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  1. Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan – What went wrong?
    Trade speaks upBy Bollywood Hungama News Network, Apr 21, 2016 – 06:59 IST

    Fan isn’t doing well at the Box Office. The signs were there on the opening day itself, the decline on Saturday was alarming and the fact that it couldn’t match even the Friday collections on Sunday made one wary of how the film would perform on the weekdays. The fact that the film dipped in a huge way on Monday meant that questions were being raised around its entry into the 100 crore club, something that was least of the problems that had seemed for the Shah Rukh Khan starrer before the release. The debate was around whether the film would stop at Rs. 150 crore or go beyond. However, a larger segment of audience has given the Maneesh Sharma film cold shoulder, something which is apparent in fall in collections on Tuesday as well.

    So what went wrong?

    “Fan has been rejected because people, and especially the masses, have not liked the film,” says distributor Rajesh Thadani, “Although Shah Rukh Khan is brilliant, there is no relief in the film. There are no songs or heroine either. Also, the second half and the climax have not been liked by most. Really, expectations were a lot more from the film.”

    Not to forget the fact that not including chartbuster track ‘Jabra Fan’ in the film was professional harakiri. “Yes, audiences felt cheated for sure,” adds Rajesh.

    The core (unbelievable) content of the film is coming for quite some flak.

    (Spoilers ahead)

    Trade expert Atul Mohan opines, “How can you kill the very ‘Fan’ in the film? After all, it is because of him that you are what you are. Even if you really wanted to, Gaurav (the character of Fan), there could have been an emotional speech at the least. To begin with you fail to establish an emotional connect with Gaurav and then you bump him off. To make things worse, you have a mediocre and unconvincing second half. Not happening.”

    Of course, ‘Jabra Fan’ exclusion is not being taken lightly. “Fans felt dejected and fooled when the most popular promotional went missing. There was no other item number, no glamour either.”

    “There is not one, but many reasons for the underperformance of Fan,” says Harsh Jain (distributor and exhibitor), “First of all, the movie by itself is not good, especially the second half. People even missed the presence of a heroine in the film. The super hit song ‘Jabra Fan’ was not included in the film as well. I also feel that in some segment of the audience, there is a dislike for Shah Rukh Khan that cropped up after his controversial statements. By the way, I feel that is something really stupid for anyone to think like that, though I believe it is harming the trade is a big way.”

    Adds distributor and film business analyst Girish Johar, “Despite Shah Rukh Khan’s performance being lauded, the audience did not accept the film as they felt that it was not well written. Furthermore, they found nothing new and exciting in the film. For certain portions, public may have felt them too to be illogical. Also, maybe they couldn’t digest the fact that Aryan Khanna, the star aka SRK, is arrogant and rude. I personally believe that the Jabra song, despite being heavily promoted, not being there also added to its woes.”

    Ramesh Sippy, distributor, has an interesting observation to make, “The un-acceptance was of the very character of a ‘Fan’ hounding a male superstar, who in these days is surrounded by bodyguards. Moreover, it was a double role no less. The audience is in two minds who to sympathize with since both characters are played by the star himself.”

    Some feel that there are factors other than the film’s content itself that played truant.

    “The underperformance of Fan, when measured against the huge expectations that the audience had from the SRK-YRF partnership, can be attributed to multiple things. Releasing in a period that had the IPL, The Jungle Book (which had a huge draw among kids and therefore families) etc., Fan became ‘one of the many exciting options that the audience could choose from’. The division of the audience between all these options certainly had an impact on the Box Office performance of the film,” says Akshaye Rathi (exhibitor and distributor).

    He goes on to add, “Besides this, a large section of the Indian audience is accustomed to a format of entertainment, which Fan completely strayed from. With absolutely no ‘relief’ in the form of songs, especially ‘Jabra Fan’, comical tracks etc., the movie was perhaps too grave and serious for the audience to digest in these times. Having said that, the film has still done fine by notching up the best weekend numbers of 2016 so far.”

    This is the reason why no one is challenging Shah Rukh Khan’s stardom though as it is the content which is facing the most heat.

    “To all who are saying that Shah Rukh Khan is on a downhill is completely wrong. All said and done, Fan started on a very strong and promising note just because of Shah Rukh Khan’s star power and that he is still the Baadshah of Bollywood. The opening numbers prove that fully. This huge opening is without the regular SRK dose of song, dance, masti, romance and masala. People yet thronged the theatres not only in India but globally too,” adds Girish.

    Would a different ending have helped though?

    “You never know! If only there was a happy ending with Aryan dancing on the title song ‘Jabra Fan’ at Gaurav’s wedding,” Atul says in retrospect, “It could well have been a fair tribute to a Fan as on one end the superstar is taking millions to dance at a wedding, and then on the other he pays his own homage to a Fan by dancing on his wedding. You never know, the prospects of Fan could have been better this way.”

    Well, who knows!


  2. Spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said on Thursday that he tried to open a dialogue with ISIS, but the terror group rejected it by sending him a photograph of a beheaded man.

    “I tried to initiate peace talks with the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) recently but they sent me a photograph of a beheaded body of a man. Thus, my effort for a peace dialogue with the ISIS ended,” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said.

    “I think the ISIS does not want any peace talks,” he told reporters in Agartala. “Hence, they should be dealt with militarily.”

    Mr Ravi Shankar left for Kolkata after a three-day visit to Tripura.

    Holding a series of meetings across the state, he stressed on the need to bring peace to India’s northeastern region.

    The 59-year-old said his aim was to unite all cultures, religions, faith and ideologies.


    • He has contact with them? Telephone number? Just as Ram Dev was in contact with terrorist Hafeez Saeed?
      What is with these SO CALLED SPIRITUAL LEADERS?

      To quote one of Shakespeare’s insults linked below to express what I feel about them.

      7. The rankest compound of villainous smell that ever offended nostril


  3. The Jungle Book Has An Extraordinary Second Week
    Friday 22 April 2016 10.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    The Jungle Book is grossed a huge 47 crore nett in its second week to takes its total to 121 crore nett and its on the verge of beating all the Hindi films released this year. this will happen today as it it crosses the 123 crore nett of Airlift. In the second week Airlift had grossed 28 crore nett while The Jungle Book has grossed 19 crore nett more with 47 crore nett.

    The second week figure is higher than all Hindi films barring six of them. There are places that have done as much business in the second week as they did in the first week. The drop week on week is just 35%. The film has really scored in Hindi version which is contributing close to 45% of its all India business. For most Hollywood films this figure is around 30%.

    The film has done well across the board and and recorded better business in B centres than all the Hindi films. There was a drop on the last day of the second week but if it resumes the pattern of last week on its 15th day then the film will hit 150 crore nett and this could be a total which may turn out very hard to beat in the first half of the year.


  4. Ki & Ka Three Week Business Update
    Friday 22 April 2016 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Ki & Ka had a huge fall in the third week due to the release of Fan. The fall was 90% apprx from the previous week. The business of KI & Ka till date is as follows

    Week One – 37,21,00,000
    Week Two – 12,45,00,000
    Third Week- 1,25,00,000 apprx

    Total – 50,91,00,000

    Still the film has done pretty well with business of over 50 crore nett. The closing business of the film will be a little over 51 crore nett.


  5. Fan Struggles On Weekdays Of First Week
    Friday 22 April 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Fan struggled on the weekdays grossing 70.25 crore nett in week one after a good weekend. Though the weekend was good it was mainly due to the first day as the film could not trend well on Saturday or Sunday. The film saw a big fall on Monday, Tuesday maintained well as a part holiday but collections came down further after Tuesday.

    The business of the film is so so in the metros while most centres have performed poorly. Mumbai, Delhi /UP, Mysore and West Bengal have seen the best numbers while other circuits are poor. A multiplex dominated circuit like East Punjab was below the mark.

    The film does not face any major competition this week barring the strong holdover The Jungle Book but with collections coming down to low levels at the end of the week a decent second week total is unlikely to happen.

    The film could still be the leading Hindi film but that is irrelevant as it mainly because the other Hindi films are poor.


    • Some more “truth”

      Another piece of “Truth”

      EXCLUSIVE: Here are the unanswered emails that Kangana sent Hrithik; It is time to give him a clean chit

      Key emails clearly show that Hrithik didn’t reciprocate to Kangana’s barrage of emails. Forensic reports testify that Hrtihik didn’t answer any of Kangana’s 2000 plus mails even once.

      Btw do Check out the pasted emails from kangana to HR in the link above…


    • 3.5 years after Talaash Fan has almost the very same number in week 1.

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      • Hahaha
        Wasn’t talaash’s LIFETIME total 70 -75 crores but inflated by 5-10 crwhores here!

        And talaash had songs
        Not one but many
        And good ones

        And who can forget Rani
        In the only role she looked somewhat fetching (in that sari!)

        And kareena
        In the “prostitute” role that she obviously did v well in
        And one of the few movies where she looked like a woman

        And THE scene
        Where aamir under performs (rather nonperformance!) and sleeps without utilising kareenaa skills

        So on one hand u have such LASCIVIOUS stuff thrown under the garb of a thriller

        And then
        U have FAN
        Heroine ZERO
        Kissing zero
        Making out

        Saala it had ONE song and even that was not in the movie

        The few females weren’t even in any casting couch situation either
        No wonder the utkals and Satyams aren’t interested in a ONE MAN enterprise called fan !

        Btw that reminds me
        Of a battle royale
        That satyam himself challenged me into


        I Must admit with hritiks current misadventures with Kangana etc
        And gowarikers box office record (he hasn’t had a hit yet!) it’s looking difficult for hritik

        But these things don’t scare me

        Bring it on 🙂


        • BOI had Talaash at 90. Not sure what the producer total was. Producer total was 93 or so. On Mohenjadaro yeah the bet is still on! Not that I mind being wrong here for different reasons. Of course with all these ‘art films’ being made these days from Fan to Mohenjadaro, wonder why everyone is competing with the safer-than-KKHH Talaash!

