Rocky Handsome, Kapoor & Sons (ongoing), the rest of the box office

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  1. Sanjana:

    Rocky Handsome had a fair opening of around 25-30% after a decent performance on paid previews with collections of 1.50 crore nett apprx. The opening morning collections are the second best of the year after Airlift but the film has benefitted from the holiday for Good Friday. It can be said that for a holiday, the opening should be bit better than fair. The film has to pull through very well at the end to set a good total as it is very unlikely to grow tomorrow as day one is a holiday.

    Batman v Superman – Dawn Of Justice had more screenings than Rocky Handsome on paid previews and collected very well with collections going to a huge 3.75 crore nett depending on collections of Tamil and Telugu versions. The film also taken am excellent opening of 50-55%. In terms of occupancies the opening is better than all Hindi films released in 2016.

    Batman V Superman – Dawn Of Justice is easily collecting better than Rocky Handsome in most multiplexes across the country and is also strong down South so despite less screenings than Rocky Handsome it should still collect more.

    In the Ambarsariya was off to a very strong start in both Punjab and Delhi and will put up a very good first day total.


  2. Sanjana:

    Kapoor And Sons has set new records for 2016. After a controlled release which saw traction primarily at major multiplexes of big cities, the Shakun Batra directed flick did well with its target audience.

    The film earned around 6.65 crore more on Thursday and with this, the collections now stand around the 47 crore mark. These are very good numbers for a film which had seen 6.85 crore coming on its Day One. Ever since then, the collections have only escalated during the weekend, and then held on very well right through the weekdays.
    Kapoor & Sons and Teraa Surroor Movie Poster
    Kapoor & Sons and Teraa Surroor Movie Poster

    In the process, the film has not just enjoyed one of the best Week One of 2016 but is also the third highest grosser of the year already by going past Wazir and Ghayal Once Again.

    This is how the highest grossers of 2016 look like:

    Airlift – 129 crore
    Neerja – 75 crore (still running)
    Kapoor & Sons – 46.93 (still running)
    Wazir – 42 crore
    Ghayal Once Again – 40 crore

    In fact, when compared to some of the other key multiplexes successes of the last few months, Kapoor & Sons is doing better than Neerja [35.32 crore] and even Piku [41.42 crore]. Though the lifetime total of Piku [80 crore] is out of reach since another multiplex release of the same genre, Ki & Ka, releases next week, it is a wait and watch situation to see how much closer does it come to Neerja (expected) lifetime [76 crore].

    Meanwhile, Himesh Reshammiya’s Teraa Surroor has now accumulated around 14.15 crore in two weeks. The film would close its lifetime at 15 crore and prove to be a plus affair for all involved due to low costs (11 crore) and pre-sales of rights.

    Note: All collections as per production and distributor sources

    Joginder Tuteja tweets @tutejajoginder


  3. The “guitar’s” back

    Chhuteya na chhute mose
    Rang tera dholna
    Ik tere baajo dooja
    Mera koi mol na
    Bolna mahi


  4. Rocky Handsome has struggled to garner multiplex business in the A centres. The film should have got to around 7 crore nett but will finish at around 5.75-6 crore nett as the evenings did not show the normal higher collections at multiplexes. This is because Batman v Superman was first choice across the big centres while in the metros there was Kapoor & Sons also doing well.

    Rocky Handsome has done reasonable business in mass belts but the competition of Batman v Superman – Dawn Of Justice has been too strong and that film has recorded excellent collections. .

    Rocky handsome was released on 1900 screens compared to the 1200 of Batman v Superman and while Rocky Handsome may end up with 6 crore nett, the figures of the Hollywood film could go to 9 crore nett..


    • Saw batman vs superman last night. Contrary to critics, i enjoyed it more than Avengers, Dark Noght Rises and Man of steel.
      It is dark film and has so much going on which is somewhat incoherent but nonetheless more enjoyable than many straightforward simple superhero films. I didnt find the villian impactful though, he tried to be heith ledger in many scenes. He was hamming like our very own dirty dang Srk.
      Overall- 7.5/10


      • ” He was hamming like our very own dirty dang Srk.
        Overall- 7.5/10 ”

        yes will catch it this weekend,just wanted some reviews and looks like a goon one, I am very cautious after wasting money on ra one….


  5. And finally, someone who brilliantly articulates the Indian woman’s perspective vis-a-vis our Hindi film heroes. Bravo!

    “….We’ve been short of grown-up male romantic idols for a bit, someone who combines the sensual, the intelligent and the emotional in one place.

