: Zinda: Gulzar
    5. Bombay Velvet: Mohabbat Buri Bimari: Amitabh Bhattacharya

    1. Bajirao Mastani: Aayat: Arijit Singh
    2. Badlapur: Jee Karda: Divya Kumar
    3. Brothers: Sapna Jahan: Sonu Nigam
    4. Dum Laga ke Haisha: Moh Moh Ke Dhage: Papon
    4. Tamasha: Matargashti: Mohit Chauhan

    1. Bombay Velvet: Dhdaam Dhdaam: Neeti Mohan
    2. Talvar: Zinda: Rekha Bharadwaj
    3. Tanu Weds Manu Returns: Ghani Bawari: Jyoti Nooran
    4. Tamasha: Tum Saath Ho: Shryea Ghoshal
    5. Prem Ratan Dhan Pao: Prem Ratan Dhan Pao: Palak Muchhal

    1. Tanu Weds Manu Returns: Himanshu Sarma
    2. Bajirao Mastani: Prakash Kapadia
    3. Piku: Juhi Chaturvedi
    4. Talvar: Gulzar
    4. Pyaar Ka Panchnama 2: Rahul Modi, Tarun Jain, Luv Ranjan

    1. Bajirao Mastani: Saloni Dhatrak, Sriram Iyengar, Sujeet Sawant
    2. Roy: Vintee Bansal
    3. Detective Byomkesh Bakshi: Vandana Kataria
    4. Maanjhi – The Mountain Man: Nitin Chndrakant Desai
    5. Bombay Velvet: Shaira Kapoor, Sonal Sawant, Errol Kelly

    (The No 1 in every segment is my winner. No concession to box office success, reputation, or star status. The only criteria: QUALITY OF WORK)


  88. Two Corrections, both in the Female Playback Singer section: Tum Saath Ho is by Alka Yagnik. And replacing Prem Rtan Dhan Pao with: Bajirao Mastani: Deewani Mastani: Shreya Ghoshal


  89. BM the only second film that didn’t drop below 5 crore mark in 15 days

    Until now, PK was the only film that didn’t drop below the 5 crore mark even after running for 15 days at the box office. Now, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Bajirao Mastani has become only the second film to achieve this after successfully running in theatres for 15 days.

    The collections of PK dropped below the 5 crore mark on its 18th day at the box office. Bajirao Mastani has every chance of matching this record, as long as the film manages to collect more than 5 crore today. That would mean, Sunday would also be above 5 crore and the film would drop below that point only on its 18th day at the box office.

    The other film that came close to achieving this feat was Bajrangi Bhaijaan, which was above the 5 crore mark for 14 continuous days.

    Day PK Bajirao Mastani
    India Collections 340.6 crores –
    Day 1 26.63 12.81
    Day 2 30.34 15.52
    Day 3 38.24 (Sunday) 18.45 (Sunday)
    Day 4 21.22 10.25
    Day 5 19.36 9.4
    Day 6 19.55 9.21
    Day 7 27.55 (Christmas) 10.52
    First Week 182.89 crores 86.16 crores
    Day 8 14.55 12.25 (Christmas)
    Day 9 17.12 10.30
    Day 10 22.25 (Sunday) 11.75 (Sunday)
    Day 11 10.08 5.60
    Day 12 9.11 5.40
    Day 13 9.05 5.05
    Day 14 13.48 (New Year) 5.35
    Two Week Total 278.53 crores 141.86
    Day 15 6.85 7



    • taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 4h4 hours ago
      Slow and steady wins the race… #BajiraoMastani proves the adage right!

      taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 5h5 hours ago
      #BajiraoMastani [Week 2] Thu 5.35 cr [Week 3] Fri 7.50 cr [estimates]. Total: ₹ 149.35 cr. India biz. OUTSTANDING!


    • fantastic trending…


  90. Aamir Khan and so called liberals go on hiding when they see this name and persecution and intolerance she has been through in last decade or so … No voice.. Not even whisper … Data doesn’t prove intolrenace has increased. Please have a look at data but then data is no use when mind has already decided 🙂 …



    • Why on earth is Aamir even linked to this report about the travails of Taslima Nasreen, a bold outspoken Muslim citizen of conservative Bangladesh? Looks like Aamir is target practice whenever there is any report about any victim of intolerance anywhere. It’s beyond ridiculous and totally unfair, the manner in which an Indian Muslim liberal actor is being hounded on social media. Anyway, this sort of needling is something some of us may have to put up with and ignore, till the supposedly wounded side has had its fill or finds a new target.

      But among all the pettiness of social media, at least occasionally there is some good news. Whether a film is great or not, no political goon-gang has any business attempting to stop it from being shown. So, here is Dilwale, back on Mangalore screens, thanks to the efforts of one brave civic-minded activist , Vidya Dinker.



    • Did anyone ask Aamir about Taslima Nasreen in that fateful interview? Has he specifically spoken about her?

      But since you’ve posted this, let me post snippets from another interview featuring Taslima Nasreen specifically about Aamir. I won’t be selectively hiding the truth either


      You have allegedly made some strong remarks against Aamir Khan that ‘India is not intolerant’ and if ‘He had mocked the God in Pakistan or Bangladesh, he would have been hanged’.

      Some fundamentalists use my name to fire guns in whichever direction they deem fit. They publish my pictures with any remark that is actually their own view. In Aamir’s case too, this is exactly what happened. People didn’t even bother to go through my social networking accounts to check the authenticity of my so-called remarks. I had merely said ‘You would find intolerance everywhere in the world. I think India should be the safest place for Bollywood celebrities like Aamir Khan.’

      I really like him and his work. Right from Lagaan to Taare Zameen Par and PK, I have seen many of his films. Moreover, I respect him as a human being, actor and filmmaker who is committed to women’s rights.

      Full interview here


      • So Taslima Nasreen actually respects Aamir. What a shocker!


        • What a total lack of perspective & context !!

          The point of dino, Rajen, bliss isn’t what aamir says about taslima or vice verse BUT what these same liberals have to speak in defends of taslima
          Eg here

          @ LS–this is not about “conservative Bangladesh” but she was driven out from the land of ultra liberals like utkal Calcutta region
          U can’t get a word of support for her from ‘liberals’ …
          It’s this selectivity that irks people
          And unlike aamir who just has a risk of mild boycott of his filn(that too won’t happen) taslima was hounded and had to move from place to place and still gets threats…
          Is there even a comparison between what she faces and the relatively minimal problem aamir faces !!
          And how much have the Sanjanas, satyamullahs spoken in support of taslima nasreen??
          THATs the question my friends

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          • Taslima has my full support and she is a brave lady. But she did not face twitter rage. She got full support from twitter. Here we are talking about trolling. Taslima faces real danger and she has no security. But how come she is not attacked? Maybe the fundamentalists dont care and dont consider her worthy of their attention. Even the threat for Rushdie is not what it was.


          • Do we know Taslima as much as we know about the khans or Bachchan? Do we have full knowledge of her works? When we react, distance also matters. When a plane crashes or some disaster happens in a foreign country, usually we want to know first whether there are any Indians! We dont go for bangladeshis or germans immediately. Thats human nature.

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        • You are not answering the Q but telling your own story… If Taslima respects Aamir it’s Taslima’s greatness but not Aamir’s as that man only speaks where consequences are not too dangerous 🙂 . I have not heard any liberal raising voice when KP’s were thrown out of their birthland, or when kamlesh tiwari head is asked by lakh of muslims.. no debates, no op-eds, no breaking news..
          So aamir will speak on issue’s asked not what he feels is going around. Amazing hypocrisy. Aamir has right to opinion and I’ll defend him to last but then there is opinion of others also. FoE is not one way street. I can list out incidents where so called liberals go in hiding but then no use. Data punctures self created perceptions so i asked just check data of violence between 2009-2014. Modi was not ruling but Sonia and MMS. Whole debate is manufactured just they hate one man.

          Oh, What happened to Church attacks in Delhi. What was entire MSM and liberal narrative and what probe showed? Any discussion or op-eds on that probe which again punctured the lies, obfuscation and deceit of liberals and MSM??

