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  1. Aamirsfan:

    Kapoor & Sons Has Dull Opening
    Friday 18 March 2016 13.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Kapoor & Sons had a poor 15-20% opening which is not good for a film which has some face value (Siddharth – Alia) for the big city youth and a hit song. The very dull promos have probably over rided the plusses of the film. The fact that there has been no worthwhile releases over the last few weeks should have also helped a little but that does not seem so with the morning figures.

    The initial of the film is not much better than a film like Jai Gangaajal which was a film which had nothing really going for it in terms of an initial. The difference may well be that Jai Gangaajal did not pick up on the first day while Kapoor & Sons may as has more potential for the big cities.

    The film is probably going to be a metro fare even if the collections pick up as its hard to other big cities outside the metros like Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Ludhiana, jaipur etc fare well. This is will limit the potential of the film.


  2. Aamirsfan:

    Jai Gangaajal 30 Crore Plus – Neerja 70 Crore Plus
    Friday 18 March 2016 12.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Jai Gangaajal grossed 7 crore nett in week two which is not a good collection but considering what has happened to most films in week two barring a few does make the collections looks better. Obviously the lack of competition has helped and it has the highest collections of all films plating over the week gone by.

    The film has grossed around 30,25 crore nett in two weeks being driven mainly by UP and CI (Tax Free). This week will see very low colections as its had a two week run at single screens and multiplexes will see a major release with Kapoor & Sons.

    Neerja grossed around 5.50 crore nett in week four and has now grossed over 70 crore nett with an apprx total of 70.50 crore nett.The film is tax free in most parts of the country and that has really helped the film over the past two weeks. The drops are there in terms of GROSS box office collections.


    • “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.”

      — Faulkner

      I’ll respond to a couple of things. first off you’ve misunderstood my comment completely. I did not say that because things happened in the past that certain policies should continue but that this should be the case because those things happen IN the present. If you for example removed all reservation in India most of those people now covered by those quotes would not be hired, would not get into most educational institutions, and so on. Though it’s much better in the US it still is the case that a lot of the same problems would visit African-Americans as well. Often when arguing against quotas it is rather too easy (and certainly convenient) to suggest that something happened in the past. If that were the case the solution would be a rather easy one. Now how do you create a mindset so that you don’t need reservations at all. That’s a very tough question because historical evolution in these matters cannot often be rushed. And it’s not that so many decades of reservations haven’t produced real results. They actually have but at the same time various institutional forces and for want of a better term ‘society as such’ has often resisted these measures, found ways to get around them and so on. It’s not as if things were working perfectly! It’s a complicated situation and it simply doesn’t have an easy answer. But again this isn’t about the past, it’s about the present.

      On the point of having grown up with socialist ideology only to reject it, well this too doesn’t mean very much to put it candidly. In fact it’s a rather common occurrence. People who grow up indoctrinated with one kind of ideology often go to the other extreme when they make these shifts. For instance many people who grew up in Communist regimes and then moved to western Europe or the US find the Left anathema even if democratic parties in these countries are nothing like the Communists they knew. Because they have been scarred forever by that experience. For them ‘left’ automatically carries a whole web of associations and they’re not quite able to shed that baggage. The past as we see once more is never quite past! In India too for two decades or more this narrative has been quite attractive. The whole ‘hey we could have been a superpower and we could have solved all our poverty if Nehru didn’t keep us back’! This argument is necessarily premised on rejecting the past completely. The other side of this coin involves of course rejecting Nehru’s social compact as much. You get the whole combo from the BJP but beyond this it’s an argument that has many takers in multiplex India. To a degree I am even sympathetic to it. But the point is that ‘what one sees with one’s own eyes’ is deeply problematic as a verification claim of any sort. For instance I could wonder how you missed this other India that I’m referring to and where (I’m not joking) if you could see how those other lives are lived it would shock your conscience. Not because of just the poverty but the structural bias and the institutional oppression that still greets so many in India every day. All poverty is precisely not the same. When you belong to certain communities it becomes ‘poverty + x’ where ‘x’ then constitutes those added layers of prejudice that prevent opportunity. The idea that the world is just divided into rich and poor and middle classes and what have you is the worst kind of abstraction. Every citizen (or non-citizen) of a country is all a political subject. How that subject is defined by the state is extraordinarily important. Being poor and Catholic or Protestant in the 20s Germany was a horrible existence but being poor and Jewish was something worse. In one case you eventually got sent to the camps. Staying poor is preferable! Now this might seem like an extreme but this is the way things work in every country on the planet. Being a poor Muslim (at least a Sunni) in Pakistan is no fun but being a poor Hindu or christian is much worse. Being poor and white in the US is unfortunate but being poor and black is something else altogether. Now if you’re going to be marked as a minority and face all kinds of institutional bias some situations are preferable than others, some countries better than others. But the problem still exists. To not be able to see this is the most obvious sign that one has never borne the brunt of it. No person belonging to a backward caste in India or to the African-American community in the US would ever endorse such an abstraction. Because when you’re at the receiving end of things you can ever easily make out what you’re facing because of poverty in a more general sense and what you’re undergoing because of more precise identity reasons. And again the problems don’t come about at some personal level. The law, the politics, all conspire to support the general prejudice. I’ll give you an easy example from the US. The mandatory sentencing guidelines governing first time drug possession are in many or most cases worse than those governing first time bank robbery and rape and a host of other much more serious crimes. How could this happen? Because drug peddling is considered to be an inner city problem where blacks (and these days other minorities) are heavily involved. Hence it quickly becomes an anti-black law. When did it come about? Not in some remote past but in the Reagan years. Once again the past is never past. So if you just look at the law you might find it absurd but actually it’s not that absurd. It makes a certain sense when you factor in certain kinds of institutional prejudice. As a result you have a black population ballooning in prisons for not very serious crimes while many white who are actually involved in more serious stuff don’t spend that much time in prisons. Now this is the US. If you’re North African or Arab in France the system in many ways is much more draconian. Again all of this happens legally and bureaucratically. India in most cases is way worse than this. It would take an encyclopedia to describe all these instances.


    • Krugman’s ‘printing money’ thesis only works when the money is a ‘Reserve Currency’, and that too has limitations. The US has not yet felt the effects of what will happen if the world shifts away from the USD. Over $20T in debt and unfunded liabilities will cook the goose for the US. There is an inherent unfairness in a world economic order that cruelly punishes nations which barely cross agreeable thresholds of debt-to-GDP ratios, but does not as much as slap the wrist of the biggest violator of these economic norms. Unfortunately, politicians in the US are addicted to spending, and they have the world’s largest collections agency (ie IRS) and the largest printer of money (ie Federal Reserve) to constantly supply them with Trillions to spend away. These politicos cannot see beyond their next 4 yr term, yet have laid the ground for the biggest bankruptcy that the world will encounter.


