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  1. Fans have been waiting with bated breath for the release of the movie Azhar and to see Emraan essay the role of the legendary Indian batsman. Azhar is shaping up to be one of the most controversial films this year. However, there seems to be one person who is worried about her portrayal in the film.

    It’s a known fact that Nargis will be playing Sangeeta Bijlani in the film and Ms Bijlani seems to be quite concerned about her portrayal as the infamous ‘homebreaker’ in the movie! A source let it slip, “Sangeeta is not very happy. It seems to have brought back memories of her time with Azharuddin.” Wonder if these are pleasant or unpleasant memories Sangeeta is referring to.
    What’s Worrying Sangeeta Bijlani About The Film Azhar?
    What’s Worrying Sangeeta Bijlani About The Film Azhar?

    Also a couple of days back, stories surfaced that Sangeeta might sue the makers if she finds her character being portrayed in poor light. The source also went on to say that Sangeeta will definitely not be watching the film but we think Ms Bijlani is going to be one of the first ones to see how her love affair with Azharuddin is being portrayed on the big screen.

    We’ll have to wait and watch how this story unfolds. The film has already left a lot of people who may or may not be involved in Azharuddin’s life, in a tizzy!


  2. By now, we all know that Shah Rukh Khan is playing a dwarf in the much talked about Aanand L Rai’s untitled film. Although Shah Rukh Khan has been finalised as the film’s leading man, there were no details available about the film’s heroine. If the buzz is to be believed, then, the film’s heroine will be none other than Kareena Kapoor Khan, who has apparently given the nod for the film, but is yet to sign the dotted lines.

    Kareena Kapoor Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, who were last seen in Ra.One, have together done films like Luck By Chance, Don, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Asoka amongst others.'s-untitled-film-starring-Shah-Rukh-Khan%3F


  3. I think SRK has been extremely lucky with media’s narrative on the Box Office performance of FAN.
    The film which cost double than what Akshay’s Baby cost and made lesser than that…. Should be called a disaster when Baby itself was called a mere Hit film and not a blockbuster.
    Another comparison- cost of Housefull 3 and Fan is same. Imagine if Housefull 3 were to collect 85cr nett. 😄

    I am sure if it had been any other star, the BO gurus would have painted FAN a disaster of the decade.

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    • How does this movie’s performance compare with Talaash. Talaash wasn’t termed a flop either, and Aamir even threw a success party for it!


      • Interestingly 3.5 years after Talaash Fan is going to fall 5-10 crores behind that film (depending on who you believe) in absolute terms.


        • srk bad days continues, the declining superstar rahees being sued…

          Box Office Capsule ‏@BOCapsule 2h2 hours ago
          #BOCapsule Makers Of @iamsrk’s #Raees Land Up In Legal Trouble


    • “I think SRK has been extremely lucky with media’s narrative on the Box Office performance of FAN.”

      I believe at least you shouldn’t be the only to complain when every Akshay Kumar film touching 80 crores is termed as successful film, be it – Gabbar is Back(82), Baby(93) whereas for FAN its not even being referred to as successful film.

      Also, I feel critic review will always impact in the narrative. Same with Talaash where ended up at 93 crs with good reviews was considered success and now FAN will end at 86 crores.. the good reviews will eventually give it better spin though no one is calling FAN a success but not calling it outright flop as well. Also, the narrative is softer that YRF didn’t release it to sub-distributors and they have enough sources to get back majority of their money back and as hence no direct distributors are loosing money as such. The movie isn’t really an expensive production but to achieve path breaking VFX, they spared no efforts and spent money on it.


      • Master – I don’t think FAN deserved to be a flop; it was not a bad movie at all.
        However 85cr nett when the price is 110 cr needed atleast 100+ or touch the Jai Ho Level of 112 Cr.
        Don’t think top stars movie can flop as they have longer shelf life over television etc.
        Akshay’s movies off late has been correctly priced. You cannot expect his movies that comes with every season to have the same fetch price as those that comes occasionally.
        Gabbar – 90 cr
        Special 26 – 60 cr
        Airlift – 80cr
        Fan is more costly at 110 cr without incl SRK’s fee.
        Maybe the overseas and few small territorial success of Fan plus good reviews makes it a perception recovery film, even if it may not be.


  4. An jo – Sorry..just saw this.
    Haven’t seen or heard of it.


    The man who knew Infinity.
    The Man Who Knew Infinity is without a doubt worth a watch because of the nuanced performances by the lead stars and how Brown has shown the heart-warming relationship of Ramanujan and his mentor-turned-friend Hardy, writes Namrata Thakker.

    Director Matt Brown’s The Man Who Knew Infinity — based on the life of Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan — is like any other biographical drama: engaging and informative.

    And for that very reason, this film is certainly worth watching.

    Yes, the film did remind me of James Marsh’s directorial venture The Theory of Everything but only because it also celebrated another genius mind: Stephen Hawking.

    The Man Who Knew Infinity is about Srinivasa Ramanujan and his journey from Madras to Trinity college, Cambridge University. Ramanujan (Dev Patel) is exceptional with numbers despite having no formal education.


  6. The Jungle Book has had a huge third week grossing around 30 crore nett. The film has grossed around 153 crore nett in three weeks. The third week figure is by far the highest of the year beating the 11.33 crore nett of Airlift. It is almost three times higher.

    Even if we compare with all Hindi films rather than this just this year then it also compares very well. The only films that have collected more than The Jungle Book are PK and 3 Idiots. Also with 3 idiots its a close run think as that film was just a little over 30 crore nett. Now is the biggest test and can it set an all time record for week four.

    The expected lifetime of the film goes up every week due to the way it trends. The film could go anywhere, even to 175 crore nett and above. The film has grossed more than all Hindi films barring twelve films.


  7. Fan Drops Badly In Week Two

    Fan had a big fall in week two as it grossed around 11.25 crore nett apprx. The drop is 84% apprx from the first week and the total business of the film is around 82 crore nett. The collections compare poorly with the second weeks of other releases this year listed below and its not as any of these set the box office on fire.

    1. Airlift – 28.78 crore

    2. Neerja – 21.37 crore

    3. Kapoor & Sons – 17.46 crore

    4. Ki & Ka – 12.45 crore

    5. Fan – 11.25 crore apprx

    The film has fared better in some markets and is the biggest grosser the year in places like West Bengal and Tamil Nadu / Kerala but that is mainly due to the fact Shahrukh Khan is the top star in these markets and although business is good compared to other films its just average for a Shahrukh Khan starrer.


    • I think it will end below 82.5cr now. If you look at the project, no one loses more than SRK here. Yash Raj aren’t going to go bankrupt with it.

      It’s just that SRK needed a big one after Dilwale’s underwhelming performance made worse by being beaten so clearly by BM.

      I think in a time when Aamir and Salman are crossing 300cr, the 82cr made by Fan makes it look worse.

      As for Akshay (referring to the SRK v Akshay debate here), he follows a different model. He was quoted as saying he wraps up his movies in 35 days shoot, he ensures they release quickly at lower costs and he releases 4 of them a year. The films are reasonably priced. Anything above 80-90cr usually makes those films safe.

      Brothers was one exception there. It was more expensive (100cr+). It made under 80cr. It was a major flop. Fan is even more expensive (110cr plus SRK’s wages). The overseas collections will still bring in a fair bit.

      The difference is in the model. Akshay Kumar had Airlift lined up 3 months after Brothers, even had another dud (SIB in between) and suddenly he was back to looking like doing well. SRK’s Raees is stuck since quite a while, he seems to have nothing coming up this year. Even Fan has been long in the making. It makes things look bad until he has a good success again. In his case he has to wait a lot to get over it. By the time he gets his next hit. Akshay may have lined up 3 hits (along with a couple of underperformers!).