    ….we’ve been missing the interiority, the idea of a man who has something going on in his head and who can have a conversation with a woman. If you are an Indian woman who has ever taken a long walk on a dating app, you will know that conversation is not a handy skill for most people….

    ……The majority of Indian male movie stars are just too laddish by far and just too only interested in other men to make it very interesting for a grown woman. They seem so uninterested in the world and in women that we can hardly feel any returning interest in them, in any sustained way. You could put them all in one movie and call it Ek Duje Ke Liye and that would be a documentary, really.

    I mean, how long must we watch the self-congratulatory shenanigans of Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor so happy to show off their boy love on TV? How long are we supposed to watch male actors kiss the hems and bestow long, throbbing, public embraces on their male directors? How long must we watch these boyz well described by Santosh Desai in a recent column on Indian men at work, as they “ lean on each other, they lounge, huddle conspiratorially, sometimes they even cuddle, they crack loud jokes, ogle women, swear freely and …seem to turn into a molten, sticky glob of masculinity, that is difficult to pull apart. Asking any one of them to do something is viewed as an intrusion, and is treated as such”…..


  6. Back from Batman vs Superman. I think critics are very harsh on the movie. Its not a great movie but its not a bad one either. First 1 hour was slow and taking its own time to settle but last 1 hour is pretty good in the ‘Zack Synder’ genre and pretty entertaining. Not sure the reason of so much backlash and negativity. Overall worth watch once and I prefer this to Man of Steel(but the Kevin Costner portions were lot better).


  7. Kapoor & Sons had a solid eighth day as it took benefit of the holiday for Easter and grossed around 4-4.25 crore nett. This takes the films total to a little under 50 crore nett. the film faced competition from Rocky Handsome and Batman v Superman but it has found an audience in the big metros so continued to well there. The weekend will not show the usual growth as its coming off a holiday and there is a big match on Sunday. Nevertheless the film is a HIT and should do around 70 crore nett business

    Batman v Superman – Dawn of Justice took the best initial of the year out of all Hindi and English films. Infact its probably the only film to take an initial. The film recorded collections of around 8 crore nett as per early estimates.

    The film had the best occupancy this year as these figures came from 1200 screens. the opening is also the the third highest ever for Hollywood in India after Fast & Furious 7 and The Avengers – Age Of Ultron.

    The film will also not improve over the weekend as it was a holiday but with around 12 crore nett in the bag already including paid previews it should get to around 25 crore nett.


    • In Kapoor n sons, the-use -of-geographical-distance-to-fully -inhabit-ones-identity&choices trope is handled in a relatively subtle unobtrusive devoid of the melodrama and jarring kjo dharma overtones. There’s more to each “character” than seems overtly obvious (won’t call it “skeletons in the cupboard” etc tho)
      & we r tired on the mentions of the overused “dysfunctional family” tripe!-no more plz.
      Kjo’s dharma learns (finally) that a bit of “restraint” doesn’t harm. Both the male leads are “writers” one in London & other in NewJersey, are used effectively esp in the scenes where their “poise” seems to be cracking up slowly under pressure -ones getting slightly over-rated in the media & the other underrated currently …
      As for Alia, she’s free -spirited chirpy bubbly n all that (but it’s getting a bit repetitive now). Rajat kapoor is a class act & the other kapoor is really having a long overdue ball proving a lot of things to others (& himself)

      Liked the ‘organic’ way this track was staged
      Alias ‘casual’ attires & styling are interesting (esp for a place like coonoor I thought)

      Ladki beautiful Kar gayi

      But the standout was the line-
      Aakhri baar likh raha hoon.
      Ho sake to kahaani yaad rakhna…


      • Contd from my blogpost above–

        Now this is easily the BEST film that’s come out of Kjo’s dharma productions post its SRK-era. Though this is tighter, leaner and less melodramatic, kjos “soul” does seem to be lingering around,
        In KANK, the indian public couldn’t digest their beloved superstar indulging in adultery with another ‘respectable mainstream’ heroine who didn’t really have a reason to do so –inspite of having a hubby abhishrek who seemed to have no “flaws” or “impotence”( though 1 can’t be sure about the ‘impotence” bit in anhuishreks case!)
        The film KANK had some high points

        But didn’t do well..

        Here in kapoor, a lesser budget & scale & limited release & curtailed ambition helped. Inspite of this being atleast a decade later, it’s difficult to gauge the reaction had it starred the current superstar(s) & The “moral” connotations …et al
        Alia bhatt is becoming like potato -she can go with any dish really…and “moulds” herself well accordingly.
        It depends on how they handle their careers from now on. But suffice to say that this film has given Bollywood a potential credible star-actor and a potential superstar!