      • “The US has not yet felt the effects of what will happen if the world shifts away from the USD”

        yes but that’s a very big ‘if’. One could also argue (though I won’t get into that debate) here that there is almost a structural necessity to all this. Much as all the financial speculation, all the exotic securities associated with it (incidentally the Big Short is an excellent film on the subject), everything that caused the crash.. all of this, certainly the bubbles which many economists have argued have become much more regular globally over the last 25 years or so than they ever were in the past, might also be a structural necessity at this late stage of capitalism. This is what people often miss. if your manufacturing industries, then your service industries, start moving abroad, if Manchester moves to Dhaka, you have a problem. Specially if you also have a welfare state. What then creates that kind of engine for the (Western) economy if it’s not this kind of bubble? The US can still chug along because of a lot of natural advantages (by the way all of which are also maintained by its ‘imperial’ might.. this is key). Western Europe on the other hand is a different matter. Austerity is not the answer because you’ll have to keep slashing away at the pie, even destroy the welfare state without solving the problem. or rather re-engendering the very problem the welfare state was meant to solve. Bad as the crisis has been, without the welfare state one would see political violence in most of these countries, specially something like Spain with 25% unemployment. That still doesn’t solve the welfare state problem. But there might not be a solution here. And this is something else people don’t understand. The free market left unfettered is quite a-moral. Even if there are political issues or what not it can work with them or move elsewhere or whatever. The Congo is as much a part of the global economy as China. Guess where all the coltan comes from! But the horrible conditions that are prevalent in the Congo are not a problem for this global order to function. In fact if that were not the case the prices for all our devices would sky-rocket. You can’t get coltan everywhere! One just assumes that democracy in the Western sense is necessary for the free market. But this is not necessary at all and economists are increasingly recognizing this. China’s political system doesn’t exactly impede its growth. But if you completely endorse an economic order without any thought to the political consequences of the same you are in effect justifying anything. In which case all the colonialisms are fine too. But worse it leads to some absurd situations. Take Saudi Arabia. Their security is guaranteed by the US. Of course the very same Saudis disseminate Wahhabi extremism all over the world. Which extremism then also attacks the West. Which West then rushes back to the Mideast or wherever to take care of the extremists or increasingly undermines its democratic guarantees to ensure security. Which actions in turn often lead to unintended consequences. An absurd circle here but ‘capital’ justifies it at every point.


        • I am reminded of how German government printed currency notes recklessly during the first world war .


        • Interesting economic lessons. Do governments ever bother about these things? And the genral public thinks macro economic decisions wont affect them! Until share markets face upheavals once in a while.


        • Its not ‘IF’ but ‘WHEN’. As each manufacturing and service job moves from the West to the East, it also diminishes the currency hegemony enjoyed by the US. After the demise of Bretton Woods and the Gold Standard, the strength of the USD Reserve Status has been help up due to the PetroDollar system over the last 50 yrs. With several producer-customer countries preferring to deal in other currencies, now this system too has started to defray bit by bit. The IMF too has started propagating a weighted ‘basket of currencies’ as Reserve in place of a single nation currency. So all in all its only a matter of time before the USD loses its sole reserve currency status. But looking at the way things are going stateside, it does not seem like any politician has the vision or guts to tell the American people about the coming hardship when they lose the freebies accorded to them by said reserve currency.


  3. omrocky786 Says:

    I really want Kapoor and sons to fail, so that Fawd Khan can go back to his base permanently ……


    • omrocky786 Says:

      Fawd must have blown Karan Johar for the part !!
      P.S.- bura na mano Holi hai !!


    • And what about for the thousands of Indians who have worked (directly/indirectly) on making this film? Or thousands of Indians who would benefit from this film if it succeeds, everybody from panwala to popcornwala inside/outside of the movie theatres? Most of them who make/live on daily earnings.

      I don’t mean to defend any paki but there’s a great dialogue in Don where Pran says to Amitabh, muje tumse itni nafrat nahin jitney mohabbat apne bachho se hai…

      I don’t hate/dislike Pakistan as much as I love my India.


      • omrocky786 Says:

        Point hai Z……chalo pichhar hit ho jaye for the Indians.
        ..Bharat MATA kee jai…Madrey watan ko salaam !!


        • omrocky786 Says:

          Aside – Lagta hai the Samachar.com did not care to post the “Hotel JNU” song here which has gone viral !!!


          • Aapka aadesh hain toh yeh leejiye 🙂

            Hotel JNU – The Shock Ballad
            On a dark Delhi highway, cool wind in my hair
            Warm smell of beef pakoras, rising up in the air
            Up ahead in the distance, I saw a candle march
            My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim
            I had to stop for the night
            There he stood on the campus
            The bearded comrade yelled
            And I was thinking to myself,
            “This must be JNU, Commie academic Hell”
            Then he scratched his beard and showed me the way
            There were voices down the corridor,
            I thought I heard them say…
            Welcome to the Hotel JNU
            Such a leftist place (Such a leftist place)
            Such a leftist face
            Plenty of sedition at the Hotel JNU
            Any time of year (Any time of year)
            You can find it here
            Their thoughts are totally Marxist, but they want a Mercedes Benz
            They got a lot of ugly, hirsute comrades they call friends
            How they shout in the courtyard, sweet summer sweat.
            Some shout for azaadi, some for India’s death.
            So I called up the krantikaari comrade,
            And said, “Please show me some national pride”
            He said, “We haven’t had that feeling here since nineteen sixty nine”
            And still those voices are calling from far away,
            Wake you up in the middle of the night
            Just to hear them say…
            Welcome to the Hotel JNU
            Such a leftist place (Such a leftist place)
            Such a leftist face
            Plenty of sedition at the Hotel JNU
            Any time of year (Any time of year)
            You can find it here
            Kiss of love on the campus,
            Mahishasur worship so nice
            And he said “We are all just freeloaders here, living off the tax device”
            And in the professor’s chambers,
            We gather for the feast
            Free food, cheap rooms
            Oh, how we love this subsidized beast,
            Last thing I remember, I was
            Running for the door
            I had to find the passage back
            To the India I was before
            “Relax,” said the Comrade,
            “We are programmed to receive.
            You can enrol any time you like,
            But no one ever leaves!”

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          • JNU ke Sholay 🙂

            Mausi : Lekin beta, Bura nahi maananaa, itanaa to poochhanaa hi padataa hai ke ladke kaa khaandaan kyaa hai, uske lachhchhan kaise hai, kamaataa kitnaa hai?

            Dost : Kamaane ka to ye hai mausi,..,ke ek baar stipend bandh ho gayi to .. kamaane bhi lagegaa.

            Mausi : stipend matalab, bachhaa padh raha hain? Itani kam umar mein shaadi?

            Dost : Nahi nahi ye maine kab kahaa mausi. Ladkaa to 29 saal ka hain.

            Mausi : Hay daiyaa, Itana bada ladaka? Aur rahtaa kahaa hain? hostel mein?

            Dost : Waise rahtaa hostel mein hain par kabhi kabhi Police thaane mein sonaa padataa hain

            Mausi : Police Thane mein? Toh kya chor hain?

            Dost : Woh aur chor! Na na na mausi! Who toh krantikari hain. Ab kabhi doston ke saath Afzal ki samarthan ke naare dete pakada gaya toh Police uthaa ke le jaati hain.

            Mausi : Hi hi, bas yehi ek kami raha gayi thi. Matlab deshdrohi hain woh?

            Dost : Mausi aap to mere dost ko galat samaz rahi hai. woh to itanaa seedha aur bhola hai ki Azadi ke chakkar mein use hosh hi nahi rahata ki woh kaun se desh kaa hain.

            Mausi : Arre beta, mujh budhiyaa ko samaza rahe ho. Mere bachpan mein hum azad ho chuke hain. Ab kaunsi azadi maang raha hain yeh?

            Dost : Bas mausi, usaka pataa chalate hi ham aap ko khabar de denge.

            Mausi : Ek baat ki daad doongi beta. bhale sau buraaiyaa hai tumhare dost me, phir bhi tumhare munh se us ke liye taareefe hi nikalti hai.

            Dost : ab Kya karoo mausi.. mera toh naam hi Kejriwal hain…

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          • omrocky786 Says:

            Good One JC !!


          • JNU moves up 7 places in International ranking.

            @ Munna this is not a opinion link. Just a link to a piece of news/fact



    • AamirsFan Says:

      what the hell kind of comment is this?? only idiots think like this.


  4. Review: Kapoor & Sons is an absorbing layered family drama.


    The cast is a great asset here. Rishi Kapoor, Ratna Pathak Shah and Fawad Khan top the podium of scene-stealers.