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  8. Like

    • He has started India’s first video review business, speaks in the language of a commoner and destroys the work of stars.
      Traits of effective reviewing?


  9. Baaghi Records Second Biggest Opening Day Of 2016

    Baaghi recorded the second biggest opening of the year as it grossed 11.50-11.75 crore nett. The mass circuits recorded oustanding coillections be it CP Berar, CI, Rajasthan, Bihar, Assam or Orrisa. All the above circuits are records for 2016 barring Rajasthan. The figures were better than Fan in all except Rajasthan.

    The bigger circuits like Mumbai, Delhi / UP and East Punjab may not have been excellent but are still good and that is more than enough for the film. The opening is better than Akshay Kumar’s Airlift and only below Shahrukh Khan’s Fan but these are among the biggest stars of the country.

    The multiplex business has potential to grow on Saturday and all the film has to really do is just hold collections at this level on Saturday and the job will even a drop. The film can even afford a slight drop.


    • Stunning Opening by Baaghi justifying the following theory –

      1. Genre is king
      2. Release timing is queen – Fan’s debacle helped to get more screen
      3. Release frequency of stars is the Jack – of course this don’t apply here as lead actors are not yet stars


  10. Watching De Dana Dan starring Akshay, Sunil and Paresh- what a gem of comedy!! 😂😂


  11. Gai bhains paani mein for Dangal. The inspiration behind the movie has been disqualified from Rio!!


    • Due to injuries.


      • It depends on how good or how bad the film will be. It will not depend on the sisters winning or losing olympics. Even if they are qualified, what is the guarantee that they will win any medals?


      • “However, Geeta Phogat felt she was being projected as a ‘villain’ by the media for not taking part in her bout and revealed that her decision to opt out of the final game was to protect her from an injury which could have affected her preparations for the final Olympic qualifying round in Istanbul.”
        Seems like it was coach’s fault. She has 10 days to respond to WFI. Looks like a lot of politics in these games (from India).


    • That is so unfair. Does it really matter for a real sportsperson? It is all about sportsmanship. The movie would inspire girls all over in any patriarchal society

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  12. India got talent. I enjoyed watching it today on Colors. Baaghi hero tiger has chiselled looks and a humble demeanour. Looked more like a foreigner.


  13. sanjana Says:

    Baaghi had a strong second day as it grossed over 10 crore nett again to take its total to 22.50 crore nett. The film is on course to emerge an All India hit. The twpo day business of Baaghi is as follows

    Friday – 11,75,00,000

    Saturday – 10,75,00,000 apprx

    Total – 22,50,00,000

    The drop on the second day is under 10% and there was an election in West Bengal which meant theatres remained closed for most of the day causing that circuit to record 50% of the collections it should. The film is on course for a 35 crore nett weekend


  14. sanjana Says:

    Baaghi had a strong second day as it grossed over 10 crore nett again to take its total to 22.50 crore nett. The film is on course to emerge an All India hit. The twpo day business of Baaghi is as follows

    Friday – 11,75,00,000

    Saturday – 10,75,00,000 apprx

    Total – 22,50,00,000

    The drop on the second day is under 10% and there was an election in West Bengal which meant theatres remained closed for most of the day causing that circuit to record 50% of the collections it should. The film is on course for a 35 crore nett weekend.


  15. sanjana Says:

    After a very good start on its opening day with 11.94 crore (updated) coming in, Baaghi sustained well on its second day as well. With 11.13 crore more coming in, the film has now collected 23.07 crore at the Box Office. With this, the film is now all set to enjoy the third highest weekend of 2016 after Fan [52.35 crore] and Airlift [44.3 crore].

    The fact that this Tiger Shroff film is comparing with the likes of Shahrukh Khan and Akshay Kumar starrers says a lot about the kind of acceptance it has managed to find amongst the audience.

    In fact, this Sabbir Khan directed film has done much better than other action films released this year. While it has managed to surpass the entire Week One collections of Rocky Handsome [22.85 crore], it is also set to go past the Week One collections of Jai Gangaajal [30.15 crore] in its opening weekend itself. This isn’t all as in two days flat, it has also almost equaled the weekend collections of Ghayal Once Again [23.25 crore].

    While a good weekend is a given for the film, it now has to be seen how much further does this Sajid Nadiadwala production go from this point on.


  16. sanjana Says:

    Aamir Khan may be regarded as the industry’s perfectionist Khan. While the actor known for choosing his films selectively, has featured in films riding bikes, he never owned one himself. However, this has now changed. In fact Aamir has recently got himself a new special edition bike from Bajaj.

    Apparently the 51 year old actor’s latest acquisition is the Bajaj ‘V’ series bike has been developed from the metal of the Indian Naval Services aircraft carrier INS Vikrant. Interestingly, we hear that Aamir Khan, who has always been an ardent fan of the ship, booked his edition of the bike when the same was announced a couple of months back and delivery of the same was done on Friday. Apart from the fact that the bike is a limited edition, Aamir Khan has further had the bike customized with the letter ‘A’ embossed on it.

    As for the ship, the aircraft carrier INS Vikrant played an important role in enforcing the naval blockade during the 1971 Indo-Pak war. Decommissioned from the naval services in 1997 the carrier was later converted into a museum till 2012. Later in 2014 the Supreme Court had passed an order to scrap the ship which was later used for its metal in the bikes.


  17. sanjana Says:

    Back in 1969, the Yash Chopra directed Ittefaq featuring Rajesh Khanna and Nanda hit screens. Now decades later, we hear that the grandson of the film’s producer BR Chopra is contemplating on remaking the film. If what we hear is true, then the remake which will be produced by Abhay Chopra (BR Chopra’s grandson) will feature Sonakshi Sinha and Sidharth Malhotra in the lead.

    Though no official confirmation on the film is available, sources close to the project state, “Yes it is true Sonakshi and Sidharth will feature as the lead in the Ittefaq remake.” Further adding about the film, the source adds, “Currently the film is in the prep stage and narration will commence shortly and is expected to go on floors later this year.” However, since the film will be a remake to retain a certain amount of mystery, we hear that the makers have decided on changing the climax from the original 1969 murder mystery.

    As for the lead pair, while Sonakshi Sinha, who recently opted out of Apoorva Lakhia’s Haseena will next be seen in Akira directed by AR Murugadoss, Abhinay Deo’s Force 2, Namstey London and Noor. Sidharth whose recent release Kapoor & Sons struck a chord with the audience will be seen in Nitya Mehra’s Baar Baar Dekho.


  18. EXCLUSIVE: I will Faint if My Idol Hrithik Roshan Praises my Work – Tiger Shroff

    I think tiger is doing well and has all the raw material.
    But jus noticed he is quite short (though he is not am aamir & can’t act like aamir anyways!)
    Also hrithik was quite better than him at this stage (barring acrobat skills)
    So he has to up his game further to match HR …

    Don’t think I will watch this film.
    I’ve a knack of picking up the worhtwhile things in a film in the promo
    So the marked point here is

    This bit–
    Phir dil ke raaston pe
    Teri aahat jo hui
    Har dhadkan jashan mein hai
    Yeh inaayat jo hui

    As for shraddha kapoor
    Dunno-on paper-she ticks all the boxes on paper
    But haven’t really cared for her though she keeps on improving and trying hard

    I guess I’m still in their hangover;
    Guess the boobs of deepika and katrina are too big to fill so easily…


    • Have to add–

      Jus came to know that it’s shraddha herself who has sung the “Sab tera” track.
      I rate it the best singing by a lead actor in Bollywood (after bachchan & salman).
      She maintained the high pitch v well.

      Also where is my comment on ‘fan’ today gone ?