        Btw made me ROTFLOL, the male lead here also dabbles with Bollywood blogging 🙂


        • Contd from above –Both the male leads were aptly cast & did a swell job. But this highlights the dilemma of the current film maker that they have to SLICE N DICE casting and projects so a particular actor can play that particular segment

          What’s now missing is the hero with the PAN -APPEAL.
          Masses, classes, traverses over budgets & snob appeals & regional biases.

          Many threatened to fulfil this recently but ranbir failed big time with stuff like besharam, BV etc
          ranveer singh is the one with the max prospects here but one has to see him without bhansali (& the twin cushions of PC/DP)

          This is where Amitabh Bachchan has managed to dwell the terrain for so long and illustrated by piku at nearly 75!

          The khans were the last proponents (& even there the reach of Salman in the ‘class segment’ except lately and Aamir in the weaker project & with normal release frequency have been suspect at times)

          The ONLY other male lead who is effectively (other than the khans) is somewhere near achieving this spectrum ( with some clauses) is perhaps the last of this illusive kind
          And with also possibly dented by kangana-gate (& health issues) recently
          Is this the
          End of the PAN-hero ?


          • In my quest for the missing pan-hero,
            Will be (surprisingly) watching


          • ^ Contd-A long queue of movies I’ve been trying to catch up but failing to. Will try badlapore …

            O aasma mila zameen ko meri
            Aadhe aadhe poore hain hum

            Get a sense will like this one….(if I manage to complete it!)


          • Ok folks sorry couldn’t watch all of it (die to some “reasons”)
            but watched bits n bobs of badlapore–I’m not bowwwwlleeed over but have to say

            Welldone sridharraghavan, varundhawan, & laik aka nawaaz

            And guys– gr8 performances by ALL my women here
            yami, huma,
            And last but not the least
            what a “mature” performance by divya dutta & radhika apte
            Real guyz know what I’m talkin bout 🙂

            Dehleez pe mere dil ki
            Jo rakhe hain tune kadam

            But For the first 20-30 sec of this composition there’s just the guitar &
            Hmm hmm
            Hmm hmm



          • Watched only interrupted bits but have rarely watched full movies …

            The best movie by raghavan–he is a skilled film maker -unsure ytf he’s so under rated
            The best work yet by Varun dhawan

            Lol scene with that fat guy whatshisname was in bheja fry

            There’s something perverse about radhika aptes choice of roles tho…

            Somehow inspite of Varun dhawans career best I’m not entirely satisfied … Why?


  8. Batman v Superman can be expected to trend like an SRK movie. It might put up big weekend numbers in US BUT saturday will see a considerable fall. It might get a 175 million weekend but doubt if it will have any legs.
    Am not sure how they screwed up such a successful and sure shot franchise.


    • What screwed up ? They made it so much enjoyable, million times better than Man of steel which was boring for most part. Superhero movies are always mindless and flawed. There are plenty of flaws though. It will still make 300+ mn easily and 800+mn worldwide, they can make sequel with critics in mind.


  9. ‘Then again, you could say that calling up Abraham to portray an expressionless man is a little like casting Yul Brynner as a bald guy.’

    ‘The unintentional laughs kept me going for a while, like the time the ANC (Anti Narcotics Cell) people decide to frame Rocky by sending an email, from his account, to… the US President, with this text: “I KILL YOU.” It must be the world’s first instance of assassination by bad grammar.’

    ‘When he sees her getting wet in the rain, he asks what she’s doing and she replies, “Boondon se baatein.” Even the writers must have winced, for they quickly seat her in a car and send a speeding truck in her direction.’

    ‘Plus, everything is ultra-stylised, with split screens, coloured filters, and a cavernous gangster’s lair illuminated by hundreds of candles and a baroque chandelier – if Sanjay Gupta and Sanjay Leela Bhansali had a baby, it’d look like this movie.’

    ‘But this subplot is glossed over in favour of moments where an addict (who’s also a stripper) hits a supplier on the head with… a cricket bat that just happens to be lying around in her dressing room. Why not… barbells? Equally ludicrous – but at least that would go with the general aura of the movie.’


    • Lol! Rangan has mauled the movie with his usual witty humour. The last time that I found myself laughing with a spot-on but equally hilarious review from Rangan was with his Mastizaade/Kya Kool Hain Hum 3 double-bill review.

      There are some critics who are biased against certain genres but Rangan certainly isn’t one (I saw him give a positive review for Ghayal Once Again for e.g.), so it does look bad for Rocky Handsome.

