TE3N trailers (updated)

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  1. looking at the posters it didnt look good but watching the trailor ,it looks awesome and amitabh as usual is terrific,its a thriller by looking at it…..this film will rock


  2. Lovely trailor…Has a big Sujoy Ghosh and Kahaani hangover to it but that’s quite a good thing….


  3. and yes of course looks like a copy of Montage…



  4. sanjana Says:

    Three interesting actors. Double role for Nawaz?


  5. charan raj Says:

    Looks like another boring venture. If Fan has left any corner of boredom, this one is surely gonna fill that. Hope i’m proved wrong here but that seems unlikely.


  6. Interesting trailer for sure.. hope the director has handled it well.


  7. Pradip Says:

    After a long time or rather first time one finds Bachchan speaks at such a length at trailer launch.


  8. Fantastic trailer. A treat for AB fans. [And also for the non-fans who are eagerly waiting for 2%; 3% box-office occupation to come up with theories like Cub Shroff is better than AB]. The world-weariness he carries with that hunched look! Nawaz and Vidya: two delicious toppings [Vidya in both sexual and crafty ways / Nawas purely in an artistic way {at least for me}].

    Trailer clearly conveys WHAT to look for.

    At the end, such a venture/genre will be COMPLETELY dependent on the director and a water-tight script; however meteoric the actors might be.You lose grip on the audience’s interest; you are doomed. And that’s the worrying part. It isn’t Sujoy at the helm here. Though to be fair, I found YUDH to be gripping until it floundered in the climax.

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    • A (great) film is made at editing table, so no worries. The trailer is good and I am sure movie too will be. I tried to get hold of montage (korean) but couldn’t. So hopefully this one will be a nice surprise. It is so interesting that Bigb still gets title roles, seems like BO has no hold over this man! Neat.


  9. After watching promo at least 20 times now, I am certain this is going to be cult classic. Powerhouse performance, deadly suspense and killer second half … these are three feedback I got from crew members of movie.


    • ” Powerhouse performance, deadly suspense and killer second half … these are three feedback I got from crew members of movie.”

      Did the crew members also tell you that its a blatant lift of Korean movie – Montage ?


      • ” Did the crew members also tell you that its a blatant lift of Korean movie – Montage ? ”
        who can bother to watch korean with subtitle so in that case crew members didn ot even bother ,its terrific to watch bollywood version with poerhouse performance from all 3 of them,,,,montage or not ” who gives a f*ck


  10. This movie is looking better and better. Cool song! Incidentally, is it just me or does Nawaz bare an unmistakable resemblance to the younger version of the late Amrish Puri?


  11. Didn’t wish to post/comment but this forced my hand ..
    In the indian scene:I usually enjoy Bachchan & Rahman more than trained professional singers . Their vocals are much more..
    This te3n premise seems cliched & thin for my attention and for bachchans and the other 2 talents’ presence. Other flaws- The mention of “insaaf” & “angel’ jar imo..
    Anyhow bachchan towers over the 2 other tad overrated “acting powerhouses” & ‘plays’ with them here

    jab guitar bistar ban Jata hai…
    Aur lavz mashooka..

    Jal tarang si hasi yeh
    Sunai di aaj bhi
    Khushboo teri reh gayi
    Teri jaane ke baad bhi..

    Contd from my non text photoessay here

    The height of “impotence”
    Iske alawa kar bhi
    Kya sakta hoon

    Ps: by the way that small line ” jab guitar bistar ban Jata hai aur lavz mashooka…”
    Was another ORIGINAL piece of MAD but patented writing is tbc
    Another small gift /”tribute”


    • The CD Insert says
      Imtiaz Ali: “The film wanted to get itself made. It decided when it wanted to get made, how it wanted to get made and by who. I decided to never get in its way. Because I always knew that this film was bigger than me.”

      in my opinion– Sufi & mystic energies coalesce &
      in a v rare moment of extreme artistic triumph & “creative climax”
      AR Rahman, Imtiaz Ali, Irshad Kamil, Ranbir Kapoor, (&Nargis Fakhri), create magic
      And give birth to the twin peaks of
      Naadaan Parindey/Tum Ho

      A damn FLAWLESS “apex certified” piece of work.