      Also typo above –deepika/Katrinas “boots”…


  19. Contd from my blog posts on “fan” here

    To continue from the above link —

    So what’s common between indian films like
    (Some RANDOM examples from Bollywood I could think of!)

    Bajirao Mastaani
    Gangs of wasseypur 1&2
    Cock tail
    And now “Fan”

    They didn’t get made when initially intended due to varied reasons.
    But They stayed in the mind of the film maker
    and INSPITE of risks and commercial PITFALLS
    They ultimately got made (some of them against big odds & some didn’t succeed at the box office eventually, some failed critically 2)

    But they are the result of a process I like
    the SLOW COOK regimen

    This is beyond awards and moolah

    No wonder they are the recipients of the
    STAMP &
    Certification of apex 🙂


    • Contd from above–

      An unmissable hrithik hangover & influence in tigers work.
      He has to improve though a lot-a long way to go to match HR.
      But like hrithik, he’s another actor who’s DESTINED for stardom

      Tujhpe meri hai daavedariyan
      Tujhse hai dil ki saajhedariyan

      Some nice Kerala visuals there (& this gal is improving)

      Ps: It will be worthwhile to see tiger starring with hrithik after a decade or so
      (if hrithik is still around..)


  20. RajRoshan Says:

    Baaghi numbers are shocking to be honest…the trailers were even more pathetic than Heropanti …looked lame and cheap and as expected reviews were awful…but a big winner at box office


    • “looked lame and cheap ”

      there was an audience ready for it..!


    • raghav Says:

      There was audience ready for fan aswell on this blod, so much so that every other trailer or even look of every other april release was blocked on this blog but film still flopped badly 😦
      Ask satyam, how much it hurts.


  21. Priyanka at the WH Correspondents’ Dinner

    also posted a youtube related to this further up in this thread.


  22. sanjana Says:

    Baaghi had a very good weekend first weekend as it set weekend highs for the year in many circuits.The share of business coming from single screens is huge. Business in the multiplexes is also good. The premium properties were average but that is a limited audience anyway. The first weekend business of Baaghi is as follows

    Friday – 11,75,00,000

    Saturday – 11,00,00,000

    Sunday – 15,50,00,000

    Total – 38,25,00,000

    The film set records for the year in Rajasthan, CP Berar, CI, Bihar, Assam, Orissa, Gujarat and Saurashtra. These circuits have seen the figures of films featuring Shahrukh Khan and Akshay Kumar beaten. Gabbar Is Back released exactly one year ago and grossed 38.95 crore nett and Baaghi has beaten that film in mass centres also.


    • NyKavi Says:

      Who wudve thunk?!? Tiger Shroff, the new Mass Superstar!


      • Movie is no great shakes.. shows that mass audience has real love for Tiger. I think the image of hard working young boy has connected with the massy audience and then there’s.. “yeah apne Jackie ka ladka hai” connection is really helpful. Very happy for Tiger and hopefully he gets more movies. Now, Karan Johar has signed him for Student of the Year 2!


        • “Baaghi”… A very basic ‘mass’ movie, but the action is tops

          This is the star vehicle Heropanti should have been. Shroff is a strange (in an interesting way) presence. His body is all macho the way we define it today – he seems to have sprouted muscles that have yet to be discovered – but neck up, his face is shy, gentle, even feminine (in an interesting way). He looks like someone from the pages of an Italian fashion magazine, from one of those black-and-white ads for an Armani perfume, an inscrutable hunk by the seashore, staring at something in the horizon. You can’t see this man in a mass movie at all, but every time the film shifts into action gear, Shroff comes into his own.


      • from whatever i have seen of him in the promos, he looks unimpressive as far as acting is unconcerned but seems like a hardworking guy


  23. sanjana Says:

    The Jungle Book set an ALL TIME RECORD for the fourth weekend with 10 crore nett apprx as it beat the fourth weekend business of 3 Idiots which was 9.50 crore nett apprx. Shockingly its not even an Hindi film and is set a record which will stick for some time. When records fall from fourth week onwards its serious stuff. The apprx business of the film till date has been as follows.

    Week One – 74.25 crore

    Week Two – 48.25 crore

    Week Three – 30.50 crore

    Weekend Four – 10.00 crore

    TOTAL – 164.75 crore

    The fourth week record of 3 Idiots may be a bit more difficult as the pattern of business has changed since 2009 with the weekend taking a larger share of the pie than the weekdays for the whole week.


  24. sanjana Says:

    The US President looked dapper in a black suit and crisp white shirt which he teamed with a black bow tie, while Michelle looked lovely in an embellished beige gown. “Thank you for a lovely evening. Cannot wait to start working on your girls education program,” Priyanka added.

    Read: Priyanka Chopra goes full glam at Obamas’ White House dinner

    The education programme that Priyanka alluded to is Michelle’s initiative and is called ‘Let Girls Learn’. It aims to empower 62 million girls worldwide, who at present do not go to school, so that they can get their education. The US President is also a passionate supporter of the cause.

    Launched in 2015, it funds community girls’ education projects like girls’ leadership camps and school bathrooms; educating girls in conflict zones; and address poverty, HIV, and other issues that keep girls out of school.

    The 2016 White House Correspondents’ dinner, which was President Obama’s last in office, was hosted by comedian Larry Wilmore. The annual fund-raising gathering of White House correspondents and their guests was also attended by the likes of Hollywood stars Kerry Washington, Emma Watson, Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett, Michelle Dockery and Kendall Jenner.

    To justify the ‘funny’ tag that Priyanka gave to Obama, here’s a list of the funniest jokes from US’ comic-in-chief for the evening…

    On Republican frontrunner Trump

    “The Republican establishment is incredulous that he’s their most likely nominee. They say Donald lacks the foreign policy experience to be president. But in fairness he has spent years meeting with leaders from around the world: Miss Sweden, Miss Argentina, Miss Azerbaijan.”

    On Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, referring to her highly-paid speeches to Goldman Sachs

    “Here we are, my eighth and final address at this unique event, and I am excited. If this material works well, I’m going to use it for Goldman Sachs.”

    On “Aunt Hillary”

    He also called her “Aunt Hillary,” as at one point he virtually endorsed her candidature. “Next year someone else will be here, guess who she will be?” he said amidst laughter. Clinton is the only women contender in the race to the White House.”

    He ended his gig by dropping the mic and saying: “Obama out.”


  25. And then we were faced with a new problem. A powerful section in Bombay was campaigning against the release of Shatranj Ke Khilari. They believed that if the film was a success, the other ‘typical’ Hindi films would be hit adversely, an assumption that was entirely unfounded. Suresh and Tinnu (Anand, the wellknown director who was then Satyajit Ray’s assistant director) came over to tell Manik all about it.

    Manik was very surprised, but had nothing to say. After all, he couldn’t launch a fight against the Bombay film industry! Before returning to Delhi, Suresh came to meet Manik once again and assured him that he wouldn’t give up so easily. He would find some solution to the problem.

    Shatranj Ke Khilari was screened at a single show in Bombay, and soon after we were deluged by telephone calls. The first call came from Ismail Merchant, who called the film ‘terrific’. Abbas (Khwaja Ahmad Abbas) sent us a telegram to say that Manik’s latest ‘masterpiece’ had overwhelmed him. The last call was from Amjad. He had liked the film so much that he had bought the distribution rights for Delhi and Punjab. Suresh informed us that Amitabh Bachchan and Vinod Khanna had loved the film.

    Manik went to Berlin in March 1978. But this time he returned empty-handed. Shatranj had made a huge name for itself, but the only reason it didn’t win an award was that they didn’t want to award the same person over and over again. He had received the best director award twice (for Mahanagar and Charulata), once for best film (Asani Sanket), and once a Jury Prize and Critics’ Award (Nayak).