          And just to make it clear once more on that bet Rakesh Roshan cannot do the counting..

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          • **Of course with all these ‘art films’ being made these days from Fan to Mohenjadaro, wonder why everyone is competing with the safer-than-KKHH Talaash!**

            LOL!!! Great retort Satyam..

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          • I might also add that with our audience, I suspect the market for thrillers is somewhat smaller, because there seem to be a rather high percentage of folks who go around spoiling the ending for people. I’ve only rarely seen this happen in the US, but I was in Bombay at the time Talaash released and thank god I saw it relatively early — at work several people had the ending “spoiled”…

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          • the thing with Talaash is it was simply too dark a film for multiplex India and I’ve had this thesis for years that no film which is dark in this sense or to be more precise no film which questions the essential ‘assumptions’ and ‘certitudes’ of multiplex India can ever succeed. Depending on the star and his or her standing, depending on some other stuff you can have either a face-saving underperformer or something worse. But you have for instance DMD or Khakee or Talaash. In each of these cases there’s nothing really wrong with the film, specially the first two. They’re gripping narratives, visually powerful films and so on. But they simply have too dark a perspective on contemporary India. And there’s just aren’t too many takers for this. Which is why the whole debate about ‘different’ films and more ‘commercial’ though ok at one level is also misleading at another. Clearly the gross expectations cannot be the same in both cases but the real fault-like is as always the ideological one. And no film in 25 years has at least to my mind been any sort of serious success at any end of the production scale that truly questions New Indian values. This is why for example (and of course all these points I’ve made before) even something GoW doesn’t really argue against this. Because that sort of film represents the Indian heartland ‘imaginary’ for multiplex audiences. There is nothing in this film or others like it that really forces them to question anything, nothing that truly makes them uncomfortable. However these other films do (Raavan with the ‘Maoist’ anti-hero.. and a much more unpleasant ‘hero’ in the Ram figure is the best example). Now in some of these cases one could certainly argue that the films are not entertaining enough or not really for a larger audience. I could say this for D6. But that certainly isn’t true for the three examples I started out with. The problem as always is that we don’t have genuine film critics who can highlight some of these distinctions and so when films don’t work they’re called ‘bad’ in some utterly reductive sense and the vice versa. I’m not saying Talaash is a perfect film or anything but it’s ‘flaws’ are not the reason it fizzled out, it’s ideology however is. I think for instance that PK has probably more flaws when you get to the second half but in certain genres the audience accepts flaws. To get over this ideological resistance you need a supremely good script or at least one with enough ambiguity to it so that everyone can be happy (Guru would be a good example here.. not that I otherwise consider it dark in the same way). But how often does that happen in contemporary Bollywood?! Incidentally Talaash is a film I quite love. I probably like it more than every Aamir film in this post-lagan period barring a couple. I wouldn’t argue as a critical matter that it’s better than all those other films but it has greater ‘truth’ in some ways.

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          • P.K Talli Says:

            BOI had Talaash at 93 . First week was around 63 cr . Producer total was 94-95.


          • I think week 1 was 67 at the producer’s end. But yeah BOI caught up by the end.


          • Insightful reading here, Satyam — I do share your fondness for Talaash (I saw this twice in the cinema, and have watched it another couple of times on DVD), it is indeed one of my all-time favorite Aamir Khan films (even if the Vishnu of Dum Maaro Dum might have been a better character here than the cop essayed by Aamir; admittedly the latter is a more populist turn)…

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          • I saw it twice too.

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          • And if that wasn’t enough, partisans would bring in a movie released 4 years ago on 1200 lesser screens, yet their ”fantasy” remains unfulfilled as ”Fan” is pleading for help of more fans to get to 80 Crores!!

            But the same partisans would not raise the clash of TZP vs Welcome unfair nor would they admit the sole reason for the success of small films from AamirKhanFilms as Dhobi Ghat, Peepli Live!, JTYJN and Delhi Belly was ” One and only Aamir Khan” as that would put the stardom of their own favourites in perspective with the clarity of crystal. Aamir has added another facet to the stardom, which is binding faith and loyalty in audiences mind that if Aamir is involved with anything, be it as a producer or a director, people would come to watch those movies! And this is the biggest reward for the perseverance Aamir stuck to for so many years, yet he kept to his own belief without any vacillation despite failures and small successes and even some predicting his ”extinction” in the time to come! Today he is reaping the reward of that phase which must have been very tough to withstand!
            Aamir is not a star as some here argues, then who else is?? With MP, he broke 1st week records and RDB and Fanaa too were the record holders despite releasing with in span of 9 months! Ghajini shattered all records by a distance and with in a year, 3Idiots surpassed Ghajini by 80%! Dhoom 3 and PK respectively became the highest grosser in 2013 and 2014. On top of that they are also worldwide highest record holder as well, yet he isn’t a star!! Then ”Star” definition needs to be rewritten as Aamir the Actor has so much to his name, what if he becomes a ”STAR”!! I’m afraid to imagine Aamir’s hypothetical ”STARDOM”!!

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          • And SRK ”lunatics” tend to forget MNIK as it came after a gap of 14 months after RNBDJ and reunion of hugely successful combo of SRK and Kajol and that too being helmed by Karan Johar himself. Yet neither it did set box office on fire in its first week nor the total it accumulated (which in most cases indicates the positive word of mouth), which was from 70 to 75 Crores range depending on the different sources. It had songs and a very universal and populist theme and a tragic loss at the center of the theme, yet it stopped at such a meagre figure speaks volume of ” Stratospheric stardom” of a certain star! Ultimately content is the king and ”the sooner it is comprehended the better it would be for Andh-Bhakts”.


          • **And SRK ”lunatics” tend to forget MNIK as it came after a gap of 14 months after RNBDJ and reunion of hugely successful combo of SRK and Kajol and that too being helmed by Karan Johar himself. Yet neither it did set box office on fire in its first week nor the total it accumulated (which in most cases indicates the positive word of mouth), which was from 70 to 75 Crores range depending on the different sources.**

            But MNIK was an art film…

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  6. Omung Kumar’s upcoming film, ‘Sarbjit’ has been in the news for a while now and for all the right reasons too. As we already know, the film is based on the life of a farmer from Punjab, Sarabjit Singh, who strayed over to Pakistan and was mistaken to be a secret agent by the Pakistani authorities and sentenced to life imprisonment by the Pakistani Supreme Court. The film narrates the struggles of his sister, Dalbir Kaur, who left no stone unturned to bring her brother back. But the makers have decided to eliminate a very important incident from the film, that of Dalbir approaching Salman Khan for his help and support since Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is essaying Dalbir’s character and would never agree to share screen space with Salman, reported DNA.


  7. I consider myself an avid filmy gossip ‘keeda’ but this episode is leaving me dumbfounded , flabbergasted !

    I would be termed a misogynist, but Kangana’s past record starting with Pancholi, Dutt, Devgn and now this beyond any match……

    ” Here is a barrage of emails that Kangana allegedly sent to Hrithik’s real email id. When asked why there were no replies to her emails (barring a few replies to her sister, Rangoli), a source close to the actress said, “Hrithik was sending emails to himself to build a case that Kangana was in love with him, and he was not. When these supposed emails were sent, they were not in a relationship.” Hence, we cannot confirm whether Kangana was the one sending these emails to Hrithik’s real id. The contents of these emails talk about..”

    On March 17, 2016, a tabloid had quoted Kangana Ranaut’s friend who said that Hrithik proposed to the actress in January 2014 in Paris. The ‘proposal’ came after Hrithik and Sussanne split in December 2013.

    On his part, Hrithik has denied not only proposing to her with a ring but also claimed that he did not travel to Paris around that time. Through his legal team, the actor has conveyed that his passport doesn’t have the relevant stamps, which should be the case if he had travelled during the mentioned period. A source close to Kangana said, “He can refuse what he wants to, she is okay with it.”
    Who is faking it?
    From the onset, Hrithik’s legal team has been saying that it all began with Kangana corresponding with a fake email id created by an impostor. They maintain he was oblivious about it till May 24, 2014, when she mentioned about it at Karan Johar’s party. Reportedly, that’s when he told her that the id she had got the mail didn’t belong to him and he shared his ‘real’ mail id. They further claim that after this, she started corresponding with him on this id.


  8. Don’t know the whole story but the little I read about it seems:

    1. Maybe Hritik was true about the fact that they haven’t dated each other and that Kangana was either harassing him or was suffering from some kind of delusion.

    2. The mails seem deliberately leaked and incidentally the ones leaked are ones that reveal that it was a one-side thing from Kangana and that Hrithik was never replying and that Kangana is suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome.

    It’s good PR for Roshan’s case and the bits leaked deliberately are ones that ‘co-incidentally’ confirm all that Roshan has been claiming.

    You just can’t help doubting that they may have been leaked upon Hrithik’s request. It’s a dangerous thing when ‘confidential’ and ‘personal’ matters like these can be leaked by the police.


    • These emails are from either Kangana or Imposter or Hrithik.

      How can police have these emails? Do they have password of the account?
      They haven’t found the imposter.
      Kangana is not going to give.
      So how is Hrithik in possession of these emails 🙂
      or Kanagana account is hacked? By Whom? Police is not going to do illegal work.


      • The issue here is not he said she said but Kangana’s affinity towards all these married men. She has done well for herself and sounds pretty intelligent or at least tries to put up that image, is a fairly decent actor…infact her Dattu portrayal in Tanu Weds Manu is the most authentic Haryanvi take after Bachchan’s Arjun Singh Wald Bheem Singh Wald Dashrath Singh of Namak Halal.

        HR is no saint, but after all these genuine worldly wise interviews she gets entangled between married men legs.


        • MSDhoni – You will be termed misogynist in no time for this comment 🙂 .
          She has every right to have affair as Aditya Pancholi or Hrithik with her (alleged, real or fictitious).
          Whatever has happened, she has not talked herself. Showing more dignity. Hrithik and his PR are all over the place. Hrithik should have had thick skin when she tweeted Silly ex. People accuse Shahrukh of having affair with Priyanka, Deepika..have you seen him coming and defending himself?