      It also illustrates the limits of John Abraham in terms of providing an opening.

      He barely ensures a 5cr opening day on a holiday while only this year we saw Amitabh Bachan and Sunny Deol (both way past their prime) ensuring better openings on normal days.


  10. Rocky Handsome has gone down pretty badly on day two with collections of 4.25 crore nett. But this was expected as the evening crowd on friday did not come for the film and it was a holiday. The collection so far are around 11.25 crore nett in two days including paid previews. There is a big match to come on Sunday and it will impossible for the film to show the normal Sunday growth.

    The collections on Saturday dropped in the mass centres where the opening was fair. The best areas CP Berar and UP are both down.

    Batman v Superman – Dawn Of Justice continued to dominate the box office and will record weekend collections better than all Hindi releases barring Airlift. In Mysore the figures are better than Airlift also.


  11. Reading good things about Thozha. In telugu it is Oopiri, I think.


  12. another fantastic Kohli knock..


    • This was really something special and heroic effort by Kohli..What a gem it was..Blessed to have seen this.. “Had there been Virat Kohli in ‘Lagaan’ movie instead of ‘Bhuvan’, He would have ended the match before the intervals (or in 2hrs). ”
      🙂 via twitter feed


      • ha, good one!


        • Hi Satyam: Congrats!!!!..Amitji has acknowledged and shared your tweet at his handle !!


          • Where’s the tweet,,,

            Btw congratulations to Mr Bachchan
            Actually beyond a point, it doesn’t matter who gets an award for which film. Just like in Leo’s case with revenant rahmans with jaiho, there’s always this “debate” that there were better more deserving works of a particular actor and so on.
            Its more of a recognition of the body of work rather than A particular film that matters. It becomes INCUMBENT in some cases for the award to be given, the minutiae become incidental

            On a related note, even though I have (more than) a soft corner for deepikas recent works (sp Bajirao Mastaani), have no hesitation that I’m glad that Kangana truly deserved the highest honor for TWMR

            (Hrithik gate nothwihtstanding) Kangana in TWMR was a tourdeforce performance and imo was one of the best performances in the last decade or so (male or female)…
            (Have to say this hrithik-gate notwithstanding…)


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  13. Like

  14. Anyone watching Siya ka Ram on Starplus?


  15. Park Blast Near Children’s Rides Targeted Christians On Easter, Says Pakistani Taliban Faction

    A breakaway Pakistani faction of the militant Taliban group has claimed responsibility for an Easter Sunday bombing in a park in the eastern city of Lahore that killed 60 people.
    The explosion took place near the children’s rides in Gulshan-e-Iqbal park – which was crowded with Christians celebrating Easter -local police chief Haider Ashraf said. He said the explosion appeared to have been a suicide bombing, but investigations were ongoing.


  16. Rocky Handsome has had a very poor weekend of 14.50 crore nett with 1.50 crore nett on paid previews, 5.50 crore nett on Friday, 4 crore nett on Saturday and 3.50 crore nett on Sunday. The film was affected by the match on Sunday but that hardly matters as it has been rejected outright. The film did open well at some mass centres but these also have seen a steady decline over the weekend.

    Kapoor And Sons has done well in its second weekend grossing 11.25 crore nett. the film grossed 4 crore nett on Friday, 4 crore nett on Saturday and 3.25 crore nett on Sunday..

    This takes its ten day total to 55.75 crore nett and has chances to creep over 70 crore nett and maybe even become the second highest grosser of the year.


  17. 63rd National Film Awards: List of winners

    Best Film: Baahubali – The Beginning
    Best Director: Sanjay Leela Bhansali for ‘Bajirao Mastani’
    Best Actor: Amitabh Bachchan for ‘Piku’
    Best Actress: Kangana Ranaut for ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’

    My faith in Awards are restored. National Awards are the best.


    • Looks like another Hindi movie awards. But very glad to see both Amitabh and Kangana win it and both are very deserving. Kananga’s Datto was one of the most remarkable double role performances in Hindi film industry and after getting shunned from all major awards, Kangana finally gets her 3rd National Award after Fashion and Queen.. Amitabh’s performance was without a fault note in Piku and he should have swept all the awards (if he didn’t).

      On other hand I didn’t feel Paa should have won him National Award, not that his performance was bad but it wasn’t National Award worthy. The ‘concept and idea’ that he’s playing 13 year old got him the award more than performance. Black and Piku totally deserving though.


