Housefull 3 trailers (updated)

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  1. Not that it cant work. Housefull2 also had bad trailer but film was very enjoyable and trended very well. But problem here is characters, looks and whole setup doesnt has much for desi audience to connect with. Here girls are uptra modern, guys’ name are non desi and their dressing, their sports interest…. I mean it is hard to connect with too much westernization of a film. Comedy works better if you connect to it.
    Also, story has nothing new, same old confusion drama with pretty old jokes.
    What worked for me in traile is Akshay’ comic timing and dialogue delivery in such roles is still impeccable and he alone can make it watchable and pull it to success… I hope so.


    • Quite funny and enjoyable trailer.
      Best thing is you can see the best of Housefulls here.
      Housefull as a super hit comedy genre is less understood by few here. Likes I Satyam and Jayshah have tried to denigrate this genre to suit the likes of Aamir because he has never and can never do this genre. He tried once with Andaaz Apna Apna where he got overshadowed by the more natural Salman.
      So to hide this weakness, they tried to paint this genre itself in bad light.
      For me this is fantastic to come from an actor who recently mesmerised us with Airlift and now a diametrically opposite genre where again he is second to none.
      Akshay and Ritesh combo works big time. For Abhishek this seems to be his best movie since last any years. Moreover he will get a meaty role because of great equations that Bachchan’s share with Kumar.


      • Aamir was fabulous in Andaz Apna Apna. If Salman fans cannot understand or appreciate the genius of Aamir, that’s their problem. I liked both the Khans in AAA. Salman was the innocent idiot and Aamir, the wacky naughty knowitall.

        One of the most underappreciated bits in AAA was the amazingly funny and sweet parody song ‘ Elloji as am hum a gayer hain’…..I wish somebody would put it up here. It was an excellent tribute spoof of the typical OP Nayyar ghoda gaaadi clip clop tuned songs from the fifties. Aamir nailed it with his expressions and enactment. And Salman fans plus a few other deluded souls dare to state that Aamir can’t do comedy.

        Aamir is in fact good with comedy, his sort, style….even a literally loud atrocity like Ishq was made bearable by Aamir — whose comedy was a shade better than that of Ajay Devgan. Incidentally the Ajay- Sanjay Dutt starter Rascals was a comedy torture I will remember forever. It was a poor Indian version of that excellent film Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, starring Michael Caine and Steve Martin.

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        • I thought Aamir was a tad loud in AAA. But it was the norm for acting back then. He played to the gallery, which was quite required.

          His role was slightly better than Salman’s. But the latter also did justice to his. It was said back then Aamir had a better relationship with Santoshi and that he had been wise enough to do a song for him without remuneration for Damini.

          And it was also being reported that Salmans wasn’t too disciplined and was late at times to report which hindered his relation with Aamir for quite some time.

          But Salman is quite a spontaneous actor at comedy and his comic timing is alright, which is why he managed to hold his own in the film. But it’s also true that Aamir had the slightly better role.


        • Dude, let Aamir do another movie like Andaaz Apna Apna (which i love). Ishq hardly qualifies to be an out and out comedy film and i liked him and the movie as well. 🙂
          So we are in agreement here.

          You chose to ignore the main point of my comment to which you replied. It was the genre denigration by two fans of Aamir here – SATYAM AND JAYSHAH

          I am sure others also know this. I just take names so that it doesnt look generic.


      • What has happened to all your thinking power and thoughtfulness? Your anger against aamir is out again and again in various ways. Thats why I say Akshay fans consider aamir as more dangerous than Salman or SRK. And they endup supporting SRK and Salman.

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        • Sanjana – It’s not again Aamir. Its against Satyam and Jayshah whose politics is what i intended to highlight. I will sligthly offend the non political Aamir fans, so pls excuse me if it does.


          • AamirsFan Says:

            dude there is no “politics”…this kind of film is trash…and any fan who just blindly loves every film of their favorite…no matter how trashy and idiotic the film is…loses credibility to talk about a movie being good or bad. Satyam is a true fan of Abhishek.


          • OK…so it can be trash for you. i have no problem. It is not for me. I hope you also don’t have any problem with this.


          • AamirsFan Says:

            your credibility=zero. So when you make comments about Satyam and JS and their “politics”…guess who I am going to trust on their ability to judge a movie?