    Apart from that, he had also won the Selznick Golden Laurel thrice for Pather Panchali, Aparajito and Teen Kanya during the Berlin International Film Festival. How many more awards could they give him?

    I consider this a grave injustice, though — a good film ought to win a prize, regardless of how many awards the director had won previously. Manik wasn’t perturbed, though. He said, ‘What had happened has happened. Why worry about it now?’

    Excerpted from Manik And I, My Life with Satyajit Ray, by Bijoya Ray, Translated by Indrani Majumdar, Penguin India, 2012, Rs 699, with the publisher’s kind permission.



    • oldgold Says:

      I love this film. Except for the changed ending (Munshi premchand wrote a different ending) story was well depicted. Acting by all was superb.


  26. Master Says:

    Baaghi Holds Strong On Monday
    Monday 02 May 2016 23.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Baaghi has held very well on Monday with collections set to be around 6.50 crore nett region as per early estimates. The drop is looking to be around 45% down from day one which is very good and this is from a good opening. The holds across the country are strong with mass centres showing under 40% drops.

    The total of the film will be around 45 crore nett four days which is excellent. The way the film is going it looks like beating Tiger Shroff’s last film Heropanti in five days flat. The best holds for the film came in places like Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

    The way the film is going it will cross the all India distributor share of films like Kapoor & Sons and Neerja in just one week.


  27. sanjana Says:

    According to a report in earlier, Salman Khan will be starring in Kabir Khan’s next, which is tentatively titled ‘Tubelight.’ It was also reported that Deepika Padukone was pretty keen on working with Salman in this film. However, the report also mentions that it seems the Mastani actress will not be able to live her dream of working with Salman as the heroine of the film is supposed to be of Oriental origins. Besides this, the role was not a meaty one and Deepika had asked the director to enhance it later, says a source in the report. However, Kabir is known to be pretty strict when it comes to the script. He has now decided to search for the leading lady through extensive auditions. ‘Tubelight’ is said to be a story of two brothers, set in the 1960s era. This will be Salman’s third film with Kabir after ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ and ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan.’


  28. sanjana Says:

    By hitting out at his son, Shobhaa De has hurt Shekhar Suman very badly. In her column she has lashed out at Adhyayan Suman for speaking about the physical, verbal and emotional abuse he allegedly suffered during his relationship with Kangna Ranaut.

    Taking a deep breath Shekhar Suman says, “I’ve always been an admirer of Shobhaa De’s columns. She normally talks so much sense and she’s so non-partisan in her comments. What has happened to her now?! She has hit out at my son for speaking out about the trauma that he suffered when he was in the relationship with Kangna Ranaut. Ms De thinks my son is being a cry-baby for talking about how he was physically abused. But I think it takes a man a lot of guts to speak about being pushed around by a woman.”

    Shekhar is also baffled by Shobhaa De’s logic regarding abuse in a relationship. “She says men in the film industry frequently abuse and hit women. Does that make it wrong for my son to speak out against the violence he suffered? Gender has nothing to do with the violence suffered in a relationship. My wife and Alka I have seen our son go through the worst possible torture and trauma. We watched helplessly as his girlfriend took possession of his life and soul.”

    For Shekhar and his wife, watching their only son suffer was unbearable. “We had lost our other son when he was just a child. Watching Adhyayan drown in his relationship it was like losing our other son, our only son. Adhyayan was completely under her spell. He would not hear word against her, no matter what she did to him. He maintained she was loyal and devoted and would not even look at another man, and that she even washed his clothes. When he saw all those messages from Hrithik on her phone he was devastated.”

    Shekhar says he not only had to suffer his son’s humiliation but also his own. “It happened at a get-together in Khar where Kangna misconstrued something I said and began abusing me in Hindi with the choicest maa-bahen gaalis. That was the time when my wife and I felt we had lost our son. Luckily we got him back. But what about all those parents who lose their child when he or she gets into the wrong relationship?”

    Shekhar feels being a good human being is far more important than being a good artiste. “Just because you are a National award winner, it doesn’t give you the licence to walk all over people and destroy their lives. Success is nothing when compared with the values that make you a good human being.”


  29. sanjana Says:

    BAAGHI has collected approx. 1.63 mil. USD [10.81 cr] in its opening weekend in overseas.

    BAAGHI has registered the *3rd highest opening weekend* for 2016 in UAE/GCC so far. It is the highest opening for Tiger and Shraddha in the region.

    It has clocked the *2nd highest opening weekend* for 2016 in Pakistan where the collections are nearly 5 times that of Heropanti. The collections are also the highest opening Weekend collection for both Tiger and Shraddha in the region.

    At the North America box office, the movie has grossed more than 7 times that of the Heropanti opening weekend collections.

    The film is the *highest opening weekend* for Tiger and Shraddha at the Australia box office as well.

    Meanwhile FAN has crossed $ 10 million Overseas by collecting 10.080 mil. USD [66.86 cr] at the close of third weekend.


  30. But once the film gets going – and it really does, in the second half – it’s pretty single-minded. This is the star vehicle Heropanti should have been. Shroff is a strange (in an interesting way) presence. His body is all macho the way we define it today – he seems to have sprouted muscles that have yet to be discovered – but neck up, his face is shy, gentle, even feminine (in an interesting way). He looks like someone from the pages of an Italian fashion magazine, from one of those black-and-white ads for an Armani perfume, an inscrutable hunk by the seashore, staring at something in the horizon. You can’t see this man in a mass movie at all, but every time the film shifts into action gear, Shroff comes into his own. The action in Baaghi works because the technical team knows how to choreograph and shoot and cut action, but also because Shroff is a completely convincing action hero. Watching him climb and kick and vault over walls, you may be reminded of how sublimely Bruce Lee moved. Even while breaking a bad guy’s bones, he seems to be hearing Swan Lake inside his head.


    • I haven’t watched Baaghi, just read the story-line. But this reminded me a Bruce Lee film I had watched as a kind. There was this multi-storeyed building and he had to fight someone on each floor. I think he had to save someone in distress.

      They were wonderfully choreographed fights. I haven’t watched it again since then but some of those fights have remained in my memory. I mean they was so good that 30 years on I can still remember some of them despite never having re-visited the movie again.


      • NyKavi Says:

        That was ‘Game of Death’, with Kareem Abdul Jabbar being the last obstacle on the topmost floor. It was the original to all copycat martial art movies since then.


  31. SRK- Hrithik clash
    Tuesday 3 May 2016 | 4:36 AM

    If sources are to be believed Shah Rukh Khan had gone to meet Hrithik Roshan to ask him if he can shift the release date of his upcoming film with Sanjay Gupta’s Kaabil, but it turned out that Hrithik told him that the release date of the film has been decided much in advance by his father Rakesh Roshan and director Sanjay Gupta.

    Shah Rukh Khan later called Rakesh Roshan to request the change of date but it was to no avail. The producer refused to change the release date and told SRK that he has announced the release date in advance and he will not change it.

    Very recently Rakesh Roshan got to know that Excel Entertainment is about to announce the release date of Raees as Kaabil that is 26th January 2017. Senior Roshan called producer Ritesh Sidhwani to say that why are they coming on the same day as Kaabil he apparently said that Shah Rukh Khan met Hrithik and Hrithik promised SRK that he will shift the release to another date. But Rakesh Roshan conveyed the point again clearly saying that they will not shift the date.

    Now we will have to wait and watch who moves back, between Raees and Kaabil.
    A source said, “Kaabil was announced much before now both want to release their films on the same date so let’s see who will shift and release on January 26th. SRK had to shift the release of Raees as Salman Khan’s Sultan was clashing with his film.”


    • Gone are the times when he could bully other films into shifting. Remember CE and OUATIM2. Gone are times when he could profit from pre-release deals (remember JTHJ v Son of Sardaar).