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          • Re: “Hrithik should have had thick skin when she tweeted Silly ex. People accuse Shahrukh of having affair with Priyanka, Deepika..have you seen him coming and defending himself?”

            Precisely: media gossip about celebrities and affairs is as old as the industry itself — but a star looks silly for reacting in this way (then again, Hrithik seems to be making a career in silliness; it’s astounding how this man has wasted box office success over the last decade-and-a-half, never seen anything quite like this in the Hindi film industry…

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          • I think the facts are not as simple as made out to be and the brawl is simply cannot be for taking offence to an affair or ‘silly ex’ thing but there seems some deeper contortions to this whole public squabble.

            One cannot rule out blackmail one way or the other which can be perpetuated by either side and though it seems HR is the grieving party here and came out in public to file a case to prevent further extortion. We live in bizarre times and money, power affects our decisions and drives our life….. hope they find their peace !

            Some more dirt out in the public arena.

            EXCLUSIVE: Kangana was Downright Obsessed about Hrithik. Here’s Proof!

            Ever since we released the first batch of leaked emails between Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut, the truth behind this murky war is finally out in the open. Now, we have got our hands on something which proves the actress’ obsession for the superstar. The unanswered mails that Kangana sent Hrithik are enough evidence to gauge who is guilty and who isn’t. Here are some pictures that shows how far people go for infatuation. The first picture shows a hoarding of Hrithik with the caption “Get ready to step into future”. This hoarding was all over the city. The said picture was clicked by Kangana and sent to Hrithik with the subject line that reads – ‘I am ready’. Quite a proposal, isn’t it?



          • Kangana sounds like an “apex” predator in this whole saga…

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          • Ha! Or at least the kind of predator Apex fantasizes about becoming..


      • Now here is the lingo more up Kangana’s alley and her revolver rani persona…..the pahadi gal is really giving it to the ‘blonde city dude’…..

        Someone has cattily remarked in the comment section – “ Pyar angrezi main aur gaali Hindi main ?”

        ” Mail from Kangana’s ID to Hrithik on Nov. 19, 2014: “tu abhi bhi mera mails check kar raha hai. Dumbo meri hariyanvi tutor roz aati hai aur mein roz ek se ek galiyan seekh rahi hoon. Toh tu pange mat le nahin toh sari umar ke liye scar ho jayega. Koi therapy nahin chalegi, deewaron pe sir patakta milega.

        “aur vaise bhi bevkoof jab mujhe pata hai tune mera account hack kiya hai toh main koi personal confidential communication mail ke through kyun karungi? dumb a** kya dimag mein bhusa hai kya tare? kyun time waste kar raha hai? apni aukat ki koi ladki dekh aur wahan dimag laga. zayada unche sapne mat dekh.

        “mere ghar ke bahar line hai, acheche khason ko appointment nahin milti, tujhe ek charity project samjha tha, lekin jise khadde se nikalo wahi tumhe khadde mein dhakel de wah!! kya baat hai!! kyun aur baezzat hona chahta hai. chup chap bhool ja sab aur dafa ho, stop checking my mails, nahin toh maine kaha na sari umar keliye scar ho jayega [sic].”

        “Email from Kangana’s ID to Hrithik on Aug. 22, 2014: “why don’t you mail me baby? You don’t talk to me at all. as a lover I never get any attention from you but you have cut all the ties with me as a friend also. can’t you even text me and say hi or say thanks for my response to your song. you didn’t come for my b’day you never talk about my work or even that fact that I exist. you propagate priyanka, deepika, sonam’s work, why such a partiality with me? [sic].”


  9. Court asks US firm to give information in Hrithik Roshan’s fake email id probe

    The order by Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate A R Natu was given on a plea by the cyber crime cell seeking issuance of notice to authorities at Mail and Media Inc to provide details sought by it. A copy of the order, which was issued two days back, was made available today.

    Police today said they will also examine laptop and mobile phone of Kangana to find out the trail of e-mails, if any, forwarded to her by the alleged imposter operating through the fake e-mail in the guise of Hrithik.

    In its application filed before a local court on April 18, the cyber crime cell requested it to issue a notice to authorities at Mail and Media Inc under section 91 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) for production of the said information.

    “If the court does not issue notice then the police will not be able to probe the complaint further due to lack of information,” the application filed by Cyber Crime Cell police inspector Kalpana Gadekar said.
    – See more at:


  10. Pune: In his bid to give something back to the society, India’s Test captain Virat Kohli’s Foundation has joined hands with ABIL Foundation to extend help to Old Age Home ‘Abhalmaya’, which is currently home to 57 senior citizens.

    Residents of Abhalmaya, on Sinhagad Road, which has been set up by Dr Aparna Deshmkukh, could not believe themselves, when they found Kohli personally coming to meet them.

    Kohli along with Amit Bhosle of ABIL Foundation dropped into meet the residents yesterday. The Virat Kohli Foundation and ABIL Foundation will extend immediate help to Abhalmaya to end its financial crunch.

    Sparking on the occasion Virat said,”People like Dr Aparna are doing remarkable work by running such a facility for all those elderly, who have been left by their dear ones. This is absolutely wrong and it is our duty to take care of elderly members of our family.”
    – See more at:

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  11. Maybe this whole email thing is a publicity stunt for the actors involved.


  12. I had put up 2 links here regarding drone warfare and a link from here itself..seem to have disappeared..


  13. The Jungle Book Heads For 150 Crore Nett
    Saturday 23 April 2016 10.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    The Jungle Book had an excellent hold on day fifteen as it grossed around 3.50 crore nett which is just 12-13% less than the previous day and if we take the day eight which was a holiday on fair value the drop is less than 50% from last week. The film has also now beaten the business the business of all Hindi films released in 2016. The business of The Jungle Book till date is as follows.

    Week One – 74 crore
    Week Two – 27 crore
    Day Fifteen – 3.50 crore

    Total – 124.50 crore

    The film will is now heading for 150 crore nett business and will easily clear the 12-13 crore nett this weekend as the families come out again over the weeeknd.


  14. Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan 8th Day 2nd Friday Box Office Collections is 1.5-1.75 cr Day 8 Business. The second Friday takes the 8 Days Total Collections to 73.25 cr Mark.
    The film has dropped by big margin on second Friday. The drop is around 90% from Friday in terms of real value since Friday was a partial holida (20-25 % Advantage over Normal Day). The film might show good growth on Saturday and Sunday but it is not going to make any major impact over the final fate of the film.
    The film might touch 6.5 cr+ second weekend if it shows good growths on Saturday and Sunday in this weekend. The film might touch 90 cr lifetime looking at the current trends at the box office.
    The film has also dropped in the overseas market with lifetime overseas business targetting at 10.5 Million USD as of now. The film might become the first Shah Rukh Khan in last 6 years to stay below the 200 Crore Worldwide Mark.
    The film is a big loss making proposition for Yash Raj Films theatrically. The worldwide lifetime distributor share might touch 75 crore mark against a budget of 105 crores.


  15. Fan Day Eight Collections
    Saturday 23 April 2016 12.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    The collections of Fan on the eighth day were low with around 2.25 crore nett. This was on the cards due to how the weekdays in week one performed. The drop is around 88% from day one but the first day part holiday so on fair value the drop is a lower. It could have been worse for the film but the new releases this week were weak films..

    The collections of the film are still okay in the big multiplexes but that makes little difference to a film like Fan which carries high expectations even though these expectations are more to with the actor rather than the potential of the film..

    The film can probably expect a 80% fall in the second week which would probably mean the film is heading for lifetime business in the 85 crore nett range.


  16. Fan Nearly 2016 Top West Bengal Grosser In One Week
    Saturday 23 April 2016 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Fan may not have done well in most circuits but West Bengal has recorded good collections though they can be called only decent for a Shahrukh Khan film who dominates the circuit. The film has grossed around 50% more that Airlift despite not getting limited help from the single screens of the circuit The top five first week grossers in West Bengal are as follows..

    1. Fan – 5.20 crore
    2. Airlift – 3.55 crore
    3. Kapoor & Sons – 2.49 crore
    4. Ki & Ka – 1.97 crore
    5. Neerja – 1.86 crore

    The film is not only the biggest first week grosser of the year but it will beat the lifetime business of Airlift in the circuit in just 9-10 days. Airlift grossed 5.81 crore nett in the circuit and Fan will have crossed before the second weekend is out.


  17. Says trade analyst Taran Adarsh, “In my opinion, Salman and Shah Rukh should avoid clashing with each other as it will hamper the business of both films. Also, it goes without saying that filmmakers would not want to release their films with SRK.”

    Trade analyst Girish Wankhede seconds Adarsh’s opinion and says, “No body would want to clash with a film like ‘Raees’ because it features SRK and is backed with a huge promotional budget. Also, any film which releases on the same date will have to fight for screens. It’s natural for other filmmakers to wait for the confirmation and then plan for their films accordingly.”

    According to the buzz, ‘Raees’ is all set to release on Diwali, which is a long weekend. This means that it will take on Ajay Devgn’s ‘Shivaay’ and Karan Johar’s ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’. Needless to say that if all big films are slated to release on the same day, one of the three will budge and shift. However, ‘Rock On 2’ will hit theatres just ten days later leaving very little time for any of the films to recover their money as collections will be divided.

    Also, there are speculations that if ‘Raees’ doesn’t release on Diwali, it plans to hit theatres in the first week of December and Aditya Chopra’s ‘Befikre’ has already blocked December 9. Shah Rukh Khan and Aditya Chopra go back a long way and will not want to clash at the BO. Therefore, one of the two will move and target Christmas as it is the holiday weekend. But that is occupied by Aamir Khan’s Dangal and clashing with this film would mean a divided business yet again. Therefore, either ‘Dangal’ or ‘Befikre’ will be pushed to January 2017 which already will have its set of films lined up.
    – See more at:


    • Actually clashing with SRK is good now as Devgan and SLB have shown….for Salman it would be silly to miss the opportunity.

