Neerja trailers (updated)

thanks to An Jo..

thanks to Myselfaamir..


28 Responses to “Neerja trailers (updated)”

  1. Looks intereting and action packed. Neerja is a real hero.


  2. Will be good. Ram Madhavan is a great director.


  3. Looks interesting and perhaps a role that seems to suit Sonam very well.
    The song sounds great.


  4. Last week’s comment I posted for Neerja.

    Ram Madhvani is one of the most talented directors who have been trying to make his proper debut film from last 15 years. He directed a small movie( Boman Irani’s debut film) – Lets Talk and when Taare Zameen Pe was getting behind in schedule, Aamir Khan called him to do 2nd shift and he even directed 1 song in the movie.

    Incidentally he was about to start movie with Kajol and it got cancelled on the launch day and if Kajol had begun shooting that movie, she would not done Dilwale. Since that movie got canned, Kajol went to do Dilwale and Ram got this Neerja movie. Good for both of them.


  5. aankhein milayenge darr se ….a great inspirational anthem.

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  6. Song – not bad!


  7. Charan raj Says:

    Looking interesting.I think this night do well at box office also.First Airlift and now this one may bring some good moments in the beginning of year otherwise there was a disastrous start of 2015 die to Wazir.


  8. LOL..@die to Wazir…

    The rape on faculties continues..


  9. Charan raj Says:

    Don’t try to connect a simple typo with rape.I think you have some strong relation with the later


  10. I have a good feel about Neerja — the real life tale of a true heroine. Sonam’s big chance. Hope she rises to the occasion.


  11. Very beautiful song.
    Till now all songs are very good. I too have a good feeling about this film and hope it will do wonders for Sonam’s career.

    Could someone please tell me who the man singing this song is? I mean on the screen.

    BUT WHY???


    • I think that is because the flight was hijacked in Karachi? After all, an India which is hardly tolerant to multi-millionaires like SRK and Aamir, would obviously show Pakistan and minorities in bad light..which might be odd since the then Pak government did award Bhanot with Tamgha-e-Insaaniyat for showing incredible human kindness.


      • Once again – It’s the Modi government and its sanghi parivar which is intolerant. Slowly but steadily they are creeping into the society. So while we still have only small attacks on units of Raes shooting, and have only reduced Amir into trying to prove his patriotism after constant attacks and threats to Dangal, this will grow bigger as time passes if not curbed, hopefuly by next elections.

        Now that the matter is clear, I think you are right. Hijacking took place in Pakistan and they perhaps don’t want to be reminded of their lack of security or of having a hand in it.

        Disclaimer: I didn’t start the intolerant/tolerant topic


        • **Disclaimer: I didn’t start the intolerant/tolerant topic**

          Am not continuing it either. But certain biting points needs to be made. After all, the other side is extremely tolerant. So they will listen!!

          I am not sure as to the reason why it is being banned. It sounds weird. Maybe just because Pakistan has such an image with regard to terrorism that they might have gone into a shell [not that they were ever out before!!!] so as NOT display ANYTHING at all that puts Pak and terrorism in the same line…

          Plus there is a song employing Maha Mrutyunjay mantra [which is a weird rock-music bastardized head-banging mess] that invokes Hinduism..You get the drift. [I think this is a music video though and won’t be in the movie..but it might play in the back-ground or after end-credits roll]. Earlier they just used to censor the scenes which showed Hindu-centric rituals I think..I think that song might also have played a part..


          • > Maybe just because Pakistan has such an image with regard to terrorism that they might have gone into a shell [not that they were ever out before!!!] so as NOT display ANYTHING at all that puts Pak and terrorism in the same line…


            >Plus there is a song employing Maha Mrutyunjay mantra [which is a weird rock-music bastardized head-banging mess] that invokes Hinduism.

            I’m quite sure they wouldn’t know what those words mean.
            Didn’t they allow Om Shanti om?