    Kapoor, looking a bit like Jim Broadbent under layers of skilful prosthetics, has a field day mocking the most talked-about aspect of his father’s 1985 offering.

    Pathak Shah displays both ire and vulnerability in ways that makes her hurt and folly more human than anyone around her.

    Fawad Khan demonstrates what wonderful tools are grace and sentiment when baring oneself to the camera. It’s time one acknowledged the talent beyond that ridiculously good-looking face.

    Sidharth Malhotra doesn’t look the part of an aspiring novelist. And when the movie isn’t trying to convince us he’s the next J D Salinger, he indeed conveys the offhand tone of his mildly rebellious character and works up easy chemistry around Alia. But his response in his most significant scene with his mother — when he learns what he does — is terribly self-conscious and almost negligible in impact.

    Unlike its run-of-the-mill soundtrack, the writing, especially the astutely written lines that reveal everything in between if you can only read is another thing I liked about Kapoor & Sons.


  5. omrocky786 Says:

    It’s Time To Speak The Difficult Truth About Farhan Akhtar’s Singing


    Am I the only one who feels this way? Do his vocals not evoke memories of the weakest, machine-produced chai you’ve ever had in your life—the kind you’d get at a highway food mall? Does Akhtar’s singing not remind you of every karaoke night you’ve ever attended, especially with that one friend who insists on singing U2’s ‘With Or Without You’ even though he has a bad throat? Does it not, sonically, dwell within the frequency range of a Mahindra tractor engine that hasn’t seen a mechanic in over three years?

    Today, Farhan Live, the band he formed in 2013, tours the country’s college circuit and plays to thousands of students. The band itself isn’t bad at all—it consists of stellar musicians who all sound quite tight together. Along with a successful career as an actor—he garnered tremendous acclaim for his performance as Milkha Singh in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013)—he lives a parallel life as a legitimate, bona fide rockstar. This, despite being… well, at best, ‘house party level’ good, as one can see in this video of him playing U2’s ‘One’.


  6. A piece I wrote on DEEWAR…


    Amitabh’s Vijay – whose character always seems to promulgate an authorial and allegorical representation of outliers—meets an escort-woman [Parveen Babi] whose real name would turn out to be Anita but could be exchanged and renamed as per the whims and fantasies of her clientele. These both become emotionally clutched to each other in a way not comprehensible to the ‘normal’ societal standards. Their closeness is surprisingly candid – and so tangible – for the story-arc; Vijay is just shown enjoying a post-coital smoke in one of the following scenes! There is hardly any drama, any philosophical or existential lingering – there are just two souls charred by the fire of fate and fueled by societal conflation to accept them as-is. Now in today’s times, feminists or non-feminists might take umbrage to the fact that Anita’s ultimate redemption, as per her mother, would lie in getting married adorned with a wedding-saree gifted from her mother and not in being a woman of her own terms. But one has to respect the times in the Indian-context; maybe Germaine Greer’s influence was too slow in crossing over the Atlantic onto the shores of Bombay. Anita’s happiness lay in getting married to Vijay and legitimizing a child born-out-of-wedlock, which, alas, is cut-short by Samant’s knife.

    Read more at http://www.bollybrit.com/features/revisiting-classics-deewar#esiJkABFg83wAwZI.99

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    • omrocky786 Says:

      Brilliant Read AnJOsh


      • Thanks Rocky. Watched in a few weeks back and truly, what a watch! Couldn’t resist writing on it.

        BTW it is on blu-ray now. A must-buy:



        • But if it isn’t a properly restored print just the blu-ray won’t be good enough. It will be better than any existing DVD of course but it’s a question of what the source material is. So far they’ve just used the best existing DVDs and used these for the blu-ray upgrades. On a related note my own sense is that while blu-rays are obviously better than regular DVDs the real deal is a 4k restoration. Specially on older films the results are eye-popping. Of course given the state of most of the Indian transfers even a 2k job would look fantastic.


          • Agreed. The other thing I was surprised about is the quality of sub-titles. Far better and authentic when compared with what we get in a movie hall these days for Hindi movies


          • The Hollywood filmmaker’s team is headed to Pune to help restore a string of Indian celluloid classics

            Twenty six years ago, Hollywood filmmaker Martin Scorsese established The Film Foundation (TFF) along with contemporaries Woody Allen, Robert Altman, Francis Ford Coppola, Clint Eastwood, Stanley Kubrick, George Lucas, Sydney Pollack, Robert Redford, and Steven Spielberg to address the urgent need for film preservation. Now, members from the organisation are set to arrive in India to help restore a string of Indian celluloid classics in a 10-day project at the National Film Archives of India (NFAI) in Pune, which will conclude on March 6.



          • tonymontana Says:

            To kya martin Scorsese India aake purane video cassettes dhundega baith ke?


  7. Kapoor & Sons has struggled on day one with collections set to be around 6.25 crore nett. The film picked up from the morning where the opening looked like an under 5 crore nett total but the pick up is not great and its the regular pick up of a metro film

    The business is totally on the strength of metros like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore which have managed average busienss due to the pick up in the evening but most other cities have performed poorly. The fate of the film will depend on how far these big metros can go over the next few days.

    The big problem for the film will that Saturday is the best day for multiplex business in metros but there is the India v Pak cricket match which may make it hard for the film to show big growth and it will be sean how much of this loss can it (if) cover on Sunday.


    Seems they are against this film. See the commentary.


    • AamirsFan Says:

      the film looked uninteresting since the trailer came out…but I guess anti-pakistani people have their wish through an indian made film LOL.


  8. Kapoor & Sons is hilarious, heartwarming and heartbreaking rolled in one. It does not wear its social conscience on its sleeve, but make no mistake about this: it has one. This is a disarmingly entertaining, thoughtful film that evokes a fuzzy feeling of warmth. It left me with wet cheeks, a smile on my face and a chuckle welling up in my throat at the memory of Daadu.

    It’s only March and Bollywood has already made 2016 look good. Kapoor & Sons (Since 1921) gives tough competition to Ram Madhvani’s Sonam Kapoor-starrer Neerja as the best film of the year so far.



  9. Kapoor and Sons is the second best reviewed film of the year with an avergae rating of 7.3 after Neerja ( 7.7) , ahead of Airlift ( 7.1)



    • Who the Fcuk knows about reviewmonk?

      Till recently IMDB rating was used and Airlift is India’s best rated movie… With a rating of 9.3 when I had checked last time.

      Ohhh… Airlift had Alshay Kumar… Hush hush!!
      Refer Reviewmonk instead 😂😂😂

      What a joke 😡


  10. Fawad Kah is getting high praise for his performance from edveryine.

    Kapoor & Sons is a film about a family with deep-rooted troubles, and — for two-thirds of its running time — it works rather well. The aforementioned problems are all there, but the characters are genuinely easy to warm up to, and the performances are pretty strong.

    Ratna Pathak Shah is terrific as the mother bound by helplessness and surrounded by far too many men, Fawad Khan is an excellent actor who brings tremendous sensitivity to what seems like the role of a stuck-up square, Rajat Kapoor is in fine form as the beleaguered baap, Sidharth Malhotra is pretty affable and Rishi Kapoor, while burdened by way too much prosthetic makeup, is as scatological and scandalous as grandfathers are, want to be.

    As for young Alia Bhatt, I desire very much to say ‘thank you for coming’ to her, just to make that effervescent girl light the screen up with another giggle.



  11. Oh no… But then again, just when you assume where the film is going (or hope it doesn’t), that’s precisely where it doesn’t. In its intimate detailing and writing, this film belongs more to the tradition of British minimalist dramas—directed by, say the likes of Mike Leigh—or what in America get called the ‘indies’. It is at the same time very much a Bollywood film with its own grammar of highs, lows, and crescendos for an interval or the climax, although the songs have been smartly weaved in as natural music at a local club or house party.