          No.. Silence.

          Has any liberal raised voice or op-ed or breaking news when prof of Kerala hands were chopped by muslims for blasphemy .. No silence. Either speak on every issue (incl one’s own faith) or keep mum. Selective outrage


          • Modi was not ruling but Sonia and MMS. Whole debate is manufactured just they hate one man

            This is the problem. You look at everything through your prism, your ideology and affection for BJP/Modi. So Aamir’s comments are construed as a direct attack on Modi. Dibakar Banerjee, who probably is not political at all, returns his National Award and again it’s about how he somehow wishes to malign Modi!

            Is it safe to say that Aamir tou bahana hai…Modi ko bachana hai?

            As far as I’m concerned, I don’t look at it that way at all. Aamir raised a concern, he’s socially-conscious and quite liberal besides having a track record of doing good things. Ergo, I need to listen to him.

            If he has a perception that’s negative, any fears no matter how far-fetched they maybe from a Modi-fan’s perspective, I would like to see them assuaged. I would like to see people like Aamir engaged in a dialogue, a constructive dialogue, so that this negative perception does notlinger.

            Remember, perception isreality for almost everyone. Your perception informs your version of reality and so forth.

            The thing about perceptions is that they fester if they are left alone; they seem to change only if there’s a constructive back and forth…a two-way dialogue.

            And my point is this: if the Modi supporters can’t handle the voice of one Aamir Khan, who’s by all counts a liberal, who would they rather talk to? Hafiz Saed?

            Either speak on every issue (incl one’s own faith) or keep mum. Selective outrage

            Outrage is always going to be selective! People who are fighting for the rights of the Kurds in Turkey will not bring up Kamlesh Tiwary’s plight in India. People pissed off with Donald Trump will not bring up the violation of individual freedom in China!

            And talking about every single issue is downright impractical, if not a moronic idea. Either you become a part of the media, and even then you are tied to the institution that you choose to work for, or create your own media house, which requires a lot of resources to begin with.

            In either case, you have to leave everything you do, your passion, your talent, your line of work, just to offer an opinion! You have to move heaven and Earth just to offer your opinion! What kind of standard are you asking to be followed here?

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      • Regardless of whether Aamir speaks about Taslima Nasreen or not, and I doubt he’d ask for her throat to be slit, the extreme reaction to his comments reveals — you know what — intolerance.

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      • As for my own position on Taslima Nasreen, it’s the same as I hold on Salman Rushdie. What India under the Congress regime did to Satanic Verses is unpardonable. That is also a great example of a nation curtailing freedom of expression. Electoral politics be damned, it remains a black spot on India’s democratic history.


  91. Saw this on return flight. This is good, gritty and dark movie. The soccer seen towards the end fills you with conflicting emotions.


    ps – The Martian was time pass.


  92. Where is Omrockey?


  93. Will add this about the whole intolerance debate. The film fraternity, including Aamir, is at least a little hypocritical talking about intolerance while living in Bombay — the centre of Shiv Sena’s ascendancy. The goons from Sena have long terrorized the minority, not just Muslims mind, but also migrants from the South.

    I can understand the film industry operates from Bombay but if they’ve never thought about leaving Bombay because of the virulent (and selective) hatred that Sena preaches, there’s little else going on outside that ought to change their mind.

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    • I guess the film industry has to make peace with the Shiv Sena if they need to survive in Bombay. That is the sad reality. Earlier they were scared of the underworld dons. Now they have to tolerate the SS and brethren like MNS.The old man has been followed by UT and RT( and a grandson who started off by banning from Bombay Univ syllabus, an English course book authored by Rohinton Mistry) — all cordially invited to filmi happenings … What a terrible state, in more ways than one. I wouldn’t call our film folk hypocritical in this regard; more like realistic.😐And every year they put up a show for Maharashtra police too. Does Hollywood need to bow and scrape so much? I really would like to know.

      Recently, when SRK announced a donation for Chennai floods, he was pulled up by SS , for not helping out Maharashtra’s farmers. As I said, what a state.

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  94. Every Indian State has its own regional outfit violent enough to take lives if they speak against them in that state. One has to deal with regional outfits in a smart way while national parties must be broadminded enough. Bangalore has Kannada politics, Chennai has dravidian passions, Telengana has its own passion and other states have their own protectors like Narmada dam politics in gujarat, Trinamool in West Bengal, Khap in Haryana, Sikh overdrive in Punjab, Yadav politics in UP and Bihar. And now we can see BJP’s rightwing supporters active trying to get into regional politics catering to regional sensibilities. Congress also play this game when it suits its electoral instincts.

    By the way Aamir Khan has friendly relations with Raj Thackeray and he needs such powerful friends just like Bachchan needed late Bal Thackeray. Aamir also shook hands with Modi. I did not see him shake hands with Rahul or Sonia.

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    • Aamirians never said Aamir khan is 100 percent gold and he makes no mistakes. What we are protesting is disproportionate trolling.

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      • When was the last time you dreamed about Aamir ?


        • I dream about a happy world where everyone has healthcare and food. I dream about pollutionless air and clean water for everyone. I dream about a world where everyone is enlightened and helpful. I dream about a world where weapons and war are not necessary. I care about Aamir as a fan but I dont dream about him. I have a spouse and a happy married life.

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          • Well said Sanjana. The fact that a a few olf us Aamirians ( an easy term for Aamir supporters, coined on his blog by someone, even amused Aamir) have roused ourselves to give voice to the sustained social media campaign against Aamir through past weeks — the fact that we have bothered to congregate on poor Satyam’s blog and speak for a man who has few supporters really — is not going to go down well with a few others ,who are naturally going to ask sarcastic questions.

            So no, I don’t dream of Aamir either. I dream of an India where people live without fear that the film show they are attending will tnot be hijacked by a goon squad with an agenda, where roads are clean and neat without overflowing garbage, where food and water are available at an affordable price, where the mental environment is one of trust, warmth, readership and wisdom…..oh there is so much one dreams about , for family and society. Primarily I dream that ISIS can be contained, soon.

            But I am also happy to speak up for this loose- lipped blundering actor as and when I feel I can validly do so, not otherwise. And on this occasion, the actor is being metaphorically lynched ( yes An Jo, I am guilty of this term) all over social media, ENDLESSLY, and not by SS goons in underwear as they did to SRK on various occasions, but on social media, in an endless campaign that sees no sign of ending, even now in January. A visit to Twitter can leave one bruised.

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          • Very nicely written Sanjana.


        • I dream of Narendra Modi smooching Nawaz Sharif in humanitarian land, while taking his own selfie!

          Yes, I know…I know, total troll comment but agar mauke pe chauka nahin maara, tou phir mazaa kya 😉

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          • Ha ha. I am getting this mental image of the Modi-Nawaz smooch…☺️ BTW, I mistakenly ‘liked’ my own comment above. Sorry.😐


          • Chauka hi maarte toh achcha tha…yeh chakko wale dream se apne aapko kyon EXPOSE (in Himeh style) kar diya ? HAHAHAHA
            Anyone can expect smooching a man from Pathans, and nawaj sharif is also one. But, dont malign Modi with your dirty wet dreams.


          • I have nightmares of anti-corruption crusader Kejru happily making out with secular messiah Lalu in public but then complaining that he was molested.

            Oh wait that actually happened in reality 😉


      • What we are protesting is disproportionate trolling.

        That is precisely my grouse as well. Regardless of whether Aamir is guilty of not looking at the complete picture, he’s not totally consistent etc, the reaction to his comments reveals a disgusting mentality at work. This is what I intend to fight against!

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    • Yes, every state has its troublemakers. In TN the two Dravidian parties have their ‘rowdies’ (in local parlance). The local film industry treads warily, taking sides according to prevailing political mood. A few like Khushboo have been steadfast supporters of one group( DMK which is not in power now). And the common man too needs to be careful. Try removing one of the huge political posters that may well block your home entrance — you will be beaten up or arrested.

      But SS in Maharashtra seem more powerful than TN’s rowdies. A great state actually, Maharashtra, often diminished by its politicians.