  18. For ‘Batman v Superman,’ a Supersized Box Office

    LOS ANGELES — As a box office megadraw, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” more than did its job, taking in an estimated $170.1 million in North America and an additional $254 million in simultaneous release overseas.

    But as a measure of the creative capabilities of a studio betting its future on a string of tonally similar superhero movies? Most critics eviscerated the Warner Bros. film, which was directed by Zack Snyder, and audiences gave it a soft B grade in CinemaScore exit polls.

    Warner, which spent roughly $400 million to make and market “Dawn of Justice,” described the box office results as “phenomenal,” “sensational” and “fantastic.” Domestic ticket sales, fueled by higher-priced Imax, premium large-format theaters and RealD 3-D screenings, set a record for a March release, among others.

    It was one of the largest rollouts in Hollywood history: Warner booked “Dawn of Justice” onto roughly 50,000 screens in 67 countries. “We’re absolutely jubilant about the way the fans embraced the film,” Jeff Goldstein, Warner’s executive vice president for domestic distribution, said by phone on Sunday. “To be this successful as we launch the DC Comics universe is really a triumph.”

    The real test for Warner and “Dawn of Justice” may lie ahead, however. Any movie with both Batman and Superman in its title had better turn out huge opening-weekend crowds. Financial success will depend on repeat visits by fans in the weeks ahead and attendance by older moviegoers, who tend to skip the initial hoopla.

    Analysts estimate that the movie will need to take in more than $800 million worldwide to break even, after accounting for revenue splits with theaters. (Boding well for Warner: “Dawn of Justice” faces light competition over the next two weekends.)

    Questions also remain about Warner’s 10-movie “cinematic universe” of interconnected superhero movies. Mr. Snyder’s bleak “Dawn of Justice” was designed as the creative foundation for a multibillion-dollar string of films featuring the likes of Wonder Woman and Aquaman. Mr. Snyder is set to begin filming a two-part “Justice League” in the coming weeks.

    As Mike Sampson, editor of the fan site, wrote last week before the numbers were in, “If the overwhelming sentiment is that the ‘Dawn of Justice’ doesn’t make you want to see Justice arrive, Warner Bros. has a supersized problem.”

    Is Warner concerned?

    “Not in the least,” Mr. Goldstein said. “While I respect the reviewers, the enormous turnout speaks for itself.” (Over the weekend, James Wan, who is directing “Aquaman,” told attendees at a comic book convention that his film would not forget to have fun in response to a question about Mr. Snyder’s dark aesthetic.)

    Chatter around the unusually negative reviews, which were 29 percent positive, according to, may have actually helped “Dawn of Justice,” as moviegoers set out to see what the ruckus was about. A number of review-based Internet memes popped up last week, with one video of a sad-looking Ben Affleck, who played Batman, viewed about 14 million times since its posting on Thursday.

    ListenFirst Media, an analytics company, said that the number of social media mentions of “Dawn of Justice” on Thursday and Friday were 45 percent larger than for Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron” over a corresponding period.

    Rival studios on Sunday gave credit to Warner, which has struggled at the box office during the last two years, for selecting what turned out to be a perfect release date for “Dawn of Justice.” Movie industry conventional wisdom holds that superhero movies do best in the summer. But Warner — trying to get ahead of Marvel’s coming “Captain America: Civil War” — took a risk on the Easter holiday. According to comScore, 76 percent of American schools were closed on Friday.

    For the weekend, Disney’s “Zootopia” was second at the domestic box office, taking in an estimated $23.1 million, for a four-week total of $240.5 million, according to comScore. Third place went to Universal’s “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2,” which was made for about $18 million and took in a better-than-expected $18.1 million. (“Opa!”)


  19. And on the sombre occasion of Easter is commemorated thus in our friendly tolerant neighborhoods:

    ISIS Crucifixion of Indian Priest:

    Taliban bombing of Christians:


    • Seculars are enjoying reading these news on this blog also. France, belgium, atrocities on kurds, christian massacre in pakistan and plenty more to come, seculars have many reason to rejoice and still counting.
      Congrs to Srk and Aamir , world is tolerant finally, indian security agencies foiled many plot recently otherwise most intolerant nation India will become tolerant too.
      Congrats to secular bloggers, enjoy.

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      • Just today we got the news one indian, infosys employee, contributed to world’s tolerance from indian side with secular’s celebration moment in Belgian metro. As an indian represntative he did well. So please dont think india is 100% intolerant, we also contribute whatever we can from overseas , if not from within india.