            Its not about their “politics”…its about their extensive knowledge of movies and making intelligent and insightful comments on this kind of stuff. These guys don’t have agendas…they just know their shit.


          • Good for you. 🙂


        • If Akshay Kumar was a singer he’d be better than Michael Jackson…if he was a footballer he’d be better than Pele…if he was a politician he’d be better than Churchill…if he was a writer he’d be better than Shakespeare…if he was a fart he’d smell of roses!!!

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        • Now AK – Aamir Khan jay jay kaar begins. 😀


  2. atrocious stuff in every sense imaginable..

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    • Abhishek really seems to be unwell. Infact he cannot even stand. Hope all is well with him. It’s good to see that despite this, he made it to the promo launch event. Housefull3 is an important film for him.


    • I think the biggest strength of Housefull 3 is the coming together of the Top 3 comic talent we have in India – Akshay, Ritesh and Abhishek.


  3. I know I know I did not like the posters but the trailer and the song is kick a$$. Posters were quite different from the franchisee theme. One of the favourite comedy genres of kids and youngsters, the trailers is in the same funny family mode.
    2016 certainly looks to be Akshay Kumar’s year.
    200+ cr Blockbuster.


  4. Horrible..Did not like a bit..feel very bad for Abhi…What is doing in this….I did not like his role in HNY, but now that looks better compare to this..very very bad choice of films by Abhishek.


  5. Unfortunately, it is the kind of deal that isn’t going to do anything for Abhishek’s cause.

    If it works big time, Akshay Kumar will probably get most of the credit. Except if it is a Bol Bachan kind-of-deal where Abhishek stole the show. I don’t think this is going to be the case.

    It is going to be a better deal for him than D3 and HPY (he was feeding on scraps in it practically). What I see here is probably similar footage as Ritesh Deshmukh while Akshay will probably have slightly more footage than the 2 of them. It was a similar pattern in the first 2 of the franchise.

    If the movie does well, what matters is that Abhishek is able to build on it. Get into another multi-starrer but as the lead guy. On in a good solo. But it’s going to be worthless if he makes a poor choice like AIW. He gave over 2 years of his career to that movie and it was a downright disaster.


    • The only way Abhishek can get the credit he needs (he anyway will get it butr that might not be much) is if Akshay himself acknowledges him as the best thing in the movie and that gets picked by the media and he wins the best actor in comic role award.


    • AamirsFan Says:

      Abhishek’s script sense is lost…he needs to stop thinking that doing side roles is the way to build his resume. I’d rather he just keep exploring and do movies like DMD…even if they don’t succeed as much as he’d like them to…that is better than seeing him in this kind of junk.


  6. Akki finishes HF3 in 38 days!!

    Superstar Akshay Kumar feels that a film should be completed in 30-60 days, and is surprised with filmmakers taking 300-400 days for the purpose.
    At the trailer launch of his upcoming comedy Housefull 3, Akshay, asked how he manages to regularly do 3-4 films a year said: “It is not rocket science, it is very easy, you just keep on working. I don’t think one film should take more than 60 days. I finished Housefull 3 in 38 days.
    “Everyone comes on time, we work hard. I work for eight hours and it was very fast. I had read that they made the film, Mission Impossible in 52 days. I don’t know how we talk about 300 days and 400 days. Films are completed in 30-60 days, maximum you take 70 days, how much shooting will you do?”
    Akshay had four releases last year, and Housefull 3 will be his second release of the year after Airlift. He will have another film, Rustom releasing this year.
    The story of Housefull 3 is based in London, where Boman Irani’s character has three daughters – Jacqueline Fernandez, Lisa Haydon and Nargis Fakhri – and doesn’t want to get them married.
    But they want to get married to their boyfriends, played by Akshay Kumar, Riteish Deshmukh and Abhishek Bachchan, and the film is about the hilarious tricks these boys play to get married.
    Akshay added: “My shooting days were 38 days, but it took 40 days to make the trailer because they (makers) couldn’t understand how to show in two and half minutes everything about it’s storyline. It was very difficult for them, I remember so many times they showed us, but nothing was working out.”
    About the franchise completing a hat-trick, Akshay said: “We’ll come to know if it’s a hat-trick… It would be good if people like our third attempt with Housefull 3, because then it serves as motivation for fourth and fifth films. We will be looking forward to see how the business is, we keep our fingers crossed so that everything goes well.”
    Housefull 3 has been directed by Farhad-Sajid, who have replaced Sajid Khan.