      BOI is there to add a few crores vs producer anyway


    • cannot beleive that srk rahees is having problem on releasing with other films,I think there will be no fear releasing along side srk film as mainly ” fear factor ” is almost deminise…

      if sultan releases with rahees then only one winner there and that is…….youk now which I mean…


      • No one ready to back off from their release dates. And srk is scared to take on them.
        Sultan is ready to push ahead, Dhishoom is stick to 29th july.
        Mohan jodaro is determined for 12th aug. Shivaay is confirmed for diwali.
        9th dec is booked and chritsmas is booked too.
        1) Srk should either take on these movies or come on a normal release date.
        2) Dusherra has only Rangoon confirmed, he can take on Shahid kapoor ?
        what do you say, Master ?


  18. Duniya ke sabse bade superstar ki sabsi badi movie wrapping at 85 cr 😦


  19. Dilwale – Flop
    Fan – SuperFlop
    Raees – Not able to get release date
    Atharvaa – shelved

    ye kha ho gaya hamare superstar ko


    • Raghav, don’t put up 20 comments saying the same thing..


      • i can understand your pain also, i am expressing my grief and you dont want to.


        • No I actually don’t have much taste for immature stuff, specially when one says the same thing in 20 different ways..

          Incidentally when you keep insinuating I’m a closet SRK fan or whatever I feel pity for you..


          • Re: “Incidentally when you keep insinuating I’m a closet SRK fan or whatever I feel pity for you..”

            That might be funnier than anything in Housefull 3.


          • Ha!
            One has to be really clueless to think that Satyam is in some way an SRK fan.


    • HNY – underperformer, loss for distributors, in real terms flop
      Kabhi Kabhi – flop
      CE- true blue success and a huge blockbuster
      JTHJ – flop in india, and lost battle vs Devgn
      Don2 – under-performer, loss for distributors
      Raone – flop
      MNIK – flop in india
      DMG – disaster
      Billu – flop

      After rnbdj,our very own srk is struggling for success. Is this pack for him?
      All ambitious project failed, nothing works. Just one success in last 8 years to the level of his previous standards.
      His movies cant bear burden of Huge budget anymore, he should move to character roles and smaller films.


  20. Like

  21. According to my sources #Raees is not getting date in 2016 so now this film might release in 2017 only. This is the damage Fan has done.


    • 😦


    • I am sure now product is bad and they know it wont trend well. Also, that implies they will be at huge risk to take on any movie with such product.
      if you are greedy to release it only on festive weekends, and know your opening depends on only festival weekends, this would happen.


      • I will agree with Raghav here…The content must be really bad here for them to push it…and then they also have added that Sunny number here…Doesn’t look good for SRK


  22. ROFL!!


    • Contd from my comments trail on fan here

      The CHALLENGE /bet face off between mohenjodaro and talas was placed in front of me not by myself by satyam !!
      Because after numerous debacles and losses in bets with me, satyam feels he has a v good chance to win against me
      for the FIRST time 🙂

      Actually I agree with satyam that there’s a big chance of tala ash winning ago at mohenjodaro and fan but I won’t back out.

      Btw I LOVED aamirs work in talaash ..but stardom is a different ball game

      As for fan
      I know it could have been more PALATABLE & audience friendly by some v EASY tweaks
      But I’m PROUD those easy routes weren’t taken….

      It’s not only how good srks performance was
      It’s also that nobody else could do it the way he did …

      And I loved how there was no song
      No making out
      Hanky panky casting couch

      The lead heros usp is songs and romance
      He was stripped out of them
      And he came out flying with a bravura performance
      As for utkal uncle the real reasons he didn’t like it, I’ve mentioned above


      • Contd from my post above —

        I think it’s good that the makers went the whole hog and didn’t dumb it down for box office.It’s EASY to make tweaks to make this a bigger earner!

        Infact I would have gone even sharper and nonlinear.
        Some of my tweaks ..
        1.The start should’ve been from the Madame Tussaud’s scene with no indication to the viewer that the assailant was NOT actually srk!

        2.The PSYCHE & conflict of the “star” couldve been explored more ie WHY he refuses the fans “simple” request in a bit more detail

        3. In an alternative ending of the film (available on blueray/ directors cut)–the STAR attends the ‘funeral’ of the fan..

        4. The “srk” who enters mannat after the fan had gone berserk may NOT & need NOT be the Real star either
        THIS could’ve been just before the interval indicating the presence of a THIRD entity

        Neither the Fan
        Nor aryan khanna

        4But a third creature who looks like srk–now this may either be another fanatic or he figment of the stars or his wife’s or the viewers imagination
        The last question should have been unanswered in this film


        • At NO point in my tweaked version will the audience know if the “fan” is or is not the actual “star”.
          Will delete all the fans “family” scenes..

          Towards the end, there will be a STRONG (unanswered) suggestion
          that the “fan” doing all this mischief and upheaval was all in the “stars” mind!
          This won’t earn what fan has till now but does it matter to Srk at this stage. ATLEAST u get a true blue Classic in your hands …

          Can’t think of any indian actor who can play this convincingly
          Except Kamalahassan..


          • But still there are loads of scenes which will be retained in MY version

            For eg
            The scene wherein the
            1. “Fan” sees the star for the FIRST time

            2. The “fan” breaks down crying inconsolably after knowing the “truth” about the “star”

            3. The scene wherein the “star” spots and hallucinates about the (now dead) fan in the crowd

            4. The star sees the fan descending down during his fall to his death

            And the whole REFLECTION theme that runs throughout

            At NO point will it be clear if the “fan” is real or not!

            And another thing…

            A SHAMELESS admission

            Though Srk or kamalahassan (only) have /could do a brilliant job of it
            There’s NOBODY (even them) who can match this with
            apex 🙂


          • Correction–kamal and even srk are totally competent of the role I’ve created but I think both are too old for it.
            1 can try to visualise ranveer or hritik but they aren’t ideal either …
            I think I will have to take over …

            Another small thing…
            There will be NO EXPLICIT content at all

            Just a 15 second sequence where the “star” is shown coming out of his (hot) mental coach aka psychiatrists office (after boning her) ..He sees her for some “behavioural issues” though she labels it as mild schizophreniform elements.

            And another scene where the star wakes up with hallucinations of the “fan”. The camera just lingers for a few seconds that he was sleeping with 3 women- one of them being walucza (his “assistant”) & the other girl who also happens to be the girlfriend of the “fan”…
            (&She’s not her lookalike!)

            Disclaimer : this is NOT a film for people who see a film which “says something”


          • Contd from my comments trail above —

            The CARDINAL FLAW in SRKs version of “fan” was that this

            Effectively HUMILIATES the “blind fan” and sermonises him or her to “become something in life”

            whilst this is a NOBLE thought and something a NONEXPLOITATIVE celebrity SHOULD do,
            There is an INHERENT paradox here

            There are stars and then there are MEGAstars

            MEGAstars are NOT made by your average admirers who like your work and roots for your “peak” works.
            Mega stardom is created by
            The FANATIC,
            just like the UNCONDITIONAL lover
            The ones that root for your failures, turds, misadventures

            The MEGASTAR actually EXPLOITS the emotions of these fans to build a HUGE fan base

            Though the RATIONAL admirers were NOT bothered by this
            But the BLIND fan felt CHEATED

            In my TWEAKED version,

            There’s NO major discernible difference in the physical looks of the FAN & the STAR
            There’s even a scene wherein some friends make fun of the “fan” that he is a walking talking plastic cosmetic surgery (presumably to make him look like an exact clone!)

            There’s NO conclusive evidence in my version that the
            FAN is a different human being than the star !

            Because SEPARATING
            The blind fan from the mega star is like
            Trying to separate
            Skin from flesh

            My version has a scene towards the end wherein the STAR whilst returning from the fans funeral
            Again gets his hallucinations
            Gets up early and tries to shave, gets a facial cut

            He looks into the mirror
            And he sees the “FAN” in the
            REFLECTION …


          • Economics roundup–production cost plus marketing etc, total budget 105 crores.
            Tv rights plus overseas about 60 crores.
            The film needed about 55’crores to break even which it made in the first weekend!
            Inspite of significant underperformance, this film still wasn’t a losing proposition due to the right PRICING

            must say, that inspite of my “improvements” they got certain moments right like

            I felt that srk underplayed (deliberately!) the star.
            After all,the film is about (and titled!) “fan!
            One coudnt have bettered the fan portrayal
            But for the “stars” conflicts and dilemmas felt like jumping in &
            Taking over.


        • Contd from above–
          META elements
          Borderline behaviour

          No wonder the premise of FAN works with me 🙂




    Donald Trump speaks in fake Indian accent to make point about outsourcing
    However, he goes on to describe India as a great place in Delaware rally
    Not angry with Indian leaders, upset with our leaders, clarifies Mr Trump

    Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump has used fake Indian accent to mock a call center representative in India.

    At the same time, he described India as a great place, asserting that he is not angry with Indian leaders.

    The billionaire from New York said that he called up his credit card company to find out whether their customer support is based in the US or overseas.

    “Guess what, you’re talking to a person from India. How the hell does that work?” he told his supporters in Delaware.

    “So I called up, under the guise I’m checking on my card, I said, ‘Where are you from?'” Mr Trump said and then he copied the response from the call center in a fake Indian accent.

    “We are from India,” Mr Trump impersonated the response.

    “Oh great, that’s wonderful,” he said as he pretended to hang up the phone.

    “India is great place. I am not upset with other leaders. I am upset with our leaders for being so stupid,” he said.

    “I am not angry with China. I am not angry at Japan. I am not angry with Vietnam, India…all these countries.”


  24. Aamir currently has a stronghold over Christmas, Salman has made the Eid weekend his own and the two are currently dominating the industry with major 300 crore grossers.