    Let me think what this reminds me of: Mira Nair’s Monsoon Wedding. Hmmm… Frankly that is the best compliment I can think of.



  12. It’s not just the quarrels but even the togetherness that Batra recreates just so right. I found myself smiling through the extended family get together: the guitar, the song, the happiness and the ache–why can’t we fix things and become happy again?

    Kapoor and Shah bicker brilliantly and with great dignity at that. Khan is expectedly charming and delightfully at ease with his personable self. He seems to just inhabit his scenes than acting them out. Even though it’s a tad hard to imagine Malhotra as a budding novelist he holds his own with his solid presence and vulnerable glances. It’s Aalia Bhatt who seems to be playing her usual hyper, ditzy, little sunshine girl act yet again. What disappointed me most was Rishi Kapoor with the terrible prosthetics (why couldn’t another older actor have been cast in the role) and loud presence, perhaps in tune with his character but totally out of sync with the rest of the mellow, subtle tenor of the film.

    Like Piku, Batra brings the family, parent-child relationship under the scanner in Kapoor & Sons but he doesn’t quite rebel against or throw away the construct entirely. He questions the family only to reassert its primacy. The sorries come as easily as the bickering, all is forgiven over a few shared joints. A few blips later it’s back to continuities and certainties, perhaps to yet another argument or a bigger fight. It’s about the chaos of relationships, yet about an overarching stability. The redemption is not in running away from the family but coming within the fold. It is still all about loving your family.



  13. Kapoor & Sons Is Below The Mark On Day One
    Saturday 19 March 2016 12.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Kapoor & Sons was below the mark as it grossed 6.50 crore nett on day one as collections picked up at the metros but the pick up was probably not strong enough to suggest a good run. The second day which is all important for the film will be hit by the cricket match which will mean it will not grow as it could have on a normal Saturday. It will be the Monday collections that will tell what is likely to happen with the film.

    The film managed average business in Delhi NCR, Mumbai city and Bangalore and these are the places where the film will have to depend on over the next ten days or so. It seems another very urban film and their fate has not been good over the last 12-18 months.

    Last year a Badlapur which had only a Varun Dhawan before ABCD 2 and was a dark theme with a lower cost got better opening day collections which puts the first day of Kapoor & Sons into perspective. The film could not open despite having a decent cast and successful music. If the film can do well oustside the metros on Sunday it may have a chance to do average business.


  14. Love Punjab And Ardaas Strong On Day Eight
    Saturday 19 March 2016 12.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Love Punjab and Ardaas continue to do well on their respective second Friday’s. Both films have dented the business of Kapoor & Sons in the cities of Punjab. Kapoor & Sons nly got business in Gurgaon, Chandigarh (under performance) and Faridabad in East Punjab with all the other main cities being poor.

    Love Punjab has dropped 60% from its first day and taken its business in East Punjab to 5.60 crore nett in eight days. The 10 crore nett number is probably a stretch but it will emerge the eighth highest grossing Punjabi film of all time.

    Ardaas dropped less with a 50% drop from its first day. The film has grossed 4.10 crore nett in East Punjab in ten days and it may also be amongst the top ten grossing Punjabi films.


  15. Kapoor & Sons has managed to find connect with its target audience. Released in select theaters with limited number of screens, Kapoor & Sons found a strategic arrival on Friday. It worked because by the time the evening shows commenced, the verdict was out. The film had in it to find audiences in dozens across urban multiplexes and that reflected in the Day One collections of 6.85 crore.

    This is pretty much in line with the expectations as well, as predicted in our column a couple of days back. The film was set to have an opening of 40%-50% and this is how the trend looked by the time night shows were through.

    The Shakun Batra directed film has seen universal appreciation from all over, and that has reflected in the audience word of mouth as well as critic reviews. Across board, the film has been loved which means it is definitely here to stay. While today would be on the same lines as yesterday (due to a very important India-Pakistan cricket match in the evening), tomorrow would tell a different story altogether as this Karan Johar and Fox film would grow by leaps and bounds.



  16. Assam: AIUDF(Assam islamic united Front) chief Ajmal has JD(U), RJD in ‘grand alliance’, invites Congress too
    Badruddin Ajmal, leader of Assam’s principal opposition party AIUDF, has tied up with the RJD and the JD(U), with the three announcing a grand alliance of “secular parties” Thursday and inviting the Congress to join them in the fight against the BJP in the assembly elections.
    “We wanted a grand alliance in Assam of all secular parties on the lines of the recent Bihar polls to fight jointly against the BJP and its communal politics,” said Ajmal, an MP.



  17. Feel Free To Leave India, Says Government to Monsanto In GM Cotton Row
    Under pressure to assist farmers hit by three straight crop failures due to bad weather, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has imposed a cut of around 70 per cent in royalties that local firms pay Monsanto for its cotton technology. Monsanto has taken the government to court over the royalty.

    “It’s now upon Monsanto to decide whether they want to accept this rate or not,” Mr Balyan said. “If they don’t find it feasible, then they are free to take a call. The greed (of charging) a premium has to end.”
    The comments come as the government expects to develop its own genetically modified (GM) cotton varieties early next year to end Monsanto’s dominance; it controls over 90 per cent of cotton seed supply.



  18. omrocky786 Says:

    Congratulations all Indians….We won the match against JNU. oops sorry – Pakistan !!!!


    • JNU hasnt gone up, its social department’s ranking has gone up. But it is still at 55th rankings. Reading the article, one can read who are political judges by the way, who studied in JNU and now in that UK university.


      • >JNU hasnt gone up, its social department’s ranking has gone up

        LOL OK.

        >one can read who are political judges by the way, who studied in JNU and now in that UK university.

        Hmmm and they kept it at 7 ranks lower all this while? Shame.

        BTW Nirmala Sitharam is also an ex JNU


        • Nirmala sitaraman is ex-jnu but she was not in judge, all congressis and muslims judge in that committee, read the article properly.
          Btw, Nirmala sitaraman’s thoughts are enough to take on anti-nationals like you. It is fight against anti-nationals of JNU, coward like you try to confuse as if Government is against JNU. But, anti-nationals will be wiped out. You next worry about yourself.


          • Going by the present definition of nationalist by Sanghis I am happy to be anti Nationalist/Jnu/whatever. LOL


          • Dont be so disappointed OldGold, listen to Jhabra song, srk will give you some solace.
            Here are few lines dedicated to those feeling down today, listen to it and sleep tight with Jhabra Srk’s dreams-
            “Tere aankhon ke Garmi se dil baichan ho gaya, tujhe dekhte hi dil main tantaden ho gay”


          • Hope you are not too disappointed with the interest on your savings/PF etc lowered. Hope you are not a jeweller either.
            But if you live in US, coming to India will give you INR67/68 for every dollar. Now thats not disappointing.

            BTW what news of Nationalists PDP and BJP link up?


          • ..and is it true that many Congess MLAs joined hands with BJP in Uttarakhand because they could not see any difference between the two?


          • ‘BTW what news of Nationalists PDP and BJP link up?’
            Giving democracy is very important and the best thing india is doing for J&K. If BJP was not able to win a single seat , even then they would like to see democratic government there whoever be .
            PDP has many anti-india elements, so does NC. but making government has to be done whatever better option you get. Hard to differentiate between two. If BJP has full majority, they wil never ally with PDP and article 370 will be removed.
            Isnt that fear of anti-nationals like you?
            One can improve system by being a part of it and BJP is doing whatever best they can do, president rule or military rule doesnt augur well for any state. But, it wont be done fully on the demands of PDP. And that’s why talks have failed at the moment.