    • AamirsFan Says:

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  20. Agree with raghav & nykavi.
    The selective silence of those who choose to seletively ignore these atrocities (either tactical or in the name of secularism or is getting more n more deafening now …


  21. “I think what really helped was him (Dhoni) running those twos. The opposition panicked a bit because of that. They were unsettled because they knew we could run the runs as well and get 12 off one over without taking a risk. I think that is when the bowlers started thinking too much,” Kohli said.

    “Credit to MS Dhoni. He kept me calm and kept telling me – ‘Pick your areas, these many runs are left in these many balls’. He didn’t want me to get carried away or over excited. He just kept telling me what are the areas I could pick and that just gave me assurance,” Kohli said.

    “If I was going to go towards covers, he would give me assurance again and I became confident. I think that is where communication and partnership helps. It was wonderful to pull the team out of that situation.”


  22. Indian batting star Virat Kohli on Monday lashed out at social media trolls for targetting Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, saying that those who blame her for anything negative in his cricket career should be ashamed of themselves.

    Kohli, who single-handedly powered India into the World Twenty20 semifinal with a hurricane 82-run knock against Australia last night, took to Twitter and Instagram to hit out at the trolls who take digs at his former girlfriend after every India match.

    “Shame on those people who have been having a go at anushka for the longest time and connecting every negative thing to her. Shame on those people calling themselves educated,” Kohli wrote.


    • “Shame on blaming and making fun of her when she has no control over what i do with my sport. If anything she has only motivated and given me more positivity. This was long time coming. Shame on these people that hide and take a dig.

      “And i dont need any respect for this post. Have some compassion and respect her. Think of how your sister or girlfriend or wife would feel if someone trolled them and very conveniently rubbished them in public,” he added.


  23. Have all respect for anushka sharma. She’s maintained “dignity” and she has all my “support”
    Anyone blaming anushka deserves to be DISSED

    It’s NOT her fault but kohli ‘s fault–he has repeatedly shown his inability to COPE with her physical proximity ! Lol
    The stats show that!
    Wtf was he doing last wc and also in England ?
    Y was he so sleep deprived lol
    Kohli starts behaving like a child who’s attained puberty a week ago when she’s around!

    And given that kohli happens to be a strategic asset of his team–as his ‘coach & advisor’ one can only advise —
    can’t kohli keep his emotions (& hormones) at check for a few more days ?
    Afterr that they can embark on debauchery ..
    (&don’t mind joining in)…


  24. & when TWITTER-trolling of poor anushka Sharma becomes a bigger & more emotive issue to get vocal on for some
    mass murders in Paris, Belgium, lawhore etc (about which they stay silent on)–
    THAT is the biggest irony …

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  25. भारत से हारने के बाद नवाज शरीफ ने पाकिस्थान की नई टीम की घोषणा की ।
    ये होंगे नए खिलाडी

    1. आमीर खान (कप्तान)🇵🇰
    2.शाहरुख़ खान (उप कप्तान)🇵🇰
    3.अरविंद केजरीवाल ( कीपर)🇵🇰
    4.दिग्विजय सिंह 🇵🇰
    5.मुलायम सिंह 🇵🇰
    6.लालू यादव🇵🇰
    7.नितीश कुमार🇵🇰
    8.सीताराम येचुरी🇵🇰
    10.राहुल बावा (पप्पू जी)🇵🇰
    11.राजदीप सरदेसाई 🇵🇰
    12.कन्हया कुमार 🇵🇰
    नवाज शरीफ का कहना हे की इनसे बेहतर भारत का विरोध कोई नहीं कर सकता हे। सारे मैचों का प्रसारण आजतक, ndtv , ibn7 , abp news, चैनल पर दिखाया जायेगा।।

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    • ROFL..


      1) Barkha Dutt : Already has a templated-letter ready to PCB to counter ‘intolerance’ and PCB’ records re-writing &/or history dis-owning: Letter from a sickular, cricket presstitute to Shahryar Khan..

      2) Nidhi Razdan

      3) Sponsors: Vadra & Gandhi Ltd

      4) Team Director: Sir Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

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    • BJP joined hands with PDP to form government. So BJP may bring Pakistan under Greater India and then the team may include Anupam Kher as Captain and Umpire(double role) and Akshay Kumar may cheer the team with paresh Rawal. ROFL.

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      • On Sunday, the Syrian government said its forces had retaken the desert city of Palmyra, in the centre of Syria.

        The self-declared Islamic State seized the city in May of last year — and soon unleashed a wave of destruction on its defenders, inhabitants and archaeological treasures.