    Shah Rukh has slipped in India with Dilwale and FAN. But it’ll be a matter of one film that strikes gold at the box office. A universal success like Bajrangi Bhaijaan or PK is what he needs and it has to come quickly.

    Interestingly, while Aamir and Salman’s career has been filled with ups and downs, the feeling of not dominating the industry is something that’s new for Shah Rukh. More so after FAN, because the gap between him and the Top 2 in India has widened.


    • Re : But it’ll be a matter of one film that strikes gold at the box office. A universal success like Bajrangi Bhaijaan or PK is what he needs and it has to come quickly.

      True but where is he going to get one from.
      Nothing that we have seen recently seems to suggest that it might actually happen.
      Actually a 300 crore grosser might even make me a super star and put me alongside Aamir and Salman.


  25. If Shahrukh had any sense, or at least any script sense, he should have opted to adapt Srijit Mukherjee’s ‘Autograph’ reprising Prasenjit’s role, instead of this confused mishmash called ‘ Fan’.


  26. BOI is bo srk ?
    they have 2.25 cr second friday. Even BH is saying 2.15 cr.
    BOI had first saturday also higher than producer figures. And ofcourse they gave 20 cr friday initially.
    BOI is pro-srk, there was never doubt and they prove it again and again.
    Anyways, fan is doing very poor in usa after first weekend. And today only 2 tickets were sold in columbus morning show. Dilwale was also underperformer in us/canada.
    Only saving grace for srk these days is underworld nation UAE and terrorist nation Pakistan.


  27. Disney’s American adventure fantasy film The Jungle Book has performed consistently well through out its weekdays and weekends. The film managed to collect 6.65 crores on its 3rd Saturday and now stands with the grand collection of 132.96 crores. With this collections the film has beaten the lifetime collection of Airlift which was 127.80 crores.


  28. After performing below average in its opening week, Shah Rukh Khan starrer Fan remained low on its 2nd Saturday as well. The film collected 2.25 crores on its 2nd Friday and around 2.75 crores on its 2nd Saturday. Fan now stands with the total collecton of 76.5 crores.


  29. For a while I was worried for SRK thinking he’s got a flop in spite of coming up with a good film. But having seen it, I will say there is no threat to his stardom, and yes, it’s question of coming up with a better film next time. Who are these reviewers who have given the film four and five stars? I certainly expected a more entertaining film from Maneesh Sharma. It;s all fine to do away with commercial elements, but it’s no virtue if the end result is not appetising enough. He’s taken a creepy subject and given it a grim, humourless, songless treatment. And SRK playing his fan is just about the only edgy part of it – the rest is any other masala flick -with implausibilities and extended chase scenes galore. It’s a showcase for SRK, but what is so great about this story? I go nothing much out of it in the end. Does the film say anything at all?


  30. I saw that some people already observed this in the promo itself, but SRK’s fan face is quite creepy and unreal. Also, I felt his features keep changing from frame to frame. Perhaps the make up artist was not able to reproduce the same look each time.


    • Ha!
      That’s a facile argument. The film suffered on both counts. People getting tired of SRK’s antics and a somewhat poor film. Film is not all that bad but is weak on many fronts.
      Didn’t like it as much as An Jo but preferred it to HNY or Dilwale. It is a pity that SRK is getting humbled but is good if he takes care of his on screen persona. He still has a solid fan base and I still think he has a lot more to give.
      His problem is not being able to come to terms with the current circumstances. He is after big blockbusters to keep up with AAMIR and Salman. Instead, he should concentrate on making good films. Even if they are relatively small successes, it is ok. He can be a good actor and a great entertainer. Just had to suppress his ego.

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    Says a source, “Out of all the names being tossed for Lakhan’s part, Ranveer was the first choice. Also, last year Anil Kapoor, who played Lakhan, had said that Ranveer was perfect for the role. As for Ram’s character, it was decided that Shahid would be an ideal pick. The actors, however, have not signed on the dotted line.”

    Why will Shahid Kapoor do a secondary role to Ranveer wo will walk away with all the talis and applause? Let them take someone from TV for Ram’s role. Ronit or Rahul Roy or Siddharth Shukla.


  32. I dont know why they think Ram Lkahan is a script today’s audience s would at all like. It is a mediocre and messy script. Didn’t they see what happened to remake of films like Himmatwaa and Hero?

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    • Ram Lakhan in 80’s was a grand scale huge entertainer .. enhanced to another level by awesome music.

      Now to make it work in today’s sensibilities and age, will be a tough task for sure .. but not impossible. Though after burning his hands in unofficial remake of HUM … I have solid doubt on Shetty’s capabilities for this job.


  33. The Jungle Book continues to break all records for Hollywood releases and that too by distances. It is also beating records of most Hindi films. The third weekend business of The Jungle Book is as follows

    Friday – 3,50,00,000

    Saturday – 6,50,00,000

    Sunday – 8,50,00,000

    Total – 18,50,00,000

    The third weekend of the film is on par with a Bajrangi Bhaijaan with just PK and 3 Idiots ahead of it if we compare it with hindi films. The film has now collected 141 crore nett and will cross 150 cror enett by the end of the week and should hit 165 crore nett.


  34. Fan had a low second weekend dropping around 85% from the first weekend. The second weekend business of Fan is as follows

    Friday – 1,75,00,000

    Saturday – 2,50,00,000

    Sunday – 3,75,00,000

    Total – 8,00,00,000

    Despite the film not doing well it has become the top Hindi grosser in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu / Kerala already and will also become top film in Nizam / Andhra, Assam and Odisha. The lifetime business looks to be 85 crore nett.


  35. For Shah Rukh Khan, Tips on Not Losing Stardom to Salman From RGV

    Shah Rukh and Salman Khan photographed on the sets of Bigg Boss 9.
    RGV questioned SRK’s decision to make a film like Fan.
    ‘I hope SRK doesn’t listen to wrong advisers,’ said RGV.
    RGV also said that SRK ‘should learn’ from Kamal Haasan’s ‘mistakes.’
    Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma lashed out at superstar Shah Rukh Khan saying that he might lose his star status to Salman Khan just like Kamal Haasan did to Rajinikanth.

    Mr Varma said that Shah Rukh “should learn from Kamal Haasan’s mistakes and just be like Salman.”

    In a series of tweets, Mr Varma questioned Shah Rukh’s decision to make a film like Fan and also star in Aanand L Rai’s project in which the actor will be playing a dwarf.

    Megastar SRK becoming ordinary fan,dwarf etc is as big a same blunder as what Kamal Hasan did to lose his stardom to Rajnikant(Salman Khan)

    — Ram Gopal Varma (@RGVzoomin) April 23, 2016

    Kamal was as big a superstar as Rajnikant till he started doing dwarf,fat,tall etc nd as a fan I hope SRK doesn’t listen to wrong advisers

    — Ram Gopal Varma (@RGVzoomin) April 23, 2016

    Grt actrs r dime a dozen in NSD, Stage etc whereas Stars like SRK come blessed by God/Allah/Buddha etc,which is what SRK is not realising

    — Ram Gopal Varma (@RGVzoomin) April 23, 2016

    Clint Eastwood super star for30 yrs bng himself n then is critics Hero .i don’t believe in God but as fan I pray to Allah SRK realises truth

    — Ram Gopal Varma (@RGVzoomin) April 23, 2016

    SRK must learn from mistakes of kamal and not listen to near n dear ones who are stopping him from becoming a Mega Rajnikant.

    — Ram Gopal Varma (@RGVzoomin) April 23, 2016

    I call SRK as Megastar becos he neither has muscles of Salman nor workmanship of Aamir but yet he is taller than both by being just himself

    — Ram Gopal Varma (@RGVzoomin) April 23, 2016

    Rajnikant is Rajnikant bcos he always himself and Kamal always trying to be someone else..I hope SRK will remain like himself like Salman

    — Ram Gopal Varma (@RGVzoomin) April 23, 2016

    Kamal Hasan could have been a btr Rajnikant if he din’t keep bcmng some1 SRK should learn from Kamal’s mistakes and just be Salman

    — Ram Gopal Varma (@RGVzoomin) April 23, 2016

    Ram Gopal Varma is currently gearing up for the release of his film Veerappan, which will release on May 27.


  36. Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees PUSHED for a 2017 release?
    Shah Rukh Khan wants to make sure that his film Raees has a good release and doesn’t want it to clash with any of the big films!

    is this the sign of srk being scared ?… omg there was a time when any film star avoiding releasing his film along side srk but its other way round….so much for it its a real sign of weekness with this declining superstar…I bet salman khan is loving this and also amir khan ,

    salman khan is the one everyone will fear as it depends how amir
    “Dangal” pans out……


  37. Shah Rukh Khan might lose his star status to Salman Khan: Ram Gopal Varma
    Ram Gopal Varma tweeted: “Megastar SRK becoming ordinary fan, dwarf etc is as big a same blunder as what Kamal Haasan did to lose his stardom to Rajinikanth (Salman Khan). Kamal was as big a superstar as Rajinikanth till he started doing dwarf, fat, tall etc and as a fan I hope SRK doesn’t listen to wrong advisers.”
    – See more at:

    Ram Gopal Varma ✔ ‎@RGVzoomin
    Megastar SRK becoming ordinary fan,dwarf etc is as big a same blunder as what Kamal Hasan did to lose his stardom to Rajnikant(Salman Khan)

    Kamal was as big a superstar as Rajnikant till he started doing dwarf,fat,tall etc nd as a fan I hope SRK doesn’t listen to wrong advisers


  38. What RGV is saying is partly correct. There are few actors which simply relate because of the ‘Personage’ on screen. They are somewhat gifted with an audience connect due to their behavior, mannerism, walk, talk, attitude.

    Bachchan became somewhat caricaturist in late 80s and early 90s ….same happened somewhat to Dilip Kumar too but excessively in case of Khanna. The trick is not get caught up with those mannerism and become caricaturist but still remain with what they essentially are gifted with in terms delivering their dialogues and swag.