          • LOL you mean girgit ki tarah rang badalna is nationalist ka kaam.


          • Power hungry to ally with PDP and buy off congress MLAs first in Assam then in Uttarakhand.
            This is definition of Nationalists. I’m so happy to be anti nationalist


  19. I will congratulate Satyamshot! To be on the safer side!

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  20. Kapoor & Sons was hit by the cricket match on Saturday though managed to show growth of around 15% as it grossed 7.50 crore nett apprx taking its two day total to 14 crore nett. Its hard to judge how much the film lost to the cricket and it remains to be seen if it can cover up some business over the week.

    Sunday being a holiday should make up some of the losses but it will be about Monday for the film. A 25 crore nett weekend would have been a decent result for the film but it won’t get there. If the match was not there it may have made it..

    The big negative is the business outside the 3-4 big metros. The collections remained poor in big contributing cities like Jaipur, Ludhiana and Ahmedabad and unless these places show big turnaround its hard to see the film go far in the long run.



  21. Not sure if anyone posted this earlier, but what a speech by Javed Akhtar:


    • Nothing against him, but these pseudo-intellect speeches dont make any difference.
      Bash..bash..bash everything and bash your own side and somewhat yourself also and gain respect, but overall do nothing other than bashing.


  22. ‘Hope you are not too disappointed with the interest on your savings/PF etc lowered.’
    This decision is take in purview of strengthening and encouraging Indigenous products, companies and business rather than looking at FDI. By discouraging saving, you encourage investment. And local investment are important to decrease dependency on Foreign direct investment. Indians have got the habit of saving due to fear and instability of market. To encourage indigenous By strengthening infrastructure and socially organized institutions, this is a new attempt.
    Also, Rates are hiked by .05% just, as this is new thing and it is more experimental in nature.
    There are already attempts to setup Indigenous armors, airforce products and military products. Price of buying any F-16 or any fighter plane is too high and many negotiations have failed in past because of high cost. And it is not just military/airforce, many other sectors are going through same phase where india is looking to be self-dependent. Other article i posted was relevant to the same topic. http://profit.ndtv.com/news/corporates/article-feel-free-to-leave-india-says-government-to-monsanto-in-gm-cotton-row-1287871

    Make in india projects need money after all, and better if we get more local investment. There is still huge unemployment in india, and workforce is cheap, then why to buy costly products on such scale. Better reduce dependency.
    But anti-india people are disappointed with that. Arent you oldgold?


    • >This decision is take in purview of strengthening and encouraging Indigenous products, companies and business rather than looking at FDI.

      Hahaha this is a Mallya cess like the swachh bharat cess.
      I don’t want to waste my time in rebutting the various links to various spins that you have given.
      Giiving links to all kinds of spin are not really FACTS.


  23. ‘Hope you are not a jeweller either.’
    I am not jewellery, but i was very upset to see illegal activities and daily news of Gold smuggling from many countries especially UAE. it is very important to bring Jewellery industry under proper licensing that can be done only through licensing.
    To stop black money trade it is important. If you allow smuggling and mafia to roam freely, they buy properties here by earning money from illegal activities and black money.
    It is for the purpose of tracking and keeping system in check, that’s why excise duty is just 1%.
    It is not against workers, that’s why “Artisans and job workers are not under this excise duty, it is only for traders”.
    In last 6 months, KRK keeps ranting about how his friends from dubai have wrapped up business in india and left india back to dubai. But, i am glad.
    Also, Jewellers have understood this purpose and that’s why, to your disappoint they have have called their strike, but anti nationals wont understand.


  24. ‘Power hungry to ally with PDP and buy off congress MLAs first in Assam then in Uttarakhand.’
    To improve a system, one has to be in power. You can call it Power hungry or whatever.
    Every law and bills get passed in parliament and are stuck in Rajya Sabha where congress has majority. To make more and faster decision, BJP has to gain power in more states.
    To function properly in center and improve a system, you have to be in Power even in states, BJP has understood that. You can call it power hungry.



    Fawad Khan may well turn out to be one of God’s great jokes on the rest of mankind. He looks like that, and he can act like that?



  26. I fail to understand what is the big point Javed was trying to make. He says it is my right to say Bharat Mata Ki Jai. So who is stopping you? You want to say it, go ahead and say it. Owaisi doesn’t want to say it. And he has every right not to. One can be a proud citizen of India without saying Bharat Mata Ki Jai. Gnadhji never said Bharat Mata Ki Jai. Netaji never said Bharat Mata Ki Jai. So? Javed says the constitution does not that say that Owaisi should wear a sherwani , so why does he wear a sherawani. Simple. It is his choice. There are a million things the constitution does not mandate. From among those I can choose what to do and what NOT to do. Why doesn’t Javed get this simple logic? I thought he was more intelligent than that.


    • Maybe he does not want to be left behind Salim Khan. Maybe want to be remembered as true patriot.


    • I think he is a self confessed atheist. And he was called names in the past for his upfront views. Now he seems to make amends. and he also wants to be seen not as a topiwala one. And he got applause. He may get renomination and let us see his performance if he is elected once again. During Aamir Khan’s infamous intolerance comment also, he did keep a low profile and said India is quite tolerant. Now Shabana also suuports her husband against the likes of Owaisi.


      • Atheists and Rationalists are anathema to all types/persuasions of fanatical right-wing fringes.


  27. http://www.bollywoodhungama.com/celebrities/features/type/view/id/10008


    When asked about the food habits whilst in the jail, Dutt said “Food was terrible. I ate ‘chane ki dal’ for one year and a certain vegetable called ‘Rajgira’ that resembled ‘paalak’ and it’s not edible at all. When I asked someone ‘Ye kya hai’, he said that it was ‘Rajgira’. And when I asked him ‘Ye kaun khaata hai, he said ‘Gadhe bhi nahi khaate”.

    Sanjay Dutt, who feels that nobody should take freedom for granted, said that when one is drowning, he tends to grab every straw. He looked upon every option to get freedom in the same fashion. And when he was asked about Raju Hirani (who had directed the cult ‘Munnabhai’ series and who is presently making his biopic), Sanjay Dutt said that he did not know as to how Raju Hirani would put his entire life in two hours in a biopic

    Lastly, when asked about the zillion (and counting) fan base that Dutt has, he quickly replied that he neither wanted to be a ‘Munnabhai’ nor a ‘Khalnayak’, because all that he wants to be now is merely be Sanjay Dutt and stay away from politics.


  28. http://www.bollywoodhungama.com/news/17945977/Rishi-Kapoor-won't-see-Kapoor-%26-Sons

    Says a source close to the actor, “Rishiji stubbornly refuses to watch Kapoor & Sons, although Karan Johar has personally asked him many times to see the film. But he refuses. He is superstitious about watching his own films, feels they don’t work if he sees them. He won’t make an exception this time just because everyone asks him to.”

    Unusually no member of Rishi Kapoor’s family except Ranbir Kapoor has so far seen Kapoor & Sons.


  29. Reply to the Aaptards …. who are trashing Bachcahn why? coz. he sang the National Anthem !!

    Amitabh Bachchan ‏@SrBachchan · 3h3 hours ago

    T 2181 – When you give attention to disgusting rubbish, you justify the purpose of the dirt .. cheap attention !


    • Rocky Amitabh is so used to such crappy allegations that I guess he just brushes them across like cob-webs on an old suit..as I said in another context, one either just keeps refuting things day in and day out or just goes out and works..

      Aside, it was thrilling to watch Amitabh and Tendulkar at the Eden Gardens..

      And what a match!! Virat’s average when India wins is above 100!! Stunning if he keeps on going like this..The world cup loss — the REAL world cup I mean — against Australia still singes the heart. They would have EASILY lifted the world cup – there was no stopping had they managed to beat Australia in the semis..