      • Mohit Chauhan gives his career best as the voice of Jordan whilst ARRahman rightly pitches in as the voice of his “soul”

        Check out the The “AIRCRAFT engine REVVING” take off routine
        An aircraft is stationary for what seem ages before there’s actual movement. Then everything fake in line just before the take off

        The ELECTRIC GUITAR & the humble drum takes centre stage in a way hitherto unheard in the indian scene
        Before Rahman start “o naadaan parinde..” & achieves musical nirvana
        This is led delicately into “Tum Ho” then “Tum ko”…

        The verses of Kabir & Sufi elements are interspersed with gems like
        Sau dard badan pe phele hain
        Har karam ke kapde maile hain…

        The old guy is there only for a scene or two But just before his death he’s somehow inducted in for this semi magical “passing of the baton” brief sequence. This wasn’t a scene but an entire genealogy, an event.


        Bye Having said that shes a good rider..


        • O chitta ve, o chitta ve
          Kaiyan nu hai khush kitta ve
          Hai mittha ve, hai mittha ve
          Kundi nashe wali khol ke dekh

          Inspite of a swell job by the music director & the director & his best efforts, the lead falls jus short (“small”).

          Growing hair & getting tattooed -m8-it needs more than that ..


    • Haven’t read any review and won’t be able to see this movie.
      Just heard random bits about a short sequence wherein amitabh is reluctantly selling his old scooter and refuses to part with his helmet.
      Don’t need to see this movie now

      The man the legend


  12. 2016 continues to be a super engaged year for Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. He started off with Wazir, went on to do a cameo in Ki & Ka, is all set to release Te3N and then gear up for the release of PINK before the close of year. This isn’t all as there is shooting of Ram Gopal Varma’s Sarkaar 3 which will begin in a few months as well. With less than 10 days remaining for the arrival of Te3N, which also bring Vidya Balan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui with him, the Sujoy Ghosh production has the Big B step into a hitherto unseen avtar.

    The very title of the film is very intriguing. So what should audience make out of Te3N? Is it the numeric ‘teen’ (in Hindi) or the English word ‘teen’ (as in teenager) or something altogether different?
    Mystery films need to be intriguing and with a bit of suspense. It would obviously be inappropriate to reveal the entire story and detail, but yes Te3N could well be the three characters involved in the story or some other, which could be determined when the film is seen.

    The film’s promo gives a solid impression of a suspense thriller in the offering. Should one be expecting a narrative which borders on being an intensely dark affair?
    Not necessarily dark but intriguing enough, we hope.

    The promo showcases a rundown tape recorder from the 70s era. What’s the kind of significance it brings into the plot?
    It’s the setting of the film, the period and the circumstances that existed perhaps then…that is all … apart from the fact that the old man is one that has retired and middle class and lives in the world that he is familiar with.

    The film has you playing an elderly middle class man out there for justice. Between films like Aakhri Raasta to Viruddh and very recently Wazir, how do you condition yourself as an actor to bring in a difference to your performance each time around?
    It has never been me; it has been the story, the way it is written and the way it is directed that brings out the character. I am a mere puppet.

    The film has been produced by Sujoy Ghosh with whom you gave Aladin. It stays on to be under-rated fun entertainer that deserved to do better. Was it a given between the two of you that eventually you would come together again for a film?
    Nothing is ever a given in this industry, except perhaps failure – an eventuality with us all. But I like the way Sujoy makes his films, he is a very intelligent mind and I love the way he thinks. Apart of course from the fact that he is delightful company.

    Ribhu Dasgupta is directing the film. So was it Sujoy who entrusted him to make the film and brought you into confidence? Or were you always committed to make a film with Ribhu (after Yudh) and Sujoy stepped in later?
    A bit of both. Sujoy brought the idea to me, and I had no qualms about Ribhu directing it, having been with him when he directed ‘Yudh’ the TV serial we did together.

    In fact Yudh, unfortunate as the scenario was, didn’t find the kind of traction amongst audience and disappeared without making much of a noise or an impression. What was the kind of conversation that you and Ribhu had after the TV series, before it was finalized that you would be making Te3N together?
    Yes ‘Yudh’ did not work. But you do not judge a failure on one person. We are all responsible for it. I was comfortable with Ribhu’s work and even before we had completed ‘Yudh’ he had spoken to me about doing a film together and I had agreed. We did discuss and put together many ideas even while we shot the tele serial, and Te3N when it came about we readily went ahead.

    For you to step in as an actor in a film, it is a given that the subject matter needs to be powerful enough to gain your nod of approval. What was that special something about Te3N that brought you on board?
    The story.