      Now suddenly his film is the one getting bullied and forced to move to avoid a clash. And he can’t even find a decent release date. No one seems afraid. No one wants to budge. Suddenly he doesn’t get those huge holidays as release date and it becomes harder to make up the lost ground.


  32. Kangana’s exclusive interview with India Today-


  33. MSDhoni Says:

    and this one…. O Laila teri le legi, tu likh ke le le

    “‘Am ok with being called whore or psychopath: Kangana Ranaut to NDTV”


    • Kangana Gains as this maximises her image of a rebel
      Hrithik Loses here as this minimises his image of a gentleman
      Adhyaman is the next Vivek Oberoi. 😀


  34. MSDhoni Says:

    Thank goodness she refused Bajrangi Bhaijaan, otherwise Salman would have been in this mess too…..

    The lyrics of the song fit in perfectly for Hrithik, Adhayan, Pancholi , Dutt , Devgn

    Dil tera le legi
    Jaan teri le legi
    Imaan tera le legi
    O Laila teri.. hey!
    O Laila teri.. hey hey!
    O Laila teri le legi
    Tu likh ke le le… hey hey…
    O Laila teri le legi
    Tu likh ke le le

    Ek nazar dekhegi… hey hey hey!
    Teer woh phenkegi… hey hey hey!
    Arey ek nazar dekhegi
    Teer woh phenkegi
    Mausam badal degi
    O Laila teri le legi, tu likh ke le le
    O Laila teri le legi, tu likh ke le le


  35. sanjana Says:

    For a long time now, makers of Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Raees’ have been looking for an apt release date. After deciding against a clash with Salman Khan’s ‘Sultan’ this Eid, speculation was rife that the film will move to Diwali and release alongside Ajay Devgn’s ‘Shivaay’. Now, in a joint statement, the producers of ‘Raees’ — Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani — and SRK have revealed that the film will release on January 26, 2017.

    “It was not an easy decision to move the film. We understand that ‘Raees’ is highly anticipated. However, a film of such magnitude requires the appropriate showcasing and therefore, we have decided to shift our release date to 26th January 2017,” the statement read.

    With this, the SRK-starrer will now clash with Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Kaabil’ and Ajay Devgn’s ‘Baadshaho’. Says a source, “The announcement of Raees’ release date is a huge relief for other filmmakers as they can now schedule their films accordingly (Read the full story). But, to avoid a clash with Salman’s film, the project will now have to take on two big films.

    However, there is no clarity if the other two films intend to stick to January 26, 2017 to enter theatres. Who knows, they might consider moving their release dates now.” The source adds, “The makers will also get enough time to market the film well and also work on the other aspects.”
    – See more at:


    • jayshah Says:

      Lol if hrithiks historical is huge, this clash won’t happen…just release on a non holiday. Suck it up, move on.


      • What is Kaabil? Is it the new name of Mohenjo Daro?


        • sanjana Says:

          No. It is produced by Rakesh roshan. Yami Gautam is the heroine.


          • So it means Hritik has 2 releases in next 7 months? I can bet one will get pushed…Till this Kangana thing dies down, I can see him taking it easy…

            Either ways its plain stupidity to move Raees to next year…You want to avoid a clash, so what you do, move it to another holiday which is not as big as the earlier one and get into a clash with not 1 but 2 movies???? I mean what are the makers of Raees and SRK smoking here???

            Its easier if they shift the movie to September when Baar Baar Dekho is releasing on the other Eid in September. That’s an Excel production too and they can move the dates of that film easily to accommodate Raees..Also if Raees is indeed a niche movie like Fan, then they really don’t need to worry about clash and just worry about the content…But these days worrying about content is the last thing anyone does….


          • jayshah Says:

            Films a box office risk clearly, makers probably not too confident


        • directed by Sanjay Gupta.


          • Master Says:

            Wrong movie by SRK & Co. But the only possibility is SRK kept saying in recent interviews he’ll decide the date once he sees the finished product which they have collectively seen 3 days before. So, if they had to move.. they could have taken Sep 9 (Bakri Eid) where Excel’s other movie Baar Baar Dekho is releasing but they pushed all the way to 6 months prove that some re-shooting is going to involved.

            Second point.. Inside Industry is well aware that Baadshaho will certainly not meet the Jan 26 deadline with Devgn busy with Shivaay till Oct end and he hasn’t even started work on that movie. So, the only issue is Hrithik’s Kaabil but unless they have inside talks.. one of them can move and Hrithik is not the one to have multiple releases without much gap. But on another case.. now Ajay Devgn might be charged to definitely meet Jan 26th date just to take on SRK a-la JTHJ especially more if Shivaay is successful!


          • Master Says:

            One more thing is that Ritesh Sidhwani is too eager to announce Dates in advance only to postpone them later. He did samething with Talaash.. even had theatrical trailer 8 months mentioning Jun 1,2012 as release date and then eventually came out with statement that its postponed by 5 months to Nov 30, 2012.

            Also, I think if SRK is solo producer like OSO, CE, HNY or Dilwale.. he wouldn’t have moved the date so easily and that far but if Excel is involved.. he would understand their costs especially when his movies not doing great at the BO.


          • Now, Hrithik’s in the game.. just now confirmed Kaabil’s release date on twitter as 26th Jan 2017. Ready to take on Raees!

            @iHrithik: Blinded by a million eyes watching me…when in fact I am the observer ,I am the watcher .. The minds eye sees all.


          • not much of a clash here. Either film doing very well ‘ultimately’ is unlikely. Gupta’s films are always about the initial and then they fizzle out. With Hrithik here he gets enough of it though the clash of course hurts it. The film might well out-initial Raees though. Raees too doesn’t look too good for the long run, with competition its overall number will also be affected. In any case with SRK it actually has to be proven that he can get a success in this sort of genre when he is in fact shaky just about everywhere (I wasn’t at all surprised about Fan and the same holds for Raees). The only gig this film has going for it is the Pakistani actress which should drive up the numbers overseas and in these territories the film will do better than Kaabil. But really I’d be surprised at either film doing particularly well. On a very good day Gupta with enough of an initial and not the worst follow-through can make a film seem better than the numbers, specially if some cross-section of the audience likes it and reviews are ok. Again I doubt either film is going to offer much to celebrate for anyone concerned.


          • Like

    • This shows how important solo holiday releases are for Khans.


      • jayshah Says:

        Every star given the choice would release on holiday. It’s up to the chasing pack to challenge those at top not other way round.

        Liked by 1 person

  36. sanjana Says:

    Baaghi held up well on Tuesday and has now crossed the 50 crore nett mark. The first five day business of Baaghi is as follows

    Friday – 11,75,00,000

    Saturday – 11,00,00,000

    Sunday – 15,50,00,000

    Monday – 6,50,00,000

    Tuesday – 5,75,00,000

    Total – 50,50,00,000

    The mas circuits continue to be strong with some centres in UP, MP and Gujarat showing very minimal film from Monday. The first week should be around 59 crore nett for the film.


  37. sanjana Says:

    The Jungle Book is setting historic records in the fourth week and is the sixth All Time Blockbuster film from Hollywood in India and just to cement its position in India its All India business is higher than any Hindi film Worldwide this year.

    Despite being a Hollywood film the film has grossed 224 crore in India (26 days). These are the gross figures which include entertainment tax. The highest gross by a Hindi film Worldwide this year is Airlift at 210 crore which includes India and all Overseas markets. Fan will close at around 185 crore.

    The Jungle Book India gross is already of all Hindi films Worldwide and it still has some more legs and will close at around 240 crore gross in India, 30 core more than the Worldwide gross of Airlift.


  38. sanjana Says:

    After some media reports that the ex-cricketer is planning to sue the makers, actor Karanvir Sharma – who is allegedly portraying the role of Manoj has gone underground.