          • Maybe but OM SHANTI OM had as much to do with Hindu-rituals or Hinduism as much as Ted Cruz with peace-accords..


          • Your intolerance level reaches its peak once somebody speaks about Bachchan’s box office circus.


  12. @ only Charan and no-brains Raj:

    Let me once again break it to you since I guess reading comprehension is beyond your faculties — or whatever is left of it.

    NOBODY sane on this blog is personally invested in Amitabh Bachchan’s box-office history post-60 or post-70 [and I mean his age; not the 1960s or the ’70s decade; it’s better I break it down to the alphabets to you, otherwise…]. And nobody in their wettest dreams believes that Amitabh at this age can match a younger star’s box-office draw, considering that the bums that you find in theaters watching movies are of a younger demographic.

    Any Amitabh fan goes to the movies in this age only watch him perform; not in resorting to baniyagiri of ticket-sales. Amitabh in Nishabdh is a greater draw for his fans — or at least for people like me — than he is in KAANTE or any other money-making movie of his. [Shoot, I forgot: It was Kumar Gaurav and Isha Koppikar and the teller in that Los Angeles bank who pulled in the audiences, not Amitabh].

    So you jumping in here on this blog out of hibernation just when an Amitabh movie — sorry, Abhijat Joshi’s– releases to discuss ticket-sales is pretty much only to muddy the waters here and not to initiate or partake in any discussions that could enlighten onself or others. You can carry on with your ‘worth-while’ life with Bachchan’s movies’ ticket-sales and profit& loss statements per your wish. Not many here are interested. They might reply once, twice, but once they realize that they are really talking to, well, someone who has learnt to talk but missed all the classes on listening, they walk away.

    Since I am in the process of walking you through kinder-garten, the joke at Wazir was NOT at the ‘amount’ of collections, but the fact that you were STILL harping on about its box-office collections. Got it? If not, I really cannot break it down any further. Even in the GRE, the simplest question can be NAME THE PRONOUN in ‘I am sitting under a mango tree.’ After that, you really need to stop giving the test and walk out.


    • Lol@ you Mr.An Jo..My simple comment has worked and has exposed your intellectual bankruptcy. Your belly aching due to a single comment seems to be our of control and has forced you to get personal.


      • A ‘simple’ comment repeated over months and years doesn’t become the truth – it becomes rusty. In all the months and years that you have ranted here, you have basically vomited the same stuff – about AB being a loser at the box-office. Stop using phrases like intellectual bankruptcy.It looks like a 4 year old kid’s giving a lecture on the merits of a cesarian operation.

        There is a ‘difference’ between a simple and dumb comment; which is lost on agenda-driven air-heads like you.


  13. “The ministry issued us a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to import the film and bring it to Pakistani territory but later on revoked the NOC,” an official with IMGC Entertainment said.

    Mobasher Hasan, who heads the Central Board of Film Censors (CBFC), said that the decision to not allow import of the film had come from the information and commerce ministry.

    “The film was never brought to us for censorship,” he said, adding the commerce and information ministry had also asked the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulation Authority (PEMRA) to ensure that Neerja is not shown on cable channels throughout Pakistan.

    The officials keep going back and forth passing the buck around on the issue, while the real reason is that Pakistan isn’t ready to deal with the aftermath of their actions.


  14. Like

  15. As a result many of her friends, colleagues and co-stars from the Bollywood fraternity have come out in full force sharing their fears from the likes of Alia Bhatt, Anushka Sharma, Shahid Kapoor, Esha Gupta and even Salman Khan.

    As a man who has faced many trials and tribulations in life, Salman quoted an immortal line his father had penned for the iconic 70s film Sholay, mouthed by the villain Gabbar Singh “Jo darr gaya, samjho mar gaya.”

    Actress Anushka Sharma said of her fears, “My biggest fear is fear itself. I never want to be afraid of doing something I want.”

    This inspiring true story of a young girl who fought against all odds unravels in cinemas on 19 February 2016. Are you looking forward to the film?



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