    The film has two other powerful performers. Let’s begin with Vidya Balan first. You played her (naughty) son in Paa [2009] and now in Te3N you are being a demanding lot who is seeking justice via her. How have the two of you bounced off some great performances off each other?
    How we bounce off performances? That is an odd question! We are professional actors and try to do justice to what we get, that is all….

    On the other hand Nawazuddin Siddiqui has pretty much turned out to be a find of the decade, especially when it comes to someone coming from oblivion and then making this Bollywood space his own. Is audience in for some true entertainment in score with the two of you sharing screen space together?
    Nawaz is a very special talent and I am privileged to be working with him.

    2016 is turning out to be a fantastic year, what with as many as three films with you as a central protagonist – Wazir, Te3N and Pink. A great offering for you as well as audience, isn’t it?
    I sincerely hope so.

    In fact it was way back in 2008 when you had as many as three releases to your name – Bhoothnath, Sarkar Raj and God Tussi Great Ho. Guess more and more interesting subjects are coming your way?
    Good fortune I guess.

    That said, Wazir – albeit interesting on paper and with some good moments in there – didn’t really connect as a whole, hence not quite covering the distance at the Box Office. How do you look at the film in retrospect, and the reason why it didn’t come together well as a whole?
    In retrospect I look at every film I have worked in with pride. Box office cannot be judged in advance and neither is it predictable. If it was, we would make every film in the universe a box office success.

    Nonetheless, the current season is turning out to be a ‘Bachchan parivaar’ show. Aishwarya has just come up with Sarbjit, Abhishek’s Housefull 3 is next and then it is time for Te3N. A lot of nervous moments in the family?
    Why nerves..? When you have four professionals in the same vocation the overlap of our creativity is bound to happen, but nerves are never brought home.

    As for PINK, I hear that the film’s shooting is almost through. While I look forward to a good conversation around the film around its release, there is curiosity around what the title. What does PINK signify?
    PINK is over and is in post-production for a September release. PINK signifies women empowerment!

    There is also news circulating around you reuniting with Ram Gopal Varma for Sarkaar 3. Is that true?



    • on Te3N lets hope its gripping from start to finish,wazir was complete let down after interval,Te3N looks ok on tralier so hopefully stays focus on complete storyline…


  13. You are doing a film with Aditya Chopra and Vijay Krishna Acharya. And a film with Shoojit Sircar and one with Bejoy Nambiar. Could you talk about them?

    I can’t talk about it. Adi has not told me yet.

    Bejoy has not come to me with a story. I think he wants to make a short film of 15-20 minutes.

    Pink is ready. It is produced by Shoojit Sircar and directed Tony Das Gupta and is based on women’s empowerment.

    There is a film with Gaurang Doshi, Aankhen 2. I’m taking forward the same role. There’s a film with Ram Gopal Varma.

    There are couple of other films that I am doing but I can’t talk about it yet.

    With regard to the Tanmay video or Aishwarya wearing purple lipstick, do you feel we don’t have freedom of speech or the freedom to do what we want or wear what we want?

    It’s a matter of content. You will seek an opinion or seek response as that fills your content requirement. You will give it to 10 people on the Internet.

    On television, it will be like this said this and that said that; there will be debates like the ones Arnab Goswami conducts.

    What is the fact, what is the issue… is it pursued? That is more important. I think these are just not worthy of comment. I don’t know anything about it and, even if I do, what good is it going to do?

    Do you feel a celebrity can’t wear what she/he feels like or experiment or a guy can’t say things or crack jokes?

    The point is you have to go through your own democratic, constitutional laws otherwise you will be living in a different country.

    There are certain rules and regulations and laws and you perform according to that.

    What do you watch on television?

    Game Of Thrones. Homeland. I saw portions of Quantico to see Priyanka Chopra. It was nice. I watch all the prominent shows.



    • Really like all of his choices at this point. Think the smaller stuff he’s doing is interesting in just about every instance and even when it doesn’t work has something redeeming about it.


  14. Very disappointing news..but I kind of expected this from the director’s track record…he is the one who made MICHAEL and messed up the YUDH climax..


    Another chance at box-office success wasted..and waste of a fine actor..


  15. Movie Review – Te3n: A Decent Thriller With Some Highs And A Few Lows



  16. expected something different here from this gripping thriller,a bad review here..:


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