Ghayal Once Again, Airlift (ongoing), the rest of the box office

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  1. Not many hopes but hoping the best for Sunny’s Ghayal Once Again!! I hope he at least gets decent reviews and average boxoffice instead of outright disaster or flop!


  2. Airlift Has Good Hold In Second Week

    Airlift had a good second week in the main cities as it grossed 26 crore nett but collections in places like CP Berar, CI, Bihar and Rajasthan had noticeable drops. The drop week on week is 67% which is good. The total after two weeks is close to 106 crore nett.

    The first week was a record for an Akshay Kumar starrer but the second week figures are less than films like Rowdy Rathore, Housefull 2 and Holiday which all went over 30 crore nett. This is because those films held well all over while Airlift hold is mainly in the big 25-30 cities. This is enough for the film, the problem would have been if it was just the 4-5 metros.

    The film is already a record grosser for Akshay Kumar in east Punjab, West Bengal and Mysore and has chances to to be number one in Delhi / UP also as it is 2.50 crore nett short of Rowdy Rathore and has chances to make that up in the next two weeks or so.

    Friday 05 Febraury 2015 12.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network


    • Airlift is the highest grossing niche film of India, surpassing Bhaag Milkha Bhaag that held the record earlier.


      • AamirsFan Says:

        “highest grossing niche film of India”

        what the heck does this even mean…how was this a record???


  3. Mastizaade Has Poor First Week
    Mastizaade is a flop with poor first week business of 18 crore nett apprx. The film had a poor weekend and could not do much in the weekdays. Monday had low collections but the fall was not huge but it was inevitable the fall would come and it came on Wednesday as the film sank to low levels. The film has fared it a little better in markets like CI and Gujarat but they are still very low.

    The film has fared worse than Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3 which was of the same genre released two weeks ago. The film is continuing on limited shows in the second week and may hit 20 crore nett for lifetime business if its is lucky.

    Saala Khadoos was also poor grossing around 8.50 crore nett in week one. The film had good growth on Saturday but as collections were low it was not good enough.


    • The era of Sex comedy almost ends!!!
      Last hole will be Great Grand Masti, but i dont think that too will do well.
      It’s sad as ‘sex comedy’ is usually a safe genre.
      Not sure if censor has played a negative role by cutting all relevant scenes.


  4. Ghayal One Again Decent At Single Screens

    Ghayal Once Again which is a sequel to the 1990 blockbuster Ghayal had a fair opening at some single screens but collections at multiplexes were around 15% which is not good enough. The metro multiplexes were always going to find it tough for this type of action film but the film would have been in a good position if multiplexes in cities like Jaipur and Ahmedabad took a good initial.

    The business in the multiplexes of these type of cities will be crucial as single screens alone cannot take you far and its not as if they have opened bumper. The film will have to improve collections throughout the day and follow through over the weekend. The opening is better than Sunny Deol’s last film Singh Saab The Great (2013) but less than Yamla Pagla Deewana (2011) which took a strong start in Delhi / UP, East Punjab and Bihar.

    The other release of the week Sanam Teri Kasam is fair. Normally these love strories with new casts turn out to be washouts with no audience in the morning but here the the film should get reasonable numbers and then will have to build on them over the weekend..


  5. ‘Airlift’ success can’t be measured with Rs 100-cr tag, says Akshay Kumar

    He is known as the man with the Midas touch in Bollywood. In a career spanning over 25 years, Akshay Kumar has managed to carve a special place for himself in everybody’s minds. Adored by the audience and favourited by directors, he is also considered a reliable and bankable actor by his producers. And his latest box-office outing, ‘Airlift’, which has soared into the Rs 100-crore club in ten days flat, once again corroborates the fact that the time for a non-song-and-dance formula cinema is ripe, and it can reap rich dividends.

    In a telephonic interview with Lopamudra Ghatak of, the 48-year-old spills the secret about his box-office success and how Brand Akshay does not follow the ‘the more, the merrier’ module when it comes to films.

    First up, congratulations! You have steered ‘Airlift’ into the Rs 100-crore club. In a matter of 10 days, it’s made Rs 105.29 crore! How does it feel?

    Akshay Kumar: Thank you. For a film like ‘Airlift’, which lacks songs and other commercial elements that are synonymous with a Bollywood blockbuster, to enter the Rs 100-crore club is stupendous. But it is not so much as a victory of my film in particular. I see it as a victory of the Indian people and the kind of cinema that they have started appreciating. With the BO success of ‘Airlift’, they have increased the value of these kinds of films. Earlier, such films would never garner such a response commercially.

    ‘Airlift’ is your 4th film to cross the Rs 100-cr mark after ‘Housefull 2’, ‘Rowdy Rathore’ and ‘Holiday’. You are known as the man with the Midas touch in the industry. Do you feel a certain pressure to outperform your own work?

    Akshay Kumar: The kind of films that I do can’t be measured with the Rs 100-crore mark. These films are not typical comedies or action films which have item numbers and six songs. Honestly, I am not worried about working in films that must click at the box-office.

    For me, the logic is simple: I try and work on films which are high in content and very low on budget. I want to create a body of work which will leave an impact on the minds of people. There is a limited audience for such films but I want this number to grow. The commercial audience already exists as is evident from films that work at the box-office. But it is the ‘Airlift’ kind of cinema that needs to be nurtured.

    Frankly, I want the single-screen audience – which is used to films replete with action flicks and item numbers – in non-metros to come and watch an ‘Airlift’ in the multiplex.

    At the same time, fewer releases in a year can be tough to sustain. How does Brand Akshay, with 4-5 films a year, manage to do that? What gives you the confidence and the courage to pull that through?

    Akshay Kumar: I have been doing this for 25 years and it has never been a conscious effort. I have worked only in films when I have liked the scripts. In fact, a lot of my co-stars keep asking me how I manage to complete four films a year. The simplest answer is that a film actually doesn’t take more than 60 days to finish, and I try to wrap it in the scheduled time. If you make your project in a proper time frame, it is bound to work.