      Yes, Aamir seems to have friendly relations with Raj Thackeray. The latter was recently photographed in his car, entering Aamir’s home for the actor’s Christmas party. Among the other film people photographed, he seemed to be the one politician. Aamir also seemed quite chummy with the Maharashtra CM, photographed with him in past few months. Donated towards farmer relief, did whatever the state leader expected of him, I guess.Aamir is also said to be good friends with Advani and daughter ( forgotten her name, a journalist of sorts I think). Also read this a few years back — that Aamir along with Advani was a follower of the Sadhu Vaswani group ( a mult- religious Sindhi organisation, if I am not mistaken), was photographed at the present leader’s 90 plus birthday celebrations a couple of times — which is why I don’t think Aamir is some sort of a fundamentalist Muslim. And his hasty words at Express meet, perhaps simply careless stupidity.


  95. Shame on SRK, he is not riding segway board, they never show him really doing it in full pose, and only varun dhavan is shown , i never noticed before until i saw this review-


    • SRK, you are fraud. and a third class cheap person who can’t do anything else than waving hands for nth time and making those weird faces as it is already evident in already released Trailers of FAN and Rees. No one is going to take you cheapo anymore.
      Enough srk, go to hell.


  96. Saw BM today .. It is well directed movie. But initial 30 minutes were quite bore with 3 uninspiring songs one after other, it was getting to my nerves till Diwani Mastani song sequence, movie turned the tide after that and maintained the interest till soulful end. My only complain is music, Except Diwani Mastani nothing worked. Ram Leela songs were way better. Overall a good one time watch .. 3.5/5

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    • ‘initial 30 minutes were quite bore with 3 uninspiring songs one after other’ ?
      This is a surprise, Everyone agrees on first 20 mins were the best.
      Actually i didn’t mind songs, as i listened these many times on eros channel. I think music is good but songs were not required in this sort of storytelling.
      Mohe rang do lal is no less than Mugle azam songs.

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      • charan raj Says:

        Raghav, why’r you surprised? Yakuza has watched BM after Wazir trailer. So, his lukewarm response is guaranteed. Now let’s see how he’s going to rate Wazir on 8th Jan. 😃😃😃


  97. Look how at deep-seated prejudiced notions and reservations about ”liberalism and tolerance” are clouding ”Nationlists” to suddenly declare Aamir as ”one amongst those deluded fools”! Tolerance is not ”Prerogative” of select few but lies in the fact that we can listen to others point of view and then rebut it with civility without resorting to calling names and besmirching and dismissing his or her entire contribution,however distant they might be from our definition of it! But look at the entire discourse with regard to Aamir’s sigle statement and irony associated with it that now he is being ”demonised” and called ”anti-National” by those,who in their entire life would have been indulging in ”anti-national and disreputing the Nation by their activities”! have suddenly discovered this ”Ultra-Nationalistic” facet in their personality (which had been lying dormant for all these years!)!

    And someone was aghast with Aamir’s ”inconsistent” remarks and also visit by him to Salman’s house after Salman’s lower court verdict as ”Salman aka Ek Tha Driver” ought to have been kept at a certain distance, didn’t find Salman’s ”kite-flying sessions” with Narendra Modi before 2014 election any wrong or improper is ”hypocrisy” of highest order! Narendra Modi’s ” Consistency” is unparelled and needs emulation as can be seen in his ”sudden discovery of transformation in Pakistan attitude” which made him to make a surprise visit to Pakistan and within a week Pathankot happens, yet no ”Nationalist and patriot” is in favour of waging a war against Pak or criticised intelligence failure of Government! Yet these double standards, duplicity and convenient politicking doesn’t outrage our ”Patriots” is a riddle for me??

    Posting this video with a very sensible voice bringing a breath of fresh air in these ”turbulent” times:

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  98. Another very mature and balanced take by Babul Supriyo, MOS for Urban Development which is how this entire matter ought to have been handled, instead ”cacophony” and ”mud-slinging” took the lead!

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  99. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Asha-Parekh-lobbied-for-Padma-Bhushan-Nitin-Gadkari/articleshow/50423635.cms

    In a startling revelation, Union transport minister Nitin Gadkari has claimed that veteran Bollywood actress Asha Parekh had come to him seeking to be recommended for the Padma Bhushan saying that she was ‘entitled’ for one.

    Addressing an event in Nagpur on Saturday, Gadkari said the giving out awards was creating a ‘headache’ these days and that he was being ‘chased’ for recommendations and that the celebrated actress had done the same.

    “Film actor Asha Parekh came to me for recommending her name for Padma Bhushan. The lift of my apartment was not functioning properly, so she climbed 12 floors to meet me in person and I really felt bad about it,” the minister said.

    Gadkari added that Parekh said that she was entitled for the Padma Bhushan due to her massive contribution in Indian film industry.

    Parekh was honoured with a Lifetime Achievement award in 2014 and in 1992 she was awarded the Padma Shri.


  100. **And someone was aghast with Aamir’s ”inconsistent” remarks and also visit by him to Salman’s house after Salman’s lower court verdict as ”Salman aka Ek Tha Driver” ought to have been kept at a certain distance, didn’t find Salman’s ”kite-flying sessions” with Narendra Modi before 2014 election any wrong or improper is ”hypocrisy” of highest order!**

    That’s me, An Jo – you could have taken my pseudo-name but I am giving you the benefit of doubt that you thought it would be more impactful if you shoved me amongst the ‘right-winger’ NRI tape-worms. That’s fine.

    Here was my response to that. And again I give you the benefit of doubt that you HADN’T/DIDN’T want to come across this before.


    Next, regarding Satyam’s issue regarding WHY is it that an Aamir Khan’s statement – WHY the statement of Salman or Aamir or SRK’s are important is explained quite well in Babul Supriyo’s statement as to WHY they are impactuful— disturbs the ‘ultra-nationalists’ [read Hindus – internet or on-the-road ones; whether on NH10 or I-95] more than RAMZAADE/HARAAMZAADE statement: Why does anyone ‘concur’ that these HARAAMZAADE statements by the freaks do not ‘bother’ the ‘arm-chair’ critics? Or that they are but ‘fringe’ and HENCE need to be brushed under the carpet as outliers? Right, because one DOESN’T write long, contrarian essays on such statements. Okay. Fair enough. By that token, WHY do I expect it UTTERLY ridiculous when Maher or anybody asks,’ Where are the ‘good’ Muslims? Why are they not protesting against ISIS or Islamist terrorism?’ Why should they? Don’t they have a ‘life’? Parents, wife, and of course, taxes?? So they are supposed to leave their life’s exigencies and protest day-in and day-out against Islamist terrorism? Just because a bunch of thugs hijacked and selectively appropriated passages or verses from the holy book to their interests? Also, can I use the ‘explanations’ provided on this blog regarding the stupidity when one tries to back-track and back-associate an issue? ‘Hey, you complain about 2002? Where were you in 1984? Extending that, where were you in the ‘60s? And by that token, where the hell where you in ‘46/’47?’ Isn’t a murder a murder, whether one uses a butcher’s knife in one fell swoop or a needle with a thousand cuts?
    And the reason, as I have always mentioned before, is the perfect SELFISHNESS of the Indian middle-class. They will BOOT out Modi and his government if he does not deliver on the promises— as the deficiencies pointed out regarding railway fares by MyselfAamir indicate.

    When you have FANTASTICALLY broad, irresponsible statements clubbing RSS = ISIS, one knows there is no further debate to be had. Because one knows where this is going to end up. It is better to walk out and let one indulge in a fantasy of, well, a ‘kind.’ And as I have previously mentioned, nouns and adjectives can pretty much be bandied about ANYWHERE and ANYHOW –whether here or anywhere.