      And as far as desis go, we have already won the world cup as far as keeping the record against Pakistan intact in world-cups since 1992…

      And yes, we do love Afridi more — now for sure– than our Pakistani neighbors!!! 🙂

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      • Kohli has that rare ability to take the pitch and match condition out of the match, being able to play the exact same way, and you realize only how bad the pitch is when you see the other batsman trying to handle the same situation.

        And when at the end, Kohli bowed down to the pavilion and the camera went to Sachin’s beaming face, I felt as if a connect had been made, from the anchor-points of my past to those of the future, and I knew, that I would be visiting this moment again.

        In the future.

        So thank you Virat Kohli. Thank you for the memories made. And even more, for those to come


        • yes that nod to Sachin was great. And indeed a fine inning on that sort of pitch. Even more fine given this was a T20 deal! And he didn’t have many boundaries either. This kind of situation is always what separates the truly gifted player from everyone else.


    • left a comment about this on his blog but it was a transcendent moment..


      • What did you write?…Finding comments on Bachchan’s blog is a big hassle now, IMO earlier it was better organized and also simpler.


        • that is true.. I’ll try and dig it up.. wasn’t a long comment though.


        • [The Swedish poet Tomas Transtromer wrote a memoir with the wonderful title ‘Memories Look At Me’. Contained in this work are these beautiful lines:

          “We always feel younger than we are. I carry inside myself my earlier faces, as a tree contains its rings. The sum of them is me. The mirror sees only my latest face, while I know all my previous ones.”

          Yet another lifetime tribute. I should add a bit cheekily that the quality of those who would show you your previous faces has shown an alarming decline over the years! I guess here there was Yaarana, Namak Halal, MKS, BnB, Hum perhaps… it would be insulting to have to identify the egg! Maybe I haven’t caught on to one or two others. not quite sure about one actually. The dancers with the red jackets and he’s on the floor. Wonder if it’s sharaabi? The red made me think of Khudaar and Naseeb but he’s sitting on the floor and that points me to Sharaabi. But perhaps it’s something else. In any case I find Ranveer quite annoying and won’t say more about him. I will however add something to my brief comment in yesterday’s post. When you did the national anthem yesterday there was an august sense to the proceedings. The who’s who that was part of the audience but also of course a global audience elsewhere riveted to their screens. I bring this up here to remind you that every thesis I have ever advanced about your signature and your meaning was perfectly encapsulated in this moment. And needless to repeat it was a good rendition.]

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          • Interesting point about previous faces…
            As I try and think the earlier parts I really liked ( Not necessarily the movies as a whole ,but scenes/ sequences)
            I would rate Kala Pathhar/ Deewar ,Trishul , Bemisal and Sharabi and MKS as the top 6.

            Then- AAA, Abhiman, Do Anjaney, Chupkey Chupkey , Sholay, Don and Andha Kanoon.

            Really a tough job to pick though.


  30. A smart hitjob – Amitabh charges Rs 4 crore for National Anthem at Ind-Pak match

    In what can be called a very innovative method, a news site called India Samvad spread the news that Amitabh Bachchan had charged Rs 4 crore for singing the national anthem at the India-Pakistan World Cup T20 match in Kolkata.
    The reason why this method used by India Samvad was innovative, because if you read the story, and in fact even the headlines, nowhere is it said that Amitabh took the money to sing the national anthem at the India Pakistan match. Here is a screenshot of the story
    Further, even the news about Amitabh Bachchan took money for the Pro-Kabaddi event is “source” based. As far as the latest India Pakistan match is concerned, Saurav Ganguly has clarified that far from taking money, Amitabh paid Rs 30 lakhs of his own pocket to perform. He booked his own flight, bought his own tickets and even paid the hotel bills


  31. Kapoor & Sons had a good Sunday with business likely to be around the 11 crore nett. The film has taken a huge jump of around 50% from Saturday as it covers some ground lost due to the match. The weekend business is around 24.75 crore nett which is an average weekend as first two days were not too good but the Sunday really gives a the film a good chance now.

    The Monday business is crucial but considering Sunday is strong there should be a good hold there on Monday.

    The directors last film grossed around 40 crore nett four years back and was just about an average fare and if the Sunday trend continues over the weekdays this should do better.



    • great movie.. good performance from all in the ensemble cast. Siddharth Malhotra has improved a lot since the SOTY days.


  32. Bombay Velvet is on Netflix for folks haven’t seen it.


  33. Kapoor & Sons Sunday (3rd Day) Box Office Collections is 11.40 cr. The First Week Business is 26 cr. The 1st Week Collection is the second highest opening week of 2016 Bollywood Movies.

    Kapoor & Sons has managed a very good Sunday with growth close to 70-75 % from Friday and 45-50 % from Saturday business. The film has affected by the cricket match on Saturday and the deficit of Saturday was nullified by the stupendous growth on Sunday.

    The solid Sunday business means the word of mouth is quite good for the film. It is the second film after Airlift this year to have score a double digit Sunday which makes the business look even more glorious. The film should sustain well on Monday looking at the box office trend in the first weekend.

    The first week should touch the 40 cr mark easily, anything higher than should be very good considering the lifetime prospects of the film. The film has even shown solid growth in mass belts like CP-Berar, CI, Rajasthan on Sunday which should be pleasing news for the makers.
    The film should emerge a Clean HIT at the box office looking at the weekend trend.



  34. Kapoor And Sons Weekend Business
    Monday 21 March 2016 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Kapoor And Sons had huge growth on Sunday as the weekend business went over 25 crore nett. This is a par result for the film though even this did not look likely after the first two days. The Sunday growth probably covered some of the distance lost on Saturday due to the cricket match. The first weekend business of Kapoor & Sons is as follows

    Friday – 6,50,00,000
    Saturday – 7,25,00,000
    Sunday 11,75,00,000

    Total – 25,50,00,000

    The film showed phenomenal growth across the major metros of India which is unuasual for a Sunday as collections taper off in the evening but this was not the case here as occupancies were almost double of the first day.

    The Sunday business gives the film a good chance of sustaining well over the weekdays.


  35. Kapoor & Sons Does Well Overseas – 50 Crore Plus Worldwide
    Monday 21 March 2016 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Kapoor & Sons has done well in Overseas and will challenge Airlift as the biggest Overseas opening of the year. The film has opened to the highest numbers of the year in US / Canada of close to $1 million but the Gulf numbers are less than Airlift but this should be compensated by Pakistan where Kapoor & Sons is pretty good and should do around $300k while Airlift was poor there as patriotic film.

    The Overseas numbers are looking to be around $2.75 million which is a good performance and comparatively better than the performance in India. Last year Tanu Weds Manu Returns had opened in a similar range while a bigger film Tamasha was not much higher.

    The Worldwide number for the film is 52-53 crore apprx which is better than films from last year like Baby and Shaandaar while similar to Phantom.


    • charan raj Says:

      Kapoor and sons is a nice, well directed, well scripted movie and surely will get a hit taq due to it’s content. Performance wise it’s a Rishi Kapoor show all the way and younger lot had also done well despite adding freshness to the film. Rishi Kapoor is the show stealer here and once again he had impressed everyone Sith his natural acting skills. He had once again proved that he is the best among old lot and can handle old age roles nicely without overacting and becoming caricature like other actors.


  36. This is an eye-opener for those who have been supporting the separatists from J&K as below mentioned news unmasks them and their ”cause” and duplicity!