    This is the first time that you have worked with Raja Menon. His earlier two films (‘Bas Yun Hi’ & ‘Barah Aana’) didn’t exactly set the cash registers ringing. How long did it take you to decide to work with him?

    Akshay Kumar: When Raja came to me with the ‘Airlift’ script, I thought he had something new to offer. It was a true story of a man going to another country and saving 1,70,000 people. I was optimistic that we could make it. In my 25-year-old Bollywood career, Raja is the 17th new director that I have worked with.

    I liked the script at first go but I told Raja that we had to make some changes. So we sat and worked on it and it took us about 16 drafts to get the right ‘Airlift’.

    Also, how intense was your preparation as Ranjit Katyal? What were your reference points?

    Akshay Kumar: I did not do any preparation at all. I just went ahead with the conviction that my director knows everything as he had had the script for the past five years. He had his relatives who were stranded there in Kuwait. He made me meet a lot of people who happened to be there at the time when this had happened and I would observe their body language closely. That, is the only homework that I had done.

    In ‘Robot 2’, you are appearing as a villain. And you are pitted against the Superboss Rajini himself. A villain at 48: do you think you are taking a risk?

    Akshay Kumar: I never thought that a villain is not a good role. I think it’s a great role to play. I have played the character of villains in my earlier films ‘International Khiladi’ and ‘Ajnabee’ where it was a particularly risky proposition as the film had depicted wife-swapping!

    Coming back to ‘Robot 2’, I couldn’t have asked for a better hero to fight on-screen than Rajini Sir. It’s great to be in the same frame. He is a cult figure and respected across countries and cultures.

    Exclusive: ‘Airlift’ success can’t be measured with Rs 100-cr tag, says Akshay Kumar

    What is your comfort zone? Comic capers like ‘Hera Pheri’ or the angry action hero as we have seen in ‘Baby’, ‘Holiday’ and ‘Rowdy Rathore’?

    Akshay Kumar: My comfort zone lies in both. But, honestly, it changes after every 3-4 months. I want to keep reinventing myself so that there is something new. I am experimenting with a negative genre. There is also a romantic thriller ‘Rustom’ in the works.

    You had done ‘Khatron Ka Khiladi’? Do you want to return to the small screen?

    Akshay Kumar: No, I don’t have any plans at the moment of returning to TV.

    Do you want to explore Hollywood?

    Akshay Kumar: No, am comfortable doing cinema in India.

    You are a fitness freak. Do you want to create a brand extension for the youth?

    Akshay Kumar: Yes, there is something in the works. And hopefully, I will be launching my own fitness brand sometime next year in 2017.

    Your better half Mrs. Funnybones has been a nationwide hit. How does it feel like being written about every week? Does she consult you if she hits a writer’s block?

    Akshay Kumar: Thank you! My wife does have a funny bone and writes witty stuff. I like what she writes as it’s fairly easy to follow. And yes, sometimes, she does show me her writing and we discuss over a cup of green tea.


  6. Cheers galore at a screening for school kids in Odisha, when the Indian flag goes up in @AirliftFilm #ProudFeeling— Ranjit Katiyal (@akshaykumar) February 2, 2016



    • Satyam did you notice Abjr saying about shooting for a movie directed by anupam kher!! Any idea???


      • I think he was referring to his old movie ‘Om Jai Jagadish’ with Kher as director..I don’ think he as anything apart from ‘House full 3’ now.. Very honest and modest interview..Hoping some good projects come by AB jr this year..( Bluffmaster 2 🙂



    Curious what role Akki has… Chitti the villain was actually the main lead in Robot.
    By signing Robot2.0 Akki – who has always over shined his costars in the past – seems to have done the right choice.


    • I have no doubt that With Rajni + Akshay, Robot 2.0 will be the biggest hit of India in every state, every city, every village, every theatre and every screen.
      My guess is India’s first 1000Cr nett movie across all languages, if Baahubali was 800cr and PK 700


      • That doesn’t even mean anything assuming you are indicating that 1000 cr is being reached because of Akshay. Even without Akshay the movie would have matched Bahubali 1 and even exceeded it in all of South due to Rajnikant. Where Akshay’s presence helps vis-s-vis the first Robot movie is the Hindi market and if the movie is good the Hindi market can go past 100 cr…Akshay in this movie is irrelevant from a South stand point. They were treated to a bigger villain in Robot 1 (rajnikant himself). And I say this not as a slight but this is how people see a Rajni movie as….Everybody else in the movie is irrelevant…

        Bahubali 2 will surely reach quite close to 1000 cr if the movie is as good as the first installment as even in Hindi there is lot of expectation for the movie now….


  8. Ghayal Once Again grossed around 6.25 crore nett on day one. The film could not collect at much at multiplexes but was decent in B and C centre single screens especially in UP, Bihar and Central India markets. The problem is they don’t contribute much to the box office and can’t really take the film far so multiplexes have to improve.

    The film will need a good rise in multiplexes on Saturday and Sunday. Basically the film has to be close to double digit numbers on Sunday but that won’t be easy as its an action film and the growth for these is normally not very high.

    Sanam Teri Kasam grossed around 0.75-1 crore nett which is not too bad as these type sometimes collect under 25 lakhs. The problem is it does not have the reports to double its collections up on Saturday which would actually give the film a chance.



    • It is a pleasant surprise that Ghayal 2 has grossed over 6 crores. Means it is really good. Wish Meenakshi Sheshadri was also part of this. Sunny and Meenakshi had good chemistry.


      • Taran has it at around 7.2cr. BOI has it at 6.25cr. The collections are coming mainly from the B and C Centres.

        I think Singh Saab opened at around 5cr two years ago and did around 35cr lifetime. Ghayal will be a bit higher, I feel, maybe around 45-50cr. The movie’s budget is said to be around 50cr, so maybe it is going to be alright,

        This is Sunny Deol’s market now and unfortunately it is limited to the B and C centres which doesn’t mean much BO-wise these days.

