Airlift trailers (updated)

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  1. Looks good.


  2. @Satyam – Just that every star could not do meaningful and vice versa. And for this path to even be possible a star has to be willing to sacrifice a great deal in the present. It took Aamir many years to get to that position. Yes Lagaan changed everything but he’d been at it for a number of years before as well………. ”

    Special 26, Baby, Holiday and now Airlift…..let us see if Akki is ready for that transition and get a different audience base excited.

    Promo looks fantastic !


  3. This does look interesting. Might finally see an Akshay Kumar movie on the big screen!


  4. No one plays the working class hero better than Akshay Kumar, Airlift proves it

    When it comes to the working-class hero Akshay Kumar is the superman of the genre. In the brief but brilliant trailer of Airlift which is just out, Akshay not only owns the screen he also talks directly to us explaining the historic perspective of the film so succinctly we feel we are there in Kuwait in 1990 when Saddam Hussain’s attack happened.

    There is a virile vividness about the trailer underscored by the presence of a hero who is at once strong and vulnerable. Akshay Kumar’s incredible and growing-with-every-film screen presence is increasingly being used by filmmakers to create a historical perspective in our cinema. We saw him tackle global terrorism with unostentatious panache in Baby.

    In Airlift it’s a more intimate chunk of thrilling history chosen to spotlight the actor’s ability to be so convincingly and unconditionally heroic during times of unmitigated stress. As Akshay tells us, this is Kuwait in August 1990 when a trigger-happy lunatic decided to take over leaving 1 lakh 70,000 Indians stranded in the grip of a stunning siege.

    “Iss naam ki bhi koi keemat nahin rahi,” Akshay’s voice-over informs us.

    This is the story of an Indian businessman Rajat Katiyal who takes it on himself to carry the Indians stranded in Kuwait to safety .What impels men like Katiyal to assume a heroic role under duress?

    The trailer of Arlift answers this question in a very direct way: when calamity strikes, heroes come up on their own volition.

    The smartly executed action sequences and Akshay Kumar’s towering presence indicate the arrival of an important new director Raja Krishna Menon. The packaging of the material is so precise and unapologetic we get the feeling of being there during the time of the action. The trailer is shot with tremendous savoir-faire, going neither overboard with the thrillers, nor downplaying it just to seem cooler than Argo or Baby.

    One hopes the other characters are fleshed out with as much care as Akshay’s. In the trailer it’s Akshay’s heroism-under-pressure all the way.

    And that’s okay by us. Perfectly ok.


  5. tonymontana Says:

    While this may ultimately not prove to be 100% authentic, this does look relatively exciting to big budget money spinning yarns. Gives an Argo-like vibe too.

    If the choice of his last 3-4 films is an indication, Akki seems to have paid heed to his critics. Baby didn’t gross 100 crores, but was still successful for its genre and profit making. And which of his lowbrow entertainment post House full 2 gross more than 100 anyway?


    • If you are saying gross then all of them. Better say nett, then only rowdy rathore and holiday. And gabbar is back is you take producer’s figure.


  6. Is Akshay Kumar the ultimate Indian hero?
    His films are a constant reminder of why one needs to keep flaunting his patriotism.


  7. the scruff gets my vote..


  8. Superb Song .. When the last time Arabic tune was used in Bollywood ?? I guess Di Di of 90’s …. this song also sounds little bit similar .. but way better.


  9. In “tujhe dedi” who is the woman with akshay
    Akshays good as usual but she’s doing better than the belly dancers
    Sort of like her –who’s she
    Ps: agree with maggie — the scruff sorta workz


  10. Must watch.


  11. B-town goes all praises for Akshay Kumar’s ‘Airlift’ trailer

    After Akshay Kumar showed his patriotic avatar in the trailer of his upcoming flick ‘Airlift,’ Bollywood celebs flooded micro blogging site Twitter by praising the actor.

    Sharing the trailer of the film, veteran actor Anupam Kher wrote, “Loved the trailer of #AIRLIFT. @akshaykumar, my friend, you are doing some very exciting work. Jai Ho.:) ”

    Meanwhile, Hrithik Roshan tweeted, “@akshaykumar @AirliftFilm Akshay, this is looking dam good my friend! Will love to see it. Tell me when. Promises to rock!”

    Replying to Hrithik’s tweet, the 48-year-old actor wrote, “Thank you brother! Will definitely show the film to you soon.”

    Akshay’s ‘Brothers’ co-actor Siddharth Malhotra also praised the actor and wrote, “What a thrilling n intriguing story # AirliftTrailer excited to my brother in this one @akshaykumar kill it.”

    In the flick, Akshay will be seen as an influential businessman, Ranjit Katyal, who decides to save Indians first upon himself and his family in a war torn Kuwait. The trailer gives a sneak peek of the time when Iraq invaded Kuwait and Indians had to be evacuated in 1990.
    Directed by Raja Menon, the flick also stars Nimrat Kaur and Purab Kohli in lead roles.

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  12. I just saw the trailer: it’s a pretty “Hollywoody” kind of premise* and film, but nevertheless, I am looking forward to it (I agree with the comment above about Akshay’s “populist” vibe, and it’s great when he channels it for more sober fare than his comedies offer): Akki looks very very good here, and very convincing. Perhaps the subject is also closer to my heart because I used to live in Dubai when Iraq invaded Kuwait, and we lived and breathed nothing other than that Gulf War for several months…

    *[the best of these films is D-Day, and if Airlift is even 75% of the way there it will be well worth watching; on the evidence of this trailer, it might manage that.]


  13. I was looking forward to it but I have to admit I am disappointed with the trailer.

    When you are telling a human tragedy and evacuation story, the initial focus must be on those people. It enables you to relate to their plights.

    In Schindler’s List for e.g. the major initial focus is on the political context and on the plight of the Jews. The savior’s track isn’t really the focal part initially. But, in the latter parts when he decides to save those people, you are really moved by all of it because by that time you are moved by the plight of those people and by the tragedy they are in.

    The problem with Airlift is that it is the formulaic Bollywood movie. The focus is purely on the hero, his family, there are love songs and inevitably since it is based in the middle east there is a belly dancing song!

    It seema less about a human tragedy story. It is more about one guy who has lost his roots and redeems himself through the evacuation story. It doesn’t look like the tragedy story of those 170000 people, It is more about 1 man.

    I would have preferred it to focus on the stories of those people who were working hard away from their families and country of origin when they are hit by tragedy. There surely were interesting stories to tell about them. More interesting than seeing the hero prancing about with belly dancers.


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