    Moving with the time but at the same time maintaining your own persona is the key and this is where Salman and even Akki are excelling.


  39. Fan Second Weekend Business
    Monday 25 April 2016 10.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Fan had a low second weekend dropping around 85% from the first weekend. The second weekend business of Fan is as follows

    Friday – 1,75,00,000
    Saturday – 2,50,00,000
    Sunday – 3,50,00,000

    Total – 7,75,00,000

    Despite the film not doing well it has become the top Hindi grosser in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu / Kerala already and will also become top film in Nizam / Andhra, Assam and Odisha. The lifetime business looks to be 85 crore nett.


  40. Jungle Book is a must watch and more so in Hindi for Irrfan’s fabulous voice over. He owned the movie! Really enjoyed this on big screen! Highly Recommended!


  41. The Jungle Book had a rock steady third Monday. The third week four day business of The Jungle Book is as follows

    Friday – 3,50,00,000

    Saturday – 6,50,00,000

    Sunday – 8,50,00,000

    Monday – 2,75,00,000

    Total – 21,25,00,000

    The third week is heading for a 28 crore nett total which very few Hindi films have managed to reach. If these sort of holds continue it is possible that the film could even set an all time record in week four or five.


  42. Fan continued with low business on its second Monday. The second week four day business of Fan is as follows

    Friday – 1,75,00,000

    Saturday – 2,50,00,000

    Sunday – 3,50,00,000

    Monday – 1,00,00,000 apprx

    Total – 8,75,00,000

    The film is likely to finish the second week with business with around 11.25 crore nett business and lifetime around 85 crore nett.


  43. It won’t even do 85cr. It will finish between 83-84cr from their figures.

    I watched it yesterday. It’s not that SRK is bad. He’s done what was needed of his role and he never lets anyone down there. But the film is really flat and the 2nd half is unintentionally hilarious.

    I think SRK picked it up for the challenge of playing the 2 characters but better script sense should have prevailed opon him.


  44. Oh joker..Ah joker


  45. Nil Battey Sannata: It’s a Gem

    Director Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari and her team of writers have created a simple yet heart-warming tale that goes down like a warm bowl of soup, making you feel good all over. It is also refreshing to see the kind of people whom you usually don’t get to see on screen: a domestic help or bai, her daughter studying in Class X of a government school, her school friends that includes a driver’s son and the teachers of such a school. The director is clear in her head about what she wants to serve us. She is not trying to give us a slice of life steeped in social realism. Her heroine looks young and pretty, dressed in clean clothes. There is not too much dust and grime at her home. The lady of the house she works in, a doctor, has a heart of gold. Yes, things are sanitized, so we, the multiplex audience can watch it as entertainment. After all, that’s what we go to a multiplex for, right? But the film has heart, intelligent writing, gentle humour and endearing performances. And I was charmed.

    Read the rest at:

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  46. He’s back. The enfant-terrible of showbiz Ram Gopal Varma who happily offends one and all from Rajinikanth to Karan Johar. After a 3-year absence from Mumbai and Bollywood, Ram Gopal Varma is back in the city raring to go. He has already completed a new Hindi film and he’s ready to make peace with all those who think he’s a spent force. In a brutally candid confessional interview with Subhash K Jha, Ramu spills his guts out.

    Why did you take a long break from Mumbai?
    I wanted to take a break from Bollywood and re-group my thoughts. I couldn’t do soul searching because I don’t have a soul so I just settled down to take a long hard look at the way I used to think.

    Why do you think all your recent Hindi films failed?
    Many people believe that the reasons for my flops are that I do too many films and too fast but that’s not the truth. I took the maximum number of days to shoot and spent the maximum money on Department and Aag and they are my biggest flops. On the other hand Satya was shot on a shoe-string budget and Sarkar I finished in 30 days. So it’s not the money or time but it’s the wrong content which determines a film’s failure.

    What according to you was the reason for your downfall?
    I think it’s mainly my arrogance which was the main reason for my flops. I was always a kind of a wild horse, very impulsive and fast. Both my path-breaking films and my crazy out-of-control films also were a result of that. If I try to control my wildness I am sure I will lose my uniqueness and so I just worked towards steering my thoughts instead of stopping them.

    What were you doing in these two years away from Mumbai?
    I finished 6 scripts in these two years, to the extent of making a complete production breakdown of each of them. I also watched hundreds of films, specially Hollywood and foreign cinema to kind of rejuvenate myself.

    Your obsession with anti-social behaviour continues in Veerappan?
    Yes. I also deeply studied various dramatic real life situations and met many criminals and other larger than life characters to fill in that part of my creative need of psychoanalyzing them to create characters away from my regular stereotypes

    Did you miss your colleagues in Bollywood while you were away? Were you in touch with any of them?
    I never was really a social person and I never have friends but whatever little contacts I used to maintain I didn’t keep in touch with them too. I sincerely wanted both Bollywood and me to be rid of each other for a while. I hope this distance will make both of us a little more understanding of each other.

    I hope Karan Johar is reading this?
    I realised now after coming back that I very much love both Bollywood and Karan Johar and I hope that they both will at least like me a little. Jokes apart I don’t care who likes me because I only care about who and what I like and I do like Karan Johar.

    What prompted you to return to Mumbai? And that too with such a bang?
    I wanted to come back only after I was pretty sure of what I want to do. Armed with my understanding of the mistakes caused by my arrogance and my overconfidence I now came back to gloriously wage war with my inglorious past

    What prompted you to remake Veerappan in Hindi? What made you feel Hindi audiences would be interested in this bandit king?
    The uniqueness of Veerappan is that there’s no other person like him who ever existed on this earth. A character like that will catch anybody’s interest anywhere in the world. I specifically wanted to come back with this film because I have something new to offer which no one has ever seen before, whether the subject matter or in the technique of film making.

    How did you find the actor who looks so much like Veerappan? How much did you have to work on his looks and performance?
    I think in part it’s the greatness of my makeup person Vikram Gaekwad and in part the dedication of Sandeep Bharadwaj the actor who plays Veerappan.

    Are you back in Mumbai for good?
    Yes, and I am pleasantly surprised and thrilled to see so many people really happy to see me back…. I guess the reason for that is the few good films I made in the past. Hopefully some more will follow.

    There’s a lot of talk about your new office Company.
    Ha Ha yes my new office Company is fast becoming a tourist attraction for not only those connected to Bollywood but also from Tollywood and even to some non-film people. Honestly speaking the Company’s unique design is nothing but an external indication of the unique mind-set of the people working from inside it. We all have sworn to each other to wipe my old slate fast and start drawing fresh


  47. A government-constituted panel headed by film-maker Shyam Benegal has recommended that the censor board, or the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) should categorize rather than “use scissors” to cut films while suggesting new categories classifying movies.

    “We are recommending that CBFC should not be using scissors on any film. We are suggesting that in addition to different classifications that we have, we should have two categories of U/A, one plus 12 years of age and one plus 15 years of age and two categories of adult, one is normal adult and another adult with caution,” Benegal told reporters


    • The problem of enforcement will remain but overall a step in the right direction. I hope the Govt. accepts the recommendations.


    • How do you control political parties and people?


      • How do you control rouge filmmakers like Kashyap who was so sick in the head to make a movie like Yellow boots ?
        Chu### saala !!!
        I wonder which Phantom is funding Kashyap , Kanhaiyya and KRK


  48. Milkha, who finished fourth in the 400 metres sprint at the 1960 Olympics, continued: “It’s okay they have made a film on me. I don’t think that the movie industry has made a favour to me by making a film on my life.

    “If they have any function, will they put any sportsmen as their chairman or ambassador? I gave my story for Re.1 and it is not a little thing. The movie made crores.

    “If Salman Khan’s father is saying that Milkha Singh has said anything wrong, then I don’t agree to it, because the entire nation is saying that I am right and they are with me.”
    – See more at:


    • Salman has just been made Goodwill Ambassador and not brand ambassador of Rio Olympics. I think he is apt for this and Sir Milkha Sinhg and Yogeshwar Dutt need not have made a fuss. However Salim Khan did go overboard on his comment on Milkha Singh… Being a sports lover himself I am sure he did not mean it. An apology from Salim Khan should do the trick as hell a comments have indeed hurt many sports lovers.


    • Well We know Bhai is the goodwill ambassador @ Rio Olympics: Let’s just hope it’s Bhai himself & not the driver doing the honors.

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    • Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has come out in support of former boyfriend Salman Khan’s appointment as goodwill ambassador of India’s contingent for the upcoming Rio Olympics.

      Salman’s selection had stirred up a controversy as many feel that it should have gone to a sports icon even as some sports personalities, actors and politicians support Indian Olympics Association’s decision to appoint the popular movie star.

      When asked about her views on the controversy, Aishwarya said, “I have to say that anyone, who is doing good to represent the country or working or speaking or standing for the betterment of art, music or sports, is wonderful and the person needs to be recognised.”




    Fan has fared poorly in most circuits barring West Bengal. The circuit which is a 5% contributor will be a 9% contributor for Fan. It is easily the highest grosser in the circuit this year. Even the figures of The Jungle Book which is actually the biggest hit of the year are much less. Below are the top ten Hindi grossers in West bengal this year..

    1. Fan – 7.15 crore (12 days)
    2. Airlift – 5.81 crore
    3. Neerja – 4.08 crore
    5. Kapoor & Sons – 3.71 crore
    6. Wazir – 2.71 crore
    7. Ki & Ka – 2.67 crore
    8. Jai Gangaajal – 1.66 crore
    9. Sanam Re – 1.18 crore
    10. Fitoor – 1.14 crore

    Fan will also probably be among the top fifteen grossers ever in West Bengal which is good considering its all India business will just about make it into the top fifty.


  50. Ajit Duara of Open magazine has dismissed Fan as ‘ just another exercise in narcissism.’


  51. As soon as he entered the airport, a man started severely criticising him for allegedly making anti-Pakistan films. He also dared the filmmaker to make a film on Muslims that are killed in India. Soon, few other men joined him which eventually led to slogans being shouted against the filmmaker. Slogans like ‘Shame Shame’ and ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ were repeated the most.