        That said, it is still commendable for a 58 years hero to do it on his own in what is an out-and-out action movie that is practically songless (there is only 1 song) and heroine-less (Soha is barely there).


      • Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar 2h2 hours ago
        Estimates, #GhayalOnceAgain collects 5.85crs aprox #Airlift gets 1.35crs aprox #SanamTeriKasam under 1crs aprox, yesterday at the BO


  9. Airlift grossed 1.25 crore nett apprx on its second Friday. The drop is around 66% from last week which is pretty good as it had competition from Ghayal Once Again. the drop is similar to last week. The business of Airlift till date is as follows.

    Week One – 79,64,00,000

    Week Two – 26,00,00,000 apprx

    Day 15 – 1,25,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 1,06,89,00,000 apprx

    The releases of last week Mastizaade and Saala Khadoos saw heavy drops and will do limited business in their respective third weeks.


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    Mumbai-based stand-up comedy group All India Bakchod (AIB) have a knack of giving a comic spin to a contemporary issue. This time the group have decided to ‘celebrate’ the work of a man who wears many hats (literally) — singer, composer and actor Himesh Reshammiya. As soon as the trailer of Reshammiya’s latest flick ‘Teraa Surroor’ was released, the AIB team set to work and released their own set of posters featuring Himesh Reshammiya.

    ‘Teraa Surroor’ is the sequel to his 2007 film ‘Aap Kaa Surroor’. The first look poster of the film shows the 42-year-old music director pointing a gun towards himself while flaunting his shirtless muscular body.

    AIB, which had earlier given their own take on the desi ‘Breaking Bad’ after Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan announced that he wished to remake the hit American TV series. AIB’s Indian version of ‘Breaking Bad’ was called ‘Todenge Ganda!’.

    The latest album, titled ‘Hollywood Mein Surroor’, includes nine epic Hollywood movies that Himesh could be a part of.


  11. A quick note on Spotlight-
    A very satisfying watch. Great to see a such a small but thoroughly enjoyable film. Has six Oscar nominations but doubt if will anything.
    May be editing. Great performances from the ensemble cast. Recommended.


  12. >a man who wears many hats (literally)

    That fooled me till I read on. LOL


  13. “He is a responsible actor and does more than just movies. His remark on intolerance was just a concern more than anything else. I don’t think advertisers dropping him after that is cool,” said V Sunil, executive creative director of global advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy and the man behind PM Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ campaign. “One hit and the same advertisers will be running behind him again.”

    His troubles started last November when his comments about rising intolerance in the country galvanised a slew of protesters to run campaigns against him on social media. Along with Khan, all the brands that he endorsed, past and present, including Snapdeal, faced their ire. The outcry snowballed into a media crisis and Snapdeal had to issue a statement to disassociate itself from the actor’s personal remarks. Last month, Khan was dropped as brand ambassador of the tourism ministry’s ‘Incredible India’ campaign. And last week, senior executives at Snapdeal hinted that the Gurgaon-based online marketplace may not renew its contract with the actor for which he was paid around Rs 15 crore.

    “Celebrities are paid huge sums of money by companies for their services. Some of them charge Rs 2 lakh for just a tweet. If you are a brand ambassador of a company, your responsibility does not end after the shoot. You need to be extremely careful of what you say or do in public because the reputation of the brand hinges on that,” said the CEO and chairman of one the country’s largest FMCG firms. “Having said that, consumers have short-term memory. Give it some time, and Aamir will be back in reckoning again.”

    Interestingly, Khan, who charges around Rs 4 crore for a campaign, is one of the highest paid brand endorsers in the country. His popularity stems from the fact that he is extremely selective about his movies and the brands he endorses, unlike other popular B-town actors who sell everything from cement to chyawanprash.


  14. Secular, liberal and democratic –

    श्याम याद करते हैं, “मैं सोने जा रहा था कि मेरे पास फ़ोन आया कि क्या आप मारे गए सिख लोगों के शव देखना चाहेंगे. उस जगह जाने के लिए कोई टैक्सी ड्राइवर तैयार नहीं था. मैंने एक ड्राइवर को वहां ले जाने के लिए पांच हज़ार रुपयों का लालच दिया, जो उस ज़माने में बड़ी रक़म होती थी. जब हम वहां पहुँचे, तो चारों तरफ़ जलते हुए रबर की बदबू फैली थी. जलते हुए टायर पड़े थे और उनके आसपास गुड़मुड़ाए हुए गट्ठर पड़े थे. जब मैं रेलिंग के ऊपर से कूदकर ज़रा और नज़दीक गया तो मैंने पाया कि ये गट्ठर नहीं सिखों के जल चुके शव थे. कुछ के सिरों पर अभी भी जलती हुई पगड़ियां लगी थीं. मैंने 119 लाशें गिनीं और तभी मैंने देखा कि पास में ज़ैतूनी रंग की सेना की लॉरी खड़ी है. उसका पिछला हिस्सा खुला था और उस पर एक के ऊपर एक शव पड़े थे. उनको गिन पाना तो मुश्किल था, लेकिन मैंने अनुमान लगाया कि वहां कम से कम 30 शव थे.”


  15. It is so real 🙂


  16. Just watched Rajdeep Sardesai’s in a no holds barred talk showTwitter Townhall with Sri Sri RaviShankar on India Today news channel. Quite interesting.


    • RAjdeep asked Sri Sri how to counter twitter abuse he receives in plenty.
      Sri Sri declares that SRK and Aamir are not anti national.
      He supports women’s entry into temples where they are prohibited.
      He supports homosexuals.
      He explains how is apolitical inspite of.
      He does not approve bans.


  17. BOSTON: Recalling that the rise of Hitler in Germany and the imposition of Emergency in India came through normal democratic process, actor Kamal Haasan said “constant vigil” is required to safeguard freedom of speech in a democracy.

