How Amitabh Bachchan tops the brand trust charts (Business Standard)


Amitabh Bachchan has emerged as the most ‘trustworthy’ brand, winning across geographies, demographics and income classifications in a study on human brands conducted in end-2015 that covered about 2,500 respondents across five cities. No mean achievement for a septuagenarian who less than 20 years ago was almost consigned to the dung-heap as a spent-force.

‘Trustworthy’ in our research that mapped each celebrity over 64 parameters, is a combination of ‘I-trust-him’ and ‘others-trust-him’. Plus it is an amalgam of ‘trusted’, ‘honest’, ‘reliable’ and ‘dependable’. Bachchan scored high and his combined score leaves all the Khans, all cricketers and all Bollywood trailing.

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14 Responses to “How Amitabh Bachchan tops the brand trust charts (Business Standard)”

  1. Superb news and as expected !!
    From Bachchan’s blog-
    So a gentle clap pervades the hearts of the Ef .. for it is all your support and prayers that consume me now and fill me with the gratitude that the write up conveys ..

    Some matters at the end of the piece shall soon be sorted out .. statements have been shared by me on them .. but this Presidency thing has been stretched far too long and far too humorously to be taken seriously .. a minor joke expressed in a social medium has been played on .. please do not demean the high office of the President of the Country, by these continued conjectures ..

    It was a farce and shall always remain so .. time to put an end to it permanently


  2. Also wish he writes a lot more on the makings of Sharabi/ MKS etc. ….
    he writes bits and pieces about them and makes me just want to know so much more !


  3. Shri Shri Sir Satyam Says:- (5S)

    Satyam • an hour ago

    I cannot say I am at all surprised with the findings of this piece. These confirm similar things from past years though it is always good to see the same reasserted once more. You have always had enormous capital in this sense. All of this could be leveraged in all sorts of ways. I don’t see why Kalyan jewelers or pepsi or whatever should be the only beneficiaries of this vast cultural capital! I of course don’t argue against the polio campaign or the save the Tiger one. These are bright spots on your ‘endorsement’ resume. But this entire capital could have been and still could be mobilized towards (and I’ll say it candidly) much greater, much nobler, much more important ends. Again exception something like the polio campaign. I am not arguing against the other endorsements necessarily even if some of these make me a bit queasy (!). For reasons I have addressed before and which scarcely need to be repeated in light of this other important feature of your post today which is of course a Sharaabi anniversary. In any case one can do the endorsements and one can do more ‘profound’ things as well. Of course if one does the latter one often affects the market for the former. Ha! The only worthwhile move whether in cinema or other fields of culture or in the realm of ideas or public life or life in general is one that provokes, that lays out dividing lines, that does not seek to make happy families out of all our differences but that in fact (and I shall say this even more candidly) breaks up families!

    I am only following your father’s lead. I’m sure he offended very many he knew and did not know when he struck off his family name and even moreso the marker of his caste. This is once more the example of everything I’ve been arguing for here. Your father precisely wouldn’t have endorsed everything in sight even if he had had the chance. Nor would Vijay! ‘Man ka na ho’… ‘zyada achcha hai’. We must look into mirrors that don’t show us our best reflections but equally we must be willing to turn such mirrors towards others even we are not appreciated for these efforts. We would not wish for this but this, following the poet, would be better for us..

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  4. Oh man! Another depressing week for Charan Raj…


  5. No surprises.
    Dignity and trust cannot be bought.
    He remains unbeatable.As always.


    • Interesting observations.

      When selecting brand ambassadors, one can go for the least tainted because no human being can be milk white. Even Gandhiji.

      Why cant we select someone like Mahatma Gandhi who is the most internationally known Indian though he is no more? Is it necessary that we have to select only living Indians? Why not an immortal Indian like Gandhiji?

      If we start selecting a living Indian, then we have to build him up or her first internationally. I think Modi suits as he is already a living International figure by now.

      Mahatma and Modi.


  6. wow…such blinded people here.. A man involved in bofors, panama, tax evasion is so trustworthy.. at this rate Salman Khan will top this “report” next year


  7. ” wow…such blinded people here.. A man involved in bofors, panama, tax evasion is so trustworthy.. at this rate Salman Khan will top this “report” next year ”

    bofors which he won he case to clear his name…incase you missed it..


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