Dishoom (Images & Trailer)

thanks to Vijay…


4 Responses to “Dishoom (Images & Trailer)”

  1. Reminds me of Dhoom. The heroes share the Jai/Ali kind of vibe, bikini babes, motorcycle chase and most probably a villain dominating the proceedings.

    Glad to see Akshay Khanna back. He will probably have fun here.

    The sad thing that illustrates Bollywood perfectly here is an underrated actor like Akshay Khanna who hasn’t got his due in Bollywood while John Abraham- complete non-actor and wooden- is still getting projects.


  2. Very lame trailor…


  3. Pathetic and derivative. Glad to see Akshaye Khanna. Hope he returns with a bang.

    Ladies can see Abhraham Sir downing his soiled undie while gents can ogle at Fakhri. That’s the moral of the story.


  4. This looks absolutely atrocious. Next!….


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