    “Democracy is often touted as the only bastion of freedom of speech. It is a work in progress. Constant vigil is necessary to safeguard it,” Haasan said at the annual India Conference of Harvard University on Saturday evening.

    “It is only through the offices of democracy that Adolf Hitler rose to power. In the Indian political history, Emergency was promulgated and voices were silenced,” he reminded.

    In his keynote address, the “Vishwaroopam” star, who is a part of the reform committee that is going to recommend changes in the functioning of Central Board of Film Certification in India, said freedom of speech should not be taken for granted.

    “I have taken the opportunity to put on record here and in India we can’t take freedom of speech for granted and complacently think that democracy automatically means freedom of speech,” Haasan said.

    He, however, pointed out that he is not criticising the democracy of India and, in fact, is proud of it and wants the country to set an example for the whole world.

    “Not only India, but the world is in transition. The world is going to face new challenges, find new opportunities. We want India not to be complacent, but set world standards,” he added.

    Haasan said “religion in politics” is not healthy.

    “What Nehruji spoke of once of unity in diversity, now we are trying to lose it very fast. In a world of open source, protectionism cannot work like medieval times.

    “Those evangelising democracy nowadays want us to believe that it is the only hope for freedom of speech. I, as an artist, believe that freedom of speech is separate from the ruling political state.”

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    You could, for instance, spot award-winning actor and director Aparna Sen, sitting in a quiet corner. Her response to your eager request to interview her would be an almost headmistressy-sounding diktat, “Go watch my movie, it’s playing now, and I’ll answer your questions after that.” That moment’s become especially memorable when you consider that for a National Award-winning actor and director, Sen sat in that corner largely unrecognized. There were no shy fans queuing up to take selfies or talk to her.

    No one tells you that you could end up sitting next to a courteous and unassuming old man and engage in small talk only to learn later that he produced the critically appreciated movie, Utopia, which was Afghanistan’s official entry to the Oscars this year.

    They also don’t tell you that Bengalureans are huge fans of Mani Ratnam. So huge that when you end up at 10.30am to attend an open-house session with the director, you have bouncers stopping you at the entrance because the hall is full.The next thing you know, you are caught in a mini-stampede and are holding on to the rails for life as an angry argument breaks out between the organizers and a miffed public. Of course, all turns into amusement and amazement when you see a besotted fan telling the director, “After every movie that I watch of yours, I turn into my favourite character from that movie and live like that for months after”. And when you see him getting mobbed by the audience after the session, you realise the power of cinema.

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  19. Ghayal Once Again Has Fair Sunday
    Monday 08 February 2016 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Ghayal Once Again managed to do fair business on Sunday. The multiplex business was better on Sunday after low figures on Friday amd Saturday. The weekend business of Ghayal Returns is as follows

    Friday – 6,25,00,000
    Saturday – 6.50,00,000
    Sunday – 7,75,00,000

    TOTAL – 20,50,00,000

    The film has fared better in mass pockets especially in UP, Bihar and MP. The film being Mumbai based has held back collections in Delhi NCR and East Punjab as normally Sunny Deol films out perform in these parts but this is not the case for Ghayal Once Again..


    • BOI owner is fond of Deols, so the commentary is soft .. despite weekend business equal to Wazir. though both movies have fair weekend .. but Wazir commentary was flooded with Poor, Flat, surely flop kind of words.


      • Charan raj Says:

        It’a not BOI who’s at fault but people like you.When you present somebody as biggest ever movie star of this univers then the bar is always higher.Same is the case here as 20 cr weekend for Deol is ok but for biggest star of univers is disastrous.Since this is the perception only but it is damaging the actor very badly.


  20. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 2h2 hours ago
    #GhayalOnceAgain Fri 7.20 cr, Sat 7.65 cr, Sun 8.40 cr. Total: ₹ 23.25 cr. India biz.


    • Wazir performed decently and did around 19.9cr in its first week-end according to BOI but they were quick to discard it as a flop. Rentrak and Taran has it at around 40cr lifetime and it is a decent grosser. BOI has always been quite negative on Bachan’s movies.


      • Charan raj Says:

        Wazir is a flop and that’s all.The movie had around 50 cr budget and it wrapped under 40.So,how come is it a decent grosser?


  21. The evacuation lasted from August 13 to October 11, 1990; 488 flights were operated over 59 days to bring 111,711 passengers home.

    Hotha says, “In those days, Air India maintained its rigorous training programme that had been designed under J R D Tata. Our service was reflective of traditional Indian hospitality and this was seen in the evacuation as well. We all were extra compassionate towards the helpless people — they had already lost so much and their faces told so many stories.”

    The Amman evacuation merited an entry in the Guinness World Records.

    Unfortunately, there was no standard operating procedure that detailed the process so that it could be used as a reference for future operations. The apathy saddens many proud Indians, including Air India’s staff.

    Political interference in recruiting, the growing belligerence of the airline’s crew, the apathy of its top management and the blatant misuse of the power and funds of the politicians who treated the airline as their personal fiefdom has destroyed Air India.

    But the pride and nostalgia for the Maharaja lingers, as the Amman evacuation made all those involved feel very proud.

    Preeti Singh in New York


  22. Noted Urdu poet Nida Fazli passes away : Noted Urdu poet Nida Fazli passed away today. He was 76. Fazli suffered a heart attack.

    He became known among readers and ghazal singers for his elegant presentation and exclusive use of the colloquial for ghazals, dohaas and nazms, while avoiding ornate Persian imagery and compound words.

    Some of his famous film songs include Aa bhi jaa (Sur), Tu is tarah se meri zindagi mein (Aap To Aise Na The) and Hosh waalon ko khabar Kya (Sarfarosh).

    He wrote columns for BBC Hindi website on various contemporary issues and literature.