    “Karanvir is very professional so it is very unlike him to be incommunicado. We wanted him for a promotional event that we were planning, but he is suddenly unreachable,” says director Tony D’Souza.

    Manoj Prabhakar’s infamous sting operation made him one of the whistle-blowers of the match fixing scandal. Unconfirmed reports indicate that his character is allegedly the main ‘villain’ in the film. There have been some unsubstantiated reports that he is resorting to threats to keep his character and name out of any controversy. When there were attempts made to contact Manoj in order to verify the claims, he remained unavailable for comment.

    Meanwhile, the makers seem to be in no mood to relent as there are some open references to several ex-cricketers who played alongside Azhar at that time, be it the characters who are enacting the role or even the names that have been mentioned in the film’s poster. In fact some big cricketers have reportedly tried to reach out to the makers to find out about their portrayal in the film.

    A source adds, “It’s public knowledge that if you make a film on someone like Azharuddin – one of the most loved and yet most controversial cricket captains that the country has seen – there are bound to be controversies and some nervous moments for those who find themselves mentioned in there. However, the one thing that stands out is that the film is providing no viewing access to any personalities, be it big or small.”

    Going by the tag line of the film, it seems like May 13 is not just a ‘Judgment Day’ for the makers and Azhar, but also for some big names in the world of cricket! We say, bring it on!'s-Azhar-goes-underground%3F


  39. sanjana Says:

    Even before we could get more details on Aamir Khan’s next release Dangal, rumours about his next film have already started to emerge.

    While Aamir plays a wrestler in Dangal, he will be seen playing the role of a music composer in his next film, tentatively titled Secret Superstar.

    According to this DNA report, the film was earlier titled Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tamanna Hai, and will be the directorial debut of his manager, Advait Chandan. However, he will be seen in a supporting role, and the film’s lead cast, a mother-son duo, are yet to be finalised.

    The film is touted to be a musical, with music by ace composer Amit Trivedi and will start shooting in June.

    Aamir is currently wrapping up the shoot for his film Dangal, for which he had to go through a gruelling weight gain and then weight loss regime. The film is based on the life of wrestler Mahavir Phogat and is slated to release in December 2016.



    Actress Sonakshi Sinha has been roped in to share screen space again with Akshay Kumar in new film “Namaste England”.

    The 28-year-old actress, who worked with Akshay in “Holiday…”, “Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Dobaara”, “Rowdy Rathore”, “Joker” among others, took to Twitter to confirm her presence in the film.

    “Namaste England… Its official!,” she wrote.

    There were reports that Anushka Sharma and Kangana Ranaut were approached to play the female lead in the Vipul Shah-directed film.

    The movie is not the sequel of hit 2007 film “Namaste London”, which saw Katrina Kaif romancing the superstar.


    • Akshay Kumar’s confirmed next releases –


      AirLift (Already released)
      Housefull 3 on 3 June
      Rustom on 12 August
      Dishoom (Spl Appearance)


      Robot 2.0 on Diwali 2017
      Namaste England by Vipul Shah
      Ikka directed by AR Murgadoss
      Tigmanshu Dhulia’s next thriller


  41. Adhayan Suman interview with regard to his statements about Kangana Ranaut-


  42. Bachchan at the 28.50 mark:


    • didn’t know Bachchan now has the maximum number of national awards for best actor (4). Thought Kamal was up there but he got three for best actor and one for producer. Bachchan overall has 5 if you include Saat Hindustani.


  43. thecooldude Says:

    Just for you Satyam since you liked the teaser!!

    [added to post]


  44. This man’s GOP nominations tells us how much ‘Adarsh liberals’ everywhere are disconnected from the reality and under currents.


    • John Kasich is out. Trump it is. ‘Libs’ will go from denial to disbelief to dejection w/o honestly introspecting on what led to Trump’s rise ( tweet: AM)

      So true. 🙂 🙂


      • I want to see a fight between Bernie and Donald. This is where the independent dilemma spread would be maximum. With Hillary, the spread is not that much and she has much better chance to get independent voters.


        • Bernie would be vulnerable on national security though and the ‘socialist’ tag would haunt him. With respect to Hillary at this point Republicans are expecting a landslide loss with Trump at the top of the ticket. The polls suggest this as well as many of the key demographic numbers. Then there seem to be at least at this point noises about Republicans willing to vote for Hillary. Despite all this Hillary would be smart to take Trump seriously, specially given her own weaknesses as a candidate.


          • chipguy Says:

            Precisely. Everyone who underestimated Trump is now licking their wounds. I suspect the polls are missing the latent support he has since few folks want to identify themselves publicly as his supporters. The Dems take this race for granted at their peril. That said, with a half decent effort, he should be easily beatable.


          • AamirsFan Says:

            “Bernie would be vulnerable on national security though and the ‘socialist’ tag would haunt him. ”

            To be very frank…this kind establishment talk does not resonate with the younger generation anymore. More and more young people are seeing right thru the bull crap in politics today. Bernie has an overwhelming support from the younger demo not because ‘he proposes to hand out free stuff’…but because he is speaking the truth about what is happening domestically and also what is happening abroad.

            The ‘socialist’ tag and all the other junk only resonates with people who watch Fox News (65 and older who’ll be gone sooner rather than later). There is a direct correlation with Bernie’s platform and what most Americans want. If someone like Bernie comes along in 2020 (who articulates his/her thoughts a bit better) then I see this generation pulling for that person even if Hillary wins. People voted for BO precisely for this reason…they wanted ‘change’…what they got was pretty much the same.

            What Bernie has done during this election cycle has been incredible (media bias towards Hillary, being a no-name going against THE name of politics)…I hope he inspired someone of this generation to run a platform based on his/her morals and principles and not giving in to the establishment. Hopefully we will see a rejuvenation of a true progressive movement. I don’t consider myself liberal or a democrat but I do have progressive tendencies or what I call…common sense!


          • The younger generation does not vote in the kinds of numbers to swing elections. This segment can be part of a broader coalition but cannot substitute for other far more dependable voting groups. Remember, there’s a reason why he’s behind Hillary substantially. In a general you’re looking at roughly 18% of the voting electorate (under 30 segment). Obama did hugely well in this bracket but he also did very well in many other brackets. Because that’s still more than 80% of it! If Bernie cannot convince enough people in this group to beat Hillary the general would automatically be a bit tricky for him. Also, the kind of blue collar voter he speaks to most easily (leaving aside the younger one) is precisely where he has the greatest overlap with Trump. But I’d finally say there isn’t enough vote in this blue collar segment. One could win without getting much here. To this degree the central ‘message’ in this election from Trump or Sanders (it’s fair to say he’s set the terms of the Dem message and Hillary has had to shift quickly) is in a sense exaggerated as well. Munna mentioned the independents but it isn’t just the independents who’d be conflicted in a choice between Trump and Sanders. It would also be the suburban vote, so crucial for winning elections, that is by and large doing quite fine at the moment. They aren’t the ‘we’re so angry’ crowd! If you go too far in that direction you start losing this crowd. Now I agree that a younger more charismatic candidate with Bernie’s message might be unbeatable with the electoral advantage the Dems have in national races but such a candidate would also moderate his message substantially. Like Obama!

