Images from Houseful 3 (updated)

thanks to Xhobdo..
click on top two posters to enlarge


18 Responses to “Images from Houseful 3 (updated)”

  1. First and foremost Fakhri with her accented oomph is going to be the usp here.

    Btw Mandana Karimi is next in line and she is already driving up the Bigg Boss ratings.


  2. Ordinary poster…


  3. Charan raj Says:

    Cool pic! Abhishek looking young and fresh.



    It was endless celebrations for the Bachchans. After Abhishek Bachchan’s 40th birthday celebration, the glamorous couple landed in Bengaluru for the Pro Kabaddi League.


  5. The posters could have been from a salon company like Lakme or Loreal etc advertising their waxing and threading services.
    I am now certain that the movie will be Bhokwaas.


    • “I am now certain that the movie will be Bhokwaas.”

      Nothing about the first two films in the franchise could otherwise lead one to this conclusion..


  6. Its Entertainment from Sajid-Farhad was underrated gem in comedy genre .. I am expecting good entertainment from this one. Posters are good ..


  7. Still waiting for Apex to turn up and comment on the poster with the 3 ladies!


    • Rahul thanks for reminding me of this film..
      Yeah, I “respect” all three of these
      Though I really like only one of them
      But tell u what–
      I don’t mind one of the other two either ..
      If I’m in a good mood won’t say no (to either or all)…


  8. this is the kind of film this is.. the three guys barking to a Mozart!

    Gimme a break..!


  9. All I am seeing is legs, legs and legs. Houseful of legs!

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  10. [post created]

    Don’t feel exited before or after..


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