    I broke my resolve to stay away from Aamir Khan fans but I will be stronger now to stay away from Aamir fans. It’s just that my name was taken directly – well indirectly – and I had to respond. I am done with this and have lost my tolerance to this INTOLERANCE debate. If Aamir’s ETERNAL-fans can FANTASTICALLY substitute DADRI-LYNCHING with KHAN-LYNCHING [they just missed KKK by a whisker], well, God or whoever the hell who is supposed to protect us take care. And yes, I NEVER realized that SRK was asked to go to Pakistan when he desperately wanted the Pakistan cricket-team players to play in IPL or when the SHIV-SAINIKS decided to protest in their unwashed undies in front of an artiste of Dilip Kumar’s caliber when he decided to accept Nishan-E-Imtiaz. Oh by the way, this happened before May 2014! Shocking, don’t you think? That was the time when REDIFF comments section was a haven of decency and intellectual superiority? How the standards and times have plummeted!

    What a fantastic NOISE TO SIGNAL RATIO we had at that time!! And how decently well EVERYBODY behaved when NOBODY was at any point in the triangle of ‘intelligent’ debates!!

    Adios Aamir Khan and more importantly, your fans who think challenging Aamir IN ONE INSTANCE is akin to challenging his very character. his entire life-time’s philosophy..Great tolerance shown here!

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  101. It’s for those who are accusing Aamir of selective outrage, a very searing interview with respect to the media’s role and responsibility and how it was misusing its powers. And it was way back in 2006 and against ”mighty media”, which had the means to damage his career, yet he spoke without bothering about consequences his uttering could bring about!

    Mainstream media has become like film media 15 years ago’

    What do you think are the core principles of journalism?

    First of all, it’s meant to be a watchdog of society not a lap dog! Very broadly speaking, I feel the media has a grave responsibility as far as news reporting is concerned.
    Celebrity marriages, lost dogs, drunken brawls. Trivial headline news and the sellout of mainstream journalism. In an unprecedented and outspoken interview, iconic actor Aamir Khan speaks out about the media to Shoma Chaudhury

    ‘I was taken aback by the vengeance with which a section of the media went after Mangal Pandey. It’s as if they had almost pre-decided to kill the film. I felt like setting the record straight, but for me to say the film was doing well is absurd. So I just fell silent’
    Aamir, you did saturation press for Mangal Pandey. But for Rang De Basanti you’ve kept totally away from the media. Why is that?

    Well, there are a number of reasons, and I’ll go into it at various levels. First reason, I was extremely surprised by the vengeance with which a fair section of the media went for Mangal Pandey. It seemed to me as if they had pre-decided to kill the film. A lot of articles came out on the day of the release regarding how badly the film was doing at the box-office. On the day of release it is impossible to tell. The fact of the matter is that the collections in the first week were record-breaking by leaps and bounds, not just by small margins. So if at all the stories in that first week had been “honest news”, they should have said the collections are breaking records. Instead, there were articles about how badly it’s doing. I must emphasise I’m not talking about reviews here because that’s personal opinion — people and critics’ personal opinion — which is fair enough. I’m talking about the reporting on how the film was doing. That really took me aback. I didn’t know how to react. I felt like correcting what the reports were saying and putting on record what the actual collections were. But somehow it didn’t feel right to do that because I’m an interested party and for me to say the film is doing very well is absurd. I felt the collections should speak for themselves; instead they were being altered. So I was taken aback by the vengeance. I was also disappointed in a majority of the media, be it television or print; reason being that while a section was attacking the film, the other section should have stood up and said, let’s talk hardcore numbers and be factual instead of imagining things and making up. That didn’t happen. So I just fell silent for a bit. I just didn’t know how to react. Why was all this happening? I was confused, quite frankly. So at the time I maintained silence.

    Is your media embargo a product of this?

    No, as I said, there are various reasons. Along with this, in the last one year or so, I’ve been amazed at the kind of reporting that’s happening in national news — whether it’s television or print. It’s extremely disturbing, I find. Strange and unimportant stories are constantly making headlines. Only things which are sensational or cater to very base emotions of people are headline news. I realise TV channels are sprouting every day and there’s a lot of competition to grab viewership. Similarly with newspapers. As a result they are stooping to the lowest levels to try and get readership or viewership which actually translates into money. So at the end of the day because they want more ads they are destroying what is a very important part of society and that is news reporting. The nation and society at large have a right to know what is happening in the country and in the right manner and right perspective. The kind of news making headlines today — earlier they used to be tidbits or one page which was meant to be entertaining, or half a page — not even one page. But now that’s the main news and stories of farmers dying or something equally important that affects our lives or affects the lives of a lot of people are being pushed to small, unimportant sections of the paper. I find this very damaging and alarming.

    Some ig somewhere has become Radha and that is national news, some actress has lost her dog, somebody’s affair has broken up, somebody’s in hospital — all personal stuff — and that’s national news. Certainly people would be interested in the film industry or entertainment world but that should not get the kind of prominence it is getting, I feel. It’s wasting important national space that should be used in a more productive manner.

    ‘My marriage was like a money-making opportunity for the media. I do feel as a public person I should voice my opinion for whatever it’s worth. News reporting is a matter of national concern. I can see why all this is happening in the media but I don’t condone it’
    Why did you decide —

    Sorry, to complete what I was saying, this was immediately followed by a very personal event in my life which was my marriage and in which I again felt the press had gone completely nuts (laughing) — in the way they were trying to exploit that occasion for their financial benefit. Trying to get pictures, going to lengths where they were making up what we were supposed to be wearing or what my children were supposed to have reacted to or said… All kinds of things. Absolute imagination.

    The thing is, I feel before being a star I am a human being and I have the right to conduct my life the way I want to, especially my personal life. If I’m getting married and I want to share it with a few close people, I feel I should be left alone to do that. Yes, report that I’m getting married, but that just makes one news item. I don’t think it deserves the kind of space it got in national news. I felt very violated by the attitude of the media at that time. Supposedly dignified newspapers and dignified news channels were indulging in the same things. Bit shocking for me. And at the end of the day I realise they were doing this to make money. They wanted viewership and they were selling time on their channels to get ads. So it’s very sad what news reporting has become in India today. That was another reason for me becoming silent and quiet. I had no idea how I was supposed to deal with this. I really don’t know how I’m supposed to deal with this. (laughing with exasperation) Do I take legal recourse? Do I file a pil? It was all so extremely intrusive. Even when we were away on a three-day stint to Panchgani with my family, they were all over there. When they couldn’t get close to me because fortunately I’m in a position where I could use security guards — other people may not have even that and it’s unfair that anyone can walk into your house and shoot what’s happening in your house — if someone tries to do that, I want to stop them; so I did my best to stop it and to a large degree I succeeded which obviously annoyed them even more. They started writing rubbish — stuff like my agency had used violence.

    There were reports of that?

    Yes, when they weren’t allowed in, reporters tried to push their way. Obviously they were stopped, so they started shouting, how dare you use violence? (laughing with exasperation) There was no violence. They were just being stopped from entering a space that was private. All kinds of stunts were tried. It left me amazed and upset and surprised at the way things are. Soon after that Rang De Basanti was releasing. I realised I wasn’t mentally or emotionally in a state to deal with these kind of people, this monster that the media had become. Who am I supposed to speak to and what am I supposed to say? It’s much better that I just keep silent. If the film has to suffer as a result of that, it will, but I feel the film has a strength of its own and we can use paid alternatives for publicising — take out ads that are paid for. And that’s what the producers did. They were of course alarmed that I was not going to give any interviews, but I was not in a state, quite frankly, to give any.

    We’ll come back to some of this later, but why did you decide to speak out now?

    I thought more about it and I do feel as a public person I should voice my opinion for whatever it is worth. News reporting is a matter of national concern. I can see why all this is happening but I still don’t condone that kind of behaviour. I really feel that the Press Council or some authorities in a position to do something about this must look at it very seriously. In fact I’d even go so far as to say I think there is a need for some kind of law or legislation regarding various aspects of the press.

    Newspapers like The Times of India were printing false news about me during the marriage. This is supposed to be one of the most prestigious newspapers in the country. None of the others are far behind. All the leading newspapers today are only interested in printing photographs of naked women in at least five pages of the publication — that’s what it’s come down to as far as I can see — on a daily basis (laughing) — not a one-off, on a daily basis.