  7. Akshay Kumar shows his versatility once again with Housefull 3By Joginder Tuteja, Apr 25, 2016 – 12:40 IST

    Is this the same man we are watching practically every quarter? One look at the promo of Housefull 3 and you are just amazed to see how Akshay Kumar manages to showcase a different facet of his acting talent film after film. Just three months back, it was Airlift. While one continues to marvel at that performance of his, here comes Housefull 3 where he makes a grand entry, hold your breath, hanging on to Jacqueline Fernandez’s leg, who by the way is sitting in a helicopter no less.

    This could well be the ‘baap of all entries’ this year, and something tells me that the fun element has just begun.

    On a more serious note, Akshay is indeed taking his profession quite seriously and that means that other than the accolades he is earning for his serious performances in Airlift, Brothers, Gabbar Is Back, Baby and Holiday, there is a parallel universe of the likes of Housefull, Singh Is Bliing and Entertainment that is not going away anywhere. Enjoying a dual citizenship of sorts where he can step in and step out at will, Akshay is clearly enjoying the best of both worlds and keeping the audience, Box Office and of course himself, a lot busy.

    Oh yes, there is always a debate around what critics like v/s what audience want to see. Well, he has managed to get critics on his side too, and rather successfully, with his last crop of films. As for the moolah, let’s not forget that the biggest opening day of his career was scored by Singh Is Bliing.

    There, that says it all!

    No wonder, in his inimitable style, he is cracking the jokes in Housefull 3. However, you know that it would be back to some serious business in just a couple of months after the film’s release, once it would be time to bring on Rustom. Of what one has seen of the film so far, it is going to be one cracker-jacker of a romantic thrilling drama and the Navy Officer act is set to only add on to his fan base, particularly women.

    For now though, it seems he is targeting youth and families with Housefull 3, something that should keep the versatility element going this summer.


  8. Comment in wrong thread Mr. Satyam. This is not box office thread.

    Houseful trailer is not bad for what it sets out to offer. There is a time and place for these types of mindless comedies esp so when they outline the plot briefly upfront and we enter the theater for new OTT jokes, decent music and then much needed skin show in the hot summer months. I had liked both Houseful 1 and 2 and I think the release timing here is good too.

    Abhi continues to look out of place in these comedies, though freshens the cast as Ritesh/ Akki are a stale combo.

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  9. thecooldude Says:

    The yearly Akshay terd is here! and comparing Akshay to Aamir is hilarious. This guy can’t even get a 150 CR hit under his belt and his fans want him to compare with Aamir Khan!


    • The guys can’t event do three movies an year and his fans are comparing him to A K S H A Y. 👻


      • thecooldude Says:

        why does he need to do 2 or 3 movies a year? to prove that he is a superstar? The guy takes his sweet time to do a movie which is why his movies are always the event movie of the year. Again, let’s wait until Akshay actually comes up with an event movie (that horrendous makeup in Robot 2 doesn’t count since it’s a Rajni movie out and out). Can his fans even come up with a movie he is doing now that has a remote chance of sniffing 180?

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        • If Aamir can deliver with just 1 movie in 2 years what Akshay does in 4 to 6 movies and in the same period but with more budget as the budget of his 4 to 6 movies put together would very easily surpass 200 Crores!, why should Aamir bother??


  10. Cool they have their own area of expertise. As a fan I would never want to wait for 2-3 years for a movie of my favorite. Aamir would be busy dishing out more Melas and Manns if he exceeded his biennial quota of work.


    • thecooldude Says:

      I want quality….dont really care if the guy does 1 movie a year or 1 movie every 3 years. It’s pretty obvious that Aamir is just about the only star right now (and been for a while) who has no interest in making money. The guy stopped doing commercials when he started satyamev jayate. I am very happy with his 1 movie at a time policy. Others can’t do it because they don’t have the guts to do it.

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      • I was once a Scorsese fan but since he didn’t direct movies every year I shifted to Vin Diesel’s films. Then we have a loser like Di Caprio. I don’t get impressed with all this Oscar stuff or the fact that he does movies with all of Hollywood’s top talents. I’d rather have someone who does 2 movies every year.

