the BOmbay report (2016): 08th Jan-14th Jan

Week 2 then, of a Box-Office experiment that attempts to understand Box-Office beyond just the numbers; and hopes to arrive at the less tangible, but perhaps more genuine, indicator of how well-liked and well-received any film is/was.

We are starting only with Mumbai for now. We will be taking into account all the screens in the Mumbai region; that is inclusive of Navi Mumbai, Thane and Kalyan-Dombivali even.

The films will be assigned points based on an algorithm that takes into account parameters such as- a) how many screens did the film open on; b) the capacities of these screens; c) the occupancy in comparison to the capacity; d) daily sustenance/growth/drop in the occupancy; e) change in the number of screens in successive weeks; f) change in capacities; g) occupancy in relation to changed number of days and screens; h) occupancy in relation to newer and existing releases; and so on.

These points, the Audience Interest Index (AII), hope to be an all-encompassing indicator  of buzz, desire to watch translating to actual occupancy and finally acceptability… and that most prestigious of all goals- trending. As this is a new experiment, we may get a true picture only as we go along.


Top Ten Films In Mumbai (08th January 2016 – 14th January 2016)

10) CHAURANGA (Hindi)

  • New Release
  • AII Points- 45



  • New Release
  • AII Points- 54


08) NAHLE PE DAHLA (Bhojpuri)

  • New Release
  • AII Points- 57


07) DILWALE (Hindi)

  • Release Date- 18th December, 2015
  • Weeks Running- 04
  • AII Points- 58
  • Last Week- 162
  • Difference- (-) 64.1%



  • New Release
  • AII Points- 60


05) DADDY’S HOME (English)

  • New Release
  • AII Points- 141



  • Release Date- 18th December, 2015
  • Weeks Running- 04
  • AII Points- 251
  • Last Week- 480
  • Difference- (-) 47.7%



  • New Release
  • AII Points- 444


02) NATSAMRAT (Marathi)

  • Release Date- 01st January, 2016
  • Weeks Running- 02
  • AII Points- 806
  • Last Week- 1419
  • Difference- (-) 43.1%


01) WAZIR (Hindi)

  • New Release
  • AII Points- 1722


– AII for the week- 133.62; AII for last week- 108.2

– 23.4% more people went to the cinemas overall this week in Mumbai in comparison with last week.

– Of the 29 films playing at the movies this week as compared to 30 last week, 11 were new releases, and 12 films ended their run last week.



















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