    West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee condoled his death, tweeting, “Saddened on the passing of noted Urdu poet,lyricist and Sahitya Akademi awardee Nida Fazli #RIP.”

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    • Urdu poet Nida Fazli passed away on Monday and several celebrities paid their respects on Twitter:

      Lata Mangeshkar: Aaj mashhoor Shayar Nida Fazli sahab ka inteqal hua is baat mujhe bahut dukh hai. Allah unhe jannat ataa farmaaye ye meri dili dua.

      Mahesh Bhatt: Ghar se masjid hai bahut dur chalo yu kar le. Kisee rote huye bachche ko hansaaya jaaye… Nida Fazli Saab Khuda Hafiz!!!

      Shabana ‏Azmi: Nida Fazlis poetry was influenced by Mir n Ghalib also by Kabir n Meera.Urdu poet who did MA in Hindi Our composite cultures shining eg RIP.

      Annu Kapoor: Great poet Nida Fazli is no more may his soul rest in peace a gem of Hindi Urdu literature and a learned man my deep condolence.

      Madhur Bhandarkar: Kabhi kisi ko mukammal jaha nahi milta… Saddened by the demise of legendry Urdu poet and lyricist Nida Fazli. May his Soul RIP.

      Shaan: Khushbu hu main Phool Nahi hu, jo murjhaunga.. Jab jab mausam lehrayega..Main aajaaunga. His own poetry gives us strength to bear his loss.

      Sudhir Mishra: #RIPNidaFazli Tumhari kabr mein main dafan tum mujhme zinda ho Kabhi fursat mile to faatha padhne chale aana.



  23. I’m currently reading Smita Patil’s biography. Will write more about it once I’m done, but just came across this interview:

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  24. OK something weird is going on. Even if I accidentally hover over my posts or comments, it is getting ‘LIKED.’ Now I like myself to an extent but am not an extreme narcissist to keep liking my own posts or comments. So for anybody thinking along those lines, please know that this is some glitch or ‘sensitivity’ of word-press. Never been active on word-press in ‘logged-in’ mode hence please ignore me liking me…

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  25. Airlift Makes Over 200% Profit At The Box Office
    Made on a budget of approximately 40 crores (including P&A), the film has now made a profit of 81 crores, taking its profit percentage to 202%.

    The film is currently a Top contender with highest ROI this year.


  26. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 24m24 minutes ago
    #GhayalOnceAgain maintains STRONG biz on Mon. Fri 7.20 cr, Sat 7.65 cr, Sun 8.40 cr, Mon 3.60 cr. Total: ₹ 26.85 cr. India biz.


  27. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 7h7 hours ago
    #GhayalOnceAgain Overseas total: $ 734,157 [₹ 5 cr]. GOOD!


  28. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 1h1 hour ago
    #Airlift [Week 3] Fri 2.03 cr, Sat 3.04 cr, Sun 3.34 cr, Mon 1.04 cr. Total: ₹ 121.74 cr. India biz. SUPER!


    • the film has done very well though not as much as one might have thought initially. It doesn’t look likely to get to 150 even using Taran’s numbers. 140 might well be the best it can do at this point, assuming it stays stable yet another weekend. This doesn’t mean there’s a problem. I just mean to highlight the genre point all over again. That you can only do so much with certain genres even with fantastic WOM. The only way this film could have done more than it’s going to is if Aamir or a bigger star had done it and hence got it to a bigger opening (we saw this with Talaash for example where despite falling steeply after the first week it did 90 on the strength of a strong initial). The same applies for different genres. All ‘different’ films are not created alike either. Some can do 100 in the best case scenario while some others cannot cross 60 no matter what. So on and so forth. But we keep dealing with an incompetent or corrupt or partisan (or all three!) system of assessing these things and so not surprisingly all films are compared almost as if they were all the same. The final thing to be said here is about perception. No one has a doubt that Airlift has done very well. If someone now tried to point out that Salman’s Barjatya film had done more or whatever the example might be they’d probably be laughed out of the room!

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      • Charan raj Says:

        I don’t think this can even touch 100 leaving aside 140 or 150.Best possible scenario would be that it would wrap under 90.


        • I agree.
          With Akshay the movie got better WOM than what it have got with Aamir… In fact can’t imagine Aamir in this role. He would have looked too much of a robot… We needed a more humane superhero and Akshay nailed it.

          Aamir best has been 90 cr in similar genre called Talaash and this movie is beating it by a good 40-45 Cr and is 250% profit. Aamir in the movie would have reduced the profit for everyone. So to contend that Aamir would have made this movie bigger is silly suggestion.


          • thecooldude Says:

            Now Akshay is a better actor than Aamir…LOL. This just keeps getting better and better. Akshay is 1/5th of Aamir on his best day in any given dept. and now he is being treated like some hot shot actor with a box office clout. Good one.

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      • Moreover with all the intolerant rant Aamir did… A patriotic movie like Airlift would have looked phoney with him.
        Also at this stage, Aamir would not have experimented with Airlift unless it is backed by a bigger director or a bigger studio. Gosh imagine Aamir taking 3 years to make Airlift and at best making it slightly lesser than what Akshay did in 45 days of shooting.
        Only Akshay is in a position to make choices like these.
        I do consider a couple of cr more opening for Aamir… Not because he is a bigger star but because he would have come after several months.
        Get Aamir to do 6-7 films in 15 months and then Airlift…. flop opening.
        Akshay is doing exceedingly well Satyamshot.


        • thecooldude Says:

          intolerant rant?????? Did you even bleeping watch the interview?

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        • You have obviously not watched Aamir’s November 23 interview with IE, neither have you read the transcript, available thru Google search. Please do, before you and others talk about any imagined intolerance rant from Aamir. Aamir did not even utter the word intolerance. He did reply to a question about award returnees — and yes, Aamir did empathise with them, their feelings, spoke about a feeling of insecurity and despondency — and what the hell was wrong in that? Many of us feel the same, a feeling that India has become an angry unhappy place with too much hatred flying all around. When I read a writer like Ruskin Bond and his gentle books about a gentle sensitive India, from the fifties to nineties, the pain I feel is real.