    But to get back, I am of course against censorship or the press being curtailed in any way but at the same time I feel every individual in India has a right to privacy and that certainly should be protected. Unless I’m doing something illegal, in which case, please, make sure you intrude my space, but otherwise you can’t just walk into my house for titillation and to sell your magazines and channels.

    For complete interview follow the link:


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  102. all i can say is that it was common knowledge that srk fans are the blindest cheapest and can stoop lowest (ann is perhaps the only sane voice left—wtg gal).
    to give them credit, salman and srk fans still do justice to their khan clubbing and khan tag by pitching in to help each other in matters thay really are “all important ‘ ( in their minds)

    but its been shown adequately that aamir fans are worse than that..
    they totaally miss the whole point of debate and it all gets reduced to defending aamir in the “aamir vs others” debate ..
    i mean, which sane person cares a damn (beyond a point) about what a chap earning millions and living a life of extreme comfort and privilege said about his bedroom talk with his stupid wife..
    ok, he is being attacked on TWITTER but is that something so severe and paramunt as to keep the likes of aamirsfan, myselfaamir, satyamullah, sanjana, LS up all night maintaining a vigil round the clock in a RELAY ROTA SHIFT PATTERN?
    nothing else matters to them and in the whole debate they tease out the bits to defend aamir and his stance and care a damn about the rest

    one cant expect much from some others who are bound by their allpervasive and all encompassing faith, but one sees the “unhinged by faith” stooping to this intellectual obscenity, one does wonder & get surprised …

    and the biggest irony is when a person called aamirsfan who admits to come from the headquarters of internaitonal terrorism and minority persecution comes along and sermoninsing people of this blog on peace, tolerance and the works, while shedding no light on his own backyard???

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    • @ apex — ‘up all night, maintaining a vigil round the clock…shift pattern.’ WHOA. We live in different time zones ( I am currently in the US) and yes, we are following this thread, speaking up for a favourite who has been attacked waaaaay out of proportion to his supposed crime. So, yes, mock all you want, but what some of us are saying needed to be said. This thread was about Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani, but it got derailed into talk against Aamir, his supposed shocker of a statement dug out….and some fans came and defended him that is all. We all agree that he was careless with his talk, but the social media campaign against him is still on. So cut the sarcasm please. Aamir fans or not, we do have a life beyond this topic. And I actually put up a couple of comments related to original topic, about Dilwale’s forced boycott in Bangalore, thanks to Bajrangi Dal and how one activist has ensured its re- screening ( in the face of rape threats by Bajrangi Dal goons on social media). Few other than Sanjana bothered to react to those comments and reports from me.

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    • AamirsFan Says:

      “and the biggest irony is when a person called aamirsfan who admits to come from the headquarters of internaitonal terrorism and minority persecution comes along and sermoninsing people of this blog on peace, tolerance and the works, while shedding no light on his own backyard???”

      I wanted to say something here…then I deleted the comment. You’re not worth the explanation because I know you are just an instigator.

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  103. Enemies of humanity carried out the attack in Pathankot: Modi

    Totally hilarious! Suddenly, terrorists from neighbouring Pakistan become enemies of humanity. This coming from Modi. Wow, what a shocker!

    I wonder if his tone has changed since his recent visit (!), which had nothing to do with fostering peace but was set up at the behest of Sajjan Jindal, the brother of congress man Naveen Jindal. All to foster the steel industry in both countries. Nawaz Sharif, it may be known, has a steel company in Pakistan and likewise, Sajjan Jindal is a steel magnate in India.

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    • Will the true nationalists please criticize Modi’s enemies of humanity comment and go after him as well? Why not ask him to go and smooch Nawaz Sharif in humanitarian land.

      Meanwhile India’s soldiers die fighting enemies of humanity!

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    • You forgot the power industry also being set up in Pak by the other crony.

      Incidentally Indian embassy attacked in Afghanistan. Modi was there too before flying off to Lahore.

      What’s going on? the Enemies of Humanity have suddenly got very active.

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      • AamirsFan Says:

        paisa banana mein sab cheez chalta hai


      • Apparently the talks with Pakistan will not be called off. It all ties up rather neatly!

        Afghanistan is where the raw material comes from. So it’s also part of the business deal.

        Business people want Indo-Pak ties (Nawaz Sharif is probably personally invested in this) so that ore that comes from Afghanistan can be brought through Pakistan. It brings down costs, as usual.

        The Pak army and ISI don’t want normal relations with India as they lose their eminent status if there’s peace. Hence the attacks in Pathankot.

        But what about Indian martyrs? Will anyone tell them why they lost their lives? Is telling their families enemies of humanity did this to you, enough?

        Moreover, I am going to go out on a limb and say this is what is going to flood social media from the usual suspects: Hey, Pathankot is bad…but it’s not as bad as 26/11!!

        Stay tuned…

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        • The upshot is this: people who fight twitter/facebook wars or act as fronts for political parties are not even aware of the self-serving deals that get cut in the top echelons of power.

          But they willingly act as pawns in the game. That’s what happens if people choose to blindly follow a person, an ideology, out of faith, conditioning or any other reason.

          In fact, with the advent of twitter and facebook it has become much easier to indoctrinate the gullible. By following or subscribing to a number of like-minded feeds, you set yourself up to read the almost the same message again and again. On a daily basis at that. How long can the brain resist an imprint, especially when most of the times your brain works on auto-pilot?

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          • I don’t even think it is a terror attack. It wasn’t carried out on civilians. To me it is clearly a military attack and the govt at centre wants it to be seen as a terror attack so the Pak govt can be seen as helpless and blameless.
            One is missing MMS
            Wily Modi has taken most of MMS policies to follow especially this one. Twitter is flooded with the old tweets and the views that these leaders had then. But it seems nothing bothers them.

            Like Nero playing the fiddle, Modi’s bhashan including the statement that India should train good Yoga teachers while the op was going on, will go down in history.


          • For once I’m going to defend Modi. How he responded and what his policies have been with respect to Pakistan compared to the UPA is another debate. However this is a serious incident. Secondly there is no clear cut distinction between military and civilian sites these days. One morphs into the other. The same folks engage in both. It’s not just India. We’ve seen similar things happen elsewhere too. Now I myself find the rhetoric of ‘terror’ problematic inasmuch as all sorts of actions are defined as the same thereby canceling out the distinctions and making everything obscure. However this is not a Modi invention but more or less an accepted standard (rightly or wrongly) the world over. I’d also say this. Yes Modi’s policies have been much like the UPA’s in just about every sense when it comes to Pakistan (not only this subject but Kashmir as well! to mention one other example). However this measure of ‘realpolitik’ is I think to be welcomed. Because if you really had the Modi who was engaging in that tough campaign rhetoric you’d have other problems! Most leaders become less bellicose not more once they get into office once they’re brief and they start appreciating the real world consequences of that rhetoric. The world would be a much simpler place if it were easy to match rhetoric with actions but it isn’t. War is a serious business. Even for the stronger country. Even for the victor. So it seems to me that we can’t blame Modi for being too much of a hawk and yet equally attack him for not being hawkish enough (i.e. if one has supported hawks otherwise). There’s certainly been some confusion on the part of the govt following this attack but it was certainly a serious incident and might have been vastly more so had it succeeded. We shouldn’t underestimate or understate this stuff.

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          • Like Nero playing the fiddle, Modi’s bhashan including the statement that India should train good Yoga teachers while the op was going on, will go down in history.

            I almost expected Baba Ramdev to pop up and provide a solution to terrorist attacks through yoga.

            Presenting Patanjali anti-terrorist goli…ise khaiye aur khilaiye. Ya tou terrorist mar jayenge ya aap!

            Par ladai jaroor khatam ho jayegi!!


  104. Has any liberal raised voice or op-ed or breaking news when prof of Kerala hands were chopped by muslims for blasphemy

    No doubt an act done by enemies of humanity, as our beloved Prime Minister would say…

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  105. Before the film awards calendar takes off in our country, come lists by film critics of their choice of Best Films from the year gone by. This is mine. Keep in mind that this is a compilation of best Indian films released in 2015 from among those I watched; it covers fiction features in all languages, not documentaries.