            On the far more important point about Sanders though here’s why I have problems with him. I could agree completely with what he’s saying (or almost.. because I think the ills he refers to are far more global and far more structural.. it’s not just about the big banks or what have you.. these are symptoms of a larger economic order.. which order isn’t just restricted to the US) but he simply cannot explain how he could bring about some of these changes. Again for a very good reason. This isn’t about what party controls Congress and so on. Obama had a tough time getting health care through even when he had control of Congress, the same for the financial regulation bill. Obviously it was better than when Rpeublicans got control but it wasn’t a cakewalk. There are limits to how much you can push a system even when you control everything. To achieve what bernie wants a true revolution is needed and not just someone winning unexpectedly within the system that exists. In other words the entire political system would have to be rearranged for Bernie’s economic plans to be put into action! I’m not knocking him. It’s good that he’s putting out many of those ideas. Over time some of those will even become standard ones (minimum wage levels for example) but these don’t constitute the revolution he’s referring to. Because again his revolution isn’t possible without an actual revolution! The global capitalist system or the vastly corporatized economies of the Western world (and elsewhere) aren’t exactly defeated just because one gets a big majority and argues against them. You can do a great deal that’s very significant and that the same forces don’t like and that’s important. But to go beyond this an authentic revolution would be needed and no such revolution happens by respecting the existing rules of the game, economically or politically.


          • Incidentally the irony with Trump is that if you leave aside some of the ugly rhetoric on Hispanics and so on his platform is by and large much closer to the Dem one than to the Republican one. On issues of trade and military interventions he’s even running to the left of Hillary! Then again on social issues he’s quite liberal, in a few cases he’s pretended otherwise but I doubt anyone believes him. The under-covered aspect of his victory is that he has ripped all pillars of the Republican orthodoxy to shreds, but especially in this ideological sense. His hyper-nationalist rhetoric has all along been married with a very left populist (in the old sense) domestic agenda for the most part.


          • Yeah he loves everybody and everybody loves him!


          • chipguy Says:

            Yes, absolutely. And that’s also why the GOP establishment is having such conniptions. He has exposed the fact that the base cares exactly 2 whits for conservative orthodoxy and are actually very economically populist and culturally conservative. Look for new congressional candidates to emerge spouting Trumpisms in primaries now- and I bet they shred classically conservative candidates to pieces.


          • MSDhoni Says:

            Fact is one big terrorist attack or similar incident on US soil prior Nov elections and Trumps sits in the Oval office. So the Presidency will be the indicator where US is headed with regards to domestic politics and more important internationally. Last time they blamed it on Bush. This time Trump will be the scapegoat for all the chaos and aftermath created… so its a battle for war and peace.

            Further Washington’s federally-driven economy has hit the wall and the bubble needs to burst so great amount of turmoil is required to reset. Depending on when that reset needs to take place, will decide the outcome of this election.


          • AamirsFan Says:

            I can’t disagree with anything you’ve stated because its all facts and I appreciate the detailed reply. My only ‘gripe’ was that the casual voter has caught up and does his/her own research now online rather than fall for what the news corporations spew out these days.

            Also now is as perfect time as any for a third/fourth party candidate to break through and build a strong coalition for 2020. Polls show now that majority of voters are independents.


          • yes what is certainly true is that the grip of these two major parties is gradually being weakened as you can mount a very successful campaign completely bypassing the traditional channels. And this is certainly a good thing given how the two party system more or less divides up the spoils just about everywhere. On the other hand the social media world though useful in terms of subverting institutional media and so on is problematic for different reasons. A kind of Wild West phenomenon where often ‘anything goes’. If you think about it all the polarization that we see in terms of politics has been greatly exacerbated or intensified precisely by these newer outlets. Now people can spend their entire day with people like themselves basically repeating the same stuff over and over again. And when this happens people just develop their own version of ‘reality’. To say as many do that different perspectives are welcome assumes one has some connection with facts and sanity and can sort out truth from garbage irrespective of one’s ideological pre-dispositions. But this isn’t usually the case. You see for instance the worst political fanatics screaming the most about ‘facts’ and what not. Because they’ve simply been so brainwashed on their side of the equation they find it impossible to spot any other reality. My only point again is that these newer avenues even as they provide all sorts of subversive opportunities should also leave one wary for some of these other reasons.


    • “This man’s parliamentary win tells us how much ‘Adarsh liberals’ everywhere are disconnected from the reality and under currents”

      I’ve re-written your sentence a bit. The ‘man’ in question could be Hitler. Hey people were voting for him! Probably wasn’t comfortable being a liberal then! There’s a lot of craziness in the world. And sometimes one is at the short end of it. Better this than the bankruptcy of (in this case) being a Trump fan or something. By the way liberals aren’t half as upset about this development as precisely the right-wingers in the party. Ask the Cruz folks!


    • NyKavi Says:

      So Trump does the Clintons’ bidding and destroys the GOP 4eva! RIP GOP. 1845-2016.
      Hillary is a shoo-in. And Bill can poke as many cigars as he wants for 8 more years. Btw, buh-bye to banking reform, trade reform, etc etc.


  45. Blinded by a million eyes watching me…when in fact I am the observer ,I am the watcher .. The minds eye sees all.


  46. I am expecting National Award for Shah Rukh for Fan,” says Fan director

    SRK: “If I do not get an award this time for my role in Fan, I will snatch away the award, or start crying.”


    • While SRK was good in FAN…so far Akshay Kumar in Airlift and Airlift the movie is the best bet for Nationals.


      • Master Says:

        “so far Akshay Kumar in Airlift and Airlift the movie is the best bet for Nationals”

        I think you are very optimistic.. firstly Akshay’s performance is not award worthy and secondly.. Indian Govt is not happy with the skipping of Indian Govt efforts during the Airlift crises and there is no way they will rewarding such movie in any category. Sorry for killing your (unrealistic) hopes for in Akshay & Airlift getting Nationals!


  47. sanjana Says:

    If one has talent in abundance, one can get away with anything.
    If one is below average talentwise, even an unsubstantiated rumour can spoil all the chances. We can substitute power also in place of talent.


  48. sanjana Says:

    Beware of kidney snatchers.

    Ravichandran, a Chennai-based doctor, was discharged by a Magistrate court on October 15, 2011 despite charges of 120(B) (Conspiracy), 342 (wrongful confinement), 420 (Cheating), 465 (forgery), 468 (Forgery for purpose of cheating), 471(Using as genuine a forged document or electronic record), 506 (criminal intimidation) with 34 (Acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention) of Indian Penal Code and various sections of Transplantation of Human Organs Act, 1994, against him.

    A petition was filed by the Crime Branch before the Sessions Court on the grounds that the order passed by Magistrate court is bad in law, it has failed to take into account the forgery, cheating and conspiracy of Ravichandran, and it has lost sight of the documents seized from hospital authorities about his involvement. The grounds also mention the court had not taken into consideration that Ravichandran had accepted Rs 2 lakh and Rs 20 lakh from a kidney recipient’s husband, Natubhai Soni, and distributed the money among other accused – there are six accused besides him. The court had not taken into consideration that Ravichandran played a major role and he was involved in the removal of human organs without authority for commercial dealing. It also failed to consider that there is a chain of accused persons.

    The prosecution while arguing had put forth all the documentary evidence and witness statements recorded by the investigating officer, which included an official from the hospital where the kidney transplants took place.

    Judge S V Ranpise, while passing the order observed, “I hold that there is manifest error on the point of law committed by the lower court which has consequently resulted in flagrant miscarriage of justice.”

    Promised Rs 4 lakh, given only Rs 25k
    A kidney donor, Jeetu Borkar, had lodged an FIR on October 3, 2007, saying that he had been cheated of money for his kidney. He claimed an accused in the case, Hanif, used to come to his work place to meet his colleague and got to know him (Borkar). It was about three months before the FIR that Hanif came to Borkar and proposed that if he sold his kidney, he would be paid an amount of Rs 4 lakh.

    Initially Borkar refused but on August 1 and 2, 2007 Hanif again approached Borkar, convincing him to donate his kidney for Rs 4 lakh. Since Borkar’s financial condition was weak and he was in need of money, he agreed to sell his kidney.