        For all this I admire Akshay’s nobility. He made the conscious decision to not do 200-300 crores every single year on one film (like Salman) and decided he would restrict himself to a 100. Not just this, he displayed even greater integrity. he decided that whether it was Baby or Housefull he would only do 100 and if he went up to 120 with one film he would make it up with 80 in another.

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    • “Aamir would be busy dishing out more Melas and Manns if he exceeded his biennial quota of work.”

      No he wouldn’t be Salman even if he did that! How do we know?

      2008: Ghajini
      2009: 3I


      2013: D3
      2014: PK

      or earlier:

      2001: Lagaan/DCH
      2006: Fanaa/RDB

      of course he has longer breaks but there’s no correlation between vol and success for him as these years reveal from the last 15.

      By the way if you really want Salman to break Aamir’s records maybe he should start doing less too! Unless he’s also another noble soul like Akshay and stops short of PK even when it’s Bajrangi. And to further make amends he even stops at 200 when he looks to be having two big films in one year.

      To be brutally honest and without meaning to be insulting if you guys don’t inhale you should be..

      Today I’ll be kind and leave the SRK folks alone.. of course I’m willing to offer examples if requests are put in by ‘fans’!

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      • In this age of constant rustle and bustle and instant gratification one is unable to separate the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s only after a product goes through the minimum aging process, one realizes a masterpiece like Bajrangi Bhaijaan……..a complete, flawless and unblemished experience. Contrast that to PK and you have a very manipulative, sometime jarring and a very uneven movie with main lead acting like a character he played in Ishq with eyes wide open.

        BB was, is and will remain a 450cr deal for me if not for the unexpected Bahubali wave which acted like a monkey wrench….footfalls there is no comparisons


        • ***BB was, is and will remain a 450cr deal for me if not for the unexpected Bahubali wave which acted like a monkey wrench***

          Wow, the frustration!! You, Mr. DHONI are what SRK would call a true FAN..

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          • If we think all the audience for Baahubali didn’t want to see BB; you can add NETT of both the movies and you will not get to 450.


        • why not go up to to 500 and make it a nice round number?

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        • Coolie had highest footfalls in 80’s followed by Mard , RTGM and Kranti. MPK was almost equal to Kranti ..


        • ”It’s only after a product goes through the minimum aging process, one realizes a masterpiece like Bajrangi Bhaijaan……..a complete, flawless and unblemished experience.” And your definition of minimum ageing had me “ROFLd” as BB is yet to complete a year ( only 8 months old) and you are hailing it as if new age ” Sholay or MEA” has arrived 😉 And that is after just one BB, imagine if Salman had had a Lagaan, 3 Idiots, TZP or RDB, only God knows the “adjectives” embellished upon Salman and his choices;)


        • @ MSDhoni — Main lead of PK acted with his eyes wide open as per director’s instruction and character’s demand. Aamir did a terrific job in PK, a fact acknowledged even by somebody like Raja Sen, that Bong film critic from Mumbai, a guy with his own attitude and biases.


  11. I don’t think there can be any kind of doubt that Aamir and Salman are very much in a league of their own right now. They are delivering totals that no one can come near to.

    To be fair to Akshay Kumar, he has been coming up with some decent stuff lately. OMG, Special Chabbis, Baby, Airlift and Holiday are quite good stuff. Gabbar and RR were decent. That’s 5-6 good movies in 4-5 years. I would take a couple of those movies over some stuffs Salman has made. I would even take a couple of them over Talaash (which I didn’t like).

    The problem with lack of volume is that you look at the last 6 films done by Aamir and you find yourself back to Fanna in 2006. The latter was a great success but no great shakes in terms of quality. However, from that time till today he has done 4 really memorable movies.

    The problem that volume poses for Akshay is that for each of those 5 good movies, he has delivered equal number of trash. So, since last year he has Baby and Airlift which were good and Gabbar which was decent but he also had crap like Brothers and SIB. The latter kind of deals hurt his chances of becoming bigger.

    I think it is commendable to do 4 movies a year and bring in the audience every 2 or 3 months. However he should ensure that the clear emphasis on varying the deals he makes should not come at the expense of quality. I would take 2 great movies a year over 2 good and 2 crap yearly deals.