    The protestors might be hinting at Kabir’s film, ‘Phantom’ which allegedly showed Pakistan in a poor light. A person in the mob also criticised Kabir for a dialogue from the film, that went, ‘Andar ghus ke maarenge,’ which was eventually chopped off from the final print.

    Surprisingly, no security personnel or police officials were present there to stop the protestors from hounding Kabir, despite it being an international airport.


    • doesnt seem like a spontaneous protest..these chaps have forgotten Bajrangi bhaijaan where the pakistanis where shown in good light


    • you would think the country has bigger problems to worry about than Kabir Khan’s films!


      • thecooldude Says:

        these are just some random guys on the airport being idiots….doubt that Pakistan cares much about Kabir Khan!!


    • I wonder about the welcome Anil Sharma would get there!

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      • That will be a no-brainer. They will be killed. The ‘opposition’ to Kabir Khan is BECAUSE he is a Muslim. A Muslim film-director making a film which says ANDAR GHUSKE MAARENGE is more ‘hurtful’ in Pakistan than Anil Sharma or Sunny Deol because they anyway come under, as the great scholar Zaid Hamid puts it, ‘Yeh Hinduon ki zeheneeyat hi aisi hain.’ Kabir Khan is lucky he just got slogans and chappals – and that too since the country is not as intolerant as India..


  52. Donald Trump sweeps 5 states, says Republican race is ‘over as far as he’s concerned’


    • I’ve noticed it’s human nature to feel the urge for the complete opposite of what one has experienced already. Let’s say, you had a not-so-intelligent ex. Your impulse for the next time is to go for someone highly clever/intellectual. It applies to almost everything. After George Bush, the US chose Obama for his intellect, poise, restraint. The public is perhaps tiring of that prim rigidness. Hence, a flamboyant and colourful candidate like Trump appeals to them.

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      • @I’ve noticed it’s human nature to feel the urge for the complete opposite of what one has experienced already…”

        ..and this comment Sandy designate you to be an authority / pundit on the American politics. Apparently David Axelrod, Chief Strategist for Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns had similar things to say back on Jan 25, 2016

        The Obama Theory of Trump

        “…Here’s the gist. Open-seat presidential elections are shaped by perceptions of the style and personality of the outgoing incumbent. Voters rarely seek the replica of what they have. They almost always seek the remedy, the candidate who has the personal qualities the public finds lacking in the departing executive.

        A young, energetic John F. Kennedy succeeded the grandfatherly, somnolent Dwight D. Eisenhower, promising “a new generation of leadership.” In a slight variation, a puritanical Jimmy Carter, offering “a government as good as its people,” defeated the unelected incumbent Gerald R. Ford, who bore the burden of the morally bankrupt Nixon era.

        Even George H.W. Bush, running to succeed the popular and larger-than-life Ronald Reagan, subtly made a virtue of his own lack of charisma and edge.

        “….Beyond specific issues, however, many Republicans view dimly the very qualities that played so well for Mr. Obama in 2008. Deliberation is seen as hesitancy; patience as weakness. His call for tolerance and passionate embrace of America’s growing diversity inflame many in the Republican base, who view with suspicion and anger the rapidly changing demographics of America. The president’s emphasis on diplomacy is viewed as appeasement.

        So who among the Republicans is more the antithesis of Mr. Obama than the trash-talking, authoritarian, give-no-quarter Mr. Trump?”



          • Makes the case strong for a mild-mannered, intelligent, and benign Nitish Kumar to replace a narcissistic, maliciousl, underhand, anti-intellectual leadership. 🙂

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          • @Makes the case strong for a mild-mannered, intelligent, and benign Nitish Kumar to replace a narcissistic, maliciousl, underhand, anti-intellectual leadership.:-)”

            Now your jumping the gun Sandy ! ….there are 3 good years remaining……so there are many hidden cards still to be played. Gear shift can take place at anytime and getting the three Khans eat out of his plate for the 2 year celebrations may be a step on that gear….

            You do have a point though esp Nitish seems to be gearing up for just that with his recent ambitious announcement…

            ..on second thought the Indian janta seeking remedy in the departing executive anointed the more authoritarian in place of mild mannered surd.


          • In other words non engliss speaking Akhshay Kumar and Sallu fans ….
            Adarsh liberals are so predictable , they will take corrupt / anti national / gori chamree like Sonia and Shahshi Tharoor over Non engliss speaking class people.
            Nitiswa toh ek zariya hai !!
            how predictable …..
            The funny thing is these Adarsh Presstitutes refuse to see/ comment on scandals coming out of Congress,.
            Saala yeh anti intellectual ( read anti Libtards, anti presstitutes, anti Marx) chai wala kaisey PM ban gaya !!

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        • Dhoni sahab Bhagat Singh ko terrorist kehney waley yeh “Intellectuals” ko the so called “Anti Intellectual” abhee teen saal nahee tees saal karishma dikhayega !!


  53. taran adarsh
    #TheJungleBook to cross ₹ 150 cr today! [Week 3] Fri 3.58 cr, Sat 6.65 cr, Sun 8.69 cr, Mon 3.02 cr, Tue 3.01 cr. Total: ₹ 148 cr nett. ATBB


    • pretty remarkable…


      • The Jungle Book Puts India On The Map
        There has been a lot of hype recently how a actresses like Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone have put the Indian film industry on the map in Hollywood but its all generally PR excercises but it would definitely have been noticed in the West what The Jungle Book has done in India

        The Jungle Book may not have put the Hindi film industry on the map as that can happen only if the masses in the West take to Indian actors or big Hollywood stars hold the film making and writing talent within India in high regard. What the Jungle Book has done is put the box office potential of India on the map.

        The film may have broken all records in India but its not really about that for the West but where the film stands in India as against other markets. The Jungle Book will have the fourth highest contribution for its Worldwide business from India and that has never happened for a major Hollywood release. The Indian market is never even a top ten contributor let alone be among the top four. The India business is heading for a gross of $33 million which will be only behind US / Canada, China and UK.


      • Outside chance of 200cr here…it’s trending like 3idiots, which is stunning…


    • I would like to understand if this is combined collections for Hindi and English versions or just Hindi or just English? I think its combined and Hindi version is more entertaining IMO!


  54. This is shameful and disgusting and its high time people are held accountable esp Mrs Gandhi who had only one point agenda and that is to bankrupt the nation and eat commissions in each freakin deal. All these Air Chief Marshal S P Tyagi, Ahmed Patel and Pranab Mukherjee should be placed behind bars. There is no point in unearthing all these scams when nothing happens. Everyone including Ajitabh Bachchan and his cronies got away easily during the Bofors scandal and dispersed nicely…..If PM Modi is worth his salt , he should start the clean up and bring some credibility.

    VVIP chopper scam: Italy court points finger at ex-IAF chief S P Tyagi

    “The Italian Court of Appeals has observed that there are “unmistakable indications regarding corruption of an Indian officer”, identified as the cousin of Tyagi brothers — pointing at Air Chief Marshal S P Tyagi, the then Chief of Air Staff who allegedly reduced the ceiling height of Agusta Westland choppers.
    The former IAF chief’s name figures prominently in the 225-page judgment by the Italian court.
    The annexures and submissions attached to the judgment also point at close to Euro 30 million worth of commission being budgeted for distribution among decision-makers in India. These included politicians, bureaucrats and Air Force officials, among others.
    The document takes cognizance of various conversations between middlemen Carlos Gerosa, Christian Michel and Guildo Haschke — reported earlier by The Indian Express. In these conversations, the three discuss “Mrs Gandhi” as the driving force behind the “VIP” and her closest advisers Ahmed Patel and Pranab Mukherjee as being “the aim of the British high commissioner” in the VVIP chopper race”


  55. AamirsFan Says:

    not sure a featured film was needed after Citizenfour was already released. still have great respect for Snowden though.


  56. Earlier, Salman’s Ek Tha Tiger too enjoyed a similar weekend in August. Naturally, with this setting, the film is expected to make huge business at the box

    office. The film directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, features Salman in the role of a Haryanvi wrestler by the name of Sultan Khan. The film also stars Anushka Sharma and Randeep Hooda in leading roles.

    Sultan is being produced by Yash Raj Films and hence a wide release can be confirmed, which means the film is expected to fetch a huge business.

    It has already been declared to be tax free in UP where the film’s final schedule is being shot currently.


  57. Sultan’s Release Date Confirmed; Will Enjoy A Five Day Weekend

    Wednesday, 6th July,


  58. with a 5 day holiday,this will be huge and if the film is good then who knows what will be doing in those 5 days…


  59. At this stage ‘600 cr’ would not be a hyperbole considering the build up leading to July 06th……however SRK / Excel are still not out in the open and sitting with their product to act as a stumbling block with their apt titled poster – baniye ka dimaag & miyan bhai ki daring…


  60. Extremely weird !! … esp the impure blood / black magic part !

    Shocking revelations: Adhyayan Suman breaks silence on his ex Kangana Ranaut’s spat with Hrithik Roshan

    When Bhatts complimented Adhyayan and NOT Kangana

    Soon after Raaz 2, turns out Mahesh Bhatt called Adhyayan to appreciate him for his good work. But an insecure Kangana couldn’t handle this. She abused him again with words like, “Behen**** mujhe koi kyun nahi phone kar rahe yaar?” That was the first time he heard her abuse and made him feel like shit for no reason.