        In September last year, shocking images were released of the destruction wrought by Isis upon Palmyra’s most treasured artefacts, including the 2,000-year-old Temple of Bel and the Arch of Triumph, which were left in ruins.

        After the recapture, photographs have emerged showing the damage the terrorist group has inflicted on the ancient city.


    • omrocky786 Says:

      Yehee toh Scum (s) hain jee !!


  26. Hope nothing untoward happens to helpless passengers.


  27. The former captain felt Anushka has helped Kohli grow both as a human being and as a cricketer.

    “For people to say that she was sitting in the stands and he got out. What would he get? he doesn’t get to see her if he gets out on the first ball. He can’t go out from the dressing room and meet her up over there. So, all I can say is they are frustros and they have no love in their lives, and therefore, they are taking it out on the poor girl, who has been there, been a support and backed him.

    “In my opinion, she has only helped him grow as a human being and as a cricketer,” said Gavaskar.

    Talking about Kohli’s cricketing brilliance, Gavaskar said the Delhi lad has shown that one doesn’t need to play slam bang cricket even in T20 format.

    “He played cricketing shots (during his unbeaten 82 in India’s 161-run chase in a tense group encounter against Australia in Mohali to enter the last-four stage of World T20) and there was no wild slogging.


  28. I think the best director and best film should go to one movie only. When a film is declared best film, it is due to best direction. And vice versa.


  29. Superb Trailer, fresh story.


    • charan raj Says:

      One more national award for Bachchan courtesy Ramesh Sippy who is the head of Jury since long. Bachchan was good in Piku but never on the earth deserves best actor award as the performance was never aware worthy. He was a supporting actor and should have been considered for that category. RIP national awards.


      • Ah there you are! Was just waiting for your Zaid Hamidian conspiracy theories after such devastating news hit you. Took you so long?? Dammmn those grey cells must really be diminishing…


  30. Bengaluru: Superstar Rajinikanth, who has been honoured with Padma Vibhushan, may have to settle for low-key celebrations to mark the acceptance of the award. A Karnataka court has issued an injunction order restraining his fans, who are gearing up to celebrate the occasion by erecting huge cutouts and posters and carrying out an ‘abhishekam’ with milk. Prior to the release of the superstar’s films, his fans usually perform ‘palabhishekam’, a ritual involving pouring of milk on flex banners and life-sized cutouts.

    The interim ex-parte injunction was passed by a principal city and sessions judge following a suit filed by an activist from Bengaluru, against “wasting milk for illogical hero worship”.


    • Petitioner IMS Manivannan, a social activist, filed the suit in the Bengaluru civil court on March 26. He claimed that thousands of litres of milk were being poured on the actor’s cutouts during various occasions at a time when children were dying of malnutrition in the state.

      Hope Maivannan wont be attacked by fans, fanatics.


  31. Can Fan Repeat The Dilwale Overseas Business?
    Thursday 31 March 2016 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Q. Is Fawad Khan the first Pakistani actor to become a star in India after the appreciation of Kapoor & Sons?
    Ans. The initial of Kapoor and Sons was 6.50 crore nett and that was with a fair upturn in the evening. This sort of opening would put into doubt the stardom of upcoming stars like Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra let alone make one into a star. It will be hard for him to get that real stardom which reflects at the box office as the audience does prefer home talent. As for appreciation be it for film or star its very limited but today perception is built very easily but its for a time only.
    M. Haider

    Q. Does not Aamir Khan come into the picture as far domination this decade goes as he has the bug biggest blockbusters 3 Idiots, PK and Dhoom 3?
    Ans. 3 Idiots was last decade and then its just PK and Dhoom 3 in six years that can’t compete with Salman Khan’s record. You need volume of releases as well as big hits unless of course if the other person also has similar volume.
    Mohit Sarkar

    Q. Don’t you think its a bit unfair to call Barfi a fluke hit as it was rated at the time of release?
    Ans. The fluke is not about hit, no questions against that, the fluke is going to 105 crore nett. Even Piku, Neerja, Kapoor & Sons are hits and at present this sort of content catering to 4-5 cities stops at around 75 lakh footfalls for these films. Even a Dil Dhadakne Do which is bigger film but aimed at same audience stops at the range. The fluke of Barfi was going to a higher range of over 1 crore. Thats where its a one off and can’t be taken seriously as its going to happen very rarely.
    A. Jaiswal

    Q. Can Fan repeat the Dilwale Overseas business?
    Ans. That was a Christmas release which is huge in Overseas. Its a big ask but ceratin markets like US / Canada and Australia will have chances.
    K. Dayal


  32. Rocky Handsome Day Five Business
    Wednesday 30 March 2016 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Rocky Handsome continued with poor business on its fifth day. The daily business of Rocky Handsome till date is as follows.