    Feel free to disagree – civilly, of course. After all, IMHO – as we say in this age of acronyms – the whole point of watching films is the fun of arguing over them with friends afterwards.

    Here you go then: my list of Best Indian Films 2015.


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  106. BM – appox. 30% fall from last Sunday
    Dilwale – appox. 50% fall

    Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar
    Sunday Kanpur #Dilwale 3.11lacs #’BajiraoMastani 5.97lacs aproxs

    Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar 27 Dec 2015
    Sunday Kanpur #Dilwale 6.06lacs #BajiraoMastani 8.56lacs aproxs


  107. So it seems to me that we can’t blame Modi for being too much of a hawk and yet equally attack him for not being hawkish enough (i.e. if one has supported hawks otherwise).

    I do get your point but what’s this rubbish about enemies of humanity? This is the same guy who boasted of possessing a 56 inch chest?! Nowhere in realpolitik does it say that you have to respond with tail between your legs after such a serious incident!

    I’m actually in favour of resuming Indo-Pak ties, but people being told that enemies of humanity are hurting us is BS that wouldn’t pass muster in kindergarten. Imagine the kind of furore this would have caused had MMS given such a statement. And rightfully so, I say…

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    • And Nehru was and is called names for his peace initiatives towards China and Bose was hailed as a real leader for his aggressive approach! Now they have to eat their words. Not allowing parliament to work for years, instigating to attack neighbours directly just to rouse the public. And now when the opportunity comes, talking of restraint. If MMS had talked about restraint, he would have been castigated as coward and weak.

      Power comes with responsibility and now the same party sitting in power must be realising to be practical is the best way than to give into emotions which it advocated rather hoarsely when it was out of power.

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      • Invoking Sardar Patel and even Indira Gandhi wont be practical in these days where war means total destruction. Even US, China and Russia are waging proxy wars than engaging in direct conflict.


        • I don’t think anyone’s hankering for a full-blown war…but at least have the guts to tell the nation who’s behind the attacks! Is that too much to ask? Why resort to euphemisms to shield some business deals in the background?


    • All of that stuff I of course agree with. It crosses even the ridiculous at times. But that’s a question for his supporters to answer or own up to! Not that I’m holding my breath! And I coukd say this aboUT a lot of other subjects to. But then people, without any irony, defend fanatically parties at the very moment that they accuse others of being fanatical about their choices. These are rarely debates on principle but purely ideological maneuvers.


      • You just made me google difference between principles and ideology 🙂


        • ha! Ideally ‘ideology’ should have some ‘principles’ and it of course does as a theoretical matter but in practice people very often compromise all their principles for their ideological positions. And even more than this they do so for political parties that might or might not be maintaing any ideological consistency.

          One of the problems of the online universe (and of course social media) is that people can further confirm their ideological choices much more intensely than before. Because they only read news sources or go to sites or forums or whatever that reinforce those very choices. The ‘facts’ or any reasonable notion of argument is the first casualty. Even if you said the sun comes up every day you could probably find enough ‘like-minded’ people to oppose this! But they wouldn’t think they were crazy because they’d be surrounded by people like themselves. Sometimes more reasonable people also fall into this trap. Put differently if you said that Obama has his point of view while the Tea Party has its own you enter into a kind of world that favors the latter. Because the facts have little importance in such a framework. You can of course oppose Obama from the Right but the Tea Party or much of the Republican party does not represent a sane right-wing choice. Or in the Indian context you can oppose the Congress choice of appointing ideologically pure Marxist historians or whatever but the alternative shouldn’t be a guy who says people were doing interplanetary travel on planes 4000 years ago! You can say Harvard is a liberal institution but the alternative isn’t Bob Jones university! But this is unfortunately exactly what happens all the time.


          • Satyam.an off topic request..have you written any piece on ‘the prestige’.if so please share..


          • Just the following references Amit. The first from a year end list I made many years ago. the second some years later is part of an exchange with GF, the third is from a longer piece on Inception and Shutter Island:

            [ The Illusionist/The Prestige
            I tend to think of these as complementary works. Nolan’s the Prestige forms an interesting counterpoint to the Illusionist. As opposed to the Illusionist being about ‘magic’ and ‘magic’ being something in the film, the Prestige fuses the art of magic with the art of cinema. The latter with its numerous twists is structurally like a magic show even if it doesn’t seem emotionally as involving as the former. I would like to think though that here again the work is a bit like a magic show! If we truly empathised with these characters we would perhaps gain the kind of access into the film (Nolan’s box of magic) that the director doesn’t want to grant us. We are always on the outside, dazzled and puzzled, this is how it should be. In fact Nolan’s point in this vein might even be that too much identification with characters or situations in a film leaves us less alert to the ‘artifice’ involved. To re-iterate the Illusionist is the more spontaneous and more satisfying work but the Prestige is the more complex attempt and perhaps the one that will reward re-viewing to a great degree.

            There’s another tangential point here. Both the Illusionist and the Prestige are period pieces. Perhaps cinema (as symptom of the modern) destroys ‘magic’ once and for all. No magic trick can match the artifice of cinema. And no magic trick can seem quite as impressive to those soaked in the ‘tricks’ of cinema.]

            [I think this is a problem Nolan has anyway. Even in Prestige (still my favorite film of his and one I’ve revisited quite a bit) every last angle receives an explanation. In a film about magicians (and indirectly about cinema) it wouldn’t have been so bad to leave a little mystery somewhere! But this gets to the heart of Nolan’s tension. He always has this debit side where the ‘illusion’ is always explained. so you get the elaborate construction that explains how the illusion is created and so forth. This obviously offers a commentary on cinema as well. All the mechanics that go into creating magic on screen. However what Nolan neglects in this entire equation is that once that magic is created or the ‘result’ is obtained if you will, the work at that point is released from its ‘construction’. In other words it’s not just the sum of the parts that went into its making. It acquires a certain transcendence. One can certainly understand how this ‘illusion’ for created but it has by then acquired a life of its own. And this is of course true for any art form. Which is why Plato was forever suspicious of art. Once it is created it becomes ‘life-like’. The weak understanding here has been to suggest that he didn’t like art because it was a ‘copy’ of life but the more profound interpretation is that he was nervous about the fact that this ‘copy’ could then substitute for life (or that life itself was the ‘arch-copy’!)!

            In any case your Inception example is again the right one. Because here too there is just so much elaborate ‘architecture’ to the dreamscapes that it destroys a great deal of the fluidity, ‘associative’ power and ultimate enigma one associates with them. To this degree Insomnia might be the film where he most gets away from all of this. It might be odd to state this for a film which is an investigation and concerned with clues and so on but I think this ‘plot’ oddly releases Nolan (perhaps?) from his larger metaphysical burdens in just about every other film. Perhaps the remake aspect ‘tamed’ him in this sense.]

            [A better vehicle for all these concerns is perhaps Nolan’s Prestige. Here cinematic ‘magic’ is troped in a story about how magicians create illusion and the meta-critique is much more seamlessly blended with the turns of the tale. But even here within limits. The director’s greatest interest always lies in ‘architecture’, how things are put together. Whether it is Memento or Prestige or Inception it is this aspect that dominates. But this also introduces a tension in Nolan’s work. The obsession with ‘contruction’ and how illusion is brought about dilutes the power of the ‘dreamscape’ (the dream itself or ‘cinema’) which is surely about how ‘architecture’ is transcended in the visual result. We retrospectively take apart the dream, try to interpret how it might have been constructed, we imagine how the artifice in a magic trick might have been successfully completed, how a film might have been shot, how its ‘effects’ created. Nolan’s work however focuses only on one side of the equation which in fact must always remain barred to the ‘audience’. Has not the cinema lost its ‘magic’ to the exact degree that its architecture has either become too transparent or superseded by other kinds of technology? To err so much on this side is to lose the illusion altogether. It is Nolan’s greatest strength and equally his greatest weakness to ‘think’ construction. The Prestige though a more challenging work than Inception is also weighed down by its ‘machinery’. And if Nolan’s touch is much lighter in the latter it is also somes with different costs attached to it. In some ways the Prestige-Inception double is mirrored in his two Batman films with the later film also being much more heavily contructed and losing the spontaneity of the first work. Wondrousness is not a quality Nolan’s films ever possess.]