          Yes, in the interview Aamir did one unwise thing for which he is paying much more than warranted. He spoke about ghar ki baat, on a public stage. It was foolish of him, not fair to his wife, but — there was nothing wrong in what he said. At various times, people feel the need to relocate, sometimes because of a changed socio- political climate. It happens in the US too. One couple actually relocated to Canada, after George Bush became president a second time. And now, if Donald T becomes prez, a few Americans have promised to leave. It does not mean that these Americans are any less patriotic than all who chose to stay. Similarly with those who are critical or questioning of the current Indian government. All — including beleaguered Aamir — are bloody patriots, whatever be one’s religion or political leaning.

          It’s been two and half months, and the campaign against Aamir is unrelenting, unfair, probably even worse now . But as Aamir said at the RDB anniversary meet on 25 th Jan — look to my karm, my work during the past two decades, and then pronounce judgement. But Aamir has already upset this government and its supporters, when he appeared in PK, a film made by Hindus, but ostensibly anti- Hindu ( which it isn’t). So now Aamir is doubly damned, probably for eternity, hopefully not.

          And there is no need to compare Aamir with Akshay — the favourite of India today, and good for him. They are both equally worthy people, as filmwalas, as Indians. One need not be diminished to praise the other.

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          • The kind of hatred that is going on in the comment sections and on twitter, they are reinforcing what aamir had said. They are just waiting for Dangal’s release breathlessly to vent all the anger and frustration. There is a sinister cynical agenda here. To throw out all the muslims who are great achievers whether it was M.F,Husain or Aamir except some muslims who are very careful in their utterances in public. It is sad that Javed akhtar and Mahesh Bhatt and even Shabana azmi have become almost mute.
            This does not mean I support aamir unequivocally. He has become too talkative and wreckless nowadays whether it is about AIB roast or leaving India. What the heck he is thinking?
            This backlash should be a good lesson for him to control what he says in public. I was shocked and hurt about what he is saying nowadays. He should stick to making movies. Learn something from Bachchan.
            As for Akshay I prefer his father in law hundred times more. His charm and his talent had been very special for me.

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      • To conclude, your genre point argument started well but got biased and intolerant when u tried to suggest Aamir would have made Airlift bigger.


      • I can sense little unnerving from Aamir fans who used to think that he is the biggest risk taker.
        They were also in false illusion when Aamir des films after long gaps during Christmas holidays and break opening record.
        Aag laga hua hai kalege mein Airlift Ke public response to dekh kar.
        With the best critic rating and public response this decade, Airlift will remain pain in the ass for Aamir fansat best they can remain happy with imagining Aamir in Airlift.

        This is the difference. Instead of celebrating Akshay’s acting and success, Satyam has ghinaoed this thread by suggesting the impossible and hypothetical propaganda.
        If he wants his site to be interesting then it was a good ploy. 😉


      • Agreed all around….The movie has done well and Akshay needs to be complimented for the roles he is taking now…Though it wont go past Rowdy Rathore and Akshay best is still around 130 cr, the real benefit of such success will be seen in the next release which Akshay will have and that will benefit from this success…Well done to all concerned with the movie…



    New Delhi: The year glorious year for Bollywood– 2015 witnessed one of the biggest clashes at the Box Office with Salman Khan’s super hit ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ and SS Rajamouli’s epic blockbuster ‘Baahubali’.

    Well, they say history repeats itself and if the rumours are to be believed, fans need to gear up for another big clash this year.

    According to a report in, Aamir Khan’s much awaited Christmas release ‘Dangal’ might share the date with SS Rajamouli’s ‘Baahubali 2’, starring Prabhas.

    Although there have been no word of confirmation yet, but reports suggest that the second instalment of ‘Baahubali’ will be ready to surprise the fans, only bigger this time.

    On the other hand, Aamir seems neck deep in his ‘Dangal’ character and has put on a good amount of weight, also he is spotted sporting a salt and pepper stubble.


    • If Baahubali releases same date as Dangal — not good for poor Aamir, especially considering his present day status, plus the popularity of Baahubali. As it is the anti-Dangal brigade is preparing to oppose the film’s release in every way possible — there is a Boycott Dangal page on Facebook , for shame. Plus there is official sanction from BJP politicos like Kailash Vijaysomebody, the moustachioed bigmouth who has threatened Dangal mein Mangal — and got away with it. No rap on the knuckles from bjp’s big boss.

      Things don’t look good for Aamir and Dangal. He is working hard to make this film on sports and women’s upliftment in rural Inda — but he is likely to get little help in its release. He needs all the prayers of his supporters.

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  30. @Sanjana — your comment above, about a sinister, cynical agenda with regard to Aamir — spot on. Many people I know feel so — that this government and its online supporters are trying to do with Aamir what was done to MF Hussain. I am angry with Aamir for his careless loose talk. What an idiot, squandering the years of respect and goodwil, hard won, deserved. But I still hope he will survive this storm. He deserves a glorious exit, a few years on, not this sort of senseless hatred, contempt, lynching. Twitter has become a terrible place, as far as Aamir is concerned, but then I am not surprised. The site is perfect for any sort of agenda driven hate brigade.

    I used to be a Rajesh Khanna fan. Then he spoilt it all. Felt for him still.

    Amitabh is careful, diplomatic. Aamir occasionally speaks quite foolishly, but he is not dishonest.I like his honesty, sincerity, idealism. A rare thing.

    I am not impressed by chest- thumping jingoism and nationalism that shouts, look at me, I am a patriot. And patriots need to look inward too.True nationalists should welcome introspection and self- correction.

    I guess Aamir is going through a bad period; I hope he comes out of it unscathed.