    Thursday (PP) – 1,50,00,000
    Friday – 5,50,00,000
    Saturday – 4,25,00,000
    Sunday – 3,50,00,000
    Monday – 2,00,00,000
    Tuesday – 1,60,00,000

    Total – 18,35,00,000

    The way the film is going it will not even do 25 crore nett lifetime business. The Hollywood release Batman v Superman – Dawn Of Justice will do double or thereabouts the business of Rocky Handsome.


    • Rocky Handsome always seemed just so poor from the trailer; I’m amazed as to who invests money into these things, expecting a decent return…


      • I disagree, maybe the movie didn’t turn out well but its one of the most good hits in Korean movies, A man from nowhere and official remake of it.

        The whole setting, ambiance and role matches John Abraham perfect and no wonder he produced this movie himself.

        I think the film needed Sanjay Gupta as director and then at least it would be watchable and worthy for remake.


        • I had a feeling from the trailer it was a remake of an East Asian film! Zinda, for instance, was directed by Sanjay Gupta and was watchable (I actually didn’t care for the Korean original at all), but was also pretty much a dud at the box office if I remember correctly.


          • The movie opened rather well, 6.5 cr was not bad for a Friday…So have to blame the director here than John…


  33. Ambarsariya Emerges A Blockbuster
    Tuesday 29 Mach 2016 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Ambarsariya has emerged a blockbuster film with an excellent hold on Monday. The weekend trend was excellent although it did not show in the numbers due to a first day holiday, screen space lost to other releases and a huge match on Sunday. The first four day business of Ambarsariya In East Punjab is as follows

    Friday – 1,57,00,000 (Holiday)
    Saturday – 1,50,00,000
    Sunday 1,51,00,000 (Match)
    Monday – 88,00,000

    Total – 5,46,00,000

    The drop is 45% from Friday but that is coming off a holiday, The hold is strong on Monday and the film can dominate the East Punjab market till the release of Fan in mid April. The business in four days across India is around 7.50 crore nett. Ambarsariya is probably looking to be among the three highest grossing Punjabi films of all time.


  34. Jai Gangaajal And Teraa Surroor Business Update
    Wednesday 30 March 2016 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Jai Gangaajal is a flop though is the fifth highest grossing film of 2015. The business of Jai Gangaajal till date is as follows.

    Week One – 24,54,00,000
    Week Two – 6,87,00,000
    Week Three – 1,06,00,000
    Fourth Weekend – 10,00,000

    TOTAL – 32,57,00,000

    Teraa Suroor has fared very badly running out of steam in just one week. The business of Teraa Surroor till date is as follows.

    Week One – 5,95,00,000
    Week Two – 21,00,000
    Third Weekend – 2,00,000

    Total – 6,18,00,000


  35. [edited]


  36. 😦


  37. What an anti climax!



    Actor Arvind Swamy, who made his Bollywood debut with Mani Ratnam’s 1992 film Roja, is returning to the Hindi film world with debutant director Tanuj Bhramar’s upcoming film Dear Dad.

    Arvind is said to have chosen this film to return to Bollywood because he found the subject intriguing.


  39. Mahendra Singh Dhoni Brushes Off Retirement Speculations in Style After World T20 Semi-Final Loss to West Indies

    Reported By Siddharth Vishwanathan Last updated on Friday, 01 April, 2016 01:10 IST

    Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s quest for a second World T20 title were dashed after West Indies defeated India by seven wickets in the semi-final at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on Thursday.

    In the post-match press conference, Dhoni was confronted with a question that whether he would retire from international cricket following this loss to the West Indies.

    Remarkably, Dhoni smiled and called the Cricket Australia reporter, Sam Ferris, over. He asked the reporter to come sit beside him and also stated that he wanted to have some fun.

    The reporter went over and Dhoni asked him,”You want me to retire?”. The reporter sheepishly replied, “No”.

    Dhoni proceeded to ask, “I was hoping it would be an Indian media guy. I can’t really say whether you have a brother or son that can play for India as a wicketkeeper. Do you think I am unfit?” Ferris embarrassingly said ‘no’ again.

    The Indian skipper asked, “Looking at me running (Unfit)?”. Ferris replied, “Very fast”. Dhoni proceeded to ask, “Do you think I can survive till the 2019 World Cup?” The reporter hesitated before saying, “Should, sure, yes”. Dhoni laughingly said, “You have answered the question.”

    For the rest follow the link:-


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