    When some actor grabbed Kangana’s ‘ass’ at Hrithik’s birthday party

    Things got worse when Kangana started expressing her madness for Hrithik. He recalls this birthday party where Kangana complained of an actor grabbing her ass but still continued to party. But what shocked him further was how suddenly she walked out of the party and started slapping him. Yes! A disturbed Adhyayan reveals, “I was walking down the stairs with her, when she turned around and slapped me! She said, “MotherFu***, behen****! Bh*sd*ke! You are f***** jealous of my success!” The intensity of the slap was so hard I was almost crying. That was the first time she got violent. ”

    When a violent Kangana threw her stiletto at Adhyayan

    Soon after the party, Kangana continued abusing Adhyayan even in the car. He recalls, “I eventually asked my driver to stop the car. I decided to take a rickshaw home. I was in the middle of the road crying and shouting at her, “You are crazy! F***** up!” And she was abusing me MC/BCgaalis. My family driver of twenty years came crying to me and said, mere liye thoda sa bhi pyar hai toh ghar chalo. I will never forget that night. I dropped her home and she picked up her stiletto and threw it at me! . picked up my phone and smashed it against the wall. I didn’t know how to vent my anger.”

    When she abused Adhyayan’s father Shekhar Suman

    At a get-together, turns out there was a discussion where Shekhar’s friends were discussing about how actors tend to sell their souls. That’s when Kangana started to get offended and said, ‘We don’t sell our souls’. Dad said he was giving a generic example but she took it personally and she called my father a b****** in front of everyone. My father was furious. She left screaming started screaming abuses at him in Hindi.

    When she trapped Adhyayan with black magic and fed him IMPURE BLOOD

    Recalling to one of the most terrifying nights, Adhyayan revealed, “One day Kangana called me at home in the night to do somepuja. I reached at 11.30 pm as the puja was to start at 12. She had a small guest room in her apartment and she had covered it in black, including black curtains. There were some random statues of God, fire all around, some scary things kept puja. She asked me to chant some mantras, and locked me in. I was terrified. I didn’t do it and I came out and told her that I had. Then she started taking me to Pallavi frequently. One day Pallavi said go to the graveyard at 12 am and throw these certain things. I was chilled to the bone! I didn’t go. Later, Adhyayan reveals how his family Pandijti said, “Khana banati hai tumhare liye?” When I said yes, he said, “Apna impure blood milati hai khaane mein black magic ke liye.”

    The final closure

    Traumatised by this relationship. Adhyayan says how every night he would sleep scared and crying because of Kangana. One final day, she again bad mouthed his father Shekhar and that’s when he decided to end it all. He adds, “he said “Tum pura khandaan mera stardom ko use karna chahte ho?” She was talking about a man whose been in this industry for 25 years, seen so much stardom of his own and has so much love, support and goodwill in the industry. Why would he need her? I came back to my house and she messaged me something again about my father. That was it. I messaged her back “Now you can f*** off. It’s over between us.”


  61. “with a 5 day holiday,this will be huge and if the film is good then who knows what will be doing in those 5 days…” Like Prem Ratan Dhan Payo was supposed to do 500 crores?

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  62. Utkal,

    We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.
    – Martin Luther King, Jr.


    • But accepting finite disappointment is impossible if one tries to alter ‘reality’ all the time. It’s one thing to say that somehow Bajrangi couldn’t catch PK and Barjatya fell short of even CE but that the next big Salman film might and quite another to say ‘hey the 300 is actually like 450’! One can hope for anything but sometimes one enters a space over time where whenever reality isn’t consonant with one’s imaginary version of things one brings reality closer to that imaginary as opposed to doing the opposite.

      And the reason in your case (as with many other fans) isn’t too hard to understand. The very rational and easy way of looking at all this is to say that no matter how great the star he has to appear in a minimally sensible film or at least one that is liked a lot to create record-breaking numbers. This after accounting for genre and commercial viability and so on. In other words even the biggest stars can get to the biggest totals only in certain kinds of films. At any rate the idea that Salman can get to the highest benchmarks isn’t in doubt. But the fact that he actually never does despite being at it for years now and despite having some of the biggest opening numbers points to something very obvious — that his films by and large are simply poor efforts. So why doesn’t he do ‘good’ films? Because once again his signature is tied to a certain kind of junk entertainment. Sometimes he can thread the needle as with Bajrangi but that’s rare. Any star is not huge independent of image or signature and hence any star can compromise on it only upto a point. Does Sultan look like the kind of thing that will do Bajrangi-like numbers? Of course not! But that’s the quintessential Salman film, not Bajrangi.

      The further problem here is that fans very soon become fanatics (I don’t mean this in an insulting sense) and once again lose all contact with reality but more to the point they wish to credit their favorite star with every single thing. So script doesn’t matter nor the director nor the co-stars nor the music etc. It’s only one star who does it. Of course when the films fail the same fans then argue for the opposite! Hey it wasn’t a good enough film! In all of thee ways if there is a dissonance with reality you will forever come up with weird and weirder explanations. Watch the SRK fans or even some of the Akshay fans. The list could be multiplied.

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  63. Utkal:

    (While most Bollywood films are meant to be seen during the weekend and forgotten over the week, there are a rare few that stay in your mind for years. One such film for me in recent times has been ‘Haider’. After seeing it three times in the theatre and once more on DVD, I still haven’t had enough of it. Here is my revisiting of the film. )

    The first time we see Haider is when we see his slightly troubled face through the window of the bus as it winds down the valley road and stops at the military check post. He is coming back from Aligarh where he is doing his PhD on revolutionary poets of British India. He is interrogated on suspicion of being a terrorist by Indian army personnel. He doesn’t help his case when he says he is from Islamabad, when he could have answered Anantnag the other name of the Indian city. So we have a bit of a rebel here, don’t we? Ultimately it is his friend Arshia, an aspiring journalist and the daughter of the local police officer who comes to his rescue. As she is driving him away he asks, ‘Where are we going?’

    ‘ To your mom’s place ( moji’s)’.

    ‘ And where is moji?’

    ‘ She is with your chacha.’

    ‘ Turn back. I want to go home.’

    ‘Haider, there is nothing home-like left at your home now.’

    Cut to the burnt remnants of Haider’s erstwhile home. He picks up a half-burnt cricket bat. Then one of his abbuji’s shoes. He picks up a photo frame and takes out the photograph, tucks it into his jacket pocket.

    Read the rest at :


  64. Set to enter Mumbai’s Haji Ali Dargah to break the gender barrier disallowing women’s entry, Bhumata Brigade activist Trupti Desai on Thursday asked Bollywood actors Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan to lend support to their cause, which is aimed at eradicating differential treatment meted out to women at religious places.

    “I think Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan should state their stand on what we are trying to achieve here, on our cause… That way I believe that their fan following will join us and support us in our fight for equality,” she told ANI


    • Dhoni sahab and the so called elites here-
      Koi visheh tippanii ???


      • Rocky, this Sonia G / Chopper scandal piece from Indian Express is right up here on this thread posted yesterday. Somehow corruption gets me really disturbed esp if money moves out of the country and the Bofors / Italians have left deep scars on our psyches…

        On the rest I am not sure if Sallu / SRK / Aamir are likely to comment….on tv channels heard all the mullahs saying Haji Ali is not a mosque so women allowed there anyway. There is Shiv Sena leader Haji Arafat who has his own politics in place… so dosn’t know what is at the bottom of this controversy.

        Personally all places of worship should have equal access for all. Male, Female, Gay, Lesbian…….in fact all demographic. In fact I believe there should be something what Salman propagates cross worshipping.

        The only value of religion in my life is its ‘spiritualism’ something to fall back on when the chips are down and to maintain some sort of mental equilibrium, eternal peace if things are falling apart…….rest religion has become what Hirani showed in his movie PK – a full blown dhanda !

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        • Re.-The only value of religion in my life is its ‘spiritualism’ something to fall back on when the chips are down and to maintain some sort of mental equilibrium, eternal peace if things are falling apart…
          Ya kind of like what Kangna practiced on Shekhar Suman’s son…LOL!!


  65. Diwale and Fan debacle effect-
    Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan today hailed the Centre’s ‘Make in India’ programme, terming it as the most important initiative by Prime Minister Narendra Modi that is generating jobs in the country.


  66. Not enough credit has been given the exemplary chase sequences in FAN especially when unique in that sense same person is chasing another and every chase has to be shot twice and all locations.


  67. Farhan Akhtar

    Farhan also condemned the media for taking Milkha’s views on superstar Salman Khan’s appointment as India’s goodwill ambassador at the Rio Olympics out of context. He said Milkha didn’t “say anything against the actor”.

    When asked about the controversy, Farhan said: “It is genuinely not for me to decide. It is for the Indian member committee to decide who they want to sign as an ambassador. If they feel it’s the best decision then I am no one to say anything. But I must say one thing which is I feel that how it (comment) transpired. I feel what Milkha Singh ji said and how it was put out, I think it was very unfortunate.”

    The “Dil Dhadakne Do” star added: “He didn’t say anything against the actor but said that if he had been asked to finalise, he would have opted for a sportsman in that personal space. And I think he was completely entitled to his opinion. He never said what came (out) in press. I think there is certain introspection that media needs to do because it creates unnecessary controversy. Because nobody said anything that mala fides other person.”

    Salman’s appointment has sparked off a debate on whether he should be the goodwill ambassador for India at the Rio Olympics or not. Many sportspersons including Milkha have come forward to criticise the decision, while Bollywood stars Kirron Kher and filmmaker Sooraj Barjatya have backed Salman.

    Salman’s father Salim Khan has also tried to defend his son’s appointment.

    Farhan added: “I think he was out on a public forum and he was asked his opinion on how he felt on an actor being ambassador of Olympic contingent and he, as honestly as he has always been, shared his views. He said it was unfortunate and also said that he doesn’t have anything against any actor and I cant say whether its a right choice or wrong choice”.

    The actor was in the national capital with star Anil Kapoor for the announcement of the 17the edition of the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) awards. The four-day cinematic celebration will be held in Spain from June 23.
    – See more at:


  68. He was also asked why he did not make films about the Indian intelligence activities in Pakistan. A shoe-wielding protester even chased Khan to the departure lounge warning the director about Indian conspiracies against Pakistan army.

    Kabir later tweeted, “To media on both sides: 12 screaming lunatics with a mobile phone camera is not news. Please don’t give them the attention they want. Ignore.”
    – See more at:


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