          • Don’t want a war at all.
            Finger is pointed at Modi for his behaviour.
            One expected him to be in Delhi and discussing the matter which his Home Minister had declared was over!!

            Instead there was a smiling happy looking Modi preaching Yoga while soldiers were dying.

            So the problems I have are;
            -Modi showing other priorities
            -Home ministry fooling people with ‘its all over and wel taken care of’
            -and now when after several hours with more dead soldiers they start blaming police
            -No preparedness


          • I think the battle is still going on.


  108. The Best Hindi films of 2015

    It has been a fascinating year for our movies. A year with storytelling bravado and great localised nuance. A year with topical subjects and progressive writing. A year of maturity, which, rare as it is, automatically makes it worthy of celebration. Here, then, are this year’s finest Hindi films:



    • What a fake ranking 🙂
      2015 rank should be the following –

      1. Baby
      2. Drishyam (can be clubbed with Baby as well if not been a remake)
      3. Baahubali
      4. Bajirao mastani
      5. Tanu Weds Manu Returns
      6. Piku
      7. Masaan
      8. Zor laga ke Haisha
      9. Bajrangi Bhaijaan
      10. Badlapur


    • Glad to see one of my favourites Piku top the list, though I am not sure if it deserves top spot. Predictably Bajirao Mastani ( which would be my topper) doesn’t even make it to Raja’s rather snobby list if I may say so. But to ignore BM is to ignore the idea that a film can be viewed at varying levels.

      BTW I am LS , commenting under changed I’d ( so that I can use star/ like button.


      • A rose by any name smells the same.
        I have not watched any of the movies listed or unlisted except NH 10 and Baahubali on big screen. Others I watched on TV. I heard great reviews about BM but due to some circumstances, I will miss that and may watch on tv.


      • Edit — ID


  109. Happy New Year Satyamians…

    Tried to catch up on the post but looks like too much political stuff again.


  110. Bajirao Mastani Third Weekend Business
    Monday 04 January 2016 12.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Bajirao Mastani continued to hold steady in its third week with a drop of under 50% from the previous weekend. The collections of the film till date are as follows.

    Week One – 84,36,00,000
    Week Two – 55,19,00,000
    Third Weekend – 17,75,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 157,30,00,000

    The film still has a chance to reach 175 crore nett but the collections will start to slow now as the holiday period is over and footfalls at multiplexes will decrease. The third weekend is the third highest ever after PK, 3 idiots and Bajrangi Bhaijaan.


    • As per taran, dilwale weekend is 7.75 cr and BM is19.5 cr. Boi is favoring dilwale by adding extra 1 cr to dilwale and deducing 1.5 from BM. Or they are just shying away to admit BM has hoghest third weekend of 2015 beating bajrangi bhaijaan which had 19 cr.


  111. Dilwale Third Weekend Business
    Monday 04 January 2016 12.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Dilwale had a decent hold in third weekend with a drop of 60% but collections are at low levels. The collections of the film till date are as follows.

    Week One – 95,37,00,000
    Week Two – 31,11,00,000
    Day 15 – 8,25,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 134,73,00,000

    The drops will start to come now as the holiday period is over and its looking a 142-143 crore nett finish for the film.


    • nah, RD wasn’t that big when he was alive.

      RD took off very high after aradhna just like rajesh and it’s like they both came down to earth pretty fast. RD did become very famous after 1942 lover story and his death with remix age.

      I would say LP are the bachchan of hindi music, just my opinion.


  112. Bajirao Mastani 3rd Week Monday (18th Day) Box Office Collection Estimates is 3.25 – 3.5 cr. The Third Monday Collections take the 17 Days Total Business to 165.6 cr.

    The film is heading towards the all time second third week box office collections as it should beat the third week business of Bajrangi Bhaijaan and 3 Idiots. It is a huge record for a film like this.

    The film from its second week has come into its own and is creating many records which were not expected in the first place. If the fourth week also trends at record pace like this then the film could aim at an even higher lifetime
    The film as of now is heading towards a 185 cr lifetime mark looking at the current trends which is a humongous achivement for the film.



    • Yes, very interested to see how this fares: the pollution levels are apocalyptic and strong + sensible regulations are needed to combat it. Delhi seems to be facing up to the problem but a number of other Indian cities need to as well…


    • Do you think people would talk about pollution in that thread?
      It will become Modi vs Kejriwal vs Sonia…Pathankot, Mumbai, Mazaar-i-Sharif….

      On the issue – The thing is that we are reactive in nature..our reactions are knee-jerk at best. Rains devastated Chennai. Have other big cities planners gone to Chennai to study and learn what we can do so that this doesn’t happen in their cities?
      What are other big cities doing for pollution and traffic.



      • Re: “The thing is that we are reactive in nature..our reactions are knee-jerk at best.”

        For sure: Chennai is hardly the first major Indian metro to suffer in this way; recall the Mumbai floods of 2005, exacerbated by a rather simple cause: the devastation of the city’s mangrove cover by rampant construction and ill-conceived development. In the decade since, forget any other city, I don’t think even Mumbai has learned anything. Climate change is not a “rich country’s problem”, it is in fact the poorer countries that will suffer way way more, and every year we see grim reminders of that…


    • Thanks for sharing this, Bliss. I have become a fan of The Atlantic and this article is another example of their sustained excellence. Quite liked the following excerpt:

      The web and its adjuncts have also changed the way people get and process information. Americans are less likely to share a common body of facts received passively via a small, collective set of sources like three television networks and one or two daily metropolitan newspapers. Now they can all actively seek out the information sources they want—and actively avoid those that provide dissonant information. And that has created a set of closed information loops for large numbers of people, supplying them with “facts” that may or may not be true. And often those “facts” are shared more widely via email and social media like Facebook and Twitter. Thus, 23 percent of Americans in 2014 did not believe that Barack Obama was born in the U.S., and an additional 17 percent were not sure. When “mainstream” media sources point out that “facts” are fiction, those who believe simply discount the mainstream sources. So Donald Trump can say anything, and fact-check organizations showing that his statements are false are ridiculed and attacked by those who support him and believe him no matter what.

      I had briefly touched upon this…It’s chilling to note that the Indian public is exactly following the same pattern of behaviour. What’s more chilling is that only 20% of Indians have access to the Internet today. Imagine what the situation will be once those numbers grow beyond 50%!


  113. Meanwhile the news channels have too much on their plate. Delhi’s odd even, Pathankot and no space for north east earthquake.


  114. If I am not mistaken, one of our well loved bloggers is back with his usual incisive take on BM on BR’s blog.


  115. “The film is heading towards the all time second third week box office collections as it should beat the third week business of Bajrangi Bhaijaan and 3 Idiots. ”
    As i had mentioned after seeing the film, beating an srk product as a competing same day release on a festival is unprecendented.
    Theres always something that breaks the camels back. For the past few years, the khan had split the festivals that gave them an unfair advantage…
    This should create a precendence and hopefully a good film should release with dangal in dec to fully milk the longest holiday period..
    theres always the last straw that breaks the camels back

    just skimmed thru Rangans post
    Rangan is definitely trying to grow and shed his snobbery
    But just like most of the people commenting on his blog, they tak themselves too seriously even on anonymous blogs..\\

    most of what they write is dictated by how they will be perceived or judged by others…I mean, u need guts NOT to take yourselves seriously and

    to be willing to make a FOOL of oneself and having the confidence of not bothering about others’ perceptions or judgements

    an example on rangans blog is punee–jus read some comments on hers—wanna give her a high5–…hope some1 congratulates her…
    am 2lazy2 post there..


    • I think , with Dangal, one big film can easily be released. Dangal is not a commercial film, and depends on wom. Though, it will take big opening in multiplexes and its trajectory could be more like Talaash.
      I wish Aayan mukherjee’s next with Ranbir kapoor get Christmas date as mentioned by BH and Dangal can move to end of November/start of December just like Talaash otherwise we want 2 big release on christmas, Dangal is not a commercial product masses could interested be in. For the sake of distributors atleast, this should happen otherwise one big festival will go waste.