    Jammu & Kashmir
    Azad Property

    They may be seeking azadi from India, but when it comes to buying property, Delhi remains the dream destination for Kashmir’s separatist leaders. Most of the top leadership, including hardline Hurriyat chief Syed Ali Geelani, owns properties in Delhi. Recently, another top leader purchased a bungalow in the posh Hauz Khas area, with a furnisher’s bill of Rs 60 lakh. Yet another Hurriyat leader is said to own at least five flats. “It seems our leaders are in a race to buy bungalows in Delhi. Do they really believe in azadi?” a second-rung leader asked.


  37. The link for the above-mentioned post is given below:-


    It is like sitting by the sea on the sands, watching the waves roll by
    Like seeing your family at the airport gate as you wave them goodbye
    Like watching a sunset in winter as the sky slowly fills up with red
    Like holding back your tears when someone in the family is dead
    Like a single tear burning your skin as it rolls down your cheek
    Like someone telling you her entire life without trying to speak
    Like watching the first rains as big fat drops fall to the ground
    Like seeing a close friend suffer and have a nervous breakdown
    Like life itself and its quirky ways, not knowing what it has in store
    It is like this and that film they say it is like, but also so much more.

    Why the attempt at poetry? Because it is such a poetic film. And a prosaic response would be an insult to the film. I haven’t been so emotionally moved by a Hindi film in years. Director Shakun Batra who co-wrote the film with Ayesha DeVitre sucks you into the world of the Kapoors and takes you close to every character. You become a fellow-rider of the rollercoaster ride of their life together. You feel every moment of their joy, hope, grief, disappointment, affection, envy, resentment, trust, betrayal, concern, anger and acceptance.

    It brings to mind Tostoy’s famous opening line of Anna Karenina : “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Except that it is hard to say whether the family is really happy or unhappy. Come to think of it, which family is totally happy, or unhappy? the film seems to ask. Every family has some hopes fulfilled some not fulfilled, every family has moments that seem so happy when recollected but they seem to have flown by; every family has someone who feels not as loved as he or should ought to have been; there are heartbreaks, there are hidden secrets that get revealed – not always at the most appropriate moments, and yes death, there is always death.

    To read the rest: http://utkaleidoscope.com/kapoor-sons/


    • Your review is different and delightful.


    • RajRoshan Says:

      Nice review…loved the movie…it pulled off what DDD failed at and looked superficial…1st half was alright with comedy and all but its second half which makes it memorable…specially last 30 minutes or so were damn good. Very solid performances all around specially Rishi, Rajat, Fawad and Ratna Pathak. One of the best family drama in years.


      The scene where Ratna Pathak wears the sandal/slipper in climax is absolutely heartbreaking and a gem…entire sequence was handled so brilliantly and was so emotional…well done.



  39. NY Times:

    Review: ‘Kapoor & Sons’ Centers on an Indian Family’s Flaws
    KAPOOR & SONS — SINCE 1921

    “Kapoor & Sons — Since 1921” isn’t about the dynastic family of Hindi movie directors, actors and producers. But it does star one of them, Rishi Kapoor (son of Raj, father of Ranbir), who heavily (and skillfully) made up plays Dadu, the about-to-be-90 paterfamilias of a clan made unhappy by the usual secrets and lies and long-cherished grudges.

    Directed by Shakun Batra, the movie starts as a comedy of family dysfunction. Dadu, who enjoys playacting his death, has a real heart attack. That brings home — to Coonoor, a hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu — his diasporic grandsons: Rahul, a successful novelist from London, and Arjun, an aspiring novelist from New Jersey. Arjun (Sidharth Malhotra), angry at his brother for stealing his ideas, feels like a chronic also-ran, and with good reason. Rahul (Fawad Khan) is frequently proclaimed the perfect son by his mother.

    That older generation has its own agita. Papa (Rajat Kapoor, but not one of those Kapoors) has money trouble, and all signs point to him having an affair. Mama (Ratna Pathak) is restless and angry.

    Mr. Batra, whose previous films include “Ek Main aur Ekk Tu,” has a naturalist’s feel for character and situations that’s unusual in mainstream Bollywood. Even though “Kapoor & Sons” goes from lightly comic to more darkly dramatic to pretty overtly melodramatic, it never loses its lived-in quality or plunges into the absurd.

    That’s a tribute to its actors, who make their characters’ wounds palpable but don’t play them too broadly. (Rishi Kapoor, though, has a high old hammy time as the pot-smoking, porn-approving, a-little-too-cute Dadu.) It’s also a tribute to Mr. Batra and Ayesha Devitre Dhillon, with whom he wrote the script. They know how to press the story without pressing it too hard.

    It helps that the movie plays against expectations, if gently. The foreign-returned grandsons here aren’t swaggering wheeler-dealers in need of lessons about humility and home. They’re writers who need to repair relations with their family. Rahul’s secret is also a bit unusual for Hindi movies, and though you may guess it early, it plays out in a mostly satisfying way. When I saw the movie, the audience rewarded it with Bollywood’s gold standard of approval: tears, and a few hoots.

    “Kapoor & Sons — Since 1921” is not rated. It is in Hindi, with English subtitles. Running time: 2 hours 17 minutes.


  40. Kapoor & Sons has had a good hold on Monday and found appreciation in four big metros of Mumbai, Delhi, pune and Bangalore. The collections have dropped only 25% from Friday and will in the 5 crore nett range. The four day figure is 30.50 crore nett apprx.

    The Monday figure is the second best of the year after Airlift. Going by the first four day business its going to fare similar to Neerja as the same places are collecting well. The business is best in Delhi NCR.

    The first week will close over 40 crore nett which are the lifetime figures of the directors last film. The week should close at around 42-43 crore nett.



  41. http://www.koimoi.com/bollywood-news/shah-rukh-khan-will-play-a-dwarf-in-anand-l-rais-next/

    Talks about Shah Rukh Khan starring in Anand L. Rai’s next had been on for long. The two had met up to discuss a script and now it is confirmed that Shah Rukh has given a nod for this project.

    The Tanu Weds Manu Returns director confirmed the same, saying Shah Rukh will play a dwarf in the film.


  42. Talking of the films’ technicalities, Jeffery Bierman’s camera has a distinct homely feel to it. As if someone was recording everything on a handy cam. A special mention should be made of a sequence where the Kapoor are quarreling while a plumber tries to fix a leaking pipeline. The hilarity of this scene lies not just in the writing and acting, but also in how the camera captures the proceedings in an indulgent way – almost like an invisible audience. The film’s music is quite apt with the songs seamlessly fitted in the narrative. Even the popular ‘Chul’ song is not thrown in the typical “chalo ab hero-heroine ko nachate hain” way. It’s all very real in the film – you get it, right? The background score suits the film’s ambiance and helps keep the melodrama quotient low. Ditto for editing which is very crisp and devoid of any flab.

    The Verdict:

    So, I will cut the long story short and simply urge you to go and watch Kapoor and Sons. With your entire parivaar. It’s a wonderful, heartfelt film that redefines the family drama genre in Hindi cinema and gives it a much-needed lifelike fillip by making you cry, smile and think. All so effortlessly and without really breaking a sweat.



  43. Caught for ticketless travel, Ms. Bhansali, according to the Railway Police, said they should first arrest Mr. Mallya who owed the banks over Rs. 9,000 crore.

    A 44-year-old woman from an affluent family, caught for travelling ticketless, on Tuesday chose to go to jail for seven days instead of paying a fine of Rs. 260, saying the authorities should first arrest and recover the loan dues from liquor baron Vijay Mallya.

    Premlata Bhansali, a mother of two, who lives in the plush Bhuleshwar area in south Mumbai, was caught by a woman ticket checker on Sunday at the Mahalaxmi station of suburban network.

    Asked to pay up the fine of Rs. 260, Ms. Bhansali, according to the Railway Police, said they should first arrest Mr. Mallya who owed the banks over Rs. 9,000 crore.