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  12. I did not like Baby or Airlift. I cant watch any Akshay Kumar’s movies nowadays. I try to watch only if there is Paresh Rawal with him. I like to watch Paresh rawal or Anupam Kher. Even in AAA, Paresh’s contribution cant be overlooked.


  13. I wonder except for the user Aamirfans noone spoke about the politics of Satyam and Jayshah which i pointed out. All took a different tangent in talking about Aamir…i can’t blame those Aamir fans…poor guys hardly get to talk about their fan as their star’s movie releases once in 2 years…so naturally they will latch on to anything remotely associated with Aamir during the dry days.


  14. It is fashionable amongst some to criticise Alshay. If I had a relative entering films and we’re looking for a role model, I would sooner recommend Akshay than any of the Khans.
    Rooted, hard working, disciplined, non controversial and successful. Much to be admired here. No drama, no show off, no posturing.
    Yes, he has done some pedestrian films and kind of films it is easy to be dismissive about but he has also done some perfectly fine films and lately seems to be able to strike some kind of a balance. In last two decades he has had more successes than any of the Khans, something even BOI acknowledges. He makes an easy target but I find it somewhat unfair.
    Even in the promotional event for HF3 above, he says somewhat laughingly and matter of factly- Saali jo izzat Baby or Airlift me kamaai thi, woh sub ganwa Dunga! He is very self aware and natural. Let’s ceebrate this wholesome star than thumb our noses at him.

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    • Thumbs up Rajen! Agree with your sentiments on Akshay. A fantastic person to emulate. He has evolved into quite a fine star-actor since KHAKEE..

      I think the problem with fans like Naveen is the hyperbole they indulge in. They want to pass off even bad films Akshay has done as some achievement. Liking a favorite’s bad films isn’t a pre-condition to one being a fan. There are MANY horrible films that Amitabh has been a part of. Those don’t become ‘decent’ films for me just because Amitabh is a part of them..

      Akshay currently is good and getting better at mixing film-genres. Hope he keeps that up. As SRK rightly put: ‘KUCCH FILMS TAN KE LIYE, KUCH MAN KE LIYE, KUCCH DHAN KE LIYE..’

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      • An Jo – But I seriously enjoy comedy films like Housefull, Heyy Babyy, Golmaal etc. It has nothing to do with stars.
        I did not like Entertainment but I know quite a few liked.
        I think the problem with many including you are that you have become victim of caste politics that Satyam and Jayshah had been indulging since many years.
        Their propaganda is to encourage intolerance and untouchability. Please don’t fall prey to such ideas. Enjoy cinema and love all stars.
        I you think I am wrong, read their last few years comments on SRK, Akshay and Salman. Satyam Bhai do it under the garb of being intellectual and actually lot of other things he says makes lot of sense till you realise that there is Daal mein Kaala.
        That’s all.


        • Just to elaborate-
          1. They identified what films Aamir Khan does and cannot do.
          2. Whatever Aamir does(which I like a lot) Satyam write tons of repeated but enjoyable read. They call this kind of cinema a perfect cinema and something that all should like. I agree to this.
          3. Whatever genre like mindless comedy, hard core action, family drama etc. Aamir usually does not do (I earlier used the word “cannot do” which I think I should not have), are considered outcaste, extremely crude and distasteful. Quite a few movies actually are that and hence builds to their theory. And then those who like these genres are considered folks who don’t understand cinema.
          This is according to me a politics to get their ullu seedha. They are wrong here. I may also be wrong on many occasions. If pointed I will accept. They will not. And hence I will keep pointing it.


        • The movies I enjoyed and are considered acceptable are – PK, Taare Zameen Par, AirLift, Chal De India, Bajirao Mastaani etc

          The movie I enjoyed and hence considered someone who doesn’t understand cinema- Kuch Kuch Hota hai, Dabangg 1 and 2, Fanaa, Heyy Babyy, Housefull series, Welcome, Golmaal series,
          The films I did not enjoy as much as others- Peeku, Talaash, Fan, entertainment, Dilwale


  15. “It is fashionable amongst some to criticise Alshay. If I had a relative entering films and we’re looking for a role model, I would sooner recommend Akshay than any of the Khans.
    Rooted, hard working, disciplined, non controversial and successful. Much to be admired here. No drama, no show off, no posturing.”

    Good points for a change (from this source!!)