  116. Anyways Aamir’s film have been underwhelming since 3i.
    Talassh was not bad but disappointing
    Dhoom3 was simply bad, and probably seriously damaged Dhoom franchise. We will figure out with next one.
    PK was underwhelming and repetitive, and it exposed RK hirani aswell, we are exhausted with his formula movies.


    • Talaash was a lovely film, beautifully made. It’s a thriller like Kahani, but different in its own way. A moody suspense cum supernatural tale dark yet never boring. An ensemble film, well directed, with great music, songs well shot. Aamir was rather sober, but Kareena and Nawaz lit up the screen with their personality and characterisation. Watched it recently a second time, on Netflix,three years after watching it in theatre. Loved it again. Thete was a small section that seemed slow, but film picked up quickly.


  117. 5 Most unexpected hits of 2015By Subhash K. Jha, Jan 2, 2016 – 09:51 IST

    No big stars… No promises of high-end entertainment. How did these films become money makers of 2015?

    1. Pyaar Ka Punchnaama 2: Luv Ranjan’s follow-up to his 2011 sleeper hit again succeeded without the prop of stars. Ranjan used relatively new but talented actors to address that age-old question: what do women want? Surprisingly even women loved this seemingly misogynist film with no Khans in the lead. The script was clearly the rock star of the show.

    2. Welcome Back: Anees Bazmi’s bizarre comedy of errors followed his pattern of storytelling. Actors bustling in and out the frames in groups and hordes pretending to be deaf/ mute/ blind/ dumb…did this film make any sense to anybody? The film raked it in. The moolah, I mean. Not the favourable reviews.

    3. Hate Story 3: Sleazy cheesy corny and outrageously imbecilic this purportedly ‘sexy’ film with 4 non-happening actors in the lead became a box office success. The producers proudly proclaimed this to be the most hated hit. Heated or hated?

    4. Kiss Kisko Pyar Karoon: Kapil Sharma’s movie debut was a baffling ode to polyandry with Kapil married to three women living on the three different floors of the same building, plus a girlfriend who blessedly didn’t live in the same building. The film was so politically incorrect and so regressive you wondered how Kapil forgot the first role of stardom. Success comes with responsibility. But who cared? The producers laughed all the way to the bank.

    5. MSG2: Self-styled god-man Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh’s supporters claimed this propagandist film with scenes of mind blowing miracles made more than a 100 crores during its first-week’s run. Speechless! Guruji ki jai ho.



  118. The Top Films For 2016
    Tuesday 05 January 2015 12.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    The year gone by was a disappointing one with only a few films film doing well and only 2-3 films becoming big hits. The hope will that 2016 will stop this downtrend which has been going for the last two years. The list below is for the top films of 2016. Its not saying the below films will be the top grossers of the year as that is impossible to judge because content decides that. They should be the top initial takers of the year though a surprise or two will always pop up.

    1. Sultan – July 2016
    2. Dangal – December 2016
    3. Raees – July 2016
    4. Dishoom – July 2016
    5. Housefull 2 / Great Grand Masti – June 2016 / March 2016.

    The above six films should all be initials of between 15-30 crore on the basis of a solo release and a non holiday release. Obviously competition and a non holiday will alter the numbers.

    The other films which can take a good initial are the two Tiger Shroff starrers Baaghi and The Flying Jatt, the action factor with a young star is a plus and good music will ensure a strong opening day numbers.

    There will be many films with chances on content but the two stand outs which can go very big will be Fan and Mirziya. Fan simply because it stars Shahrukh Khan and although the opening won’t be like a Shahrukh Khan film but if content is there the popularity of Shahrukh Khan will ensure it sustains at much higher levels than the normal content film.

    Mirziya is a modern adaptation Mirza – Sahiban a huge popular romantic tale set in the Mughal times in North India. Basically blockbuster material for North India if presented well and the newcomers can act. It has chances to do 50 crore nett in North alone and with that sort of number even if the rest are not so big, a three digit final number is there for the taking. It should emerge the biggest newcomer film ever in terms of business unless makers adapt the content poorly or newcomers are not up to it.

    The losers as usual will come in truckloads and in an industry where film makers of today just like to cater to the 75 odd premium multiplexes with the rom-com genre and thriller genre that is bound to happen.


  119. Business Comes Down For Christmas Releases After Holiday Period
    Tuesday 05 January 2015 12.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    The collections of both Bajirao Mastani dropped on the third Monday as the holiday period came to an end.

    Bajirao Mastani grosed around 2-2,25 crore nett on its third Monday which is a 70% drop from the Friday. The third week should finish around the 26 crore nett plus mark.

    Dilwale dropped in the 75% range as it grossed 75-80 lakhs nett and the third week collections are looking around 11 crore nett plus.

    The business after three weeks will 137.50 crore nett for Dilwale and around 167 crore nett for Bajirao Mastani.


  120. 18 Days Worldwide – Dilwale V Bajirao Mastani
    Tuesday 05 January 2015 12.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Dilwale still leads Bajirao Mastani Worldwide. The gap after twleve days was 34 crore and now after eighteen days it is 27.50 crore so Bajirao Mastani is making inroads in the gap but probably not fast enough to go ahead.

    India Gross – 187.25 crore
    Overseas Gross – 151.50 crore
    TOTAL – 338.75 crore

    Bajirao Mastani
    India Gross 220.75 crore
    Overseas Gross – 90.50 crore
    TOTAL – 311.25 crore

    NOTE – The India figures above are GROSS not NETT.

    Dilwale despite an under performance in India is heading to be Shahrukh Khan’s second biggest Worldwide grosser ever after Chennai Express (396 crore). Happy New Year amassed 343 crore and that will be crossed. Kick is at 351 crore and that can be reached also but has to be noted that there is a 10% plus difference in currency values compare to last year which helps the big Dilwale Overseas number come out even bigger when converted to domestic currency.


  121. http://nishantdas.net/252-2/ Ten real life facts about the Bajirao- Mastani story.


  122. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/hindi/music/news/Mumbai-band-pays-tribute-to-AR-Rahman/articleshow/50463366.cms

    City-based beatboxing group Voctronica has paid tribute to Grammy Award-winning composer AR Rahman with a vocal medley of some of his most popular work.

    Titled the ‘Evolution of AR Rahman’, the medley is a customised selection of Voctronica’s favourite songs, including ‘Yeh haseen wadiyan’ from ‘Roja’, ‘Ghanan ghanan’ from ‘Lagaan’, ‘Paathshaala’ from ‘Rang De Basanti’, ‘Tere bina’ from ‘Guru’, and ‘Behka’ from ‘Ghajini’.


  123. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Science-congress-a-circus-Nobel-winner-Venkatraman-Ramakrishnan/articleshow/50460663.cms

    CHANDIGARH: In a damning indictment of the Indian Science Congress, Indian-born Nobel laureate Venkatraman Ramakrishnan has refused to attend the Congress ever again.

    When asked by TOI on Tuesday why he wasn’t attending the ongoing annual Science Congress in Mysuru, Venkatraman said, “I attended one day (of an earlier Congress) and very little science was discussed. It was a circus. I find that it’s an organization where very little science is discussed. I will never attend a science congress again in my life.” Last year, he had objected to politics and religious ideology being mixed with science.

    Top Comment
    any moron who speaks against India or its thoughts or culture or tradition is seen as a champion in western world & … Read MoreBhanu Karan Shardha

    Addressing a gathering at Panjab University earlier in the day, Venkatraman alluded to a claim made by a participant at the 2015 Congress in Mumbai about planes having been invented by a sage in the Vedic era. He said, “The idea that Indians had airplanes 2,000 years ago sounds almost essentially impossible to me. I don’t believe it. The point is that if that technology was produced in a method so described that anybody could replicate it, then it becomes science.”

    Venkatraman, who was born in Tamil Nadu, is a structural biologist at Cambridge University; he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2009.

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