    “She was produced in the magistrate court and asked to pay the fine. But she declined and chose to go to jail for seven days,” said Anand Vijay Jha, senior Divisional Security Commissioner of the Mumbai division, Western Railway.

    “She spent nearly 12 hours arguing with railway officials, demanding to know why the authorities were going soft on Mr. Mallya and harassing the common man,” said a Railway Protection Force officer.



  44. Bob Cristo Says:

    Rishi Kapoor and Virat Kohali have shown that Amitabh and Tendulkar are not the last yardstick in Acting and Cricket. Rishi too is playing good to great roles in films even in this age and Virat Kohli is playing memorable innings one after other.


    • Since 2010, Rishi has Do dooni char, patiala house, agneepath, housefull 2, Student of the Year, Aurangzeb, D-day, kapoor & sons and few others.

      Not bad at all.


  45. Check out: Akshay Kumar’s look as the evil Dr Richard in Robot 2



  46. what an incredible final over today!

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    • RajRoshan Says:

      India just escaped from the jaws of defeat…Bdesh were the better team except the last 3 balls when they threw the match away…India need to improve themselves against aussies…

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    • “what an incredible final over today!”

      After long time something nail-biting over! India just got lucky!


    • Any other quality side would have taken India apart with those final 3 balls. Thankfully it was Bangladesh, who just never learn.


  47. Batman Vs Superman getting horrible reviews.. was planning to go tomorrow.. need to re-think now!


    • AamirsFan Says:

      yeah I was one of the many who was excited for it when it was first announced…but the excitement has faded to being not excited at all. I may see it when it comes out for rental in a few months.


      • Here’s what I suggest the problem is: Zack Snyder doesn’t understand comics. Sure, he loves them. That’s more than evident from his loyalty to the source material, his invariably bombastic character introductions, the way he amps up scale, scale, scale… but — like Kevin Kline misreading Nietzsche in A Fish Called Wanda — I well and truly doubt he gets what makes the comics he is fond of so special in the first place. His Frank Miller adaptation, 300, gratuitously emphasised the worst aspects of the original work; his Man Of Steel robbed the world’s most loved character of all colour; his Watchmen — which I, as an Alan Moore fan, have not watched — should simply not exist, made in defiance of that grand creator’s wishes; and now comes this overblown monstrosity.

        Sure, this could be his plan all along. All part of a grand supervillainous scheme to show audiences how stupid the superhero genre is by murdering their heroes on screen, impaling them with mediocrity over and over again. It may well be by design, because Batman Vs Superman is so lunkheaded it seems unreal: there is a lot of action, with Snyder literally throwing in the kitchen sink at one point, but the setpieces are all dispirited and unspectacular — made worse by the way the director keeps cutting away from the action to insert some sappy moments — and the film feels four hours long, especially when the moment for it to fade-to-black at the end happens at least a half-dozen times. It is a film that aims for big revelations which, surprise, aren’t revelations at all. There is some talk of collateral damage and superhero responsibility, but this is blatant lip-service. All this film wants — desperately, incessantly, relentlessly — is to be louder.

        To me, this is the worst superhero movie of all time, particularly in terms of squandered potential. It is moronic enough to believe two people sharing a name is a coincidence of world-altering import. You, as a fan, deserve better. Superman and Batman, collectively known in DC Comics as the World’s Greatest ™, deserve far better. And Zack Snyder, be it inability or subversion, needs to be kept away from these icons — at least till he figures out that the red of the cape is the colour of a bright and stunning Testarossa, not merlot spilt on the floor.

        Rediff Rating: Zero Stars



  48. For Fox, this is a hat-trick after Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and Neerja. Sidharth Malhotra has kept his good run intact (even his Brothers, though an under-performer, had still collected 85 crore). Alia Bhatt has bounced back after Shaandaar. Fawad Khan has another success up his sleeves after Khoobsurat. Rishi Kapoor has wooed audience all over again with his endearing act. As for Rajat Kapoor and Ratna Pathak Shah, they have proven once again that they are extremely reliable actors who can be expected to deliver each time around.

    Note: All collections as per production and distributor sources



  49. NEW DELHI: Leading a cricket team may not be rocket science but India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni proved it involves a bit of physics in Wednesday’s World Twenty20 heartstopper against Bangladesh.

    With Bangladesh needing two runs to humble their ‘Big Brother’ off the final delivery from Hardik Pandya, Dhoni made a masterstroke tactical decision following another brain-storming session that marked the late stages of India’s defence of a below-par total in a contest crucial to their semi-final hopes.

    Ideas flew in, mostly from paceman Ashish Nehra who had exhausted his quota but was eager to make sure the team benefits from his 17 years’ experience of international cricket.



  50. taran adarsh@taran_adarsh

    #KapoorAndSons is ROCK-STEADY. Fri 6.85 cr, Sat 7.75 cr, Sun 11.75 cr, Mon 5.08 cr, Tue 4.50 cr, Wed 4.35 cr. Total: ₹ 40.28 cr. India biz.


  51. RIP Johan Cruyff – one of the greats


    • charan raj Says:

      Feeling happy for Kapoor and sons team particularly Rishi Kapoor. Well deserves hit for all of them. At the same time I feel surprised to see that nobody is praising the film and performances of its leads here in this blog. Had this been a Bachchan movie there would have been floods of comments and some folks crying from roof tops just to prove that Bachchan at 72 is still relevant. Why aren’t they doing same for Rishi Kapoor? After all he is also above 70.


      • Rishi Kapoor is a whole decade younger than Amitabh Bachchan. Not to take away any credit from him, he did an excellent job in Kapoor and Sons among other recent films, but whenever people compare him to Big B, or any new player to Sachin, or Bangladesh/Pakistan to India’s team…all that goes through my head is Baap Hamesha Baap Hota Hai

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  52. http://www.india-forums.com/bollywood/south-india/62814-kerala-actor-jishnu-passes-away-at-the-age-of-35.htm

    Hugely popular young actor Jishnu Raghavan who was battling with cancer for a few years, passed away on Friday morning at a private hospital here, said his family.

    He was 35 years and survived by his wife, a daughter and his parents.

    His father Raghavan is a popular yesteryear actor who still dons the greasepaint.

    Jishnu was identified with cancer more than two years back and since then he has been very active in the social media airing the progress of his ailment.

    Even though he acted as a child artiste in 1987, it was in 2002 that he burst into the Malayalam film “Nammal”, which was a runaway hit. Since then he acted in 17 films before his tryst with cancer began.

    He returned to the films after a round of treatment but had to go back for treatment. In all, he acted in 21 films, including a Tamil and a Hindi film.

    Sources close to the actor told IANS that the place and date of his funeral is yet to be decided.

    “His parents hail from Kannur and it’s not yet decided where the funeral will take place,” said the source who did not wish to be identified.

    Even though the actor and his parents reside in the state capital, for the past several months the entire family had moved to Kochi to facilitate his treatment.

    A mechanical engineer by training, his popular films include “Choonda”, “Freedom”, “Parayam”, “Nerariyan CBI”, “Powran” and “Chakkara Muthu”.

    Jishnu’s co-actor in a few films Bhavana expressed shock at the news of his demise.

    “He was very active in the social media and giving regular updates and expressed hopes that he will soon return to the industry. Now, see what has happened,” said Bhavana.

    Ace character artiste Jagdish said Jishnu was probably one of the most well-behaved actors of his generation.

    “Despite being the son of an actor, he never ever had any airs at all. He was so well behaved and even while he was battling cancer, he used to be a solace for actor Innocent (Lok sabha member from Chalakudy and president of the Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes) when he underwent cancer treatment. He was always positive and showed a strong sense of determination in the fight against cancer,” said Jagdish.


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