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    • He is also making his fans worried and on the defensive. He should think about his fans before saying something.
      I used to feel for Rajesh Khanna when he lost the battle.
      I used to feel for Bachchan during that bofors scandal.

      It is ok for a politican to say whatever he feels like. Examples Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi or Owaisi and get away. Not for filmstars. They should choose either politics or films.

      I am not worried about Dangal as I have given up on that film’s smooth running. If it is exceptionally good, it may do good business overseas.


      • If Dangal is to release on the same day as Baahubali 2 — the battle is lost for Dangal, especially in India. Only a miracle can save the film.


        • Baahubali 2 is a sequel and so it has lost its novelty for the north or hindi belt. Usually sequels dont excite. Dangal may not do well but that does not mean all Dangal lost will go to Baahubali automatically.


          • If Dangal is good then I don’t see any issues at the BO. By Christmas this issue will have died down too.. Dilwale released in peak of the issue and still got to 140 cr inspite of a bad script…If it was half decent it would have touched 200 cr inspite of this intolerance nonsense..
            I think the movie which will really feel the heat will be Raees. By selecting a Paki artist they are ensuring that the movie will not even get released in many parts of India…and condemnation for Pakistan these days is more universal than this intolerance issue which is more BJP centric. Its unfortunate but any common sense producer would have gauged the sentiment of the country before giving the lead role to a Paki artist…


      • I am not sure who is universally loved these days. Now days if you are a public person you get love and brickbats in varying degrees. No one is spared; Modi, Rahul, Kejriwal, Amitabh, Dhoni, Sachin, Bhagat, Anupam why not Salman, Aamir, Shahrukh, Akshay? If you say something, there will be supporting and opposing arguments.
        Even in US there are people who say they will move to Canada if Trump wins; There were similar statements by republican in 2012 if Obama wins. So these are just part of new social media connected world reality.


  31. Bob Cristo Says:

    @ I am not worried about Dangal as I have given up on that film’s smooth running. If it is exceptionally good, it may do good business overseas.

    Why so pessimist Sanjana ?

    Am i the only one in this blog who is upbeat about Dangal ? I think it has great potential as its story is good. Women empowerment and this is in Haryana where Sex Ratio is so bad, Father-Daughter relationship. Modi govt is working on Beti bachao-Beti Padao mission. Great chance to get tax free status in many states. I think Dangal can do what Chak de india did.

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  32. Saw couple of Hindi films as well some Hollywood films in last 4 days.
    45 years – 7/10
    It will remind anyone of amour, but that was a classic and one can easily revisit that film. But, here we have a couple coming close to celebration night of their 45th anniversary, when the lady discovers she is not the only one who was always with him, she evaluates her husband’s decision and inculcate how his other soulmate was part of his decisions throughout the life. One may feel disappointed at the end as i wished for more, but 2 hours just fly by.

    Kung Fu Panda3 – 5/10
    I cant believe i am saying this but i walked out of theater in just first 30 minutes. This series has lost its novelty and charm for me, and i can see it shows in its not upto the mark BO result aswell. I loved first one(saw it many times) and cracks were visible in second one itself but somehow end sequence of second one made up for it, and especially the end scene gave hope of a new adventure in third one. But, 3rd one starts on an expected adventure which is not much fun and actually pretty boring. I would have watched it full on a better day, may be 😦

    Go Goa Gone – 7.5/10
    Recommended! Have Fun.

    NH10 – ?
    Havent been able to get passed first 40 minutes, it is so damn frightening and so realistic. Very well made for sure. Watch with heart in your mouth.


  33. On the spot funny insight into America’s own world, This definitely deserve a watch, releasing this weekend.



    Ab aaya oont pahad ke neechey. Thapad on every secular who castigated Gujju Govt from that time. Rahul, Nitish, Kejri, Lalu, Mamta, etc etc. Poori ki poori sickulars ki lambi line khadi karkey thapad maar di aaj, that too all the way from Chicago!! Wah kya kamaal ho gaya! Is Thapad ki goonj 2019 tak yaad rahegi.

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    • Do you really believe what all Headley is saying? First of all why he is deposing here so fearlessly inspite of terror background? Something fishy.


      • I have a feeling that he knows more. What he has revealed so far only what everyone suspected. Would like to know what he says about Dawood and his Indian connections.


      • He already said this to CBI but it was put under carpet because it was not helping Congress case. There is Samjhauta blast also which hasn’t been brought up in depositions till now.


        • Maybe US wants to nail Pakistan and control its nuclear ambitions which may fall into the latest terrorist outfits. The world has become much more vulnerable and unsafe and the world powers are worried about smaller nations with nuclear weapons and the latest being North Korea flexing its nuclear muscles. But Headley should be punished as well. We cant let go a Hitler just because he became an approver.


          • Sanjana, You should petition to become a bwood writer. Aapkey likhe thrillers zaroor superhit ho jayenge.


          • He is serving 35 year term. He probably will die in prison. The guy who was involved in Neerja movie incidence was released by Pakistan after serving some part of term. He was caught and tried in US. He is now serving 160 year prison time in US. In US most of the punishment is serial unlike parallel we have here.


          • I am guessing about American motives, not Indian ones.


    • 🙂

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      • LMAO……uskee Ganjna ka sample upar hai Bliss !!


      • Note well that the here is very selective on posting the samachars here !!
        abhee koi FB post key liye BJP ruled state mein arrest ho jaaye….thadaaak, you will say 2-3 samachar items posted here.
        So damn predictable !!


  35. Actually Headley has become a RSS agent now, that’s why he is telling in RSS language.
    Infact, Modi is responsible for this also.

