The Shallows trailers (updated)

thanks to thecooldude..


18 Responses to “The Shallows trailers (updated)”

  1. My kind of film!


    • I am surprised for a bit , your kind of film is SRK’s fan type film only, isn’t it?
      The way you are drooling over every image of srk and creating post for every instant update from fan shows your intention. Why don’t just declare it srkshot ….aage toh mujhe kehte hue bhi sharm aa rahi hai.


      • your kind of film is SRK’s fan type film only, isn’t it?

        satyam is running a blog and has to entertain all fans here,srk is after all big stories.


    • So, basically there is
      MA Pass and Ki & Ka – on 3rd April
      Love Games & Jungle Book – on 8th April
      15th April – one week can be done without movies
      One Night Stand, Santa banta Pvt ltd., Nil Battey Sannata,
      Laal Rang – on 22nd April
      Baaghi – on 29th April

      There is so much to look forward to in April and Satyam wants us to create illusion that there is only fan.
      If you are in love with srk, then confess it, dammit.


  2. Inspite of all restrictions on this forum on Non-srk releases in April-
    Love Games with No Big Stars is approaching 6mn views, releasing on 8th April 🙂 A must watch


  3. Baaghi Trailer is close to 12mn views. Immensely liked and set to be huge hit.


  4. Laal Rang starring Randeep Hooda releasing on 22nd April :), trailer coming soon, Chartbuster song is out.


  5. Sleeper hit Nil Battey Sannata releasing on 22nd April-
    Classic Gem of a trailer.


  6. Sunny Leone is back with ‘One Night Stand’ releasing on 22nd April.


    • Pooja Bhatt’s family is having a bonanza with Sunny and soft-porn: For all women’s emancipation, Sunny’s ‘histrionics’ comprises doing with clothes what she did without them..this isn’t a dig on her; this is the standard Hi-fi has sunk to..

      This is another one without Sunny though..


  7. Boman Irani, Vir Das are coming with rib-tickling comedy on 22nd April.


  8. Sequel of Successful & critically acclaimed MA Pass is releasing on 3rd April.


  9. One more shock for you.
    Kaafiron Ki Namaaz – Official Trailer (HD) | Releasing 7th April 2016


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