    Later, he was taken to Chennai and Hanif introduced him to the proposed kidney receiver, Rekha and her husband. The next day Borkar was taken to the hospital of Ravichandran and sent to St. Thomas Hospital.

    On August 8, 2007, Borkar and Rekha were taken to BR hospital where his left kidney was removed and transplanted into her.

    Later Borkar only received R25,000. He then filed a complaint at V P Road police station. The case was later transferred to Crime Branch.
    – See more at:


  49. sanjana Says:

    About 6.8 million of the more than 11 million immigrants living in the United States illegally are employed, according to government statistics. Removing them would cause a slump of $381.5 billion to $623.2 billion in private sector output, the Washington-based non-profit said in its analysis.

    The study added that removing those workers could leave potentially millions of jobs unfilled due to a lack of legal workers willing to do them. Industries with the highest share of undocumented workers include farming, construction, and hospitality, according to the research.

    The American Action Forum analysis used data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to estimate the value of the output from undocumented immigrants. It also concluded that there would not likely be enough legal employees in these sectors to fill the vacancies that would result from mass deportations.

    The study did not factor in potential impacts of mass deportations on consumption, investment and other economic factors, the group said.

    The US economy is projected to produce some $18.7 trillion worth of goods and services in 2016, according to the International Monetary Fund. A loss of $400 billion in output would amount to about 2 percent of that figure.

    So they are winking at the illegal workers working and staying illegally.


  50. Master Says:

    Date clash of three biggies – Raees, Kaabil and Baadshaho

    If industry sources are to be believed, filmmaker Rakesh Roshan is upset with the makers of SRK-starrer Raees for deciding to release their film on the same day as Kaabil, which stars his son Hrithik.

    Excel Entertainment, the makers of Raees had decided to postpone their initial release date (Id 2016) to avoid clashing with Salman Khan’s Sultan. However, the latest news is that the film will now be locking horns with Hrithik’s Kaabil and Ajay Devgn’s Baadshaho, both of which release on January 26, 2017.

    SRK and the film’s makers Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani issued a joint statement formally announcing the new release date of Raees and said, “It was not an easy decision to move the film. However, a movie of such magnitude requires the appropriate showcasing and, therefore, we have decided to shift our release date to January 26, 2017.”

    In order to avoid any ill will, SRK had apparently met Hrithik to discuss whether Kaabil’s release date can be shifted to make way for Raees. However, Hrithik had informed him that since his father Rakesh Roshan and director Sanjay Gupta had decided on the release date, it was their call. Later, SRK had called Rakesh Roshan with the same request but the filmmaker flatly refused to shift the release date as it had already been announced much earlier.

    “SRK and Hrithik had met to discuss the release, but ultimately, it’s the call of the makers. Rakesh Roshan has decided to not shift the release date. But he is very upset that Raees is also releasing on the same date. He even called up Ritesh Sidhwani on May 2 to express the same and on May 3 when the announcement came in the newspapers, he was pretty irked,” a source said.

    Denying having called Ritesh or being approached by Shah Rukh Khan, Rakesh Roshan said, “No one approached me, my release date was announced in February this year for 26th January 2017 and I am sticking to it. Who comes or who doesn’t is not my problem.”

    Repeat of the clash

    Shah Rukh Khan and Ajay Devgn will be clashing at the box office once again. The two actors had clashed earlier in November 2012 when Son of Sardar and Jab Tak Hai Jaan had released.

    Ajay Devgn had even sent a legal notice to YRF just three days prior to Yash Chopra’s unfortunate demise. And now, with Ajay Devgn’s Baadshaho already clashing with Kaabil on the same date, it seems it will also have to take on SRK’s Raees.

    It was only recently reported that the two actors had patched-up during the shoot of Dilwale in Bulgaria. But now it remains to be seen how Ajay will react to this development.

    Commenting on the clash, director Milan Luthria said, “We are on schedule and we were the first ones to announce the release date. We will not be shifting our release date.”


    • Master Says:

      “No one approached me, my release date was announced in February this year for 26th January 2017 and I am sticking to it. Who comes or who doesn’t is not my problem,” Rakesh Roshan.


      • Master Says:

        A long meeting to fine tune Raees

        Shah Rukh Khan, Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani went through the rushes of Raees at a private screening recently, post which they had a long meeting.

        The meeting went on for about five hours or so from evening to around 9.30 pm in the night. Surprisingly, the film’s director Rahul Dholakia was missing. A source shares, “It was an intense discussion which was long due. Now, a call will be taken if any re-shoots or changes need to be made.”

        The teaser of the film has received a tremendous response, so the expectation from the final product is also high and after Fan’s failure at the Box Office, Raees seems to be crucial for SRK.


  51. sanjana Says:

    As Ritesh Sidhwani is involved, Raees will be the film to look forward to. Ajay Devgn is no competition. Hrithik has pull and if the music is good, the film may work.


    • MSDhoni Says:

      Firstly it is too soon to announce this clash when talks of averting a clash with Sultan have hardly died down and Fan got such a mauling. SRK here is again losing the perception battle esp. when he could not get the makers to clash with Sultan and now comes across trying to bully the smaller players.

      Either Raees makers should not have announced a release date or should have backed off long back from clashing with Sultan when Salman started shooting and yrf put out that promo. In my opinion they should have simply released and clashed with Sultan and face whatever be the consequences. Further what is wrong in going for a regular release date in July- Dec for a movie like Raees with Dholakia whose known to be an arty director.

      Worse off why he is not clashing during Christmas with Dangal which has a longer winter break. Wasn’t this the same reason he sited while opting to clash with Bajirao Mastani.

      These major dates have a bit of a history and were created by these superstars themselves and srk should again carve his own date now…. Christmas/Dec period was never favorable and it was considered disastrous release date until 2007 when Aamir took that slot with TZP and then 3I. Similarly Salman made Eid his own and there was never a history to Eid release. In all fairness SRK created the Diwali slot and should either stick with that or otherwise make a new one in Sept/Oct.

      Republic day is hardly a decent period as exam season sets in early and families busy with kids. Wrong move and I am with Roshans here….

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    • Well, he was good competition with SOS despite the latter getting far less screens. And Milan Luthria has a decent record, especially with Devgan. I am not sure they will make it to the date though. Devgan will probably be taken up by Shivaay till its release.


  52. Master Says:

    Baaghi Top Grosser In Bihar In One Week

    Baaghi will become the top grosser in Bihar before the week is out. In six days the film has already grosed 2 crore nett plus. Below are the top ten Hindi grossers in Bihar this year..

    1. Airlift – 2.17 crore
    2. Baaghi – 2.04 crore (6 Days)
    3. Fan – 1.65 crore (17 Days)
    4. Kapoor & Sons – 1,09 crore
    5. Jai Gangaajal – 1.05 crore
    6. Neerja – 95 lakhs
    7. Ki & Ka – 91 lakhs (28 days)
    8. Ghayal once Again – 87 lakhs
    9. Wazir – 80 lakhs
    10. Sanam Re – 80 lakhs

    Airlift did not fare well in Bihar but is the top grosser so far but Baaghi will top Airlift in just seven days and probably collect 40-50% more than it in the long in Bihar.


    • Master Says:

      Yet again proves that ‘masses’ have taken liking to Tiger Shroff very much.. this is very good sign as all young heroes are targeting only Multiplex audience!


  53. sanjana Says:

    Well, as of now all the 3 heroes are not that hot. All of them need solo releases. Atleast one free week. As someone said Christmas and New year can easily accommodate two films.


  54. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh May 4
    #Kahaani2 release date confirmed: 25 Nov 2016. Stars Vidya Balan, Arjun Rampal. Directed by Sujoy Ghosh


  55. Badshaho to be shifted to March


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