    “Saali jo izzat Baby or Airlift me kamaai thi, woh sub ganwa Dunga!”
    Saala this sort of IZZAT gets sold on streets on throwaway rates and still finds no takers

    Had it not been the case, one won’t see abhishrek guru/Sarkar bachchan lurking around like a glorified extra here. I’m not his fan, but still It’s embarrassing to see such a waste of pedigree & talent!




  17. It is apni apni pasand, rajeev masand.

    It is funny why Khans should become one entity as if they are clones. There is this religious angle when you club them together.
    An Aamir Khan fan need not like Salman Khan and vice versa.
    Actually I place Akshay Kumar above Salman Khan.
    Akshay has a history of indifferent films relatively speaking. Thats why his success is taken with some caution. A Salman Khan with more bad films gets away easily because of his huge fan following.

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    • There is NO religious angle. It is just a lazy grouping – not that it is admissible. You had the Kumars, you had/have the Kapoors, and you have had the Khannas. ‘Religious’ angle is a crap-infested myth propagated by the ‘intellectuals.’ It is ONLY SRK who gets called out on religious stuff because he sometimes plays that card. Both Aamir and Salman have hardly been called out on a religious angle.

      In any case, Salman, SRK, and Aamir with their inter-religious marriages and vodka-filled evenings would be the poster-boys of anti-Islam, not Islam for the Islamists…

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  18. Pretty Hilarious 😀

    Playing table tennis in Housefull style! Can you guys find the ball? 😂😂😂— Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) May 1, 2016



    • Akki – The whole idea in Housefull is to make the unbelievable look believable. In Airlift, the believable has to be made more believable. Comedy ko itna halka mat samajhjiye (Don’t take comedy so lightly). I am so grateful to the Housefull franchise for allowing me to play so many twisted freaks. I repeat, comedy is not easy to do.

      Ques: No one takes comedy lightly anymore?

      Akshay Kumar: Oh, lots of people do. To me, the Housefull franchise is as precious as the Khiladi franchise. Action and comedy are what I always enjoyed. I could do these two genres for the rest of my life. Housefull is neither cheap nor tacky. It’s what I’d call posh comedy. This is comedy, not just for the dumb.

      Ques: Then who else is it for?

      Akshay Kumar: It’s for the dumber as well.


  19. MSDhoni Says:


  20. Abhishek looks like Arshad Warsee here, he needs to work on his looks and get rid of the beard and glasses.


  21. What next after Housefull 3?

    I really don’t know; it’s the first time in my career where I haven’t got anything.

    There are three scripts that we’ve been working on but we’re not entirely happy with them so they’re going to take more time before we can start filming them.

    Will we see you in an adult comedy anytime?

    I doubt it.

    Whether an actor agrees with the genre or not is immaterial; you have to understand the material to be able to do it.

    I don’t understand that kind of humour so I think it’ll be very bad at it.

    Do you miss being associated with a director? Your teaming up with J P Dutta, Rohan Sippy, Mani Ratnam was much appreciated…

    I miss them. They’re my friends. I am in touch with them. We keep discussing work but you know what happens… you need to have the right film.

    It’ll be more about proposal making if you just say ‘Ok, we’re a successful team, let’s do a film together,’

    Rohan (Sippy) and I haven’t put out a film for five years; Dum Maaro Dum (2011) was our last film. I did a small bit for him in Nautanki Saala because he wants me to be a part of all his films.

    Even with Mani, we discuss work all the time; he is a mentor to me. I have always told him, “You tell me where to stand, I’ll be there” but his thing is no, we have done great work together so we have to do things that’s worthy.

    You have to get the right script and sometimes that takes time.


  22. He seems to be going the Akshaye Khanna way unfortunately. Talented, no doubt about that. Underrated as an actor. Wrong choice of films. Down to supporting roles (where he is still good enough to steal the show at times), Now he has nothing coming up. Expect him to be out for nearly a couple of years.

    Both deserved much better than what they have achieved till here. Both probably were the better actors of their generation. Of their generation (Khanna started a bit earlier i.e. in 1997), only Hrithik and maybe Shahid Kapoor (a bit later) have done well enough to survive in leading roles till here.

    The rest (the likes of Viveik Oberoi, Chandrachur Singh, Aftab, Fardeen, Puru Raaj Kumar, Arjun Rampal, Sharad Kapoor and a dozen of other newcomers of that time) aren’t relevant BO-wise today.


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