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  36. Indian investigators were surprised at how easily Headley had obtained a visa to enter India, a process that is extremely difficult for Pakistani nationals. Headley’s U.S. passport, his new Western and English sounding name, and the fact that the passport and his visa application made no mention of his prior name or his father’s nationality, made it easy for him to obtain an Indian visa from the Indian consulate in Chicago. He falsely stated on his visa application that his father’s name was William Headley and that his own name at birth was “Headley”, a claim that was difficult to refute since the U.S. passport, unlike the Indian one, does not provide the father’s name, and does not require endorsements on name changes by the passport holder.[46] Indian government officials said that if the name change had been noted on his passport, Indian immigration officials would have been alerted during his multiple visits to India.[47]

    On his visits to India, Headley befriended several people, including Rahul Bhatt, the son of Mahesh Bhatt, a famous movie producer,[48] who said he never suspected Headley of any wrongdoing.[48]
    Indian suspicion about U.S. relationship with Headley

    While government officials in India cite full cooperation by U.S. authorities, the opposition parties and others in India have demanded explanations of why Headley was allowed to travel freely for years between India, Pakistan, and the U.S., and why he was working undercover for the DEA. Some Indian analysts have speculated that David Headley was a double agent for the Central Intelligence Agency that had infiltrated LeT,[49] an accusation denied by the CIA.[50] As soon as Headley was arrested in Chicago, the Indian media had a barrage of questions for the government about him, whose answers were slow in coming. Among other questions, Indian investigators wanted the FBI to share its tapes of Headley’s communications with his Pakistani handlers to match with the voices taped on cell phones during the 2008 Mumbai attacks.[51]

    Following intense coverage and speculation in the Indian press, U.S. ambassador Timothy J. Roemer told reporters in New Delhi that the United States is working at the “highest level” to provide India access to Headley, even as it is passing along answers to questions in “real time”.[52]

    News reports in October 2010 revealed that U.S. authorities had much advance knowledge about Headley’s terrorist associations and activities. Headley’s American and Moroccan wives had contacted American authorities in 2005 and 2007, respectively, complaining about his terrorist activities. The Moroccan wife told reporters that she had even shown the U.S. embassy in Islamabad photographs of their stay at the Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai, warning them that he was doing something on behalf of Lashkar-e-Taiba.[53]

    Since Headley’s guilty plea, Home Minister P. Chidambaram was repeatedly asked why the U.S. cannot extradite Headley to India. Analysts in some media outlets have speculated that the United States conspired to have Headley work undercover despite knowledge that he was involved in terrorism.[54][55]



  37. ‘What do the British Raj and Facebook Free Basics have in common? A lot, actually’


    • I am not sure why this opposition to it. It is like missionaries who do conversion of poor Hindus. Facebook is providing free Facebook and related websites to people who have no internet. Can we ask missionaries to offer Sikhism or Islam as one of the options to poor when they convert? Why do we expect Facebook to give other sites for free.
      And the funny part is most of people have opposite view on above two topics!!


      • good points. this is why i’m against anything that tries to exploit disadvantaged people. it’s one thing if religious missionaries help educate and feed the poor with no strings but its another to force conversion. If this was ‘no strings attached’ internet then I’d be all for it. Controlled internet is pretty much propaganda for FB.


        • What is wrong in quid pro quo? If Poor Dalit is not helped by Govt; some missionary says, I will feed you and make your life better; convert to my religion. Morally it may be wrong for many but practically it makes sense.

          If I don’t have internet and no one is providing me internet; If someone offers some limited form of internet, what is the harm? Once I have money, I can always choose the unlimited service by paying for it.


  38. During questioning by Special Public Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam, he said on one or two occasions, Major Iqbal had also given him counterfeit currency notes.

    Headley said Rana had visited Mumbai before the 26/11 terror attacks and was advised to leave for his own safety before they were actually executed.

    Earlier, Headley told the Mumbai Special TADA Court that the Reserve Bank of India had rejected his application seeking clearance to open a business account in June 2007.

    Making this revelation, Headley said he had received funds for terror from both LeT and Pakistan’s ISI which was used for gathering intelligence and other works in India, including starting a business.

    With this funding, Headley said, he opened an office in south Mumbai’s Tardeo area on September 14, 2006 and the following month, on October 12, 2006, he even applied to Reserve Bank of India for permission to open a business account.

    Interestingly, his visa consultant in Chicago, Raymond Sanders – who had earlier assisted him in procuring an Indian visa with false information – also helped him in the RBI formality, but the country’s apex bank rejected the application on June 1, 2007.

    In January 2007, hoping to launch a business in India, Headley had hired an office in Tardeo A/C Market for Rs.13,500 per month and named his landlord as Vora and Maroo Bharucha who was his secretary at the office.

    The opening of office and application to open a business bank account were in consonance with the earlier plans by his handlers who wanted him to start a business in India.

    Thursday’s deposition was in continuation of the evidence which he recorded since Monday, with a day’s interruption on Wednesday owing to a technical glitch in the videolink.
    – See more at:


  39. Siachen Braveheart Lance Naik Hanamanthappa Dies


  40. ok guys let’s get back to cinema!


  41. Her’s that tweet


  42. Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has announced that he will bid adieu to Telugu filmdom with upcoming crime drama Vangaveeti, about the growth of rowdyism in the 1980s in Vijayawada, a city in Andhra Pradhesh.

    “The story of Vangaveeti is so gripping and true; I don’t think I can find a better story to make another film in Telugu. I want my Telugu film career to end on a high and hence, I’ve decided that Vangaveeti will be my last film,” said the director in a statement.

    The story starts with the killing of Chalasani Venkatarathnam by Vangaveeti Radha, a local politician, and goes on to show how everything ended with the death of Vangaveeti Ranga.

    Most of the story will be based on events RGV experienced and witnessed while growing up in Vijayawada.

    “I may have grown up in Hyderabad, but everything in my life is based on experiences in Vijayawada. I’ve had the privilege of seeing the evolution of rowdyism in Vijayawada as a student. This is why nobody else knows [better] about rowdyism in Vijayawada than me,” he said.

    The film will feature characters inspired from Vangaveeti and Devineni family, besides several other politicians like Rajeev Gandhi, Dasari Narayana Rao and NT Rama Rao, former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.


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